Day 023: Reason To Believe
Summary: Fiona and Grey talk about Kai's plan to see Indra.
Date: 13 June 2016
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Fiona Grey 

Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

23 Days After Landing

Go find Grey, Kai said. So Fiona goes to find Grey. And when she does, she gets right down to business. "So," she says with an upnod of her chin. "This plan of Kai's. What do you think?"

Grey is on stupid light duty. He hates light duty. His hands are tucked into what used to be seat-coverings from the dropship, protecting them as he twists and bends small bits of metal and wire as best as he can without straining his side. He sits on his armored jacket alongside the dropship's ramp, his rifle resting up against the now-weathered 'LG' that he carved into the ceramic of the dropship that first day. Looking up as Fiona approaches he nods a greeting and invitation to the ground beside him, "I think it's gonna get her and Elias killed. Especially if the Camp doesn't give them the right to speak for all of us. I also think that even if I had the authority to shut down a plan like that, it'd be a bad idea, 'cause at least she's tryin' something. Why, whaddayou think?"

"I think that in a situation where it's highly likely that we're going to wind up dead anyway, we've got nothing to lose. A few kids with a martyr complex might volunteer to be in the seven, but we both know that will destroy us." Fiona folds her arms across her chest. "Do you think the odds go up if I go with them, we dress as Grounders, and we have a Grounder lead us?"

"I think people are too damned fatalistic right now." There's an actual edge of anger to those words, and Grey tosses down the metal shard he was working with, pulling his hands out of the seat-cover mitten-things and looking up at Fiona, "Yeah, we're gonna be hammered by overwhelming numbers. That's why we've got people working with hydrazine, and training with rifles, and workin' on everything else we've got to defend this place. Is it gonna be an easy fight if it comes to that? Hell no. But this isn't some damned we all die button, and pretending like it is isn't helping anything." He finally takes a breath, his face screwed up in a scowl, "And no, I don't think it'll help to have Gideon throw her damned life away too. The hard part's not gonna be finding Indra, she's gonna be with a damned army. The hard part's gonna be convincing her not to kill you on the spot."

"I wasn't talking about Gideon. She and Indra are not on good terms." Fiona frowns. "I could try demanding a summit." she suggests. "Indra respects strength. If we make it all the way to her past the blockade, she might listen just because of that." Kai's idea seemed so full of possibility, and now Fiona's riddled with doubt.

Grey's anger might abate just a touch when Fiona sets Gideon out of the picture, but his scowl remains, "A summit might work…" and then his lips twist sharply, "If we had a heda for her to summit with. But we don't. And if the Ark's gone, we ain't got shit to offer the Trikru." It's perhaps the first time that he's admitted that the Ark might be gone, and it draws him up, halts him, and he looks down at his boots. "If all Indra respects is strength, then I saw we kick the shit out of Sonia's scouts. Prove we're worthy of her payin' attention to us. Then try to talk."

"If we need a heda, we give her a heda." Fiona says. "Even if only temporarily, to get done what needs doing. As long as we can all agree for even just that period of time." There's a pause. "We really do need to go forward like the Ark is gone, don't we."

Grey nods slightly at what Fiona suggests, but his brows have already knitted in thought, "So… we know where Sonia's gonna be this evening. We've got rifles." One hand rises so that he can nibble on the edge of a nail, "What if we followed a messenger? Wait until after the time limit passes, then attack. I mean, it's stupid, but… it's somethin' they'd never expect. And it'd show strength." And then he blinks and looks up, "Vote on negotiators again? And what if it's not you or me or Elias or someone else we can trust not to go all crazy?"

Fiona looks uncomfortable with his suggestion. "I think that would escalate rather than alleviate. It's dirty in a way I don't know they'd respect, and might make things worse." There's a fitful smile. "I think I can convince enough people to see things my way, but…Grey, I told Kai I was only on board if you are too, and I meant it. In a way, we're kind of a team."

"Adams brought up a good point earlier." Grey nods over toward the cook tent, evidently some remnant of the discussion he had with the other ex-C, "We can't afford to send someone we need to defend the camp, but we also can't afford to send someone useless. It's a shitty situation." He blows out a sigh of air, wincing a little and pressing a hand to his side after he does, "But I think if we want a chance of doin' anything with Indra, anyone who goes has gotta have the full weight of the camp behind 'em. It can't be another trip to C-Bur with Greery, you, and me. 'Cause from what I heard, Indra doesn't care if we're kids, and she's not gonna talk to anyone who doesn't talk for all of us. So it doesn't matter if I'm behind it or you are or Kai is. It matters if the majority of them," he nods out to the Camp as a whole, "are."

There's a lift of her brow. "So if I bring it to the others, and they want to try, you'll support it?" She adds, "The point was having your back, okay?"

Grey nibbles at his fingernail again, a grimace passing over his features as he thinks, "I don't like the idea of sending people off to die. But it's worth a chance, I guess. Yeah." Letting his head rest back against the dropship exterior, he looks up at Fiona from beneath beetled brows, "What do you think you'd even say to her? I mean, she's heard us say we're innocent."

"No, she hasn't." Fiona points out. "She's heard it from her own people but not any of us." There's a pause. "If she's compelled to believe her own people, part of what we were negotiating with Oxfor were safe landing sites. Why would we bother with that if we intended harm in the first place?"

Grey shrugs his shoulders, "Hearing that her people believe it shoulda been a point in our favor, right? I mean… I already told Oxfor that it was a mistake, that we lost contact before it happened, that the ship launched early, and that hundreds of our people died in the crash too. I'm sure he passed that along." He huffs out a breath, then shrugs again, "I don't know. You're a hell of a lot more convincing than I am, Fi, but I'm afraid this is settin' folks up to die 'cause some grief-mad warrior ain't gonna listen to reason. So if you go, or whoever goes, I think they better have somethin' new to say, but hell if I know what it could be."

Fiona balls up her fists. "We can give everyone the choice, but…you're right. It's kind of gross. I got annoyed with Kai because she wanted Elias to be the one to talk to Indra, but the truth is, I don't have any kind of strategy. My only source is Gideon. Maybe we should rethink this. I just feel like we're missing something."

"Elias is a good talker too. Hell, he almost got through to Cameron once or twice." That causes Grey to smirk faintly, but it fades quickly. "Elias and Kai are like other-us, but, you know, with kissing. I don't think Kai's goin' anywhere without Elias, or vice versa." He shrugs broadly, "I'm a dumb-ass Guard Cadet. You're the political, Fi."

Fiona grimaces. "You make it seem like someone's going to accuse me of being the new Jaha." She rubs her cheek absently. "If I knew what to do, if there was a plan, I could make it happen, but I don't have a plan."

Grey snorts, "We'd be so lucky. Then everyone'd be so pissed at him we could just do whatever we wanted and no one would care." He draws in a slow breath and lets it out in a sigh, "Well shit. This is why trying to be in charge sucks. You gotta come up with the plan. I still say we just kill the hell out of Sonia. But that's because I'm Paris Grey's one and only. But you never know, you get to Indra, you might be able to make her see reason."

Fiona lets out a breath. "I can ask Tuan if he'll try to take us. If nothing else, we'll be a distraction. But you're right, we need to make sure everyone's willing to let me speak for them."

Grey grimaces, "Maybe talk to Tuan," he pauses, "He's the blonde kid?" That 'kid' is older than Grey, but apparently the teen thinks that three weeks on the Ground have aged him longer than 19 years aged Tuan. We remember that his parents were assholes, right? "Why not ask him what convinced him it was an accident? Before you try to get the Camp's approval to commit suicide if you don't have somethin' new."

Fiona flushes. "He probably believed it because of me. Or because he met us at in Coesbur and…I don't know." Fiona gives Grey a hapless shrug.

And that's enough to cause a chuckle from the ex-C, and once more the hand rises to his mouth so that Grey can nibble at the edge of a nail, "Yeah. He decided that the out-of-towners were kinda hot once he got to know 'em." There's more than a faintly knowing grin behind the words. Then again, camp rumor has probably spread Gideon's sleeping arrangements in camp around. "So that means we gotta ask someone less… distracted. Que. If he believes. Huh. You could try askin' Oxfor, if you could get up there safely."

"I don't know that I can make it passed the blockade." Fiona says, "Or rather, do it twice." Her mouth quirks.

Grey nods slowly, "Yeah. That's the problem. I mean, theoretically they're standing down until tonight, but…" he shrugs, "That's dangerous. Just thinking, we're guessin' on what a…" a little chuckle touches his voice, "…an unbiased Trikru might think, when we should just ask one if we can get to one."

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