Day 005: Raiders of the Lost RV
Summary: Running for an incoming storm, Cole and Mikaela encounter a relic of the lost word
Date: 04 May 2016
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Cole Mikaela 

Forgotten RV

This vehicle is tucked within the asphalt and cedar grove, protected by a high outcropping of rocks has survived the years that have passed mostly in tact. A pickup truck with an RV camper set in it's bed stands as a lonely survivor where most of it's compatriots have since deteriorated away. The cropping of rocks that has shielded it has done a good job at preserving the RV and truck, only the majority of the paint having been worn off and it's tires have rotted away, but it still stands.

Inside the RV has been preserved well enough, and its doors and windows have kept animals from making a den out of the vehicle. Almost a hundred years of dust has collected on the small, cramped living area. There's an old mattress tucked above the cab of the truck, and its plastic wrapping has protected it from bugs and other vermin. The lack of rain or exposed moisture inside of the compartment has slowed the rate of rot and decomposition. Any food has since turned to dust. But the seats, walls are mostly been kept together.

29 April 2149

So at some point, Cole could no longer stay inside his and Mika's tent. He was getting restless, nevermind keeping his eyes and ears peeled out for anything that may be considered trouble. Either in the tent, or taking 'walks' along the camp, eyeing people and what they were doing. Eventually though, he started getting stir crazy, until he finally had enough. Until one morning, while Mika was out using the latrines, their tent vanishes. Now, before she freaks out, he tells her he hid all their stuff under the floor of the dropship while everyone was still asleep, where all the heavy mechanics for the engine system is stored away. Nobody goes down there because there's nothing to use. And really, it was just the tend, whatever else they hold dear, like his notebook and the few scraps of metal he calls tools are carried with him. Handing them each a spear, he says their going out. Go hunting, go for a walk, /anything/ to get them out for a day. Somebody else can watch the camp, it shouldn't have to be all on /them/. And really, there are others who're doing the same as they. In Cole's eyes, things are in stalemate.

And so, starting out in the morning, they've been walking an hour or two, watching out for anything that moves that could be considered food. Granted, she's better at throwing spears than he is, so if there is anything, he'll be the one to point it out to her, let her get the first shot. "Maybe I just wanted to spend some time alone together." he says after a particular bout of silence. "You know, we never got to go on many offical 'dates'."

Mika has been grumpy this morning since coming back from using the 'toilet' to finding the tent gone and Cole insistent on going out of the camp. Anytime he attempts to engage her in conversation, she shoots off with some bit of snark, some bit of smartassery. Letting him know that she's not pleased with this 'surprise date'. His latest comment has her giving him a sidelong stare and muttering, "And you call -this- a date?? Walking through dangerous woods while you point out potential food for -me- to kill. I'm surprised you didn't make me bring the rations for the dinners we had on the Ark." Snorting, she hefts the spear onto her shoulder and heads towards a high rock shelf, intent on climbing up onto it. If nothing else, it will give her a good vantage points, and laying out on top of it could give her a stealth advantage.

"Oh fuckin stop it. When the last time we got any fuckin time alone?" Cole utters towards her. "Everything was fuckin tense, the tent is hidden away. I got our food with us, so it's not like we can't eat out here, so quit bitchin." The food is being carried in a bag constructed of mesh from the dropship with plastic liner to prevent anything from falling through the holes. Not much of a bag, but it stops their nuts, berries, and bits of dried meat from tumbling out. "See? Sitting in our tent has been shit on our fuckin moods. Sitting around, wating for somebody going to trudge in and try to steal what we got. And then I'd have to fuckin them stab them, and you'd get blood on you, an then you'd be pissed about /that/. Because it wouldn't mesh well with your fuckin hair." he smartasses right back to her. "I was just trying to do something for /us/ for a change, Meeks. So yeah, you're fuckin welcome."

Snarky comments aside, Mika does eye something in the distance. Two things, infact. One, she sees the glint of something metallica in the near distance. Something big enough to reflect light off of it. And so long as they've been down there, there's been nothing metallic beyond the dropship. So…something not natural. The other part? Storm clouds rolling in. And they're already too far away from camp to make it back in time to get back to camp and the safety of the dropship.

"You see anything, or just gonna let me stand here an look up your shirt? Because, y'know, I can do that too." Cole utters, leaning on the staff portion of his spear.

"That would be… the night we fucked each other's brains out, full on naked. And we coulda been doin' some of THAT instead of wandering way the fuck.. out.. here…. huh." Mika trails off in her return volley of snark to squint her eyes and peer closer at the thing reflecting light. Water does that too, after all. But this doesn't look like that. This looks like something to be excited for. Her eyes widen and she gets a grin on her face, "Hey Co-… ohhhhhh shit. Fuck fuck shit FUCK." She tossing the spear down to the ground and quickly clambering down the rocks. Grabbing his hand, she picks up the spear and starts tugging him urgently in the direction of the metallic thing. "Run! Run now, Cole! There's rain coming!"

"You know, I don't mind the sex or anything, because fuckin /duh/, but I do kinda get tired of people looking at us like that's all we fuckin do." Cole grumbles slightly. "An I'm getting fuckin sick of guys coming up an asking me what your tits taste like." he adds, looking around, thinking he heard something worth spearing. "Heeeey, think I hear a woodchuck or some- hrm?" he looks up, but Mika is already on the ground, grabbing his hand, getting jerked a long. "Wait! Your fuckin spear!" Guess they'll have to come back from that later, because she's not taking a no for answer and he's running with her, but he's not nearly as fast as she is.

The storm is rolling in, the first thing is the huge gust of wind, announcing it's presence. It's not here yet, but that's the precursor to the coming downpour. Or the hail. Or whatever the hell else storms are really like on Earth now. "It's only rain! Why the fuck are you freaking the fuck out!" he yells, trying to keep up with her.

So yeah, halfway towards the the metallic structure, Cole falls, trips, and tumbles onto the ground. He was never a /fast/ runner, not as fast as her, and here it shows. "Ow! Fuck!" Looks like his foot went into a gopher hole. "I think I twisted my fuckin ankle!"

Better choose, Mika, leave Cole to get there on his own or help is sorry ass back to whatever that thing is.

There's no choice to be made. She grabs up his spear and uses it as a brace while her arm loops around his back and she hefts him up to his feet with a grimace. "No time, Cole. We have to hurry. That storm is coming right this way. We have to get to shelter now." She hands him the spear to use as a makeshift crutch while she braces him on the other side and starts moving him towards the the thing she spotted. Keeping a weather eye on the storm all the way. "Think, Cole. What happened the last time it rained?"

There's a cry of pain, but Cole gets to his feet. "Fuckin /fuck/!" he yelps out, using the combination of both Mika and the spear to hold him upright, starting to limp his way towards whatever she pointed out. "It rained really hard? I don't remember! I was too busy trying to fix the damn dropship door! You tell me what fuckin happened!" He's moving as fast as he can in the direction she leads, following. "What the fuck are you seeing, goddamnit!"

Rain drops are starting to fall on them. Slow for the moment, but the rolling, angry, and oddly /black/ clouds suggest a very large storm. The kind that you don't want to be caught in unless you want to be drenched. The sky darkens considerably, lightning arcs arcoss the sky and thunder rumbles in the distance. It's coming, better hurry.

Mika will see it first. The metallic structure is…a vehicle? A truck it looks like, with something that might considered an RV sitting the back of it's bed, the majority of it having been preserved by a high outcropping of rocks. Looks like it's been kept pretty well, and it looks like she saw the roof the RV part. And what do you know, it looks like, in the distance, that there's a door on the back of it.

"I'm seeing -that-!" She uses her free hand to point towards the RV camper and truck. Pulling him along as best she can, she moves them steadily closer to the RV. "C'mon Cole, you can do this. You can make it. Just a little further, babe, okay? Then you can sit down." She hugs him closer with one arm and keeps them moving towards it. When she spots the door, her face relaxes and she looks relieved, "Oh thank God… this thing is probably gonna stink to all Hell and back.. but it'll be better than being cold and wet and exposed."

For a moment, Cole has to squint to see what mika is looking at. Then a blink. "What…the…fuuuuck…owwwww! Goddamnit!" he pants, trying to keep up. Which is hard, if one has ever gotten a sprained ankle and then had to run on it. Even with using both Mika and the spear for support. "Oh fuck that storm looks bad." he gulps, only now realizing the gravity of the situation. "I don't really give a shit if it stinks, I don't want to be fuckin out here."

Finally, after what seems like an hour, they reach the clearing and rock slope where the RV is located, Cole reaching for the door. "Fuck it's fucking /locked/!" he swears, patting himself down. He was a lockpicker in another life and he's fresh out of lockpicks. Then he looks at Mika, dropping the spear now that they're there. And he starts…patting her down? Eventually, his hands are shoved into her pocket. "Fuckin hell, Meeks, the one fuckin time I need them and you'd leave them /everywhere/ in my apartment…..a-haa!" He says, pulling out a pair of hair pins. "I hope you won't miss these." Because without another word, he's bending one them to pick the lock, using the other to push the tumblers in place. Just like the old days when they'd break into places they weren't supposed to be together. "Pull the handle when I tell you." But now he's working under a timeframe. And the raindrops are falling harder.

After a series of clicks and creaks, it sounds like Cole has got it. "Pull!"

Mika carries them as quickly as possible to the camper, giving a nod towards Cole, "Yeah, now you fucking know. Now move your -ass-." She half-drags him along the way, leaning against the wall of the camper to pant for breath when they finally arrive. She's still standing just like that when Cole starts patting her down like she's holding out on him. "Hey! I'm all for sex in the open but… damn! Priorities, Cole!" Then he's pulling out her last hairpins and she sighs, "Oh, yeah, no, you can have 'em. Doesn't do me any good to only have two anyhow." So she straightens and readies to pull when he gives the word. And then he does, and she yanks back on the door with everything she has left. "Go, get in!"

"You can blow me after we get the fuck inside." Cole growls, trying for her to not break his concentration. Lockpicking is something of a delicate artform, as suggested by the number of doors he's busted open on the Ark. Of which he's bragged about in the past. It's raining now, solidly raining. Not the point of drenching, sideways rain, but enough to know that this is just the start of it. And the dark clouds are right about them, with no end in sight on the horizon.

Managing to get inside just in time as a large thunderhead booms above, the downpour finally starting, creating a solid noise of water hitting the metal roof above them. Tumbling inside, Cole's face hits the linoleum floor of the camper, then rolling onto his back and sitting up to look at Mika. "Fuck…fuck…" he's grabbing at his ankle now, only now realizing just how much it hurts now that the adreneline is wearing off.
Mika dives in after him, slamming the door behind them, then immediately pushing up to her feet. Tiredness is starting to show on her face, but that iron will of hers is burning brightly. She moves, carefully, to help Cole up to this feet. "C'mon Cole, we have to get you laying down somewhere softer. Elevate your foot." She wraps both arms around his waist and helps him towards the back of the camper, frowning as she looks around. "Fuck -is- all this?"

Another cry from Cole, getting up to this feet. "I don't know. Mobile apartment or something. I've seen these things in the library. Some book on camping. Don't know what the fuck it was used for." There's a look around the small area. Looks like it has what was once a kitchen, living area, and closed off stand up shower. "There's a bench there." Cole points out next to them. It's very dusty in here, and while everything doesn't look the best, it's been preserved well enough for almost a hundred years. Doesn't look like any real water as gotten into it.

However, Mika, with tha apparent eyes of a damn hawk, notices in the dim light given from the grimey windows, something that looks like a little pulltab against the wall. There's a little symbol on the wall, the kind one would see for signs for the bathroom. It's a symbol for a bed, with now faded letters that read 'TO USE BED, PULL TAB'.

Though, it is kinda fuckin neat." Cole observes, letting his eyes adjust to the little amount of light. There's three windows, two on each side, one at the front that faces the cabin of the truck. There's some random junk laying around, but they can get to that in a bit.
Mikaela looks at the bench, pursing her lips and shaking her head, "Let me keep looking for a sec, okay? Just, um… rest here for a moment and let me see what I can find." She helps him down onto the bench then turns to scan the rest of the camper, moving through it carefully, cautiously, unsure of what to expect. When she sees the tab, she smiles brightly, "Yes! Perfect. C'mon Cole, we're gonna get you laying down." She reaches up, tugging down the tab to get the bed out and exposed, likely coughing under the cloud of dust kicked up. "Okay babe, lets get you laying down and I'll see if I can find something to prop your foot up on…"

The mattress, locked away looks relatively in good shape, unexposed to the elements. It just kinda smells a little…stale. But at least it's clean, beyond all the dust that's kicked up with it. Cole watches her. "Shit, you're like Miss Wonder today. Princess is a shitty title for you." he remarks, limping over and laying down on the bed. "Weird this is just sitting the fuck out here. We must've gone further than any of the scouts or hunters have." he notes, wincing and doing his best to hide the pain in his ankle from her. "I'm fine Meeks. I just need to rest for a best. Not the first time I fucked myself up. If you remember, I did break my finger once with a fuckin hammer."

Oh there's random junk here, cans, some junk. A couple of bags shoved in a corner. In one of the drawers, she'll find some clothes, debatable if any of it'll fit either one of them. No food or drink, obviously, any of that will of spoiled away decades ago. And it is getting darker out. Not because of the time of day, but more because the storm is just that bad. The camper and truck rock a bit under the strong wind, but seems solid enough in it's foundation that it's not going to topple over, even with them in it.

"Or they just suck at seeing anything. Which would explain why we're still going out to do our own hunting and scouting," Mika calls back to him as she digs around in the cabin. The clothes are grabbed onto like a lifeline and she moves back towards him. Making sure that he lies back, she makes a decent pile out of the clothes and nods for him to set his foot on top. "It'll keep the swelling down or some shit like that. Now you just stay here, let me see what I can find." And she goes back to start poking into other things in the cmaper. The cans she sets aside on one of the counters. The junk is picked through for anything of use. The bags get pulled over for the same treatment, though the bags themselves are a treat. Once that's done, she takes the least rusted out cans and opens the back door once more, holding onto the handle tightly while sticking the cans, one at a time, out into the rain. Letting it fill the cans with water. When all of them are largely filled, she wrestles the door back shut and carries one of them over to Cole. "Here… I've got some nuts and berries that I keep with me at all times. We can eat that if we need to."

Oh one of the bags is certainly heavy than the others, jingling with the promise of something metal inside them. Maybe she'll want to open them together, like their some kind of prizes that they can discover together. Either way, one of the bags contains an emergency toolkit: filled with a couple of wrenches, a socket wrench with a row with a couple of sockets still affixed, some screwdrivers, both flathead and Phillips head, a tire pressure gauge, a reflective road triangle, a glass hammer, and the best prize…/duct tape/. The other bag holds more mundane things, a /very/ old bottle of whiskey about a quarter full, an old grease-stained bandanna, a hair brush, some hairpins, and half-eaten Snickers bar(probably don't want to eat that).

As for Cole, he lets her put the bundle of clothes under his leg, causing him to wince again. The bags get his attention. "Watcha got there, Meeks?" he peers at all the digging she's doing, since he can't exactly do a whole lot of things right now beyond wince and look kinda pathetic. "So…so much for sex inthe woods, eh? Y'know, that was kinda my intention today. Instead….well…all things considered this isn't so bad. I mean, we found something nobody else has. Kinda fuckin exciting, if you ask me."

The bag with the tools in it causes her to smile broadly, hefting the bag up onto her shoulder and carrying it over to the bed. Grinning at him, she sets it on the bed and steps back, "This is for you, sweetie. Have fun." She watches him to see his expression when he goes through the bag, though his comments do catch her with a smile. "We can still get around to the sex… but you have to let me be on top and do all the work. Take your mind off your ankle for a bit." She winks and goes back to the other bag, pulling out the bottle of whiskey and opening it to take a sniff. "Whoa, holy fuck… that's.. that's fucking potent." Her eyes water as she quickly caps it again, sticking it back in the bag. The Snickers bar gets the most scrutiny, however. She picks it up, looks at it this way and that, then looks at Cole, "Was this food way back when? It feels more like a brick."

Cole blinks, looking as the bag is placed infront of him. "Aw for me? Well, shucks, Meeks, you shouldn't have." he notes, pressing his back to the back of the wall where the bed popped out to get a better look at what she's set next to him look at. And sure enough, even in the dim light, his eyes get as big as saucers picking out the feeling of shapes he knows all-too well. "Holy….fuck…" he breathes. "Wrenches…a motherfuckin socket wrench..oh my god oh my god…./holy shit oh my god titty sprinkles/…DUCT TAPE." he lifts up the half-used roll, beaming at her. "You know how /valuable/ this shit is? I've /read/ about this stuff. It fixes /everything/. Oh, this is the best shit ever, this is worth it's weight in fuckin /gold/, babe. Holy fuck holy fuck." Yeah, he's that excited by finding something like duct tape. The pressure gauge and glass hammer are looked with curiosity, not really knowing much about them, but he'll probably find a use for them. A glance at the whiskey. "Man, party tonight for you an me, Meeks." at the appearance of the liqour. She gets a shrug at what's left of the candy bar. "Maybe? Looks like you could kill a man by throwing the damn thing at their head." Now that his eyes have adjusted, he takes a better look around. "No light. Shame there's no candles or anything. Sure as hell can't build a fire in here." A sip of the water is taking, sighing. "So, this is where you say thank you for me dragging your ass out here. Wouldn't of found it otherwise. Or someone else did, and they'd get the fuckin spoils."

Mika gives Cole one of those bland, 'that's nice, dear' looks when he raves about titty sprinkles and duct tape. Grabbing up the bottle of whiskey, she drops the fossilized candy bar on the counter and moves towards him. She carefully pulls the bag of tools away from him, though she lets him hold onto the duct tape, setting it on the floor of the camper. Crawling onto the bed with him, she curls up along his non-injured side and nudges his hand with the whiskey bottle, "I will, when you say thank you for me being there to spot this place, -and- the storm."

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