Day 030: Reaper Repair
Summary: Kai and Wren get home from Don't Fear the Reaper and Silver does some repair.
Date: 28th June 2016
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Wren's home — Guest Village, Tondc
The building that Wren and his family are staying in at Tondc
Day 030

The party that left for Coesbur returned the next morning. Wren did make a point to tell Silver he and Kai wouldn't be back for at least a day or so. So no need to panic. Once he has the horses stowed away, he heads for the family guesthouse they've all been staying in. Peake, being stern and stoic mother that she is, had given Kai and Silver a room to share with Starling. So at least the girls can have some privacy. But he's guiding his Second towards the building. "Next time, try to /not/ block a sword with your arm unless you're looking to lose it." he says loosely, patting her on the good shoulder. "It'll just make my job harder."

Silver isn't much of one for panic. Panic's just not very productive. The bigger issue, at this point, is finding a way to make herself useful while she's here, especially given her relatively limited skill set. The medtech's desperate enough to be useful that she's actually submitted herself to Peake's oversight, helping peel vegetables for dinner without complaint.

"Wasn't intentional, Wren." Kai can't help but utter drily,"For what it's worth, it hurt enough that I'm not real keen to try it a second time.. but I've learnt from the others that sometimes it's just best you let the doctor unwrap it, because sometimes it's only all the bits tied together that stop it from getting bad fast. I.. definitely need to borrow a horse though, until I can work out how to ride properly." there's a shake of her head,"Because I hurt in places I didn't know were places."

"You haven't even begun training yet. You don't know what sore is yet." Wren promises to Kai, stepping inside. "We're back." he calls. For the moment, it's just Peake, Silver, and the little Rain, who's off doing what little girls likely do(whatever that is). "Silver, Kai is in need of your skills." he states, shrugging off his axe and setting it against the wall, next to the door. Which is where Peake's bow also hangs.

"Go." Peake is well aware of Silver's skills, so hearing someone is injured, she knows where the medtech's priorities lay. Maybe all that time with a scapel has made her good peeling vegtables. She may to be stoic and strict, but the woman is at least not without mercy.

"Already?" Silver calls back to Wren, giving Peake a small smile and setting the knife carefully aside before she stands up, wiping her hands off on the way. "What'd you guys get into?" she asks as she steps through the doorway, already looking for the source of the injury.

"I'm pretty sure I do, Wren. Just that the sore I'm used to isn't the same thing." Kai grunts, not adding her own call-out, for all that she slips off the sword to set it aside and works on shrugging out of her armor as best she can. Really, that one-white shirt of hers should just be burned. The rifle grease, mud and sweat that has been ground to it is not going to be dislodged by hand in any century, and now the right, navy, sleeve is turning slowly crimson, the padded archers glove left strapped on for the moment. It didn't do much to stop the blade from passing through the foam, jarring against the plastic and carving a deep line into the flesh below, but at least it being strapped on holds together the wound well enough for the moment,"Guy with a sword decided my gloves are so last season." the ex-C drawls with all the amusement she can invest in it, offering out the injured limb to let her assess.

"Reapers on our scouting trip back to Coesbur." Wren explains for Silver quickly, pointing out the bench at the longtable for Kai to sit at and getting out of the way for Silver to do her medic thing. "Kai finally blooded the worst of our enemies that are not the Mountain. She did well." he says, going to sit on the bench at the other side of the table.

There's a snort from the kitchen. "Try not to bleed on my table too much." Peake remarks, as if this kind of thing isn't all new to her. Likely she's pulled out her share of arrows out of her body in her earlier years. Shortly after, he returns with an assort of bowl with hot water, a rage, some catgut string and a bone needle in case Silver should require them. No, this isn't a new at all.

"She tried catching a sword with her arm." Wren clarifies, grinning his face. "Not the best way, but…we'll work that out of her."

"Who did you run into who had swords?" Silver starts to ask, just as Wren clarifies. "Huh. That's interesting. So they retain enough intelligence to use tools?" She should probably be more sensitive about the Reaper issue, but it's a problem, which means it's intrinsically fascinating, and poking at it may be less than polite, but it's the only way to get answers.

"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you," she murmurs politely when Peake drops off the supplies, settling on the edge of the table to get a look at Kai. Wren still gets a sidelong look, though. "What about you?"

Kai sits where she's told to, calling out to Peake,"Yes ma'am." automatically,"Yes. And one of them was smart enough to try and run. Too late, but he tried." she turns her wrist up carefully with a grimace to expose the straps for the glove. Someone might have tried to make a filet out of her arm, and really, having left the armor on was probably for the best in terms of keeping all the parts where they belonged.

Peake has other things to do, but she's around, perhaps watching in her peripheral vision. But there's dinner to make and Velt to harp at. Which, their father has been a bit more warmer. But he's usually busy working and isn't seen all that much.

"They're animals, but they have some semblence of their minds before they became…whatever they are now. Or how they were turned into what they are preserved some bit of intelligence. No one really knows." When Silver asks how he's faring, he shakes his head. "I was scouting another part of the village's perimeter when they were attacked. By the time I got back, the fighting was over." Beat. "But, you can put your hands all over me if you need to check."

"I can still hear you, young man."

Wren sighs. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, mother."

Silver snorts softly at Wren, smirking over at him before she starts to undo the bracer on Kai's arm. "Well, your arm is still attached, so that's promising," she says lightly. "Hopefully whatever turns them isn't viral or something they put on their blades, or this could get awkward." As she starts to clean the wound, she looks to Kai's hand. "Do me a favor, wiggle your fingers for me? One finger at a time, just to make sure it didn't cut any important tendons."

Kai can't help the look that she gives Wren like 'GAH really?', but she also doesn't need to understand the words to smirk at the exchange between Wren and his mother, only to hiss when Silver loosens the straps because, well, it does hurt,"Man, finally a use for Unity Juice, and the still's not here." she's trying hard, the dry amusement clearly an effort to try and distract and deflect from Silver working on the wound. The little finger end of the hand is not super happy about her wriggling it, but it moves at least,"I kept testing it while we were there, cos if the rest of them attacked I couldn't afford to lose my grip." she utters with a glance at Wren,"But. yeh.. that side.. hurts.. more."

"What? It's not like she…" Wren starts, then looks at Silver, then back in the kitchen and suddenly he's deciding for the better. But he decides that talking about Reapers is actually a better idea than getting Silver or his mother's wrath for talking about…other things. "No, I've been bitten by Reaper blades and nothing has happened. It is rare that any become sick or ill from contact with them." Then he lifts a brow back at Kai. "…Unity Juice? What…Unity Blood?" Sounds like she's trying to say a Trikru word, so he looks a little confused.

Silver nods as she watches Kai move, making sure everything works properly. "Good," she approves, taking a rag and dipping it into the water to start cleaning out the wound itself. "It's what they were calling the alcohol they were distilling at camp," she clarifies for Wren as she works. "Though really, I'd settle for clean water most times. One of the few things I miss about working on the Ark. At least things were mostly sterile."

"That." Kai agree's through her teeth for Silver's explanation,"I think sterility is a laughable concept down here, Silver.. radiation soaked forest, dirt and mud everywhere.. not to say it's not worthwhile trying for, but well, yeh. Not going to lie.. that fucking hurts." there's a brittle kind of laugh,"Boiling water is supposed to help, at least." she nods towards the stuff Peake brought,"Though right now.. yeh, pain killers would be nice."

As if on cue, Peake return, mashing something with a stone-carved motar and pestel. "Here." she puts it down on the table, naming off a few various plant names and roots mashed together in a paste. "Healer taught me that, long ago. Smear it on the wound. Prevents infection. Numbs a bit." There's a certain alone or eucalyptus scent to it. "You survived Reapers, girl. Take pride in that." A nod with that, before she sweeps back into the kitchen.

"Alcohol?" Wren blinks at the next word. Yes, there's plenty he doesn't still know. Words he doesn't understand but interested in knowing about. But boiling water, he knows that. "I know that healers only work with boiling water for healing. Boils out the…impurities?" he guesses at the last word, unsure if that's the right word for it.

"I'm sure there's some sort of-" And before Silver can postulate on natural remedies, there Peake is with them. "Like those," she smiles faintly. "I really need to find a healer here who I can study with," she admits, shaking her head. "To learn about how drugs are made here, what you use when you don't have the tech we had on the Ark. "And impurities is a good word," she adds absently to Wren. After that, though, her attention is on her work, cleaning and stitching Kai's arm.

Kai's.. well, as quiet as she can be for being stitched up, giving Peake a grateful kind of smile, but finally it's done and she can sit there and nurse that awesome luxury of a cup of water, resting her elbows on the table and content to linger after food and people have moved on, enjoying the relative quiet.

"Don't mind her, she's…" Wren looks back towards the kitchen. "always been like that. Known her my entire life and I'm still never quite sure where she stands with her own children." he remarks, eyeing her stitched wound over. "You're blooded now. Good. That can't be taken away from you. You've shed blood for the tribe. Others may respect you more for it." He lets that hang in the air for a moment, considering her. "Speaking of, what did Benning say to you?"

"I don't mind her." Kai grunts quietly, lifting her arm to look at it before setting it back down with a vague smile,"That'll make a difference? I was.. it's another one of those things that's a little odd, but reminds me of a biography I read long ago.. it was written by the wife of a man of great influence after a war between the same.. tribe." for lack of a better word,"And she recounted her husband regalling their guests with one of his war stories, a retreat under fire across a river and the ferocity with which the sides had battled.. and how one of their guests had stood up and exclaimed 'so it was you who was shooting at me!'.. and it just.. it's awkward, when right now most of the stories I have in common with the others basically involve us trying to kill each other." there's a shake of her head and a dry chuckle,"She said basically what you said.. and that she and Starling will help me learn the language.. because not going to lie.. it's frustrating as hell not to understand."

Oooh goody, war story time. Wren listens quietly while Kai regales the other history lesson, even if he has absolutely no context or little information, it's very interesting to him all the same. "I think it's the biggest difference between you and Silver." he finally says. "You acknowledge the discomfort, she doesn't. But you're both dealing with it in different ways. I think Silver believes if she doesn't acknowledge it or ignores it, it won't affect how people preceive her. You're aware of it. I don't know if one side is better than the other But yes, you bled for the Trikru, those there will remember that. You earned some respect from all of them. For starters they were actually talking to you and not ignoring you. They used English where they could've just talked over you. They did not." He splays his hands on the table. "A warrior's life is about honor. Honor for yourself and honor for your tribe. Honor for your family and for your lover. Self-respect. Self-worth."

"I stated to Britt and Hyatt that teaching you the ways of combat will come naturally to you, you will find that easier. What is harder is teaching you how to be comfortable in your own skin. And you sorely lack there. You doubt yourself. You look in a mirror and you dislike what you see. And that will be your greatest challenge. Not beating me in a spar, not killing Reapers, but believing in yourself. In your own confidence. I do not say this to criticize or say these are things we need to work on now, but they do exist. To be a warrior, you must know yourself. Until then, you will be your own worst enemy." The mention of what Benning said, he nods. "That will come with time, but I understand the frustration. Trust me, it is the same way before we're taught English."

Kai gives a small shrug of her shoulders,"She and I had different lives up there, Wren. I think I've got it easier in some respects because I know how to cope with people who don't like me." she gives one of her tight smiles, those bruises still ugly but hell, at least she can see out of that right eye,"Yeh.. I did notice that. But well, for me it's.." she purses her lips,"No, I suppose I can understand why they might not be certain that I would." she gives a slight shrug of her shoulders before dipping her head in acknowledgment,"Yeh, you know, I'm beginning to be able to pick out 'em', and I'm guessing that it's something like 'her'." she utters drily,"I know myself, Wren. Mostly. At least, I like to think I do. But I see your point. I don't.. think, or care? No, I suppose I do care, but.. other people's opinions about me have been negative so long I just try not to think about it."

"From my perspective, you seem to let a lot of things bother you. Or perhaps it bothers you if someone sees you with your guard down, the idea of feeling exposed, open to being hurt." Wren replies slowly. "Like being caught naked, perhaps." There's the idea that he means that both metaphorically and physically. "I have been watching you, it's what I'm supposed to do. Put a sword in your hand, point you at an enemy and that's your element. Training you in combat will be easy, there's already a groundwork for it. But a warrior I train must be strong in body, mind, and spirit. You are strong in one, but, from me, you seem to lack in the others. And you always point to 'up there' for how you are. And yes, I know, it is the only thing you know, the only example you have, but you and I both know that is no longer the case. It is time to stop pointing at your Sky City and claiming 'that is how it was there'. You are not there anymore, you do not /want/ to be there anymore. If you did, you would not be sitting here talking to me now. It is time for you to learn how things are here. Make no mistake, you /are/ learning." He pats the table with a hand. "Besides, what was the first thing I told you to always ask? Before a warrior can know a thing they must first ask…" he gestures at her, to finish the sentence.

"That's fair." Kai can't disagree with his words and shrugs her shoulders,"One truth doesn't erase another Wren. Up there is why I am the way I am, you ask the why, I'll tell you the why, but it doesn't mean I'm not.. trying to work out how to deal." she leans up a little as he pats the table, taking another sip from her cup before grunting,"Questions. But mostly I.. learn from watching." she shrugs her shoulders,"And yes, it bothers me. People will take advantage of your weaknesses, you know that even better than I do. Here, twice over.. because the stupid shit I do reflects on you. So I'm trying not to screw it up."

"The only ignorant question is the one not asked, Kai. There are not stupid questions, merely stupid people who refuse to ask them." Wren says leaning foward against the table. "Ignorance is not a failing, but only if you do not attempt to learn. In knowledge there is truth, power. To know why is to understand. Watching, observing is good, I do the same, but it will only take you so far? I still ask questions, even today. The wise man is the one who never stops asking 'why'." Licking his lips, he thinks. "Yes, who you are has been shaped and molded by your Sky City. But it does not define you. Here, in this place, with these people, you must become more than what you are now. You know this. I do not ask for change right away, nor would I force such a thing. But allowing us, our ways to shape this part of your path is important. In doing so, you will know us, and understand us. I say this because I care about you, Kai. I can see the person that you could be, it is up to you to walk the path to find her. As for me, well…" he smiles. "You did good yesterday. But do not let your worry for me take your focus away. That said, tomorrow. We will work on meditation. Finding your center, calming your anger."

"When the question is so big you don't know how to frame it, it is best to watch and learn until you understand what you want to ask." Kai opines,"I am trying to learn. I'm going to borrow one of the horses tomorrow if they'll let me. Practice riding. Go and see Eli. Please?" she asks, deflecting, maybe, at least temporarily before her brain circles back,"This place, and your people, are shaping my path, Wren. I.. know I don't process things in the same way as Silver, but that doesn't mean I'm not listening. When I say things it's because I recognize that it is simply.. the way things are. That what I know is useless here and I'm a child learning over again. I don't resent that.. I like this place, and you.. our people. I think if the Arkers understood this element of the Trikru that they'd get over themselves.. that marketplace? The baths? That garden? It's amazing. Your family.. it's overwhelming and yet it's.. it sort of makes me envious? That the things that feel like impossibilities to me are just the way things are here."

"Then you break it down into smaller ones. Ones you can ask and ones we can answer." Wren says, tone gentle. There's no attempt to lecture, perhaps there's just this idea that he is indeed a philospher of sorts, a man who would sit and ponder large worldly questions because they're things that need to be thought on. "I'm not going to compare you and Silver. You are night and day to each other. And I know you're listening, but sometimes, you learn a great deal about many things, including yourself if you speak them outloud. Hearing your own voice carry the words, it makes you confront certain truths. Question them. If I teach you nothing else, anything else, is that a person should learn throughout all their days. So I want you, flames, I /need/ you to ask me questions. I cannot gauge your learning if you don't." There's a nod at the end, speculating. "Eventually, Kai, there may be a place in this family for you. The same with Silver, but, yes, I will see you get horse, if not just borrowing Roach. I said you could see Elias and I will not break my word." At that, he rises. "Prepare your mind, your spirit. Later, we will discuss your heart. Clean up, get a nap in, we meditate in two hours time. At that, he sets a hand on her shoulder before he goes, comforting, perhaps protective. "You are a good woman, Kai. If you doubt anything else here in this place, do not doubt that I believe in you." Pulling his hand back, he goes to clean up and change clothes.

"Exercising. I watched Kiera. It didn't occur to me that you guys do sit ups and push ups just the same as we did.. well, not entirely, but the basic exercising principle is the same. Armoring. Tink.." the name can't help but hurt,"Tink wanted to learn how to make armor.. to learn from you guys.. and now? She's in the Mountain. And I know what you guys have said but I.. can't give up on them, and yet I don't feel like it's appropriate to talk about. It is.. difficult. I don't regret my choice Wren, but they are still my people too. Not the Arkers.. not Alpha, but those kids. We fought and bled and died together, too, for better or worse. And I don't want to piss off the Mountain.. I don't want them.. out there.. to think that maybe they can't trust me, but at the same time I just.. can't give them up. It bothers me, all the time, to think about what they might be going through.. are they still alive?" his words do bring a sigh of consideration,"You're right, of course. Though I'll have to be careful of the wound, being clean is.. pretty fucking nice, not going to lie. God the camp was rank."

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