Day 041: Put A Sock On The Door
Summary: Quinn explains her skulking around to Cage in a very reasonable fashion.
Date: 10 July 2016
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Cage Quinn 

Level 5, Mount Weather
Corridors and a Classroom.
41 Days After Landing

It's sometimes hard to tell time under the mountain, but technically it's mid-afternoon. In one of the corridors of Level 5, the residence level, Cage Wallace finally finds Samantha Quinn, coming in from ahead of her and offering up a tight-lipped smile, "Miss Quinn. Do you have a moment to talk?"

Despite her poking around, Quinn's been fairly careful to not engage the natives, or not engage them too much. So having one seek her out causes her to pause, brows furrowing briefly before she shrugs faintly, "Sure, I suppose so."

Cage nods, pushing his smile wide again as he gestures down the hallway, two doors down, to one of the classrooms, "Perhaps in there? It will certainly be more comfortable than in the hall." He turns to start walking toward the door, half-turned back toward Quinn, "You've been very quiet here in Mount Weather thus far. Are you settling in alright?"

"Sure, I'm settling in just fine." Quinn replies as she glances in the direction of the door, then she begins to head with him down towards it, "I'm not sure that being loud is really my thing…I'm a nice, quiet sort."

Cage nods agreeably at Quinn, pushing open the door to the classroom, "Please, have a seat." He follows after, "Good, I'm glad to hear it. Your fellows have been most agreeable, for the most part. In fact, several of them volunteered to help save one of my security personnel." He pauses, and then offers another one of those tight-lipped smiles, "I'm sorry, where are my manners. I'm Cage Wallace, head of security for Mount Weather."

"I don't think I have to introduce myself, since you already know who I am it seems." Quinn replies as she makes her way towards one of the seats, dropping herself into it, "So what is it that I can do for you, Mister Wallace. I expect you didn't just seek me out to ask if I liked the cake."

"Please, call me Cage. We try to keep things relatively informal here in the Mountain. Really, we're more like a family than anything else." He moves to lean back against the front of the desk, his hands resting on the surface alongside him. "Have you been enjoying your exploration of the facility so far? We noticed that you've been wandering into… some odd spots. Any particular reason?"

"What makes those spots odd, Cage?" Quinn counters, leaning back in her seat, legs stretching out in front of her, "I didn't really think anything was odd about them, but if you think they are odd."

Cage raises his eyebrows in a 'really?' sort of look, "Is there some reason that you think you need to find places that our cameras don't cover?" The smile returns quickly, however, "They sort of fade away after a while, and you don't even notice them. They're quite useful for finding people who might have missed a contamination alert, however. They've saved many of our people in the past."

"Was that what I was doing?" Quinn asks, smiling at him before she shrugs her shoulders a bit, leaning forward, "I was really looking for a quiet place to sneak off to with my boyfriend. I bet you can figure out the why.."

Cage actually chuckles at the response, his shoulders relaxing a bit, "Oh yes… Mister Loden, isn't it? The elder." He even manages a little laugh, "Well, we don't monitor private residences. Maybe we can set one aside for… some private time between… partners."

"Yes, Mister Loden, the elder." Quinn replies, mulling that over before she nods, "Yeah, that'd be nice, if you happened to have some of the space to do that." She leans back in her seat, hands tucking into her pockets, "Sorry for it looking like I was up to something weird."

Cage nods, "I think we can manage that. We want you all to be as comfortable as you can while you're recovering from your ordeal at the hands of the Outsiders. You understand why we have to be careful though, right? With as dangerous as the world outside is to us, we can't have someone just running around and opening doors. After all, your friend Lip was trying to do something very similar, I believe."

"Was he? Not real surprised…he's pretty girl crazy." Quinn starts to get to her feet, pulling her hands out of her pocket, "I guess that I'll go let Max know we might have somewhere private soon…at least for a little while."

Cage pushes off the desk, moving around to open the door for Quinn, "He does seem to be, doesn't he? He's been paying quite a bit of attention to Nurse Carrey, I believe, although she does have a boyfriend." He gestures toward the door, "Thank you for your time, Miss Quinn. I do hope you continue to settle in well. Your friends mentioned that you were training to be in security back home? Perhaps we'll be talking again soon once you've all recovered from the rough treatment the Outsiders gave you."

There's a second of hesitation at that last question, then she nods, "Yeah, I was. It was the family business, I guess….I'm not like some of the others, good with plants or science." She pauses just at the door, "What would you be wanting to talk to me about?"

"Well, we want everyone in the Mount Weather family to feel at home. Perhaps in time, you might be interested in joining the ranks of the Security Detail." Cage shrugs helplessly, "Only if you want to, of course. I'll let you know when we've found an appropriate room. Should I just tell you then, so you can keep it a surprise for Mister Loden?"

"Yeah, that'd be great." Quinn replies, offering him a quick grin before she starts towards the door once more, "You have a nice rest of the day, Cage. I'll try to keep out of trouble."

Cage nods politely, "You too, Miss Quinn." He waits until she's left the room, closing the door after her, and then steps away from it, moving deeper into the room before he pulls a walkie-talkie from his belt and murmurs, "Keep an eye on her, Lieutenant. And get audio-visual into the security center."

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