Day 021: Project V-Card
Summary: Tink talks to her roomie about a personal project.
Date: 10 June 2016
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Kai Tink 

Forests Around The Camp — The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

Day 21

Kai's progressed somewhat further on the spiking and hole digging, not caring that she's five kinds of filthy and exhausted and it's blatantly not doing her wound any good.. there's the whole adage about 'sleep when you're dead' and even though Elias and Cameron are out there, somewhere, working on project pigsticker, right now she's by herself with a rifle strapped across her back, planting makeshift spears like hedgehog quills pointed out amongst the tree's.

Tink has been diligently working on checking the ammo and pulling out the duds so they don't have an issue with things blowing up. But eventually the girl gets tired of it and needs a break. Plus, something has been kicking around the noodle and she needs Kai's advice. She comes meandering towards the ex-Cadet, giving a quick waves. But her usual smile has been replaced with a nervous, almost embarrassed look as she greets her, "Hey Kai…I know you're busy but do you have a sec?"

Kai stops at the sound of Tink's voice, straightening from her crouch to mop an equally dirty forearm across her face like it's going to help. The pixie cut might but short, but right now even it's irritating her for all that the flat-eyed girl gives a nod,"What's up T?" she asks with a brief ghost of a smile.

Tink takes a deep breath, "Okay…so I'm pretty sure that we're seriously screwed here…and going to die." She doesn't seem to terribly depressed about that part. It's just matter of fact, that's the way the world is kinda look, "But…" Now it's getting harder as she flushes and shoves her hands in her pockets, "Okay this is so stupid and juvenile and normally I am so much better than my raging hormones but I just…" There's that internal debate and finally just says it, "I don't want to die without doing the deed first. The problem is that I have no fricking clue who…cause frankly most of these guys here annoy the shit out of me. But I just want to go in, get it done and move on so I can get this out of my head and freaking focus on the business of not dying."

"We are seriously screwed and we're all going to die horribly." Kai addresses the first without sugar coating it at all, before tilting her head and then gives an abrupt bark of a laugh before she turns to grab one of her spikes from the ground. She uses the business end of it to dig a shallow hole so she can stick the ass end of it in the ground and start piling dirt around it,"I hope you don't want me to play matchmaker.. fucked if I know half these guys, and I don't trust the one's I do know." she pauses,"Or.. well, what's up? You want me to stay away from the tent for a while?"

"Yeah…that's the stitch," Tink tell Kai as she stands there with that 'I have no idea what I'm doing' look on her face, "We're all going to die. And I'm seriously no where near being in love with any of these nut jobs. But I feel like I am going to regret not going there if I just keep my head down." When Kai mentions she's not into the matchmaker mode, Tink nods with a laugh, "Yeah…we're friends, I would not do that to you. No…this is something that I gotta figure out for myself." She pulls out her notebook and it's clear she's been working on a list, "So…just hear me out…I'm working on my 'no way' list first and then I'll circle back to the maybe." She is grateful when Kai offers to do the whole 'get out of town' for the deed, "And yeah…I'll try to give you some warning but if not…then there might be a bandana on the tent to let you know to stay away." She pauses and then asks, "Hey…you know any of the guys that are still card carrying their V-cards? Maybe I could do this like a community service thing where we just go, get it done and then bam! Neither one of us die not knowing."

Kai can't help but eye the notebook, and it startles a laugh out of her as she squats down and rests her elbows on her knee, dipping her head with a 'go on' gesture as she's requested to hear her out,"I'll either be sleeping in Eli's tent or up on the nest, so you don't need to worry about it." the other girl offers bluntly without the grace to be embarrassed about it, shaking her head,"Nah, can't say I do." know who still has their 'V-card',"Uh.. let's see. Cameron plays for the other team I'm pretty sure. Stone's a nice guy.. I mean.. kid's fucking huge.. but he genuinely believes in the whole protect and serve thing. Don't know if he's still a virgin, haven't asked. I broke his nose a few months ago.. he's the one that stopped me from killing Jenks."

"Stone's okay," Tink puts him at the top of her 'check out' list, "He's nice…even tracked me down a few weeks after we landed to ask about what Jenks did to me." She shakes her head, "I have no freaking clue how he knew but he did." She looks at Kai as she mentions that 'he stopped me from killing that guy' statement, "And he doesn't like murder…that's a bonus." She flashes Kai a smile, "Hey…that doctor guy, Morgan…what do you know about him? He's not some bad on the eyes and likes to sew." A girl has to have her priorities.

There's a quiet moment where Kai decides the ground is more interesting,"I jacked him at the cook tent over it. How him deciding to decide that worthless assholes ass meant that he could fuck your life up too." she elects to admit, pushing and prodding her current stake into place before moving to grab the next one,"He's going to get himself killed trying to be a fucking hero, but at least that means he's not going to be an asshole, y'know?" there's a shrug of her shoulders,"Barely anything. He's got balls, waded in to look after all of us when people started coming down with the fever, takes safety seriously, doesn't go out looking to die but also stuck it out with us in the fight."

Tink gives a smile as Kai gives her two possibilities, "Okay…so I got two possibilities." She's feeling better about this plan already, "Stone or Morgan…and maybe somebody else. If they're not a total asshole." She gives a smile and the mentions, "Although…there are days when Lip is doing his thing and getting clearly no takers, that I just want to say 'yeah sure, let's do it' just to see him shit his pants when I take him up on it." Although based on the 'no' list, it looks like poor Lip is already there, "If this wasn't so important, I might have gone there." She pauses and then asks, "So…how do you ask a guy? I mean…this isn't me waiting for them. I got to get a pair and walk up and just…" She motions as if she's got nothing, "So…do you think I could just ask them if they want to get busy? Or is there a smoother way to go about this?"

"The world would be a better place if I'd fed him to the river snake." is Kai's opinion,"I don't know. Eli asked me out, years ago, and after shit happened I figured he'd hate me forever. But after.." she pauses and grimaces before continuing,"after he had to kill Mags." she continues in a lower tone,"I had to.. apologize to him. And it just sort of.. went from there. I mean.. I'd just.. grab them and kiss them.. but I'm taller than you.. I don't think trying to be all slick about it is going to help right now. Whoever you pick, just be up front about it."

"Yeah…" Tink really doesn't like Jenks and while she isn't on the 'kill, kill' boat, there are some folks she thinks should be snuffed, "Jenks totally deserves to be floated…" She flashes her a smile, "I don't mind…that you said something to Stone. He was actually pretty cool about it, and I think folks don't think about how their actions affect others." Like Stone shouldn't have bothered cause they all ended up down here anyway and maybe the time traveling Tink could have avoided all this, "And the grab and kiss.." She wrinkles her nose, "Stone is really freaking tall…but might work if he's sitting." She laughs and just sighs, "I'm totally going to scew this up but…fear is not an option. I'm goign to do this Kai. Just get it done, file it away so it's not on my mind all the time."

"I'd have gotten floated either way." Kai notes,"They wouldn't have let me go for just breaking his jaw and nose and whatever the hell else, come December I would have died anyways, they couldn't have made me more dead for killing him, and then maybe you wouldn't be down here at least." there's a shrug of her shoulders before there's that smirk again,"Just remember, they're just a bunch of horny boy's. Half of them are probably still packing their V-cards too, even if they don't admit to it. But not like we don't all deserve a little bit of pleasure, yeh?"

"You think?" Tink asks her, "I just don't want any of them thinking that we're steady or anything. I mean, I'm going to be totally honest afterwards…cause bringing it upfront is just a buzz kill and I don't want to ruin it." Then the big question…she takes a step back and points to herself, "Okay…now honest opinion…hair up?" She points to her current look, "Or hair down?" She pulls out the chopsticks and it falls just past her shoulders, soft waves falling around her, "Down, right? It's sexier." She bites her bottom lip and then points to her scars, "Do you think…I mean, I can't do anything to cover it up but…it's not a turn off right?"

"Anyone with half a brain know's we're going to die tomorrow. Worry about discussions afterwards." Kai agree's with a dip of her head and can't quite help but look bemused,"Tink.." she points out,"I've only dated one guy. Ever. When Elias got locked up I did everything I could to not get involved with anyone else. Talk to Cass. Hell, talk to Jael or.. not Mimi, holy fuck definitely not Mimi. But like.. one of them can help with.. that sort of thing.. better than me. And take a look around, we're all filthy, half of us have been shot, stabbed, burned and been pissing blood out of every orifice for days.. any guy that balks at your burns isn't worth your time."

"Cass is crazy and likes to point guns at people…and Jael isn't someone I gel with," Tink doesn't think talking to either them would work, "Oh hey…I could talk to Cole…he's a guy and I suspect gets game. I bet he good give me pointers from the guy's perspective." She pauses and then goes, "Well…maybe not. That could be awkward and we work together and I know from listening to my parents sometimes that work relationships get messy." She puts Cole on the no list and notes not to talk to him about Project V-Card, "And yeah…we're all gross so it doesn't matter. Makes sense." She puts a note to try to clean up before jumping bones, "Okay…I think I have a good plan. Any holes in this? Anything I'm not thinking of?"

"Make sure they pull out." Kai opines, stopping to start scraping at another stake,"Because if by some miracle you survive tomorrow, do you want to take the risk and wind up giving birth in /this/ hellhole?" she asks, then elects to add,"It can hurt, too. Sort of. Maybe if you're less nervous? Or.. you know.. don't go quick? I don't know. Not my field of expertise. Want to know how to piss people off and punch faces, I'm your girl, dudes and dating.. so out of my league."

"Oh hell no…I am not mom material and there is no way I'm going to survive the end of days just to give birth to some kid," Tink shakes her head and her blonde locks bounce, getting in her face and annoying her. She goes and starts putting up her hair back in the chopsticks to keep them out of her way, "And yeah…I heard it hurts, which is fine. It's nature and stuff. And I'll try to have fun. Cause this is just not a science experiment." She looks at Kai and tells her, "And don't sell yourself short. You are Eli are awesome. It would be cool if I had that but…" She gives a shrug, "Not really on the horizon so I'm going to settle for getting my jollies…hopefully, if he's decent and not a spaz in bed."

"I don't know what we have, Tink." Kai grunts quietly,"We've got bigger problems than working that out. But like.. yeh. I'm trying not to think about it too much." there's a quirk of her lips,"Go forth young Tink and get thy jollies." she offers with a raise of her hand by way of salute,"I'm going to be taking off later with a group to go.. hunting. We're going up to the caves. It could be a trap. And it could help keep our collective asses alive a little longer. Wont know until I get there. If I don't come back.. chalk it up to Grounders are wily as fuck."

"Do not die today!" Tink tells her as she points a finger in her general direction, "Cause I'm probably going to need therapy after this…and plus, don't you want to know how Project V-card goes?" She gives a wink and then takes her bouncy self elsewhere, feeling oddly better after that talk. Yeah, Kai could die in the caves, she could blow herself out but the mysteries of boys and girls are soon to be breached and that's something to look forward too. It's all about managing the hope factor.

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