Day 019: Search And Rescue
Summary: Elias leads a group out looking for missing hunters. They find Asher and Cassandra instead
Date: 4 June 2016
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Asphalt and Cedar Grove, The Wilderness
As the forests spread east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the thick hardwood forests become more temperate and filled with evergreens. This particular region of the forest is primarily cedars and firs. Once, this may have been the area of a major interchange between highways, but it is now filled with tall, thick cedars. Heavy chunks of asphalt lay sporadically throughout the grove, including several cement barriers and naked rebar. The corpse of an old rusted sedan is completely impaled by a juvenile cedar tree with the trunk growing out of the center console.
18 Days After Landing

<FS3> Silas rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Devin rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Failure.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> <FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.
Kai spends 1 luck points on To reroll survival check..
<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Success.

While it 'only' takes three and a half hours to get out to the Asphalt and Cedar grove, tracking a single group of five hunters after several days and a serious rainstorm is… time consuming. Mostly it's a case of searching through and across the area, time and again, looking for signs of human passage. And they're not entirely scarce. Each member of the party finds a bootprint or three at one time or another during the long day, but most of the trails are going in the wrong direction (generally toward camp) or peter out after a while. Eventually, as the day drags on toward evening and the light begins to fade beneath the giant cedars, the group finds a collection of four to six shoe-prints that lead toward a patch of rather trampled undergrowth in a mini-grove of four Cedars and a littler fir.

Elias allows Cameron to take point, having been advised beforehand that he is a ninja. While they move through the wooded area, he looks around to see where the others that joined him are. "Geez," he muses to himself, shifting and panning his gaze over the ruins of asphalt road. "Kind of would have been interesting to see how all of this…collapsed." For a moment, his eyes fix on the remains of a cement embankment before he continues along. The old sedan also captures his attention a moment and Elias starts to move in that direction, though exercising extreme caution. He's brought a spear again this time and not a sword after all. Not being as much of a fighter, the spear's reach seems to suit him. "Hey, check this out."

For his part, Cameron takes some time before they get going to dirty everyone up. There will be no pale skin to glow in the light, there will be a lot of people dirtied up to help them hide. Assuming everyone agrees to let him, at which point he's gonna do his best to help everyone keep quiet. To watch their feet. To step lightly. He's got his grounder armor, sword and knife along with his nearly-leather sack of much dubiousness, it filled with as much food as could be spared. Padding over towards Elias, he says quietly, "Mmm?" Being covert and tracking might not be totally compatible, but Cam's gonna try.

As Elias approaches the rusted automobile in the grove, his eyes catch sight of something else. Squinting at one of the nearby trees, he changes his direction just slightly. Reaching out then, he touches his fingers to the shaft of a broken arrow lodged in one of the trees. "Hey. Can anyone tell how recent this might be?" he asks, looking from the tree and arrow back to the rest of the group.

Traversing the forests with the group, Silas is somewhere near the front with Cameron with a sword in one hand and a bit of fruit leather in the other and his face and body caked in mud and moss. Chewing slowly and letting his eyes scan along- when they follow the collection of foot prints and arrive upon the miniature grove. Swallowing his bit of fruit leather, Silas' lips quietly purse close as he looks over and carefully surveys the grove. When something catches his eye, he moves over and brings himself down to a squat next to it- raising his right hand to point down to what he's looking at. "I've got blood here." he says, staring over the old and nearly vanished blood at the base of a bunch of sword-ferns. Silas' gaze looks up and around as he seems to begin investigating the area surrounding the blood, letting out a quiet huff from his nostrils as he lets the blade of his sword hang down at his side- his steps careful to not disturb too much of the area. Elias' question regarding the arrow has him looking over, "Gimme a moment." he says, before looking back down to continue his surveying of the area.

Kai's been out here before. Hell, some of those boot prints are hers. Not that the ex-C has much to say, but her already filthy clothing and relatively grimy face isn't going to recoil from some more dirt on it and the girl's quite happy to watch the flank and scan for possible danger.. even if with her crude sword she's perhaps less comfortable than she would be with one of the rifles in her hands. While the others are checking out the grove itself she elects to set up and watch their surroundings more than check for additional fite sign right now.

Bringing up the rear of the group, Devin is more focused on scanning the area around them for any signs of danger than he is looking for tracks, though he does occasionally find a boot print here or there, but he leaves the main focus of the tracking to the others. His usual weaponry is in their place, the twin knives in his belt and the spear in his hand. His pack is filled with the gear he thinks he'll need during their trip. He remains silent as the others speak to each other, but he does listen.

<FS3> Devin rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"This would be an excellent place for an ambush." someone listening might hear Kai utter in a displeased kind of tone as she eases into the treeline, gaze flickering as much to the ground as to the surroundings,"Bows or guns.. those hills there would make an excellent place to fire from." she looks up at least briefly,"And these trees.. you could completely fuck someone's shit up here. Someone watch the other side." color her paranoid. Or something. Cadets. She's going 'weapons free' on the sword at least as she seems set to ease up the closer hill at least a ways, searching and watching.

Cameron crouches, moving over towards a spot, and with his sword he gives it a poke. And then he moves something, and eyes it. He's not so super good at the tracking part, more the sneaking thing, but for the moment he seems to think he's found something. He's just not sure what yet.

A nod back to Silas is given from Elias, trusting that he knows what he's doing and has a lead on something else. Blood, he'd said? He turns his attention back to the arrow in the meantime and squints, leaning in closer to it. As he leans in, he gives the break of the arrow shaft extra attention and studies the splinters. "Yeah. Not much weathering. Hasn't been out here more than a week probably." This is spoken up, but not -too- loudly. "Might want to consider that there was an attack here?" Once more, he looks to Silas, though his attention is diverted also to Cameron, Kai, and Devin. Obviously, he's waiting for input as to what the group as a whole might think if they're within quiet talking range. There's a pointed nod to Kai at her assessment as it seems to make sense.

Silas stops after a short moment of looking about. Silas' feet plant firmly as he quietly squats down once again as his eyes fall down onto a piece of dark cloth. Furrowing his brows somewhat, Silas looks up from the cloth to the rather nearby blood smear as he quietly judges the distance between the two. "Hmmh… Pretty close. Cloth near the blood as well." he says, before he looks around once more to make sure that he hasn't missed anything in the area before he decides to start trying to make sense and put together everything he's found himself so far. "Definitely looks like an attack- but lets make sure we've found everything until we come to that conclusion."

There's a little rustle in the underbrush ahead of Kai, a second, and then a songbird darts out of a tangle of brambles and nettles, winging off away from the group.

Kai raises her sword at the rustle, stilling and then off goes the songbird. The ex-C starts moving again, working her way around towards the bush anyways with an eye towards easing her way up towards the crest in her own search. Footprints. Broken branches, she's looking for the possibility that people came /down/ the hill. Or arrows. Signs that someone might have used just that tactic.. and from the way she keeps looking up, cautious that they might do so again.

<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Failure.
<FS3> Silas rolls Survival: Good Success.
Kai spends 1 luck points on My survival suuuuccckksss.
<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Good Success.

"Silas, there is more blood here too, and someone tried to conceal it, I think. There's a trail of it going east. A little east-y." Cameron gestures for Silas to come over, and he points down at the bloodsigns he found, his body seeming suddenly tense.

An emphatic nod is given to Silas from Elias. Evidently agreeing with continuing to search the area, Elias squints his eyes and pans them over the area to see if anything else seems to pop out. The nearby rustle distracts him with a start and he immediately holds his spear in both hands at the ready and facing the direction of the rustling. "Shh," he sounds, trying to get everything to hush whether it's needed or not. His eyes immediately snap to Kai to note her reaction to the sudden noise. No fighter himself, he goes on the defensive it would seem. Getting closer? Not Elias. Instead, he glances over to Cameron as he speaks…for all that his attention is mostly on where the rustling and the bird came from.

<FS3> Devin rolls Survival: Failure.

Devin continues to look around the area, spotting something near some cedar trees. He tilts his head slightly as his brow furrows as he tries to figure out something, but then it's Kai's comment about the ambush that draws his attention, nodding his head slightly. "Yeah. I think you're right." He says before he glances towards Cameron and Silas again as they mention blood. His lips purse together tighter as his attention returns to the area around them.

"It's definitely looking like they were attacked." Says Silas with a glance over his shoulder to the others- mainly Elias before he looks back and down to the blood and cloth. "The cloth here is machine stitched, so it's from our folks. Has blood on it too." Glancing from side to side, Silas stands back up and straightens himself out as he takes in a breath before letting out a sigh. When Cameron mentions he found some blood as well, Silas turns and heads over to join him and quietly squat down to inspect it himself.

Kai gives a low but sharp kind of whistle when she reaches a log up on one of the sides of the hill, calling out lowly,"I think someone was up here." as she squats next to it, though from the way something eases in her posture she apparently has decided that they're not under immediate threat. It takes her a moment to notice the reaction before she shakes her head,"Was just a bird. But I'm pretty sure that they were ambushed. Someone was up here, I think." she looks back towards the others from her spot,"And it would be a mighty fine spot for making mincemeat out of you lot." really, probably more comforting if she sounded less amused by that. She doesn't go down to join rather than scanning their surroundings, just to be on the safe side while the others work out the blood sign, muttering all but under her breath,"My kingdom for a rifle." with her eyes on the tree's suspiciously.

"Uhh." Cameron frowns, looking closer and shaking his head, "Guys, that's a lot of blood, actually. I mean, you know, that's the lots of blood on a scale which bodes really badly for whoever it came out of." He frowns, and looks up to where Kai is, and suddenly looks around, trying to be real alert now.

Elias glances over to see what Devin's up to as he was quiet for a time. Or maybe he's making sure he hasn't wandered off. Either way, the spear is still held at the ready for the time being. "Grounders?" he asks Silas, though from his tone it would seem that's the conclusion he's already drawn. The spear is finally raised again to serve as a walking stick while he approaches the others. "Seems like," he says, nodding to Kai. His hazel eyes linger on her for a longer moment before switching back to Cameron. "There aren't any bodies, though. Got to assume that whatever happened here, everyone at least went away alive. "Keep following the blood trail?" The suggestion is given with a look to the others to make sure everyone's on board with the idea.

Silas nods in agreement with Elias as he offers a glance over to him and he looks back down to the blood with pursed lips and a quiet sigh once he's taken in the sight. Furrowing his brows, he stands up once again as he brings his sword at his side over to pat it against his leg a little. "We're only going to learn so much if we stay here. We should follow the trail, but make sure to not walk into a ambush waiting to happen." he says. Looking over to Kai, his left hand comes over to scratch the back of his neck as he offers her a slow nod. Looking over to the others, he quietly settles his gaze on each of them before he asks, "So, we can agree on following the trail?"

Devin looks towards the others as they mention the blood trail and the suggestion to follow it. He glances over towards the others in turn before he nods his head in agreement. "I don't see anyone or anything out there, so it seems like this is our only lead at the moment. But we should keep alert and try to spot any ambushes." He offers to the conversation.

Kai slithers down from her spot to join them,"Yeh, but those who aren't tracking, keep your eyes open for potential trouble." is the ex-C's opinion as she eases up next to Elias, casting him a long look with her sword still in her hand,"I'll take the left flank." she opts for as she starts to shift off,"If we're looking at ranged ambushes.. high ground, long lines of sight, areas where we're going to be stuck squeezing through one at a time." she opines.

"Yeah, we follow, but this time we be serious about sneaking, right? Slow is better then loud, because loud might be dead." Cameron nods to Devin all serious like, and moves to take lead, with a gesture for Silas to be by him as he does. If he'll take a gesture-command or not, of course.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Stealth: Success.
Cameron spends 1 luck points on I want to reroll and try to be extra stealthy because a success is just lame..
<FS3> Cameron rolls Stealth: Good Success. (Aiding Down)
<FS3> Kai rolls Stealth+1: Success.
Devin spends 1 luck points on To add +3 to Stealth roll..
<FS3> Devin rolls Stealth+3: Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Stealth+1: Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Stealth+1: Success.

<FS3> Devin rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Good Success. (Aiding Up Silas)
<FS3> Silas rolls Survival+1: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Survival: Great Success.

<FS3> Silas rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Devin rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Alertness: Good Success.

As the group gathers up to depart, they can see that the blood pool leads to a couple of little furrows where heels were dragged on the ground, and then they head stealthily eastward. Here and there, another spatter of blood, scrape in the ground, or bootprint can be found as darkness closes in further and further. As full darkness falls, Kai may be too worried about moving enemies, so it is the others who first spot the two bodies slumped down together, the smaller nestled into the shoulder of the larger. Both are battered and bloodied, and seem unconscious or nearly so.

Keen hazel eyes follow the trail of blood, keeping his eyes open for any signs of movement through the area. The drag marks immediately draw his attention and, after following them, he looks up to see what made them. Immediately after spotting the two bodies slumped together, Elias starts rushing over towards them. Obviously he isn't an expert where it might come to ambushes and the like, but he's heading directly over to the two of them nonetheless. "Guys! Over here!" he calls out to the others mid-stride. After closing the distance there, he first tries his best to examine them to see -who- they are.

Moving along with Cameron near the front, Silas is quiet with his movements as they follow along the trail of blood. Silas' eyes slowly drift along the groups surroundings while taking occasional breaks to look down to where the young man is stepping, taking care to not step on anything that may make any loud noises. When Elias notices the drag marks, Silas comes in to notice them shortly afterwards and begins to walk off towards them. Silas, however, is taking his time more as he advances upon the dragmarks. When Elias calls out, Silas perks up somewhat and finally picks up his pace to follow after the young man in a light jog- his sword held Carefully down at his side. Arriving besides Elias, Silas looks down to the two bodies with furrowed brows and purse lips as he moves to kneel down and survey the two individuals injuries- leaving the identifying of the injured to Elias.

"Not so loud." hisses Cameron, not directly following Elias, but crouching lower into the brush, looking around ever more carefully, and moving not an inch until he's certain its safe to do so. He is gonna be the last to get near the bodies, just in case someone is on the look out for this here ambush in waiting.

Kai is totally more paying attention to their surroundings, the lean ex-C not bothering to go and check on the fallen at all even after they're called out, in favor of watching their surroundings, crouched amongst the bushes as she scans for potential enemies.

Devin follows along with the other, his eyes scanning over the area before he looks towards the direction that Elias calls out from. He moves along with the others, moving as slowly and quietly as he is able to. "Are they alright?" He asks in a hushed tone, looking towards the direction of the two forms.

The larger of the two it turns out is Asher. Last anyone heard, Asher and Cassandra set out from camp on the night of the crash on Steak and New Boots. They never came back to camp and no one has seen them since…Until now. Asher looks pretty rough, he has a bandage around his throat, but dark red blood has long since soaked it into uselessness. His right hand his wrapped up, and his blood soaked shirt would indicate further wounds to his torso. He's pale, and looks pretty near to lifeless. He is also clutching his axe in his left hand, though he seems to have passed out holding it more than anything.

She's barely recognisable, but she wears a Skaikru jacket. A tangled nest of long brown hair shrouds her face, and is partitioned by a thin, Grounder-woven bandage wound against her left temple. One of her arms is resting on the gravely wounded man's shoulder, while her other is strewn on the ground, clutching a machete with a green-tinted blade. Anyone approaching will soon see the crusty rivulets of blood and some strange orange grit trickling down her ears and nostrils, although some of it is fresh, which surely means she was either killed very recently or is still alive. And then, she stirs… As the Delinquents close in, the girl coils her fingers tight around the hilt of her sword and lifts it from the ground, readying to strike. Cassandra Bonheur is breathing, if miraculously, and doesn't seem willing to give up on doing so just yet when she senses and hears some unseen pack of unknown Homo sapiens looming dangerously close to her and Asher.

<FS3> Elias rolls First Aid: Success.

"Shit," Elias utters and then goes pale. When he sees who it is that's out here, he drops down to a kneeling position and immediately starts digging into his own pack. "I need more bandages!" The words are whispered at…well above a whisper since Cameron is keen on being quiet. As Cassandra tries to move, Elias lays a hand gently on her shoulder and gives her a sympathetic look. "Don't move, Cass. Sit tight. We're gonna' get you guys out of here." Chewing the inside of his cheek then, he looks up and around at the others briefly. "Need a hand," he tells the others before looking back down to Cassandra and Asher. A rather…crude mnemonic for remembering what to check for is uttered before he starts to tend to them. Mostly, he's just checking them for standard emergency first aid things. "They're both alive." This is once more announced to the others, even though he doesn't mention what shape they're in.

"They aren't looking good, Elias. We'll wanna get something to carry one of them with." Says Silas as he manages to get close enough to get a decent look at both of their injuries, oblivious to the movements of the wounded female figure. He's also in good belly opening range with a good swing from Cassandra. Looking up for a moment, Silas notes the spots of the other three before he sets his sword down and aside and moves to lift his shirt off of himself at the mention of more bandages. He doesn't have any on him, but he's got the next 'best' thing. Silas brings the shirt over and pushes it to Elias, "Rip off as much as you need. I'd help-" he begins, before he looks down to them and furrows his brows. "But I'd get in the way." he admits, pursing his lips as he picks up his sword and begins to back off, beginning to look around for both some lengthy and short branches to get ready to make something to help carry Asher with.

Cameron comes forward, blinking at Elias, then at… Cassandra? "The fuck?" Cassandra. Either way, he reaches behind to his pack to drop it to the side; unfortunately his focus was on food not medical supplies. While Elias tends to Cassandra, he turns to try to get a feel for if Asher is quite as dead as he's looking, and if anything can be done for him now. With a glance at Silas though he adds, "Maybe get some sticks, big as we can find, for a stretcher? We can pull apart my sack to get stuff to tie them together a bit."

Kai's listening to what's happening behind her, even if she doesn't care to actually look, she's first aid fail girl, so she does what she's good at; check for potential enemies,"Are they going to be able to be moved?" is the one thing the ex-C cares about, attention flicking briefly in Silas' direction. She's reluctant to move in case they get attacked, but well, more branches, sooner they get out of here. So she eases up to find a likely target to help hack off some branches too.

Devin continues to move towards the pair and as he hears Cass' name, his eyes widen slightly. "Big sister." He says softly as he moves towards the pair, but keeping his distance from the pair and he stands watch while the others take care of the pair, his spear at the ready. "What about the others?" He finally asks after a few moments.

Asher is definitely not as dead as he looks. He's lost a good amount of blood, and he hasn't slept in days really, and he's been stabbed and shot up with arrows and stuff, but he's breathing. The rousing of Cassandra causes a slow stirring in Asher, his eyes shifting open slightly as the new arrivals start to trying and figure out how to move them. He hasn't actually made out who they are. He's likely a bit delirious at this point, and his hand tightens on his axe, a low grumble eminating from his throat, though he doesn't actually attack anyone. He's like a wounded dog, warning those who might try to get close.

Someone says her name, meaning the pack of delinquents surrounding her and Asher know who she is. She doesn't relax her grip on the machete, and in fact tightens it, but neither does she lift the blade any higher from the ground. Her arm trembling, finally Cassandra opens her raccoon eyes, both of swollen with bruise-like shadows. Immediately they turn to her companion, and the hand on his shoulder tries to shake him awake — an unkind thing to do, considering his gored neck. "Asher. Asher," she says in a low voice, testing for life and warning him of their potential danger. It's Devin she looks to next, before she blearily squints at each of the Delinquents' faces in turn.

<FS3> Cameron rolls First Aid: Good Success.

"Fuckmonkey." Cameron breathes, eyeing Asher a bit as his hand tightens on his axe. He looks over to the shirt Elias has for bandages, and reaches to rip one off himself if Elias seems likely to share. But more seriously he says in a firm, low voice, "Asher, man, its Cameron. You're not a fan but let's pretend we're bests right now, don't move this neck wound is serious, man. Let me get another bandage on it just in case." He then looks to Cassandra, and none of his usual loathing is showing, "Don't move, Cassandra. We'll get you patched up and back to camp. Don't move, though. That's important."

Elias nods quickly to Silas in response to his suggestion. The spear he was carrying has been thrust into the earth nearby and out of the way while he works, of course. This leaves his guard down, but he seems intent on tending to both Cassandra and Asher regardless of what danger might be around. The shirt off Silas' back is taken with a quick nod to him and he lays the cloth on top of his pack to keep it out of the mud. He glances over to Cameron then as he works, taking note of his progress that way. Once more, his attention returns to Cassandra to whom he tries his best to be soothing and calming. "He's alive," he tells her, doing his absolute best to harness his inner stoner calm to take the situation down a notch. "Just stay nice and relaxed. We're going to get you both back to camp and everything will be fine, okay? What's important right now is that you cooperate with me so I can bandage that head up. Are we good?" Another nods is given to Cameron, of course, as the two of them are working closely together. Elias did in fact bring bandages, but not quite enough. Kai's question is also answered after a fashion, the young man turning his gaze to her momentarily. "I -think- so."

"It's what I'm doin'." Says Silas to Cameron with a glance over his shoulder and a shrug as he finishes hacking through a branch- the sound of wood cracking and breaking heard as he cuts it out and looks back to his work as he gathers the stick and sets it near Cameron and Elias before he moves over to look around and find another branch before he begins to hack through it. After a few moments of swinging and hacking, he breaks it off and brings it over to set it down next to the other stick as he looks over to Kai and registers that she's going to work on some sticks as well. Moving back, he heads over to find another branch and begins working on breaking it off, quietly looking over to eye the injured before simply looking back to the branch he's working on. "Besides, if you both die here I can't tell you how fuckin' stupid it was for the both of you to ride off." When Devin asks about the others, he earns a tilted head and blink from Silas as he looks over to the two injured they've found. "We'll have to go look for them another time after we get these two back to camp. We found these two first, so they take priority. I guess."

"What Silas said." Kai agree's,"We deal with the found, then come back for those still missing." is the ex-C's opinion as she moves to drop a couple of smaller branches with Silas' lot and goes hunting for another long and reasonably straight one.

"Yeah, we have to get these two back, Dev." Cameron looks at Cassandra and inquisitively to Elias, "Ash has a wound to the neck that's serious, I'm gonna put another bandage on it to hopefully hold on the treck back, but, its not guaranteed it will. He might bleed out as it is. We take them back now and maybe they live or we leave them and look for others and we guarantee they die."

Devin bites on his lower lip as he looks around the area, trying to find any sign of the others before he frowns and lets out a soft sigh and nods his head slightly. "Alright. Let's take them back." He points out the trail that continues on from their place. "When we come back, we'll know to go that way." He says, the tone of his voice suggesting he's not too comfortable leaving the others out here, but he understands why they need to. He moves towards the group, looking to Asher and Cass. "You guys will be alright." He offers to the two wounded. "Hang in there."

Besties? Cameron gets a dark look, but it's really more dark because his eyes are half closed, and he has deep, shadowed bags under them. Asher pats at Cassandra's hand a few times to indicate to her that he is both awake and that her worrying at him is painful. He manages to get out two words, "Grounder…ambush." His voice is h hoarse and raspy. Likely due to the neck wound.

With a lot of people talking at once, it's hard for Cassandra to keep track. She remains on guard, like a cornered animal, her pupils dilated and breathing shaky. She listens to Elias, since his is the most pleasing voice, and though she doesn't make sense of everything he's saying, she doesn't end up stabbing anyone — so clearly, it's having the soothing effect intended. Finally, she speaks to the Delinquents, and it's a single word which sounds like it may have been mispronounced: "Mochof." Her hand slips from Asher's shoulder, and she lets her own relax.

Elias looks back toward what Silas is up to and nods his head. "Thanks, man. I'll help once I'm convinced they're…you know. Stable." Although he just gives a raise of his brows, Elias seems to agree with Silas' assessment and the seeming agreement among the group of them to get these two out of here. "Agreed," he says, nodding to Kai and Cameron as well. Again, he looks over to Devin and he clears his throat. "It'll be alright. Pretty sure we can move them," he reassures. "They're both responsive. Just need medical attention from actual medical people." There's a tilt of his head to Cassandra and he winces at the mispronounced word. A bit of concern creeps into his expression as he leans in to inspect the bandage around her head. With deft, but gentle movements he begins unwinding and replacing the bandage around her head as well as the one at her collarbone. "Are you with me, Cassandra?" he asks her, still concerned for her level of responsiveness.

Hacking through the branch, Silas grunts as he brings it down and begins to head over to the other sticks next to Elias and Cameron securing the injured. Setting his sword down with a careful toss and a quiet thud, Silas lifts his right knee and brings the branch under it. Middling it out, Silas pushes down and snaps the branch in half as he begins to set the sticks up to make a stretcher. Looking over, Silas glances to Cameron, "I could use that sack to tie this up right about now." he says with a quiet breath. "Gotta give it to them, though. Those branch swinging sword chimps are dangerous." growls Silas as he quietly waits to be able to tear up Camerons sack and use it to finish up the stretcher while his hand comes over to smack a mosquito landing on his left arm.

Kai drops her final one to the pile Silas is created, but rather than squat and help turn the branches in to a stretcher she prowls off to go back to watching their backs again, just to be on the safe side.

After Cameron gets the second bandage more firmly around Asher's neck, he nods to the man, "Ambush, yeah. Looks like they got you good. But we'll get you back, man. You and Cassandra oth." Any usual loathing he has for her isn't showing at all. He then nods, and tugs open his sack, and gets the food supplies out of it, then tossing it over for Silas. "Before we head back we should eat what we can for strength, and see if we can get them to at least have a few berries and water. It'll be a hard journey for all of us and we don't want to be weak in case… well in case something."

Devin lets the others work on the pair as he continues to keep watch over the area, looking out for any signs of people approaching or any signs of danger. He chews on his lower lip for a moment before he glances back towards the others and frowns slightly, looking towards Cameron. "Are they going to be able to wait for us to eat or can we just eat on the go?" He asks, looking towards the pair. "I'll carry her myself if it'll help. At least as far as I can."

Asher falls silent again as he's being treated. He's too tired to really add more content. More importantly, he has no idea what is actually going on around him, so Asher tries to start getting up, "Go…gotta go…" he mutters in his raspy, low tone. Getting up is harder than it seems, but he's determined to move.

"They can wait two minutes, and we scarf it down, we don't have anything to carry the food in yet so either we all carry it or we chug it. The difference is if we get weak and drop someone and cause major damage or we keep our strength up…" Cameron is all WHOA then, reaching out to press Asher back down, "Man don't move, not until we get a stretcher. If you blow that neck wound you'll bleed out before I can do anything for you."

When Elias unwinds the bandage from her head and Cassandra tilts her neck to make his job easier, the full extent of her injury becomes apparent. It's rather unpleasant, for both of them — her blood and dirt matted hair gets tangled in his fingers, inevitably, before he exposes a V-shaped graze pointing to her hairline. Ugly as that is, the more severe consequence of that injury is half an inch above it, where a large, black and purple bruise colours the side of her forehead. The head injury she's suffered is extensive, and may explain why her nose and ears are bleeding and leaking a strange, bright orange fluid. "We were asked to give you a message," she finally says more coherently, sliding her eyes towards Silas. And when Asher starts moving, she too places her hands on the ground and starts to push the weight of her knees up from it, although so far that's only one knee. "Trikru's declaring war. Wan." Another mispronounced word?

Silas is rather quick to grab a hold of the sack as it's thrown towards him, reaching around to grab a knife and draw it as he begins to cut out some lengthy strips which he uses to tie up the sticks making the frame of the stretcher, and then begins to use the rest to finish up the stretcher. After all, it wouldn't be pleasant to lie someone down in a wooden frame and let their but hang out through the bottom. Looking over to the others as they speak, Silas is quiet for a moment or two as he sucks in and lets out a breath as he finishes up his work. When Cassandra speaks up and he meets her gaze for a moment, his brows furrow and a lopsided sneer appears on his face at the mention of the declaration of war. "Fucking bark eaters." grumbles Silas with a huff of a breath as he pushes over the makeshift stretcher to Cameron and Elias. Without having some food on him, Silas grunts as his right hand comes over to rub his throat a bit. "Can I get some water?"

"Fuck." is the emphatic word from Kai,"We need to get back to camp, now." not that it's likely to be news or a surprising thought to anyone there,"Get them stabilized, the rest of you help get those stretchers together, then Cameron, you're going to take the other side, I'm taking this one and we're going back as quickly as we can trade off.. because out here? We're fucked."

Another look is cast to Silas as he brings more sticks over. Elias gives him a firm look at his comment, but doesn't say anything for the moment. Instead, his attention once again goes to Cassandra despite a glance to Asher as well. He does in fact start to move to restrain Asher, but Cameron seems to have things under control for the moment. He does nod in agreement with Cameron's words, though. "Yes. Moving yourself can kill you. Sit tight." Once he gets the bandage off of Cassandra's head with a slow and careful unwinding. He does give pause to Cassandra's words, but he just gives her a nod in response. "First thing's first," he says, taking a makeshift canteen from his pack so that he can clean the wound before replacing Cassandra's bandage. At Silas' request, he nods towards his pack to indicate that there is more water from the recent rain in there.

At that word from Cassandra, Cameron freezes, then curses under his breath. He stares at Cassandra, and looks back at them, then at Kai, and he looks deeply conflicted, "There's no way we'll get there in the four hours it took us to get here, no way. Not with the weight, not if we go immediately. It'll take at least twice as long, I bet, and that's assuming we go as fast as can without killing them." He takes a deep breath and releases it, "Someone needs to get back to warn the camp NOW. Like, alone. I'm fast. And I can move without being seen. I think I should go, and you should all hurry as quick as you can, but we need to warn them two hours ago."

Asher seems to nod as Cameron get's the urgency of the situation and says, "Go!" in a hoarse voice. He may be somewhat out of it, but he knows what's important. He seems to quiet down at that, remaining on the ground for the moment. How long that will last is anyone's guess though.

Devin's face becomes a mixture of confusion and disbelief at the news of the Trikru declaring war on the Skaikru. "What? I thought we were at peace or at least a truce or something." He says, looking towards Cameron and nods. "I'll go if you want me to or I'll stay here with them." He motions towards the two they found and the others. "But you're right, we need to warn the camp as quickly as possible."

"Go." Kai echoes Asher, to Cameron,"No, Devin we'll need you. We still need to move these guys and staying here is a super bad idea. If they're not basically already watching us they know where these guys are.. the second that the camp starts mobilizing we and anyone else out here is going to become targets. So we need them ready to move as soon as possible. Right now though, D, find us a defensible place, yeh? There's got to be something between us and camp where we can take cover if we need to."

Silas looks over to Cameron with an arched brow as he finishes reaching into Elias' bag and retrieving the water and taking a few hearty gulps from it before returning it to his bag. He seems like he's about to say something, but simply lets out a grunt and looks to the others. "One of us can carry Cass, put Asher on the stretcher and lets start moving as fast as possible. I don't want to end up as some sacrifice." he says as he begins to stand up straight and he reaches over and retrieves his sword, holding it down and at his side as he begins to carefully look around and survey the surrounding area with furrowed brows and bared teeth- as if expecting grounders to jump out at any moment as he pushes over the stretcher with his feet to Elias now that it's ready.

Trying to follow Asher in his attempt to stand turned out to be a bad idea for Cassandra. It's an even worse idea for her when he changes his mind and she decides to follow suit; as she drags her weight back onto her knees, the girl tips a little sideways and clenches her teeth, visibly dizzy. One of her forearms rises to her face to wipe away some of that vile, lurid-orange fluid that keeps evacuating her nostrils, but after that, she ceases being much use to anyone. Silent, paying poor attention and only half awake, the roughed up delinquent settles on her haunches and lets the others do with her as they will while she slumps back down into semi-consciousness.

Elias does move more quickly to replace the bandage on Cassandra's head, but he does give a nod to Cameron to agree with the others and makes brief eye contact. Gratitude, likely. "We'll move as fast as we can," he tells him before turning his head to look to Silas. "Got it," Elias says with a nod of his head. For the most part, his demeanor is focused for the moment, trying to take care of the things that are right in front of his face with both urgency and care. The bandaging job isn't the best, but he manages to cover the wound adequately. "Kai?" he calls out to her. "Can you get the stretcher? Or carry Cassandra?" He looks once more to Devin then, taking a breath. "Feeling strong, Devin?" he asks him. "If you and Kai do an emergency carry for Cassandra, it should cut down our travel time."

Cam reaches over to give Elias' arm a quick squeeze and a nod, then looks around; seeking out Devin's eyes he nods there too, "Take care of them, Dev." And then, Cam is running.

Cameron spends 1 luck points on I do not want to break a leg I do not want to break a leg I do not want to break a leg.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Athletics+3: Failure.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Brawn+will: Success.
OOC: Cameron returns to camp about 4 hours after dark, just in time to start bleeding from the hemorrhagic fever.

Devin nods his head in agreement with Kai. "Alright." He looks to Cameron again. "I will. Go. We'll be okay. Just get there quick and tell them to come for us and to prepare for the injured." He says to him before he takes off. He looks back towards Elias, nodding his head. "I'll carry her as long as I can." He offers before he offers his spear to one of the others so he can carry Cass.

Kai grimaces, she so very doesn't like the idea at all,"You realize that we're fucked, right?" the ex-C utters with a look at Elias specifically,"We need a bolt hole. And sooner rather than later." there's a look between the others,"Who knows this area best? Who can find us a bolt hole the quickest? Or better yet, knows of one that's defensible? At best we have one person to defend, with melee weapons, while the others carry, and none of us are likely to be able to carry long. So we need a place. Close by. That if they come we have a snowballs hope in hell of actually being able to hold."

Having come to the conclusion that they aren't going to immediately be bum-rushed by spears, Silas looks over to Kai and then Elias before he lets out a breath and brings his sword around as he moves over to try and begin to move Asher over and onto the stretcher with careful and slow movements. "Don't you wander around a lot, Devin? You know a place?"

As the full extend of the Earthly night settles in around the torchless Delinquents, every sound seems magnified. Is the rustling up ahead Cameron running through the woods away from them? Or is it a Ground scout honing in on their location? Or is it one of the partially-scaled panthers that lurks in the woods?

Elias gives Cam another nod before he speeds off before looking to Devin. "Thanks, man. We'll get them to safety." There's reassurance in his tone, but he's just as quickly moving to help Silas lift Asher onto the stretcher. The spear is just left behind for the moment. If trouble comes, he still has a knife. He can't carry stretcher, pack, /and/ spear, though. The pack is gathered up and he prepares to lift the stretcher and leave with Silas. Still, he does cast a curious look to Devin while also nodding in agreement with Kai. "Extremely fucked," he says and then turns to Devin. "Safe and hidden?"

Devin spends 1 luck points on Bonus +3 to find a hidey hole..
<FS3> Devin rolls Warcraft+3: Failure.

Devin frowns as he looks around the area, not recognizing any where that looks familiar. He chews on his lower lip for a few moments before he looks to the others and shakes his head. "No. I don't recognize this place at all. When I wandered off, I was in the other direction by the caves. I've never been this way before." He says as he looks back to the others. "What about you guys?"

Asher is prety much of out of it at this point. The extra bandaging on his neck is enough to help staunch the bleeding for now, but since it wasn't stitched up, it's still a pretty open wound. Asher, at this point, is laying woozily, his brow covered with a sheen of sweat from the fever.

<FS3> Kai rolls Warcraft: Great Success.

"Fuck." Kai utters emphatically,"Okay.. I'll take first shift on the front of the stretcher. We move slow and careful. Right now we're screwed. Let's find somewhere that we have a hope in hell of defending while we rest for a while. It's going to have to be slow because there's no real way for us to defend ourselves and run at the same time carrying wounded." there's a look in Elias' direction again, a long look, but as she takes the spear from Devin it's going to get to lay on the stretcher with Asher, mostly so she can stash her sword and start carrying." it's going to take them a while. It's been full dark an or so by time they find a place that Kai apparently judges to be 'safe'. A hill, nurse logs as barricade. No food or water, but at least somewhere defensible, for now. Which is good because no doubt by that point they're all ready for a rest or traded out on spots for the sake of conserving strength. Not that the ex-C looks any less anxious, just that at least it beats walking in the hopes of finding some other rock to crawl under for now.

Silas looks at Devin for a moment or two before he lets out a quiet breath, looking down to Asher as he settles him down and onto the stretcher with the assistance of Elias and upon Kai's declaration to take the first shift at the front of the stretcher, he pushes himself away from the stretcher as he moves to step back and draw his sword as he moves along with the others until they arrive at the hill Kai deems suitable. After a while of helping them settle in and making sure the injured aren't just dropping dead, Silas moves to settle him down to a seated position where he grunts and lays his sword down next to himself as he brings his hand back to prop himself up as his eyes scan around. "I was kinda hoping for something cozier… But it's better than the bush I saw along the way."

As his hands are free and the group is ready to head out, he picks up Cass, finding a good position to be able to carry her with minimal effort. He follows along with the others the best he can, trying to make sure he doesn't hurt her any more than she already is. He only pauses when he needs to make minor adjustments to the position that he's carrying her. Once they find their shelter for now, he finds a nice place to set down Cass as gently as possible. As he finishes, he looks to Kai and nods. "Good find."

A look is cast to Kai as he carries the stretcher along with Silas quickly away from the perfect little ambush spot. Because that's probably extremely wise right now. Elias nods in response to Kai quickly at her suggestion, clenching his jaw a little bit. "I don't like the idea of leaving people," he says, looking off in Cameron's direction. "But we're no good to anyone dead. And with wounded…" There's a shake of his head before he looks back over to Kai once more, letting his eyes linger. Content to follow her lead on this right now, he just does his best to keep Asher's trip comfortable while moving quickly. As his eyes fall on the safe place Kai finds, he gives an affirmative nod of his head. "They both need to eat," he says. "Asher's lost a lot of blood." Not to mention the potential for infection there, but one thing at a time. "We need to talk about a plan going forward. Ideas?" With that, Elias assist Silas in setting Asher's stretcher down gently as well behind the barricade.

"Yeh. A nice cave. A good stormdrain.. a car.. believe me.. I hear you." Kai utters as she settles her end of the stretcher down at last and massages feeling back in her arms, a debating frown etched on her face,"I want you guys to hold this spot." she pauses as her grey eyes settle on Elias again specifically,"I have a rifle hidden sort-of nearby. The spot isn't defensible for this large a group, but if you guys can hold this spot.." firepower. A potential equalizer. The expression on her face suggests she's not happy about whatever's rattling around in her head right now, but at least she opts to share that.

"Well fuck, it's as best of a plan as we've got now." Says Silas to Kai when she speaks up about going out to grab her hidden rifle. Turning over and onto his knees, Silas shuffles over to peak his head out over one of the logs and peer down the hill with tired eyes. Pursing his lips for a moment or two, Silas takes in a breath before he turns over and its down on his bum with a sigh. "Fuckin' tree people." he grumbles- not so much in malcontent this time around than it is in frustration. "All this war and politics is making me fucking tired. And no amount of sleep that I can get right now will make me any less tired." Leaning his head off to the side, Silas looks over to Elias as he mentions Ashers bleeding- his brows furrowing as he purses his lips. "If we make a fire and get a decent sized rock glowing red and make some makeshift wooden tongs, we could cauterize it if someone holds him down. He'll bleed out, otherwise."

Devin nods his head as he looks to Kai, raising an eyebrow as she mentions the rifle. "We need that rifle. You okay to go get it? We can defend this place." He offers as he moves to retrieve his spear and get it ready. He glances to Silas as he mentions the Trikru, not having really thought about it since it was first mentioned. "I can't believe it's come to this. Back to potential war."

Kai grunts for Silas words, then adds,"Don't make a fire here. If we are being hunted, that's like 'come kill me'. Find somewhere it's not going to attract attention. Don't separate too far.. hope that they're too busy looking to murder people that aren't us for the moment. Be careful." she's not about to waste time, even though she's not going to chance running through the woods in the dark,"I'll be back as soon as I can." the ex-C who has been all too happy to give Elias' crap seems to find the need to grab his shoulder for a squeeze on the way past, slipping off to try and find her gun.

<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Kai rolls Brawn+will: Success.
OOC: Kai arrives at the RV about an hour after dark, just starting to go from bad to worse.

"We'll do what we can," Elias says to Kai, watching her for a longer moment still. Again, his jaw tightens and he swallows hard before giving her a single nod of his head. "Do what you have to do," he tells her as he takes his knife out of his belt. A sharpened fragment of the dropship with leather wrapped around the 'handle' is then turned handle out and handed to Silas. "See what you can do with this," he says, glancing to him briefly before looking back to Kai. 'Be careful' he mouths to her, giving her a more serious look while raising a hand to squeeze her shoulder in return. Letting his hand slip away then, he flicks his eyes to Devin. "Think you'll be able to help hold him down?" he asks, ticking his gaze to indicate Asher. A look is then given to Silas. "I'll help you with the fire while Devin stands lookout. We're going to have to try to keep the light and smoke down."

Devin looks to Elias as he speaks to him then down to Archer. He shrugs his shoulders slightly before he smirks. "I'll try my best." He says as he sets the spear down and moves to help with Archer. "Just tell me what you need me to do then I'll go stand guard for the first part of the night. We can rotate shifts throughout the night."

Something changes in Asher's condition as they discuss how to proceed. His fever seems to get worse, as he begins to shiver and shake. And then his body jolts and shudders violently several times. This is quickly followed up by blood starting to trickle down from his nose. Where he was able to at least keep his body weight stable before, he collapses entirely into unconsciousness.

Silas watches Kai as she mentions to not start a fire here- simply staring at her for a moment after offering her a shrug before he watches her stand and make her way off to find her gun. Looking around, Silas look to Elias as he's offered the dropship fragment knife and he takes it back and looks it over before offering a nod. "Right." Shortly after upon receiving it- he moves over to one of the logs making up their barricade as he begins to strip off the bark on their sides and pile it over near Asher. "Get some dry grass." he says to Elias along with a glance as he's about to drop some more bark into the pile before he notices Asher jolt violently. With his eyes widening, Silas sets his knife down at his side as he moves over to quickly appear to Asher's side, looking him over and he spots the bleeding of his nose and he mutters, "Fucking holy shit..!" Looking over to Elias and then back to Asher, Silas speaks up, "Does he have internal bleeding or something?! What's going on?!" as he seems to make it clear he has zero clue on what to do if it wasn't already.

A nod is given to Devin's reply from Elias. Though curt, he does make eye contact at least. A worried glance is set after Kai momentarily, but he's quick to act when Asher seems to take a turn for the worse. A bit of cool, fresh water is soaked into what remains of Silas' torn shirt and placed in Asher's hand…which is then guided to his forehead while he's unconscious. While it doesn't do anything to help the fever necessarily, it should manage to at least make him a bit more comfortable. "You sure he'll bleed out if we don't cauterize it?" he asks Silas, obviously having second thoughts about trying to cauterize a wound. The order for dry grass is nodded to, but he's trying to reassure him a moment later. "It's a fever. He might have an infection. Will cauterizing make that worse?

Devin's eyes widen as Asher goes into convulsions, he moves to hold him down the best he can in order to try to not allow him to hurt himself anymore than he already is. "Anyone have any medical skills?" He asks, looking to the others.

"I only know that if you bleed enough and get stabbed in the neck, it's really bad." Firmly says Silas as he rather hastily looks from Devin until he looks back down to Asher. When Elias coins his question about bleeding out, Silas looks over before back down to Asher. "Probably. I mean, I hear there are a lot of veins in the neck. If we cauterize the wound- the wound's closed, which means he'll lose less blood. It might not bring him back to perfect blood flow, but that's as much as I know." he says as he looks over to Elias and offers a hasty shrug. "I don't think it'd make it worse. Well- I don't know, really. But there's only so much we can do, and leaving him to bleed really shouldn't be the option we sit on, right? …Right?"

The blood from Asher's nose runs more freely, and then it begins to flow from his ears and his eyes in smaller amounts. If he looked bad before, he looks considerably worse now. The convulsions have died down it seems, but the flow of blood from his nose, eyes and ears seems to be pretty steady.

Elias gives a long moment of thought to both Devin's and Silas' words, quietly contemplating for a moment. "It's dangerous," he says, shaking his head at Silas. He leans over and examines the wound to his neck a little bit closer as well as the bandaging. Reaching out, he touches it gingerly before heaving a sigh. "The bleeding's stopped. If he's got an infection, he's going to need antibiotics. We don't have any of that here. He's not going to bleed to death, but if he's…septic…" Elias shakes his head once more and sits down near Asher. "Someone needs to keep an eye on him, feed him, make sure he gets water. I'll keep an eye on him and…hope he doesn't take a turn for the worse."

Devin looks to Elias. "We need to get him back to the camp as soon as possible. He's bleeding from his ears, nose and eyes. There's something extremely wrong with him. He needs to get to the medics." He says as he stands since the convulsing has stopped. "If you guys can get him there, I'll say here with Cass until others can come back for us."

Silas looks between Elias, Asher, and Devin before he purses his lips and furrows his brows. "We… We can't just keep him here. We don't have food, I bet we barely have any water- we should try and get him back to the camp as fast as possible. If we continue with as little stops as possible, we may be able to make it in time. Sitting around and hoping he improves isn't going to improve anything." says Silas as he offers his stance on the situation as he looks at the two of them before he looks back down to Asher. Looking over to Devin as he speaks, he nods in agreement and brings himself up to his feet as he moves to settle himself to grab the front of the stretcher as he looks up to Elias. "C'mon, El. We gotta get him out of here."

And, as if fate decided, now was the moment to give them a break…of sorts, Cass starts to convulse as well, before blood starts to come from her nose, mingling with the light orange fluid coming from there. Within moments, blood also starts to seep from her eyes and trickle out of her ears as well.

Elias looks from Devin to Silas and then back again. Tightening his jaw once more, he finally gives a nod of his head to the both of them. "Best call, I think," he says. Taking a deep breath then, he moves quickly to prepare to take up the stretcher again. "Shit," he utters quietly and takes a deep breath. When Cassandra starts to turn as well, Elias looks on horrified and looks to Devin with widened, intense eyes. "Get her. We're going. We're gonna' have to push the best we can." Taking a breath in, he takes the 'handles' of the stretcher and prepares more fully to lift it with Silas. "You're right. We have to try. Let's leave a message for Kai. Let her know we tried to make it back to camp at least."

Devin's head whips around to Cass as she starts to convulse, letting out a sigh as he rushes to her and holds her to keep her from hurting herself as she convulses until the subside. He looks up to the others then to the Elias and nods. "Alright. Let's leave the note and get the hell back to camp."

"I don't think we have the time, or the resources to leave a note." Admits Silas as he watches Cassandra begin to show the same symptoms as Asher. Sucking in a sharp breath, his hands wrap around on his end of the stretcher as he lifts it up along with Elias, grunting somewhat as he stands tall and looks over his shoulder before back to the others. "Kai's tough, and she's not dumb. When she see's where gone and there aren't any signs of a struggle, she'll know where we went. We can't spend anymore time away from camp than we have already. We should just go." With that said, Silas begins to try and pace back along with the others as he seems keen on hoisting the injured off as soon as possible- a worried and determined expression on his face.

<FS3> Devin rolls Athletics: Success.
<FS3> Devin rolls Survival: Failure.
Devin spends 1 luck points on Reroll failed survival.
<FS3> Devin rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Athletics: Good Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Elias rolls Survival: Failure.

<FS3> Silas rolls Brawn+Will: Failure.
<FS3> Elias rolls Brawn+will: Success.
<FS3> Devin rolls Brawn+will: Good Success.
OOC: Silas, Elias, Devin, Asher, and Cassandra get almost back to camp before Silas collapses. Devin has to run ahead to get help some 6 hours after dark, by which point they're all bleeding.

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