Day 023: Plans In Motion
Summary: Kai informs Tink and Elias of the 'hail mary' plan.
Date: 13 June 2016
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Kai and Tink's Hovel — The Camp
The scratch of dirt that Kai and Tink call home.
Day 23.

Kai prowls over to their little hovel of a leanto. The girl's been missing her band.. ever since that trader visited the camp, and she finds a spot to slump down in with her back up against the wall of the camp and rubs her face like she would totally love to sleep for a week.

Tink comes trailing into the tent, not sure what's going on but she doesn't seem that worried about it, figuring that Kai will let her know once it's time for her to know. She bounces onto her bed, a little more relaxed now that she isn't near the grounder who likes talking about cannibals and sacrifices and other scary crap.

Kai rubs her blistered hands together as she murmurs,"I want you to support fighting. And support Fiona as camp representative." is what the grey-eyed girl starts with,"The Grounders.. they don't take us seriously because we don't have a leader. We don't have someone with the support of the camp to speak on our behalf. Fiona knows more about them than anyone here and can sort of speak their.. Tree slang shit." she's heard the name for their language, she can't even attempt to say it without mangling it horribly,"If we can fix that, we may well be able to speak with Indra instead of us all dying slowly and painfully here."

Tink curls up on the bed and nods slowly as her friend asks her to support the fighting, "Ummm…I was going to support the fighting anyway. It's stupid to sit there and play Who Gets the Short End of the Sacrifice Stick. I mean…there's no guarantee if we weenie out and get seven of us to sacrific themselves that they don't come back the next week and say, 'Hey guys…the acid rain gods are pissed off this week…we need seven more kids to sacrifice. A couple of weeks later…we'd be dead anyhow. I vote going out with a blaze of glory and taking as many of those a-holes with us…" She pauses her rant to add, "If Fiona doesn't manage to talk them off the eye and an eye stance." She pauses and adds, "And really…it might be a bonus cause one of those grounders has the hots for her so she might have a better chance of having some of them on their side."

"I was thinking about it. So was Elias." Kai's leaned up against the wall that forms the back side of her and Tink's hovel; which is also incidently part of the wall for the camp as a whole,"But.. we have a better plan." she utters with a slow blink of her eyes,"That's part of it. She speaks the language. She understands them best. She's willing to take the risk. But she /needs/ the authority of the camp if it's to get anywhere. So your words will help. Everyone we can get who will help support it might help. Either way.. I have maps.. we're going to attempt to run the blockade and get to Indra."

"We? As in you?" Tink looks a little concern now. It's all fine and dandy if Fiona wants to throw herself at this project but Kai is someone that Tink cares about, "Ummm…do you need a tech along to help?" Yep…that's loyalty. Tink is weary of these grounders since the human sacrifice came up but she's willing to go in if Kai needs her.

"Yes. My maps. My run." Kai grunts, then smiles and gives a small shake of her head,"I want you to stay here where it's safe.. well, safer at least, you know? Cole's going to need you, that section of wall is your work, and really.. we might die a hundred foot past the wall, at least here there's better chance of you surviving."

"And how long am I going to last without you Kai?" Twink gives her a look, "Most of these kids here would leave me out to dry rather than have my back." She doesn't look happy about being left behind, "And yeah…Cole needs my help…but there are other techs too. And if this thing ends badly…and I didn't go…I'd feel like it was my fault."

"You'll be fine, Tink." Kai asserts quietly,"Most of them would leave us all out to dry. But the reality is that we have to do something about it, and while I know you're good at sneaking.. how good are you at survival? We've got we don't know how many days hike through a forest full of hostile forces, we wont be taking any of the rifles, and an end goal of walking up to an army that wants to kill us all to go 'oh hey by the way we totally didn't do that'. You can do more for the survival of everyone here. As a spotter you were beyond helpful, and Stone is going to need a spotter for the fight." a pause,"By the way.. apparently he has a crush on you.. and your Doctor mctasty is totally battling for Cameron."

Tink flushes really brightly when Kai brings up that Dr MacFineAssAbs is batting for Cameron and not yours truly, "Ummm, luckily I figured it out before I took your advice on planting a big wet kiss on him." Yeah…that would have been embarassing to show up to Morgan's tent, wave to his roomie Cameron and then assault the poor man with her lips. Just the thought of what could of been makes her blush brightly, "And I thought Stone was…into Cameron…not girls." Meaning that Twink's guydar is apparently not on the right frequency.

"Hey, I don't pay attention to that shit." Kai points out, grinning broadly at the blush,"Stone apparently plays both side of the field. He got dared to answer who his crushes are.. you were on the list." she doesn't elect to elaborate who else was on the list.

Tink sits up on the bed surprised, it's clear that she had shelved her plans to go after Morgan and Stone because of the 'they're gay silly' information that she'd been given, "I didn't know that. I mean…Stone never talks to me. Well except for that day…after you told him about Jenks." She shakes her head because who knew that someone would actually want to pursue her rather than the other way around.

"Stone barely talks at all." Kai notes,"And I'm guessing he's shy as hell, which probably is a thing too." there's a shrug of her shoulders, boys, not like she gets any of that sort of stuff.

"Yeah…I get that. He's really nice too. I mean…he did make the V-card list straight out the gate," Twink says with a smile brightening a little now that she knows her radar wasn't completely busted. Just needed to make a few tweeks, "I'll got talk to him. Let him know that I know that he has a crush…" Warning Will Robinson…warning…the Twink is about to make another social faux pas.

"He was up in the nest last I saw him, but hang out a bit. Elias will be here in a few and I still need to tell him about the plan, too." yep, Kai volunteered him for it without consulting him, apparently.

"Okay…sure. I'll go talk to him about it," Twink tells her, giving that very well meaning smile, "Hey…thanks for letting me know. After I got the news…" She rolls her eyes because the horror of what could have been is still fresh in her mind, "Ummm…if you change your mind…let me know Kai. Cause for you…I'd totally walk into hell for you." Not most people here but Kai is worth putting her life at risk for.

Kai gives a lopsided smile,"Yeh, 's why I wanted to tell you. And I'd love to take you Tink, but really, the more people we try to smuggle out, the higher likelihood we're going to get caught. I couldn't live with it if you got killed following me into almost certain death.. I'm not super happy about the idea of Eli coming, but in truth I need a fighter with first aid skills that the camp can afford to lose and I can trust.. and that's.. him. Even if I'd rather tie you both up and hide you in the dropship."

"If anybody can get you out of certain death…it's going to be Elias," Tink tells her with certainty, "So I'm glad to know that he's going along…someone should be there to get your back." Cause she doesn't know Fiona well enough to trust her to do that. She starts to leave but then stops herself, runs over, gives Kai a big squeeze, "If you have any control over it…don't die…okay?" She knows she's being silly and embarassing them both but after the brief moment of platonic 'I love you in strictly a sister' hug. She lets go and takes off so Kai doesn't have to see her get all mushy.

Kai's not a hugger, never has been, but this time? Yeh, she'll hug Tink, carefully but firmly,"Not planning on it, T. 's why I'm going to try and do this thing. Good luck storming the castle!" added with a flash of a smile.

Several minutes later, Elias does finally step into his tent to talk to the two girls. The hug catches his attention first and foremost and he blinks a touch. Just what does Kai have in mind? While he wonders and watches, he lifts one hand to wave to both of them. "I'm not, uh…" The look he gives them both is a perplexed one and he can't help but be a little taken aback. Kai really isn't big on hugging, after all.

Tink is in such a hurry to get out before Kai sees the tears that she doesn't immediately see Elias and runs into him. She gives him a look of surprise and then her face scrunches up in a fierce pixie look, "You better watch her back!" And then the real tears start coming down before Tink just has to get out of there.
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Wait. Tears? Kai's just.. not equipped to deal, for all that she calls out,"Tink!" after the other girl with some concern. She doesn't endeavor to get up and follow her, for now, however.. sometimes it's good to have some alone time.. or some cry on a Boy Scout's shoulder time.

Blink. Blink. Elias just looks down at Tink as she runs into him, standing pretty steady. He does catch her with both hands at her shoulders, but doesn't have any problems letting her go. "I will, of course," he tells her with a nod. "But…I'll see you later?" Still, he couldn't be more confused. He nods again to Tink before turning his attention more fully to Kai then. "Did I…what?" He scratches the back of his neck lightly.

Kai pets the floor next to her,"We're going to run the blockade." is what she elects to say rather than address Tink for the moment, shaking her head a little rather than endeavor to explain the other girls behavior for the moment.

Another blink is given to Kai at her words and he looks momentarily confused. "Run the…?" Just what is going on? Elias looks back over his shoulder at the retreating Tink and then back to Kai. "To what end?"

Kai pulls the hide maps out of her pocket and hands them to him,"I've spoken with Grey, and Cameron, they agree it's worth the attempt. I've spoken to Fi, and she's determined that no matter what she will be well enough to go. We're going to try a Hail Mary, Eli. We're going to try and get the camp to agree to Fi being our representative and try to negotiate with Indra. I want you to come with me."

A nod of his head is given to Kai. Elias considers her words for a long moment afterwards, though. It's a dangerous plan to say the least, but he doesn't see another way, either. Cassandra and he might have a backup plan, but this seems a more effective one. "You let me handle that," he says with a nod of his head. "I'll make sure Fi gets the support she needs. Just need to talk with some folks."

"We're going to disguise ourselves like Grounders. Cameron will help us get past the blockade.. then we're going to make a run straight in the direction of Indra's army. Fi reckons that she has a Grounder that might be willing to help, too. So we might actually have a chance of succeeding. But.. yes." she leans over to rest her head on his shoulder,"The rest of them are going to wind up fighting here, if we take too long. But at least if we can pull it off, they only have to hold out long enough for Indra to agree."

Elias' brows rise and then fall and he looks just a little exaspirated. Or tired. Maybe both. Still, he doesn't seem to disagree that it's their best chance. "Howe long do we have?" he asks finally, rubbing at the back of his neck. "If I have time for a couple hours of sleep, I can then start putting Fiona's nomination forward."

"What?" Kai asks quietly of him, though she's tired too, clearly, given the way she leans against him, draping herself over his shoulder with little reserve,"The sooner we leave the better, but there's no point in leaving until Cameron's faked up some tattoo's, found Gideon's armor, and Fi has the support of the camp. So. Sleep. Sleep is good."

A nod of his head is given as she leans up against him. Elias wraps both of his arms around her finally and lays his own head on her shoulder. "Alright," he says. "I'll sleep." He lingers, though. Taking a few deep breaths, he remains quiet while he holds on to her. "Before we leave, I wanna' make sure you know. I love you." The words are whispered and sincere, though a bit tired. "In case we die, I don't want it going unsaid."

Kai is apparently content to sleep right where they are for the moment, then leans up to kiss his chin,"I know." she murmurs,"The fact you were dumb enough to volunteer to die with me kind of gave that away. I love you too, Eli. We're going to succeed, okay? We have to."

Elias nods his head against her shoulder and rubs along the middle of her back gently. "I got this," he says in an easy tone. "I'll get a couple hours and then start talking to people." Taking a breath then, he finally smiles. "We have to," he agrees tiredly. "And we will. Just need some rest."

Kai curls up against him and attempts closing her eyes, she really hasn't slept much at all, mostly because nightmares about Grounders coming to murder them all, but for now at least she is quite content to at least try to do so while in the circle of his arms, giving up for at least a few hours for the sake of her own sanity.

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