Day 081: Rinnan And Veks Arrival
Summary: Rinnan and Veks arrive at New Coesbur
Date: 18/08/16
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Eastern Shore, Lake Audo — The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Audo— or known as Lake Arkadia the Skaikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, beyond the looming broken torus of the Skaikru's Alpha Compound on the opposite shore. The eastern shore is more grassy than forested, possessing more of a meadow in the mountain valley. The road that leads into the valley divides off, one fork leading to Camp Jaha, and the other this way toward the Trikru settlement of New Coesbur.
Day 81

Note: This scene occurs in Trigedasleng.

The late summer afternoon trudges toward suppertime with the same stolid pace as the small band on the road toward New Coesbur. Three or four horses, a few travelers on foot, and a creaking, clattering wagon covered over with a patchwork tarp of waxed leather.

Riding one of the two horses pulling the wagon is Veks. Having abandoned the wagon's seat for its lack of comfort, he now rides upon a makeshift saddle built around the horse's harness, and looks… well, differently uncomfortable. Head ducked down and hand up to shield against the sinking sun, he looks around at the mostly-unbroken land around them, then calls to Rinnan, "S'gotta be it, those buildings up ahead." Well. Proto-buildings. They /do/ look new instead of crumbled from time, which suggests they're nearly there, rather than about to pass another trace of pre-war city.

Rinnan nods in sweaty, grim agreement with Veks, from atop her saddle. The late summer humidity makes for a not so pleasant day on the road, and Rinnan looks about as thrilled to be on her horse as ever. "…Seems to match Britt's directions," she agrees listlessly, reaching up to scratch on her sweat filmed cheek with a slightly ill humor. Her gaze turns towards Lake Audo, her expression narrowing in envy of every water abiding being that gets to hang out in its waters as their central going concern in life.

Britt's borrowed tent is on the outskirts of the village. She's currently sitting out in front of it, cleaning and sharpening her sword. Her face bears the telltale signs of strain from her still-healing wounds, a little pale to boot. But she looks up when she hears the wagon approaching, squinting a little against the sun. "Heya," she calls out in greeting to them once they're in range.

Kai's coming up from the rear of the wagon at a relatively casual limp, for her, eyes shielded at least briefly against the sun to check out who and what might be arriving this time. For once not clad in her armor, despite having her sword and bow with her.. she's also absent anything to show for her novice hunting skills.

By Trikru standards, Veks will always be on the pale side. Case in point — the day's ride has reddened the bridge of his nose and patches on his forehead and cheeks. He's scanning the broad meadows with a dubious look that only seems to get more unconvinced as they reach the first signs of settlement. Spotting Britt brightens his expression, and he lifts a hand to her, waving as he calls back: "So where's the bathhouse?" Smirk. He picks up the reins and starts guiding the wagon toward a patch of crumbled, grass-choked asphalt to park on.

Rinnan can't help but frown a little at Britt as she and Veks and their load pull up to a stop at the edge of the old new Coesbur. It's a brief frown of concern for the Gonaheda and likely the lingering state of her recovery before she looks over at Veks with sweaty distraction. "I'm getting in that lake and never coming out," she advises him, at least her bath house found. Kai's approach flags in her awareness, the warrior twisting slightly in her saddle to gain a better look at the Second on approach. She raises a hand in greeting at her, flashing her as much of a smile as the heat will allow.

Britt lifts a hand back at him. "You passed it on the way in." She gestures toward the lake with a smirk. "Finally decided to join us now that half the work is done, huh?" She's teasing, of course, since there is a ton more work left to do. "Hey Kai," she calls to the younger woman as well.

"Hey." Kai offers with an upnod as she scuffs her way over to the trio, pausing to itch absently at the latest scar on her neck with a vague grimace,"Other side of the lake 's full of Skaikids.. most of them probably aren't going to want to try and swim to this side though." she elects to advise as fair warning with a grimace before adding on,"It didn't used to get this hot, is this.. normal? I swear it's getting worse."

Veks's smirk edges toward a toothy grin as he looks from Rinnan, to the lake, then back again. "I got an ice saw to dig you out after first freeze," he reassures her, before returning his attention to halting the pair of horses and the wagon. Once they settle, he hops off with a grunt and starts into a series of overdramatic, groaning stretches. Tough life, guiding a wagon to New Coesbur. While half-stooped, he squints back at Kai and gives a snort to her comment. "Let 'em try. Fatten the fish up for winter." He straightens and pushes his hands into his sweaty hair, pulling it up off the back of his neck. "You're well?" This to Britt, accompanied by a not-so-subtle concerned look.

Rinnan nods sagely at Kai's advisory about other half of the lake's even if her eyebrows wander slightly north in thought. "They can swim?," she asks, the question largely rhetorical in its bearing abot the many unconsidered details of Sky Clan. Apparently, their appreciation for bodies of water now entered on some ledger of 'True Facts about the Sky Person'. Her attention drifts back to Britt as Rinnan returns the last moments of whatever reserve for patience she has being astride Horse, opting to slide out of her saddle.

"Has Galle decided to relocate here?," she asks Britt, a side stepping approach to stealth fussing over your Gonaheda, while Veks' takes a more direct approach. "You not coming in?," Rinnan asks, the conversation on to Veks. Her question too much of a matter of honor and double dog dares to be casual, given its delivery with a smirk. "It is later summer now, it is always like this," Rinnan advises Kai with a moment of displeasure for the 'always' of that notion. "The Azgeda have nothing worth keeping except perhaps their short, barely hot summer." It is known.

"They may not swim, but they walk over often enough," Britt notes with a mild grumbly tone. She adds to Rinnan's comment. "I would sooner have our summers than their winters, though, from what I hear of it. But no, Galle returned to Tondc. I don't know if she plans to return." Veks' concern gets a slight shrug in response. "Been better, but I'll live. Oh, Kai -" She shifts the topic, and says, "I have something for you." But it's inside her tent, and that means getting up, and … ouch. Cue wincing, as the archer shifts to her knees to reach inside the tent flap. Actually it's closer to a lean-to than an actual tent, but it keeps the rain out.

"Some of 'em. Used to be a lot longer hike to the water though.. and the snakes are smaller here." Kai either missed it was rhetorical or from the distracted tone probably just didn't catch it. Though she grimaces at Rinnan regarding summer,"You know.. I will give the Ark climate control, at least." she sighs before turning her attention to Britt with a small furrow of her brow,"Hey, you're supposed to take it easy with that gut wound." she points out with a squint.

Is Veks ditching hot, sweaty, dusty, horsy clothes for the endless cool of the lake? "'Course I am," he throws back to Rinnan's challenge, looking up from where he's detaching belts and ropes from other belts and ropes, seeming to have some method to his madness that's liberating the horses from the wagon — or vice versa. "Unless you kick it all up into mud before I get there." Counter-challenge? DELIVERED. He slogs toward the back of the wagon, burdened down with loops of heavy leather belts and lengths of rein, glancing back toward Rinnan as he says, "Snow-bear fur. Mom said one fur would cover a bed for six." There's more to his anecdote, but Kai's comment snaps his attention back to Britt. "What?"

Rinnan frowns again at Britt's wince, her eyes averting politely as she volunteers for the polie fiction: I didn't see that. She fidgets instead, marking time by working at the flank clinch in order to pull the saddle and blanket away from Horse. "Easier to suck you down to the bottom," she offers in distracted retort at Veks as she works. Challenge Accepted. Distraction style. "Climate control is the thing where the air is cold and blows on you?," Rinnan asks, the details vague and yet literal that the same time.

Britt lets out a soft groan as she snags a small furry bundle that was in the corner of the tent. "I am taking it easy," she protests through gritted teeth. "Been sitting on my ass most of the day." Only most, though, and sitting on her ass is still a far cry from the bedrest Sev would have her on if she'd listen. The mention of mom from Veks causes a sad shadow to land on Britt's face, and Rinnan's challenge to Veks gets a raised eyebrow. But she comments upon neither, but instead she holds up the bundle to Kai. "I know it's probably the furthest from your mind now, but the cold weather will be here soon enough. Happy birthday." If Kai should unfold it, she'll see it's a deerskin cape. Like this one, because visuals:

"Why would you need a bed for six?" Kai can't help but ask of Veks before waggling a hand for Rinnan,"It keeps the temperature even. So you don't freeze or sweat to death." she eyes Britt for her response though with a grunt and shake of her head, opening her mouth, only to get thrown by the words 'happy birthday',"You remembered." she offers with a faint sort of smile, accepting the bundle and shaking it out,"I.. thank you. Britt." she offers, admiring, even if she doesn't elect to put it on right this second because summer.

Kai looks at Veks. Veks looks at Kai. It's a textbook-perfect example of mutual incomprehension. "To keep warm in the winter," he says after a long pause. It's maybe, ma-a-aybe, not quite as patronizing as it could be, though the struggle to find a common point for explanation was obvious. The birthday gift provides a convenient topic change, and Veks pads around from behind the wagon to look the cape up and down, brows lifted in a silent mixture of surprise and approval.

Kai gets called away to help Peake with a project unexpectedly, slipping away from the gathering.

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