Day 017: Ramifications Of Law
Summary: Cole storms out of the camp, with Layla following, and eventually run into Kai. Discussions of the new 'law' in camp and fallen Exodus ship follow.
Date: 30 May 2016
Related: Death of Mags stuff. New law in camp stuff.
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Asphalt and Cedar Grove
As the forests spread east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the thick hardwood forests become more temperate and filled with evergreens. This particular region of the forest is primarily cedars and firs. Once, this may have been the area of a major interchange between highways, but it is now filled with tall, thick cedars. Heavy chunks of asphalt lay sporadically throughout the grove, including several cement barriers and naked rebar. The corpse of an old rusted sedan is completely impaled by a juvenile cedar tree with the trunk growing out of the center console.
Day 17

Mags got stabbed. And Kai? Suddenly felt sick. And booked it. Still carrying a blanket wrapped rifle as she ran from the camp, tripped, threw up, and wandered off into the tree's just in time to be startled by what, at first, seemed an awful lot like the world was ending. Fire. Crashing. Noise. Apocalypse. And not really planning or deciding intentionally what she's going to do, the lean girl starts stumbling in the direction of the fireball amongst the tree's and asphalt, totally oblivious as to what exactly she's doing or little things like it being a really dumb idea to try and do that without supplies or backup or anything else.

Cole is out here just to get away. The man is walking a bee-line for the nearest spot that he knows he'll be safe. The old RV he found when he frist got here(it's a secret to everyon). He wasn't thinking, he just had to get away from that place. Too much toxicity, too much hate, too much blind justification in what they were doing was the right choice. Now there's blood on people's hands. Maybe not his as he didn't vote, but that doesn't change anything. He's done with the camp, done with everything. He'll hide out until the Ark arrives than rejoin something that borders on civilization. But he stops short, seeing a figure not too far away. "Fuckin…" he stammers, almost not noticing her. "Kai?"

The third blind mouse in this little party was Layla; she had left the sham of the execution in order to pursue Cole. What with him tearing off his bracelet and bleeding and all that. But he's a bit taller, walking a bit faster, and Layla found herself lagging behind. Thankfully, Kai happened to be, well, in the way. As in, the same vicinity, not in the way, and it gave Layla the time she needed to catch up. Her voice can be heard from not too far away, "Everything ok-" But then the sky is falling or some shit, drowning out her voice. She presses her hands up to her ears until the awfulness passes.

Kai at least slowly turns her head Cole's way at the sound of her name, for all that the ex-C just looks.. blank, lost,"The.. ship?" she's not sure what it was, really, and with the sound of footsteps coming up behind them twists her head Layla's way with a slow blink as her brain endeavors to reboot and she chooses to just squat where she is for the moment with that blanket-wrapped rifle clutched to her,"What the hell was that?" she asks of the pair of them, as if somehow they will have a better clue than she was,"Was it the Ark? Holy fuck did those idiots bring down the whole goddamn thing?"

Cole's attention is draw away too, stepping forward near Kai, putting a hand over his brow to look at what's falling from the sky. "No…too fuckin small to the Ark." he states after looking at it. He's a mechanic, he would know this kind of stuff. "Atmo wouldn't burn up that much on re-entry. That…" he takes a closer look. "Can't tell from the look of it. But if I had to fuckin take a shot in the goddamn dark, it's the Exodus ship and fuckin hell…no retro burners. No parachute." He drops his hand down. "They're all fucked. They're already dead, the impact will-" he's cut off as the damn thing explodes on impact. "Fuck. Holy fuckin shit. How many more fuckin people have to die today? We gonna catch a goddamn fuckin break?"

Layla didn't have the heart to bring up Cole's own words, that you lose more often than you win. She squinted against the glare, and the brilliant light reflected off the million million droplets of rain. Then she shook her head. "Look," she began, but then her mouth clamped shut. She didn't have anything to say that would make this situation any less shit. "We can't help what's happened over there," Layla does finally manage to breathe out.

Kai just shakes her head slowly, flinching and throwing up a hand as the damn thing explodes and staggering back to her feet,"Can't help any of it." she mutters, drawn from the couple of steps she takes to stagger off in that direction anyways before she shakes herself again,"Everything's fucked." she declares, eyes flitting to Cole's bleeding wrist. She's still got her bracelet on, and it thus takes her a few long moments to try and piece things together,"I know you didn't want her to die.. but what she did was bullshit." a pause,"But that.." the way she looks back towards camp with dull eyes,"/that/ was also bullshit. I should have just fucking knifed her last night and been done with it."

"I'm not arguing that, Kai." Cole returns. The blood has begun starting to dry. Reallyit was two small needle holes in his arm, hes not concerned with it. "She was guilty, she deserved to be punished for what she did. But what I question is the people up all these fuckin rules suddenly on the fly like they have some goddamn authority to create laws. And they set a really dangerous precedent for it. It's a slipperly slope. Slippery with blood. They say that not all crimes will be resolved the same, but are we just supposed to take their fuckin word on that? I don't. And once you kill one person for something, what's stopping you from doing so to someone else you find guilty? Or just don't fuckin like? It's dangerous. Besides that, if we got these people making up all these laws, on the fuckin fly I might add, who watches the watchers? Where's some damn checks and balances? No, this is shit is too goddamn shady and we're basing a lot of shit on anger and emotion." he explains tersely. "Nevermind that, killing Mags out in public like that? That'll give the Ark Rebels the justification they'll need to start hurting other people. Her death, in their eyes, shows them they'll receive nothing but the same treatment. And that camp is going to turn into a bloodbath. Evie won't be the last to die for something like that and Mags won't be the last one punished like that. It's not the Grounders we have to worry about killing us. It's /oursevles/. And I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be a fuckin apart of it. I already got I'm going to hide out, wait for the Ark to come down. Because that'll be their only option if they want to get down here at this point. They're going to have to bring the whole goddamn thing out of the sky. And when they get here, that's where I'm going." A look over at Layla. "The RV. I'll be at the RV. It's the safest place that isn't the camp. Shelter and some defense. Glad I found the fuckin thing weeks back. Figured it'd have a use. But I'm not going to wait around to be shanked by some damn Ark Rebel just because I don't fuckin agree with their idea of freedom and anarchy."

"Elias did the right thing," Layla puts forth. "Whoever thought hanging her from the nearest tree was a good idea is a closet sadist." She quiets for Cole's outburst, which Layla has discussed with him at length before. "So we got ourselves a new holiday, Bullshit Day." Maybe it ought to extend to the entire week! "But you hiding out in your place Cole, or you coming out here to stumble about in the woods, Kai, one thing is for certain - the lemurs back at camp saw the same thing we just saw, and they're all going to clamor to go see it for themselves." Her lips purse. "And, in this, they're going to be right. Whether or not you think there's any survivors." Her tone isn't argumentative, merely thoughtful. And, without a doubt, weary. Suggesting that, perhaps, Layla didn't really think anybody survived, either.

"We've already had crime." Kai points out dully,"Beatings. Theft. So much that people would have already been floated for.. but at least.. at /least/ despite it all.. all the fucking murderers and the goddamn violent offenders," seemingly right that second ignoring the fact that she was Boxed for assault herself,"we weren't killing each other. Until fucking /Lin/ and whoever the hell he's working with put it in her head that it was a good idea. That killing one of us is the one thing that wont be put up with, no matter how much people hate one another.. that was important. But that? That wasn't that." at least in her opinion, shaking her head before she nods in agreement with his words about the Ark Rebels,"I wont go back." despite the bracelet still on her,"But that doesn't mean I want them dead either."

There's a grimace on her face as Layla utters Elias' name,"Fucking Eli." up her head comes in a shake as she shores up her resolve,"He shouldn't have had to. Fuck." there's a sigh from her, and a frown of objection,"I wasn't.." yeh she was, and that's probably why she shuts up,"She's right." there's a nod for Layla as her gaze settles on Cole,"But you. You do tech. You know who has been in there. Calling home. Who else they might have targeted. That shit was ugly, but it's going to get uglier if we just hide."

"I don't keep a goddamn log of who uses the comm system is that's what you're fuckin asking, mostly because I never fuckin expected someone from the flippin /Ark/ to try and sow dissent down here because they're busy up there running a fuckin bloody /coup/." Cole remarks. "The only way that I can think of figuring out who was talking to who is if I could contact the Ark again, and get their logs. Because they would've had logs of who talked to who. An right now, the Ark ain't sayin diddly-squat. But that's not the goddamn point, Kai." He paces for a minute. "Grey and Cameron who more or less decided themselves law-makers and arbitraitors. And they're making this shit up on the fly. What's to stop them from killing someone for assualt. Or theft? Or rape? Or anything they goddamn feel like. And never mind that, what if everyone starts /voting/ for death for any crime? WE can't close the door once it's been opened. And /that's/ what I'm afraid of. That our brand of 'justice', trouting someone out an killing them in front of everyone is just going to reduce us to fuckin animals." He shakes his head. "It's going to get ugly no matter what at this point. Right now, it's point of just trying to weather it out. Maybe the Rebels go do their own thing, maybe they stay and try to start picking us off one at a time because they don't like the rules that have been instilled." There's a look between them, and his shoulders slump. "Elias did the right thing, but he should've done without anyone seeing the fuckin spectacle of it. Or you Kai, had you been able to."

"No, he should not have," Layla says darkly. "The people who wanted this should have stained their hands with it. Not Elias. Not Natalie. And it's not right to lay that sort of stuff at his feet, Cole," Layla chastises lightly. "We don't know what sort of pressure they were under, or what was said to them before they were lead out there with Mags. It was a bad situation, and he did the best he could, I think." She was willing to go out on a limb for the guy, especially since he had gone out of his way to help her try to talk to Mags. Layla looked between the pair of them.

"Listen, I didn't get the chance to tell you before, either, but Mags said the name was to a Guard sergeant named either Lin or Wynn, and Kai here thought she recognized the name as well as his superior. The best I can do from that point is tell the other ex-Cadets, and you know that from there they're going to talk to the kids that spend the most time in the tech tent, if only to see if anybody remembers who was coming and going." She pushes hair from her face, and continues, "I'm not saying you to have to be there for that, but I couldn't not tell you, either."

"Damn." Kai utters for Cole's comment about not knowing who used the comms, worrying at her bottom lip with her teeth,"We're all making this shit up on the fly.. and you want to know what stops it from reaching that? People being willing to stand up. There's some shit I agree with them on. There's some shit I don't. But again, we've had crime. Just no-one has given enough of a fuck to do anything about it and has left it up to people to deal with themselves." including her,"Should have of. Didn't." that's on her, as far as she's concerned, clearly,"Not thought." she corrects dully for Layla,"The joys of being Captain Tyler fucking Adams daughter," given her reputation, the amount of sarcasm ladled on the sentence might just be surprising,"is that I know most of the guards.. knew. Whatever. Him and Sparks have been partners for years and worked Mecha. He didn't plan this. Not by himself. Neither would my father, not that half of them would listen or care anyways.. I was already accused of being in on it with her."

"Kai, I can't fight against Grey or Cameron. Their /intention/ I agree with, the thought behind it. But I just don't think they're going about it the right fuckin way. They're trying to make a goddamn democracy when none of us have every lived in one. They put it to a vote because they don't want to be what the Ark was. And somehow, I feel like they're going in that fuckin direction anyways. We've all been conditioned that way because that's /all/ we know. Draconian law, draconian punishments, and I'm saying that from the point of view that Mags was guilty and she's been punished for it. Doesn't mean that apart of me doesn't feel sorry for her. Still, how they're doing this, that's what I worry about. And I feel like the harder they try to push at these laws, the more people will try to fuckin fight against it. Nobody in that camp wants a leader, nobody wants a peer to be in charge. Because we're fuckin teenagers. I don't know if there's a better solution. The point is, I don't want to stick around and wait before someone fuckin stabs me because they didn't like something I had to say. I'm fucking terrified of being there. I don't feel safe there. At all. I'm not an Ex-C. I'm a goddamn wrench monkey." Looking back at Layla, he shrugs. "It's something, but I don't know how it'll tie back to finding who else they talked to. Maybe if they had just talked to Ex-C's that could narrow down the search but…was Mags even an Ex-C? I don't even know. There had to of been reason why Mags was picked. A reason for it, something that suggested she'd be easily pliable. But can't just go rounding up people under nothing but suspicion. Then really would be everything the Ark Rebels suscpect the camp to be. And that'd be playing right into their hand."

Layla shrugs. "Before I left she wanted Elias to tell her parents she did what she thought was right. I don't know what Mags was on the Ark; I don't even know how old she actually was." Because Layla had overheard someone say she was just fifteen, but that didn't seem right…did it? "Anyway, she made a call, and it was interrupted. All I can think is that whomever it is up there that lead the coup, was screening the calls prior and knows from our rapsheets who they can pitch their schemes to." It made sense anyway. Looking back and forth from Kai to Cole, Layla crosses her arms to ward off the chill. "Wait, they accused you of working with Mags, Kai?"

"So how would you do it, Cole?" Kai demands of him,"And Mags was stupid. What she did was dumb. I feel sorry that she was that stupid.. but I don't feel sorry for her because she chose to kill someone just for the hell of it. And you know.. when I got here.. the lot of you could have gone and floated yourselves and I probably wouldn't have cared. Easier that way. But up until yesterday I was actually beginning to think that you know, maybe everyone's not so bad after all.. like for a camp full of fuck-ups shit wasn't actually so bad, and then that shit happened." there's a slow breath from the Captain's daughter, a tired noise though she loosens her grip somewhat on the rifle,"The ex-C's plan on teaching some people to shoot. So that if shit goes to hell that at least we can defend ourselves. I can teach you how to. And no, she wasn't. At least, not that I knew. If it was me.. I would be looking for people with a violent history and something to lose up there. Someone who had run-in's with them before they got done so they know what to leverage. People that Lin and Sparks would have met through their patrols, most likely, which puts Mecha front and center, too." there's a nod for Layla's own assessment, and the ghost of a smile,"Guard did it. Mags tried to claim Kane did it, even. Of course Captain Tyler Adams is involved, and that means I am too, right? And that's why I didn't knife her, in the end, because then someone could say I was trying to shut her up so she couldn't turn me in."

"I don't know. That's not a decision I want, because I don't believe I have the goddamn right to create laws and rules for people. And even if I /did/, I wouldn't do it just at the drop of a hat. That trial was a shame, we all knew the outcome the moment we saw those scratches on her neck. The crowd wanted blood, they fuckin got it. Now they can live with it. The terrifying part though? Some may of felt fuckin /nothing/ about it. Just another body. Meat. It's dehumanizing an that fuckin scares me. Yeah, Mags was stupid and in the end she probably got what ws coming to her." He just shakes his head. "I don't have the answer, but I don't fuckin claim to either. I just want people to /think/ about what they're suggesting. What they're /doing/. The reprecussions of it. Is this right move? Or is this the only move?"

Looking back at Layla, he seems unsure. "So pretty much what we're dealing is the fuckin fact that we got a certain number of people that want to kill us until everyone who's loyal to the Ark is dead or we all toss our hands in with anarchy? What a great fuckin choice." Another look back at Kai. "Again, I don't know how I would do, but I'm not saying that I do. I'm only saying what I see. I just don't know if I can go fuckin back to that. Not when I can only count the people I honestly trust on one fuckin hand."

"This gets more convoluted by the minute," Layla says, putting a hand to her forehead. "Man, I'm sorry that sort of things gets thrown at your feet." Up until now, Layla hadn't shared more than what, two words with Kai? There wasn't much of a thought for her. There wasn't much of a thought for anybody in the Box, because it wasn't easier that way. Just like it seemed easier to just walk away from the camp and into the green. Layla had never made any great claim to bravery, that was for sure.

At Cole's mention of those who may have felt nothing at Mags' death, Layla averts her eyes. Suddenly the ground is very interesting. Mm, wet dirt. Worm smell. Soggy leaves. It's not until he poses the choice between loyalty to the Ark or the rebels that she tries looking up again. Is there a shadow of guilt flitting across those otherwise stoic features? "Think about it, we're nearly a hundred unruly individuals. What's the easier thing to do? Waste their own manpower trying to wrangle us together, control us, and kill us? Or get us to destroy ourselves with minimal effort on their part?" She shrugged helplessly. Just another person without any answers.

"'s not a decision I want either. But look where not making decisions has gotten us." Kai notes drily for Cole,"And I'm the one they called to testify, remember? It was when they asked me to specify if she did it that I realized the whole thing was just fucked. They want leadership. They want people they can trust, but really.. most of us can't trust anyone." she looks in the direction of camp again, bleakly,"I don't want to go back. But I'm going to." a decision only slowly come to, and acknowledges with a sigh before she quirks her lips at Layla,"Been that way all my life. Earned it, too. A few times." and then she's talking about it being easier to just get them to destroy themselves and there's a point in her general direction with her wrapped package to acknowledge it before she pauses,"This.. isn't good to be out here. Do you get those Grounders coming by your RV, Cole? If not.. let's start with leaving this rifle in your place. I'll tell them I lost it."

Cole gives Kai a look. A very long look at her. He's debating something internally. The more people know about this secret hiding place of his, the easier it'll be for people to find it. So far only two do, and one has left for parts unknown. A look he gives to Layla perhaps she can tell just what he's thinking on the matter. "The Grounders haven't found my RV." he finally says. "It's sort of out of the way, but nearby here. Look Kai, I don't know exactly know you all that well…but…" his lips thin out. It's a matter of trust with him, and he just don't know the Ex-C well enough to instill that kind of trust. But what other choice does he have at the moment. "If people figure out where this place is, I'll know and there's a point to know letting a lot of people know because I don't want people snooping around the place that's not the camp where it's somewhat safe." Yeah, not a huge threat by the mechanic towards a cadet, but it is his hidey hole. "C'mon, it's this way." And he's suddenly veering off the beaten path.

"Well, that's no surprise, we're all pretty damaged societal failures with no small measure of animosity or distrust for authority figures," Layla remarks dryly when Kai speaks of the trouble with leadership. So, aside from just being teenagers, who aren't known for their stellar decision making skills, they had that going for them. No wonder it was all going to Hell in a hand basket! Her attention visibly perks up when Kai offers to 'lose' her rifle at Cole's place.

"I'll back you," she says to Kai. "Say I came out here, only to find you on your own, didn't think to ask about any rifle." When Cole casts that look her way, Layla can only offer him one of her own, as if to say: you have to feel okay with this. Then, when he starts off, she says, "Do you even know how to use one? She'll have to at least give you some pointers." Layla casts a backwards glance to Kai as she starts to follow Cole. And another look that's meant to convey a thought! This one a simple thanks, because Layla really felt like what Cole needed was the chance to do something for himself, so he wouldn't feel quite so helpless.

Kai gives a slight nod of her head,"Letting people know where it is sort of defeats the purpose of hiding a rifle there, yeh?" she notes drily with a glance at Layla, stirring to them before she nods for the other girl,"Say you found me wandering. IT's not.. that far off.. and no doubt they'll give me hell about losing it.. but I don't care. Right now I'm going to take the risk of believing it's safer to have it out here with you than in camp. And it's not like I can't grab another one anyways. Just don't let the Grounders see it.. because from what I've heard they will lose their shit about it."

It's clear that Cole considers showing Kai his little 'home away from home' to be a big risk, even if he nods at her words. "I'm not saying this is a place where allthe people who're afraid of what the camp might turn into can go to, but it is a staging area for people I consider friends, or at the very least, allies to go when they feel the heat getting too fuckin hot in camp." He leads them through the woods, deeper and they walk for some time until they wind up in an open field. There's still some semblence of the paved road, or what's left of it and in the distance, even with nightfall approaching can see the metal roof glinting off the moonlight now that the clouds are clearing up. Sitting ther, sheilded by the rockface of a hillside is an old RV. Or more like a pickup truck with one of thos campers that sits in the bed of it. There's been a crude fence built here. So this must be where Cole goes when he wants to be alone to work on the place. There's a fire ring, a pile of branches used for firewood but not much else. Scrap metal, larger peices of wood he hasn't found a use for yet. "Nobody comes out here from what I've noticed and I've spent a days here at a time. "I have a place I can hide the rifle. As they near it looks pretty undisturbed. "There's not much here, but the two of you are welcome to it."

Layla follows along, grateful to just be moving after having been soaked in the rain during the execution. She generally just looks miserable, because now, not only is she still largely dirty, gaunt with hunger, and paranoid about what may or may not actually be happening in the camp, she's sodden and chilled, too. Isn't life fucking wonderful?

"I think the RV should be fine as long as the camp at large isn't paying you too much attention," Layla says to Cole. "And if it's Grounders that come by, well, that'll be its own kind of trouble, I guess." She sniffs. "Just need to make sure you're smart about any fires you light, so some curious sort doesn't pick out the smoke." Yay, some earth skills studies, put to use.

"Not my circus Cole. It's your place. I'm not even going to come by unless it's an emergency or you're here." Kai grunts. She waits until they're there before she finally pares back the blanket from it to expose the rifle itself and does a quick rundown of it before reluctantly offering it out in Cole's direction,"I'm trusting you not to be dumb with it. Is what it boils down to. The others start hearing about someone else having one and they're going to start squinting pretty hard. But well.. if something happens and the one's in camp aren't available.. having one somewhere close by is at least a start. Yeh?" there's a pause before she looks at Layla,"Don't stand up for me. When I go back there. In fact, maybe best if people just assume shit as normal, really. If they don't know about this place, and they don't know that we're talking.. then they don't know where to look or who to be suspicious of, yeh?"

"My rules are pretty simple, Kai. Don't do stupid shit that'll get someone else hurt or worse. Golden Rule type shit. Do unto others as you would do unto you. That's it Works pretty well for a small group of people who get each other." Cole remarks lightly opening the door to the back of the RV in case any of them want to go inside. But taking the rifle he looks down at it. He almost seems to feel the weight of weapon. "Ain't going to find shit where I put this thing." Getting on his hands and knees, he crawls under the truck. There's the sound of old metal screching about. Then a pause. More scraping. Then finally a hollow 'thud'. Crawling back out, he points at the underside of the truk. "It's wrapped and I put it in the gas tank. No one will be able to find it unless they know where to fuckin look. I ain't gonna mess with it unless somebody is out to fuckin stab me. Like Asher." A shrug at Layla. "I've had fires out here. If there's Grounders out in this area they either don't care or haven't noticed. And I only burn dry wood that won't smoke. Wet stuff will." Going back to Kai, he nods. "I'm going to spend a day or two out here. Collect….collect my thoughts. Figure shit out. Maybe let shit die down in the camp. Figure two days ought level shit out in camp a little. Enough to go back in there without everyone being all tense an shit. And both of you are welcome stay out here with me, but I get if you both want to go back."

Layla didn't think stuffing it in the gas tank was going to be all that helpful if someone was there to stab him to death, but wasn't going to argue about it. At his invitation, Layla squints up at the sky, hands going to her hips, before casting the same squinted gaze in the direction of the camp. "After I check out your wrist, I'm going to head back for a time." For reasons she didn't elaborate on, but then, Layla rarely ever did. And there'd be no choice in the matter of the wrist, whether or not Cole thought it was a big deal. Some things just aren't debatable.

"And I hear you, Kai. I think it's a raw deal, but I can't fault your logic, either." Logic was a cold mother fucker, that was for sure.

Kai grunts,"Easy rule." she agree's with a dip of her head, watching him put it away before she shakes it at the offer of staying put,"I'm going to head back, too. I want to check on Eli." she pauses,"'s my fault he's down here. For the record. That's all that is. I'm the one that got him Boxed. His shit doesn't seem so bad now." maybe it is. Maybe she's lying to herself, does it matter? The lean ex-C runs her hands over her hair,"Generally they don't complain, when I volunteer to watch.. none of them want to do it. Might help keep things calm." she doesn't hold out much hope, but still,"And thanks. I.. when it crashed.. I thought that was it. The whole thing.. everyone, gone. If you hadn't called out.." well, she would have probably wandered off and died stupidly.

"Offer is still there, for what it's worth. I'm probably going to go back into camp, grab some things, probably grab Jael since she seems to be just as much out of fuckin sorts as me an stay here for a few days. If anyone asks where I am, an I doubt anybody really fuckin will, just say I'm around but I don't want to be fuckin bothered by the camp's bullshit." Cole replies gruffly, taking in her reasonsing for…a lot of things. "Look, Kai. Didn't give you a fair fuckin shake at first. Just thought you were a bitch trying to prove herself. Maybe I was fuckin wrong, but my ego ain't so huge that I can't say that to you personally." A shrug about the dropship. "No reason to lie about that. But just…something's wrong with that. I don't like how it landed. Something ain't sitting right with me on that. If you go out there, hell, /I/ might go out there. But if you do just…do not let anyone touch the hydrazine. At all." That last point is deadly serious. "And if you see anyone messing with the fuel tanks, beat the…" he stops dead in his tracks, a horrified look coming over his face.

Kai gives a nod of her head,"Thanks." there's a shrug of her shoulder for his apology,"I stopped caring what people assumed of me when they stuck me in the Box, Cole. That doesn't mean that sometimes what I do or say aint bullshit, because it is. Half the time it's about convincing them you're too much trouble to bother fucking with." not like she has to tell him that, the ghost of a smile chasing across her face again as she shoves her hands in her pocket with a nod,"I'll see what camp is like, yeh, and I'll keep them away from the hydraz.." his pause makes her pause, tilting her head before her gaze sweeps back over the area with a cadet's trained paranoia.

"The /hydrazine/, Kai." Cole states, wide-eyed, as if the techie had just stumbled on something compeltely by accident. "You understand how many metric /tons/ of hydrazine is int he dropship?" he starts, waving his hand. "Okay. Kai. Imagine me as a muderous asshole. A complete villian. Under orders by someone on the Ark to kill Ark Loyalists. If you wanted to make the biggest statement possible, or simply wipe the playing field of opposing force, the fuck do you do? You try to take them all the fuck out at once. Take your friends, or anyone who agrees with you. All you need is one electrical spark large enough against a fuel take. Set a timer, get the fuck out with your buddies while everyone else is competely unaware." He makes an explosion motion with both hands. "It's something I could do with easy with parts already in the dropship. And if I can do it, there's a good fuckin chance somebody else does to. /Nobody/ can fuckin /touch/ that shit. You see anyone looking at the floor hatch first floor the wrong, you beat them within an ich of their fuckin life." There's a particular tone Cole uses that not heard often. A 'This is Very Bad' sorta tone.

"Fuck." Kai utters with a sigh,"You know.. sometimes? I think the Grounders have the right of it." though there's an acknowledging nod of her head,"I better go and start trying to get into whatever team they've got going out to look then. Be careful, Cole. Alright?" she doesn't ask for more details. They touch this.. beat them. Simple enough for an ex-C at least.

Cole suddenly looks and feels guilty about staying behind. As if he's now questioning if this is the right thing to do. Especially with the knowledge that he has. "Yeah. Do that. I may even go myself but…" There's an inner struggle there between he believes and what is right now, and the two moral obligations are struggling with him. "Yeah…alright. Yeah, you too Kai." Now suddenly, he has a lot more to worry about.

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