Day 030: President Circumstances
Summary: Reno and Tink wake up to Cameron and Ruth discuss painting, the President of the Mountain men and Morganisnotdead.
Date: 06/28/2016
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Visitor's Residences - Mount Weather
This is a large, canverous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow. Bunkbeds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.
Day 30

Turning back to his painting, Cameron nods thoughtfully, "That's an idea. Plus I won't need one of those suits they use, so an extra someone who can thrive on the ground might be useful to them. I'll ask him." He pauses, and does admit, "He did seem nice. He gave me paint. From his own stock, he said— which means he's a painter. Wow, a painter as Chancellor, isn't that weird?" He mixes some green a bit, adjusting the color balance, then begins drawing his swirls up on the canvas again.

"President," Ruth reminds Cameron, jostling him a bit with her elbow. Her teasing smile wanes a bit and she adds, "Hey. I'm sorry about yesterday. I wasn't… really, I didn't mean near half of what I said." She observes Cameron's face with a meaningful frown. "You're right to be upset. In all honestly, I think I'm just jealous that I didn't have anyone like that. I hope, for your sake, that Blackwood's still kicking somewhere out there."

Reno slept like a rock… when he did. It might be questionable if anyone of the 'rescuees' took to this place like a fish returned to water as Reno did. The place was safe, and that let him sleep like the dead. Not that he was ever more than two feet from Tink since they've been here like a pair of co-dependant electrons. And, even here they still were. A hand flapped around here and there for his glasses. Locating them he put them back on his face rubbing an eye. Ruth was there. Cameron too. Seeing Ruth though brough a tired smile to his face. He didn't interrupt. It wasn't the time and Cameron opening up without breaking down was good for him. He did greet as to not be rude with a 'Hey'. Seemed more pragmatic than good morning. He honestly had no indicator what time it was.

Tink is still sleeping in that safe place that she goes as long as Reno's presence is there. She's got the sheets half pulled up and her hair is all mussed from her tossing and turning. Even with Reno, sometimes the nightmares happen. She never cries out though. She just shudders and shakes in her sleep till the episode passes. One might only notice if they're looking her way when it happens because she doesn't say a word.

"Right, President." Cameron flashes a grin over at Ruth, then gives a little nod at the apology, "He is." Cameron insists with every cell of his body, but his voice is soft, not angry, "But no worries. We're good. I don't hold grudges, anyways." Well except for that one he holds against Cassandra. He looks around the room, and finally notices Reno and Tink are sorta up, so he lifts a paint-smeared hand and wiggles some fingers in a waving formation before he goes back to his finger painting. "I asked the President to let us help out in hydroponics. I think having a job instead of just sitting around using up resources would be good for me. It just… feels so wrong to not be doing something."

"Good of you," Ruth notes of Cameron's claim of being unable to hold a grudge. When he looks Reno and Tink's direction, her gaze follows. An understated smile is offered Reno in particular. "Oh. Hey." She nods to each of them, though her hands get a thorough inspection soon afterwards. "A job seems like a good idea. Right now, though… my nails got all beat-up on that wall. I was trying to keep hold of it while also fending off one of the Outsiders and I didn't even realize they'd started bleeding." She wrings her hands before tucking her fingertips behind her bent knees. "War is something I don't want to experience again. I need to see the doctor again before I try to do any sort of manual labor." She glances at Cameron's canvas again and seems shocked by what she sees. "It's starting to take shape, isn't it?"

Reno looked relieved to see Ruth up and moving around. She was the only person he could vaguely see through that tiny window and bleary vision when he was in quarrentine. His arm was in a sling from when he was ka-bobbed out in teh field with them jsut trying to get water! (*ahem*). He offered a smile in return not moving from safe and comfy and blanket and, MAN life was good here. "Ruth, really good to see you up again. WAs worried about ya." He looked down at Squirmy Tink, and didn't get get up. He didn't move from her side. He sat there and let her sleep sitting up, leaving that other hand on the other side of her so she wasn't by-herself-alone wherever her mind was in dreamland. Tiredly he asked, "Cam, gonna paint some stuff for in here? Be a nice addition." Encouraging enabler was curious.

Tink opens her eyes, the sounds of conversation around her does finally penetrate the fog. She blinks for a moment and then reaches out, relaxing once she realizes that Reno is there. He's not gone. She's not alone. She curls up next to him, snuggling under the covers cause she still isn't quite ready to get up and face the world. If Reno does look down, her eyes are up and she'll smile up at him. Yep, she's glad he's the first thing she's seeing.

"Oh, if you need to recooperate, recooperate. I somehow came through the entire battle without taking any real wounds, so. I just mean me, I need something to do. I can't paint all the time, even though I would if I could. For me, doing something is imporptant." Then when Ruth notices that it is indeed starting to look like a tree over a yellow circle— the sun?— he smiles, "It's starting to." Then he nods over to Reno, "Yeah. The President gave me some of his paints, I figure I should make use of them. I've never had paint this good before. It's taking some getting used to. Though.. I uh." He flushes slightly, "I don't think anything of mine could go on the walls. That's a Rembrandt." He points over to the corner, "My… stuff is nowhere near as good as something like that."

"Me, too," Ruth confesses, her fingers splaying as she smooths flyaway hairs away from her face. "Having something to do makes you productive and happy." She sounds like she's quoting one of their teachers back on the Ark. Gag. "Yeah, Loden, the doctor here is great. I need to see him soon, because it's starting to hurt again, but at least now I know I won't die of something that can be easily treated with the necessary tools." She glances down at her stomach, swiping at a bit of dirt there. "In Mount Weather, I feel human again."

Reno could feel Tink-blanket-lump moving and chuckled greeting her with a smile. Her hands were a tangle of covers. He sat up a bit and pushed a clump of hair off her nose and out of her face so she didn't have to get un-comfortable to fix that. He didn't mind. Since she was there he leaned back hanlf using her for a support rest. She was okay, so he was ok. It was simple. His grin widened with a nod of agreement with Ruth. "They've been super nice. Kinda thinking about venturing out to find how thir medical equipment works and learn about how it's made. Never thought about a career in medical equipment before but… I think if she knew mum would be proud of me." That? Tht was a comfort. Cameron got a side glance with a grin, "Well I dunno about that Rembrant guy but I think I like talkin to you more. Your stuff makes things better. His just tells a story."

Tink grins at him when he removes the clump of hair, she just lays there quietly listening to them talk. She does start to make sense of the tangle of covers and eventually streches enough so her head is laying on his lap as she curls up around him. She looks over at the painting that Cameron is making and smiles to herself, glad to see that her friend found some paints.

Cameron sighs a little bit; all this talk of how nice things are… He shrugs, and focuses upon his painting for a little while. He does say, wistfully, "Morgan would be thrilled to have all this medical equipment to make use of. Heck he was thrilled when we managed to get thread for sewing people up, even if it was a miracle no one got a serious infection. Or maybe the genetics helped." Then he grins over at Reno and shakes his head, "Well I like talking to you more then him, Reno, but Rembrandt. They saved so much of the best art ever. Its the cultural heritage of the old world, all sealed up in this mountain. I can't compare my work to the greats."

Reno was at zen and lifted his arm to make room for Tink. There wasn't a question in it, and he set it back down around her in a half hug letting himself get used as a pillow. He chuckled at Cameron and shrugged the good shoulder. "It's not a comparison. If it comes out how you feel then it's your style. I mean Rembrant does Rembrant well but that's like saying man, Pythagoras is a better mathemetician than I am… but I don't DO that kinda math and he's trying to accomplish something different. I think you should do what you do best. Paint them, and hell, we can make this the Cameron Gallery and think about how friggen proud of you Morgan'll be when he sees it." He was no artist, but he did believe in making things better and painting was making this place better and Cameron with it.

"I'm thrilled," Ruth points out to Cameron, grinning only slightly now. She braces herself against the side of his bed to help her rise. Since she can't easily bend at the middle, it's a bit of a chore. Even if she is offered help, she pretends as if she doesn't see. "I'm going to live in the moment. When I'm better, I'm going to make myself more useful. I'm going to have a great time." Decided, she wipes her hands on the side of her navy skirt. When Reno mentions Morgan being proud, she sends him a private reproachful look. 'He's not alive', she's communicating silently. 'Don't get his hopes up.'

Reno gave Ruth a slight tilt of his head and would rather let time prove them wrong other than smash Cameron's dreams withh a hammer. He lived all his life trapped and knowing for certain that freedom was a lie and weirder things have happened. Now he has a bed. A REAL bed, and is being used as a pillow. He offered Ruth a faint bit of a smile like 'what else can we do?'. With his good arm he hunched forward and hugged the sleeping Tink-floof and asked, "We hungry?" Which was one way of putting it since he wasn't going to tra-la-la off and forrage without her.

Tink looks up at Reno, "I'm hungry…" And gets Reno's cue that he wants to head into the dining hall. She sits up and slides out of the bed and then finds a nice private area to change out of her night gown to her lace dress. Then in a few moments, she's all ready to head out to the dining hall. She holds out her hand, waiting for Reno to get up and get things together so they can go together.

"This is really practice." explains Cameron to Reno with a quick smile over at him, "More to just… get a feel for the paint. I'm going to paint Morgan next. Maybe Morgan and me." He nods his head slowly, "But a Cameron Gallery sounds… interesting. Just as long as its not hanging up near anything… special." He does nod again, more seriously as he turns to look at the painting again, "Morgan will like it when he sees it, you're right." He smiles. Mentioning of food has him blinking a moment, "Actually, I kind of am." He scratches his face, smudging paint on him again, then thinks to lift up his towel and brush his hands off.

"I need to lay down for a bit," Ruth murmurs when most everyone present announces that they're hungry. She presses the palm of her hand against her forehead as she heads then towards her bunk. "Say hey to the rest for me."

Reno watched Tink go. She disappeared behinda wall and his demeanor shifted slightly. He glanced down looking a tad… lost for a moment. Fingers on his good hand ran through his hair that was getting a bit shaggy, but somehow looked appropriate. He let his feet fall to teh floor with a quiet smack and shuffled off in tshirt and shorts to find something for the day in the ONE outfit they gave them. He decided he liked the summer plaid though. He gathered his things and went to change and wake up. When he returned he was cleaned up, but distracted. He found a notepad and a pencil at the very least. he tucked it into his sling and waited. His stomach rumbled. He looked down at it like it was interrupting. "shoosh." he waited for Tink greeting her with an arm and waited for Cameron to get his hands washed because they were about as colourful as the canvas.

Tink grabs Reno's hand and starts dragging him towards the front of the residence so she can take him to the dining hall, "Come on…I'm hungry." She flashes a look of apology to Cameron, "He'll be right behind us. Plus, I want to see what they're serving today." She seems to be in a better mood after she wrote up a letter of sorts, poured out her thoughts and then put it to the side in her journal. She's going to deliver it later but for now, she's grabbing her notebook and pencil. Then pulling Reno away.

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