Day 042: Lip Wylde, Relationship Guru
Summary: Lip provides Tink a therapeutic session on post-motorboating and gets her to finally admit what Reno means to her.
Date: 07/10/2016
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Visitor's Residences - Mount Weather
This is a large, cavernous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow. Bunk beds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.
Day 42 (Prior to Lip Escaping)

Since the game of Truth or Dare, Tink has been going out of her way to avoid Lip. Not because she's mad, but it's just so awkward since he motorboated her in the visitor's residences. She's not being mean about it, but there are awkward excuses when Lip is around and she quickly exits stage right. A guy might start to get hurt feelings about it, but Tink is definitely in avoidance mode.


Lip Wylde has entered the Resi and he makes with the standing in front of the doors as he makes his entrance. He doesn't even look like he's mad but he certainly looks like he's not going to be moving any time soon. And considering that there's only one way in and out of this room he's in a good position for trappings. "I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more!" Lip cracks a smile as he raises a finger in the air for the utmost of dramatics.

"Lip!" Tink bursts out in annoyance, doing a quick look to see if there's anything she can do to escape this confrontation but clearly Lip is not going to let her out till they 'talk' about it. She gets a look of resignation and walks straight up to Lip with a look on her face that gives Lip the impression he might be getting slapped. Her face is flushed, she's not happy to see him and her hands are clenched in fists, "What do you want?" Cause clearly if he's cornering her, he must want something.

"Let's see. Where do I even begin… ah yes! A shuttle to take me back to space and away from all this bullshit. Hm, some more chocolate cake would be nice. Did you know they really upped their baking skills since I complained? I'm like the Chef Whisperer or something. What else, what else. OH! Boobs. I like boobs. But you know that, right? Haha!" Lip takes a moment to shoot her a wink and a finger-gun motion before moving back to his list. "I /almost/ want to see my Mum but she hates me so that won't go to well. Plus, y'know, she's probably dead. Ooooh! Oh! A jetpack would be fucking kickass. I'll take one of those." Lip just grins his usual grin in the midst of being an ass with all these stupid comments. She did, after all, /ask/ him what he wanted, right? "I could probably settle for just breakfast right now, though. Mmmmm."

Tink is trying very hard to be angry at him, trying very hard to be offended about what he did. She gets that itch to slap him silly when he brings up boobs because she knows he's probably thinking about motorboating again. But then he just prattles on about all the thinks that he wants and Tink gets that pained frustrated look on her face, "Lip, I don't have a shuttle to give you or a jetpack. If you want chocolate cake, just go to the dining hall to get some…" And leave her alone so she can exit stage right, "They also might be able to get you breakfast too." She sighs and runs her fingers through her hair, "And boobs? Lip, that is not happening again! Don't even bother fantasizing about it because that was a one time event."

"What's not happening again?" Lip has already moved on from one thing to the other. He doesn't really live through things like this anymore. He just does the move along thing and proceeds to take a moment to lean up against the doors. Just in case there's any thoughts about getting away from him. "But you're like a super genius, right? You can make me a jetpack. Just tell me what you need. I can steal it or something." Lip doesn't seem to think the boobs thing was a big deal. "The girl that runs the storage room? She wants to sex my body up. I can get the materials from her." Lip seems to be really into this jetpack idea.

"Are you really going to make me say it?" Tink asks outraged because to her the motorboating was a big deal. Then again, Tink has limited experience in these matters so it is a big deal, "Fine…you want me to admit it? I will. I'll just admit it." She flushes brightly because she's so mad that he's pushing the issue. She just knows the jetpack stuff is his way of waylaying her. He just really wants her to admit it to him and the world and she wasn't going to but it seems like the only way to get him to leave her alone, "Fine…I liked it okay? In some weird, bizarre twist of fate I liked it!" She holds up her hand and tells him, "But it is NOT happening again." Cause those few minutes where she actually found herself attracted to Lip was just too weird.

"HAH! I knew it! I knew you could make me a jetpack! I'll set everything up! We're gonna' need foil. Lots of foil. And something that makes fire. Like a dragon. Dragons are real, right?" Lip talks so much that he barely knows when someone else has said something. So it comes down the pipeline to his ears late. Which is why he doesn't catch up until he's halfway through his planning process. "Wait, what?" See? "Oh, you mean the whole motorboat thing. Yeah, I figured you would. I'm pretty good at it. Don't think this is weird but I actually learned how to do that from my Mum. She's an amazing motorboater. I saw her do it so lady on the Ark one time? She didn't come up for air for like at least five minutes. I'm not that good. But I'm getting there." Lip grins and looks at Tink with a waggle of his eyebrows. "Did you wanna' help me practice?"

"No!" Tink tells him with her cheeks blushing brightly, "I am NOT going to help you practice." She takes a deep breath and tries to calm down, "It's…look Lip I'm kinda with Reno and it would be very awkward. And we're just not that compatible. I mean…" She doesn't know what she means other than she just doesn't see herself with Lip in anything more than just a quickie in a dark corner where the camera…ohmygodwhatamIthinking. "I'm not like you. I can't put myself out there like that." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, "So just drop it…okay? I mean if you're serious about the jetpack…yeah I can jury rig something but there's a lot of things I need and it wouldn't involve tin foil or dragons…cause dragon's are NOT real."

"Are you sure? I mean, I was in the storage room the other day and there was this documentary about some kid named Pete and his Dragon. It was pretty good. I could show you. I know you genius types need proof. I think VIDEO EVIDENCE is pretty proof-ful!" Lip grins and finally catches up to the first part of Tink's words. "Whoa! You and Reno? Doing the Horizontal Polka? /Nice/! Up top!" Lip reaches out to raise a hand up for some ultimate high-fiving. "I'm happy for you two. You're gonna' make a bunch of baby geniuses. I know it." Lip strokes his chin for a moment. "I wonder if anyone around here can handle my overt sexuality and experience."

"No!" Tink seems to be saying this a lot to Lip in this conversation, "We haven't…" She can't say the S word, "Just some kissing. No horizontal polka or making babies." At this point her cheeks are blazing red, "I don't even know what you mean by up top." Yeah that's a new phrase for her. She looks at Lip and sighs, "I'm just figuring this stuff out. And considering my /limited/ experience, I don't know who I could suggest on that front Lip." She's starting to relax now that the big reveal was given and she admitted what her stupid hormones did, "And this movie…about the dragon. I'd like to see it. Cause everything I read on Old Earth said they're a myth." But it would be cool if dragons were alive. Or maybe not. Dragons are probably just as scary as everything else on this crazy planet.

"You two should really slide to the next step. Sex is awesome. It's like motorboating but like… with jet skis. It's crazy." Lip grins and moves right along to the next step which is trying to stay on topic or something like that. It's really hard staying on topic when talking to someone as cute as Tink. "Eh, don't worry about me. I already know I'm gonna' die sad and alone. But seeing my almost friends happy and together is pretty good too." Lip drops his hand when he doesn't get the high five and moves along. "I'll see if I can get my hands on the video again. There's singing in it. Lots of singing. Which is weird but whatever."

Tink flushes and nods when he mentions that sex is awesome, "I know…sex is awesome." Tink definitely agrees with him there, "And Lip…you're not going to die. I thought we already cleared this up. Cause we are more than almost friends, we are friends." Yep, in some weird way Tink does consider Lip a good friend, motorboating incident aside. She realizes that he wanted her to high-five him a little too late and then apologizes, "Opps..sorry, missed my cue." She holds her hand up for him to high-five her if he wants. Sure it's late on the trigger but she doesn't want him to think she was dishing him. "Singing? I don't know if this is a documentary. How many places have you been where people sing through the halls?" Tink hasn't see that. "It's probably fiction like Sharknado…where these sharks jumped into tornados and then started eating people that the tornadoes came in contact with." And it's clear by the

"There are some stations on the Ark, let me tell you…" Lip doesn't even go back down that road where he listened to Ark people singing. Being Boxed was probably one of the only things that saved his sanity. His hand goes up quickly and he slaps that high five with some extra stank. And then Lip's eyes get as wide as Tink's were during the motorboating incident. "Um. What the /fuck/ is Sharknado?" Lip looks like he's about to have an asthma attack or something. "That sounds like the best thing ever in the history of evers. I want."

Tink gives a big smile when he gives her an enthusiastic high five. She then pads over to where Corporal Vega left the videos and pulls out this dvd that has a picture of sharks in a water spout that's destroying some sea side town, "This is Sharknado. Apparently in this story, a water spout lifts these man eating sharks out of the water and just floods the city with sharks that attack people." She hands it over to Lip, "I don't think the story really works well…it has a lot of holes but it is almost funny." Yeah, Tink feels a little guilty that she found the story entertaining at all.

"Story?! Story?! Who needs a story when there's /Sharks/ in a /TORNADO/?!" Lip snatches up the movie and raises it above his head like he's just acquired the holy grail or something close to it. "Oh my Zod. This looks amazing." He flips it over in his hands and starts skimming the words on the back of the box. "I have to watch this. A hundred times. Right now." Lip is grinning from ear to ear and doesn't even seem to be thinking about boobs for once.

Tink points to the DVD player that was set up and monitor, "Ummm, you can Lip. No one is watching anything right now." She motions to the pillows on the floor where they could flop down to watch it, "I'll watch it with you if you want…maybe not 100 times but at least for the first viewing." Yeah…Tink would never admit this to anyone but she does like the movie. Maybe that makes her uncultured but it's true.

"Well. Alright." Lip hands the box back over to Tink so she can do the movie setting up thing and dives down onto the pillows so that he can get as comfortable as possible. "But hey! No funny business! You're a taken woman. You're gonna' need to resist those primal urges to be all over me." Lip flashes a grin and tosses his hands behind his head.

Tink takes the DVD and uses her mad tech skills to get the movie starting. She walks over to where Lips is laying and plops down, "I'll try to control myself." She gives him a big smile and then settles into the pillows. Hearing Lip refer to her as a taken woman does make her smile, "Well mostly taken…Reno still hasn't asked me out…" Which maybe in hindsight is weird. They're something more than friends and something less than boyfriend girlfriend, "I haven't really defined anything with him."

"Oh come on. Well, technically, we can't go /out/ so it's kinda' hard to ask you out. I mean, we're what, the last people on Earth or something? There's not much dating material. I think it's more of you find someone you love and you just go for it." Lip shrugs and even takes a moment to lean against Tink. Platonic Lean. "Besides, if you wait for Renobot you'll never be a couple. Roll Initiative. You make the first move. We could all die tomorrow so don't wait. Who knows, there may be a Sharknado headed this way."

"Lip…I really care about Reno, but some days I don't know what I want," Tink admits to him softly as she leans against Lip, letting the platonic lean happen. As long as he doesn't try to sneak in a grope, she'll be happy to be his platonic cuddle buddy, "And it doesn't seem right to make the first move if I'm not sure about myself." She frowns as she admits to even herself, "I don't want to hurt Reno. He's so awesome and I would lose my mind if he stopped talking to me. But there's a part of me that doesn't know…what else is out there and I feel pretty guilty about that." She glances over at him, "Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?"

"It absolutely is. I love so many people that I should probably be reboxed for it." Lip shrugs slightly but stays with the leaning. That's the priority. "Nobody's saying you gotta' worry about tomorrow. Actually, you need to stop worrying about tomorrow. We're in a world where we don't know what's happening in the next five minutes. There's no time to figure shit out. At this point, you just gotta' go for whatever you want at the time. And at this time you want Reno. And he's in reach. So… grab him." Lip grins. "Worry about what else is out there after we get back out there."

"Reno likes to make plans Lip…he's really big into future thinking. I think if I did that…if I jumped him…he would assume it meant more than just fucking," Tink tells him softly, not wanting to talk over the dialogue of the movie, "And I want this to be something that he really wants…I have a feeling that if he was halfway there that he'd just go along cause we're so close. And for me it's important that the person is there cause they really want me." She bites her bottom lip, "I've had it happen before where I jumped in and the other person really wasn't into it."

Lip rolls his eyes. "Cheezus Mice. You people and your brains. Am I the only one that thinks with his unmentionables around here? No wonder I'm okay with all this." Lip just grins and offers a small dismissive wave of his hand. "I guess you gotta' do what you gotta' do. No offense but that shit sounds stupid to me. What the hell is the point of being with someone halfway. It's all or nothin'. In or out. That's the way love goes." Lip grins at the monitor screen. "… Or almost love. Whatever you want to call it. All I know is that I want to have this movies babies. This is amazing."

The aforementioned Reno was busy taking a shower and trying not to think about that thing all people think about in the shower. He was human, and had to heed the call. Yup, he was thinking about stabilizing radioactive isotopes by trying to affect them through signal and electrical impulse. Sadly, this was not a euphamisim. But that's what everyone thinks about when they're standing in a current right? Umm… right? He was still soggy and half dressed when he saw it. The tv. If the smack smack smack of dry, but damp feet on the tile floor didn't herald him the dropping of his shampoo bottle. His eyes were fixed on the screen at the peculiar weather pattern and he said "That's a thing?!? Looks like fog isn't the only thing to worry about now." Hhe boggled at these man-eating fish things flying through the air. He picked up his shampoo and boggled at it. "Is… Is that man fighting his way out of it?"

"Thinking with my unmentionables just gets me in trouble Lip," Tink tells him as she sits there on the pillows, watching this bizarre display of fish murder onscreen, "If I gave into every impulse, I would be…" She'd be in big trouble. Tink doesn't want to admit the twisted little fantasies that goes through her brain, "And we're not together half way…" She didn't notice Reno coming back into the room. She was too focused on the movie and her talk with Lip. However, when Reno does speak up, she does flush a bit because they were talking about him and turns to look at him, "Oh Reno…it's just fiction. There's no sharks flying through the air to eat people. It's just a story."

"Reno 911! What's th' haps?!" Lip doesn't seem to be worried about being hugged up with Tink on the floor of pillows watching a movie about Sharks in a Tornado in the least. He's just okay with almost everything. That's either a really great gift or a really bad attitude to have. Who knows. "So. You're wet and half-naked. Perfect time to ask Tink here to be your girlfriend. Here. Take my spot and I'll pause the greatest film known to mankind." Lip grins and rolls out of the way to make room for Reno.

Reno was never not-amazed at the abundance of Earth Lore and Studies Lip mastered inspite of himself. Like a sleeper savant it fascinated Reno many days. He held his frames and squint at the recorded playback on the monitor. To Tink and Lip he said "I dunno. Looks awfully authentic. We certain sub-aquatic things don't fly?" Reno, by circumstance, never got to take Earth Studies which left everything wonderfully interesting, terrifying, and utterly possible. At the assurance that it's a fiction there was a quiet, "Hrmm…" as he processed that looking for signs this was based off of an actual weather event. After all fog DID boil people.

Then Lip was informing him things were going on and he blinked, "I am?" He looked down at himself at least dry enough and said curiously, "It is? Oh!" He had a habit of doing as was asked of him out of reflex so he walked around and sat where Lip had pointed. A curious look went between Lip, and Tink, and Lip again, and Tink. He had the distinct feeling he was part of a discussion without being part of a discussion again. It was Tink who won his attention though making sure this wasn't a 'Lip's clever plan to sabotage someone's cleavage again(tm)'. He blinked at her and said, sitting up clearing his throat totally unsure how to do these things. "Very well, umm… Tin-… Tabitha, I'd enjoy it very much if you would take it upon review to consider the opportunity to allow me to date you….please." Because courtesy counts. He paused and looke to Lip as if he were CLEARLY the expert on all these things, "Like so?"

Tink looks at Lip with surprise and partially horror as he puts poor Reno on the spot and brings up the girlfriend thing. She finds her cheeks burning as Reno starts to talk about the movie that's playing on the screen. She picks up the DVD cover and then shows him the disclaimer that is on the back, "The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental." She shows it to Reno so he doesn't worry about flying sharks coming to attack them, "So what they're saying here is that the movie isn't real. It's just a story…for entertainment."

When Reno agrees to come and sit with them in a towel and him being all naked underneath, Tink gets a look on her face that is a combination of desire, embarrassment and happiness. She's glad that he's agreed to join them. Really, any chance to lean up against Reno is worthwhile in Tink's book. Then he asks. He actually asks Tink if she'll be his girlfriend. Not just a friend, like actual relationship stuff. She blinks as tears well up cause this makes her really happy, "I would like that…I would really like to be your girlfriend."


Lip throws his hands up into the air and waves them like he just doesn't care. Or something like that. He doesn't even seem to be too worried about what's just went down. He grins a little bit more and turns back to the player to unpause it. The moment nobody can see his face it falters just slightly, his eyes flashing with that loneliness that someone like him is forced to always deal with. "Okay, so, I just remembered the movies can't be watched without a delicious crunchy snack." Lip forces his face back into his normal jovial one and turns back towards the newly minted couple. "I'm gonna' hit the Hall. Any special requests?" He doesn't actually expect the other two to hear him as this is probably make out time but he offers anyway.

Reno was nervous as hell, do not let the studious look fool anyone. You could tell, clearly, because his thumbs were fidgety. But she agreed to his request and his ears turned a bit red, but he grinned and said earnestly something not often said enough, "Thanks for that, Lip." His hand found Tink's and he was, relieved, excited and terribly pleased. His eyes did catch something on the back of the movie disc though, and it caused him to squint. "Oh! The box advises pop corn? Maybe see if they have that? Maybe it enhances a viewing." It wasn't the box that had his attention though. It was teh teary young woman that was sitting next to him. "Hey thanks for… the talk yesterday. It helped."

Tink doesn't notice Lip's look because she only has eyes for Reno right now. At his mention of going to get food, she nods absently and tells him, "Ummm…popcorn sounds good." Yeah because she's now is Reno's girlfriend and even though she's probably in the same state as she was before that happened, it just does something for her on the inside. She just feels so special and cared for and she just rushes in to grab the near naked boy across from her and give him a real kiss. Not that gentle, sweet attempts before but ohmygodtheroomisonfire kiss that's designed to melt plastic and other lessor materials. She doesn't even really acknowledge the 'talk' they had earlier because she wants to show Reno just what's lurking underneath the surface of this nerd girl.

Lip leaves the movie paused and proceeds to make his stealthy exit as per usual. He's always loud when he enters a room but always tends to make sure he's quiet when he leaves. He'll probably take his sweet time in the Dining Hall. Gotta' give the happy couple some time to consummate or whatever, right?

Reno was suddenly (and happily) face mauled by a wild Tink. Lip's questo for- was Lip there? Reno didn't notice or even remember that food was a thing. Now it was fair to say that he hadn't the savvy others have on the Ark due to a total lack of integration, but he's heard stories from Max and stories from Shi about how things generally go. Right now he couldn't recall much of their either and left science and theory behind. There was something in the fiber of him that didn't need an instruction manual to figure out himself where Tink was. He was not a lesser material, but he did feel like his skin was glowing feeling alive grinning and surrendering to his feelings. Arms wrapped around her and he didn't try to, for once, over-explain anything. Note: find Lip actual cake.

Tink takes that wrapping of the arms around her as a signal that he's not freaking over her heat. She opens her mouth and urges him to join her because she wants to really kiss. Not just lips on lips but tongue as well. She presses herself up against him, not caring if some latent wetness gets on her dress as they make out in the middle of the visitor's residences. She wraps her arms around him and just holds onto him as they kiss. Tink has been with someone before so she's no novice at the kissing and sexy stuff. But Reno is new. She doesn't know what he likes or doesn't like. She's up for trying it all, cause that's what boyfriends and girlfriends do. They totally make out. Tink knows this. Of course in the haze to affirm the relationship, she doesn't realize that they're in a public zone where anyone can see what's going on.

"Take it off," One of the other 23 cat calls out as they step in from the hallway and sees that Tink is lip assaulting Reno while he's practically naked in a towel, "Take it all off!"

Reno extended an arm and a finger pointing to the peanut gallery and murmured, "Get your own towel or wait your turn." Normally not so confrontational with his peers, but there was something making him feel rather bulletproof right now. He hasn't had that much mettle since Tink was legitimately hurt and he drew a line that was not being crossed. Sometimes? Sometimes he truly surprised himself. If anything the whole surreal situation brought him closer to how he imagined 'normal' life would be and it was wonderful.

The peanut gallery laughs and then moves along, having made their little comments. It appears that the bird worked in getting them to back off and leave them alone.

Tink looks up as he says those words and blinks for a moment, flushing a bit as she realizes someone else said something but Reno made them go away. Reno…she looks up at him like he's the best thing since gravity got discovered. She murmurs against his lips, "It's too bad we don't have a tent." Yeah, there's not much privacy there. She bites her bottom lip and tells him softly, "We could…we could go back to the showers." There's curtains, potentially private space where the two of them could do a little make out without anyone interrupting. She watches to see if he's game.

Reno cracked a grin letting his forehead rest against hers and said with a mumble, "Ya know I was gonna bring that up." There was a confidence to him and an ease that made him really not care what anyone else thought right now, only her. He considered that for a second and ya know what, he found no flaws in this plan. It was actually refreshing to be a teenager acting his own age instead of stressing out over a schematic. if all went well he'd be a 40 year old programmer someday. Right now life was good and about to be better. He was halfway back to where the showers were, he took off his towel and threw it at Darcy who was doing most of the heckling. He could get another towel. For now he made a point that he didn't honestly care about the approval from the peanut gallery, which, from their response, seemed to be positive approval. Hey the 23 were nothing if not encouraging.

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