Day 019: Security Blanket
Summary: Blood, delirium and rifle lessons.
Date: 07 June 2016
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Fiona Kai Morgan 

Cargo Hold — The Dropship
The lowest level of the dropship was once meant to store large amounts of cargo in addition to auxiliary seating. As the camp outside was built, however, it was cleared of the meager supplies sent down with The 100, and now is merely storage for the most valuable of resources. It's walls, deck, and ceiling have been stripped to bare metal panels, and several small areas extend beyond the central area, providing an illusion of privacy. A single lowered door with a pair of curtains across it is the only exit from the dropship, while two ladders pierce the ceiling, leading to the levels above.
Day 20

Fiona makes a noise, shuffling into wakefulness. "What? What did I miss?" she asks, looking rueful. "I missed Jabira, didn't I?"

"She went off to be useful." Morgan answers, looking over from where he's sitting next to. "You should try to go back to sleep. You need the rest and it's not like there's much else you can do at the moment."

Kai has no idea how long she's been drifting in and out of consciousness where she's curled up next to Eli. One hand resting on his head and the other clutched around a rifle like it's her damned security blanket, but an inelegant deposit of coughed up blood rouses her into a state of semi-awareness once more. It's an effort, to raise her head, to try and clear her gummy eyes enough to make the squint worth it, but she can't quite help taking a look over the dropship blearily.

"I'll fall asleep eventually." Fiona promises with a weak cough. "I just wish I had my music right now. Or a book. Something."

Ahha, motion from the person Morgan's been keeping a careful eye on. Or more accurately, from the person whose gun he's been keeping a careful eye on. Trust the other Delinquents after Mags? Not a chance. "I could name one or two - dozen - things I wish I had right around now." he says as he stands back up and moves toward Kai.

"My.. kingdom.. for a bunker." the ex-C croaks hoarsely as she slowly leans her head back against the wall and makes an effort to at least try and sit up some. Kind of.

Morgan steps over to Kai and puts a hand on her forehead. Turning, he heads over tot he water container to get a cup and a damp compress. "My kingdom for an unlimited supply of explosives." Premade and stable, unlike the hydrazine.

"And people." Kai elects to utter with a vague attempt at a smile, not endeavoring to shift further for all that she takes her hand from Elias' head to help her adjust the rifle. It's at least nose down for safety and the ex-C has the trigger discipline not to leave her finger resting on the trigger, but she stares bleakly at the dropship door like she's trying to decide whether or not she has the reserves to try and stand up.

"Certain people." Morgan corrects, returning to Kai. "Drink. You're dehydrated." Removing the dried out compress, he puts the damp one on her forehead. "Don't knock it off, it'll help cool you. You'll be glad to know that one of the Grounders has confirmed that whatever they call this, it's not fatal. You'll feel like shit but get better."

"Oh, well.. if w-we're gonna be.. choosy." Kai rasps, accepting the cup carefully in a shaky hand in order to press it to her lips, not fighting the compress on her head,"Yaaayy.." is the unenthused drawl,"Just in t-time.. for them to.." she sucks in a breath,"kill us all." there's a pause from her as she regards him blearily,"You're.. how are you.. not sick?"

"He also confirmed that it was a deliberate tactic to weaken us before they attack." Morgan adds as Kai brings it up. Then he shrugs. "I'm guessing the genetic engineers several generations ago back did a very good job on my family." Might even have been one of his family since they tend to the biological sciences. "But as soon as you're all well, you get to wait on me. I intend to sleep a lot." Sometime after the war.

"'s a smart move." Kai opines,"Callous.. b-but.. like Cass said.. wily as f-fuck." she shifts vaguely and actually extends the rifle out in 'take it' fashion so she can concentrate on not dropping the water,"Lucky." she rasps,"We live.. I w-will.. totally fetch water for y-you."

Morgan nods and takes the rifle. "They don't know we have guns though." he says as he looks it over. "Being weak makes a big difference when you're holding a sword. Less so with a gun. So I point this end at the ones I don't like. What next?"

"People can't shoot.. fucked.. anyways." is the ex-C's opinion with a rattling cough,"This." she manages a gesture,"Chambers.. the.. first. Run.. out.. don't b-bother with.. reload.. get.. another." there's a grab at the barrel vaguely,"T-this.. sight." not the word she wanted,"A-aiming. Don.. 't.. jerk the trigger. Throw yourself off.. b-but.. close up.. n-not going to make a d-difference.. chest h-height.. point.. k-keep firing." the ex-C struggles her way through.

"It could scare them off though." Morgan says as he listens. "They've got this thing about guns. If they think we have a lot of them and know how to use them, it might make them think again about attacking us. Is it loaded now?"

Kai gives a vague motion of agreement that can't really count as a nod, endeavoring to point out elements for him,"Loaded, y-yes. N-not chambered." difference,"Sick a-are.. fucked.. no.. cover here.. with the d-door open. I can't do it.. should-of taught you lot.. already." she manages what she can of the water and rests the cup tiredly on her knee,"D-don't let them.. take it. The others.. don't.. like it.. I d-don't.. care."

"Grey doesn't trust me." Stated as a fact with no hint it might bother him if it does. "Or most people. Not that I blame him for that." Most people, not him. "But having them only useable by a few people as stupid and to run off like that…" Picking a direction there's no one in the line of fire, he puts the stock to his shoulder. "Like this?" He's seen that in videos. "Don't jerk the trigger. Point and keep firing."

A sneer actually crosses Kai's face,"T-the Grey's are a bunch of muh-murdering.. thugs." ex-C's unfiltered, the captain's daughter not a fan, clearly,"L-less of a.. dick.. now, though." she'll give him that at least as she struggles to actually look up,"C-careful.. where y-y'rest.. it.. recoil.. will fuck you." she wets her lips and runs a hand over her face,"D-don't.. put your finger on.. the trigger.. unless you're going to shoot." one of her hands reaches for Elias' hair again in a shaky fashion,"Not.. enough.. can fight." is her opinion on that,"Other.. rifles.. are upstairs.. choke-point.." she manages a finger in the direction of the ladder,"Narrow.. entrance.. easy to d-defend with.. few people.. rifle's.. stockpiled up there. If it.. comes to that."

Morgan nods. "The gate's closed. I've got sentries on the wall to watch for them. The wall will slow them down but it's pretty useless. They climb trees and have bows and the trees are taller than the wall. If they're smart, they'll just fire down into the camp and let us starve. I doubt they're that smart. They're probably as impatient as they are barbaric. If they send anyone over the wall to open the gate, I want them shot dead as a warning."

"Should.. cut down tree's." Kai notes as she closes her eyes,"Cole.." she trails off and tries to start again,"whatever can.. s-slow them down.. keep t-them out.. save a-mmo. Long term we're still fucked.. but i-if.. we can hold out.. we might.. survive." there's a grimace from her,"W-why, did they declare war? What the f..uck happened?"

Morgan shakes his head. "Who knows." He practices holding the rifle firmly to avoid the kickback while trying to get it to feel comfortable. "Don't jerk the trigger." he repeats to himself. "Aim for the chest. And hopefully Cole can make some bombs with the Hydrazine. Without blowing us all up as well."

"P-pull slide, eject c-cartridge.. if it jams." Kai rasps with her eyes closed,"D-don't bother with sighting unless you are.. aiming over a distance.. in here.. n-no point. Hold to chest and aim s-straight will give best likelihood of k-kill shots. D-don't waste time trying to wound." she reaches up to squeeze the compress against her head and make sure it doesn't come off,"W-would be nice if we could.. practice.. shoot. Not worth t-the risk though. Got to save what we have."

"Oh, if I'm going to shoot it, I intend to kill whoever it is." Morgan assures Kai. "But yeah, we're going to need all the ammo we have. You have more on you? They could be here basically at any time now."

"I k-know." which is actually why it's hard to resist the desire to get up, even if Kai knows she can't do anything right now,"That's.. all.. with that one. Five.. shots.. everything else is.. upstairs. R-right now.. really wish I could do.. more. But.. y-you.. have a better chance at defending all of us t-than I do."

"At the moment maybe." Morgan points out. "If we get attacked and you think you can hold this steady, say so." He moves to get a better view of the outside and asks "Could you hit someone on the wall from here?"

"The rifle could." Kai elects to put it as,"I.. would do whatever I can.. no interest in dying.. today." she gives a faint smile,"Stay behind something.. solid. They might not have g-guns, but an arrow will kill you just as well." slowly the ex-C slides onto her side again, giving up on sitting up as she gives a hacking cough.

Morgan nods and rests the rifle butt on the ground. "Yeah, my chest still twinges now and then. All right, enough lessons for now. You need to rest. We've still got a little bit of time before they'll get here." Hopefully. Maybe.

Kai can only grunt her acknowledgment and acceptance, leaving her 'security blanket' in his care as she coils up again next to Eli and closes her eyes once more.

Morgan watches Kai a moment then looks around to see if anyone else needs anything before he returns to his spot next to Cam. Sitting down, he leans the rifle up against the wall but keeps a hand on it.

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