Day 042: Reapers Under The Mountain
Summary: The scout team finds a series of tunnels under Mount Weather, Reapers, a secret, and… Lip.
Date: 10 July 2016
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Outside and under the Mountain
In poses
42 Days After Landing

It is late afternoon over Mount Weather. The sun is high in a crisp blue sky, and the clouds are lazy wisps like white cotton candy pulled thin. So far — besides a run in with the orange rolls of fog — it has been quiet in the forests around the Mountain. If there are Reapers in the woods, they have not come across them. Then again, they have not come across much at all — not a deer, not a rabbit, not even a songbird. The fog seems to keep this region of the forest mostly lacking of much animal life.

For the last hour, their journey closer to the Mountain has turned into steeper climbs, and the trees have gone from massive hemlocks to more slender alders and cedars. They have come across a variety of old remnants of life before the Apocalypse including an old ranger station that, to no one's surprise, has been stripped clean save for a massive taxidermied grizzly bear.

As they climb, the mountain gives way to more cliffs and naked stone, creating far more breaks in the canopy. They have had to move slower now, relying on the trees to give them cover while avoiding detection. So far, so good.

For a Skaigirl whose teacher is not himself known for stealth, seems that Kai actually isn't unfamiliar with sneaking through woods. Even if she's slower and a little more picky about the paths she transits simply to keep the chance of blowing it to a minimum. The Second watching their surrounds restlessly for sign of movement or impressions of door-like objects in the rock from her position somewhere behind and off to one side of Gideon.

Grey is very glad that he doesn't have a jar full of fog tucked into his makeshift messenger bag, or burns on his arm from trying to dip a jar into the fog. It would make climbing up the steep mountainside much more difficult. And it's hard enough already. He was in good shape before planetfall, and running around the woods kilometers at a time for the past month and a half has gotten him into even better shape, but climbing a mountain is something different entirely, even if they haven't had to go straight up yet. His breath comes rhythmically, kept as quiet as he can, his boots still crunching softly on stone here and there. He's actually trusting more to the others to watch for enemies, traps, or doors, keeping his attention on where he puts his feet. He knows that he's not as stealthy as most of the rest of the group, and he wants very badly not to screw this up for everyone else.

Every step closer to the Mountain bring a sense of trepidation to even Hyatt. The experienced veteran is wearing his leathers and warpaint to blend in as much as possible to the surrounding foliage and the towering of the trees. Hyatt experiences no small amount of trepidation as they grow closer and closer to their goal. He doesn't seem to have a terrible amount of difficulty negotiating the terrain, but he is also remaining especially cautious this close to Mount Weather. He's opted to stay walking a good ten or so meters behind Kai and Gideon, though his steps barely make a sound. There is a suspicious look back towards Grey (and his gun?) before his eyes turn once again forward so that his senses open up to the sounds, smells, and sights around them. He deigns to be entirely silent for the moment, not even signing to anyone. For the most part, the fighter-scout is content to follow for the time being and seems fairly calm in doing so despite some mild reservations about the mission.

Pontus was a bit disappointed that the bear did not fight back when they found it. Very odd. Still, sneaking through the woods was something he grew up doing, whether it was sneaking up on Kai's First to antagonize him or chasing (or sometimes running from) Thesda all over creation for the sport of it. As for the fog If Morgan wanted it he could go collect it. The jigsaw puzzle, as he'd been routinely dubbed, was in ripe form keeping noises off and communicating back to Hyatt and Gideon first anything he's found, or safer paths to traverse. Thankfully the'd shared a few basic signs with Grey to keep explanations down. As it turns out they were not necessarily too different in some respects as those taken up to the Ark being they had the same root source in origin. Used to keeping things busy while others took them down through the dodge-tank crept quietly, spear in hand for balance and just in case anything was stray about. He was kinda glad that they had dried foods for the trip in case they were stuck up here. He did not wnt to try to eat bark routinely hit up by the fog.

<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Good Success. (6 4 4 7 5 3 7 2 7)
<FS3> Hyatt rolls Alertness: Good Success. (7 5 4 7 6 6 2 4)
<FS3> Grey rolls Alertness: Success. (1 3 5 6 8 1)
<FS3> Pontus rolls Alertness: Good Success. (4 7 8 7 2 6 5)
<FS3> Gideon rolls Alertness: Success. (1 6 5 2 2 7)

Gideon kom Trikru is at the back of the group, moving behind to make sure nothing comes up behind them. She has a low, long stride with her bow out, arrow notched, but string not drawn taut. Her skin is darkened with ash, and her hair might as well be lacqured black based on the amount of oil she has streaked through it. She is careful to keep her fait balanced on the balls of her feet, tiptoeing through moss and grass and avoiding the crunch of sticks. She looks up to Pontus, offering a nod, and then she steps left, widening the silent advance… and then…

The trees begin to lessen, and the ground becomes a expanse of bare rock and little tuffs of grass. The peak of the mountain can barely be seen as they are quite literally on the mountain now, even if they are just at its base. The lack of birdsong continues to be unnerving, but there is a soft constant tinkling of water from a near by brook that helps eliminate the silence.

Kai, like her Trikru friends, is daubed with ash and oil, and has acquired a bow in addition to the sword from Wren. But as they approach the craggy portion of the mountain she pauses and crouches, indicating the tunnel entrance she spots in the stone with a barely contained thrill for the words above it. Really. She shouldn't smile right now, it's not a friendly expression, lips peeled back from her teeth and a thrum of elation singing through her veins, even if she does manage to keep it contained to that grin and the way she settles on the balls of her feet amongst the scraggly treeline.

Grey has no weapons out, no spears, no bows, no rifles. He carries only the collapsed shock baton at his right hip and his makeshift knife at his left. He also has no ash or oil, the benefits of his ancestry — and a concerted effort not to look Trikru if they're spotted. Might as well spread the blame if there is blame to be spread. As they reach the edge of the woods, he holds up a fist, the sign for 'stop,' then takes a minute or so to dig a… contraption out of his bag. He grimaces as he settles the headband around his temples and powers up the camera on the right side of his head. It looks silly, it throws off the weight of his head a little, but it could provide valuable information when they get back. If they get back. And so it is when they reach the wide opening, he points up to the sign reading 'AUTHORIZED CONSTRUCTION PERSONNEL ONLY - MOUNT WEATHER,' his lips peeling back from his teeth in triumph. He gives a little chirp of a whistle, then points again, just to make sure the others spotted it. And then he folds his hands into a triangle, 'Mountain' maybe? And then mimes drips of water coming from the sky, 'Rain?' Mountain Rain? There are no signs for 'Mount Weather' in whatever pidgin the two cultures have managed to come up with thus far.

Hyatt squints his eyes as they seem to be coming up on a craggier part of the mountain. Quietly, he observes the area until he catches sight of it. Holding up one fist, he signals a stop and moves both quickly and quietly as possible to catch up to Gideon and Kai before they venture forward any further. This is so that he can make sure that they see his raised fist as well. With a calm, steady hand he motions for the group to get down into concealment before pointing his index and middle fingers towards his eyes and then points to the tunnel that presumably travels under the Mountain. Observing for now seems to be the plan and he lowers himself into a crouched position so that he can basically duck-walk (though more gracefully) to a better vantage point to watch that tunnel for now. Once he's crept up to that vantage point, he waits in silence with his eyes locked on to that tunnel. Another motion is made with his hand then. Once more he points to his eyes and then makes a circular motion with a single finger. This break in attention is only brief, but he does make sure that his message is conveyed. He does nod to Grey in the course of that, but his attention seems mostly locked on to that entrance.

Pontus paused when they got to a barren stretch of the mountain. The ground changed and they were absolutely where they should not ever be. He crouched down and placed his fingers to the stone beneath their feet and took a moment to analyze where the sound was coming from. Against the rock sound bounced differently than in the wood where sounds ricocheted less. They would have to walk differently here. He was in the midst of sharing that they might be heard, ears everywhere (best case for hey there's an echo) he had) when he noticed the contraption. His eyes squint behind hood, face cloth, and oil. He relented to this, though wary, and nodded to Grey moving up to get a cautious, better look on the opening. Well that might be two ways under this thing.

Gideon catches sight of the cave, but nothing more about it. She looks at the others with a tilt of her head, nodding slightly. She then offers a snort at all the waving, gesturing, and miming, and she just points at the cave and then gives a thumbs up or thumbs down: Are we going in, or what?

It's a thumbs up from Kai at least. Granted, she can read the words, and the dip of her head in Grey's direction at least indicates that his attempt at conveying it was understood by her. Even if the strapping on of the camera can't help but make the teenager roll her eyes emphatically and shake her head just slightly. She's at least grateful no-one tried to talk her into that contraption.

While he stays aware of what people are doing around him, Hyatt still seems intent on quietly watching this entrance and…perhaps for as long as it takes. He remains still as a statue while Grey works on getting the camera set up, keeping his focus despite the danger on the mouth of that cave. He can make out a word or two from the sign, but he has a bit of trouble with the longer words. While he remains fixed on this, he holds up a single finger to motion for people to wait. The almost coal color of his eyes scans the area around the entrance to the mine.

Thesda can't read, but she is familiar with symbols. She's taken to waiting patiently, being a lookout for any possible approaches, and appears to be on call for any possible seemingly improbable climbing tasks. Like she do.

Grey shrugs a little helplessly and embarrassedly at Kai's eyeroll. He knows he looks stupid with the thing on. He feels stupid with the thing on. In response to Gideon's silent question, he gives an emphatic thumbs up. He points to himself, then to the tunnel. He's going, that much is for sure. The perils of not having a designated commander on a mission. Still, at least he waits for the others to make their decisions too.

<FS3> Gideon rolls Stealth: Success. (6 3 4 2 7 2 1 6) (Aid Down for Grey, +0)
<FS3> Gideon rolls Stealth: Great Success. (8 8 4 8 5 8 7 3)
<FS3> Kai rolls Stealth: Success. (6 8 2 4 4 3 4 1)
<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth: Great Success. (7 4 7 8 1 7)
<FS3> Pontus rolls Stealth: Good Success. (8 1 3 1 8 5 7 5 1 2)
<FS3> Hyatt rolls Stealth: Great Success. (4 4 4 7 6 5 7 8 8)
<FS3> Thesda rolls Stealth: Amazing Success. (8 7 4 8 8 8 6 8 3 7)

Gideon is also staring at Grey with a kind of mute amusement and bemusement. She just shakes her head, and hisses under her breath, "Skaikru." Then she starts forward, moving low to the ground, and relying on various landmarks around the area in front of the mines mouth. She ducks close to the entrance, and then slips inside, disappearing into the darkness.

Pontus didn't get that was going on either and tried to relay back to Thesda as he could. He looked at the hole and was not confident about what would be in it…which was the point of going. To find out. He focused on getting inside and let Grey look ridiculous with… that… whatever Skaipeople needed to help them hunt. Craziness. At least the Skaikids were quiet and he respected that so far. If they had to look silly in the process so be it.

Good enough for Kai. Gideon moves, and the Second consigned over to her 'care' slips after her with more life than the grey-eyed girl has shown for most of the trip. At least she doesn't manage to step on something noisy in the process, slinking after the Archer swiftly.

Hyatt moves without a sound at all - which might be eerie to Grey as even in close proximity he's barely heard. Not /nearly/ as eerie as it is to walk anywhere near Thesda, though, apparently because she's part wraith or something. At first he makes his way to where Gideon is crouched near the mouth of the cave. He doesn't stop, though. Hunched low to the ground, he quickly continues his trek on inside the cave to immediately find cover/concealment. With that done, he first looks back to the others before trying to visually scout further into the tunnel with his eyes alone. There he sits silently. Waiting and watching.

The remarkable thing about squirrels, if one ever watches them, is that not only are they lightning fast, but they know precisely how far to jump and where to land without so much as stirring a leaf. Thesda, it seems, has been watching squirrels, as she's not just walking cautiously, she's literally leaping from spot to spot, landing in perfect silence before using her momentum to continue propelling forward, all while seeming to sense the right position to land as to make her silhouette the most difficult to distinguish, if one can see her at all.

Grey definitely has to look silly, with the camera strapped to his head, but at least he sounds quiet as he does it. The rubberized soles of his boots crunch near-silently on the rocks as he advances, giving Gideon a little pat on the shoulder in response to her hissed 'complaint.' Thesda's method of 'stealth' causes him to stare a moment before he shakes his head in mingled bemusement and wonder. He makes sure to get the sign on camera, if it's pointed in the right direction, and then he's into the cavern mouth, reaching down to grab and slowly extend his shock baton — but not turn it on — and then to dig into his bag for another small cylinder… a flashlight. That too remains off for now, however, as he waits for his eyes to adjust.

Inside the mines, everything goes dark, with only the light coming in from the entrance and the light from Grey's flashlight. This looks like it had once been service tunnels meant. They are wide and tall enough to accommodate vehicles. There are tracks in the ground that can be used to guide railed carts, and there are even some that have been taken off the rails and lay askew on the ground. The smell here is awful — deathlike. It is quiet within however, and a cool breeze moves up from the depth of the mines.

At one point, Thesda lands and crouches, perfectly still. Her nostrils flare like she's one of Veks' scenthounds, and she licks her finger and sticks it up in the air to ty and detect what direction the air flow is coming from.

Pontus flinched faintly in expression only creeping forward moreso to find out where it was coming from. He kept his hood up hoping to mitigate the bound of any noises off walls so he could get a more accurate sense of where things were coming from. So quiet. As a secondary note he observed the width of the walls noting now what to accommodate for should he wind up bringing the longer weapon into employ.

Kai eases up as Grey takes the first steps in, the ex-Skaikid can't help but wrinkle her nose at the smell and elects to tie a cloth over her face before she eases to her feet with a glance towards Gideon. With Grey already proceeding the Skaikru Second eases her sword from her sheathe to follow, not trusting the darkened tunnel for a second as she shifts to the left to give at least some room between herself and Grey.

The smell. It's enough for Grey to gag silently, tucking his face into the inside of his right elbow and then forcing himself to lift his head again. "Eugh." It's a near-silent whisper, and he shakes his head as if that might help clear his face. Stepping over to the side wall of the tunnel, he gestures for the attention of the Grounders, then clicks on the flashlight, pointing it against the wall from perhaps a foot away. It makes a neat red circle of light, which he then clicks off again, making the same thumbs-up/thumbs-down gesture that Gideon used to indicate a question.

Hyatt moves along quietly with the joint task force here, eyeing Kai and Grey momentarily as he skulks along the wall of the cave in absolute silence. As soon as Grey makes that sound, his ears perk up and he turns quickly to put a finger over his lips. Apparently, his ears are sensitive at the moment and even the slightest noises have his nerves on edge. This is a place they should never ever be.

<FS3> Hyatt rolls Alertness: Good Success. (4 5 7 1 4 8 8 1)
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Good Success. (1 5 7 5 5 6 7 2 2)
<FS3> Grey rolls Alertness: Success. (3 6 2 6 5 8)
<FS3> Thesda rolls Alertness: Failure. (6 1 6 1 5 1 4 4)
<FS3> Pontus rolls Alertness: Success. (2 5 6 5 6 8 6)
<FS3> Gideon rolls Alertness: Failure. (1 6 2 1 4 4)

Gideon tilts her head slightly at the indication of the flashlight, and she gives a small — if not a bit hesitant — thumbs up. Then she focuses on moving forward again, keeping close to the wall as they move deeper into the mines.

Following the flow of air, they take a few turns, heading deeper and deeper beneath Mount Weather. With minimal light to guide them, it requires them to stick to walls and walk a bit slower through the tunnels, but they eventually get to a place where several tunnels converge together into a small antechamber that is illuminated by torch light. There is a cart on rails near this entrance to the antechamber, providing them something adequate to hide behind.

That's when they see them: Reapers.

Fuuuuuuuuuu. Kai can't help her frown, damned Reapers are pests, and she's not at all pleased that their path is 'blocked' by them. The Second finds a spot to crouch with a look in Gideon's direction. She knows what the job is, scout, not fight, but that doesn't make it less tempting to her. Her instructions from Wren were clear, however, and so it's the Archer that the short-haired girl concentrates on for directions.

Kai also taps behind one of her ears as if to indicate she's hearing something, aiming fingers off towards some of the side tunnels and then with less certainty back the way they came from.

Pontus scoweled. His fingers turned the spear in his hands and rolled it in his fingers. Things just got ugly, but all in all they were too quiet up til now. He'd relented he may never see home again two nights ago. Mainly because these bastards blow it the fuck up. He made peace with this and tried to make sure that he and wall of spear were in front of the archers to buy them cover, because that's how teamwork went. He pulled a dagger and held it in his fingers waiting to see if there would be a charge. It occurred to him also that if any of their gear was found here it might alert the great and mighty Mountain of their trespasses. At Kai's gesture he was trying to keep an eye Reaper-ways and held.

Hyatt is happy to keep making his way through the tunnel until his keen gaze settles on Kai. His own ear perks at the sounds of the approaching footsteps and he makes a very fast gesture to retreat. He's still quiet, but he's waving everyone back towards the entrance of the cave now if they have the opportunity to do so. He makes no motion to leave himself right now, intent on making sure everyone else is leaving /ahead of/ him. Meanwhile, he listens out to try to hear how close they might actually be.

Grey looks about the group for some indication of assent or dissent on the flashlight. When the vote comes back positive, he clicks the tool on again, keeping it pointed low and his finger on the button to turn it off again. Which he immediately does as soon as he sees the glow from ahead. Disgustingly, his nose had acclimated to the smell, but it only gets worse in the presence of the Reapers, and he works his mouth as if he wanted to spit. Hefting his shock baton a moment, he shakes his head and backtracks far enough to be out of the torchlight and hopefully out of sight of those in the antechamber. Tilting his head in question, he points at himself, in the direction of the Reapers, then makes a running gesture and points back out the way they came. Distraction? Nevermind that he's got the flashlight and the camera, he's not going to suggest something dangerous without volunteering. Kai's gesture causes him to pause though, his eyes widening slightly as he looks back behind them. Hesitantly, he points toward the mining cart and shrugs a little helplessly.

Thesda's mouth scrunches up as if that will help her get the smell out of her nose. She stays down in a slavic squat that would no doubt make Silas weep with envy, hands dropping to her weapons, curving a loose grip expectantly as she awaits instructions. At Grey's silent query, she offers her opinion: thumbs up.

Gideon is again at the back, crouching down low at the rear side of the cart. She glances behind her when Hyatt and Kai indicate behind them, and then over toward Grey. When Thesda gives the thumbs up, she looks precarious in the cart. There is a variety of plastic sheets, bloodied, but empty. Then she looks at the others with a tilt of her head. She reaches up, draws out another arrow, notching it again. Looks like she's prepared for a fight.

Just as the group begins to plan, there is a door directly across from their tunnel that opens. It was hard to see it before, the old metal blending in with the rocks. But now it opens to reveal… a Mountain Man. It are clothed in those hazmat suits, a mask covering its face, and hood drawn tightly over its head. There is a dull white light shining down from behind them, illuminating what looks to be a small, square-shaped room. The Reapers all turn to the door when it opens, and begin doing something very strange: they start lining up.

<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve: Good Success. (4 1 6 8 2 7)
<FS3> Gideon rolls Resolve: Good Success. (5 7 1 8 3 6 1)
<FS3> Hyatt rolls Resolve: Good Success. (6 8 5 4 8 1 3)
<FS3> Grey rolls Resolve: Good Success. (1 4 1 6 8 2 4 8)
<FS3> Thesda rolls Resolve: Failure. (1 6 3 3 2)
<FS3> Pontus rolls Resolve: Failure. (3 2 3 6 5 3)

Fight. That's a gesture Kai likes, but man, there's.. there's.. right there. A door. And a non-Reaper. Her nostrils flare behind the cloth tied about her face, ignoring the smell because right at that second with the taunting light beyond for a second she is like a gnat's hair from abandoning the plan in favor of going murderville. It takes a physical shudder to keep herself from giving in to the urge before the former skaikid takes the bow from about herself. She's a novice archer, without a doubt, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't notch an arrow and grit her teeth. She's not aiming at the Reapers, she's aiming at the Mountain Man. That's what she wants. Right there. Leg shot. She wants that guy alive and not able to run for it, damnit.

Thesda stands stock still as she takes in the sight. It's too unbelievable for process, and she takes a step back. Nope, nope, NOPE. She can't watch whatever's about to go down and presses her hands to the wall.

Pontus was stunned. That did't happen. He even had a reputation for being unflappable. This was more flappy than he could handle. Reapers were lining up obediently… for Mountain folks?!! His murderface treehugging world just got thrown off axis. He froze which was something he hoped to be able to hate himself for later. The Mountain had what? Former grounders? Abominations? Too many questions. Too many questions he really didn't want answers to and was unfortunately there to bring back.

Hyatt easily slips behind the cart as well, though he keeps back from it and pressed as small as he can make himself up against the wall. It's already too late for retreat right at the moment. For now patience will have to win the day. Despite the clear danger, he doesn't seem to be panicking and instead just stays as perfectly still as his body will allow for. There is a curious look for Pontus as well as Kai and Gideon. They are a /touch/ early drawing their weapons. In the spirit of doing what he may to protect the people he's with, the veteran warrior slowly slips his own sword from where it is sheathed at his back.

Grey blinks at the sudden light, his eyes widening, but he doesn't have the ingrained prejudices of the others, so when Kai draws her bow, Grey steps forward, aiming to get between her and her target, pointing slowly but very, very definitively toward the mass of Reapers and whispering, "scout. too many."

The Reapers line up almost docilely. The first one — a heavily muscled woman with mats of dark hair — steps forward, and turns her head aside. The Mountain Men poises something that looks like a skeletal gun with a bright red vial sticking out against her neck and injects her with the Red. He pops out the dead cartridge, pops in another, and doses the next Reaper. The first woman staggers off, looking like she has immediately entered a euphoric high.

Gideon watches all of this with a tight jaw. She glances over toward Grey, shaking her head slightly at the whisper. She then looks over at Kai, and gently lowers her hand to indicate that the woman lower her bow.

A new sound enters the tunnel, "…ooooooooo…" It is accompanied by a hissing, sliding sound and several thumps. The body of a middle-aged man comes tumbling out of a hidden opening above the mining cart, nearly naked but for white bandages around his waist hiding the naughty bits. In the faint torchlight and sudden motion, it is difficult to see, but he also has Trikru tattoos on his back and neck. The first body is not the only one falling out of the chute, however, as it is followed almost immediately by the source of the trailed-off cry… Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. Thump. Lip falls atop the first body, which begins to move slightly, groaning under him.

Huh. That's an unscheduled dump. The Mountain Man looks up as he jettisons another cartridge and prepares to inject the next in line. His eyes wander over toward the tunnel where the bodies come tumbling out, disappearing into the cart. He glances at the Reapers, and then doses the next. But he starts to step backwards, leaving the next in line looking agitated. Toward the back of the Reaper line, however, several are turning their heads immediately toward the cart, torn between getting their daily dose and having a snack. One — a rather short Reaper — starts in toward the cart, which also means he is starting in toward the hidden Trikru, Lip, and Lip's new friend.

"Oh Cheezus!" Lip is not having the best day ever. Or at all. Or whatever. This has been a completely traumatic experience that has been made even worse by the fall of doom that he has just been on. He pops up from his sprawled position on top of whatever groaning dude is underneath him. "Ugh. Ew. Whyyyyyyy!" There's some immediate flailing because this is completely and utterly gross. Lip pops all the way up and even tries to get his standing up on. He cares not about the fact that he's probably standing on people. It don't even matter at this point. "Ugh." Lip performs an overdramatic retch. "… oh man. I smell dead people."

Oh man if looks could kill. The look Kai gives Grey is definitely on the level of atomic bomb. The teeth bared are probably not obvious behind the cloth covering her face but well, really, if there was any doubt as to whether or not the Skaikru Second still gave a shit about the hundred the white-hot rage reflected in her grey eyes probably speaks volumes. She shifts as if she's going to simply aim around the Guardsman. Gideon lowering hers and gesturing for her to do the same threatens rebellion, jaw working as she very, very reluctantly lowers the bow to the point where she's at least off her target even if she can't quite help staring at Grey in silent outrage. The arrival of the Lip, poor Lip, has gone basically unnoticed by her between glaring at Grey and glaring at the Mountain Man in rage. There's an abortive motion from her as the Mountain Man begins to step back, the shake of her head adamant and furious.

Thesda remains perfectly still, breathing shallowly as she tries to shake off her moment of incomprehension and fear. Her eyes dart toward the Reaper's approach, and her hand grips her weapon as she waits.

Pontus didn't have a plan for this. there was a kid who fell from the sky though. he would need to be silenced and brought back. that he knew. shit… you know, scouts really needed better hazard pay. His heart may explode it was racing so fast, but he tried to see if he could get close to lip and lip's friend to decide that loose end needed tying and quickly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hyatt=Stealth-2 Vs Reapers=6
< Hyatt: Good Success (7 4 1 7 6 8 2) Reapers: Success (2 8 2 6 3 4)
< Net Result: Hyatt wins - Solid Victory
Hyatt spends 1 luck points on Shhhhh, Skaikid! Shhhh!.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hyatt=Melee+3 Vs Lip=Dodge
< Hyatt: Good Success (7 2 4 5 3 3 3 4 7 3 5 1 3) Lip: Good Success (2 5 4 7 7)
< Net Result: DRAW

"…" Hyatt is silent. Why do some of these skaikids have to be so incredibly /noisy/? His dark eyes are intense and focused on all of the commotion the young man makes and his sword slooowly comes to full brandish in hand. While a fight might be clear, he does stay his blade for the time being and watches the Reapers to see if they make any sudden /movements/ towards the cart. His focus at this point is getting the others out safely and his mind works quickly to try to come up with some sort of plan of action. He doesn't quite understand what's happening with the drug being injected into them, but the tightening of his jaw and light grind of his teeth might belie his suspicion and anger towards the man in the HAZMAT suit. With Lip standing, he tries to get his attention as subtly as possible and urge him through very cautious pantomime to get back down. Of course - it could already be well too late for that. So that no one else silences him in panic, Hyatt reaches out quickly and cups a hand over Lip's…lips. And nose. So he'll be quiet for chrissakes. He tries to haul him /out/ of the cart as well, but he's unable to get him just yet because the kid starts flailing. Still, he's managed to shush his mouth for now at least and watches the two approaching Reapers.

As soon as he's sure that Kai isn't going to shoot the Mountain Man and bring down the Reapers on them, Grey turns back toward the collection of cannibals and cannibal… drug dealer? Rage he can deal with later, so long as there is a later. And then a wild Lip appears, along with a decidedly less-wild near-corpse. Grey startles, his eyes widening, but he manages not to shout in surprise. The flashlight is tucked between his teeth, and Grey reaches out with his left hand, aiming to clamp it over Lip's mouth. Not that that will stop Lip from talking. Not that anything will stop Lip from talking. But at least he's trying. And Hyatt gets there first, so Grey just leans up so that his dark face can sort of be seen from within the mining car and whispers through teeth clamped around the butt of a flashlight, "Shhh. Lip. What the shit, man?" And then there's a Reaper coming their way, "Balls…" it's still a whisper, "Uhh…don't know, don't care, time to go."

<FS3> Gideon rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success. (1 7 5 7 8 5)

Thesda lifts herself out of her crouch while still keeping her back low. She's looking between those present for some indication of what to do. Do they need to run? Fight? Stay still?

Gideon shakes her head again at Kai, noting the anger in the girl's expression. Her words are a hissing whisper, "not now… stay objective… we have — " And then there's a goddamn Skaikru kid falling out of the sky. The Archer ducks her head low, expecting the worst. She peeks her head up precariously, and her gaze ticks first to Lip, and then to the injured Trikru. Her eyes widen, and she immediately moves to put her bow away. "Help," she grunts, trying to shove Lip aside so she can help the Trikru. Of course, she's trying to do this around Hyatt grabbing a flailing Lip. She gets her arms under the half-dead man, and starts to heave him up out of the cart. Her gaze shoots to Thesda, and then to the approaching Reapers. "<In Trigedasleng> We need to go, now."

Two Reapers now are approaching the cart. The Mountain Man has retreated into the small, square room, drawing his radio out as he moves. His retreat is being met with anger from the Reapers who have not yet been given their dose, and he manages to get the door closed just as a couple start thumping their fists soundly against the door. The other Reapers begin to turn their heads, as finally the group is making enough noise to attract them. "Dig'on!" The Reapers start to cry, and their excitement mounts.

Pontus swore with a since. they were spotted. "<In Trigedasleng> awwwwwww fuck. fall back. fall back now." The spread that was out dropped in front of him at the ready. grey had the info, Hyatt had the kid, and they had what they needed. Puzzle man didn't fall back though, and did what he made habit to to which was hold ground and cover the retreat. It was what it was. He accepted that.

Low Flails turn into FULL ON FLAILS that would make Kermit the Frog look tame when he's grabbed and stuff. Lip was not expecting anyone to snatch him up and make him be quiet. There's something about having his only weapon covered by a hand that makes Lip's mouth move even more. Whatever he's saying is impossible to make out but the motor-mouth sensation has been kicked up to 17 because he's not going quietly. Not even when he recognizes Grey. Not even when he realizes that there may be trouble afoot. Not even— he can't shut up when people are trying to make him shut up. The muffled ranting doesn't end but perhaps seeing Grey has made it easier to tug/drag/pull/whatever Lip around. Less flailing, more ranting. If Grey has a spare moment of eye contact it will be easy to see that Lip is saying: DON'T WHAT THE SHIT ME, MAN! WHAT THE SHIT YOU! THIS IS BULLSHIT! WHAT THE HELL! Etc, etc, etc.

Fuck the bow. The arrow goes away, bow stashed so Kai can grab up her sword again. Lip? Enough people already on him, and the grey-eyed girl has a whole bunch of fury right now and has been robbed of the target she had planned for it, she retreats somewhere near Pontus with her unblinking eyes on the Reapers. She at least concedes in motion that for now retreat is desirable, even if from the way she halts next to the scout that the Second isn't about to have him fight alone to cover their retreat.

No one has to tell Thesda twice. She starts backpedaling, using the wall as her guide to keep an eye on those Reapers - and make sure the others are in retreat as well.

Hyatt's blade is awfully close to Lip's face as well. It probably doesn't help matters any, truth be told. "I let go," he whispers in Lip's ear. "You run with others. Do not look back." Not that it makes a lot of difference at this point. It would appear that the jig is up. "Run, Skaiboy," he whispers again, helping Lip up out of the cart and onto his feet. He then nudges him lightly in the direction he's to be running now. Hyatt himself makes sure that everyone gets clear before he tries making his own retreat, ready to intercept any incoming attacks if need be to keep the rest of his companions safe.

Grey catches a flailing Lip-arm right to the camera strapped on his head. He grunts, straightens up, and then points out the way they came, tucking away his shock baton and holding out the red-coated flashlight (now with Grey-saliva on the grip) to Lip, "Follow them, light the way." And then he's reaching further into the mining car to help Gideon with the Trikru, getting the man's left arm over his right shoulder so that Gideon can take the other side, and then trying to haul him back the way they came, "Time t'go!" That's probably louder than it should have been, a normal speaking voice, but it's Grey's distinct impression that this has gone from stealth to flight.

Gideon has her arm around the Trikru, murmuring words of encouragement even as he groans unconsciously. It is basically is like carrying dead weight, and Gideon and Grey are both hobbled by the man. He is pale, head hung limp between his shoulders. She realizes about ten steps in that she is basically carrying a corpse that still breathes. Her jaw sets, and she keeps pressing forward despite this realization.

Behind them, Reapers are amassing as they bellow and bark to each other in their mangled Trigedasleng. The two that were approaching soon become twelve.

"Run? Light the way? What the shell do I look like? I don't even know what the shell is going on! I ain't goin' nowhere, I ain't doin' nothin', I ain't doin' shit until somebody explains to me what the /fuck/ is happenin'! This is some bullshit! And not just some normal bullshit but some /real/ ass bullshit! I'm talkin' this is some crazy ass shit! Do you hear me?! Cray. Z. Ass. Shit. And why the hell are there so many of them?! WHAT THE THE HELL ARE THEM?!?!"

The loud-whispered mini-rant is brought to everyone nearby by Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. and his tendency to talk too damn much. Especially when he's scared. The flashlight becomes a lightsaber with the way he's holding it and he does indeed move right into running away with the right crowd and lighting the way with the flash of lights. "Seriously?! Why is this wet?! Gross, man! Gross! I am not tryin' to die with this nastiness all over my hands! Fuckin' gross, mate! Brush your teeth! Damn!" The defense mechanism lives.

There's priorities, and priorities, with the two veterans covering the rear Kai does finally concede the ground just so she can jog up, grab Lip and keep marching, hissing at him in the process,"Shut up Lip!" the grey-eyed girl choosing to focus on harrying him as fast as he can go to get out of there, for all that the look cast Grey's way promises that the Second aims on having Words with him later. Back towards the entrance with her sword still out just in case there were any behind them.

The idea had been to stall them just a little bit, but with the group already clearing out and the Reapers fast-approaching, there is no need to fight. "Quickly," he tells Pontus and then nods towards the exit. It's the signal for them both to break contact along with Kai and cheese it, essentially. "Go, Kai," he tells her firmly before he starts to turn to make a mad dash for the exit himself. He's not the commander of this group or anything, but the tactics seem sound enough. This is an unwinnable battle and they have the chance to escape.

Pontus held ground as long as he had to. He was grateful for the support but more grateful when people fell back in record time so that he could start making his way back incrementally. Sometimes helping is not helpful. Hyatt got a nod and short answers. "<In Trigedasleng> Some went back inside. We have to move and hope there's a village to go back to." He hoped. Man he hoped.

Gideon tries her best to pull the man along with Grey's help, but they are going slow. She does not seem willing to give up yet, making their way back through the tunnels at great haste. It does not take as long to get out as it did to get in, and they break into the blindly light of the forest, and hopefully keep moving until they find adequate cover.

"Lip." Grey grunts as he helps haul the dead weight of the Trikru man/corpse back the way they came, "I'll tell you when we're safe." So… never, according to some definitions. "Reapers. Nasty. Cannibals. Keep moving if you want to stay off the menu." He looks behind them at the Reapers threatening to catch up, then looks over to Gideon in the flashing light of Lip's lightsaber/flashlight, and just shuts up and moves. He's certainly not going to be the one to suggest they drop the guy. And then they're out, and he breathes a sigh of relief, even as his left hand comes up painfully to shade his eyes, "Gotta keep movin'. Gotta lose 'em." He pauses a second, then suggests, "South!" Away from the river, and away from the villages, "South. They won't expect south."

Lip is with everyone else. He may not exactly be shutted of the up either. There's a reason for that and that reason is probably because he's scared out of his mind. "What the fuck?!" There's flailing and lightsabering all going on at the same time. "How come I can't ever fall through a trap door into a field of naked women?! Or cake! I'd settle for cake!" He just goes with the flow to get the hell out of dodge. "Did I mention this was bullshit, yet? Oh who cares. THIS IS BULLSHIT!" He's going to have to learn how to be quiet if they're going to lose 'em in the South.

Pontus was finally out of the cave because people finally moved. He rolled down and looked all the world unamused. He was looking at Lip and said tersely, "Grey, if you don't quiet him I am." The look was hard and the spear was in hand. He was not out of breath yet, but close having run that far. He didn't say how he'd make him quiet, but he was not known to let a promise go unfulfilled either.

As they flee, Hyatt runs ahead of both Gideon and Grey so that he can grab the wounded Trikru man by the ankles. "Get arms!" he speaks quickly, giving them precious nanoseconds to do so before he's lifting the man's ankles up as if they were the handles of a rickshaw. This ought to speed their retreat anyways, provided they get what he's trying to do in time. Otherwise, someone's going to wind up dumped on the ground and…tragedy. They have to move quickly, though. "Go," he grunts and then starts moving them along faster.

Kai isn't exactly renown for her patience to start out with, and having already lost her temper once it's unlikely to come to any surprise when she stows her blade once they're in clear eye, listening to Lip yammer, and yammer, and that at last she reaches out to grab him make him face her simply so that she can growl at him,"If you do not shut up right now Lip, when they catch up to us, and they will because of your stupid blathering.. they will eat you alive, and I will fucking let them. So shut up and move and you'll get to see Alpha station tomorrow." and gives him a little shove to get him moving again. No need to let him know that he's too valuable to injure right now, nope. Just give him incentive to shut up for five seconds at least.

Grey blinks at Hyatt's order/request, and then stops for a second to let the drained Trikru's legs swing forward a little. And then he's off again, and only his natural athleticism lets him keep pace with the natives over the rocky terrain, carrying now a third of a guy. He nods slightly at Pontus' warning, letting Kai have first crack at it, then adding, "Zip it, Lip. We don't got gags, but I got socks." That he's been wearing since Landing. Eugh. And then he hits on a brilliant plan, "There's porn on the Intranet at Alpha Station." That should give him incentive.

<FS3> Lip rolls Resolve-5: Failure. (3 6 5 1 4 5)

Lip stares at Kai. For the longest time. And for that longest time it looks like he's about to shut up. "If you don't get the fuck outta' my face. I will bust your head open with this flashsaber! Don't fuck with me right now! Do you know what the hell I just went through?! I went through some nasty ass shit! And now y'all got me running through the damn wilderness like Little Lip Riding Hood. I am not for the bullshit right now!" It is about the same time that there's some other offers being thrown on the proverbial table. "And y'know what? Fuck Alpha Station! It's they fault we in this mess in the first damn place! And I'll tell you somethin' else… when I do get to Alpha Station, Chancellor Haha got some explainin' to do, I'll tell you that shit right now— wait, there's what?" Lip's attention has completely shifted to Grey. "Alright. I'll be quiet. But not because of the Porn." When he finally turns away he looks up to the sky and whispers an almost silent 'thank you' because it totally is because of the porn.

As the Reapers begin to amass near the exit of the mines, there is a sudden and low waaaahhhhhh noise echoing outside the mine entrance. The Reapers make grunts of frustration and anguish. They look almost as if they have hit an invisible wall, unable to cross it, and it causes them to fall back into the mines.

Pontus looked like (and likely was) gearing up to knock Lip out cold and drag his carcass with when the kid agreed. Then? Then there was a low whine and the scarred scout squint. "<In Trigedasleng> If they can't move past there we should go fight them at the gate…" His musings ere cut off and he said, "We need to get this intel as far away from here as possible. Fast. Or there might not be an Alpha Station."

Thesda looks back over her shoulder at the halting Reapers, furrowing her brow. "<In Trigedasleng> That entrance will be compromised. But the Mountain Men…they make the Reapers. The Commander will want to know!"

A nod is given to Pontus as Hyatt looks at him sidelong, but most of his focus seems to be on getting the hell outta' there. Perhaps also carrying the drained Trikru without tanking him out of Grey and Gideon's hands as well. They move along at a steady enough clip, but once the Reapers hit that invisible wall…well. For the moment, he doesn't notice that. There are too many other things to focus on at the moment and he's not about to dally. "South it is. Move fast." Of course…everyone already is.

Kai had balled up her fist, but then Grey says porn, and Lip shuts up, so she decides to simply keep pushing him along ahead of her,"Whatever that is, it's not good." the grey-eyed girl grunts, content to keep her hand on Lip to 'help' him keep up and keep moving.

Pontus nodded to Hyatt and Thesda and said, "Thesda, can you cover ahead and make sure we have a good path? You guys get them to safety. Follow Thesda as close as you can. I'll make sure nothing comes up from behind, Kai, don't run too far off ahead of me incase I need cover. Stay mobile incase Thesda finds she needs support." Steel grey eyes fell on Lip. "Do not get left behind."

Grey scowls at the back of Lip's curly head as the other teen rants, giving him a 'if I hit him right there, he'll go unconscious' look, but thankfully for Lip, Grey is carrying an unconscious body over one shoulder over rocky terrain. In fact, he stumbles a moment trying to keep glaring at the back of Lip's head, and has to catch himself again. The sound of the horn or whatever it is stalls Grey, and he looks up, "That can't be good." He nods to Hyatt, and tries to move faster. Anywhere but the direction they assume you're going in. As long as it doesn't also lead you into a trap. Hopefully this doesn't. "Stick close, Lip. We're gonna be runnin' for a while." And then he focuses on just moving over the broken terrain.

"Aw, now see, what the hell is that?! See, ain't nobody say we was gonna' be runnin' for the rest of our lives! See, I can't do this shit. I'm tired. And I smell like dead people!" Lip just has to get that out of his system before he starts with the feet to the non-street. Mad running, yo. "And I know y'all talkin' 'bout me in ya' little crazy ass language. But I'ma' learn that shit. And when I do? Maaaaaan, y'all gonna' catch a Big Willie Style beat down! I'm just sayin'!"

Thesda gives Pontus a sharp nod. Taking a quick look around, she searches for her Second, and when she doesn't seem to see him, she appears more pleased than if she's spotted him right away. Raising a hand to her mouth, she makes a curious, bird-call sound, and with that, takes point ahead to go blaze the trail.

Running seems to be what's on the menu right now. Hyatt is helping Grey and Gideon carry the half-dead Trikru male while Lip, Kai, Pontus and Thesda all seem to be running in the same direction. The sounding of that tone does not bode well in the least, but they do make progress southward. Hyatt, the tall and dusky-skinned warrior, is trucking along quickly, but not so quick as to pull the drained man out of the hands of Gid and Grey. "Faster," he grunts with strain, though he doesn't pull them along.

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes sir." is Kai's acknowledgment for Pontus, she stays near Lip for the moment, but keeps an eye out for Thesda ahead and an ear out for Pontus behind, dropping back a little bit so as to not get too far ahead of Pontus.

"<In Trigedasleng> Hyatt," Gideon gasps as she notices the man, and it immediately dawns on her. "<In Trigedasleng> He's not breathing." Those words are grunted the same, and she is starting to slow. They are not being chased, but that of course doesn't mean that they are going to stop at this point.

At the bird call sound, an echoing one is given; this coming from a few meters to the left and behind the group, also from up in the trees. A short time later Tuan can be seen emerging from brush to fall into step at the trail alongside Pontus. "<In Trigedasleng> Where did these come from?"

With his breath coming more quickly, Grey growls at Lip, hissing, "Save your breath, man." His boots thud on the rocks, and he looks up toward the peak of the mountain for a moment, then focuses on his footing, "Please no fog, please no fog…" As Gideon begins to slow, Grey glances aside to her, "What?" He slows as well, looking to the new corpse they're carrying. Tuan's arrival startles Grey, not having noticed the bird calls, but he relaxes as he recognizes the blonde.

Pontus looked to Tuan and worked on catching his break, "<In Trigedasleng> Mountain. Cave tunnel. Up. These two landed on us. The Mountain's stealing our people. Making reapers out of them. making then… as Thesda said." He was so pissed about the whole lack of cover in there. It was Grey's words that caught his attention and drawing a finger to teh cadet. "Fog or worse. Those Mountain people saw what happened. Either the people in there will be punished or we will or both. We need to warn people fast before the fog gets here." He considered and replied to the Trikru, "<In Trigedasleng> On the upshot? Might be easier for Indra to forgive us after this. I won't hold out on not getting banished for life though."

Thesda looks back over her shoulder even as she moves. "We have the blessing of the Heda. She would not see us banished for doing what she told us to do. And we have brought back one from the Mountain, when we all said this could not be done." She starts moving once more.

The slowing of Gideon causes him to slow also, but Hyatt doesn't seem like he's quite ready to stop and try to save a life. Should the fog come, they'll all be dead. "Drop him or keep moving," he tells Gideon with a grunt and a shake of his head. "No time. Make decision now." There is a look to Grey as well. For his own part, he doesn't seem to mind the extra strain of carrying dead weight so much. It's not that he's disrespectful of the dead, but there may be all kinds of 'respect' coming their way in a second. For the moment, he shuts out others and turns those intense eyes fully to Gideon, waiting for her answer as they move in their slowed pace.

Tuan shakes his head at Thesda's words as he nods towards Pontus in turn, "The Mountain will not want this to be known. The fog, other ways. We do not have time to rest, we must press all the way back." He looks to the others to attempt to see if they will affirm the words.

<FS3> Gideon rolls Resolve: Good Success. (1 7 7 1 5 1 6)

"Save my breath? Save my breath?! Fuck my breath, we need to save our asses!" Lip is talking almost exclusively to Grey. Somewhere in the middle of this he also finally realizes stuff. He actually stops in the middle of his running. "Wait. Speaking of—" Oh god, here it comes. "WHY THE HELL YOU WITH THE ENEMY, MAN?! AIN'T THESE THE SAME FUCKERS THAT TRIED TO KILL US, OH I DUNNO, EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST FIFTY MILLION DAYS WE BEEN DOWN HERE?! THIS IS SOME SERIOUS BULLSHIT, MAN!" Oh god. Lip is freaking now. Finally. And he has given up on the whole trying to stay quiet thing. Since, y'know, this is some bullshit.

Gideon looks at a loss at Hyatt's words, and then she nods firmly. "Drop him," she says, almost in a hush. "Grey, drop him… he's dead… we cannot afford to take him any further." She feels her own heartache for a moment. "His fight is over." She glances over toward the others, and this time to Lip. She grimaces at his words. "No time, Lip kom Skaikru. No time."

Kai doesn't bother trying to talk to Lip again, she's letting Hyatt, Gideon or Grey deal with that, sticking somewhere close to Pontus given Tuan arriving up towards Thesda. She doesn't verbally respond to him either, but yes, she's not inclined to stop moving for the moment at least.

Grey begins to set his jaw at Hyatt's words, but he sighs, nodding at Gideon's words. "Shit. Damn it." And then he kneels for a moment to set the dead man down, slipping the man's arm off his shoulder. And then Lip is ranting at him, and a flicker of anger touches his features, "Shut the fuck," he rarely uses that word, "up, Lip. Coesbur stuck to the ceasefire. Their village got blown the fuck up because of us." And then he's up off the ground, reaching for his shock baton and flicking it out again, "So shut up, keep moving, and I'll tell you all about it when we're safe."

<FS3> Lip rolls Resolve-4: Good Success. (8 6 4 5 2 8 6)

"Now you saved, Skaiboy. Shuddup. Please." Yes. He learned 'please'. Hyatt gives a curt nod to Lip before shifting his attention back to Gideon once more, looking over his shoulder at both her and Grey. "His fight is over," he agrees and instead of dropping him, he stops a moment to help them settle him down on the ground. "<In Trigedasleng> Come back later. Get skaikru back." He gives them both a briefly meaningful look and lowers his hand to close the Trikru man's eyes. He does glance to Tuan and he nods his head, however. "<In Trigedasleng> No taking the chance. We move quickly." To the Skaikru, he repeats. "We move quickly. Now." With that, he starts breaking into a run again, but is mindful not to leave anyone behind.

Gideon touches the fallen Trikru's forehead, and then makes sure he is rested in a comfortable position. It takes her only a couple seconds, and then she is moving again wiht some haste to rejoin the others. She ends up behind Lip, acting as his herder. If she was a Corgi, she'd be nipping at his heels. "Move, move, move…"

"… well. You don't have to be /rude/ about it." Lip tosses his curls and is back on the move with the following of everyone else. He's probably farther behind now because he had to try and make a point but he's gripping his flashsaber a bit tighter. "See, this is the shit I'm talkin' 'bout. Get kidnapped, trapped in a big ass mountain, fed cake and shit, see some ol' crazy shit, fall down a trap door, land in a pile of dead people and come out to the already fucked up world even more fucked up. I can't even. Can't. Even." Lip's muttering to himself now since nobody wants to actually tell him anything. "Safe! Hah! Like there's such a thing as safe with these assholes hanging around. No offense. OH wait! I lied. MUCH OFFENSE. Hmph. Commie bastards." And every time he stops to try and make a point the herding continues. "… see, they leavin' bodies in their wake even now. I told you, man. I told you. I said there was gonna' be trouble but ya' didn't listen to me."

"He does not need his tongue in order to survive to your camp, does he?" Tuan inquires towards Grey, the blonde grounder keeping a very steadfast disposition as he moves along, glancing at Thesda when he walks at her side. "<In Trigedasleng> We will be found by their scouts in less than minutes if he is not shut up."

Pontus was on his way over to just put Lip in a headlock and choke him out and carry him back but Grey seemed to be all over this one true to his word. He wasn't much for kumbaya with the Skaicamp but he would, in interest of alliance preservation allow them to police their own before getting involved. He was not a diplomat. People generally could assume that rather than discussing things at length loudly on a stealh ops he'd find the quickest swiftest solution. His eyes followed Gideon to the body and to the fallen Trikru on the ground he nodded solemnly. He boggled and said "What is 'even' mean?" He let Lip finish and said, "You yell again and they'll know where we all are. You can keep your head on or we can knock you out and drag you back. Point taken. Shut it." He looked to the others and nodded to Tuan, "Drop him. Run as fast as you can. There's nothing behindus but defeat and you do not want to be taken by them."

"<In Trigedasleng> I heard one of their makers refer to something called 'duck tape'. Perhaps Greh has some and can put it over his mouth." Thesda's tone is grim as she too trucks along, noting to Tuan, "Be on the lookout for the approach of the fog."

"If you won't move and fast, the Mountain will kill you," Hyatt says with a quick shake of his head. "Enough talk now." While his voice isn't harsh, there is a sort of quiet firmness to it. The jog once again becomes a run as he moves southward once more, expecting those around him to follow. "<In Trigedasleng> Am I not being clear?" he calls out a bit louder to the others in Trigedasleng. "<In Trigedasleng> My Gonasleng may be no good." Those brows furrow a touch, but there's no time to think about that now. Onward. Pontus' words would be acknowledge and agreed with, but they have a lot of ground to cover before they're even relatively safe. In any case, it doesn't appear as if he's intent on sticking around and he makes it clear that the others shouldn't be either.

"Just fucking knock him out already!" because Kai's so helpful in that regard, totally, yep. Her attention sliding to Pontus at his question before she calls,"If you have breath to speak you're not running fast enough." and out comes her sword again as she dogs off to the left somewhat, staying within view but endeavoring to keep her eyes on their flanks as much as the direction they're heading. She's not even going to attempt Trig for the moment.
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For a moment, Grey looks very, very tempted to use his shock baton on Lip, but he retracts it and tucks it away, clapping Gideon on the shoulder and then moving to try and sling his right arm around Lip's shoulders, "Lip. Please man. Please." Despite the quiet words, he's still moving forward, walking quickly. Tuan's question draws his eyes aside, "He needs it to tell us what's goin' on inside." And then back to Lip, "I'll catch you all up, and I wanna hear all about what's goin' on inside, but first… first we gotta get away, and that means we gotta be quiet, and keep movin'." And then he notes to the others, "We can't run the whole way back. Gotta pace ourselves."

"Ugh. Fine, man. Fine. But I'm tellin' /us/. Not them. Not whoever the fuck is at Alpha Station. /Us/. That's it." Lip is all for making his point but then he does what he probably shouldn't do in this situation: He shuts the eff up. Which is really weird for him because now he's more fidgety than he was when he landed on a pile of dead people.

Pontus seemed satisfied with Lip simmering down and said firmly, "Noted. Haul ass." Short and to teh point. with that he dropped into a flat run keeping an eye on Grey and Lip. "We should get back to the horses. Ride from there. They should be rested."

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