Day 065: Post Mountain Recovery
Summary: Several wounded Trikru and visitors discuss the Mountain and children in Tondc's healing house.
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Healing House — Tondc, Trikru

The healing house of Tondc exists in a low structure with a rooftop balcony that had once been a walk-out basement of some old Earth building. It is accessed through a series of stairs down, and through a very wide door that might have, at one time, been made of sliding glass. Instead, is a pair of rolling doors that tuck alongside the inner wall, and are often left open to keep the room ventilated. Lights burn in this room throughout the day and night, providing a warm and comfortable glow. The high, narrow windows offer some light during the day, but are more there to be open to keep the air moving.

The room is well-organized, and divided with movable metal and wood walls into smaller spaces where needed. There is a large section of the room dedicated to sickbeds, where healers can easily circulate and tend to the ill and wounded. Other smaller rooms are meant for quarantine, or quieter places for the grievously injured or ill. At the back of the room, kept behind another series of dividers, is the healer stores of herbs and poultices, as well as bandaging and other tools.

Day 65

Pontus walked carefully back to the healing house after visiting his adopted guardian turned mother-in-law. The stern faced Scout was always a rather solitary figure, head wrapped where half of his face was blown apart and healing with record timing thanks to some top end healers that had experience putting Pontus-Pieces back together again. There was no small amusement coming from him though that looked rather pleased in spite of still being in a lot of pain. Shit the working half of his face actually was smiling. As it was he returned to his temporary residence in the healing house where Galle, Arlin, and Silver could berate him for needing to have 'taking it easy' explained. He opened the door and kept it propped open with a foot. Moving around was tiring, but it was a good tiring. He mumbled, "<In Trigedasleng> Peake goes on a tear and the world better move out of the way or evacuate."

Starling shakes her head at Pontus with an amused smile. "You enjoyed that just a little to much…" She teases him as she slips into the Healer's Hall and glances around before turning those eyes back to Pontus. "But just because she didn't throw a knife at you, that doesn't mean you don't have to watch out for her.." She points this out as she waits for him to step fully into the house and then moves towards the corner there little family has taken over.

Like Pontus, someone else has been slow to move around. Khesu's doing a little better now but he still has to be careful not to trip over things or whack his head into stuff when he only has one good eye to see with. That said, he has managed to get to the bathes and soak the dried blood that matted his dark hair to scrub it out carefully. He is now eating better and starting to take walks around Tondc, not just the gardens. Less and less time spent taking up space at the Healing Hall. Which is great because he's not a man who can abide being stuck indoors.

Khesu is inside just now because Galle had been changing his bandage on his head wound and trying to ascertain if his left eye is a ruin or not. The swelling on that side of his face is starting to subside but it will likely be weeks before it's gone entirely. She has left him with a cup of willowbark tea to sip. He turns his head to try and see with his one good eye the others entering.

Kai's currently in the Healing House, having her hand seen to because she pulled the damned stitches out of the bullet wound when she decided to punch some Azgeda punch in the goddamn jaw in the bar last night. Which means they're also taking the opportunity to check on the other six bullet holes, much to her general annoyance. Really, for a woman who got shot seven times she was pretty lucky. Nothing hit anything terribly vital by some miracle, the pistol shots not heavy enough caliber to go all the way through and damn if the girl didn't get the 'good genes' on top of that. Though really, right now, not having to go back out there for another fight is completely okay with her.. sitting around wearing little more than a binding across her breasts and her pants while the healers poke at her has her expression somewhere about the level of pissed off cat. She'd spotted Khesu coming in for his bandage change but until the current Trikru Second has stopped poking her like a goddamn science experiment she doesn't elect to try and be social, but finally allowed to rise she elects to limp stiffly towards the others while pulling on a light brown shirt that's well, too big for her, and clearly neither from the dropship, nor something Starling's made for her.

Pontus took two fingers pointing to Kai and said bluntly with a mutter, though his broken jaw still bound together, "<In Trigedasleng> Damn, Kai, keep that up and you'll be pretty as I am." It dithered his amusement none, and he took his appearance in stride. Trikru philosophy: Was it working? Then it's just fine. Broken bone took longer to heal, but unlike Khesu it seemed the dark stain across his scalara was predominately cosmetic, and the eye was going from dark read back to white piece by piece. He sat though for now and slouched back until he could lean on the wall letting Starling sit with if she wanted. He eyes Kai for a longer time. Back. Whole. He only nodded in approval. "Khesu, Galle have a ruling on the damage yet?"

Starling shakes her head once more as she looks from Pontus to Kai and then sighs. "As much as I love you Pontus, Kai does not need to become a pin cushion as well.." She flickers a smile to Kai as she says it and nudges out the chair next to Pontus's bed with a foot. "Sit down and I'll get you something to eat.." She stands with a soft touch to Pontus's shoulder and then slips back to the back to round up lunch. A pause near Khesu and she gives him a smile. "Khesu, do you want soup to go with the tea?" Pontus and Kai don't get a choice, but she asks the other warrior before forcing something on him.

Kai smirks drily,"<In Trigedasleng> I'm not that lucky." though her attention goes to Khesu too as she carefully straightens her shirt out, dipping her head in grateful acknowledgment to Star as she settles down in the indicated chair to listen for the moment,"Besides.. now that the Mountain is dead I plan on rest, recovery.. and rebuilding.. so. And at least unless we go to war with the Skai I shouldn't take any more bullets."

A faint negative movement of his head to Pontus, "<In Trigedasleng> No, but I think I can sense the difference between shadow and light with it. It may bode well." Until the swelling goes down enough for him to open the eye, he has to wait. His senses could be deceiving him with wishful thinking, just like feeling a limb that is no longer there. "<In Trigedasleng> No soup. I'd much rather have a big beef steak, or spicy venison sausage, or roast fowl." Real food! "<In Trigedasleng> I shall go and find some shortly." The bitter willowbark tea is knocked back once Galle isn't around to see him take it all at once to get it done with. Fugh, nasty stuff. Kai is eyed in turn for a long moment while she's getting the last of her wounds seen to. Khesu gets up and rumbles low, "<In Trigedasleng> I'll be back in a moment."

Pontus sighed and closed his eyes and muttered, "<In Trigedasleng> If the Azgeda don't turn back and have a fight with us soon I'm gonna declare war on soup. SO much soup." Ya know, ya don't miss eating things until you can't chew. He gave Starling's fingers a squeeze and let her go off to do what she do. "<In Trigedasleng> You bring back that story for Rain? I know Wren's back. What'd you learn from your hunt, niece?"

Starling smirks at Khesu but it is an amused smirk. "Shhh, Pontus can't eat like that yet.." It's whispered before she slips off then to gather up a lunch for the others. Yes, sadly for Pontus it is still thick stew broth, but Kai will get warm bread with some type of spread with her soup. Two cups of tea, a cup of something else and whatever she is going to nibble on. She then makes her way back, handing out the tea first and then settling the tray on another chair before settle down herself and cuddling her mug within her fingers. "And I heard that.." That to Pontus about the soup. "I promise to have a rare steak for you just as soon as your given leave to eat.." She says as she gets comfortable.

"<In Trigedasleng> Good." Kai opines for Khesu, though she watches him rise and with a puzzled look to Pontus shrugs, collecting a familiar something from her pocket to offer out his way,"<In Trigedasleng> I brought a gift for Rain, too. From the office of their kruheda, still stained with.. well, probably my blood. And a story, of course." she murmurs,"<In Trigedasleng> And a couple of Azgeda decided to beat up that healer.. Sev? Friend of Britt's. One of our kru. They then decided to pick a fight with Britt and I last night in the bar." she, on the other hand, isn't going to complain about soup, especially not soup and bread, it still counts as pretty fancy to her ex-Skaigirl butt,"Thank you Star.. it smells delicious."

As it happens, Khesu can hardly chew either. Muscles of the jaw attach in part right where the bullet exited his skull but hell if that's going to stop him from chewing as best he can with the right side of his jaw. There is something to be said for eating slowly.

At any rate, Khesu is gone for a few minutes. When he comes back he has something he's holding carefully with his right arm while he pushes the door open with his left and shoulder. Mindful of his step as well as his head, he lets the door go behind him and returns with an infant. The boy may be dark eyed in this light but his eyes are bright, turning his head this way and that to look around. The child looks maybe 3 or 4 months old with thin dark hair and dusky skin. Khesu is careful with the swaddling cloth and resumes his seat. "<In Trigedasleng> Pontus, Star, Kai." He rumbles low, "I wish you to meet my son, Khell."

Pontus held a hand up letting her toss whatever it was. He knew without preamble. "<In Trigedasleng> Choice. These Azgeda? Britt leave them with a face?" One tattoo eyebrow arched and his attention went to Khesu. he wouldn't like about it, Azgeda were worthy opponents, but he also was not tolerant of people hurting their own on their lands. Looking at father and son he waved Khesu to come closer.

Starling grins to Kai, "Welcome, I now the cook, we take turns making sure the house has food for everyone.." She informs the Second before she takes a sip of her mug. But then she blinks slowly and looks up at Khesu, clearly a question in her eyes, as this is…

"Khell, that's a fine name. There was a cadet among the skaigeda who was known as Kel, though his was short for Kelton." Kai gives a slow smile for Khesu as she under-hands the glittering silver thing to Pontus carefully,"<In Trigedasleng> I put one of them down, she beat the other with her mug. They shouldn't be a problem any longer.. and it was entirely worth tearing my stitches." entirely worth it, even if she ends up lectured later on. But she falls silent for the moment at least, because bread and soup. Hell, she might just be more excited about the bread than anything.

"<In Trigedasleng> Azgeda?" Wait, what? He missed part of that conversation. Khesu gets back up and brings the child over where Pontus can see the boy. The infant has a fist caught up in Khesu's dark beard and doesn't seem to want to let it go, but if Pontus wants to hold his son it can be sorted out, beard pulling or no. "<In Trigedasleng> Aye, Lila is dead but not by the Reapers nor the Mountain. Others found her in the snow and sheltered her north of here. She passed in child birth. Sage had found her and sent the boy back to Tondc and would have come herself to tell me, but /she/ was captured by the Mountain." That is a lot for him to explain. A nod to Kai, "I may call him Kellus, but Khell suits well enough."

Pontus caught the lobbed bit of metal and silver streaming from it lobbed by Kai. In familiar enough way the beaded steel chain was dropped over his head with the tiny metal wrench-like thing hanging from it like an ornament. "<In Trigedasleng> Actually sorry I missed that." His one damaged and one grey eye were on the infant though. The once and future parent grinned with the better half of his face and watched with interest. He looked up and said in profound respect, "<In Trigedasleng> She'd have loved it. Good name. Honours both parents." There was a faint frown of consternation as Khesu discussed Lily's passing and the scout fell silent. There was a look of 'can I hold em?' that was given.

Little fist untangled with patience from his beard, Khesu hands the infant boy to Pontus.

Starling turns her attention to Pontus at the frown, she squeezes his thigh gently before her attention moves to the young baby being paced from one brother to another. A tiny smile touches her lips and she looks toward Khesu, "<In Trigedasleng> It is good to at least know. And he is lovely, so is the name.." She then chuckles softly, "<In Trigedasleng> Benning must be bouncing to get her hands on him.." She knows her other BFF very well. Her eyes flicker with pain to learn of Lila's death and they drop to her lap before she takes a deep breath. "<In Trigedasleng> She passed knowing her son was safe and would be with you Khesu, that is more than some mother's ever know.."

"<In Trigedasleng> A couple of Azgeda beat up Sev, the healer. He's a friend of Britt's.. they were in the bar last night trying to give Britt trouble, so we dealt with them. Maybe next time they think harder about messing with a Trikru healer." Kai grunts. She can't help but eye the child, like it is a small alien she's not entirely sure of. From the lack of surprise from the grey-eyed girl she's already been told of the circumstances of Lila's death, and the boy, not that it doesn't merit a sympathetic look from her,"<In Trigedasleng> It was a fierce battle." is all she elects to say to Pontus regarding the fight for now.

Kai has good sense. Babies /are/ aliens. Their heads spin around and they can projectile spit-up and make a runny smelly diaper out the other end AT THE SAME TIME with a smile. It takes some getting used to. At the moment, this one is being cut and tries to slap a little hand against the bandages of Pontus' face. That's cute, right? Smack, smack, smile! Baby delight.

Khesu looks amused at Starling, "<In Trigedasleng> I hope so. Benning thinks of herself as an Auntie even though they are cousins." He listens to the happenings with Britt and Sev in the bar and frowns, "<In Trigedasleng> Sev told me something disturbing about one of the pieces of the Skai Arc having fallen in Azgeda territory far north of here. If it is true, Lexa needs to know this."

Pontus took the tiny baby and managed to keep the worst of his wounds out of direct reach dealing with whatever discomfort being smacked by Trikid brought. It was to Khesu that he nodded, or maybe Kai. His attention, when Starling got back, was on the infant tucked into arm. His past, known in company, was a traumatizing start but he raised himself a kid alright. Truth was he really missed it and was not keen on letting go of Rain come spring to be a Second. He murmured to the kid, "<In Trigedasleng> You might be in excellent company soon. Welcome to the world, little bird."

Starling chuckles softly at Khesu and shakes her head, "<In Trigedasleng> I can see all the bribing that will happen to get him some clothing.." She must be speaking of Benning in that. But her attention is given to Pontus as he holds the child and her smile softens as she reaches over and gently touches the babe's cheek. "<In Trigedasleng> He will be the eldest of them. That is alot to put on a child, but I am sure with the love of his family he will flourish.." She leans in and kisses Pontus's good cheek and then just relaxes into a content silence.

"Sha, the Ark is aware that part of it fell to the north and that it was likely in Azgeda lands." Kai grunts quietly,"Agro station, specifically.. which is where Eli's parents are from." her gaze goes to Pontus, then Starling at Pontus' words like 'oh god she's not pregnant is she?', even if the Second elects that maybe when it comes to kids that she's best off just staying quiet and eating her soup. Damn aliens.

Ha! If Starling is pregnant, or the two of them hope for it eventually, good on them! Khesu would be well pleased by the one eyed look he gives them both. He makes no move to take the baby back and lets the pair of them distract the boy. A slow nod to Kai, "Ah. I wondered how your people… your former people would take the news." He's swapped to English so she may keep up with the conversation more easily. "The question is, does Lexa know? The Azgeda were slow to send warriors. I suspect they fight with your people. My concern is what they might gain from the Arkkru that they might use to advantage over Trikru. Such as guns."

Pontus neither confirmed nor denied, but for all the war he did, it was being able to appreciate the quiet joy of being able to feel the stillness and be around family that actually made him happy. "<In Trigedasleng> We will hunt all the stories of your mother. I will tell you all the stories of your father that he never will." The puzzleman looked up catching Khesu's expression giving him a half scarecrow grin in return. "Khesu, we are glad to have you home. While it was not favourable news for your journey, there was something good in it. And don't worry, if I can parent you can. You have more sense now than I did nine years ago." Odd, but a comfort. "Kai, I need you to heal up. You're coming with me on a project after this. Not today, but soon."

"They have not had the opportunity to travel there, yet." Kai grunts with a dip of her head,"I know how to use guns, Khesu. If our kru decide they wish guns.. I can train them to do so. I helped train skaigeda." which mostly isn't news to anyone except perhaps him, as far as she knows,"But the Skai are not my people. Not any longer. It is on Kane and his people to negotiate regarding Farm." she points out before looking towards Pontus with an arch of a brow,"I'm not planning on getting into any more fights, at least.. not for a while. And there are many things in the Mountain that we might want. Armor that Starling might use to help improve our own. Not that unless the Azgeda take up guns or we go to war with the Skai that we are likely to face such weapons again."

Khesu shakes his head at Kai, "No, we will not use guns. It is forbidden." And now he's had a taste of them, he'd be very happy if he never has to face them shooting at himself or his people every again. If wishes were horses… He hears Kai out and will think upon her words. "Hmmm, they have armor for the head."

A dark brow is arched at Pontus over his good eye, "<In Trigedasleng> Careful. I have a few choice embarrassing stories of my own." Aye, that's a threat, my friend! Haha. Khesu grins mostly with the good side of his face. But also a slow nod, "<In Trigedasleng> He will know tales of his mother."

There's a dip of Kai's head,"<In Trigedasleng> I prefer to use a bow, even if I am bad at it." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"<In Trigedasleng> Just that if that changes, the kru would not be indebted to the Skai to know them." there's a grim kind of smile from her,"Yes, helmets. And plating to resist bullets better. I plan on going there to see that at least some of that comes home with us. For Starling, specifically. Even if it's only good for patches, it would help. And clothing, too. Something that I wont end up getting bullet holes or sword cuts through. For once."

Pontus turned a wry look to Khesu and said, "Well Spring to summer you might have that chance. I think I've given you a ton of good stories to work with before I was sixteen." He tilts his head. To Khell he said "<In Trigedasleng> Don't go gettin ideas." He stretched his back where he sat and said tiredly, "<In Trigedasleng> Fuck guns. No guns."

Starling has been listening to Kai's talk of armor and ponder for a moment before she offers out. "<In Trigedasleng> Are Makers allowed to go into this mountain? Or can I make a list of things that we could use? The armor would be good, more metal and plastics, fabric if they have it, thread…" She could go on and on.

"As far as I know, yes, the teams who understand these things best will be able to go through the areas of relevance. But I promise I will bring home what armor they allow me to." Kai murmurs,"In truth I did not ask about much. I would like to go to the armory, and the library.. some more clothing would be nice, too. But.. well, how it is all going to work is.. not entirely clear to me." she smiles wryly,"Mostly I am just glad it is no longer a threat. Though I am curious as to what will happen to their children."

Pontus had let Khesu take Khell back leaving the Scout to fidget with the returned wrench-thing on the chain around his neck; idly fidgeting with it. "Yeah… That lil girl?" His head tilted to the side and it was to Starling that he said dead seriously, "I'd have taken her as a second." There was a faint look of regret. "If it comes to be that child will not wind up without people." He'd adopt that kid in a heartbeat and that… bothered him a bit challenging ancient grudges of his further. Awww emotional growth was hard!

Starling nods thoughtfully and then she is distracted by Pontus again. Awwww! First her eyes go to the necklace he is playing with and she reaches up and strokes it before taking his fingers, so he will stop the fidgeting. Once that is done, she asks curiously. "Little girl? From the Mountain?" She just blinks, she is not like growling or anything but she watches Pontus now very carefully.

Kai grunts quietly,"There is a part of me that would take on that responsibility, and yet, I am still a Second myself, and.." acceptance for her is hard enough without adding a Maunon child to her care, but still. There's a nod from Kai for Starling's inquiry, though she leaves Pontus to answer that one,"They put children into suits and had them fighting us. One of them, as soon as his skin came in contact with the air he started screaming.." and from the look that crosses her face, it's a sound that might just haunt her forever,"And I mean.. barely older than Rain children."

Pontus fell quiet and said quietly, proud of that kid, "Stormed this hallway, me," he gestured with his fingers vaguely, "missin half my face, bone hanging out bloody as shit. We were braced for retaliation and it was this… hen." Peake's word for those that take care of chicks or a mom or mammy maybe. "The kids backed up. Screamed. This little girl maybe half Rain's age, maybe like… six? Stood in front of this red haired woman and had her arms out," There was a nod of agreement with Kai's story and tightened his forearm until his fingers curled into a tight ball. "Her hands curled up into fists and she was…. scared? Crying. And the look she gave me was…. It's easy to do things when you're not afraid. That takes no courage. Doing things when you are afraid takes one's whole spine. I mean I coulda gutted this woman like a fish but that kid was ready to do whatever she could… Scared her so bad." Pontus was at his core an efficient hunter killer, and he enjoyed being exceptional in his field. He also had a tremendous respect for worthy foes.

Starling nods slowly and frowns as well. "Things are not the fault of the child. If somehow these children live and they are worthy of being raised to be True Trikru? I have no issue with one within my home. It would not work here, but maybe in our own village.." She wrinkles her brow and then slides her fingers along Pontus' hand and slips hers within.

"We saw no children, either time we were there.. well, except.." the pre-teens that will haunt Kai. She grimaces and makes a gesture,"Peake.. told me. And insisted that I'm going to have to.. help.. and I'm just.." not a child person, really, to judge from the grimace she gives,"Rain's one thing.. she's smart and independent.. babies are just.." horrible messy aliens that release chemical warfare from every orifice. It's in the gestures, and expressions, they're a mystery to her of the 'don't look in the box' sort.

Pontus looked to kai and snerked, "Kai, I was like that too when I was your age and became Rain's only fuckin family. My uncle died in Azgeda lands the first war. I'm named after em actually, but… it's crazy. And not fun. Totally rewarding to have your own little ass-kicker." He nodded but once and gave Starling's hand a squeeze in his , kissed the back of it, and rest, hand in hers, on his leg. "Kai you're with me on the other trip. You… are going to come with me and likely Wren, to New Coesbur. You're going to help me build the family home. You… are part of our family. It'll… help, building something with us for us. Might sound stupid, but if anything take my word on it. It'll help you feel less weird around Peake, and Oriole, and the craziness that is being part of a tight knit clan. We take only after we contribute, you and I, so… here's a chance to put in. And put in we will."

There's puzzlement on Kai's face,"But how is that another trip then? As Wren's daughter and his Second of course I'm going to Coesbur to help rebuild and live?" as if this was something that was so much a given to her that she just doesn't understand how it counts as a trip,"And I am.. fine.. with grandma Peake.. even if she wants me to grow out my hair and is way, way too liberal with talking about sex. Am I not doing enough?" oh there's an idea to cause her anxiety, for sure.

Pontus shook his head and looked totally confused on the topic, "Why would discussing sex be odd? It's just something people do." He didn't need an answer really. He looped an arm around Sterling's shoulders and rest his chin on her head. "Well we'll know soon enough about the family situation, Star. If you want to come to the Mountain I will not stop you and I will go with you." Pregnant or not he would not tell her no.

Kai opens her mouth, and then closes it with a shake of her head, yeh, she doesn't even endeavor to explain it, grunting quietly in acknowledgment,"I imagine it will be after Cage is executed, seeing as Arlin managed to stop him from bleeding out." which she's not entirely happy about, but she's not displeased about, either,"I took the paperweight from the president's desk. For Rain. I would have brought her his sword, but someone else already stole it."

Starling seems oddly very very pleased by Pontus's actions, if the truth be told, maybe a little shocked, but pleased! She relaxes against him with a tiny smile as she shakes her head just slightly, "If it can be done without harm coming to anyone? I would like to make sure that the Makers get their share of things. There is alot we could use…" Really she doesn't want to go near the Mountain but duty is duty.

Pontus was decidedly NOT one for PDA but it seems he occasionally made concessions. Right now with the talk of all the things they had undone in the mountain he was happy to have his Houmon nearby. "Then tell me what you want. I'll go back as many times as you need me to." Did he want to go back at all? No. If Star asked him to he'd go 8 more times without complaint. "Arlin hates the mountain. Why…. this makes no sense."

Kai glances towards Pontus,"So that he can suffer appropriately. It was not out of kindness, of that I am certain. I would have been happy if he died to my blade.. I will be content to see him die to the blades of the entire kru." she grunts quietly before nodding for Starling,"I'm going back there, too. To collect what might be useful. There's no point in letting it go to waste. Particularly they have beds. I want a bed. It has been a long time since I had one."

Starling shakes her head gently, "I trust Kai…" Yes she just said that. "And I am sure Benning will want to go, so I will make sure to have that list for anyone who is heading that direction. Armor and Cloth are important.." And everything that goes into it, but that goes without saying. She cuddles against Pontus, her hand still in his pulls it around her to rest on her stomach as the conversation moves on.

Pontus shook his head and said "As much as that doctor I killed deserved it, we are not animals as they are. Arlin's got little self-control. Leads to dangers to those around you, losing focus and control like that." He shook his head and rest against against the wall. Then, from nowhere he winced sharply in pain. Aaaah someone clenched their jaw. His fingers squeezed Starling's shoulder. This was all he had to say on the erratic behaviour.

"He will be sentenced to the death of a thousand cuts.. after all that the Mountain has done.. he has earnt that." she watches him wince before nodding for Starling,"Of course I'll make sure that we get our share of the armor and that sort of thing. I'm.. afraid that which you made me has an awful lot more holes in it than it was designed to have, now. And it's only fair that I bring you stuff to help with that, and others, too."

Starling wrinkles her nose at Kai and tsks, but the smile is there as she watches the younger girl. "That is fair.. ish trade. You keep tearing up my work, and I am not sure if this is good or bad. You do have me being more creative. Look for soap while you are up there, something nice smelling, and it's a start on your back trades.." She winks but then turns and places a kiss to Pontus's chest, since she knows what he just did.

Pontus was just not having a day here. He let them talk armour, half folded forward holding his face. When Starling kissed it there was a muffled "Nrmmnru" which seemed to be a vocalized 'thank you' from somewhere in his throat. Damn. he drew a long breath and mumbled with utmost care, "T'be fair, usually, me, never get hit!"

"In fairness.. I was endeavoring to make sure that they couldn't shoot at Wren anymore.. I'm not sure how many were even shooting me, but based upon the number of holes I'd be inclined to say half of the one's in the room had a fair shot at killing me." Kai points out for Starling,"And your work insured that they failed to do so.. which is testimony, to me, of it's quality. How many others can say that they have been shot nine times and lived to tell the tale? That is what you should tell others that come to you for work, and if it were not for the fact that armor doesn't grow on tree's I'd say keep it as it is so you have the proof of that claim." but that's her,"Soap. Yes. And I have been collecting rabbit pelts, too. I haven't had any luck with deer so far.. but some day, I will take one down and bring you it's pelt, too." she eyes Pontus,"Right. Never get hit."

Pontus looked up and challenged the look Kai was giving him but he was focused presently on sucking it up and not letting the broken jaw get the better of him. He was very slow when he spoke. "We…were on… those stairs." Oh in the tunnel with no cover. Oh fun. "Had to get explosive up the next floor. Was nowhere to go. I got the best aim in Coesbur so it was either get the job done or we were all gonna be overrun. I make… concessions for not keeping my ass in cover. Bullets … have no honoour. No guns."

Starling smirks softly at Pontus's words, but not how he could see we. She just squeezes his fingers were they rest on her stomach. But at Kai's words, there is another nod and that teasing smile. "Honey, when your out and about, look for a few hives, just don't go digging into them without smoke…" She then looks back to Pontus and shakes her head, "Your beautiful in my eyes.." Yep, that is so all that matters.

"Never get hit." Kai repeats with an even more disbelieving tone and a smile, but dips her head,"You do what you have to do. Someone has to, yes? I'm not saying you did the wrong thing at all, Wren lectured me, but really, someone had to make sure he was safe." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"I hate those stairs though.. so hate those stairs." the hand on Starling's stomach draws her attention and curiosity, though she nods,"Honey. Right. Smoke it.. what does a hive actually look like?"

Pontus squint more at Kai and said "You were at the battle on the bridge." It was true. He tanked four reapers there and walked out with light abrasions to his forearms, but armour in tact. Apparently 60 percent of the time he got hit none of the time. "Those stairs can burn." That was the last he had to say on that looking fairly worn out. He let go and moved flopping back on his cot trading which hand had Starling's in it and tiredly mused, "<In Trigedasleng> I might get to be a parent again."Wroth it. Having his face peeled off was totally worth it to have a Mountain free world to face that with.

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