Day 061: Skaikids In The Baths
Summary: Kai takes Cole and Tink to the Tondc baths, and wind up discussing love, belonging and the Mountain.
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Community Baths — Tondc, Trikru

The community baths is accessed through a long, open-air staircase that leads down into what had once been a rather large, sprawling basement. The room is constantly lit by torchlight, causing the subterrean space to glow soft golds and oranges. The floors are polished cement, and the high ceiling is supported by thick, square pillars of concrete.

The room is filled with a moist heat thanks to the giant pots of water almost constantly boiling at the center of the space over well-kept fires. The room is ventilated by several exhaust pipes in the ceiling, keeping the air circulating. In addition to there just being spaces to sponge bath, there are several actual tubs, some so large that there are benches built into the mortar.

Along one of the walls are several shelves of woven towels, cloths for washing, large bowls and pitchers for collecting the hot water, and crude cuts of soap. Bathing here — outside of the tubs, of course — is merely a process of collecting the offered supplies, and finding a place in the room to bath. The floors are gently sloped toward various drains in the floor, so pooling is never a problem. As this is a communal bath, stripping naked and washing one's self is done in plain view of others, but there is an unspoken rule of the bathroom that wandering eyes are not accepted.

Day 61

The 'infamous' community baths of Tondc. Kai's been here regularly, a far cry from the girl who got mad just stripping down to her underwear at the dropship. And at this time of the day? Probably at least reasonably busy. Not that she notes, at this point, leading them down the stairs,"Now, we go off over to the side here to collect the towels.. don't stare, everyone's here for the same thing and it just.. makes you obvious. Not that it wouldn't be anyways, but yeh.. hands to yourselves, eyes to yourselves, enjoy the hot water."

Tink leans on Cole as she makes her way to the bath and nods to Kai, "Oh yeah…no lookie, no touchie…I get it." She grabs a towel and in some ways it's good that Tink is drunk for this adventure because the beer is just making her happy go lucky with all of this, "And hot water sounds good…really good." Yep, she's looking forward to this.

Cole supports drunky Tink as best he can while they cross the street into the bath house. "Yeah, I can dig that. I mean, I don't really want to be staring, like I'm checking for dude who got bigger cocks than me. I mean, I'm confident an all but…no reason- oh, you were talking about the women?" Boy isn't this a test. "Yeah, well, I can stare at Tink, right?" A look at Tink then. "Can I stare at you? Take my mind off stuff." he grins. A towel is grabbed for himself. "So…Trikru got scruples about the whole naked thing, right? Well, makes sense I guess. Kinda refreshing, really."

Kai collects herself a towel and scouts out for an empty tub, just to be on the safe side. Any Trikru game to join the Skaikids in a tub only has themselves to blame after all,"Green Eden Tink, you're worse than me the first time I decided to get drunk." there's a laugh from her as she stops next to the tub to set aside her towel and start pulling off her boots,"Yes, Op, no staring at the women. Or the guys. For that matter. And if Tink doesn't mind you staring at her, that's.. between you two.. start getting grabby though and I'mma bounce you out myself. But.. yeh. It's easier to heat water for the community than to do so for every house. A lot of things are community here. The gardens, if you guys go by them.. look but don't touch, only those who have worked them are entitled to pick the fruit and vegetables there."

"You can stare at me all you want Cole," Tink tells him with a happy look. She looks at Kai with a smile, "And I will stare at Cole if I start getting wandering eyes." She then sticks out her tongue at Kai, "Oh I'm not too drunk…just happy." Of course she doesn't have anything to gauge this with, "And I promise not to grab his cock in front of you Kai." Yeah, the filter is completely off right now. Fair warning folks. She gives a giggle and then starts to take her boots off and get the rest of her clothes off. She's not shy at getting naked at the moment. It doesn't take her too long to get undressed and climbing into the tub.

<FS3> Cole rolls Resolve: Success. (8 6 4 6 1 6 6)
<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve: Success. (5 4 6 6 4 7)
<FS3> Tink rolls Resolve: Success. (6 6 5 3 4 8 2)

"Hey no, I'm not about to touch people's shit that's not theirs. That ain't cool. Like someone touching my tools. Which…are back at the dropship." This realization suddenly hits Cole harder than he thought, causing him to frown. "No wonder I've been feeling so fuckin useless there." Getting undressed together? Eh, whatever, he made out infront of everyone with Grey, like being naked in front of two friends is really going to bother him at this point. Boots are kicked off, then everything else. Yep, he has no fear about being naked infront of either of them. And hey, he doesn't look at any of the Trikru women. "You can check me out anytime, Tink. You're fun drunk. I missed out on the drinking bit." There is a look at the Pixie though. "So. You gonna tell her or am I?"

Kai can't help but look towards the ceiling, oh boy, maybe she shouldn't do this, but hey, two beers down doesn't exactly make her the most sober decision maker either. But still she takes off her armor and sword, setting them aside and then electing to strip off her shirt without hesitation. No bandages anymore, mostly because of the wide variety of fresh scars and stitches lacing her torso,"Happy's good. And no grabbing his cock, please." there's a glance in Cole's direction,"Look, after we're done with the mountain, we can ride out to what's left of skaigeda and find your tools, yeh? 'cept Que has your sword. He was hit pretty hard when he found out you were missing. And if you're talking about that you two have fucked.. she already told me. She's a big girl, she can make her own choices."

"Oh I already told Kai that I have a new boyfriend and yes, that we had sex," Tink tells Cole, getting him up to speed on what she's been talking to Kai about, "She's totally cool with it." At least drunk Tink thinks so, "Wow…this water is really nice." She starts to get all comfortable in the tub so she can soak and work out some of the kinks from traveling, "And we'll figure it out…how to get more tools." Yeah, tools are not plentiful right now at Camp Jaha, "Hey maybe we can find a stash at the Mountain. I mean…they were the ones that left your tools there in the first place and they took my tool belt and never gave it back."

"Oh. Well, you make it sound like that." Cole blinks. "I wasn't trying to brag or anything. I just figured I didn't know…I just wanted to make sure it was cool, alright? I know you and Tink are close and she wouldn't stop talking about you in the Mountain. And…" he shrugs, looking at Tink. "I've been in love with her since before we all got snatched." he waves it off, having shown far too much emotion than he wanted to. But yeah, he does look Kai over. Not leering, more like he's…impressed. "Holy fuck Kai. No..I mean…does any of that hurt?" Granted it might be nice to finally see her boobs, since he's tried a number of times previously in the past, but he's not even looking at those. "Are…are you really happy here?" He's not judging her at all with the question. It might sound like he's generally concerned for what he views as a friend. "Not like…judging what you do with your life or anything. I'm not, you be you, Kai. Just. Wanna make sure you're happy, alright?"

Kai slithers into the water too with a smirk for Tink's comment about it, dipping her cloth in to start washing her arms,"She's okay with it, that's what's important, really. I can think of worse people." she offers with a vague smile, grunting quietly,"Mostly not anymore." she raises her right arm to show the line there,"That was the first trip to Coesbur." then the collarbone and a stretch for the line along her ribs just under the boob,"Those two were the second trip. The hand and this one here are from when we cleared the Reapers out of the tunnel.. the bullets from the Maunon. But that's okay, because weed and willow bark are my friends." she subsides into the water with a sigh,"Yeh, I'm happy here Cole. I mean.. it'd be nice to have all my friends here, too, but you know.. I know where to find you guys, and once a peace treaty gets formalized it'll be easy to travel back and forth. Though it might be a while between visits."

Tink wasn't really letting her eyes wander but then Cole mentions Kai being hurt and she looks over at her friend with concern, "Oh wow…" She gives Kai a look because that is quite a bit of scars going on, "You have way more scars than me." Of course, Tink is still healing up from the head wound she got from being grazed but it's coming around nicely. She listens as Kai describes where she got her scars, "You have weed?" Okay, that's news to Tink who's also never had pot either. Living in a bubble, it keeps you away from drugs and alcohol. She looks at Kai with a soft smile, "I'm glad you're happy. You deserve it." She then gets her own cloth and starts washing herself, cause now that she's soaked for a few minutes, she's ready to wash.

"If you're happy, then that's all that really fuckin matters. Find your peace while you can." Cole replies. "I'm still trying to find mine. So maybe you're luckier than the rest of us." Getting the water, he sits next to Tink, apparently not in the mood for cleaning, preferring to just soak. "Well, while I was fine stealing morphine and get all fucked on that. I'm not beyond smoking grass either." With his history, is it really all that surprising? "Looks like you been through hell, Kai. But, it's what you want so…hey, good on you." He plucks the cloth out of Tink's hand, wordlessly starting to wash her back.

"I've done a lot of fighting while you guys were inside." Kai smiles for Tink,"And yeh, not a lot, but the herbalists are more laid back about trading with me than some of the others." she's content to mostly just relax, enjoying having some company for once and comfortable with having her eyes mostly closed,"No morphine. It's to take the edge off, around here.. it's constantly busy. So tell me about the Mountain. How was it? They were.. nice to you guys until the whole surprise we-want-your-bone-marrow shit? And yeh.. truth is I like being out on the battlefield. It's.. a lot different, traveling and fighting with the Trikru than sitting in skaigeda wondering if we're all going to die. And with Alpha now and the people that came down there.. you guys have more support, too. Though if you ever decide you want to go Trikru.. I can try and introduce you to some people."

Tink is drunk, she's getting her back washed and it is like heaven. She moves her hair aside so he gets full access to her back, "Oh hey…it's okay to have someone wash your back, right?" It's not like she's doing anything indecent but looks to Kai to make sure. She glances over her shoulder at Cole, "Hey…if you want me to return the favor and it's not a big deal then I'll return the favor." She doesn't judge Cole's history. Love records no wrongdoings so she doesn't think twice about his drug admission. She is quiet for a moment before adding, "They were…nice. A little too nice and shoving cake at us and wanting us just to sit and 'get better' but the whole thing was weird." She gives a shake of her head, "I…I just took some time at first to myself but when people started disappearing, I woke up."

Cole's expression goes dark. And he doesn't say anything for awhile, he just continues to wash Tink's back. "I don't remember a lot from the Mountain." he finally says, somber. "Not for awhile. I was…away. Mentally." As if that needs an explanation. There's a slow glance around the baths. "Explosions happened. Because of me." Translation: he killed a lot of people. He probably has the high score if you count his mines and thrusters. "And…ah, I was catatonic. Couldn't admit what I did. Eventually, I got over it. In time to realize what was going on around me." he shakes his head. "Sorry, it's not something I really enjoy talking about." He hands the cloth back to Tink, allowing her to take her turn if she wants. "But I'm going back. Because of Scarlett. We're alive because of her. GOt the message out because of her. Won't let her die." Finally he manages a weak smile. "I'll remember the offer. Fact is, Ark needs another engineer. But, people in Coesbur are gonna need houses built. I'll help if they like. Though, ain't gonna step on toes if they don't want it."

"Sure." Kai says regarding back washing,"Sounds weird." she agrees,"I understand there's some of them that aren't monstrous kid-murdering psychopath's, though? I heard something about a girl called Scarlett?" she asks gently, before her attention goes over to Cole with a slight nod of her head,"Sorry, Op. And so she's a good one, yeh? I don't know where my band will be in the return, but just in case I see her." she murmurs,"And yeh.. the Maunon dropped a missile on it when we were there the second time, killed a lot of Trikru, we were lucky that we were on the far side of the bridge still fighting when it blew up. As to rebuilding, though.. I don't know. There's still.." she pauses,"there's still a lot of people that see me as being Skaikru and aren't comfortable with my presence.. even before me and Eli broke up they weren't particularly more comfortable with his. So it's been made.. clear to me, that it's not something I'm allowed to offer, yet."

"Elias and you broke up?" Tink is seriously surprised at that and turns so she can wash Cole's back while they chat, "That's just…mind blowing. I wasn't expecting that. Can you talk about it?" She doesn't want to make Kai uncomfortable but she is worried about her friend, "And there's also Truman…he's short like me and has a beard. He helped keep the soldiers off your back the last time you guys came in the mountain. He was internal security but if he's not floated for helping us…I'd like to get him out too." She frowns when it's mentioned that the Mountain Men bombed the Trikru village, "Man…I'm glad you were okay when it went down but it's just…horrible what those guys have done." Not Scarlett or Truman but the rest of them.

"Pix…" Cole states to Tink in a way that suggests Kai may not want to talk about something like that. He's not going to mention it. "Scarlett isn't like the rest of them. She has a conscience. Okay well..that's not fair. I'm sure a lot of them of do, innocents an shit." There's a bob of his head, pulling long hair out of the way for Tink. "The offer's there. If they want it, cool. If not, not going to press."

"He's probably going to need your help." is what Kai offers regarding it, sliding down in the tub and draping the cloth over her eyes,"I broke up with him. Not the other way around, for the record.. so no giving him shit." there's a small bob of her head for Cole's words,"Orders are no innocents, though guidelines are loose on what that means. Most of us, really, aren't interested in killing people that aren't trying to kill us. And I'll mention it, to the others? Steheda Oxfor's the best person to talk to. Just.. go easy. We're at peace now, but most of the village was punished for what happened regarding skaigeda. The Maker would probably really appreciate seeing you, he's been.. crushed.. since it happened."

"I'll keep an eye out for him, make sure that Elias is okay," Tink tells Kai, making sure her friend knows that she'll get Elias back if he lets her, "And I won't give him shit." She looks at Cole and mouths, "Sorry…" Cause she realizes that she did put Kai in an awkward spot even if she's super duper not all there, "I'm sorry Oxfor and his warriors got punished for helping us." Tink frowns because that's not cool. She finishes washing Cole's back and then hands him the wash cloth because she's done and is going to soak.

"I'll see if I can find him. I'd like to get Epoch back." Cole says, perhaps speaking fondly of the sword and it's maker. "Sorry to hear about that. Que is good shit. I like him. Were the Ark not so fucked up and need of…well, everything… it was really tempting to take his offer to work with him." he finally says. "But I can't leave. Not for awhile anyways. Feel like I don't really owe them anything, but I do. Mika believed in the Ark. Can't just spit on her memory like that either." Anything about Elias he doesn't speak about. He's their friend, not his. Only more of a passing acquaintance.

"Thanks T." Kai grunts quietly,"And it's the way of things here.. that's.. part of what I'm learning. If I fuck up? I'm not the one that suffers for it.. Wren does. It's to teach a Second that their actions have consequences beyond themselves.. and I gotta tell you, it makes more sense now why the Trikru don't fight one another. To me, it's pretty impressive. Like maybe what stuff was supposed to be like on the Ark once? At least.. that's what I think about it." she shrugs a little before nodding for Cole,"He's probably somewhere in the guest village with the rest of Coesbur's people. We can check later, at least. Though a lot of them went to some of the smaller villages for the moment. Trying to keep a city this large operating is a big ask even without adding another five hundred people on top of it. And that before the rest of the clans started sending warband's for the effort against the Mountain. Anyways. So you're going to engineer, and you, T? You're going to do your thing for them?"

Tink gives a nod, "Yep…totally going the engineer route but also volunteering for the militia because I want to help protect my home." She leans against the tub and tells the two of them, "I'm just going to mellow here. You two can talk amongst yourselves." She'll just relax as the Cole and Kai chat around her.

"Okay. C'ere you." Cole puts an arm around Tink, suggesting she leans onto him so she doesn't pass out in the tub and drown herself. "Sounds fuckin hardcore." he remarks at Kai. "So this…guy that teaches you. He okay? I mean, he doesn't beat the shit out of you or something or make you carry around rocks all day or shit. Well, I mean like, I couldn't be pissed at him even if he did, not like I could take him in a fight. Well…maybe. If I got lucky." A nod to the rest. "Well, I like Que. He was always square with me. If he's fucked up, maybe I can help him out. I dunno."

Kai laughs a little where she cracks an eye open, taking a glance just to make sure no-one's going to get upset by that. Sure there's probably a couple of eyes but well, eh, they were probably getting stared at anyways,"It's definitely more than Guard training, and nah. Well, he still kicks my ass when we spar, but there's no need to be carrying around rocks when he can send me to fetch water or wood or what-have-you. I'm better than I was, but shit you should see the miles the scouts can put in on a mission. And just.. talk to him. He just needs to be inspired again, I hope. He and Wren and Gideon got extra cuts for actually coming to skaigeda and helping us. Which.. generally isn't something I'd talk about but the Heda had it done in front of camp Jaha and at this point everyone seems to know anyways so." she expels a breath,"I feel bad for him. I didn't like him at first, he seemed like a total ass, but he came through and, yeh." she pauses,"You know you probably didn't burn up that many, right? As I understand it the retreat horn was sounded before you set it off. And while some will still take it personal-like.. in the end, it's war. You and T and the others did what you had to, to survive."

"Kai…please." It's hard enough that Cole was even able to admit what he did. Thinking about the number. "More or less isn't going to change it. Just…something I gotta deal with. For the rest of my life. I'll make peace with it one day. Not much more to say on it." Though he didn't seem to have a problem with killing Mountain Men, but that might've been a little more personal. "I figure whatever teacher you got would have to be able to kick the student's ass on a regular basis. Or at least, that's how I imagine it. Still, if he treats you good, that's good. I can't say much else. Unless you want to talk about him anyways. As for Que, he did seem like the type that was wound up a bit too tightly. I'll try talking to him. Though I dunno if I'll be able to help. I'm just some snot-nosed kid who happened to share some common ground with Do what I can." He had been looking at the ceiling, because it's either that, or look at the other Trikru or look at Kai. And knowing Cole, he'd be staring at her chest. "You know, Kai. Before Tink dropped into my life I had a bit of a crush on you. Thought you were hot."

Kai grunts quietly and shrugs her shoulders,"Sorry." she's clearly less bothered by it, even if they are now her people, casualties of war in her mind at least,"Wren's awesome." she opines with a grin,"Might be slightly biased, though, you know? He took a big chance on me, and there's been plenty of people that have given him shit about it, but well, he says he's proud, and that's.. enough. It makes a difference." her eyes flit to Tink briefly and then back with a shrug,"I think someone who understands that.. sort of thing, might help him get his head back in the game. Yeh? If only to show off just how much he knows." there's a wry smirk from the ex-C,"Yeh, sometime about the third or fourth time you asked me to flash you I sort of realized that. Though why.. I'm not even going to fathom. Y'had a whole harem, Op. And I'm not even going to pretend I get all that. Eli's the only person I ever dated.. like.. ever. I figured we'd eventually have our own place on Agro and he'd do his farm thing and I'd patrol and it'd be.. well, yeh. And I care for him, I just.. can't do it. One of my friends.. her niron lost his arm trying to destroy the acid fog. Another friends wife died in childbirth.. that's not counting the people I know who have been dead or wounded since we hit the ground. It's just.. yeh. You and T, or Reno, or all of you.. 's a good thing. I'm just.. not sure I can put that on anyone else when I've seen what can happen."

"Good. If I know nothing else about the guy, that would be enough." Cole nods, seemingly approving, for what it's worse. "I'll talk to him, see what I can if I can track him down. See if I can help, get Epoch back." Because he's strange enough to name his sword. Hey, it's a really cool looking sword. "Your attitude, mostly. That kind of thing is attractive. The fact that you are a good person, despite your attempts to hide it. And you got a pretty face, sue me. And hey, I'm looking at your tits right now, and they're just as nice as I thought they were." Well, no, he was looking at her face while he says that, that he looks. "I like strong women. Have you seen the women I've slept with? Mika, Jael, Hanne, Tink? Layla…that one time. All, strong, independent women. Not a woman that needs me, but one that wants me. And there's a difference in that. As for me and Tink.." he sighs. "Well, things between me and Jael never..gelled. I think our relationship was based more on orgasms than anything else. We didn't really have anything in common. When I think about it now, I think she was a rebound from Jael. And Tink swoops in with this whole Project V-Card thing and…I just sorta went along with it. We work well together, we have the same sense of humor. It just sorta worked. I could tell that I was falling for her even while I was with Jael, even admitted it to Tink later. But then everything with the battle. And then me in my own head in the Mountain. She got with Reno. Things went….really south between me and Jael. And then, we sorta just…broke with the people that we were with and made a go of it. I know that I've probably hurt, two, maybe three people in the process of that and if I'm hated for it than I'm hated for it. Not like I had many friends to begin with but." he looks at the dozing drunk Tink leaning up against him. "I love her. A lot. Kinda scares me." But all that said, he nods. "I get it. You want wo be with someone and be unable to promise them you'll come home, is that it? Well, I dunno, I guess both sides have to understand and accept that. I mean, this Wren guy is a warrior, right? Does he got anyone? I mean, does she…or he I guess, get that? Understand that?"

"He rescued it, from the dropship. As far as I know he still has it, too." Kai let's him know, then she snorts, not that she makes a move to actually conceal herself, instead looking to the unconscious blond briefly and offering a quiet grunt,"And all that's why I can't say I ever had much of an interest in such things. And he understood it, just that.. it's not right, or fair, to ask someone to do that. To put their life on hold worrying about whether or not this time is going to be the time they don't come home. Wren and Silver.. they've got their own thing. You know what Silver's like. It works for them, and I don't begrudge them that, but it's.. not me. Britt and Erson.. they've fought together most of their lives, been lovers on and off most of that time.. then this last time? I mean.. we were just talking ahead of the battle about how maybe they might be ready to take a step back from the front lines.. and all of a sudden just like that.." she snaps her fingers,"you need two hands to fire a bow. His fight is done. And then what? The kru will look after him, that's.. part of the whole thing.. but she's not ready to retire yet, I don't think, and I at least just.. can't imagine what it'd be like.. to all of a sudden have that taken away from you. People at Alpha call me a traitor, some of them don't trust him because of us.. some of them don't trust me here for the same reason. I can't do that to him. Even though he probably thinks I'm being a bitch right now, really, I just.. want him to be happy.. and he's not going to be with the way things are."

"I dunno Kai.." Cole shrugs, sighing. "Everybody needs somebody to love. The Trikru warriors didn't have kids, there'd be a whole helluva lot less of them. Though…Silver? Really? Silver? That's…shit. Guess she like'em big." Though whether he's talking about Wren himself or something else entirely he doesn't elaborate on. "I think maybe the Trikru realizes that's just part of life. I mean, the Guard down here. They're probably in a lot more danger now than they ever were. I suppose it's the same thing to some extent. But really, when you boil it down. We were one hull break away from all being dead. Didn't stop us from trying to find something for ourselves. Take the time when you get the time and everything else sorts itself out. As for this Britt and Erson pair. If they've been around this long, they likely knew this was an eventuality. Doesn't make it any less shitty but, they probably understand it a lot better than you or I do." Then he pats the side of the tub. "Alright. I better get drunky back to where we're staying. Which means I get to drag her ass back. Hey…hey, Tink. C'mon. Need to get you in a bed. Near a bucket." After getting out of the tub himself, he'll coax the partially awake Tink to climb out too.

"Oh there's plenty of them with kids.. Gideon's uncle just found out he has a three month old.. when you get back to Alpha, you should let her know, by the way.. that Lila's dead, but that Khesu has a son." Kai shrugs,"I'll probably find someone, eventually. Just.. not Skaikru. Can't do that again. Can't do that to Eli." though at the motion she clambers out of the tub to come around and help pull Tink out,"You guys take care of yourselves, yeh? Stick near Leo, he's good people, the hundred.. I still trust them to do what needs doing, even if most of them don't count me anymore."

"Kai, don't give me that billjack bullshit. You're acting like we're never going to see you. So knock it off." Cole remarks, grunting as he helps Tink. "I get it, you're Trikru, but you'll always be apart of the 100. Not Trikru or Skaikru, the 100. Trikru now, sure, ain't saying you're not. If anyone had the mentality for it, it'd be you. So don't say goodbye like that. Not like I'm not going to see you tomorrow." He pauses before walking back, putting a free hand on her shoulder. "Hey. I'm proud of you. You did the one thing the rest of us are still sorting out. Found out where you belong. And I still count on you. So just…shit, I'm bad at this. So I'll just tell you to don't be a fuckin stranger. I really happy for you." There's an earnest smile at that, before it turns more joking. "And if you ever wanna get in on a threesome, you lemme know."

"Wait until you speak to Grey, Cole. I still count myself, even if they don't. You guys know where to find me." then there's a snort at the offer,"Yeh, I wont be, just I'm gonna.. give Eli a little space. You know? I think that's fair.. but this one.." she eyes Tink with a shake of her head,"You guys be careful. Stay away from the warrior barracks, some of Sonia's people are still there." she reaches out to pet his shoulder,"But I mean for when we march. I don't know that my warband will be working with you guys specifically so I just.. y'know. There's only fifty one of us left. I don't want to lose any more. For one thing, Cameron's going to have a hard enough time working up the tatt as it is." there's a lopsided smirk,"And if you go left when you see Lincoln, there's a bunch of houses over there.. that's the guest village, me and the rest of Coesbur are squished in there for now."

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