Day 015: River Snakes
Summary: Several Delinquents go fishing for River Snake. Several male Delinquents go swimming afterwards.
Date: 26 May 2016
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The Northern Riverbank, The Wilderness
In poses.
15 Days After Landing

It has been fifteen days since Landing Day, more than two weeks, and apparently Grey has decided that the riversnake is just one problem too much for the camp. Or rather, it's a problem that he can actually affect, unlike the summit taking place outside Coesbur. It's a two-hour walk almost directly north from the camp to the calm eddy that holds the river-snake… and enough room and depth to serve as a swimming hole/bathing area/water source if it's cleared out. Due to a trick of acoustics, they've been able to hear the rush of the river for nearly an hour.

Grey has changed back into his ratty, dirty, now-sleeveless waffle-knit shirt for the trip, and strapped the forward-curved blade of his Grounder-looted sword to his belt for the trip. He's also added a coil of parachute cord over his left shoulder, tied to a rather crude (and rather large) hook of dropship scrap. Elsewhere in the party is a wrapped haunch of deer, ready to serve as bait so that none of them have to. The ex-Cadet still moves a little gingerly, several days after his beating at the hands of Rawlins and company, but seems to be mostly recovered. "So that's the plan. Tie off the cord, trail in the bait, hook it, drag it into the shallows, and kill it." Seems simple, right? Ahead of the group, the ground begins to rise up out of the forest, spring sunlight shining on the rocks that lift taller than a fully-grown man ahead.

Max had put back on his own arrow and axe torn regalia for this trip. May as well rip the ones that are already ripped rather than destroy the new ones. He has his pair of knives, one in his boot and one at his hip that he always carries around with him. His leg gives him a little trouble every once in a while under strain, but otherwise he seems back to normal, only the holes in his clothing and marks on his skin indicating where he'd taken his own wounds. He strolls along behind Grey and says, "Sounds like a plan to me. So how big is this thing anyway?" Because he, himself, hasn't seen it yet.

"You make is sound so goddamn easy." Cole remarks, holding his tire iron in a hand, to be used as a weapon for a change instead of a tool or directing baton. "You should've fuckin told me about this, Grey. I would've taken a couple drops of hydrazine from the fuel tanks, stuffed it in the bait and let it blow itself the fuck up. That stuff is volatile that contact with stomach acid? Yeah, that shit would go up reeeeeal fuckin good." He eyes, the hook skeptically, as if that's another thing Grey should've asked him about. But on that end, he says nothing. "All I know it's huge. And I'm hoping that all of us pulling together will get the damn thing out of the fuckin water. Helluva a fishin fuckin trip. An me without my goddamn camera."

Trudging along with the rest of the delinquents is Elias who has chosen to take a spear with him on this outing. When Grey speaks up, he turns his attention to the other guy and gives a quick upwards no of his head. "Got it," he says then points to Max. "Also that. Just how big is this thing?" The haunch of deer in particular is studied with a wary eye. Cole's idea seems to appeal at least at some level. Glancing back at the mechanic, he nods his approval. "Yeah, that probably would have been better. Definitely…would have been better." Again, he looks at the haunch of meat.

Alison brought a couple of sharpened sticks, spears one could suppose. She brought her own parachute cord, her eyes skimming over the meat bait. "I haven't seen it," The red haired girl says as she looks ahead, well clear of the water, for now. "I hope it isn't really as big as we heard."

"… and then I was like: BACK THE FLOAT UP! And they were all: AHHHHH MAMA NOOOOOO!" Lip's talking. Again. He's got himself his spear that an acquaintance has made him but nothing more. He doesn't actually have friends. Everybody hates him. He doesn't even know who he's talking to. He's pretty sure that everyone is tuning him out by now. He's got his almost-spear propped up on his shoulder and is even just strutting along like he's the king of the world. He /did/ bring back all kinds of cool stuff for the camp. He's a boss. Or he thinks he's a boss. "I let 'em live. I'm a nice guy like that. And sexy as hell, yeah?"

Grey gestures over to Cole a little wildly at the suggestion, "Hydrazine! Right! Where the hell where you when I was suggesting homemade flashbangs?" Oh, right, puking his guts out. "I wanted to go redneck fishing." Because they have many internet videos on the Ark. At the questions about size, he nods at Cole's description of the beastie, "That's all I got too. 'huge,' with lots of wide eyes and scared faces." He nods to Cole, "I figure if we can't haul it out, at least we can keep it in one place." Alison gets a nod in particular then, "Maybe not. If it is, everybody'll have to be ready to jump outta the water if things go south." He gives Lip a little smirk, "You're so sexy, maybe we can try you on the end of the line if the deer doesn't work. That sound about right?" The big ex-C sounds more amused than anything else.

As the group climbs the rocky escarpment, they burst out into the sunlight, clear of the trees. The river runs through a rocky little gorge here, with about a three-meter rock cliff falling down to the river. Above and below are white-water rapids, but before them is a still pool some 13 meters wide and 13 meters long.

<FS3> Max rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Cole rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Alison rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Lip rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics: Success.

"Oh, like it's my fuckin fault I got sick." Cole remarks, quickly adding. "Don't fuckin answer that, I know. Should've given me some more time, I would've prepped some for this. Would've been easier, but whatever, we'll do it the hard fuckin way. Beyond killing this damn thing, what then? Still too far to carry water back and fuckin forth to." he grouses, coming up to a stop at the edge, looking down. He slings his toolbag over his should, and holsters his tire iron under his belt. A sigh. "Alright, let's get this over with. I'm sure Cookie will love it if we carry the goddamn thing back for her. Though I ain't too fuckin sure if I'm all that eager on what giant fuckoof eel tastes like." That said, he begins to make his way down the cliffside.

"Great, then we'd have that floating around in the water along with the riversnake guts," Max says as they get closer to the shore. He nods and says, "Keeping it in one piece would be.. good, I guess. At least then we could get it onto shore before chopping it up." He looks over between Grey and Lip and smirks just a bit. Picking his way down the rocks, he makes his way to the riverside, easily managing to scale down.

Kai's trailing behind the rest of the group. Mostly. Somehow, she's the one that's ended up being talked at by Lip. Which works, because not like the lean, female ex-C is a big fan of talking. And aside from giving him the occasional look like 'no really, shut up now' has been content to keep an eye on their surroundings as they walk, a crude sword clasped in one hand.

With a laugh, Elias shakes his head at the comment about redneck fishing. He keeps walking along with the group for the time being, using his spear as a walking stick. Lip's story gets a snort of amusement from him, but he doesn't speak to add to it. Instead, the 'sexy' comment sticks and the laugh is a bit more drawn out. "Shit. If this thing is whipped into a feeding frenzy over the sexiness of human beings…I just don't know, man. Something went really, really wrong." After climbing his way down the rocky slope, he immediately eyes the pond.

Alison looks at the others as she steps, slides down to catch up to the group, "I like deer.. I rabbit type things.. Panther heart was nice. Why do you think river snake wouldn't taste good?" Alison asks as leans to look at the water, "It lives in the water.. Probably pretty clean tasting, wouldn't you think?" There is a certain slim logic there. "If we can get a couple of horses from the grounders, then we could transport better." She picks up a rock, and considers tossing it in, drawing back and not releasing it on the throw, "Maybe we should try to sneak up on it."

"Hey! Hey! You can shut the shell up!" That's probably tossed in the direction of Grey because that's all he can actually say. He's not good at the banter, really, because it comes from a place of just random words. He's almost always got a quip. But it's hard to quip against people that can punch you backwards in time. "Right. So. I'll bring up the rear." Lip actually stops before he gets ready to try and climb down. "Psst. What's your name again? Nevermind, doesn't matter." He's talking to Kai. "What're we doin' here again? I wasn't listenin'."

Grey uncoils the cord at the top of the rocky bank, tying one end to a sturdy-looking tree there and then tossing the other end down. He gives the cord a yank or three, seems satisfied, and then slowly picks his way down, chuckling at Lip as he does, "Relax, man. If anyone has to be bait, I'll do it." He shakes his head in amusement at Cole, "I was gonna let you answer it for yourself." He nods again at the idea of eel for dinner, then frowns a little at Max's note, finally nodding his agreement. As he reaches the torso-sized rocks that make up the bank, he adds to Lip, "Gettin' us a swimmin' hole. Because I'm tired of being dirty when I'm down here." As opposed to up in Coesbur, where they have baths. Rolling his shoulders to loosen them, he adds, "Somebody wanna get the hook," that is to say, the jagged shard of metal, "On and bait it? Any thoughts on approach?" And then to Alison, "If you've got some way to sneak up on it, I'm all for it."

Max gives Grey a nudge with one elbow and says, "I think you've taken enough beatings lately, eh? The deer'll do, and if it doesn't.. we'll find another way that doesn't involve you getting bashed around anymore." There's a flash of concern there, in the look that he gives the other teen for a moment, and then he's back to peering out across the water. "We'll want to put the bait upstream so that the current carries it to wherever the thing is, I'm guessing.. then stand off to one side, dig in if we can, wrap it around a trunk for more leverage if we can do that too… so when it grabs it and pulls we don't all end up on our faces." He's seen a cartoon or two. Then he glances over at Alison, curious about the sneaking plan.

"We're going to feed you to the riversnake." it speaks! Kai doesn't bother reminding him of her name in favor of just drawling that before she tucks her sword into her belt and makes her careful way down after the rest of them. At the bottom of the embankment she wipes her hands off on her pants,"Tie it off to a tree. Let it get a bite of it and then start pulling before we start trying to haul it up." is her tersely offered opinion about it.

"Is it even a snake?" Cole asks. "Some told me it looked like a fuckin huge lamprey eel. Someone else said it looked like a massive leech. Y'know, now face, just a huge goddamn mouth that whats to suck you dry? An not in that really good an fun way that I prefer. But 'oh fuck that shit' kinda way. So yeah, I have no idea if it's actually a snake. Could be something else for all we know. An hell, what if the goddamn thing is poisonous? May want to be careful about what we fuckin eat." the techie remarks lightly. Landing at the bottom, he takes his tire iron back out, cautious. "But I get needing to get fuckin rid of it. Can finally start fishing here for real. Maybe then we can just start blowing fish out of the water for easy pickins. I'm sure that'd make Grey all sorts of happy." Getting the hook from the gear, he grabs the end of the parachute cord, starting to the tie to the two together, much like he would for the tie cords before he went out on an EVA. Just because it hooks doesn't not tying it for an extra precaution. "Boy, this shit takes me back, only this time I'm not getting sucked out into vacuum."

Honestly, Alison just meant she shouldn't pluck the rock in. Now though, she has to come up with some insight worthy of the attention. "Well, like they said, wrap the rope around a tree or a rock. Then we toss the bait in the water, towards the current. We walk out the line bit by moving closer to the pulley point, if it doesn't hit it, we pull it back. Should make it look like it is swimming against the current. Plus, it should draw it to the side where we can spear it too." She frowns towards Kai, "Hey, leave him alone. He was there when we got the guns, and killed the panther." She switches her focus to Cole though, "You and Grey just be careful.. If we fail, we make a new plan. We keep trying till its dead… And we ask the Grounders if it is safe to eat."

Elias makes his way over to Grey when he calls for someone to bait the hook. "Yeah, no kidding. Would be nice to get clean without getting eaten." An upwards nod is given to the ex-C guy. At the question of how to approach, he just gives a shrug of his shoulders and then nods over to Max. "That sounds like a sound plan," he says. He reaches for the hook then, offering to take it while also trying to figure out how he's going to tie it on to the cord. As Kai speaks up, he flicks his gaze over to her and inclines his head in a nod. "Kai," he greets her, having been content to leave her to her silence up until now. "Does anyone know knots well enough? Kinda' dozed off in those classes. Just a bit."

Grey oofs softly at Max's elbow, "Hell, I don't think I'd feel right anymore without a bruise or a bump or a cut somewhere." He said sarcastically. Shrugging a little, Grey adds, "I'm not gonna ask anyone else to do somethin' I'm not willin' to." Still, he nods along with the description of the plan, "I was just plannin' on tyin' the cord to a tree," He jerks a thumb up the slope to where he did just that. Cole's concerns draw a nod too, "I figure we let Cookie figure out if we can eat it. I just want some place to actually try swimmin'." He's probably not -that- worried about staying clean, considering he's a lot cleaner than the average Delinquent, and found some way to shave in the last day or so also. Alison's words draw a grimace, "Careful which Grounders we ask. Some of them'd probably like nothin' better than to see us pukin' our guts out." Which is only fair, because there are some Delinquents who would like nothing better than to see a whole bunch of dead Grounders. "Cole's got the hook. Hoookay. Couple of folks ready to kill it, everyone else pulls? Should we find a rock to go 'round?" The ex-C himself reaches down to draw out his looted sword, stepping up to the edge of the water warily. Evidently, he means to be one of the killers. Place of greatest danger and all that.

"I'll help with the killing," Max says, taking out his pair of knives and moving a bit down the shore to where the thing should come out of the water when they yank on it, waiting to see who else takes up what positions, in case he needs to switch. "We can figure out if it's good eating after making sure it doesn't eat us first."

"Let's just get it fuckin done, man." Cole grunts at Grey, finishing the triple-set tie down, tugging on it hard to make sure it's not going to come loose anytime soon. "Shit, dude, you just fuckin jealous that they can bathe an we can't." he grins, walking over to hook that big ol metal hook into the side of deer, making sure digs in good so the snake won't just the meat off and leave the hook behind. Because that happens in real fishing, right. Once he knows the hook has bitten into the meat good and well, making that he's got the metal around a rib or two, he picks up the entire thing and walks to the river's edge with Grey, setting it half of it in the water. "Figure if it's downstream, the water will carry the scent." He offers, gripping his tire iron. "C'mon man, let's get to the hiding an shit."

"I'll help pull." Kai opts for. Taking the opposite end of the cord to bind about a tree she judges to be close enough and strong enough to hold. Elias gets an upnod of acknowledgment for his greeting as she moves about her chosen task, giving the cord a rough pull once she's reasonably satisfied with it and offering a thumbs up in the direction of Cole and those near the water.

"I got hands!" Lip manages to shout this out to the group as he runs up to try and make sure he's still with everyone. He's a little slow on the uptake when there's physical activity required. "But I want it noted that I'm helpin'! I'm not all talk!" He is.

Alison tosses the pair of spear she brought into the ground where the stabbers can reach. Then the redhead draws out a pair of gloves, slipping them on, finally she wrap leather strips around the palms. Only then does she take what she hopes is a middle-ish point on the rope. "Remember, if things go sideways, we make a new plan, it seems stuck in the water.. No sense dieing cause we FOBAR the first try. Know when to run." A glance to Lip, "grab the rope behind me, hold on.. Don't let go."

Elias gives a tilt of his head and raises a brow at the idea of eating the river snake. "Food's food," he says with a shrug of his shoulders in response. "I prefer my food not to look like a swimming nightmare, but beggars and choosers and all. Of course, yeah." With a nod of his head to Grey, he starts towards the rest of those who are preparing to pull the line. He sticks his spear into the ground blade-down and moves towards the front of the cord. "Looks like I'm on pulling duty." He pulls the sleeves of his shirt over his hands to form makeshift gloves before taking up the rope in them.

Grey nods to Max, "Step in once it's hit the deer?" He draws in a slow breath, then lets it out, pretty obviously psyching himself up. He keeps his eyes on the water even as he responds to Cole, "I'm figurin' we can get some of the girls swimmin' down here too." He casts a glance at Alison, shrugging almost apologetically, and then looks back to the water, "Besides, Q was sayin' she wanted a bath." Awwwwkward, until his smile flashes wide, "And I got my man Max's back."

When the chunk of venison and hook are thrown in, nothing happens immediately but it happens pretty dang fast. There's a ripple in the water, moving across the normal shifting and dancing of the current, and then the Delinquents get a faint glimpse of a three-meter-long form around half a meter wide, a long snake-like shape that strokes head-first into the bait and latches on. And then the cord goes tight as it flicks its tail, turning and trying to haul its meal into deeper water.

<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+brawn: Success.
<FS3> Alison rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success.
<FS3> Lip rolls Brawn+Brawn: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=Melee Vs Snake Hide=4
< Grey: Success Snake Hide: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Max=Melee-1 Vs Snake Hide=4
< Max: Success Snake Hide: Great Success
< Net Result: Snake Hide wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Melee Vs Snake=Hide=4
< Cole: Success Snake: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Fair enough. Plenty of us are pretty fuckin ripe. Enough that we're attracting goddamn flies." Cole nods in agreement to Grey. But he can't help but share that grin on the other man's face. "Yeah, have to admit, wouldn't mind getting an excuse to see Fiona getting fuckin sudsy." Beat. "Or Cassandra." Another beat. "Or Silver." Yet another beat. "Hey Alison! You feel like gettin fuckin naked later?" calls back while they're waiting for the bait to bite. But the moment it does, he takes step back. "Oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck. Fuck that thing." He looks nervous, but he grips his tire iron all the tighter, waiting for the rest of them to pull that snake in so he can do his share of beating the piss out of it. "Hey, pull damnit! We gotta tire the fuckin thing out!"

Kai'll take anchor at the point closest to the river, in absence of larger, stronger targets on the pull group, though she wasn't quite expecting the pull as it lunges. She manages to keep her grip on the rope, planting her feet to make sure that the damned thing doesn't manage to pull them all in. She might not exactly be the tallest or broadest of the ex-C's but the lean girl's got definition where she finds a rock to help dig her feet in against and hauls as well as she can to help the guys behind her.

"I am not going to take bath dressss-" Alison starts out to say when the river serpent appears. "Aack! Pull!" She squeals and digs in her feet, tugging backwards when the tension forms from the eel thing. "Pull.."

Well that escalated quickly. With the speed in which their target lunges for the bait and catches on the hook, the sudden pull comes as a surprise to him. He tightens his grip immediately and pulls as hard as he can. Also bracing his feet against whatever solid earth he can find, Elias does what he can to help take the strain off of Kai, who is pulling directly in front of him. "Holy…" Whatever words were intended are cut short as all of his concentration goes into not getting tugged back into the water. With the line pulled taut and the river monster within range of the killers, he strains to hold the line.

Max nods in agreement with Grey's suggestion of stepping in once it has the bait. He seems to be ready, and when the ripple comes, he tenses, crouched and ready to spring in after it, knives at the ready. Making sure that the rope holds for just a second before he springs toward the snake thing, but damn that hide his tough. His knives don't even manage to penetrate it as he slips in the water, his attack entirely ineffectual.

Apparently, Grey considers Kai enough of 'one of the guys' that he's not even going to bother apologizing to her for the locker-room talk. He nods at Cole's words, then starts to shake his head and laugh… only for the laughter to get strangled off as the… thing surges after the bait, "Woahshit!" As the river-snake twists and twines in the shallows, Grey splashes forward alongside Max, coming at it from the other direction and hacking into the river with his sword. It draws blood, but doesn't seem to be doing anything to actually stop the thrashing. Up close, it can be seen that the thing has no real head, just jaws, surrounded by long, inward-curved teeth.

<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+brawn: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Melee Vs Snake=Hide=4
< Cole: Failure Snake: Good Success
< Net Result: Snake wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Alison rolls Brawn+brawn: Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Brawn+brawn: Failure.
Elias spends 1 luck points on Reroll.
<FS3> Elias rolls Brawn+brawn: Failure.
<FS3> Lip rolls Brawn+Brawn:Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=Melee Vs Snake Hide=4
< Grey: Failure Snake Hide: Success
< Net Result: Snake Hide wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Max=Melee-1 Vs Snake Hide=4
< Max: Success Snake Hide: Good Success
< Net Result: Snake Hide wins - Marginal Victory
Grey spends 1 luck points on I want snake boots!.
<FS3> Grey rolls Melee: Good Success.
Max spends 1 luck points on Grey wants snake boots!.
<FS3> Max rolls Melee-1: Good Success.
Cole spends 1 luck points on SCREW THAT SUCKA UP.
<FS3> Cole rolls Melee: Failure.

Yeah, guy talk. For what it's worth, which is quickly put an end to. "Goddamn!" He comes in from another angle, tire iron in hand, bring the bent end over across it's head. Which…does nothing, except probably piss it off some more. Though, in light of that, he will put the idea of skinning this thing and turning into armor on his 'to-do' list. Just have to kill it first. "It's like hitting a fuckin sandbag!" he growls, trying to hit it again.

Kai definitely isn't paying attention to the locker-room talk, it's true, she's probably developed auto-tune mode when it comes to such things long ago, really. Though the initial pull might have surprised her the lean girl is nothing if not stubborn, gritting her teeth and endeavoring to pull for all that she's worth. But with half the pulling team on the ground it's definitely winning in the inexorable quest to escape,"Guys." the strained word grunted as she is forced to take a step towards the water to avoid being pulled over itself, cord thrumming with tension as it starts to slide through her gloved fingers. The groan of the anchor tree behind her and Alison is probably not a good sign.

Max is having a pretty rough time in the water with that snake. If it had an itch, he might have managed to scratch it, leaving at least some sort of a mark on the beast if nothing else, but he's having trouble keeping his footing in the water, and the thing is made for swimming, and thrashing, and he gets knocked over a bit, flailing to get back up in the process.

Attacking a thing that's underwater is not easy, especially when you start out slashing. As the river snake thrashes and coils, trying to escape the hooked bait through main force, Grey splashes even closer, reversing his grip on the sword so that he can raise it over his head in both hands. It's not an ideal thrusting weapon, with its forward-curved blade, but he makes do, kicking a shin into the creature to make sure to locate it against refraction, and then stabbing down just past his leg. Between him and Max, more of the creature's blood begins to flow downstream, and the thrashing begins to lessen, some of the force coming off of the parachute cord just when it seems that it or the tree its tied to is going to give out. Panting for a heartbeat, Grey looks down, then stabs the thing again. And one more time, just for good measure. "There better be swimming. This thing is totally worth swimming." And then he looks down at the bloody-water flowing past his pants-legs, "Damn… that's cold."

Elias pulls with all of his might and then some. One of those violent tugs on the end of the rope almost throws him, but he manages to stay up for just a moment. That's right! Maximum effort here. There is a brief second of triumph as he manages to stay up a split-second longer before the next violent thrash sends him sprawling to the ground in a matter of mere seconds. "Shit!" he curses loudly, immediately trying to pick himself up from the ground. His eyes are probably, at this point, on the water where the river snake is getting away.

Cole tried. He really did, but trying to bludgeon something underwater isn't all that conducive. At least it looks like he was doing his part, trying his damnedest to bash the things head in with the blunt end of his tire iron. Maybe he stunned it. Or maybe distracted it long enough for Grey to get on with the stabbing. Yeah, he'll consider that's what he did, if only to make himself useful. But in the river with the other two, like them, he's probably soaked. And out of breath. "Fuck. That. Thing." he spits out, turning the tire iron in his hand, the flat pointed end being driven through the things 'skull' or whatever it has for a head. Like Grey, he just wants to make sure. So literally 'spiking' the thing seems to be the best idea.

Alison growls as she tugs against the thrashing beast. "Ahh.. Kill it, come on." Alison calls out in a strained cheerleader fashion as she tries to tug as best she can, feet sliding now and again. "Pull.." Yea, the lean red head was not built for this, but she does the best she can with her limited weight and brawn. "Finish it, quick." She more coughs out, a growl and rocking tugs, yea, this is not her thing.

Oh thank goodness. With the slackening of the rope some, Kai doesn't let go, but she doesn't quite feel the need to stand like she's trying to drag a truck tire up on the embankment, rolling her eyes back behind her towards Alison with a wry smile. Go girl power,"Come on. Get it out of the water before it decides it wants to go another round." this sort of offered to the group at large, cos she definitely doesn't want to be holding on to that rope for forever.

With the thing thrashing and flailing, Max tries to stumble back, going in for another jab for good measure here and there. "Gotta wait for it to stop.. thrashing.. tog get it out." He's trying to get a hold of it, but that's easier said than done when the thing is in the midst of its death throes. None the less he makes an effort. Soaked with bloodied water from the splashing.

Finally rising from his prone position on the dirt, Elias gets to his feet and immediately takes up his position in the rope line behind Kai once again. With a nod to her, he prepares to haul the monster to shore as is suggested. The death blow is caught, of course, but he's more focused on the job at hand for the moment. "Count it off, we'll pull together," he tells Kai and then nods back to Alison. "Damn that thing is strong," he grumbles out, endeavoring to pull in time with Kai and Alison both whenever they start doing so.

The river-snake doesn't exactly have a skull, at least not one made of bone. It still squishes pretty good when the pointy end of a tire-iron is added to a couple of daggers and a sword. Grey sloshes out of the river, setting the sword down on a nearby rock, and then adds his weight to the parachute cord, "One, two, three." He hauls, along with the others, and the river-snake slowly starts to come out of the water, the tip of its tail still thrashing a little as it hasn't gotten the message that the beastie is dead.

That's good enough him. So long as Cole drives the point home. Heh, get it? Point? Ah, whatever. Anyways, the mechanic, like the others, comes along to the parachute cord, doing his part is hauling the dead thing out of the water. "You know, be nice if we could the thing back into camp whole, y'know? Might make a bigger statement or some shit to everyone else. The whole 'look at us, we did shit working together' type bullshit. Just dragging it back would be the pain in the ass part." he offers between grunts.

Alison rocks and tugs, sinking into Grey's timing when he gives the go. Staggered back steps, finally though it is coming. "Yea, I think you got it. Good job." Grunt, and two three pull. "I hope it is edible. I want one of the teeth." It will look nifty with her panther fang.

With Grey on the rope and Elias helping too, the monster's finally dragged up to a point where Kai feels like it's okay to let go of the damned rope, stepping back to bend in half and give her hands a shake out,"Belt." is what the lean girl has to say before squinting in the direction of Elias and Lip, just checking, really, making sure they didn't hurt themselves when they hit the ground.

When the thing finally does slow it's thrashing and the others manage to haul it out of the water, he helps by directing the roll of the slithery thing by grabbing onto the twitching tail and helping to lug it over in the desired direction. Max then bends over, dripping all over, and rests his hands on his knees, just catching his breath for a moment. He then takes a look around to see how the others seem to be faring. "Operation swimming hole.. accomplished."

His hair is a bit tousled, but Elias looks like he's perfectly okay despite the fall. When they finally haul the monster ashore, he turns his head to spit on the ground. "What the.." Elias squints his eyes at the river snake…thing and blinks at it a few times. "We're sure this was the only one in there, right?" he asks, his gaze for the moment entirely transfixed on the alien monster that once resided in the depths of the river. When the question is issued, it's Grey he looks to first. Max is given a wide-eyed, slightly haunted look and then a smile. "Fuck yeah," he speaks in response to the 'mission accomplished'. "Good job, everybody."

Grey lowers himself slowly onto the rocks once the beastie is at least part-way out of the water. He's not feeling quite up to flopping, but neither is he feeling quite up to standing. "Operation Swimming Hole, accomplished," he agrees with Max. Looking over to Kai, he shrugs a bit, "Maybe some bracers." Elias' very, very important question goes unanswered for a moment, and then Grey shrugs, "I got no idea." And then he pulls off his boots and socks, strips off his shirt, and starts back toward the water's edge. Only one way to find out, right?

"Radiation, I guess." Cole grunts over to Elias, he too taking a seat on a nearby rock. "Mutation. Maybe been something we fuckin recognized at one point, but…survival has a funny way of changing shit, as we've no doubt noticed. He looks at the pointed end of his tire iron, touching the blood with two fingers, pressing them together, and then pulling them apart, as if to look the creature's blood's viscosity. "Still…bleeds like anything else around here." He pauses then, looking at it. "Anybody know if there was more than one of these fuckin things?"

Max looks over at Cole, pulling himself up and looks out over the water, "Oh man.. fuck me." He looks at Grey, "We are sure there aren't more, right?" Because that'd be a nasty surprise. He bends down and picks up good sized rock the size of a softball and lobs it out into the water.. just watching.. waiting.. to see what might happen.

Kai's not about to strip off to go find out the hard way, though she straightens with her own grunt,"Yeh, that'd work." by way of agreement, not electing to strip off herself but also not electing to stop Grey from deciding to play bait if he wants to.

A brow raises for just a split-second towards Grey's response, though he doesn't argue the merit of a swimming hole. There is indeed only one way to find out. While he doesn't seem intent on pulling his clothes off for a dip just yet, he does move a touch closer to the water. "Two ways, actually," he says, looking around for whatever might remain of the bait and hook. "Toss this back in? See if anything bites?" There is a look to Grey then, inquisitive before that look is then given to the others gathered. "If there's anything left." Elias does not seem keen on touching the thing at the moment, at any rate.

The rock splashes into the water. Ripples spread. The relatively mild rapids up- and downstream from the pool burble and rush.

Grey glances behind him, waves off Elias, "I'm a hell of a lot tastier than that," he glances to Kai and Alison, then shrugs, and shucks his cargo pants too, leaving him in a pair of dark blue boxer-briefs — thankfully his back is to the group, although that shows off the nasty yellow, green, and purple bruises on his back. He's not going to stop Elias from doing the smart thing of tossing the half-gnawed chunk of deer in, but he's not waiting either, "We're about to find out, Max." Keeping his knife in his left hand, he sloshes out into the shallows, up to his knees… waits… his waist… yelps… "Ohgod… cold…" Nope, no more river-snakes, just cold-ass water, and Grey dunking himself.

"Shit. Alright, Grey goddamnit, Two pieces of bait is better than one." Cole remarks, stripping down as well to his drawers unceremoniously. But unlike Grey, he doesn't wade in. No, if you're going to adjust to the cold, you just do it all at once and get it over. Tire iron in hand(just in case)he climbs on a rock. "Y'know, this is something I've /always/ wanted to do. Just a shame it's with a fuckin dude." A look back at Kai and Alison. "Feel free. Just sayin. Hey Grey!" And then he jumps in, tucking his legs in for a haphazard cannonball. Right next to the other man, just so he can get drenched.

Max waits and watches as Grey wades out into the water, seeming prepared to reach out and drag him back out if something slithers after him, but when nothing does, he shrugs his shoulders and begins taking off his own sodden clothes. Fight in them maybe, but not swim in them. He just leaves them in a heap on the shore, "Fuck I've wanted a bath for forever," not giving one whit what parts of his business are on display as he makes a break for the water, a flash of pale skaikru flesh and then a splash as he dives under.

Riiiigggghht. Kai looks at Alison, and then at the guys electing to strip off and wade in to that cold water. Her gloves get stripped off and shoved in a pocket as her attention shifts towards Elias and then the water with a purse of her lips in debate before finally she mutters,"Fuck it." and elects to unlace her boots, hooking one against the other in order to drag it off before following suit with it's partner. Her belt, her sword, these things get dumped too,"I'm sick of stinking like grease." forward the short-haired one bends to pull off her tee.. but for anyone hopeful of a show under that long-sleeved shirt the lean girls chest is bound in layers of bandage that leave nothing exciting to look at. Bandages it seems that are not coming off given the way she moves her hands to her pants to wriggle out of them, too.

"You stud, you," Elias says flatly to Grey as the other guy starts stripping his clothes off the rest of the way. Down to his skivvies, anyways. His eyes do not linger, looking down once again to the snake and shaking his head. With no small amount of effort, he manages to pull the haunch free so that he might do as he plans to dangle it in the water. This plan is aborted for the moment when he hears Grey's complaints about the temperature of the water. "Fuck, Grey…c'mon, man." Standing up again, he moves with a bit of hurry towards the water and to the guy who's about to jump into it, but then Max is stripping down too. "Ah for the…" But hey. No snakes. Exhaling his relief, he watches them for a moment. "Eh. Fuck it." There is a look to Kai then. "Jinx," he offers playfully, but almost immediately clears his throat and looks away from the girl. Grabbing the fabric of his shirt, he lifts it up and off of his torso to toss it safely away from the water. Boots and trousers follow. Elias just wears a pair of grey boxers when he dips his own foot into the water. Yeah, it's cold. With a steeling of resolve, he wades quickly into the water to immerse himself in it. "F-freezing!" Despite protest, he dunks himself under the water with a splash.

Grey missed Cole's warning, having been experiencing the near-zero-g sensation of being underwater. So when he pops back up in the waist-deep water, there's a mechanic splashing in right next to him. "Woa — blurb!" The last sound comes as he suddenly has a face full of water, courtesy of Cole. Shaking his head, he swipes his hand across his face to clear his eyes of water, "Holy shit, man." And then there's another splash and Max is in, and Grey starts to wade out further, "Just keep rememberin' that excuse when it's time to get out, Elias!" He's still got his knife in his left hand, but he seems to be just enjoying himself for now. "This is awesome." For a wonder, he's not even ogling the girls — or the boys.

Cole is cackling laughter when he rises to the surface. "Ahhh, fuckin worth every goddamn second, just for that. Holy fuck it feel just like a damn EVA. Almost, but damn fuckin close to it." Yeah, he'll miss doing spacewalks, some of his better memories he has on the Ark. Wading a little bit, he lays flat on his back, making a face at Kia. "Bullshit!" he decrees at the lack of nudity. Whatever, he's a guy, and simply goes back to floating. "Yeah. Yeah, fuckin nice."

Max seems entirely absorbed in just feeling CLEAN. He surfaces a bit away, not really knowing how to swim, not having any experience with it, but the water's not deep and he can dunk under and resurface without worrying about flailing too much. He pushes wet hair out of his face and says, "Shit… we shoulda killed that fucker ages ago." He's in his own little world of lightly scrubbing two week's worth of grubbiness from his body. He rubs at his face with both hands, then ducks under before coming up again. It's only once that initial satisfaction of NOT feeling like a dirtball settles in, that he actually looks around at what the others are doing.

"Like I give a fuck." Kai responds to Cole with a sneer, shucking her pants with the rest of her crap,"Get any ideas and I'll break your hand." added, with a particular squint at Elias before the lean girl saunters down to the water in his wake. Octavia she's not, by any measure, the lean definition of her more obvious in her current state, as well as, apparently, her attitude as she clambers in to the water in the least sexy way possible. There's a bearing of her teeth for the cold but well, yes, she's not going to mutter about just how cold it is, she just wants to be /clean/.

"Ha! It's going to be my fuckin' mantra," Elias calls towards Grey as he wades there in the water. His dark brown hair sticks wetly to the sides of his face and over his eyes. Almost reflexively, a hand busies itself with moving his hair and wiping his eyes. This is done while he blows some of the water away from his mouth. "Hoooly shit this is great. Worth it." The last words echo Cole's and with a nod in his direction. He glances over to Kai then, offering a small and brief smile in her direction as she wades on in. "C'mon, Adams. Just enjoy it for a minute, yeah?" He's trying to keep the peace, at least.

Grey laughs at Kai's response to Cole, "Give it a break, Cole, or she will." The words are accompanied by another laugh, although it freezes a little as he bites back his next suggestion. Look at that, a Grey not saying the worst, most cutting thing possible when it entered his mind. His parents would be ashamed of him. "No shit, Max. Been a little busy, though." Now into water up to his neck, Grey just… stands there. I mean, sure, the chill is starting to creep up his fingers, but the water isn't cold enough to cause pins and needles, just… cold. "Yup. Definitely getting more people to come out here with Frankie's soap. Maybe the dropship won't smell so much like feet."

Cole just laughs at Kai, clearly not impressed by the sneer. "Pull the stick out of your fuckin ass an just enjoy yourself. Y'know, if you're capable of it." He waves off Grey. "Yea yea." By the grace of Grey he too withholds whatever torrent of sarcasm that is likely to fly out of his mouth. Because that's one thing he's got beyond the genius intellect: a goddamn mouth. But he now finds himself curious, taking a gulp of air and vanishing below the water. Might as well look around the bottom if there's anything of interest or note. Might be surprised. Or not. Could just find a whole lot of nothing.

Rocks! There are rocks. And some algae-weed-stuff. And more rocks. Smaller rocks, bigger rocks. There might be a little minnow-thingie too small to be eaten by the river-snake that darts away, but mostly rocks.

"Well yeah," Max says in response to Grey with a slight roll of his eyes, "You know what I meant." He glances over in Kai's direction, but doesn't give her a hard time. He rolls his eyes a bit at all of them and then, shaking his head, just finds himself a bit of rock around the edge to lean back against, resting his elbows behind him so he can just lean comfortably, up to his chest in the cold water and seeming to be loving every moment of it.

At least, to the hopes of any female-inclined bathers, wet bandages aren't exactly intended for the purpose to which they're currently being put, even if there's a heaping helping of hostile from the female ex-C when she elects to squat down in the water so she can scrub at her arms with her hands,"Sure. Cos me and Alison we're so calling bullshit on your shorts. Right? Yeh, next time I'll make sure to pack my best smile just for you lot." she mutters insincerely, finding a rock in shallow enough water to sit on so she can work on trying to get as much grime off of her as possible without having to worry about footing and elects to splash water over her short hair. She might not say aloud about the cold but it doesn't stop the shiver,"Don't hear anyone getting eaten.. so looks like we're good. Yeh?"

Elias clenches his jaw and stares daggers at Cole when he replies to Kai and starts to rise in the water a little bit. With the guy swimming off a little ways, he manages to keep his very obviously disturbed cool. Taking a breath then, he manages a smile over at Grey and just shakes his head. "Some of us don't have a lot of reasons for smiling. Shitty couple of weeks. Clean…ish feels nice at least. Fuckin' freezing, though." There's a glance over to Kai then and a nod to her. "It's cool, Kai." Max's idea looks like a fine one, though. Glancing over at him, he opts to find his own 'edge' somewhere to laze on.

Grey leans back in the water, drawing in a deep breath to inflate his chest. It's enough to lift his feet off the bottom, and start him slowly drifting down-stream, but as soon as he even begins to let the air out of his lungs, he's sinking again. He certainly does not have the body fat to float. "Nope, I think we're good." Eventually, he steps back into chest-high water, tucks the hilt of his knife between his teeth, and then begins to scrub off his hair. Partway through the process, he pauses, spits out his knife into one hand, and notes, "You know we're all gonna get nasty again hauling that thing back to camp, right?" Turning his pair of slowly-fading black eyes toward Elias, he shrugs slightly, "Sometimes you gotta love the little things in life, man. Especially when the big ones suck hairy balls."

Max looks back over toward the snake and then grumbles, "Get someone else to come down here and haul it back. We killed it, they can get stinky carrying it." He's probably just talking shit. In the end, Max will help when it comes down to it, but for the moment he doesn't look like he is going anywhere or hauling anything. He just nods and says in agreement, "Gotta enjoy what small things you can find when you can find them."

"I vote we shove a spear down it's throat until it comes out the other end and use that to carry it back with." is Kai's opinion about it,"And a few hours worth of sweat is way less nasty than a couple of weeks worth of funk. Especially a couple of weeks worth of guy funk." at least in her opinion. Satisfied with what she's achieved, she elects to rise again, wiping any potential moss from her before she carefully wades for the edge,"Use some of the cord to tie it up so it doesn't tear itself free, and we're good."

"Pfft," Elias sounds, his brows furrowing and a ghost of a smile resting on his lips. Currently lazing against his own edge indeed, has has his head back and eyes closed for the time being. His reply is to Grey, though he doesn't look in his direction. "Man, I don't even care." Blinking once or twice, he lifts his head to look around. "Heh. Let me rephrase. I care an awful fucking lot about whether or not there are more man-eating snakes in the river. Don't care about gettin' nasty again, though. Totally worth it." There's a nod to both Grey and Max at the conclusion of their conversation, though. "Here's to the small things," he says, leaning his head back once more and closing his eyes. Suddenly a smirk crosses his lips and he quips at the end: "Speaking of cold ass water." Again, his attention and open eyes are drawn up to the retreating Kai. "What? Now?"

<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics: Good Success.

"Guy funk. Like you smell like roses, Adams." Apparently satisfied with his rinsing off, Grey walks around to exit the river upstream of the still-bleeding lamprey-thing. "Don't know what the hell you're talkin' about, Elias, 'small things.' He smirks, laughing easily with the words. Grabbing his clothes, knife, and sword in one hand, he clambers up the rock face to find himself a nice warm patch to sun in, "Lemme know when you're done splashin' around and, and we'll spit the thing," even if it's almost as long as two spears end-to-end, "or wrap it up, or whatever the hell it takes to get it back to camp." That two hour walk will probably end up being more like three on the way back.

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