Day 017: Sex Is Simpler
Summary: Gideon and Grey discover that things can get complicated fast (No TS).
Date: 31 May 20
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Grey Gideon 

Meadow Bald, The Wilderness
Looking to the west, where the brute of the Blue Ridge Mountains rise, this meadow bald is a break in the climbing forests. It is a stretch of narrowleaf grass, flowering heath aster, and crisp wild lettuce. Pockets of tall Indian-tobacco poke out around weathered, deep-set boulders near the western edge of the meadow. At the center of this meadow is the surviving foundation of what had once been a cabin of some sort, though it is now nothing but concret footings, rotten lumber and mossy tarpaper. At the highest point of the meadow, to the west, the peak of Mount Weather can be easily seen in the distance.
17 Days After Landing

A faint, ruddy glow still lights the sky far to the easy, but it is not the rising sun. That is still many hours and many misting raindrops ahead. Grey is soaked to the bone by now, despite the thick weave of his fatigue jacket, and his pants are muddy up to the knees. Mud sucks. It didn't rain hard enough to make real mud the last couple of times it rained. But after extricating himself from yet another argument with Cameron, he's made a circle of the wall-walk, eventually spotting the little blue feather stuck to a tree. His shoulders sag with relief, and he drops down from the wall-walk immediately, splashing into the muddy ground of the camp and hurrying out the gate to follow the trail of blue.

Gideon's trail of blue leads Grey away from the mushroom field and hide, and instead opens up to the meadow bald, which would give a view of Mount Weather if the skies had not been so dark. She is seated on the edge of the ruined foundation of what had been a house, casually tossing a bit of bread at some nocturnal weasels who would much rather the bit so jerky in her sack. They nibble at the morsels, and squeak at her for more, which she happily obliges. When Grey appears, she looks up with a quick arch of her brows. Her smile is strained and uneasy, but at least there. "Heya," she murmurs, speaking in her native language as if to prompt Grey to reply in kind. She has been trying to teach him, despite his horrible pronunciation.

"Heya." It's… not quite proper Trigedasleng pronunciation, but Grey is trying. His own smile is tired and wan, and as he approaches her, he stretches his hands, feeling the hot spots from the shovel tug and burn, just shy of actual blisters. There's a tiny little moment of hesitation, and then he spreads his arms to enfold her. It's not the most passionate attempt at a hug, actually more about a need for comfort than a show of affection, not that he would ever admit it. Nodding his head to the east, he states, "You saw." Because really, the execution of one twice-criminal is less important than the crashing of… whatever it was. "They came down early. And somethin' obviously went wrong. Just… I don't know how many people were on that, but… it's probably hundreds of Skaikru just… dead."

Gideon slides up to her feet as he approaches, listening to his words. When his arms open, she smiles gently. Then she steps into him, tucking into his arms while hers sweep around his back. She pulls him closer against her, her head nestling against his own. She almost rocks him, gently, giving him the smallest bit of comfort. "I saw," she murmurs. Then she breathes out a slow sigh, nodding against his head. "I am, of course… very sorry, Grey… if your people were on it…" Beat pause. "Why was it early?"

Grey lets out a breath at air as he's enfolded in her arms, the little rocking motion adding a shudder to the breath. His eyes squeeze closed a moment, and then he straightens up again, doing his best to adult. It… mostly works. "I don't know. There were… technical problems. Like… the comms fritzed. Maybe it was the storm comin', I don't know." He has to bite back from saying more, his expression as he does so clearly unhappy and torn. Most of the time, he can cover the tightrope he walks with Gideon to some degree, right now… he just doesn't have the emotional energy. "What's out there, anyhow? Kids were sayin' like… 40 or 50 klicks."

"I do not know what a klick is," Gideon confesses, brows arched a bit. "But, there are villages everywhere in Trikru… we are a rather large clan in that regard. Small groups, sometimes large, clustered throughout the forests. To the east, you have several villages, and to the southeast you have Tondc, and the northeast you have Polis — far larger settlements than even Coesbur." She frowns a bit. "I hope that it just landed in the earth, though, Grey…" Her voice holds a very wary note.

"A kilometer." Grey frowns a moment, looking for a frame of reference, "We're just over twenty klicks from Mount Weather." Her half-suggestion, half wish has him blowing out a breath and squeezing her gently, "I'm sure it didn't hit anything like that. I mean, the chances would be like…" Shaking his head, he ducks a little to meet her gaze, "But I hope it didn't hit any of your people too, Dee. That'd make the tragedy even bigger."

Gideon looks thoughtful, mouth set as she regards where the ominous shadow of the Mountain lies, then she looks back to Grey. Then she nods a bit, understanding — almost. When he squeezes her, she returns the pressure fondly. Then she begins to step away from his embrace, drawing her hand down to collect his fingers and bringing him along with her to sit on the edge of the foundation. "It would," she murmurs.

Grey is reluctant to let her step away, but it is only a momentary hesitation, and then his arms loose, and his hand trails down her arm to twist up with her fingers, letting himself be led pretty docilely toward the foundation and slumping down onto it. "I wonder how many people were on it. Or if there weren't any on it, how many people'll die because they can't make it down now?"

Gideon frowns, and she has no answers for the young Skaikru. So she merely sits, and listens. When he finds himself at a loss, she draws a soft kiss against his brow, letting a tingle pass between her lips and his skin. Then she rests her head gently to his, feeling the chill of the post-storm air seep through her jacket and skin. When she speaks next, she does so quietly and thoughtfully, "That will mean a lot for you all… you will be all that will remain of your people…"

Grey leans into the little kiss, letting his eyes close and drawing comfort from the brief connection. He draws in a breath at her words, letting it out with a shudder, "No. No… I refuse to believe that." Dark fingers squeeze lighter, and then withdraw, and he moves to slip his arm around her shoulders, drawing them close so that they can share body heat. "We'll find some way to get the rest of them down here," he's trying to convince himself more than her now, "I mean… it's not as critical now that we know there are people here, that there's more to the human race than just us, but… still…"

Gideon returns the squeeze gently, and then ducks under his arm to find warmth against his frame. She looks out across the meadow bald where the grasses tremble with the soft breeze. The sky has started to clear, stars peeking through the dark cloud cover. She then glances over at him, and she starts to smile ever so softly. "You miss them," she says in a whisper. "Your people."

There's that hesitation again, but this time it's pure indecision on Grey's part. "I don't know. There's some people up there I miss. Friends. But not many." Nodding back in the direction of the camp, he adds, "I mean, I got as many folks down there, or more, that I consider friends." There's a slightly-puzzled, slightly-frustrated pause, "On most days."

Gideon tilts her head a bit, watching him with careful eyes. When the puzzled and frustrated pause sets in, she draws her arm across his waist and offers a gentle squeeze. "Then why do you worry if they do not down to join you all?" Beat pause. "Because there are others… your friends… who would be lost without those still in the sky?" She frowns, tilting her head. "You know that there is always a place for you here… if you don't feel like you belong there."

"Because they're still my people." Grey's struggling with this concept himself, and so the look of confusion and mild frustration on his features is understandable, "I mean… my kru, my Clan. Even if I didn't really think of them like that until I got down here." The frowning words from the archer cause him to shrug, "Oh, the Ark ain't home anymore. Down here's home." And then he blinks, "Unless… you didn't mean… I mean… 'here'…" he points down to the ground, "or 'here?'" and then his arm around her shoulders squeezes lightly. Nervous teen is getting more nervous.

Gideon listens with a dutiful ear. Then she tilts her head a bit, her smile slowly spreading across her lips. "Here," she says softly, squeezing him in turn. "With me." She looks down a bit, almost shy — that's right, Gideon is acting shy. She presses her knee into his leg softly. "I do not mean to suggest anything," she says after a moment, her shoulders shifting awkwardly. "I just wanted to… say that… "

Grey blinks at the offer, shifting in his seat and choking down the immediate teenage boy response of 'hey, baby, I can't be tied down.' Instead, he quite obviously mulls it over, his brow furrowed, "No… I mean… you don't have to suggest anything…" He trails into awkward silence himself for a moment, and then he grumps into the unsatisfying, "Thanks, Dee. I… that means a lot. I don't know how the rest of Coesbur would feel. And I can't… like… I can't abandon the Skaikru. But I like you a lot too."

Gideon wasn't sure what she was expecting, so she takes his answer in stride. She shifts slightly, arm falling away from his waist and instead her hand coming to his knee. She squeezes the joint gently, and then starts to draw back a bit. "Good," she murmurs finally, accepting the awkwardness for what it is. She even smiles gently in turn. "If there ever comes a day…" She lets that trail off, leaving what she could say next open to interpretation.

"Like if the rest of the Skaikru can't come down." Grey lets that trail off itself, grimacing as he does, "Then we'll definitely have to do what we can to join the Trikru, 'cause ninety teenagers just aren't gonna survive on their own, even if they were workin' together perfectly. Which we ain't." He draws in another heavy breath and lets it hiss out, slumping slowly against her as he does. "We kinda screwed up your world too, didn't we?"

"No… that's…" Gideon trails off, and then she shakes her head. She sighs, looking back out at the rain-swept grasses of the meadow. She is silent for a long moment, letting the winds whisper past. Then she returns her head to gently press against his. "You have changed it, that is for certain. We will have to see if you actually screwed it up though." She offers him a small smile. The archer slips into silence once more, just resting her head against his and letting the quiet night fall over them.

Grey nods, accepting the correction, and the silence that follows. He even relaxes into it. It's odd, for someone who has issues with personal space, that his seems to have extended to the Grounder woman so readily, but he doesn't question in. Eventually, however, he makes a soft, thoughtful sound, and murmurs, "That's not what you meant?"

The archer quietly murmurs in reply, "No." Then she lifts her gaze, tilting her head back so she can easily look into his dark eyes. "I meant that… if there ever comes a time where… perhaps you want to not be so apart… that I would find a home with you." She feels a bit of warmth touch her cheeks. "But you needn't reciprocate. I am merely… saying… to the air and stars that… I would help you with that."

That was certainly more than Grey was expecting. He meets her gaze steadily as she speaks, only for his eyes to drop away as he tries to process Gideon's words. His mouth opens once, closes, and then his eyes rise up again, "That's… with me?" He half-turns back in the direction of the camp, his eyes now remaining on hers, "Like in the camp, or wherever the Skaikru settle?" He sounds more confused and surprised than anything else, but does his best to work through the surge of unfamiliar emotions and thoughts that the suggestion brings up. "That's… I mean… maybe not right away," he hurries on, "because I don't know that the rest of the Skaikru'd accept it," and then he slows down to normal speed again, "But yeah…"

Gideon isn't sure what she means now as Grey goes on, and so she remains quiet and thoughtful as she considers the boy with dark green eyes. "I was merely… saying that…" Now she has no idea what she's saying, so she slips into quiet and just smiles awkwardly at him. "I liked it better when most all of our secluded moments involved sex." She then offers a small squeeze to him once more.

Grey chuckles a little helplessly at the complaint, nodding his amused agreement, "Yeah. It's a whole lot simpler, isn't it?" He pauses, his hand slipping back so that his fingers can gently rub at the muscles between her shoulder-blades, "Easier too." He pauses again, "And pretty damned fun too." Beat pause, "Three?" His right hand comes across their bodies, turning his shoulders to face her, and brushes along the arch of her brow as if it were fragile grass, not the hard bone that he knows from personal, face-to-face experience that it is.

"A whole lot simpler," Gideon agrees quietly. Then she starts to laugh, lavishing a moment at the touch. When she opens her eyes next, they are to look up into his steady darker browns. She then begins to slip away from him, fingertips gliding down his arm as she does. As she stands, her fingers twine with his to help pull him to his feet. This makes it all the easier to place a soft kiss to his lips, murmuring only when she is satisfied with the exchange, "I should head back soon."

Grey protests wordlessly when she rises, but still lets himself be dragged up to his feet. The wards of her stepping close is enough to silence any further protest, along with that soft kiss. His eyes close, and his fingers spread across the side of her face as his other hand clasps hers. Drawing in a breath as her lips lift from his again, he sighs faintly, "So that's a 'no' on simpler then. Probably for the best. We've got to head out to the crash site tomorrow, and look for some missing hunters…" his whispers are rambling, and he realizes it, dropping his brow gently to her own and sighing again, "What I'm sayin' is… I should head back too. Even if I don't wanna."

"Maybe in another day, we can meet at the hide again," Gideon offers, and her smile remains relaxed. Then she offers his hand a gentle squeeze in return, lingering near him and his warm frame. Her lips lift to his again, offering him a brief kiss this time. "For now, we go our separate ways, knowing that we will see each other again soon." Her dark eyes hold his for a long moment, before she prompts gently, "Okay?"

Grey nods at her offer, digging out the shiny blue feathers from his back pocket and holding them up in one hand a moment. He returns the kiss, and when she lifts away from it, he follows after, chasing her to steal another short kiss. "Okay," he confirms, "I'll watch for these, and I'll leave one at the base of the tree if I'm around there. May we meet again." The benediction surprises him a little, but he smiles into it.

The archer offers up a small smile to the Skaikru teen, and she nods gently. "Okay, I will look for it." Then she presses up to him once more, and with the close proximity, she gives a small kiss. When she steps back, she does so with reluctance and her fingers slide slowly from his. Then she starts to step away, headed to the northern edge of the bald so she can disappear back into the forests.

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