Day 044: Promising Results
Summary: At the Infirmary of Mount Weather, a Ground Unit Scout pays a visit to the doctor to discuss his coworker's miraculous recovery.
Date: 12 July 2016
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Raphael Salvador 

Infirmary — Mount Weather
This is a long room, accessible in various points along the level four corridor. It has an arched, buttressed ceiling like much of the compound. Circular white lights are embedded on the wall, following up the arch to create a bright, luminous space. The floors are in the same polished concrete as much of the compound, and these are well-cleaned to keep a sterile environment. Rows of beds line the walls, and there are mazes of flexible tubing running up from each bed, along the wall, and then back toward the secured medical labs.
44 Days After Landing

It's just an average day in the Mount Weather infirmary, to all ordinary appearances. The clock on the wall has just ticked past nine, and Doctor Salvador Montgomery is making his rounds checking on patients, having returned from a satisfying breakfast. Certainly the delinquents have been coming to his door to ask questions about the mysterious disappearance of Phillip Oscar Wylde Jr., but he seems nonchalant, with the content expression of a man who wants for nothing in life. Only one thing has changed: that rule about only patients being allowed in medical is now being far more firmly upheld, and the lock on the door to the medical labs and harvest chamber is being monitored more closely by the nurses.

There usually isn't much reason for Raphael to come in here, even if he were assigned to the bunker.

This week, however, is anything but the average week.

The military man steps inside in his security fatigues. Being a ground forces corporal, he's usually in a ground suit instead… but he's in the bunker, and those things are stuffy. Nonetheless, Raphael walks in, his Russian descent in full view without the suit. "Good morning, Sir," his gravelly baritone greets as he enters, then goes into a formal military stance. "I was hoping for an update on Officer Dumas. My CO is anxious for us to get back to the surface."

Dr. Montgomery looks up expectantly towards the door when he hears it open. His expression is already apologetic even before he glances up from his clipboard, with the expectation that it's yet another of the well-meaning yet nosey teenagers coming to interrogate him about Lip's status. No, I'm sorry, he isn't feeling well yet, come back another day, readies the well-rehearsed speech, and so when he sees that in fact the visitor is a full-grown man, one who's lived in Mount Weather all his life, the doctor looks surprised.

"Corporal," he greets the man. "And a good morning to you too. Officer Dumas was discharged from my care yesterday. She's been advised to take some time to herself in the privacy of her quarters, for the usual reasons." There are, in fact, no usual reasons. Georgia Dumas is fit to be back on duty right away; but then again, the situation of overly-curious guests in Mount Weather is not a usual circumstance.

If it were anyone else, there might be some relief on that expression. For Raphael? He simply nods. "I'll let the Sargeant know once I brief her." Then, he looks over to the secure Treatment containment chamber, then back to Salvador. "Sir… was this a fluke, or are we looking at something new and improved?" That blank expression stays, but his baritone gives a curious tone. "This seems like something that can replace the usual method." Method. That's what he calls it.

The tight smile on Salvador's face is genuine, if inappropriate. They are, after all, talking about exploiting kids as blood banks, but the breakthrough and what it means for the Mountain People wrinkles his eyes with an evenly muted joy. "It is too early to say," he replies, but the restraint of his enthusiastic voice says, Yes, absolutely. "We have seen promising results so far. Very promising. With science, you must understand, promise is not enough. It is entirely possible that it was, as you say, 'a fluke'. Without more data, we cannot be sure."

Raphael gives a nod. "I've been working on the surface for twelve years now. I'm aware of the principle of 'no such thing as too much scouting'. We do our jobs, and we get as much intelligence as we can before we declare a situation one way or the other. This seems no different." With that, Raphael clasps his hands in front, replacing the usual formal stance with a more relaxed one, but only a little. "How is the guest doing?"

A glance towards Madelyn Petrie's bed, and at this question, a brief frown mars Salvador's low-set black brow. It is always a bad sign when Salvador frowns, considering he does it so seldom, and usually only with an excess of reason to shake him from his irritatingly happy, What a Wonderful World modus operandi — this being, incidentally, one of this very favourite songs.

"She's to be discharged as well, as soon as she wakes up," he replies, casting a nod Raphael's way. "At the moment we're trying to make sure the guests don't make themselves too uncomfortable without due cause. Had I been on-duty last night, I'd have seen to it that she left the infirmary sooner. Alas, I had a dinner engagement."

He pauses, mulling something over before he nods his head again, this time in an approving manner. "You are quite right, yes, about there being no such thing as too much scouting. I wonder if you've seen signs of… more viable data outside?"

Raphael gives a shrug. "My missions are classified and I cannot break protocol on that, Sir. If you wish intelligence on ground operations, you'll have to speak to the head of security about what he's willing to divulge. I imagine he'll be willing to grant your request, given the possibilities… but it isn't my place to break the chain of command." Raphael gives a look to Madelyn, "too many eyes and ears potentially around as well."

"Quite right, quite right," says Salvador, his optimism returning as he bobs his head, accepting Raphael's answer. Cage Wallace is, after all, a man of science, on top of being the Head of Security; the see eye to eye. "Will that be all, Corporal? As you know, only patients are allowed in medical, after all." He gives Raphael a meaningful look. He hasn't shooed him out yet, meaning he isn't truly concerned about the healthy military man's intrusion into the infirmary. That rule exists for the benefit of other, less trustworthy residents, permanent and impermanent alike. But rules are rules, to be upheld as a symbol if nothing else.

This only gets a blank stare from him. "That is all I required, Sir. I'll let you get back to work." With that, Raphael starts to head to the door, his stance broken as he heads for the quarters of one Officer Dumas.

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