Day 002: Priorities
Summary: The day after Landing, Cam and Morgan have a talk about their situation.
Date: May 7 2016
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Cameron Morgan 


With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 2

It's not even been 24 hours since they landed. They have no food, no water, and the ration bar was breakfast a few hours ago. Most of them probably had it for dinner last night but he knew he'd need it today. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day whether you're above a planet or on it. Some of the delinquents are goofing off not far from the ship but after he ate, he looked in on Frankie to see how she was doing. And then he demolished one of the passenger seats. The metal rod is in his hand as he leans back against the ship and looks out into the woods. They are so fucked.

High above in the box, Cameron always had a hard time. When he was with someone, he was usually fine— or he'd get there after some companionship, but in solitude and confinement his energy seemed to sour and he'd turn in on himself. On the ground? In desperate times, with doom everywhere? There's a lightness to his steps. He's not happy to be stranded on the ground, and has had a few choice words for Jaha and the Council, but he seems calmed then he's been in a year. And there he is, stumbling slightly as he comes around a tree, some large leaf held rolled up around something in his hands. Upon seeing Morgan, he breaks into one of his broader smiles, the sort which dimples — less common then his usual more subtle and mischievous grin. "Morgan, look what I found…" He tugs the leaf open a bit, and its clear its used for holding quite a few blueberries. Of course, the proto-botanist quickly assigned himself to food gathering after the crazy of being banished to earth settled. That said, he's still got a bit of a black eye and a puffy cheek. He didn't go easily when the goons came for them.

Morgan looks over when he hears his name and smiles on spotting Cam. "Hey. That's great. How are they? How do you feel?" Are they real blueberries? Has a century of being irradiated changed them? Are they radioactive? So many questions and they don't have any answers.

"They have all the expected signs of regular blueberries, and I ate one an hour ago — no signs of anything wrong, so at this point I'm judging them safe. If they'd have mutated into something poisonous in the last century its doubtful one would be enough to do serious harm, and yet one would be enough to show symptoms. I think." Cameron shrugs a little, carefully settling his bundle down in a nook and securing it there, then stretching. "We won't really know for sure until we eat things, since his Imperial Highness didn't think to send us any scientific equipment. Trial and error. Seems fine, though." He runs a hand through his hair, his smile turning into a slight grin, "My cheek hurts and my back hurts where a goon kneed me, but fuck it. We might all die, but we're free. I'm good, Morgan. Real good. Possibly in shock and delusional, maybe I've finally cracked, but I'm embracing it. Ready to fight and do whatever needs doing. You? How you taking to the ground?"

Morgan listens and nods at Cam's assessment. He's probably right about the food. Unless they're radioactive. But the whole place could be and they have no way to tell. "Well, we have no geiger counter, no medicine, no medical supplies, no food or water except for what we can find, no shelter except for the ship but it beats being floated, right?" He has no doubt he would have been. Shrugging, he holds a hand out to Cam. "So I'll manage."

Cameron reaches out and takes the offered hand, squeezing it as he grins slightly once again, "It sure does. Things might be tough down here, but we have a chance here. Not to mention we don't have the Council lording over us. And we're not locked in a cell every night. I got up last night and went outside and just walked around the ship, looking at the stars. I could get up and just walk. It was awesome." His tone is wistful, before he then gives a half shrug and adds, "And hey, we'll manage. We're in this together."

"I'm glad to be off the Ark too." Morgan agrees, squeezing Cam's hand then moving over to put an arm around him. "I'm just worried about what we don't know. This was supposed to be a radioactive wasteland for another two centuries. But hey, die here or die in vacuum, dead is dead. So we might as well enjoy being free. You shouldn't go out without a weapon though. Take this and I'll get another." he says, offering the metal rod.

"I make it a rule to never worry: worry isn't productive. Let's say I'm concerned with a number of things and am working on plans to alleviate those concerns." remarks Cam, smiling and leaning slightly against Morgan as the hand goes about him, "But you're right. Dead is dead. I don't intend to die easily, though. I think they overestimated the radiation, to be honest. Look around: its lush, vibrant. There's some odd things, but life is thriving. So can we. I'm sure of it." He then accepts the rod, testing its weight and swinging it slightly, "Thanks, you're right. I should probably have gotten one before heading out. What'd I ever do without you?" He turns his head and smiles his dimples at Morgan again, "You kept me from losing it in the box: I'm not sure you knew how close I got sometimes. Confinement … I can't stand it. I owe you."

"We're all in this together." Morgan points out but he smiles at Cam and hugs him with that arm. Some a little more together than others. "It does look like we can survive down here. But that also means the Council will be coming down after us. Silver is working on how to get these bracelets off so at least they can't monitor us constantly. If they think we're dying when the readings go blank, it'll slow them down."

Cameron slips his own arm around Morgan's waist in return, smiling more— and then he pauses, frowning slightly, "Why would she do that?" There's some tension in his shoulders, "My mom and dad are up there. The bracelet is my only link to them. If it gets removed, they'll think I died. And what if they need to come down? They wouldn't have wasted a drop ship on us for no good reason or lack of need. Just because I hate the Council and won't submit to their authority doesn't mean I want my family and all those families to die up there."

"You think if the Council knows it's safe down here that they won't try to stay in power?" Morgan asks. "You think they meant that pardon bullshit? Maybe for those that stole something or did something minor." Maybe for Cam. "Me? I'm dead. If the Guard gets down here, you can bet they'll be expecting to keep things how they were. But if we can slow them down, we can learn to survive first. Get away from the ship. be in a position of strength so they actually need us."

"They have guns." Morgan points out. Guns are a very good way to maintain tyranny. "Hopefully, there will be some in Mount Weather and we'll have our own. But yeah, I think they'll definitely go back on the pardon and try to make sure they stay in power. No matter what." he answers grimly. But then he reaches out to rest a hand on Cam's shoulder and his tone softens. "I understand how you feel about your family. It's not the families coming down that I'm worried about. It's the Council and the Guard."

Cam sighs, lifting a hand up to rest it atop Morgan's on his shoulder, "I know they'll try ot stay in power, I don't think you're right about the pardon." He hesitates, "But I might be wrong, and I can't risk them killing you. What if we took most of them off? If just say, a couple were on— or one— it'd be as effective, I think, as all of us seeming dead. One survivor in a hundred wouldn't inspire them to come down early."

Morgan shrugs at the suggestion. "Some people want to keep them on. Some people want to take them off. No one's planning to force people to take them off but mine is one way or another. You do what you think is right. Anyway, if people are right and something really is wrong with the Ark, they'll have to come down no matter what."

"I'll think about it. Let me know if she figures it out." And then Cameron steps forward, slipping arms about Morgan's waist to embrace him tightly, "If they think they're going to be able to stomp back in and take over and start mass-murdering a bunch of kids, they have another thing coming. I won't *let* them. I'll start stealing their guns if I have to. Though we should see if we can find a backup shelter. Some hideaway. Just in case. Maybe a cave or something."

"And get yourself shot the first time you get caught." Morgan says, putting his own arms around Cam and hugging him. "Keep an eye out for places when you're exploring. Also, for any plants that can be used for medicine. Most medicines came from plants originally. I just don't know what they look like." Tilting his head forward, he rests his forehead against Cam's. "When you were out earlier… Did you see any place… private?"

"Hmph. It took them a *year* to catch me at my exhibition, Morgan, and that was me almost trying to get caught. Did you see the painting of Jaha in a clown's outfit I put up in Mecha? They took pains to seal the area while they cleaned it off." Cameron snickers, full of mischief and energy. As an aside, "Oh yeah, I've been looking for food and medicinal plants. I remember enough of my botany studies to have a good idea of what to look for. Won't know if it still has medicinal properties, but its a start." That said, he lets go enough to wave off to the side, "And sure, plenty. I mean there's no closed doors, but its a big, largely empty forest. There's a clearing over that way, that's where I found the berries. You don't see it until you're right on top of it."

"Do you want to show me where it is?" Morgan asks, pulling his head back to smile at Cam, a certain familiar look in his eye.

Cameron grins suddenly at the look, his expression leaning towards the wicked, as he pulls away and goes over to grab up the bundle of berries carefully. Can't leave those unattended. "Feeling shy?" in a voice that's mildly teasing, yet he cocks his head and heads in the direction he indicated, "Well, I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable if someone decided to spy." It's said light and with a grin, more alluding to his own utter shamelessness then anything else. It's a not very far, though it takes some effort to push through the rustling of bushes before the thick trees give way to a small clearing with an oblong, moss covered stone to the side, and a few bushes to the other which are no longer possessing of any berries.

Morgan's grin is his answer and he follows Cam, memorizing the way to get there. Once they get to the clearing, he looks around a moment before turning back to Cam. Taking the berries, he sets them down before stepping forward to take Cam in his arms and kiss him. They're eighteen, it's been days, and there's a new world to christen. Survival can wait an hour or two.

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