Day 058: Potential for More
Summary: After the rescue, unlikely friends catch up on life; love; growth; and on changes in their relationships and political circumstances.
Date: 27 July 2016
Related: Follows Warband's Return, Back in Black and Chancellor of What? References Season One's The Brawl With It All and Camp-Wide Meeting.
Cassandra Quinn 

Infirmary — Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
58 Days After Landing

Cassandra is laid up in the infirmary today, hands interlaced behind her head. It's not that she can't walk, or work; she has been doing both of these things. But she is in pain, and since she's allowed time off to rest, she's taking it. A poultice of her own making has been applied to a fresh bandage at her neck, and for now she's simply repeating various words to herself, along with their Trigedasleng translations. "Wan, death. Lukot, life. Klir, safe."

Things are starting to pick up, at least insofar as Quinn doing what she's got to do now that she's rejoined the Guard. But before she heads out with the rest she manages to track down Cassandra, her hands in her pockets, eyes sweeping the infirmary until she spots who she is looking for. "Hey."

"Hey, Q." Hearing her long-lost friend's voice, Cassandra pushes herself up from her bed, turning to look Quinn's way. A grimace accompanies, and she soon raises one hand to tug at the back of her neck, using her other to run her fingers through her hair and sweep it from her face. "Everything alright?" She meets her fellow delinquent's gaze freely, creasing her brow.

"Everything is alright," Quinn replies with a shrug of her shoulders, hands pulling out of her pockets as she makes her way over. "I just wanted to come see how you were healing." She tilts her chin a bit, indicating Cassandra's neck and the wound she got during the great escape.

"Yeah, I'm fine." As she can't nod her head, Cass just makes a pointed grimace, holding her neck to one side in her hand. "Sev did a good job. I think. Maybe not so much. Burning me was a little over the top, but Grounders, man. They don't know any better." Letting her brown eyes roam the infirmary for a moment, taking quick stock of who's here and who isn't, she eventually settles on Quinn. "How about you? Should've seen Ash and I when we woke up in this trash-pile. Freaked the fuck out." And she doesn't care who hears it, apparently, even if it was among the Med-Techs in this infirmary that they awoke.

"It's a bit…weird," Quinn admits, moving to find herself a place to sit within speaking distance, even if that means crowding onto the bed with Cassandra. "It's so much the same, and so weirdly different. I figure…we'll get used to it. We have adapted to everything else, I guess." She reaches over, briefly touching the side of Cassie's neck. "I figure you'll hear this sooner or later..but I joined the guards."

Comfortable with Quinn's presence, Cassandra scooches her hips to make room, and then doubles up on the available space by stretching out her legs, laying them atop the ex-C's. "Figured you would," she says. There's a long look from her, but it's free from judgement. "Ash joined the militia. It was either that or lift boxes, you know. And you know he'd have sooner died doing that job than the other. Everyone's settled into their new lives." Her eyes briefly flicker away, fingers fidgeting against the side of the bed. "You're not… worried? About the way things are? Will be?"

When Cassie stretches her legs out across hers, Quinn drops her hands onto them, absently rubbing at one. "Lifting boxes?" She shakes her head, looking faintly pained at the very idea herself. "I don't have any other skills…you, Max, Morgan, the rest…You're all smart. I'm not smart like you guys are, all I've got in the ability to hit things." At the question, though, she shrugs her shoulders a slight bit. "I'm pretty worried, yeah. But not sure what to do about it."

Cassandra lowers her voice. If anyone asks why she's cosying up to the newest guardwoman right now, she has the excuse of being Boner, the notorious flirt, but her lips move towards Quinn's cheek to whisper without being overheard. "Having someone on the guard will be useful. We're… trying to fit in. I'm trying to fit in." She frowns, visibly worried as she meets her gaze. "I have a backup, if this goes wrong. Place in the wild. But part the reason I came on the rescue is 'cause I'm Seconding to Gideon. I'm her apprentice." So she's wasn't just playing hero.

"Can Max come?" This is…a very important thing. Potentially something that Cassie might better understand now that she's officially with Asher. But the rest? Well, she totally understands. "We're trying, too. I'm not entirely sure that it'll work out as hoped, but at least being on the inside…" Her voice is low, and she leans back, possibly making this all so much stranger for those that might be watching. "Apprenticing for what?"

The question about Max earns a pause from Cass, but she doesn't answer just yet. "She's teaching me to shoot." The Skaigirl draws her elbow near her neck to mime a bow and arrow, flashing Quinn a grin, since they both know there's no way in hell anyone would teach her to shoot a gun. "Teaching me to fight. Teaching me lots of things. I know my Earth Skills, but unlike her, I wasn't born on Earth. I guess you could say I'm apprenticing to be a Grounder."

Finally, Cassie responds to the prior matter, but her tone is slow, words picked with care. "I don't know about Max. Asher don't like him much. Mainly 'cause he don't know him. Can't trust someone you don't know, right?"

Quinn's brows inch upwards just a bit. "Well…if it's just because they don't know each other, that can be fixed." Hopeful? Maybe. Otherwise things get just a little less rose-tinted. She tucks a hand into one of her pockets that she can still reach, studying Cassandra's face for the longest time before she comes to a sad conclusion. "You guys are like…one of my only friends in this piece of shit place. I'd be sad to see you guys go, but I can't leave Max. If it comes to it, I'll do what I can to help you guys get out of here without trouble."

Cassandra's fingers continue to fidget against the edge of the bed, and she averts her eyes again from Quinn before reaching out to place a hand on hers. "I don't think we're going anywhere, Quinn. At least not yet. We're trying… I'm trying to make it work." This concept may be as foreign to Cass as it would be to anyone else who knows her, as she frowns, sounding like she's trying to convince herself with forced phrases. "I made a commitment to Giddy, to stay here. And I made it 'cause I wanted to stay with Asher. He doesn't want to live out in the wild. Not really. He doesn't believe we'd make it."

"Then we just have to make sure it works out here, right?" Quinn replies, glancing down at the hand on hers, shifting her hand then to curl her fingers around Cassandra's hand, giving it a squeeze. "Not sure we'd make it out there, either. But fuck if I wasn't willing to try…and if shit goes horrible here, I'd consider it again."

Increasingly, Cassie's words are of the variety she doesn't care to speak out loud. Every time a Med-Tech walks past, she shuts up, following their retreating back with her eyes before she turns back to Quinn, her voice barely above a whisper. "I voted for Hector Valentine," she reveals. "I'm not gonna make the same mistakes I made on the Ark. Not just gonna lie down and take it, you know? This time we gotta be clever, gotta be in control."

"For what it's worth," Cassandra adds – and there's no flattery here, as she looks Quinn directly in the eye to say it, "I always thought you were smart. Smarter than others by half. It's not all about book-smarts – that's what Cameron has. Real smarts, street smarts, is just not being an idiot. And trust me, you have that. You see things as they are. You're not naive. In my book, that's smart."

Quinn's brows inch upwards a fraction at Cassandra's admission, but there doesn't seem to be any judgment in the expression, just a bit of surprise perhaps. However, pointing out that she's smart? A sure way to win points, and a grin, from Quinn. "I don't know, plenty around here don't think I see anything..I figure though, they just don't agree, so that makes me the idiot." She reaches a hand up again, this time moving her fingers against Cassandra's cheek. "Thanks, though…for thinking I'm smart where it might count. And, for what it's worth, I don't think you're a sociopath…or whatever dumb shit people threw around before. I trust you and Asher."

Tilting her chin just enough to avoid hurting her neck, the way Cassie's looking at Quinn when she touches her cheek is as more than a friend. And yet, there's a hint of reservation in her eyes, even guilt. "Thanks," she whispers. "But they're right about me. I'm selfish. Always will be. Isn't that what makes a sociopath? And even if not… I think it's better to be thought of that way, than a pushover." With Asher out of the room, she now admits, "It was him that pushed to rescue you. Not me. I'd have hid."

"Eh…extreme antisocial attitudes, and lack of conscience. I think pretty much all of us can be fit into that sort of category on a bad day," Quinn replies with a crooked grin. "I'm pretty much antisocial and lack a conscience, so I guess that makes me a sociopath, too. I think being selfish…well, we're all selfish, too." She moves her thumb over, rubbing it lightly across Cassandra's bottom lip. "But you came, anyways. Even if he pushed you into it."

For a moment, with the thumb on her lip, Cassie looks across at Quinn's mouth, then her eyes. She raises her hand, but it's to lightly clasp her fellow delinquent's wrist, to try and guide it back into Quinn's own lap. After that, she turns slightly and lays back down on the bed, in the same position as before. Her fingers interlace behind her head, and she stares up at the ceiling. "Yeah, I did," she says quietly. "And I'm glad you're back." She sounds sincere, but there's an unspoken 'but'.

"I'm glad that I'm back, too." Quinn replies, a brow lifting just a little when Cassandra pushes her hand back down to her lap. She tucks the hand back into her pocket, letting her eyes return to Cassandra's face, those brows lifting upwards a bit in silent response to the unspoken but, like maybe she's waiting for it.

No verbal response from Cassandra follows. The eerily calm ex-C who was boxed for nearly beating someone to death may be known for her quiet habits, but Cass is herself a laconic sort, and evidently willing to engage in this silent staring contest. She looks back up to meet Quinn's questioning eyes and raises her own brows in a wordless, What? Feigning cluelessness, as if they didn't just have a moment.

Silence is met with silence. Quinn just waits, possibly figuring that whoever cracks first might be….something. Nothing? Who knows. But she's willing to at least wait to see if Cassandra cracks before she does. In response to Cassandra's brow raise, she just gets a brief smile, then Quinn actually looks away.

It's the smile that makes Cassandra crack; it's contagious. She smirks, exhaling with amusement through her nose, and looks away at about the same time before back to Quinn. "Do you remember what one of the last things we talked about was, before you got captured?" she asks. "You gave Ash and I both a run for our money."

Quinn takes a moment to think about that, then she shakes her head just a bit. "Not sure, no. I remember a few things, but I don't know if it was one of the last things, or if it's that. What you're thinking." She tugs her hand free of her pocket, raising to rub it against the back of her neck as she glances sidelong at Cassandra.

"Three-way," Cass says plainly, giving Quinn a coy look. "He was joking when he brought it up. I don't know about you, but I sure wasn't." And she's obviously checking the blonde out when she says it, to illustrate why she wouldn't be. "Except, he got kinda weird when he was off to go get water, and I said I was off to go find you, to pick up where we left off."

"Oh yeah, I remember that," Quinn replies, glancing over at her, the look more direct now/ "So you weren't kidding, he was…and then people got weird." She replies, trying to track both the conversation, and the meaning behind it. "And then…?"

The meaning behind the conversation is difficult to track, with Cassie. She's used to playing coy, and guarding her words. She wears a smile, but it's visibly a fake one. "I guess you could say things got weirder. I don't think he likes the idea of sharing. Not if he's not in the picture at the same time, and…" Pointedly, she glances around them. Asher is not there. "This is dumb. But I…" She trails off, unable to say the words; erring, she continues, "We have a thing going. A thing I don't wanna fuck with. Even though you're really cute and pretty and can beat the shit out of Silas when he talks smack without batting an eyelash. You understand?"

"Oh, sure." Quinn apparently actually tracks the meaning this time, possibly surprising even her. "I can keep my hands to myself, I get it." She even starts to move Cassandra's legs enough to let her slide down off the bed. "I'm glad that you two have a thing going, and that you don't want to fuck it up. Believe me, I respect that, and I'm not going to be the one to fuck it up for you guys."

Cassandra looks a little sad when Quinn moves her legs for her. Clearly she didn't think this through. "Don't tell him I said any of this," she beseeches Quinn. "He'd never let me live it down."

"Which part?" Quinn wonders, a brow lifting upwards a bit. "That you give a shit enough about you guys to not want to piss him off, or that you told me he wasn't wanting to share without him being part of it?"

"Probably all of it," Cassie decides after a beat, offering Quinn a sheepish grin. An honest person she is not. Not even with Asher. "Whatever it is you and Max have seems like a lot more fun, honestly."

"I suppose…although neither of us are doing anything with anyone else, so it's more like….typical with the potential for more," Quinn replies, smiling just a bit. "But…." She lifts a hand moving to give Cassandra's ankle a squeeze. "I get it, not wanting to fuck shit up. If Max wasn't okay with it, I wouldn't do it. You know?"

"Yep," says Cass, though she sounds uncertain. Her eyes flicker back to the ceiling, and she takes a long pause to gather her chaotic thoughts. "I wanna try and get some rest. Think we're heading to TonDC in the morning, aren't we? One last hurrah. Oso throu daun ogeda – we fight together." She's apparently been making a fair bit of effort to learn the Grounder-speak.

"Yeah, that's what I heard. I probably should go pack my shit…what shit I have, at least." Which probably means Guard shit, not personal shit. She then nods. "Anyways…Get some rest." She gives another quick pat on the ankle, then she starts to head back out the way she came.

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