Day 044: Return Of The Scouts
Summary: The team that left to scout Mount Weather (plus Lip) returns to the Camp Jaha area.
Date: 11 July 2016
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Lake Arkadia, The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
44 Days After Landing

Even if it means looping around to the north and east, it's still quicker to avoid the minor mountain range to the west of Camp Jaha. And so it is that a group of eight returns where seven departed, walking down alongside the lake variably known as Lake Arkadia and Lake Audo. None of them seem to bear new wounds, although they also look like they've been running and walking and living off of adrenaline for the past four days.

Gideon wears her exhaustion like a heavy coat. Her steps are dramatic, as if making sure her toes do not catch on a rock or tuft of grass on this final leg of the journey home. Her quiver is slouched on her shoulder, and her scouts bag beats heavily against her hip. She barely notices that there is a fire going and people are hanging around, until the smell of food catches her nose and her belly gives a growl like a starved panther. She gravitates almost instantly toward the smell, shoving Grey as she goes with a mute, 'Go that way.'

As the group closes, it can be seen that Grey is walking with his right arm around the shoulders of… LIP? Yes, everyone's (least?) favorite lippy ex-Delinquent is back in the fold, even if he's walking like a dead man and Grey is helping keep him upright. At the shove from Gideon, both young men half-stumble in the general direction of the Trikru encampment, with Grey smirking and noting, "Yes ma'am."

Fiona isn't so much staring at him as watching what Khesu is doing. At Benning and Starling's request, she takes a moment to seat herself amongst the baskets, and gingerly begin separating fruit from veg. And if she can't help occasionally sniffing at this or that to try and figure out what it is, but surely no one blame her. It's like she's a little kid, and surrounded by new toys. And then she just happens to look up, and her eyes go wide. "Oh my god." she stands up. "Oh my god! LIP!"

Tired, yes. Hyatt doesn't show it on his face, however. Along with the others, the veteran warrior puts one foot after the other to carry himself to the Trikru camp by the lake. There is nothing energetic in his step despite the facade of being able to march another 20 kilks. When he smells food and hears the crackle of fire, though, his shoulders slump finally and he does show signs of heavy fatigue. It has been a long trip indeed, but it has come to a close. The tall man makes his way over to the camp with a more staggered step now.

Lip? Morgan looks over at Fi to see what she's talking about then follows her gaze. He takes a step forward when he sees that the scouts have returned and then his own eyes widen when he sees Lip. And… no one else. Where's the rest of them? Where's Cam? Why are they bringing back only Lip? "Where are they?" he asks regardless of them not being close enoughto hear. "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?" That was loud enough.

Kai is operating on the dregs of adrenaline, it's true, her ash streaked face wearing it's weariness like a shroud but as the group returns she can't help but search the gathering with silent, probing eyes and a grim expression. There's more than a few that she's looking for right now, but it's Morgan she gravitates towards. In an odd gesture reaching for the medtech's hands as she approaches him,"He's alive." are the first two words she breathes to him, the girl that normally loathes physical contact squeezing his hands in reassurance.

Pontus was used to running lean and ragged. This was putting that to an extreme. The spear that was ever in hand on the stalwart scout was being used as a walking stick. He was tired as hell, covered in ash and fatigue; his face was a scarred and somber sight. Robust as they were, he was even leaning heavy into those steps. Because if you stop moving one's legs might refuse to start up again, but he kept going.

For Jumar's part, he's in his overalls and using a device to test the water. The results are in though… and now the scouting party is back. Unlike the others, however, Jumar does not act surprised. Instead? He waits for Grey to come over to the camp area, then heads over to intercept… "Camera, please. I've got a whole bunch of work to do from here and I can't waste time."

Supper was almost done, roasted rabbit, grilled dove, veggies and some type of bread like pancake. All this Starling and Benning were doing, that is till there are yells and questions, and Starling is almost scared to look. But she pulls pots from the fire, moves things so they don't burn and only then does she turn to see what it is all about. That is when her eyes set on Pontus and her breath catches, but she is frozen to where she stands before finally her voice raises, "<In Trigedasleng> Come to the fire, there is food and drink.." She offers that comfort, a voice most of them know.

Benning immediately starts putting together plates for the exhausted eight, making sure to give them a healthy portion of meat, veggies and fruit since they look beat from being on the road, "Here…" She hands them up, giving them out as fast as she can put them together.

Gideon does not seem to mind if Grey and Lip stumble, but she is starving. So starving, she doesn't even seem to care about anything else. Morgan yelling, Kai comforting, Jumar demanding his camera. "By the Flame, let us eat. And then we can actually talk." She then steps up to Benning, and loops her arm around her sister's shoulders and squeezes her close. She even kisses Benning's head. She is certain her sister will think her crazy, but then she takes a plate and goes to find a place to sit near her uncle. She immediately digs in, using her fingers to tweeze hot foods into her mouth.

Fiona abandons her chore - sorry, Starling, because she's sprinted and pretty much tackled Lip in a hug. She's not quite crying, but pretty damn close. She'll be a minute or two.

"They're all alive." Grey looks around the crowd pressing around the group, "Hey, hey, a little space." He passes Lip off to Fiona, probably to the young man's delight once he ceases to be semi-catatonic, and digs into his cushion-seat and seatbelt messenger bag to hand the camera over to Jumar. "It got whacked. We got a way in, maybe. And we got news for the kruheda and the Chancellor." He adds to Kai's reassurance to Morgan, "Lip says they're all alive. We'll get him out, Morgan." Taking the plate after Gideon's, he nods to Benning, "Much-off." He's still murdering his Trigedasleng words, but at least 'thank you' is almost recognizable.

If he's going to eat, he'd better do so fast. Indra is around here somewhere. Hyatt takes the plate from Benning and dips his head in a nod to the young woman. "Mochof," he utters quietly on his way to the fire. Not one for many words, he turns then and makes his way to the other side of the fire so that the rescued Lip can reunite with his people. He seems more than comfortable going off on his own with his plate, digging in eagerly while others waste their mouths on talking.

Khesu moves to stand as the others are returning. His dark eyes take in his fellow Trikru and he then leaves the fire. Hyatt gets a nod and makes it in all right but it is t Pontus he goes, "<In Trigedasleng> Where is Gideon?" Aye, he's looking for his niece and wants to see that she is all right. Eye contact is made with various of them as Khesu moves out along the line of exhausted scouts and Skaikru. And there she is! Relieved, he stands aside to allow the last of them to come to the fire. "<In Trigedasleng> Let them sit around the fire." Gideon is directed to sit and lean back against Khesu's bedroll but her uncle goes to see if there is anything in the camp for them to drink besides water.

Jumar takes the camera with a nod, then. "Good job." Then Grey gets a look, "We went with option two, by the way." Grey will know what that means. Jumar however, looks around the newly alive Trikru camp, and realizes Indra will probably be starting a fireworks show soon. "I'll let you all get back to your regularly scheduled not dying." With that, Jumar is off, with a casual, " I'll scrub this and get back to you. Mountain isn't invincible after all, Grounders," as he heads out.

Pontus searched the busy camp. There was a voice though that struck out at him in the familiar. Slate grey eyes watched the Skaikid, Lip, get dragged into his own camp. He voiced no words on it. They'd use whatever craziness they felt they needed to patch him up. Jigsaw? He turned and gravitated in a slow even stride that lacked energy over to the camp and just stared at Starling for a long moment. He might have been pissed, or angry, or missing a few screws, who knows. There was a whole conversation that was not being said though. She got a respectful nod and he sat easing to a stop on teh stump. When Khesu addressed him a finger went byways pointing where the sisters were reuniting. Apparently she was with Benning. The spear rest in his hand but finally he reached over to prop it safely against something. Elbows found knees, and he leaned forward to let his head hang between his shoulders. Hot damn his feet were sore and his lower back was screaming, but they could sit still. Mission… was presently somehow complete. Funny… he didn't seem thrilled about this.

It only takes Khesu a few moments to go to Starling's wagon and bring back mead. Cups are also somehow produced. The quiet warrior starts filling and handing them around.

Kai taking Morgan's hands makes him look at her and away from Grey, the automatic target for blame. "Where is he?" he asks, not quite calmly but 'he's alive' did at least get him to untense a little. "Why…" Is Lip here and not Cam? "What happened?" And then Grey is sort of answering that question already. "A way in? Was it in a tunnel where Reapers live? Britt just mentioned they live in tunnels and since the Mountain Men make them, it makes perfect sense. They can control them and use them as guards. So how did you get through the mist? Did you get a sample? We need to seal the rovers against it, kill all the Reapers, then blow up the entrance into the mountain." Then the blood will flow.

Starling takes the last plate that Benning dished up for the new comers and moves with slow steps towards Pontus, that conversation of a connection with eyes and no words goes on for a very long time before she young woman settles herself next to him and places the plate in her lap the mug taken from Khesu with a smile and its also sat next to Pontus. The goings on, the talk from Morgan and all that? Ignored or to be thought of later as Starling finally turns to Pontus and reaches up with a soft hand to lay gently along his jaw, a gesture that might spark some memory in the very tired Scout.

"There's no 'may' about it. That was a door. Whether or not we can get to it again we'll see." Kai can't help but fire back at Grey with aggrieved exhaustion even as her grey eyes stay on Morgan,"Still inside. No sample. And yes." it was a little reeling to have words she hadn't uttered confirmed, but her gaze is shifting off already,"Wren?" she asks,"And Eli. I need to sit down." she offers as she let's Morgan's hands go to stumble in the direction of the fire and food. If it's a victory it's not one that shows in her expression and the slump of her shoulders, definitely.

Gideon slouches happily where she is directed, and continues to eat with her fingers. She is basically inhaling the food, so it is a shame that Benning and Starling probably cooked a flavorful meal. It is bypassing her tastebuds entirely. She looks up at Morgan, cheeks fat with a mouthful of meat and vegetables. "Please, Morgan kom Skairku… it has been a long day… let's sit, and eat, and then we can discuss and plan. But, we are tired." She looks toward Kai, and something in her gaze suggests that the Archer needs to speak with the girl at some point, but she is more focused on her food.

Fiona lets Lip get taken into the camp with promises to see him as soon as she can. Turning back, she moves to Morgan and puts a hand on his shoulder, or at least tries to, if he doesn't shrug her off or avoid her. "Morgan. They've been going pretty hard. Let them have a few minutes so they can think clearly and calm down so they can give you the best information."

Benning returns Gideon's hug and continues to hand out the food with a smile, she has a plate set aside for her self but the travelers come first, "It's good to see you sister." She looks at Morgan with sadness when she realizes his Niron was not rescued but says nothing on it. She can tell the warriors have much to tell but it can come after their needs have been seen to.

There's noise outside Wren's tent. And he can't meditate when in the middle of all this noise. So he pokes his head out, blinking at the sight of the scouting group having returned. Well, they all look alive enough enough and nobodies missing, so it must've gone well enough, yeah? So he emerges more fully, stepping forward. "You're all alive. Good."

The calling of Gideon's name causes Grey to square his shoulders, but when the big man calling it does no more than check her over, he relaxes. And then there's Jumar again, and Grey nods wearily, "Two. Okay. Defensive." He's apparently too tired to really argue at this point, shoving food into his mouth and chewing. Dropping down onto a log by the fire, he groans as he takes his weight off his feet, "There's plenty to tell. For now, he's alive, Morgan. That's what's important. They're all alive. And we're one step closer to gettin' 'em back."

There aren't enough cups but Khesu takes the last one to Gideon. He sits down next to her and holds it until she's ready for it to be handed to her. He has kept none for himself and asks no questions. Instead he merely watches the others and listens, his stern face grave as his eyes slowly roam over them all.

Pontus closed his eyes and drank near abouts the entire damn - nope, the whole mug in one long continuous pull from it. He swallowed like he was watering the desert floor. Starling's hand laid on his cheek and he spoke up (it speaks?!) and a very dry voice said, "<In Trigedasleng> You don't want to know what's on that…box-head-thing of Grey's" Camera, ya Luddite. Ah well he was working with what he had. He looked up to Gideon and gave her a nod sitting still. He set the mug down and gave one of Starling's hands a squeeze before teeth tore into the meal laid there for him.

Khesu's nod is returned, but Hyatt busies himself with eating for the moment and recuperating. There will be time enough to visit family in Tondc once things have transpired that must. Mostly the punishment that will be levied. There is the occasional look up to the others, but he remains quiet as ever.

Morgan looks from Kai to Gideon to Grey, just standing there before he stiffly walks over to sit down and wait. He's not hungry any more.

There's number two. Kai gives Wren an exhausted smile as she scans him, but there's Gideon eyeing her and seats to be had and she elects to drop onto one of the logs and smooth her hands over her head, waiting with tired patience for receipt of food so that she can scoop it out with her fingers. Ash and sweat flavored. Tasty. She elects to be silent for the moment for all that her eyes stray towards the tent over near the hothouse with a quiet sigh.

Starling leans up and kisses Po's cheek and then takes his cup and heads towards the mead she brought, she pours another glass and then moves to something that Khesu probably didn't find and pulls out four leather cups/skins and fills each carefully, one is given to Khesu, one to Morgan, one to Benning and then she moves back over to Po and puts the glass down without a word, there for when he needs it. There would have been enough glasses for all those who returned and now everyone else should have been taken care of. When her brother comes out of his tent, she pauses before she sits down and dishes up a few more plates, one is also seat by Morgan and Fiona and then one is taken to him. She eyes him a moment, leans in for a hug, hands him the plate, points to a log and then goes to settles next to Po again.

Benning goes and takes a seat next to her sister, grabbing her own plate of food that is cooling and starts eating. She also grabs the glass of mead that Starling gives her and sits down, content to eat in silent until the travelers are ready to talk.

Gideon tucks back into her food, eating heartily. She takes a cup of mead, and begins to drink to wash the food down. Then she breathes out a heavy exhale, feeling her entire body relax as the food and wine warms her belly. She glances over toward the others now, and she finally shakes her head at Morgan. "We know nothing about what the Maunon use the Reapers for… but we do know that they do… ah, administer…" She had to pause to hunt for the word. "… some kind of liquid here…" She pats two fingers against the side of her neck. "They also appear to be…" And her throat tightens. "Feeding the Reapers… feeding them Trikru." Then she shakes her head. "I believe Lip kom Skaikru knows more, but…" And her gaze slides to Grey to let him fill in that blank.

Grey shovels more food into his mouth, chewing, swallowing roughly, and then slumping a little casually so that his right shoulder leans against Gideon's left. Screw 'em if they can't take it. He looks up to Pontus as the man speaks his name, his eyebrows lifting slightly, then he looks back to the rest of the group, "Still got reports to make, and I wanna make sure Lip's okay." He follows up on Gideon's words, "But he was taken right after the Battle at the Dropship. He's still pretty mad at Trikru. And the rest of the Skaikru."

"O-kay." Wren wasn't expecting to get food just put in front of him, but it's not like he's going to really say no to it. The hug is returned and the big man doesn't look any worse for wear. There's a bandage peeking out from his chest and the swelling/bruising has gone down on his neck. So whatever he was doing with hunting Reapers went well. Right, right, sitting down where his sister points, casting a slow glance at the others. "So." he starts, but taking a moment to listen. "Appears that things were found, yes?"

Pontus let Starling kiss hi s cheek. He was tired. Off. There was a look though that was haunted and beleaguered. He listened to Gideon's recount and said to Morgan, "It was red. They …put it in the Reapers. Standing quiet. Turned… angry. Crazy. Maybe making them. Make our people food? No…" His jaw tightened and he looked to Wren. There was for certain a conversation there pending. He did look Wren over and take acute notice of the difference between old wounds when he left and new ones. Finally a satisfied nod followed.

Morgan glances down at the cup Starling hands him then drinks it all down in one breath. More? Looking over as Gideon talks, he listens then nods. "Yeah, we found a strange chemical in their blood and noticed the marks on their neck. Obvious hypospray." That's why he was checking the necks on each of the dead ones. "We didn't have proof but it made sense. We might be able to reverse it in the freshly created because it damages their brains over time. We need live Reapers to test it on though." So they can cure Cam if they use it on him.

Khesu accepts the cup from Starling and inclines his head in thanks. He tastes it but waits as he listens, slow to go and get himself any of the food. Gideon's words startle him, "Feeding Reapers our people?!" Aye, where he is normally quiet, -that- draws anger at once out of him! He almost rises at once to his feet, but to what purpose? Khesu sits tensely, his baritone dropping, "My Lila. If they took her to feed to the Reapers… " Oh aye, his dark eyes betray even darker thoughts.

Kai can't help the curl of her lip, for all that she doesn't actively look at Grey or Lip for that matter, in favor of scooping more food into her mouth. Not that it's likely to be a surprise that the Skaikru-gone-Trikru might just have an opinion about it. Wren is asking a question, though, and she nods at him,"A lot of things." she restricts her answer to quietly, elbows propped against her own knee's so she's hunched over her plate eating methodically. Khesu's outburst has her grey-eyed shifting his way to stare intently, like the teenager thoroughly shares the sentiment, even if right now she's battling fatigue to express more than weariness.

Benning gets up from where they're all sitting and goes to her tent, it takes her a few moments but she finds some more mead that she was traded for some arrows a while back. She comes back with the two bottles, tops off her own glass and then starts passing them around to those that want more to drink.

Starling blinks slowly at some of the news, her face goes pale for half a moment and she looks towards Pontus, really wanting him to say it's not true. But then she takes a deep breath and her eyes narrows slightly, it's clear sitting isn't going to do it for the young woman and she simply stands again, a hand trailing down Po's shoulder and she goes to refill mugs and plates. She has not ate or drank, but it's doubt she can now, no she makes sure everyone has as much as she has brought. When she gets to Khesu, "Stop those thoughts right now Khesu.." It's said very softly but said nevertheless as she squeezes his shoulder tightly and then moves to refill Morgan's cup. She notices Benning bringing more and nods towards her with a tiny smile. They are a good team after all. But finally with nothing to do again, she curls between Po and her brother and listens.

"Lip found one when he escaped." Grey has nearly polished off his plate of food, chewing steadily when others are talking. He nods to Morgan, "I'll get one, if I can find one. I'm sure even Kane'll let the Guard to help." Khesu's words draw his attention over for a moment, and then he looks over to Starling, "I say keep thinking them. The Mountain destroyed a village. It took my friends. It's controllin' Reapers. It's feedin' Trikru to 'em. There's only one thing you do to people like that. You kill the ever-living shit out of them. And to do that, Skaikru and Trikru've got to work together."

A look at Pontus, then at Kai, which results Wren in paying a little more attention than usual. The revelation about the Reapers has him raising a brow, specifically at Morgan. "So this is what you didn't want to share." he observes slowly. "And I take the scouting party affirmed your…theory." That last word is still spoken a bit oddly, being new to him. Still, he takes this whole thing into consideration for a long moment. "Unbearable. Unthinkable." he finally says, giving his opinion on it all in two words. Still, nothing he can do about it, getting angry over something he can't change doesn't help. Given that, he's still thinking about something, finally eyes falling on Gideon, taking note of her mood as well. There's question there, but it's going unsaid for the moment.

Morgan looks up at Starling as she refills his cup and this time he nods his thanks before looking back at Grey. Jaw clenched, he nods at what the Guard says. "We're going to get in that fucking mountain and yes, we're going to have guns with us. Are you going to come help us kill them?" he asks, looking from one Trikru to the other.

"On that, we agree." Kai chimes in for Grey's words, though there's something in her expression that says that's about as far as the bro-vibes are going at present. The girl finishing off her plate and setting it aside so she can lean back and look at Wren, Morgan, Gideon, and finally around the gathering, first licking her fingers and then wiping whatever's left off on her pants because right now she's running on negative fucks to give about that sort of thing as her restless eyes trail back to Wren, lips pressed into a thin line. It doesn't take a genius to know her feelings on the matter but the Second very clearly is restraining herself from making a commitment without his permission.

Pontus sat very still. Tired… and everything he cared for to the core of him defiled before them. It was an image one didn't forget. His eyes turned to Grey and said coldly. "Every…single… one of them…" Apparently he, Grey, and Khesu and any other Trikru with a pulse, were on the same page. His look went back to Wren. He willed himself (and yes it was will alone) stood up and squeezed Wren's lesser injured-side shoulder. He murmured something to him. He looked to Starling indirectly and gave her a nod. Gideon was back with Benning and Khesu… good. The loud kid was quiet. Awesome. He was going to to find a place under a wagon and crash.

Benning finishes her meal and then starts to gather the plates of those that are finished so she can clean up. She passes her sister and kisses her on the brow, "I am glad you are home." And then continues to play mother hen to the group. Eventually, as the voices of the warriors go to discuss what happened, Benning gives them space to discuss their plans. From what she's overheard already, she is already disturbed by what goes on under the Mountain. She knows that her people can no longer live in it's shadow and allow it to take their people and feed them to Reapers…or even make their people into Reapers. Blood must have blood…the Mountain is way over due.

Khesu is too angry and tensed up now to sit and eat his supper. He knocks back his cup of mead in one go and then gets up, leaving Gideon's side. Having lost his Houmon still grieves him, but maybe having lost her to the mountain to feed her and their unborn child to Reapers, that makes him sick and furious to even think it possible. The cup gets tossed into the dark and the tall warrior with his bow and quiver, and long handled war axe, leaves the camp fire to walk off into the night, wishing to be alone with his thoughts.

Grey hesitates a moment at Pontus' cold words, his mouth working. "There's gotta be kids in there, man." Apparently, even a matricide has his limits. "If anyone's innocent, it's a kid." Kai's agreement causes his lips to twist a little sourly as well. As Benning comes by Gideon to kiss her brow, he looks up, "Thank you for the food." And then he makes it more general, to those around the fire, "Thank you all for the food. I should go tell my people what we know too." He rises slowly, putting a hand on Gideon's shoulder and squeezing. There's a moment when he almost says something to her, and then he just offers up a smile before he starts to step back from the fire.

There's Jumar again. This time, he's changes out of his Engineer's overalls and back into a white shirt and jeans and sandals. Does he has any other clothing? There is, however, a satisfied smile on his face as he heads over to the camp and looks around. Crossing his arms… "so, I remember there being something about an offer of food? I have… stuff… being worked on at the camp, and need to wait for it… so figured I'd come out and take up that offer. I've never actually had Grounder food before."

Gideon has fallen asleep, plate in her lap. She barely murmurs slightly when Benning kisses her cheek. She rocks forward slightly, and then back, balancing nicely on her tailbone — the classic pose of anyone who has been on the move for a long time, not willing to just fall asleep laying flat, because the enemy might be upon them at anymore. But, she's out… like a lightbulb.

Benning was about to head off to her tent but seeing that there's a new person at their fire, looking for food, she starts to fix him a plate and then pours him a glass a mead, "Well then…sit and eat and join in the conversation." She makes sure he has what he needs. I will be putting the rest in the basket for others…if any wishes more. She grabs a blanket and lays it over her sister who seems to be sleeping by the fire tonight. She looks down at her sad, disturbed by the news going about. It's clear she's not staying for Jumar to finish his meal and wishes to distance herself, "Have a good evening Jumar Beck-in-son."

Morgan drinks down his mead and sets the cup next to him before standing up. He'll get details later, after he watches the video once it's ready. Giving a general nod, he heads back to the station needing some alone time.

Kai's not satisfied by Wren's noncommittal response, but though there's a stiff nod from the Second she keeps her mouth shut, for now, dragging her hands to her lap and balling them up before folding her torso along her knee's so she can stare at the fire.

And there are Gideon's eyes, completely closed to whatever Grey might be trying to get across. He chuckles a little dryly, and when Benning comes over with the offer of the blanket, he instead, crouches down, getting his arms under Gideon's back and behind her knees and lifting her up with a groan that has more to do with his own weariness and his still-healing left arm than anything else, and inquires of Benning, "Where's her tent?"

For once, Jumar is in the camp. Evidently, he's hasn't seen the video itself yet though, as he doesn't pipe up on anything. He simply starts to tentatively take test bites of what's given to him before he grunts, "not bad." Jumar gives a solid look, finally to everyone around him. "if this is what 'scouting activity' entails… I count myself lucky I became an Engineer."

Kai's eyes flit towards Jumar. She mostly might not have been paying attention to his arrival, but the grey-eyed girl is apparently even more full of scowl and irritable right now than on a good day. Still, it's an effort to try and get to her feet, more of one than she's happy with, certainly it's slower and stiffer than usual, though she drawls with only moderate annoyance at the engineer,"Wait until you see the video."

Grey gets the directions from Benning, carrying Gideon back to her tent awkwardly. A minute or two later, he reappears, zombie-walking his own bad self back into Camp Jaha.

"From the way everyone looks, I wouldn't be surprised if you all found a nuke plant and learned it's going into meltdown in a few days." Jumar adds cheerfully as he chomps down some more, "though I have no idea if any of them are still around, thinking on it. I should check the database."

"Try the rest of the hundred are alive, and in the hands of people that keep crazed fucking cannibals as pets." Kai grunts flatly for the engineer as she stretches, groaning as bits of her still healing ribs protest at the idea,"That in addition to murdering the Trikru with missiles for generations those sick fucks have been making them Reapers, and from the looks of it, feeding those that don't survive that to the ones that do.. and that our friends are still fucking in there while bureaucracy does it's thing." she let's her hands drop, and given that the fire's mostly empty elects to add,"And try that the kruheda is going to make the Trikru that chose to go and scout it suffer for disobedience, and knowing this.. they chose to go anyways, to bring information that you, Lip and the others want to play lord and master with." not that she has an attitude about it or anything, shaking her head and muttering something under her breath as she endeavors to step over her chosen seat like she's going to walk away.

Jumar listens to Kai's rant with slight detachment. Jumar isn't nearly as interesting on verbal sparring matches these days, so he simply stays quiet during the whole thing. Besides… Kai made her choice weeks ago. He does say, however. "Sounds like the video will be a grand old time, then." He pops a bite of what he's eating. Chomp.

Finally done with the day's work on the garden, Elias wanders his way out towards the Trikru camp with a tired sort of gait. While the majority of the gathering seems to have dispersed, the young man does catch sight of the returned scouting party. The pace of his feet picks up a bit as he approaches and looks around for Kai first and foremost. Upon spotting her, he makes his way at a light jog towards her while doing his best to avoid any of the others that might be walking around the area. "Kai!" he greets her with a smile.

"Sounds like we're already sitting in front of the Mountain two-point-oh." Kai elects to sneer at the engineer derisively,"So glad to know we saved the worst of old world imperialism and manifest destiny. But hey, not your people so why should you care?" fortunately she's distracted by Elias' arrival and makes her way over to him to slump her head tiredly on his chest,"They're alive, Eli. Twenty-two in the Mountain, plus Lip. I.. green Eden I hope the Heda agrees to go to war with the Maunon now."

Still not electing to take any of the bait for now, Jumar let's Kai continue. "Uh huh." Yep, nothing's breaking Jumar's good mood today, not even Kai being ridiculous. "Food is good, at least." Is all he elects to say. Then Elias comes around, "Yep, looks like they survived." Chomp. "How's the garden going?"

Elias blinks at Kai's words to Jumar, despite clearly being happy to see her. The smile fades a little bit at her words, but he does keep his eyes on her for the moment. Although there's a hopeful look to the idea that their people are still alive, there is clearly some worry there as well. "Wait. Lip's back? What happened?" A glance is cast to Jumar and Elias gives a nod of his head in his directing in way of greeting. "Going good, so far," he says in an exhale, still breathing a bit heavier than normal from his jog over. "Just a matter of keeping everything watered and monitored."

"Wow." Kai can't help but breath at Jumar's complete lack of anything resembling compassion, for all that she barely slants a look his way before grunting at Eli,"Yeh, Lip's back. We found a way in Eli, and so much more. So, so much more. We've barely stopped the last four days and the scouting party is still going to have to deal with the kruheda.. tomorrow, I hope.. but whatever punishment she brings, it was worth it." she sighs,"Man I wish I was in Tondc.. I could really do with a bath right now."

"Wow is one way to put it." Jumar agrees, though probably not in the way Kai probably hoped. "Kai is getting ahead of herself. Grey said they *might* have a way in. I'll probably be able to get something resembling solid information soon enough." Chomp. Finished, Jumar stands, replacing the wares given next to him. "Glad to hear it. I'm planning to resume forge work soon. If you need help with anything minor let me know… but I have a number of projects to deal with, so I can't be of hours of use." With that, Jumar starts to head back to Camp Jaha.

A curious glance is cast from Kai to Jumar. Elias obviously didn't catch the context of that conversation on his way over. His eyes settle on Kai once again and he gives a tilt of his head slightly. "So the others are still inside?" he asks her with a raise of his brows. Taking a deep breath then, he looks worried once more. "Alive, though. Alive is good." There is another look back over to Jumar and he nods to him. "Well…let's stay optimistic about that way in. No problem, though. I think I've mostly got it under control. So far." He looks back to Kai then with an inquisitive expression.

"Funny how the guy who wasn't there seems to consider himself an expert on what we saw. Cos I was there, and I saw it. And let's see.. door with an electronic lock with a clean room beyond? Check. Guy in a hazmat suit that retreated into that area to escape from us? Check. Chute that dropped Lip basically at our feet? Huh.. you know what.. yep. But of course, you know everything, Beckinson, you smugly superior little prat. I've known rocks with more humanity than you." there's a slow nod of her head for Eli as she dismisses Jumar from her immediate concern,"I need to lay down, I don't feel like I've slept in days, and two of those days I've had to put up with Lip being himself.. and tomorrow I get to find out what the kruheda's going to do to all of us. But right now? I just want to rest, okay?"

Even that doesn't phase him. "never said I knew everything, Ms. impulsive. The plan is to check the video, then interview Grey and anyone else on the scouting party willing to fill in the gaps so I can get a solid report of potential weaknesses to the people who can actually act on that knowledge." Jumar comments almost out of sight, "but it sounds like you're not interested in that, so I'll leave you out of it, if it pleases you." jumar heads for the Camp proper.

Elias looks bewildered and shocked slightly at Kai's words. Not /too/ shocked, all things considered. He blinks after Jumar as the young man is making his way back to Camp Jaha. The exchange between the two does seem a touch awkward at this point, without precise context. Snapping out of it then, he shifts his attention once again to Kai and nods his head. "Yeah, of course. Do you need to eat something first? I have toiletries in the tent and all that so…while it isn't a hot bath, you'll at least be able to wash the funk off." There's a more playful smile conveyed to her then. "Your feet are probably a crime against humanity right now." Another look is given to Jumar then as he stalks off, his expression curious. "Eh…what was that all about?" he asks Kai a bit more quietly.

"I am continually astounded by the nonchalant arrogance of that lot." Kai grunts for Elias,"Never mind how many years of study I've had in tactics and military history, that I'm the one that's actually been out there, oh no.. him and his, they know best. It's all so easy to be free of compassion when all you're doing is looking at information other people's blood and sweat has purchased.. and he has the gall to sit there and eat their food and pass judgment on those who did the fucking work. I'm getting tired of it, Eli. No.. I've passed tired on it. They don't care because it's Trikru people and Trikru blood. Fuck, he didn't even care that the hundred are alive in there.. and yet I'm the one they call a traitor?" she blows out a breath,"Fuck it, what do I care? Makes it easy for me. I ate.. and how about you do that? And I shall sleep, because my legs feel like soy paste right now."

Elias squints a touch and reaches out to take Kai's hand so that he can lead her in the direction of the tent out by the garden. Once he's managed to get hold of that hand, he starts in that direction. "Mm," he sounds, thoughtfully. "Everyone thinks they have the answer. I don't know that I have a better one, but I'm studying…as it were." The young man continues along towards the tent with Kai in tow. "Get some rest. We'll talk in the morning, alright?" They both disappear off into the tent eventually.

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