Day 025: Running Interference
Summary: Several Techies discuss how the interference on the radio may save them all.
Date: 18 June 2016
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The Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been beaten back, underbrush and low-hanging branches cleared to try and expose as much of the gnarled hills around the landing site as possible. There are still trees around the walls, even close to them, but they have been shorn of branches as high as can be reached.

25 Days After Landing

In the afternoon of the 25, Shi has been cleaned up and is again out of her tent and moving towards the middle of the camp, she has a small bag with her and a cup, so it's possible she has just gotten something to nibble on. The tiny white hair'd girl pauses and looks left and right, then over towards the wall and then back to the tents and bites her lower lip before she moves to settle down in the shadow of the Dropship with a little slump of her shoulders and closed eyes.

The problem with specialized skill sets - particularly ones in the technological field - is that they're pretty useless when you don't have high-tech supplies. Or electricity. While some of the Coesbur grounders were around, Silver's been spending most of her time with Wren, practicing the language and learning the culture as much as she can. With the grounders gone, though, she's left trying to find a project where she's actually useful. From the looks of things, she's not really succeeding. Mostly wandering. It ends at the dropship, not far from Shi, where she leans against the metal with a frustrated huff.

Those violet eyes open and Shi turns her head to the side to find Silver, a tilt of her head that has white hair falling around her and a tiny smile is offered. "You sound like I feel Silver. What's up?" That voice is soft but sweetly warm, a husky tense hint of something that always seems to linger. She pats the ground next to her and even offers up her abit of rations from the cook tent. They might not know eachother well, but everyone seems to know of everyone somehow.

"I feel useless," Silver grimaces, sliding down the side of the ship and shaking her head to the offer of food. "Here we are about to have to go to war or something, and I can't fight, I don't have the materials to come up with anything to actually defend us. All I can do is wait for people to get hurt so I can try to put them back together. Assuming we even have a chance to do that."

Shi leans her head back against the ship and nods, "I understand what you mean, but atleast you are a damn good Med Tech, and that is more helpful than you know. Me? Not really useful at all, people just want to hide me.." She says with more of smirk as she takes a tiny bite of whatever was out today, she chews as her eyes close again and then she shakes her head. "But, I did have a favor to ask of you if we ever ran into eachother.."

"For all the good it did with the blood fever," Silver snorts softly, pushing a hand through her hair and looking over with a brief, crooked smile. "Hey, you plant folks are useful here. I mean, sure, most of the plants have mutated in horrifying ways from what we would've expected them to be, but at least you've got a starting point." At the mention of a favor she's already reaching into her pocket for the tiny bits of scrap metal she's had for tools since the first day. "Need your bracelet off?"

Shi chuckles softly and shakes her head, "I probably do, but that isn't the favor.." The tiny girl turns her eyes back on Silver and she tilts her head to the side before she bites her lip as she asks, "I have noticed that you seem to get along with one of the Trikru? The large one who has offered to exchange training?" She is clearly talking about Wren at that moment.

Silver pauses in her rummaging, settling back against the ship again. "Yeah," she answers, summoning up a casual smile that isn't really as casual as she'd like it to be. "Wren. Though with the cease-fire off, he's going to have to be a little more careful until things…Well. Hopefully things settle. Why?"

Shi nods slowly at Silver, but that tiny smile is still on her lips as she settles a little more against the side of the dropship from where she is settled not to far from Silver and the pair seems to be talking about something on the afternoon of the 25th. "Well, I am really needing help in learning their language and as someone who gets along with them so well, I was hoping you'd see if maybe Wren would be willing to teach me?"

"I suspect that given a choice between teaching language and teaching fighting, he'd think teaching us to fight was a better use of his time," Silver laughs softly, rueful. The pair is sitting against the dropship in the shade, talking quietly. "But I can ask him. Not all of us are really made for fighting, right?"

Grey comes down out of the dropship, a frown gathered tight in over his eyes. The mention of fighting from off to his left draws his attention, and he glances over, offering a nod to each of the young women. Coming over, he does his best to project a smile beyond his worried frown, but it's not particularly successful, "Hey, Shi, Silver. Mornin'. Meant to say, you did real good the other day, Shi, the trainin'? Sorry, Silver, didn't mean to butt in."

Shi gives a soft chuckle. "He, already kicked me in th stomach, so I guess maybe he will be willing to teach fighting while yelling at me in his language. I"m not suited but…" She trails off as Grey comes over and she turns to look up at him with a little blush to her cheeks, "You mean sliding head first into the weapons and falling on my face?" She winks but her smile is bright anyway, "But thank you, it gives me something to do. I mean, they are just going to laugh at the tiny white haired girl, but it might distract them a little?" Impish grin. She is trying to stay up beat, really.

"Hey, Grey," Silver tips her chin up in greeting, smile quirking at Shi's description. "You're braver than I am, then," she laughs, shaking her head. "Not much to butt in on. We were talking about language lessons, whether Wren might be willing to sit down for a little." With someone other than her, at least. "Granted, I'm not getting the feeling they want to talk to us all that much anyhow, but at least we might be able to understand them if we need to."

"I mean tryin'." Grey's smile grows a little less forced, and he shrugs a little helplessly, only moving his left shoulder. Moving the right too much still pulls at the cauterized wounds at his right side, "Just that means a whole lot." He nods slightly to Silver, "Yeah. Gideon's more worried about makin' sure we can defend ourselves than if we can talk to folks. I mean, the fact that their warriors speak English kinda helps with that. Means we can usually talk to someone if we've gotta."

Shi smiles towards Grey, "I knew what you meant. But really we all admit, me sliding around and going head first into things, made it funny. I might not be good at it, but sitting around, trapped inside, away from the fields and trees, there is very little I have to do but well, get my ass handed to me.." The girl admits as she flashes them both a smile, "But as a self titled "Talker" having their language is important to understanding where they are coming from. Words can mean more than, well what you think they are saying…"

"Yeah, that's sort of Wren's way of thinking, too," Silver nods to Grey. "Although if I have to say 'I am a healer, I'm here to help' one more time, I'm going to start saying it in my sleep. Or in response to random questions. What's your name? I am a healer, I'm here to help. Then they'll just think I'm crazy."

Grey shifts aside the rifle hanging across his torso in a ready sling, letting him crouch down before the two women with a little grimace, "Point, Shi. Like I'm pretty sure I told a couple of them that I had a goat for them when I was first trying to tell 'em my name. Gideon still winces whenever I try to say something. I think most of the others are too polite." Which is not something you'd expect from Grounders — at least not the warriors. He chuckles quietly at Silver's response as well, a smirk twisting his lips, "Hey, that's better than me. I say something like 'I'm a Guard,' and they point and laugh, 'cause none of us is a warrior to them. They respect healers."

Shi flickers a smile to Silver and chuckles softly, "Well, it's a good thing to say. Because Grey is right, Healers are very important down here. While I could say farmer or political figure, they would just eyes me, smirk and pats me on the head like a good little girl.." Shi sighs, "So, we all do what we can, learn what we can, protect those we can. And when it's over? We contuine to be who we are, just.. different, here.."

"I'd feel a lot better about it if I knew enough about things down here to be able to do more of my job without the tech from the Ark, you know?" Silver grimaces. "I mean, the med tech on the Ark was breaking down, sure, but I knew how to fix it. How to make it better. I was good at that. Working from scratch, with twigs and leaves and flowers and leftovers that weren't even meant for medical uses in the first place…I'm pretty sure the grounder healers can deal with a lot of the stuff down here better than we can, no matter how much we know about medicine. Like who would've guessed they'd be using biological warfare?"

Grey nods at Shi, then grimaces at Silver's words, "Oxfor told me they did it sometimes. That's why he thought the people in C-Bur were gettin' sick. He thought we'd done it to them with Q, Devin, Ruth, and Morgan. I told a bunch of people when we got back, but I guess not enough." He snorts softly, "Or we all just forgot. I mean," sarcasm, biting and directed inwardly, rips into his words, "it was like two weeks ago." Shaking that off, he shrugs, "Don't know if it'd have really helped though. Knowin'. Still had to bring people back to camp, yeah?" And then he looks back to Shi, "To be fair, that's pretty much how a whole lotta us on the Ark reacted when someone said they were into politics." Now he's just teasing her. Probably.

"I didn't realize that's why they'd thought it until Wren told me about the blood fever later," Silver shakes her head. "I couldn't figure out why, if they thought we'd gotten them sick, us sending healers to help them was proving anything. Then he said that, and suddenly it made a whole lot more sense."

Grey nods his head, "Probably would've been even better if we hadn't sent guards with them, but at that point, we had no reason to trust 'em. But yeah, sending healers instead of warriors was a big thing with Oxfor. And a whole lot of C-Bur. I mean, I doubt I could walk up in there without gettin' my ass beat, not right now, but still, there'd be some people who went easy on me." His smirk is back, quirked up at one corner, and it infects his voice, "You been seein' a lot more business," he nods down to Silver's bare left wrist, "since we lost contact with the Ark?"

Silver glances down at her wrist, nodding. "Yeah," she admits. "Plenty of people getting them taken off. Helps that I at least found out how to get them off without breaking them before we lost contact. But there's a lot of empty trade going on with them. Not much I've been able to get them to do independently, but everyone seems to be willing to trade useful things for them."

Rubbing at his own still-intact bracelet, Grey nods slowly, "Yeah. I can see a lot of people decidin' it wasn't worth takin' off." His smirk fades as he says that, but doesn't quite turn into a frown, and then he draws in a breath and offers another left-shoulder shrug, "Especially if there was somethin' bein' offered for it." He nods his head up, "So whaddyou think? They all gone? Or was it just somethin' that popped in comms?" Because somehow that's easier than — or at least different from — talking about the tide of Grounders bound to sweep over their walls any moment.

Silver is quiet for a moment at that question. The sort of quiet that usually means she has a thought and she's trying to figure out just how she wants to phrase it. "There's some kind of noise coming from the radios," she finally says. "Cass pointed it out while I was working on sorting some of the bits and pieces we had to see what was usable. Could be there's some sort of interference. Then again, they dropped an uncontrolled ship on a village, which kind of makes me think things aren't going great up there right now, since much as I might not like them, I don't think they would've done that on purpose."

That not-quite-a-frown turns into a full-on frown then, "Interference? Like…" his brows well and truly knot up then, "jamming? I mean… I know it's technically possible, used to be a thing. Asshole coaches did it to the other team's radios in football games. Totally illegal." Shaking his head, Grey agrees, "And yeah, no way they did it on purpose. Even Kane's not that big of a jackhole, and it don't make no sense after we got a truce or ceasefire or whatever. But each of our landings is gettin' worse, ain't it?" He crouches before Silver and Shi where the young women sit in the shade of the dropship.ooc There.

"I don't know if it's jamming," Silver cautions. "I haven't had a chance to look into it all that deeply, and we don't have much in the way of equipment. It could be solar flares, or the effect of radiation, or…we don't know enough to say." The last observation gets a grimace and a nod as she pushes a hand through her hair. "Yeah. From what I could see when it was coming down, the retro rockets just flat didn't engage. I wanted to get a look at the wreckage, but from what Wren said, there wasn't even enough there for us to try to piece things together and find out why."

Tink managed to get over yesterday's embarrassment by hiding in her tent and working on some designs. There's something calming in working through the night on an idea that just might work if they are willing to consider it. She has something in her notebook, and she's practically bouncing as she walks up towards the group under the shade of the drop ship. Luckily, Grey happens to be there, and this might be something she should pass by him, Cole and a few others, "Oh hey….Grey…umm…I wanted to know if you care if I gutted the communication in the drop ship?"

"There wasn't." Comes the voice of experience. That's where Grey got the arrow to the side, after all. He spreads his hands about shoulder-width apart, "Not much bigger than this left. Less of the village. Even boiled off a coupla lakes. Gertie and Wood," that would be Lark, "were sayin' it was the hydrazine that went up." Grey looks over to Tink as the young woman approaches, starting to nod and then freezing partway through the gesture at her words, "Uh… well, Silver was just talkin' about that. About comms, that is. Whatcha want to gut 'em for?"

"That answers something, at least," Silver muses. "It means it had fuel, which suggests they didn't just drop it. Maybe they meant to make a remote…" She pauses, brows rising as something occurs to her. "Shit." She stands up, pacing a few steps. "It is jamming. That has to be it. They tried to send the thing down, planning on some sort of remote activation of the jets, just like they did with us, but when it hit atmosphere, the signal got jammed and they couldn't get it to ignite!"

Tink pulls out her notebook and shows Grey a preliminary design of some type of short range communication devices, "I…I think if we keep it small, use some of the solar cells that are damaged and not fracked with some of the communication equipment that's no longer needed…we might be able to rig a few of these devices to allow folks to communicate to each other." She glances about, "I was thinking of asking Reno or Cole to look this over but I figured I'd ask around before dragging more folks into this."

Shi has grown silent as the converstation moved on, heck it's even hard to tell if she heard anything in the last few moment, but as Tink arrives with her idea, violet eyes blink slowly as if waking and she offers the other girl a grin. "Reno would be good at such a thing…" She seems to agree with the small tinker as she stretches once and then goes back to leaning in the shadows.

Ariadne exits the drop ship with a quiet sigh, as she wipes at her hands with them hem of the shirt she's wearing. The gathering of people seems to attract her attention and it's in that direction she goes, shoving her hands into the back pockets of the pants she's wearing. As she approaches she utters a semi-friendly, "Hey before her legs fold underneath her and drop her unceremoniously on the ground into a seated position next to Shi. She looks tired, and as she lands her hands slide from her pockets and land on her knees.

Grey nods to Silver, "Yeah. The dropship was late, from what people said. And the pod," carrying Cam's mother, "was even worse. And then this… usually, things get better when you try 'em a couple of times in a row." The ex-C leans forward over the drawings, frowning in thought. He knows… just enough to be confused by the drawings. "So… uh… couldn't we," he glances over to Silver, "use whatever power cells these bracelets got? Maybe from the broken ones? Or from ones that folks want to have off?" His right hand crosses to his left wrist in an almost protective gesture, "'Cause I know that if we lose the solar cells, we can't close the door or turn on the lights inside the dropship, and that'd be real bad if we wanted to use the place as a last hold-out." Still, he nods slowly, "But yeah… short-range comms'd be real, real good." Ariadne gets a concerned frown, "You look beat."

Something Silver says comes into her mind and while Shi knows very little about it all, she blinks once and shakes her head, "Wait.. how could it have been Jammed? Would that not mean something down here did it?" Which really makes her frown since she doesn't think the grounders have things. But she slides over and leans against Ari, putting her head on the taller girls shoulder as she bites her lower lip in thought.

Tink gives a smile, "Yeah…if we could somehow rig the bracelets to communicate to each other…even allow for us to talk to each other than we'd be able to keep track…" She pauses and notes, "Well the folks that are still wearing their bracelets. We'd have to rig a center command. And perhaps set it up so you're not broadcasting all the time cause that could get awkward…" Then she realizes what they're talking about and chimes in, "From the Ark…they could have XOed the ship on purpose…" At least that's Tink's working theory but the thought doesn't make her too happy.

"If we could find out what's jamming the comms? If we could prove that that's what kept the Ark from being able to trigger the rockets, and that's why it took out that village? Grey, we could prove that it was an accident. We could prove it wasn't us, it was whoever or whatever's doing the jamming," Silver says excitedly, too distracted by the thought to have caught much of the conversation about short-range comms. "We could finish this without a fight." Eventually she realizes there's another conversation, though, blinking at the others. "Short-range comms. Yeah. I was trying to use the bracelets for that right after we landed, but they're set to transmit just to the Ark, we didn't have the right sort of reception. But if we got it from somewhere else, and now that we can get them off…Yeah, we could pick out the power sources. But if there's jamming between us and the Ark, I don't know if it'd be the same with the short-range or not."

Ariadne says, "We were talking ' about trying to figure out how we could rig the bracelets to show us what the ark was seeing. If we could figure that out it'd be helpful in medical too. Morgan could see vitals." She lets one hand drape over Shi's shoulder as the smaller woman leans on her and her head falls back against the wall of the dropship. "Any chance of figuring out a way that the bracelets can be removed and placed on different people? If so medical could probably get away with only a few and you can have the rest." Her own wrist still sports the bracelet and that is the wrist that settles comfortably on Shi's opposite shoulder."

Grey shrugs one-shoulderedly at Shi, "Well… the Mountain fires missiles, right? That means they've got tech." Tink's suggestion of the Ark causing it draws a frown heavy onto his features, "Shit… man, I really, really hope that the Ark wouldn't cause our own dropship to crash. I mean… if they even could." That has him sinking into thoughtful silence for a long moment, "I think you're right, Silver. I mean, if we could find a way to prove that there was jamming from the ground — I mean, assuming it is from the ground — and it was proof the Grounders'd believe, that'd do it, right?" At Ariadne's question, he flexes his hand, nodding to Silver, "She's the expert, but I'm not sure I want any of these freaky-ass probes that've been in someone else in me." And then he looks over to Silver, "Think you could do it? With Tink and…" he glances to Shi, "Reno… and maybe Wood or Cole or whoever we can spare from defenses? Figure out how to prove there's jamming?"

"Or maybe we can take advantage of the fact that they're still jamming us," Tink suddenly bursts out as the walkie talkie idea seems to have been tried and discarded, "I mean…there has to be an origin to the source and if there's something there…sending out the jam…maybe we can rig one of the bracelets to bounce a signal back…like bats do when they're flying so they don't fly into things." She starts to bounce cause this might work, "It might take a bit to find it…but we could perhaps get an idea…and then send some folks to find the source…take it out. So we can talk to the Ark." She does hope it's not the Ark that is doing this and it's the Moutain Men or someone else that blocked the signal.

"No not share needles," Silver says sternly to Ariadne. "I can get them off. I got the info from the Ark before we left for Coesbur. But they work because of the probes on the inside," she explains, tapping at the bracelet on her own wrist. "Once they're removed, for them to work again, the probes have to be reinserted. And we're a little low on ways to properly sterilize them here, so you could end up going septic, which is kind of like the blood fever, only with more dying." Medical warnings dispensed, she looks back to Tink and Grey, nodding once. "I'm in. I've at least got a little bit of headway from when I was working on them before. And I've got a few of them stored," she admits reluctantly.

Reno walked out of the Tech tent. He'd been in there working around the clock for almost two days until he was made to take a rest. Engineers; can't talk sense into them when they're on an inspired tear I guess. His right hand was wrapped, but that aside he looked no worse for the wear. Pretty much like everyone else in teh camp. It wasn't the conversation that drew him out of the 'lab' but a need to look at the outside of the tent, eyeing it as if measuring or looking for somehting.

"Oh yeah, with your guts hanging out I'm pretty sure you'd be real worried about that probe in your wrist that might be unclean." Ariadne is tired and that shows in her voice as she says, "I don't know, but I'd risk if it it meant knowing something was going south in there with Hanne in enough time to open her back up and fix it before she's bled out internally. But hey, ya'll don't wanna risk it that's fine. I'm sure that thread that's holding her together's nice and sanitary." She sighs and shakes her head then let's her head fall back against the ship again. "Just forget I mentioned it. Medical's Morgan's thing, anyway."

Grey doesn't seem bothered in the slightest by the idea that Silver has some of the bracelets stored. Hell, it's real convenient right now. "He nods to Tink, "Then again, if it points at the Mountain, it doesn't help us so much, now does it? But provin' to the Trikru that we were jammed, that'd be seriously aces. And walkies'd give us a real advantage if that ain't enough to get them to back the hell off." The group is gathered between the dropship door and the tech tent, the ladies sitting against the wall and Grey crouching before them, his rifle slung across his chest. "I say medical's as much Morgan's as the rifles are mine. Which is to say, partly." A sardonic smirk twists his lips, "But I'm also pretty sure that if I tried to stick my nose in medical's business, he'd bite it off. And not in a good way."

"Silver…if you can get me and Reno some of the bracelets…maybe we can do something that allows to show us the signal came from the Moutain Men…that it was their attack…on us and their clan and that we could ban together…" Cause then the Grounders would be their allies and not enemies because they'd be facing a common foe, "And that would solve the 'they're going to kill us' problem too!" Tink is seriously feeling proud of herself and when she spots Reno, she excitedly calls him over with the furious motioning of her hands. Yeah…there's some awkward going on, but at the moment it's not on the surface because she has a bangarang idea that he has to hear.

"You're right, you don't-" Silver starts to snap back at Ariadne, then closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and forcing it out slowly. "The bracelets provide general medical information," she explains when she opens her eyes, though the patient tone is a little bit strained. "Heart rate. Respiration. Blood chemistry. They're not an x-ray, or a CAT scan, or an MRI. The only part of that information we can't get on our own is the blood chemistry, and honestly, if she's got a blood chemistry problem going on, we don't have the tech to treat it. So I appreciate that you want to help your friend, but snapping as me isn't going to make a medical suite appear. I'd let you snap at me all week if it would. Literally, there is nothing I want more than a full medical suite to work in. Believe me." She turns back to Tink then, nodding once. "I'll bring some of them over, lend a hand. There's enough help in medical right now, and Cole's tied up with the hydrazine, I think."

Reno wasn't even remotely paying attention, but did mutter, "They're going to have to have some sort of monitor that can read and report those readins, Silver. They reported to a database and monitoring solution back home. Need to make a receiver that can read them here." Still though his attention was on teh tech tent and not whatever else was going on. He didnt' seem married to the idea of being heard either way it seemed.

A grateful look is given to Reno as Ariadne speaks up and then she says, "If we did have some sort of monitor at least it would show if her heart rate goes and and blood pressure goes down. That's tip us off that the thread holding her artery closed didn't hold so we could open her back up." She doesn't bother sounding angry as she answers and she says, "But hey, you got other things that are more important. It's all good."

Grey looks over to Silver, grinning a little crookedly, "So. What we're all sayin' is you got a real valuable resource, and real valuable expertise, and everybody wants some. How's it feel to be a wanted woman?" Yeah, he might be laughing at her just a little, but it's a good-natured sort of humor. And it's a little forced too, since they're talking about Hanne like that. He glances over to Ariadne, "She's gonna be alright, right? Hanne? I was up there to check on her, but she was out cold."

As usual, Cole has been busy in the depths of the dropship, churning out explosives as fast as he can while at the same time being stupidly careful about doing so. This requires a degree of mental breaks, and as such, he's taking one of those right now, trodding down the dropship ramp to get some well-needed air since down in the sub-level can carry a certain degree of claustriphobia to with.

Tink glanced off because she didn't want to focus on Hanne and what happened on her, and as the conversation moves from comms and tracking to the sick girl, she quiets for a moment…just a moment before she sees Cole, "Cole!!!" She motions for Reno to follow her if he wants to and heads on over to the bossman, "How good are you at tracking signals? Communications?" She practically bounces over to him, her excitement is just bubbling over as she gives him a big smile, "I think we might be able to ping the signal…the one that's jamming and then find a way to show the Grounders that the Ark didn't do the attack but the ones jamming it did….like bats do when they're flying and don't want to run into things."

Silver half turns to look at Ariadne for a long moment. It's that quiet again. The one where there's a whole lot of possibility going on in the back of her mind while she tries to decide how to respond. "You know what would be useful for monitoring her?" she finally says, voice flat. "Sitting next to her and watching her. But if you're too busy for that, it's all good." Grey gets a dry look and a roll of her eyes, then she's following Tink over toward Cole. "There was fuel on the ship that crashed," she adds, trying to fill in the blanks. "I think it means they meant to land, but they couldn't get the signal through to fire the thrusters. Thus, crash."

Reno had his attetion completely arrested away from the tent as his name was thrown at him like a dart snapping him out of whatever he was calculating. "Hmm?" At her gusto and ah, there's Cole, he followed and asked with a half-grin "Well that depends, you asking me or him?" He pushed the unbandaged hand through his hair and poked his frames back up his nose making his way over. Cole, tehrein, got a quiet single wave of a hand in greeting as to not interrupt the shorter of the two techs.

Oh, talk about the dropship. That's been on Cole's mind for awhile now. "The Exodus crashed for one of two reason, but really one. Complete loss of power. If nobody was behind the controls, automatic speed and promixity programs would've been engaged, thrusters would've fired, and descent would've been slowed. How do we think we landed without a pilot? The system was designed to do that. Coupled with the amount of failsafes and redundant systems involved, one fails, another takes over. It would've had to off been a complete loss of power. Like, all. As in, dead in the water. The problem I have with that is how that could've happened, which the rest is just me speculating the as to how the fuck it could happen. Internal fire, maybe. Rapid decompression within the cabin? Eeehh…maybe but I don't see it. It's almost like someone shut down the systems while in flight, but I can't see someone knowingly doing that unless they were completely suicidal." is the mechanic's long-winded explanation, which only really leaves him shrugging. "If someone was survived, I could have a better evidence. Fact is, I don't." Then he looks at Tink. "Wait, what? We're being jameed? Since when? I thought comms was broken off on the Ark side. But…I've been kinda busy with the mines."

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Silver's dry look, although his amusement fades away as the nerd-to-jock ratio keeps growing higher. "Might be gettin' way over my head now," definitely getting way over his head now, "but Silver was sayin' there's some interference with the radio. And I noticed when I was talkin' to Kane on the vidlink, there were some serious crackles." He looks over to Silver then, "Could that have been part of it too? Didn't Mimi say somethin' about ground-mappin' radar or somethin' like that on the dropship? She was gonna use it for a motion sensor? Could somethin' have screwed up with that and made it so the dropship didn't 'think the ground was anywhere close?"

Ariadne rolls her eyes at Silver and mutters, "Yeah, because I can tell someone's vitals just by watching them." She dismisses the other woman and glances toward Grey as she answers honestly, "No idea." Then she quiets and settles in, rolling her shoulders and stretching her back painfully.

"Theory is that maybe something is jamming the signal in these…" Tink points to her bracelet, "Silver's got a few of these handy and I want to a) confirm it's happening and then b) try to figure out where it's coming from because maybe we can trace the signal…and if we do then we have our proof that the Arkers and Grounders were attacked…poof" She makes a motion with her hands, "Enemy of my enemy is my friend. And then we get the fucking bastards that started this mess."

Cole isn't wearing his bracelet anymore for reasons that will likely go unexplained. Like tearing it off in a frustrated rage with life in general. "The theory is something /not/ the Ark lost comms with rather something else somewhere is jamming our communications with it." There's wheel-turning behind his eyes, as if running through the possiblities, methods, or reasons why. "I hadn't heard about this before." Though he does tunnel-vision with whatever project he's currently working on that desires the majority of his attention. "Let's say we do find that evidence, Pix." he replies to Tink. "Would they even buy it?" There's a look at Silver and Grey. "You're the ones dating Grounders. You think they'd understand it or just think we're blowing smoke up their asses?"

Reno listened and stayed quiet. Finally looked down where his was stil on his arm and nodded. "If we can get a plan? I can prolly help you find out where it is. Have to figure out how, but if we can kick off a signal, or fins something that will and get to a couple places we can probably triangulate where the signal is dying." He paused realizing he wasn't the one being spoken to and fell silent. He admitted pologetically, "I used to hyjack frequency to find out what was going on in the rest of the ship before i got caught. I was bored."

"I didn't know for sure," Silver shrugs to Cole when he asks why he hadn't heard about it. "Cass noticed it, though, when I was going through some of the loose pieces, sorting for what was useful and what wasn't. The radio was giving us an odd sort of feedback. I didn't think too much of it at first, figured it was probably background radiation or something. Until Grey mentioned there was fuel on the ship that crashed, and then…" She trails off, shaking her head. "I think they might buy it if we can show them at the right time. We show them radios not working. We take them to the source of the jamming. We take it out. We show them working radios. They understand cause and effect just fine."

"Yeah, my date's getting shot in the chest with a damned arrow." Grey snorts at that, but then shakes his head, accepting that premise and moving on, "Huh? No, that's not what we're sayin', Cole. I think what's bein' said is that somewhere else is jammin' comms and… I dunno… maybe guidance? If that's even possible. I mean, we landed 20 klicks off-course. The techs up there are damned sure good enough to land us on the right spot if nothin' goes wrong, yeah?" He nods to Reno, then looks over to Silver, weighing for a moment before he agrees, "Yeah. They might buy it. Gideon understands tech a little. I'm sure there's a few others. But yeah, demonstration'd be the best way, if we could do it. I mean, they're not dumb or anything. Just don't know tech like we do, and don't trust it like we do. It'd have to be somethin' straight-forward, I think."

Tink puts her arm on Reno, giving him a squeeze cause she knows it's not easy for her friend to speak, "Cole…this is Reno…I don't know if you guys have met but he's a genius with electronics and I think if anyone can track that signal…besides you…it's him." She isn't as much of a wiz with electronics, "I mean…if we could do this…" She pauses as Silver offers cause and effect, and Grey chimes in, "Not sure how we'd show it quite yet…but I think we need to figure out how to pinpoint it first."

"No, that's what I'm saying too, Grey. Sorry, I'm just a little…fried." Cole rubs at his face. "Trying to not blow us all the fuck up right now and handling hydrazine isn't exactly the most carefree exercise." Really, it's not, and the long-haired techie is about the only one off his hinge enough to do it. "If we get what we need, I'll let someone else try to explain how it works, someone who knows how to talk to them. No, not saying they're dumb either, and I'm sure as hell not going to say that to Silver's man's face. I like my blood where it all is." People shouldn't be that big. Ever. "Or Gideon. You know, how about just none of them." That said, eyes slant back to Reno and Tink. "We haven't, actually. Reno." a nod at the other man. "I figure…I dunno. My laptop might be able to help us. Piggback onto the signal, trace is back to it's source. As for everything else. I hadn't noticed the static in the comms, but I hadn't really used it. Makes me think I should've paid more attention to it."

Ariadne leans in to kiss Shi's cheek and she says quietly, "I'm gonna try to get some rest. Be careful." Then lanky legs unfold underneath her and she moves off toward the tents.

Reno smiled nervously witha grateful not to Tink. An eyebrow arched over his frames listening to Cole's observations, the plan, and for now kept his head on a swivel watching. He didn't seem to envy whoever had to do the talking, and likewise was not sticking his hand in the air to volunteer. Talk to things? Yes. People? Harder. Finally bakck to Cole he offered, "Or maybe it's jamming specific frequencies. Could be a number of things. I have to go out and look for parts to build a rain collector system. Was gonna go grab Max and maybe Quinn to go look. If we have something figured out between us I can scout the area we're looking for other materials in. Save time." Efficient at least.

"All right." Silver gives Cole a long look, grimacing. "You should get some sleep, Cole, but we all know you're not going to. Tink, Reno, if I get you some of the spare bracelets, could you get started on the short-range comms possibilities? I'd rather not cannibalize the ship comms, since we know they work without jamming and we might need them to prove there was jamming, but maybe there's something I missed in the bracelets. I can help Cole with the hydrazine to get it done faster, then we can all work on the jamming. Does that sound good?"

Grey frowns at Reno's mention of going out beyond the wall, "Be real careful if you go out there. Make sure Q's got a rifle on her. Hanne got cut up when she went outside the wall. Real bad." He nods to Ariadne as she departs, then looks back to the others, "I mean, are you hopin' to just stumble onto parts out there? Can't you get what you figure you need from the dropship? Or would that break the power or the hydraulics?" Apparently, he considers those two systems the critical ones. Nodding at Silver, he piles on her advice for Cole, "I'd rather not blow the whole dropship up, even if it means havin' a couple fewer mines." His lips purse, and he shivers a touch, "Thripoda was an ugly-ass scene."

"Silver, I need you to show the static first…the noise and then we can work from there," Tink offers as she feels the beginning of a plan. Cause while the other things are important, she'd like a moment where they all get together to hear it, "While Cole has his laptop out…scanning. We can then break off and you can get me the bracelets while Reno starts on solving the water issue. I also have a piece of that project…to make it mobile but somehow we can get it all done."

"And yeah…Cole can get an extra set of hands on the mines…after he sleeps," Tink gives him a look cause she cares and he's looking fried, "Can do your best if you don't have your head all there."

Shi slips to her feet, she has been out of the conversation for a long time now, but she moves to slip her arms around Reno in a hug before grinning at Tink and waving silently to the others as she moves a few steps away from the group.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." Cole remarks. This isn't an unknown thing about the man. He, like the very things he works on, is a machine at times. Anybody who knows him also knows he literally kill himself to finish something. "But…you really sure you want to work with hydrazine, Sil? Shit's real stressful. I'm not going to say no, but be aware what you're getting involved in." This would explain his more low-key attitude. No mental energy to really argue anything right now. "But, I can set my laptop up, connect it to the comm equipment, start scanning signals, see if I can find anything in the…chaff. And if we do, we'll try to trace it back."

"Someone needs to help you," Silver shrugs to Cole. "Someone with steady hands, who knows what they're working with. Steady hands are as good for building bombs as they are for surgery, and the more of us are working on it, the sooner it'll be done. Grab the laptop, I'll show Tink the rest of the stuff while you take a nap, then we can all get back to work."

Reno wasn't great with people at large, but for whatever reason Shi inviting herself over for a hug seemed second nature. "Stay in one piece, please?" Shi had more adventure in her than was for her own good at times. The current situation with Hanne was still unsettling. Not something the lanky tech wanted to see repeated. Ever. To Cole on the habit of testing the monitors and relays he nodde, but didn't interrupt. He and Tink could sort the minutae.

"Yeah, but if you go to sleep down there, a whole lot of us are dead, man." Hey look, no politics, so Grey can actually talk to Cole without getting into a shouting match. The group now forms a little cluster between the ramp to the dropship and the tech tent. Grey opens his mouth to say something more, then shuts it, shaking his head before he looks around the little cluster, offering a brief up-nod as Shi takes her leave as well. "Maybe that's somethin' someone else could do, Cole?" He nods to Silver, "Hookin' the laptop up and scannin' the freqs?"

"I could do it…" Tink offers to Cole, wanting that man to get some sleep, "I could work on that while also work on the wheels for Reno…so I'd be monitoring and working on his project at the same time." Now it looks as though Tink has been up at all hours too but her reasons might have to do with a certain large giant that's not on the grounds as far as Tink can tell.

Mimi steps out of the dropship with her bow and arrows. "I've been reaching out to Mount Weather and as such there has been no reponse. There is also no response from the dropship." She pulls out a old Wal-Mart badge that reads 'Welcome to Wal-Mart, My name is BOB, I am a Greeter' that is on a old laynyard. "Perhaps we can give this to Mimi, that would identify her as a greeter." She pauses as she looks at it "We could cross out greeter and put Ambassador? Obviously we would do the same with her name."

Cole must be looking worse than he realizes, though he has been working non-stop. Little sleep and giving out orders on what things people /should/ be working on. "I'll sleep. On the condition that I walk you through how to build a mine. I'll explain what I've been doing, watch you build one, and then pass out. Promise." But he seems to agreeing or at least taking the hint that he should get some kind of rest in. A hand is put on Tink's shoulder. "Do it. You already know the laptop's password to access anything that's not solitare." FYI: he still has the highest score so far. "Alright, alright. You guys fuckin win."

From the area of the personal tents and Cam and Morgan's specifically, a familiar gigantic soldier comes striding into the main camp area in his usual throat-bandage, vest, and scars as the only things above the waist on dark muscles. Stone's not striding with his usual relaxed good cheer or his former kind of shy unobtrusiveness. No, the huge ex-C is striding with a furrow-browed glut of determination. A man on a mission, and no one seems eager to get in his way to wherever that mission is taking him. Right here it seems, for as soon as the giant steps into the area, his dark chocolate eyes are sliding over the gathering of Delinquents and picking out two particular figures. And so it is his too-long legs are carrying him straight towards them, once-rich voice rising up to be audible across the yard, gravelly as a horror-movie killer from the arrow he took in the attack on the camp. "TINK! A word please! Shi, you stay where you are too!" Oh shit! What did they do?!

Grey just stops and stares at Mimi at her opening, blinking a couple of times and then shaking his head, "I thought that was just a rumor. Goddamn… are you like… still… cracked?" His right hand rises to tap his temple as an indication, "You really were callin' out to…" he glances out toward the wall, lowering his voice, "there? And please, please keep that quiet, damn it. Those are people that blew up whole damned villages of Trikru." He looks over sharply at Stone's call, then relaxes as its not a call to arms, turning his attention back to Mimi, "And of course you didn't hear anythin' back from the other dropship, it's gone. Blown up. To pieces."

Shi is given Reno an impish grin, chuckling softly before she says the normal, "I'll be good, I'm always good.." She winks and then is turning to step away when Stone's yell comes to her ears. There is a blink, slow before those violet eyes find the large male and she tilts her head to the side before she glances towards Tink in question with abit of an arched eyebrow. But she stays where she is for the moment, her hands moving to her hips as she rests in a relaxed position, letting him get closer before speaking.

"Deal." Silver claps a hand to Cole's shoulder, quirking a brow when Stone shouts over to Tink. "I'll go grab the bracelets and the radio, Tink. Try not to be paste when I get back."

Tink nods to Cole, having gotten her orders and was ready to start retreating to the tech tent when Stone calls out her name. She cringes literally as he makes his way to her, not looking at him at all. She just looks at Cole as if she's willing him to order her away…come on, give a girl a break.

Mimi tilts her head looking to Grey and approaching. "The enemy of my enemy is my freind. We see how they treat us, if the people of mount weather have technology perhaps the Grounders have done something to them originally? If we never reach out to them how can we create a dialogue. We have arrived very violently, they know where we are. If they want to wage war on us, would it not be beneficial to reach out to what could be our only ally? I have sent my last transmission however. There is more useful things to spend time on. There has been zero response. It reasons that we should reach out as we stand a 87.6872 percent chance of being completely wiped out by the Grounders."

Reno watched Silver and Cole and TInk and resolved to himself that this is why he jsut doesn't bother speaking up. He was about to turn from Shi when that scary-as-hell #3 rolled in like thunder. He stayed perfectly still out of habit and followed Stone with his eyes waiting to contribute any emotions into expression.

"Pix. Go. Talk to Stone later, just make sure you do. We have work to do." Bossman Cole has given out his orders, while at the same time reminding the other techie to not run away from stuff. A nod back over at Silver, rubbing at his eyes. "The housings are built. It's just pouring the hydrazine into the canisters, and then packing it with the opther prepping materials and…fuck, I'll just tell you when we get down there." There's a look at Grey. "Shit. Grey, can you please explain to her why it might be a bad idea for us to be looking like we're alinged with the Mountain Men? Just saying. I don't have the energy for it."

Stone's mission-focused, ground-eating stride takes him to the pair of girls in short order, not giving the cringing one chance to properly escape even as she'd got those orders. Instead, he's suddenly there behind her making a 'one moment' sort of gesture over to Shi as, all stern-faced and looming, his horror-voice is rolling forth with all the somber duty of the mission bringing him here, directed at the tinker. "Thank you for not bolting, Tink. I've been trying ot catch you half the dang day. I have something you need to hear." The same stern look over to Cole as the giant murmurs. "I promise it'll be quick." He even reaches a big arm out to snag the girl's shoulder before she can flee, though gently.

A breath as if there's a lot to say, and then the Boy Scout's voice is coming out softer, gentler, and filled with seeming genuine regret. "Tink, I owe you an apology, and I also owe you thanks. What happened was on me, not you. I acted like a fudging twit, but it was because you made me realize something. There's nothing wrong with you in any way, shape or form, and you know if I'm saying it, it's the truth. So please forgive me and please believe me. And thank you for making me realize it."

And with that, the giant's letting go of the tinker's shoulder, and he's turning to Shi, moving forward at her with a sudden speed, huge hands grabbing the tiny pale girl's hips, lifting her fully bodily into the air by a good foot and half, and laying a kiss on her that could frankly melt metal. Okay then. Mission apparently accomplished.

"The enemy of my enemy might be someone even damned worse. You ever think of that?" Grey shakes his head, "No. They're goddamn bullies." Just like his father, although Grey would never call him that. "If they," one hand twitches toward the walls, and by extension the forests and Trikru beyond them, "ever found out," his voice is low, quiet, rather than raised, "the folks in C-Bur… the folks who've been helping us, they'd be comin' over that wall to kill us faster'n you can snap your fingers." He gestures more heavily toward Cole, "Look at that, Cole and I even agree on somethin' here. That should be a sign of the apocalypse come again." He keeps a wary, side-long eye on Stone, and so gets the opportunity to see the usually-gentle giant give Shi a whopper. His eyebrows rise, and he gestures over toward the big ex-C, "Like that. There's another one. And screw your 87-percent. I'm makin' everyone here a one-hundred-percent promise that we come through this. Maybe not all of us, but enough of us."

"So…Silver." Cole sidelongs looks over at the other man, eyeing the big Stone kiss the smaller Shi. "Remind you of anything?" Oh yeah, he's going to tease her.

Shi is giving Stone a very confused look, that seems to be happening alot of her today, for she was confused and totally out of the conversation before and now she has no idea at all what the Boy Scout is up to. When he gestures for her to wait the tiny white hair girl shakes her head with amusement but seem content to find out what is going on. Then the poor Tink is getting his attention and those words cause from confusion for Shi, but she seems to approve of how he's being nice to the girl if the smile she offers Tink says anything.

But then Stone is turning towards her, and she opens her mouth to ask what the hell is going on, and then she is being lifted up and her tiny form is being pressed close to that of Stone. There is a soft gasp that is taken up into that kiss and then the rest of the world melts away as her hands slide around the large man's neck and she holds on for dear life.

Tink gets that look on her face of someone that wants the world to open up and swallow her now. She doesn't want to be here, listening to his. She doesn't want to have him basically announce to everyone she tried to kiss him and he didn't respond because…because he's got a girlfriend. She looks wide eyed at Stone giving a whopper of a kiss, a kiss that clearly wasn't anywhere near the scale she tried to give him. She doesn't look at Cole. She doesn't look at Reno. She doesn't look at anyone else, she can't keep her eyes from leaving that vision that is fucking burned into her head now. "Okay…good to know. I think I have the message loud and clear." Then she starts edging away, trying to find some way to exit gracefully and failing miserably. She's not mad, not upset…shock…that's the word to use. The girl is in shock.

"Don't know what you're talking about," Silver waves a hand over her shoulder to Cole, on her way to the tech tent to gather a few materials.

"And what are you gonna do, Grey - when one of us catches a spear to the chest?" asks Lark. Lark - shuffling from Tent City, with the rifle slung over her shoulder. Dark circles under her eyes, she draws a hand up to her dishelved hair, pursing her lips tightly. She had spent a lot of the night ducking in and out of the infirmary.

And had been taking a lot of watches recently.

Eyes track to the sight of Stone and Shi, and Lark lifts her eyebrows a bit. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she rolls her shoulders, and tracks her gaze back towards Grey - stepping closer towards him - and the group he was speaking to.

Mimi lowers her voice "I have not sent the coordinates of our camp, or Coesbur. At any rate they aren't talking, and the liklihood is that they are not listening. We…" She watches Grey trudge off towards..oh, more violence! " trying to be useful and trying to help. I just want to be useful." She falls silent as Grey becomes otherwise occupied, and heads off away as everyone's attention is likely drawn elsewhere.

"Classy, Stone." Cole frowns. "Nexttime you want to proclaim your undying love for someone, don't go and rip someone else's heart out in public and right infront of her. So yeah, pretty fuckin heartless." And he's heading into the dropship to show Silver what the mines are all about.

Reno watched the situation fold out. He could be a statue. Seriously. If there was any skill that he got great at in teh last 17 years it was being silent and unobtrusive as the things he built. It was only to Cole that he murmured, "I um… I'm gonna go check on the water supply. When we're ready to build out test radios and you need a radio tech, throw a rock, yeah?" That said he took another step to teh edge of the ramp and just shook his head.

Tink was okay…she was being mature about the whole thing but then Cole bursts out in his tirade and Tink bursts into tears. She slinks back into the tech tent, not saying a word. She has no words at the moment and leaves Stone and Shi standing by the drop ship having the mother of all kisses. She mumbles under her breath to Reno, "I'll be working in the tech tent…listening to signals…"

Stone was kind of distracted with that superiorly ill-advised kiss living up to his What Would Lip Do wisdom of the day, and so missed just what impact he'd had with that action. That is, until Cole's words caught him. "Wait…what?" He looks then, catches Tink's reaction just as she's taking off, and manages to put two and two together after a moment. Looking stricken, the big idiot is rasping out uselessly at Cole's back, maybe trying to make it loud enough to carry to Tink. "I didn't mean it to do that. I was tryin' to make it…right." He let's out a sigh, closes eyes, and mutters something to Shi, then sets the petite girl off and starts away towards the tents, with or without her. What Would Lip Do indeed. Maybe that wasn't the best philosophy to pick up.

"Maybe not, but next time, have some fuckin courtsey. But no, good job breaking someone's heart infront of everyone, because that's how everyone wants it to happen. Or, I don't know, keep that shit private and to yourself next time. Just a pointer." Cole points out tersely, but even that is said in a bit of mild voice. There's a shake of his head, having better things to do than give pointers on dating. He vanishes inside.

"I'm gonna shoot the jackhole in the face, so he can't do it to anyone else, and then I'm gonna haul the wounded back to the docs so they can fix 'em up." Grey has an answer for everything, thanks Lark, even if they're relentlessly optimistic. Still, he draws in a breath at Mimi's words, "You think they can't figure out where we are? Or C-Bur? At best they don't have a radio. Next best, they drop a missile on the closest village to help us. oh look, hundreds of people we got a ceasefire with just died. Not everythin's numbers, Mimi. Gotta think of what's right too."

Shi is sat back into place and shutters softly, but those violet eyes track from Stone to those watching and she watches the tail end of Tink and Reno leaving. But before she steps off after Stone, those violet eyes move to Cole and she says in that softly sweet and husky voice, with steel sliding into place. "And maybe Cole? You should think before you say something to make your friend feel worse. He wasn't ripping anyone's heart out, he like everyone else is reacting to a world gone crazy. Stone would never hart anyone and all those words? True, and you know it…" Her eyes flicker towards Tink again and she tries to give the other woman a smile before she steps out of the middle of things, following after Stone, shaking her head in confusion.

Reno withdrew from the emotional maelstrom all together after Shi said her piece. There was half a nod to Shi, and he was on Cole's heels headed back to 'tech city' where he could just DO instead of petition or discuss and actually get shit done and no one was constantly talking about people dying or making people feel terrible. Today got complicated. All he wanted to do was optimize people's advantage for getting a glass of water. This was not it. Ugh.

Cole stops at the dropship. There's a moment of real debating there. "No. You know what? You're not worth it." The greatest insult he throw at someone? Is to be ignored.

"Solution for everything, Grey," says Lark, her eyes flickering as the grounds rapidly empty of most of the more… energetic members of the team. Lark still hadn't checked in the rifle. "Or at least, if you keep saying it, it'll come true. I hope what happens doesn't disappoint you," says Lark, a little bit of wryness dancing unto her lips.

Even if Grey was heading out too, she didn't mind.

She brings her canteen up from her waist and takes a sip, her eyes tracking across the grounds.

Stone, after pausing to take in Shi's back and forth with Cole, looking suddenly a thousand years wearier than a few seconds ago, goes wandering back towards the tent with Shi at his side, a small upnod and wave given in parting to Lark and Grey if they looked his way after that asplosion he caused.

Grey nods at Lark, "Yup. I got big plans on survivin' this, and on as many people as possible joinin' me. And I'm not gonna let some fifty scouts screw that up. Or some giant-ass army of Trikru comin' after." He shakes his head slowly, "But I'm never gonna be able to introduce football to the Trikru if I die, and I'm not gonna be able to rub it in the face of all those uptight Guards that a Grey made it, and I'm not gonna be able to…" he cuts himself off there, glancing unconsciously back toward the tent city, then quickly back to Lark, "Let's just say that I'm gonna be over here in the 'plan to survive and doin' somethin' to ensure it' part of camp, and I'm gonna drag as many people outta Camp Pessimism as I can."

"Don't let me stop you, but that thing I feel? Deja vu? I feel we've gone over this before," says Lark, a bit of wryness creeping out behind that dark-circled mask of tired. A beat, though, and she glances to the tech tent, briefly, the smile slowly fading away from her face. "In the end, I think we all wanna survive," she says.

"See what the Grounders did to Hanne?" A handful of moments. "Tore her all up, and she said she fought them off or hid or whatever, after they did that. Don't think she did. Think that was a message," she states, her tone a bit hollow.

Grey's shoulders slump at the mention of Hanne, and he nods, "Yeah. I was just checkin' up on her." He brings up one hand to nibble at a nail for a moment, "She and I… if things'd been different…" he shrugs again, "I shoulda been payin' more attention. I'm gonna be, goin' forward. Shouldn't be anyone goin' off on their own. Should always be someone along with a rifle, groups of like three or somethin'. Shit's already happenin' to the best of us. Evie, Hanne. Time to make sure that stops."

"You would've been making a display like Stone and the bevy of girls that like him, there?" asks Lark with a beat of infused wryness into her tone, lifting her chin towards the dropship proper. "Yeah, well. People are gonna get hurt, that's what I am saying over here in team Pessimist," says Lark. She falls into kinda a squat, and turns it into a sit, looking up at the more or less towering figure of Grey up above her.

"Can't be everywhere at once. And that's why I was on the wall. Paying attention to people going in and out, right? You can't be everywhere at once. Gotta just… trust that most of us here are here to… live," says Lark, drawing a long breath in, and out a bit. "Wish they'd just attack and get it over with. Win or lose. Just get it over with," she murmurs, glancing to the wall.

Grey shakes his head, "Nope. That ain't my style. Neither's the bevy of girls thing, either." He shakes his head, "And yeah, people are gonna get hurt. I totally get that. I just think this doom and gloom shit is… well, shit." He shrugs his left shoulder, "I'm glad they're waitin'. Every day they hold off, Stone and me and the other wounded get better. Every day they hold off, people get better with rifles and swords. And every day they hold off is another day that they're provin' that fifty of their scouts are scared to come after eighty-three of us. I want them to think that they need hundreds or thousands to take us down. Means they respect us at the very least. Fear us at best."

A number of minutes after his antics caused drama, Stone is coming back from the tents area, alone again, looking like a man marching to the gallows. He's making a bee-line for the Tech Tent, which probably means he's got apology on his mind. Or…is about to go get his ass electrocuted or set on fire by 'accident'.

"Respect you for that," says Lark. "For… a lot of things, actually," she says, drawing out a long breath, and lifting her chin up, to rest her head against the pole she was leaning against. "The doom and gloom gives me fuel, I guess - I just can't see the bright side to all this, and… keeping the idea that this is all impossible. That this will kill us all, no matter what we do?" Lark lets her eyes drift shut, and a grin passes across her lips.

"I dunno. Keeps me fighting. What is already dead can't die. And I'm already dead, right?"

Chewing on her lip as he says what he does at the end, Lark clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, not even looking as
Morgan comes out of his tent and starts for the drop ship. While his face and chest are sort of clean, his pants are much less so but that's what happens when there's blood spurting and not enough water to wash clothes. Getting closer to Lark and Grey, he nods a greeting.

Grey smirks at Lark's first words, "Come on now, Wood. Don't go gettin' hard on me." By his tone, he's definitely teasing, "I just said I'm not into the bevy of girls thing, no matter how cute you are." Still, he listens to her doom and gloom, and shrugs acceptance, "If that's what keeps you goin'. Me, I'd rather people were plannin' on how to live, not on how to die. But that's me, and I ain't gonna force my opinion on anyone." Except, you know, the dozens of times since landing that he's tried to do that. He watches Stone go past, shaking his head in wry amusement, then nods, "Yeah. Fear's… somethin' that seems to pretty much be all around us on the Ground." Morgan gets a wary upnod, "You the one who kept Hanne breathin'?"

A puff of air, shot out to the sky - and from that, Lark releases a chuckle. "Keep dreaming, Grey," she says. "The last ingredient I want to add to this particular soup is relationship drama. I respect you. Leave it at that," she says. And he continues, and she just grins. "It's okay. Everyone's forcing their opinions on everyone else. It's part of the fun of being social," she says, peeking open one eye to look towards Morgan.

"We fear what we don't understand. And right now, that's waaaaay too much," she says.

"Hey, Morgan. You staying okay?" says Lark.

Morgan pauses when Grey addresses him then changes course enough to walk over into easy conversation distance. "Me and Ari. Though her injuries looked worse than they were. Not that they were minor but…" He shrugs. "If one of the blood vessels in her neck hadn't been nicked, she'd have lived a while out there." Is he doing okay? "As okay as can be, under the circumstances." he decides. "And probably better than most."

Grey lets some tension out of his shoulders at the news from Morgan, enough that he can spread his hands to the sides to draw attention to the fact that he's still wandering around camp shirtless (doctor's orders), "Come on, Wood, this is worth relationship drama." And then he snorts a laugh, shaking his head and nodding, "Totally left." And then he looks back to Morgan, "Thanks. She didn't deserve any of that. I mean, she shouldn't have been out on her own, but man… she really didn't deserve that. Glad she's gonna make it."

Speaking of being social, here comes someone who decidedly has not been social for the past month — a slight, short girl with mousy brown hair, the type who is good at not being noticed. "Excuse me," she asks, almost apologetically, "Would one of you happen to have a pair of tweezers?"

Lark glances up towards Madelyn as she speaks up - kinda pursing her lips. "Not on me - I'd try the tech tent, or maybe the medbay?" she asks, glancing towards Morgan at the last bit. Her eyes linger there, though, at his appraisal of Hanne. "Yeah, I can say that for sure. She was just kinda… leaning against a tree, blood everywhere. Thought she was gonna die before we got back to camp, if I can be honest," a beat, and she glances back towards Grey.

"But I'm a pessimist, right?" she says, picking up a little bit of dust and grass, and kinda flicking it towards the shirtless man. "Make up your mind, Grey," she chides him.

Shirtlessness only makes sense now it's getting hot and most people have a single shirt to their name. Morgan stopped wearing his completely days ago. "Tweezers? I don't think there's a pair of tweezers for hundreds of miles." Do the Grounders even know what tweezers are? "No one deserve this, Grey." Pause. "Well, almost no one. I'm thinking they meant for her to stay alive. The injuries were too… They were just short of being serious enough to kill her. It was either deliberate or she was so lucky it makes no sense since luck doesn't exist."

"Hey, she made it though. Maybe you should be an optimist after all. Or maybe I don't know shit, and pessimism is workin' for you." Grey laughs easily as he brushes the grass off his skin. Madelyn's request draws a follow-on chuckle and a shake of his head, "Naw, not since Rawlins was lookin' for a way to jerk off." Grey's good humor fades quickly, however, at Morgan's report, his brows furrowing into a deep frown, "Well shit. Then maybe she oughta be quarantined?" He winces a little even as he says it, "Can we even get the Blood Fever twice?" Something he should ask Gideon. "I mean… maybe they had more important places to be, and underestimated her? I'm not gonna look good fortune in the face and try to punch its teeth in though."

"Oh. Right. I'll… I'll check there." Madelyn ducks into the tech tent, emerging a few moments later with a pair of tweezers. Right on. "Seems like your friend was jerking off onto the electronics. Maybe you should talk to him about it," she says, tone so soft and dry that it might be hard to catch that she's making a joke at first. She angles herself for better light and starts to work on getting an unpleasant-looking splinter out from under her fingernail.

"Didn't get it once. From what it sounds like - I don't want it even once," says Lark. Lark clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth, pointing at Grey. "See, Grey? A message. Hoping to give pessimists in the camp more fuel against you optimistic types," says Lark, a little bit of a grin.

At what Madelyn says, Lark frowns, giving Madelyn a look of dismay. "Seriously? You can't be serious. That stuff is important," she says. Biting her lower lip, she flicks her eyes between Morgan and Grey then. "You're not serious," she tells Madelyn.

Underestimated her? Hanne? To say Morgan looks dubious is an understatement. "I don't know. We should have a resistance to it though. But Cassandra mentioned they put her and Asher in a pit with rats. It was probably the vermin that spread the illness. Hanne didn't say anything about that and there probably wasn't enough time. I should check her for bites though." He definitely looks surprised by the tweezers. Maybe they found them in that store they literally fell into.

"Definitely not my friend. Jackhole and his three buddies tried to kick my head in not too long ago." Grey snorts his amusement, then looks back to Lark, "Naw. Just makin' a comment on the tiny-ass size of his dick. I presume." He shrugs with one shoulder at Morgan's dubious look, "Hey… if folks were gonna underestimate one person in this camp… wouldn't it be Hanne?" There's a pause, and then he shrugs, "Or Lip?" Still, there's seriousness there, and he nods at Morgan's suggestion, then chuckles to Lark, "Well then we can't let 'em do that, now can we? Gotta stand up to the enemy outside and go all optimistic on 'em."

Madelyn grins, shaking her head. "Nope. Not serious. I'm pretty funny in my head, though. It's usually less funny when it makes contact with the air." The grin turns into a grimace as she goes back to working on the splinter.

"Lip could destroy us all. He's just biding his time. Waiting," says Lark, with an edge of humor in her voice. "And no Grey - I was talking about…" Lark kinda points a hand at Madelyn, wiggling a finger a little bit. "Ah, nevermind," she says, resting her forearms on her knees.

Lark looks towards Morgan. "Rats? Ugh. That's even better," she says. A handful of moments more, and her eyes flicker back towards Madelyn. "Say, I'm Lark, by the way. You've probably seen me around - I've seen you around, never quite got a chance to say 'what's up'," she says. A beat. "So what's up? You got something in your hand there?"

"Morgan." he introduces himself. With almost a hundred people in camp, he didn't get to know at least half of them and girls who kept mostly to themselves certainly fell under that category. "No, Grey. Her little finger was almost severed. Not her hand. Her stomach was sliced open to her intestines but one inch more would have cut them open too and basically killed her. The neck wound misses all the major blood vessels except that one tiny nick would couldn't have been counted on, either to miss or inflict. It had ot be deliberate."

"Grey," is the final introduction. "Didn't I see you in the crowd right before we went off to get the prisoners," he gestures to Morgan, indicating one of said former prisoners, "back? Morgan's suggestion, however, has him groaning, "Man, some'a the Trikru are real good, don't get me wrong, but I gotta think they gotta be even better'n that to make all sorts of careful cuts like that in the middle of a fight. Feels like you're lookin' for a whoe mess of trouble where there's just the normal amount."

"Madelyn," the girl introduces herself. "I'd offer a round of handshakes, but I'm busy getting a tree out from under my fingernail. I was trying to stack some stuff and make a sewing table and the wood bit me." She winces sympathetically at the description of Hanne's injuries.ooc Bah. I blame the crying baby in my lap for that format typo.

"Unless he was torturing her, trying to make her talk. And I interrupted him or somethin'," says Lark. "But I swear I didn't see anything, and Hanne thought he left, so…" A pause then. Lark pauses a moment, rolling her shoulder then. "I'm gonna catch a little nap, and then get back on the wall. I…" A pause then.

"Need sleep," she states. Although Madelyn's last things have her attention going her way. "Maybe a knife would do it? Or make it worse," she says, crinkling her nose. "Nice to meet you though. Hope you get that splinter out," she says, making an open gesture to her. A beat. "Grey. Morgan. Toodles," she says, with a hand over her head, waving in farewell as she heads towards the camps.

"How much of a fight could she put up?" Morgan asks. It's Hanne. "And remember, they have this thing called death by a thousand cuts. And I gather it's not meant figuratively whether there's an actual thousand or not. They'd have to know how not to kill someone quickly to do that." As Lark starts to head off, he gives her a nod but it's Grey he's watching as he says "Going to check in that rifle?"

The gigantic Boy Scout comes squeezing out of the crowded (with him in there) tech tent, looking still weary and sad, but a touch less so than when he went in. He's reaching up to scrub at his face like trying to peel off the tired. Seeing Morgan with Grey and Lark, and a rifle in the mix, the big guy kind of makes a vague wave in their direction, but totally tries to beat a hasty retreat back towards the tent area rather than get tangled in that right now. Not after the rollercoaster of the last little bit.
pose chuckles at Madelyn's description of her 'wound,' but he nods, looking back to Lark and Morgan. He gives a vague nod of farewell to Lark as a frown builds, "She's got miles of heart, Morgan. She'd fight back, hard. Maybe not with a lot of skill, but Hanne's not one to just… give up." Still, he shrugs his left shoulder, resettling the rifle sling that's wearing a little bit of a raw spot where his neck and shoulder join, and then nods in the direction of the wall, "I should get up there, though. Thanks again for lookin' out for her."

Grey chuckles at Madelyn's description of her 'wound,' but he nods, looking back to Lark and Morgan. He gives a vague nod of farewell to Lark as a frown builds, "She's got miles of heart, Morgan. She'd fight back, hard. Maybe not with a lot of skill, but Hanne's not one to just… give up." Still, he shrugs his left shoulder, resettling the rifle sling that's wearing a little bit of a raw spot where his neck and shoulder join, and then nods in the direction of the wall, "I should get up there, though. Thanks again for lookin' out for her."

"Sure Morgan. I'm gonna go check it in right away," calls Lark, without looking back, still heading towards the tents proper. Stone no doubt overtakes her - and even bypasses her, but Lark didn't mind as she finds her tent and disappears inside.

"Yeah, that's what I thought Lark. So much for every rifle needs to be checked in." Morgan nods to Grey and heads for the dropship. "Shout out if someone shoots you with an arrow."

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