Day 029: Risk Assessment
Summary: Survivors of the 31 at Camp Jaha discuss plans moving forward, namely to negotiate with the Trikru. Mind, they're aware that the whole world wants to kill them right now.
Date: 27 June 2016
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Cassandra Elias Grey 

North Corridor — Camp Jaha

Like all corridors in what was once the Ark, the top corners angle in, narrowing the ceiling compared to the floor. There are little cracks and crumples in the metal walls here and there, but in general, Alpha Station seems to have managed the landing it was never designed for quite well.

This area of Camp Jaha has become living quarters, playing host to private rooms, small workshops, and the infirmary.

29 Days After Landing

One would think Elias would be completely done with corridors at this point. Still, the young man seems to be walking through moving scientific equipment piecemeal to the room he's been salvaging and turning into some sort of agricultural lab. It's a long, long way off but at least he's gotten something started here. The day's sweat has soaked through his shirt and left him damp, but he seems intent on plugging along with his little pet project. Currently, he's carrying the tower for a computer that is more than likely going to need to see repairs before it's in functioning order.

Grey is still on light duty, which means he's still a pain in everyone's ass. At least he's not wearing a hospital gown over his torso anymore, or the over-sized t-shirt that fit over his bandages after that. No, he's wearing the black shirt and armor of a Guard, and doesn't look entirely comfortable doing so. That might have something to do with the white bandage covering the stitches on the right side of his head, though. Or the fact that he's pestering one of the food techs about the flavor of the soy-paste still being served, extolling the benefits of eating deer. Spotting Elias, he turns away from the counter. "Hey, Eli!" The ex-C… the Guard… hurries across the room, only bumping into one table, and offers out his arms to help with something. "Whatcha working on?"

Where is Cassandra? After her failed attempt to manipulate one innocent soul who doesn't yet know about Boner's reputation, she said she was going out 'to get some air', sans the pain meds she'd been trying to score. Since then, she hasn't come back, but up and disappeared without a trace of warning.

The wily brunette returns now, a day later, armed with the Grounder gear that has been gifted back to her without much fuss. Her boots are muddy, hinting that she's been exploring the surrounding area, and slept outdoors as well. As she makes her way through the compound, skulking and avoiding most of those she passes, her sunken gaze soon alights on the familiar faces of Grey and Elias. She upnods both of them and moves to loiter nearby, leaning against the steel wall. This is her only method of expressing the vaguest semblance of camaraderie.

Passing by Grey in the hall on his way to the 'lab', Elias pauses there, holding the tower under one arm. There's a worried look for the Ex-C as he seems to be up and around, but also still bandaged and hurt. "I get the distinct feeling you're supposed to still be on bedrest," he says to Grey with a light smirk. "Can't believe we're still eating this stuff. It sure doesn't taste the same as it used to." He gives a 'yuck' face and shakes his head. "Right now… I'm working on getting what I need for a lab so someone can come along and fix all of the broken crap that I'm bringing in there." There's a nod vaguely towards the room he's occupied. "Morgan thinks if we can isolate the ingredients in the compound the Grounders use for their poisons and the antidote, medical ought to be able to synthesize more of the antidote. I'm inclined to agree." As Cassandra comes walking through the corridor, he inclines his head in a nod to her in return greeting and a curious look. "Where've you been?" he asks, lifting a brow at her.

"Oh hell no. Not bedrest. Just light duty. Which is way worse." Grey returns Cassandra's upnod, then shrugs at Elias' question, just using his left shoulder and wincing as he does. "I'll eat whatever we've got. I wanna heal fast, so I can get out there and find our people." The plan to get more of the antidote causes him to tilt his head slightly. "Why don't we just ask the Trikru? Trade them something for the info?" His brows raise. "So when you found," he looks back to Cassandra, "Cass and Asher, you get any sign of the hunters? Tryin' to figure out how to prioritize scoutin' the Mountain and looking for them."

"'Splorin'," Cass nonchalantly replies, hitching one shoulder to shrug at Elias. She glances past him towards the infirmary, squinting to try and make out any happening of interest there, before she turns her attention to Grey. Emphatically, she looks over her shoulder to make a show of checking if anyone's standing right behind her, and then fixes her eyes on the newly-minted Guardsman. "Cass and Asher? Are we a two-headed hydra now? What hunters?" A pause, and then in a more amenable tone of voice she offers, "Not sure what you mean on that front, but trading and talking with the Trikru sounds like good thinking."

"Well, they don't like us right now," Elias says to Grey with an uptick of one eyebrow. "As far as I know, Coesbur evacuated, so it's not like we have much chance of finding the ones that are friendly to us." There's a wave of his free hand before he takes the tower in both ands and adjusts his grip. "What we're going to wind up finding are Grounders that are a single step from plunging the knife in." As the hunters are brought up, he lifts a finger and then heaves out a sigh. "Case and point. Indra said they're dead. I'm inclined to believe her." Looking to Cass then, he gives a slow nod of his head to her. "On your own? That's a bit dangerous, isn't it?"

Grey shrugs at Cassandra's question. "Nope, but they found you together, right?" He starts to respond to Elias' words, and then he lays down the case and point and the new-made Guard winces sharply. "Shit. Damn it." Looking down, he tries to keep the pain and grief off his face, then looks up again, squaring his shoulders and drawing in a long breath. "Right. We won't find their bodies to bring back home without Trikru help then." Reaching up, he presses the palms of his hands to his temples, taking a moment before he remembers what he was doing and reaches down to grab a couple of hide rolls from one thigh pocket. "I know where Tondc is. Kai gave me her maps."

Dangerous. Cassie makes a face at Elias, drawing her lips into a thin like, knitting her brows and tilting her head sideways. "To be honest, I barely remember anything after the Dropship door closed," she says to Grey. "Then we woke up here." She glances around the once-familiar corridor, taking it in, and perhaps this distraction is in part what causes her confusion as she listens to her two fellow pardoned delinquents speak; she seems to be following their conversation only by a thread. "I'm coming," she says, in spite of this. "Talk to the Grounders. Sounds good."

Elias gives Grey a sympathetic look and nods his head. "Did everything we could," he says with a light shrug of his shoulders and a sigh. "That's basically it, though. I'm all for someone talking to the Grounders, but they need me here. Way too much work." With a helpless shrug then, he gestures to both Cassandra and Grey. "That'll be up to one of you, I guess. Or one of the other guards." He glances down to the hide rolls Grey has, recognizing them pretty readily. He gives a curt nod to Grey before turning his attention to Cassandra. Her look to him only draws a shrug. "The entire world wants us dead. It's a thing to consider before venturing out. No telling what other wars we've started over landing."

Grey shakes his head at Cassandra, gesturing to Elias. "Him and Kai and Silas and… when you were given the Blood Fever. I haven't seen Asher since I woke up either, but I don't think he was captured. No one seems to have a full list yet. I've been asking." Looking back to Elias, he nods slightly. "I'm been thinking of making a run for it. Tondc. Wanted to talk to Oxfor, and C-Bur's been evacuated." Rubbing a little self-consciously at one of the plates protecting his torso, he adds, "Most of us, most of us we're just shooters, if that. There's still gonna be a whole lot that other folks need to do." Looking back to Cassandra, his eyes narrow. "Last time you talked to the Trikru, you tried to throw other people under the bus. What do you wanna say this time?"

"Ash wasn't captured," Cassandra says quickly and instinctively, though her expression remains cool and stoic. She insists on not giving any indication that she cares that he exists, despite that awkward group hug they shared with Grey, whose eyes her own now fix upon. "Whatever keeps us alive. If you don't trust me, you can trust that I value my own life enough not to say something stupid that will get us killed. Which, by the by, my suggestion was not." Her confidence is made of kevlar armour, apparently. She pauses, then looks back towards Elias, her demeanour towards him a touch more friendly. "You said that Coesbur's been evacuated?" A slow beat passes. "Even the horses?"

"I'd do a risk assessment," Elias suggests with a more serious look. "Tondc's a ways off, so you'll need supplies. I haven't been really paying attention to what our assets are. Just what I can get my hands on to hold up my part." He shrugs again, seemingly tired. Definitely subdued. "Just make sure you're at a hundred percent first." Whatever the case, Elias doesn't seem like he's intent on trying to stop either of them. He does look to Cassandra, however. "The entire village, from what I understand. I just assumed they would use the horses to move belongings."

Grey shrugs one-shouldered at Cassandra, then winces, muttering, "Damn it, one side heals, I get hurt one the other." Sighing a little, he just skips over the argument with Cass, showing that maybe he has learned something in the past month. "Yeah, they wanted to make sure they didn't eat a missile because we used the rifles. I'm sure they took everything really valuable." Turning back to Elias, he adds, "Don't know that I'm likely to be a hundred percent for a while, but I'm mobile. And I wouldn't go alone."

Wise, Grey. Skipping the argument with Cass yields positive results. "I'll make you a deal," she offers up, looking back towards him with a soft lift of her brow and one raised finger. "You tag me along to TonDC, I'll do whatever you say, won't start any fights, just play nice with the Grounders and be on my best behaviour. I'll even tell them you're in charge and that we're best friends and bruise my knees if you tell me too. Deal?"

There's a sympathetic wince from Elias as well as he looks to Grey. "Well, have you considered stopping attacks with something other than your head?" he asks, smiling a touch. "Still, get as good as you can get. Mobile isn't going to cut it if someone decides that mug of yours would look pretty on the end of a spear." He smirks again before shifting his attention to Cass. "Can you? They aren't the warm, fuzzy types you saw in Coesbur. They're… kinda' dicks. If they just insult you, you're probably getting off light."

"My mug looks pretty wherever it is, even on the end of a spear, Eli." Shaking his head, Grey responds to Cass, "I'm not goin' off-the-records, I'm plannin' to talk to the Chancellor about the trip first." Of course, if Kane says he can't go… "But if you wanna go, I don't care about who you say's in charge, or if you say I'm pretty or not, just gotta know that you aren't gonna go off half-cocked without runnin' a plan past the rest of us." Because that's his job, obviously. Chuckling softly to Elias, Grey gestures down to his side. "I tried stoppin' them with my ribs. They went right through. I tried my arm," his left arm has two nice new scars there, "The shoulders work good, but that's what really hurts to shrug."

Cassandra grimaces at the mention of Chancellor Kane. "You're the prettiest ex-C I ever did see," she informs Grey, even though he's claimed not to care about her saying such things. "If I could paint you like one of my French girls, I would. Too bad Cameron's missing or I'd ask him to give me lessons." There is no sorrow in her tone when she mentions Cameron being missing. In fact… she's yet to express sorrow over any one of her fellow delinquents being missing, including Samantha Quinn.

Looking to Elias, she shrugs, rubbing in Lucian's face what he can no longer do without wincing. "I don't care if they insult me," she says to him. "They can stick me in a cage for all I care, or another pit to be gnawed on by rats. Anything's better than here. And yeah." A flat stare back to Grey. "I can take an order, okay? I did fine in Coesbur. Didn't cause any trouble. Don't make me bruise my knees for you, Grey, I only said I'd do that for the Trikru."

Elias half-laughs at Grey. "Regardless. You could probably use some physical therapy for a bit. Up to you, man. I'm not your babysitter." Raising a brow at him then, he then nods his head. "One look at you, though and I'm pretty sure the Chancellor isn't gonna' be cool with it." He exhales then and turns his gaze to Cass once again. There's a nod of his head then. "Seems to be going around," he says. "Just be careful whatever you do." Pressing his tongue out between his lips briefly to wet them then, he once more gives a look of consideration to Grey. "Maybe a shield or something." Elias does glance back to Cassandra again and snorts a short laugh at her words to Grey.

"There we go, that's way better, Cass. But no, I don't need or want you on your knees for me." He almost says something more, then bites it off. There's really no need to brag. At least he's willing to chuckle when he says it though. Elias, however, gets a grin, "And that, my friend, is why they invented email. Haven't seen the Chancellor yet, and I'm gonna put it off as long as I can." The touch of his fingers to the bandage at the right side of his head suggests one reason why that may be. "I'll be careful. I got plenty to live for, besides makin' sure we get our people back. And what the hell do you take me for, some old timey knight in shining armor? Naw man, all I need is this…" his right hand drops to his hip to pat the hilt of the shock baton gathered there.

One of Cassie's eyebrows rises at Elias' advice that she be careful, and she gives him a long, lingering look. Her neck leans back, her features a mixture between suspicious and affronted as she gives her fellow Delinquent a quick scan, so much so that she doesn't even react to Grey's response to her banter, nor to the presence of his shock baton. Normally, the Guard weapon in particular would be cause enough for her to make some sort of remark.

"I'm gonna go get some pain meds and explore some more," she says, pushing off from the wall to leave abruptly for the infirmary. "If you end up leaving without me, it's cool. I'll just follow you." A glance to Grey, and then his shoes. "Guard boots are easy to track."

Another snort of laughter is given to Grey's words accompanied by a shake of Elias' head. "Anyways. Seriously just be careful." The look is given to Grey and then Cassandra and his eyes do finally settle on the latter. "Be careful so I don't wind up burying you," he says. "It would be inconvenient." Smirking at her then, he once again switches his attention to Grey. "No, but I also don't think you're an arrow sponge regardless of your efforts to prove otherwise. Get a helmet at least." Another glance is cast to Cassandra as she announces her departure and he dips his head in a nod. "Seriously, Bonheur. Don't get yourself killed. I'm tired of losing people I give a shit about. Like I said. Inconvenient. Don't do it." He gives her a flat look in parting.

"And I still walk through the woods like an offensive lineman on his way to the dinner table." At least Grey has the self-awareness to know that he's not stealthy, and probably quite easy to track. Elias' suggestion causes him to rub a hand over his short-cropped hair, frowning thoughtfully, "Huh. We had 'em, I might wear one. Depends how bad it cut down on my sight. I heard that's a problem with them. And yeah, Cass, unless the Chancellor says somethin' else, I don't have a problem with you comin', not with what you said." Finally, he looks back to Elias with a bit more gallows hero. "Don't you know, I'm gonna have to dig all the graves. It's my lot in life."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cassandra=deception Vs MacNCheese=5
< Cassandra: Good Success MacNCheese: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Cassandra flashes Grey a bright, big smile at his concurrence with her words. See, she's personable! It's the face of an angel shining at him. Her discomfort with Elias' words doesn't abate when he reinforces them, but as she nods and moves off, her only reply is, "Yeah, okay," the two casual words mashed together to become one. Her tone is too resigned to voice much of a debate.

She returns after a few minutes, but this time doesn't pause to chat. By her moody disposition and empty hands, it's apparent that Mac the Med-Tech still isn't buying her sympathy act; perhaps he's begun to hear murmurs of her reputation, or is catching on himself through her tenacious attempts to ply him for pain meds. She soon disappears from view, exiting the compound.

"You and me both," Elias says. "But I don't plan on doing that much hiking for the next day or so at least. And then there will be soil to find and the rest." There's a vague gesture out towards the lake then. "Somewhere away from the shore, probably. Soil will be too sandy closer to the water." Once again, he shifts his attention to Cass and nods his head in response to her words. While there isn't a whole lot more to say about that, he does watch after her for a moment or so. "So what are you going to do? Take a detail to Tondc?"

"Good that someone knows where to plant things. Once we hook up with Farm Station again," ever the optimist, Grey is, "you'll have a whole bunch of help." Stopping a moment, he thinks, "Hey… if you go back up to the dropship, look for Cam's seeds. I heard he was doing something with tomatoes. Some of them might have survived?" At the question, he shrugs painfully, "I was thinkin' of talkin' to Oxfor. Suggestin' he send a group down here to talk to the Chancellor. Start small."

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