Day 011: Raiders of the Lost Mart
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Site of the Buried Wal*Mart (RP Room)
A mound in a clearing, covered over with sediment and growth.
Day 11

Mimi is the 'robotic' emotionless one of the 100. Worse than Cole! One might question her emotional state but they have never questioned her mathematics. And she's found a shape in the dirt that doesn't add up. Mimi has asked around camp and gotten two fortunate (perhaps?) recuits. Jason and Quinn. The girl /almost/ seems excited. Till they come to the large hill that is long, but not too tall . A few feet perhaps. Gasping she points at the grass-covered mound. "There! There it is!" Moving to the top of the mound. "Can you see it? It's obvious! This is the place!"

Jason may not /exactly/ know where they're going, but he didn't seem resistant to the idea of an adventure and the possibility of finding something new. He's got a makeshift shiv sticking out of his back pocket. He squints at what Mimi is indicating. "What place?" he asks. "What am I looking for?"

Quinn's been quiet the entire trip, easily falling into old habits of just watching instead of participating. It isn't until they reach the place that Quinn speaks up, "What he said…"

Mimi shakes her head "Can't you see? Come up here! There should be a entrance around here somewhere. It's subterrainian, so we need to find the entrance." She starts stomping on hte ground, then starts hopping. "If you hear something hollow then you've found something.."

"Should we have brought some kind of shovel?" Jason wonders, but after briefly eyeballing Mimi, he follows her example, thumping his feet on the ground one after the other. It's only in the last few days that he's really been interacting with people, but he doesn't seem completely incapable of teamwork.

"Hollow?" Quinn glances around, then she sighs just a fraction before she moves to try and help find an entrance into whatever structure it is that they've found. She moves around in an ever widening circle, stomping on the ground.

Mimi pauses a moment. "That thought did not occur. That would have been a excellent idea. However this task is just to confirm that the structure exists. Afterwards we can excavate." She continues to hop and there is a sound. A cracking. The ground suddenly gives away to the gigantic structure beneath. Falling a good 30 feet there is bedding strewn about beneath the hole that forms in the ceiling. Buried under a good 10-20 feet of earth is the the 'ceiling'. Mimie hits one of the matresses and bounces off rolling a good 10 feet before slamming against a shelf with the back of her head. It's dark. The store looks deserted, with some, but few products on shelves. 'Wal Mart' is written all over the place. Dust flies in the air. The air is dank and uncirculated in 100 years.

Jason was completely unprepared to go hurtling through the roof of the place, so he has no way of getting his body into a safe position for the fall. And those mattresses have been rotting for a good hundred years. He falls feet first, and it doesn't sound good. "Fuck!" he yells out.

Mimi groans after a few moments and sits up, blood dripping down the back of her head. "That is a was bad choice. Perhaps we have should of used shove in the attic." Her eyes try to adjust but have difficulty to the new lighting. "We has is mission successful!" Holding up her hands she shouts "Woohoo!" She looks around and crawls over near Jason, where she heart the shouting. Finding him..well, it wasn't too hard to do. She leans over him whispering "I can totall smell your eyeballs…"

"Aw…fuck," Jason moans. He's trying hard not to be crying at the moment, but the pain of his leg definitely has his eyes stinging and his head buzzing. He reaches out and grabs one of Mimi's shoulders. "You're talking funny," he says. "You hit your head, sit down. I…think I'm hurt, too. QUINN!" he yells, tipping his head back. "GET HELP!"

Mimi shakes her head "I am working at a lightly reduced capacity but still functional." Peering at the leg she points "You appear to be damaged. This building is a retail outlet. It should have medical supplies in the form of first aid boxes. They hold magical contents that fix injuries. Like hypo sprays. Neosporin. One application and the itch is gone." She tilts her head a bit "Would you like me to repair your medical malfunction?"

"Yes, I am fucking damaged," Jason groans. "Look, you're not talking right. Just sit still. Sit still. I'm gonna try to get up. There's still…important stuff here. But you should be really careful. If you hit your head." He takes a breath and starts working on getting up. It's very, very awkward, and from the grimace on his feet, it's plain that he's in pain. He /does/ get to his feet, though he puts his weight almost entirely on his uninjured leg. "Fuck. Okay. I'm…" He casts around and spots an old shopping cart. Luckily, since the place has stayed mostly dry inside, it isn't rusted and the hard plastic wheels still look in tact. He hops over to it and grabs it with both hands, balancing on his good leg. "I'm gonna push this cart around and look for stuff. We don't…have to get it all now, right? We can come back. Well. Maybe I can't. But people can. We'll just…do recon and… Look, don't go far, okay? I'm worried about your head." He's already sweaty from the pain.

Mimi slowly gets up. "Alright. We will look for things." She considers looking both ways. "Each isle is directed by different departments. I'll look in sporting goods..something straight to help your yucky leg."

The store has skeletons in 'action isle'. The main strech that runs around the store and many in front. The store is completely submerged under the ground. People tried to get out and failed. There and crumbled cardboard displays in the main isles, and anything like survival gear, or food is pretty decimated.

One might think that Jason would head /right/ for the most essential survival items right away. Although, of course, most of those have already been looted ages and ages ago. But he doesn't even try. He goes toward an arts and crafts aisle, just barely visible by the light the hole in the roof lets in now. He starts grabbing stuff: pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, an exacto-knife, toothpicks, a cracked container of dried-up watercolors. He throws these into the basket, keeping his bad leg tucked up, leaning forward on the cart, and scooting himself around with his one good leg.

Mimi slowly gets up. "Alright. We will look for things." She considers looking both ways. "Each isle is directed by different departments. I'll look in sporting goods..something straight to help your yucky leg."

The store has skeletons in 'action isle'. The main strech that runs around the store and many in front. The store is completely submerged under the ground. People tried to get out and failed. There and crumbled cardboard displays in the main isles, and anything like survival gear, or food is pretty decimated. The hole from above is about 30-50 feet wide. It gives pretty good illumination to the store, however many areas are just dimly lit.

Jason has himself draped forward over a shopping cart, one leg tucked up and the other scooting him along. He's grabbed a few little things from the art supply aisle, whatever he's planning on doing with those. He's now working on getting the cart turned around, a bit of rubble blocking clear sailing for the cart any further down the aisle. He huffs and grunts a little while making his turnabout, the pain from his leg probably starting to get to him.

Mimi gets to the sporting goods section. And..there's not a lot. The isle hit probably the hardest. Crafts? Sure, you have it almost fully stocked! Sporting goods..there's a rack of camo-colored dresses. Something about 'For the saavy female hunter'. Shrugging she holds a couple of the dresses up still in plastic. "Apparently Fashion was out of style during the apocolypse!" Stripping down to nothing right there she puts the dress on. A pair of black jeans follows and..falls right off. Oh, men's size. Shrugging she picks up a rifle from the ground with a barrel bent about 70 degrees to the left. "Pew pew..bang…" she mummurs taking a shot. Tucking the gun over her shoulder she wanders past the paint department taking a can of paint. Wow..that's solid. A few blue 'wal mart' cloth bags. Heading towards the middle of the store she snags a few peices of clothing here and there. Stopping she picks up a pair of boots on a knocked over rack. Trying them on she shuffles against the floor. Twirlig around she yells out "Fabulous!" and falls over her own shoes that she left on the ground landing on a shelf. "Jason!" She calls out. "Jason, the walls are alive! Be careful, they're hurty! Where are you? Are you near the Batman display?"

"Mimi," Jason calls back, wiping his sweaty forehead with the elbow of one sleeve. "Mimi, I don't think you're okay! You should try not to move so much!" He is very slowly getting himself back toward the area where they fell down onto the remains of what might once have been mattresses. "If we could get plastic bags, or…pipes or…" But he seems to be rapidly running out of steam, given his injuries.

With the arrival of Quinn back at camp, word had spread that two other delinquents that had been out exploring some kind of abandoned building or warehouse had been hurt. Layla was nearby, and volunteered to go and help alongside some of the other Delinquents. She was supplied with some spare rope, and also wore around her hip one of the Grounder satchels that contained additional herbal medicines to compliment what little Layla had managed to scrounge up herself. She also packed some items to work as a splint (hopefully) since it was insinuated that Jason might have a broken limb.

Beyond that, there was little else Layla could do until she reached the pair of them. She'd not know the severity or extent of their injuries, and though she hoped for the best, expected the worst. The group made their way to the old Wal-Mart as quickly as they were able. Upon reaching the hole where the others had fallen in, Alec crouched near it and called down. "Hello? Hello? Anybody hear me?" He waited for a reply, motioning for the others to hold for a moment before they'd safely descend down.

Mimi holds grabs an armfull of jeans and slings them over her arm, shoving boots into her bags. She heads towards Jason and pulls up one of the pairs of jeans. Grabbing some bras she shoves one loop over her shoulders. "See? I got brazziers..brazzies..think they look cute? Oh! Check it out! I got a pair of jeans, you want to split them?" She drops the paint which creates a loud 'CLACK'. " you hear something? Shhhhhh, it's ghosts! Or worse, Zombies!" She holds the gun by the bent barrel. "According to popular culture you have to shoot them in the head…I will hold them off.."

"YES!" Jason yells, tipping his head back. Maybe more loudly than he needs to. He scoots the cart closer to the hole. "I think we're stuck down here! I think Mimi hit her head, she's talking really weird. My leg…it's fucked up, maybe broken!" He gives Mimi a tired and disturbed look when she tries to show him bras. "Leave the paint," he says, "It's probably all dried up." He tips his head back again to look up at the hole in the roof. "Can you get us out?" He sounds scared, and in pain. Then he looks at Mimi again, expression tense. "You didn't put bullets in that, did you??"

Mimi shakes her head "Nope! They were out of bullets. Sorry!" She looks up "Oh! There is someone! Mimi thinks she has a concussion. Cuntcussion. Cuncussed. Hee…that's a fun word." She looks over at Jason and draws up next to him "Want to put some of that weight on me?" she asks. "I can put the pink bra on you if it'll make you feel better? It'd make me feel better to wear one."

"Hold on!" Shouts the youth. Alec is big and burly, one of those boys who turned into a man early, and already sported a beard to prove it. "We've brought Layla with us, I'mma send her down with John and Will. Stay where you are!" With Alec organizing, the three people named are lowered down to the floor below, one at a time. Someone was thinking when they brought all that extra rope. John went first, followed by Layla, with Will coming last.

"That's right, just keep talking, we'll follow your voices." This from Layla, and together with the other two boys eventually found her way to Mimi and Jason. She quirks a brow at the pink bra…and spends not a few seconds privately thinking that she'd like to nose around for some clean clothes herself.

"You two, escort Mimi to the rope and call for Alec while I see to Jason, then come back to me when she's safe." She didn't want her wandering off if she was concussed. Turning her attention to Jason, Layla frowned slightly. "We'll have to splint it here. You can't risk it getting knocked about when Alec hauls you up."

Jason looks pained, but he shakes his head at Mimi, leaning far over the cart instead. "I don't think it's a good idea," he says, ignoring talk of pink bras. "I want them to help you out first. Can you just calm down and be still until we get you some help?" He makes a vague wave at the people up top, if they can see, to indicate he's heard. "We're almost right under the hole," he says to help guide, stepping closer to the circle of light that the hole is letting in. He nods at Layla. "Should I sit or stand?" he asks. "We really fucked up, I'm sorry you had to come down here, it's dangerous."

Mimi waves and smiles, excited. Definately out of character. "Oh, hey Layla! Here, will this help?" She offers the rifle with the bent barrel. "It's not loaded, can you splint him with this?" She nods to Jason. "I dont think we can visit again. It's very dangerous with the roof. The chance of a full cave-in is actually much higher than I expected. We should be okay for right now..but I wouldn't bring another expedition."

"Sit," Layla says. "You'll be helped to your feet after, and one of the guys will hold you when you get pulled to the top." She casually takes the rifle from Mimi when she offers it to her, and even smiles to the other girl. What she needed most was rest and someone to keep a close eye on her, as brain injuries were awfully tricky. If the rifle had a strap attached to it, then Layla would sling it over her back before tending to Jason. If not…then she'd just set it aside once Mimi was out of its line of sight.

Meanwhile, John was extending his hand to the other girl, in order to lead her towards where the rope was dangling, Alec and another waiting up top. "You can show us all that you found once we get out of here," he was saying to Mimi. Bless him, he sounded like he was talking to a little girl, but he was trying!

"Don't be sorry. These things happen," Layla says to Jason as she looks over his leg, checking for any other wounds or spots of heavy bleeding. "You're going to have to endure the pain until we make it back to camp, though…" And even then she couldn't promise him much.

Jason tucks the front of his shirt in and stuffs all his small looted items down the front of his shirt. Then he uses the shopping cart and Layla's hand if she'll give it to help ease hmself into a seated position, wincing and grunting in pain. His leg is badly broken, and he's got some scrapes and bruises otherwise that are less serious. He nods to indicate that he accepts he'll have to endure the pain.

Mimi moves over towards the John following after. "Okay, let's go up. Make sure to be careful with Jason." She leans in closer to John to whisper "He got injured." She twists the bags so that they are tight on her arm, everything stuffed into them that she could take. "Okay..I'm ready." Peering over at Jason and Layla she calls after "I'll be waiting for you!"

John nods cautiously to Mimi when she whispers to him, and even moves to take some of her bags so that they don't quite bite so deeply into her arms as Alec and another of the boys haul both her and him up on the thick rope. Will remains behind, watching as they're tugged upwards before turning to Jason and Layla.

She sets the split quickly and efficiently, proving once again her skills in the field. "It's going to have to be cleaned and looked over more thoroughly back at camp, but we can't waste any more time here. Will," she motions him over. "Help me get Jason to his feet, then you two head up. Alec can pull me up last, and then we'll hustle back to camp. We brought a travois with us, so you won't have to walk, but it's still going to be a bumpy ride."

With Mimi pulled up, Alec offers to give her a look over as well, but as there are no obvious injuries, he can only shrug. Still, he says to her, "I'll carry you on my back."

Jason grabs Layla's arm to bring her in a little closer. "Listen, I'm really worried about Mimi," he says, and he does look /scared/. "She's…not acting right at /all/. I'm afraid she damaged her brain. What can we do about /that/?" But he follows instructions and gets up to his feet with help. "I'm okay," he assures them, but he sounds shaky.

Mimi doesn't give up her bags, her precious loot! But she'll probably distrubte things later at camp anyway. She climbs onto the offered back, slinging her arms around his shoulders to keep herself up. "Don't forget Jason okay. I'll have to check in on him when I'm better." She giggles leaning into the one that's carrying her. "I'm concussed! Which is funny because I dont cuss. Like in ever! Did you know they have a batman down there? I dont know why a man would dress as a manbat. But it's sooooo weird!"

"If she's concussed, then best thing for her is rest, but once we're safely up top, I'm going to take a better look at the back of her head. I'm pretty sure I saw blood." Layla was also worried about his leg; it could become infected! Her voice is calm and level, and she reaches out a small hand to rest it upon Jason's shoulder for a moment to give it a squeeze.

Above, Alec allows Mimi to keep her bags, since he doesn't want to unduly upset her. He doesn't seem too sure about Manbats himself, but takes her word for it with a noncommital grunt.

Jason nods at Layla, obviously making the effort to stay calm and not pursue the impossible question of whether Mimi's brain is seriously damaged. He heaves a short breath. "I'm…starting to feel it." Now that the adrenaline of falling that distance is wearing off.

Layla wanted to tell Jason that she was sorry to hear that; that he was going to be in a great deal of pain before the night was out…but she didn't want to be that sort of person. She didn't ''want'' him to be in that sort of pain if she could help it. "We'll be back to camp soon, don't worry," was what she said instead.

Once Jason, Will, and Layla were all pulled up, Layla sees to the head wound Mimi had sustained, and wraps it with one of the few clean clothes she was able to find. That done, there was nothing else to do but for the group to return to camp.

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