Day 006: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Summary: The Delinquents strike at the Grounders holding their people.
Date: 8 May 2016
Related: Follows No Time II, related to all of the We Are Grounders storyline.
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The Wilderness
Woods and a trail.
6 Days After Landing

It has only been two hours since Grey and Faolan came running back into camp with news of the Grounders and their captives. There was little time to gather supplies, weapons, and organize the party before they were leaving the camp and heading back into the woods under Grey, Faolan, and Asher's guidance. They did not go back to the river, but instead lead the group on a northeasterly path until they came to the looming bridge over the fork of the divided Potomac. From there, and under complete silence and care, the group followed the tracking signs left behind by Cameron and Silas.

The two trackers had been following the Grounders, keeping at a fair distance, while also leaving markers for the other group to track. They had watched as, slowly, the party grew in size as on-foot Grounder scouts joined up with the mounted group, creating a traveling party of nine Grounders in all. At the head of the group, was the Archer with her fierce lupine skull mask and the bound Quinn tucked up behind her on the saddle. The other three delinquents were also bound, and leashed behind the other three horses, forcing them to walk.

The Grounder party had stopped sometime ago, allowing the delinquents to catch up with Silas and Cameron. From a safe distance, deep in the trees, the teenagers mass together to watch the Grounders remount and prepare to continue onward to their unknown destination.

There is very little dignity in being trussed up on the back of someone's horse like a deer for the slaughter, but at least they aren't expecting to walk on her own. Quinn's awake for the time being, although if anyone was close enough they'd clearly see the look of pain she's wearing, plus that sweaty pale look of someone that might be inclined to vomit or pass out if they get bounced too hard.

Morgan is definitely not used to walking for hours on end so the stop for food and water was a welcome break and opportunity to rest. Alas, all good things must come to an end and he doesn't need to be told to stand up once it becomes obvious they're getting ready to move again. "You both okay?" he asks Ruth and Devin but it's Quinn he's watching with a look of concern.

Ruth doesn't really seem to notice the pretty scenery, her feet dragging with sleep that she seems to have managed to evade otherwise. She's shying away from the horse she's tied to, wincing a bit when accidental contact is made. "Are these carnivorous?" she wonders aside to the Morgan, her voice hoarse and hushed. "I forgot." Even on the break in trek, she neglects to take a seat. To combat exhaustion, she tugs her fingers harshly through knotted hair.

As the delinquents near, Cameron slips from behind a tree to join them, kinda like all sneaky like. Cameron looks a little like he's gone a bit wild; he's shirtless and covered head to toe in dirt, which rather lets him blend in quite a it more then his fairly pale skin usually does. In his left hand he has his jagged shard of metal that serves as a knife, and in his right the spear with a metal tip held in place by wire that Grey had earlier, which he's borrowed. His expression is calm, steady but intensely determined, "We need to be serious about not escalating this too far, try not to kill any more of them, alright? Please? Pretty please with soyfrosting on top?" His voice is quiiiiet and careful.

Grey is sweating again. He's covered his pale, now-sleeveless shirt with mud and moss-stains to dull the color somewhat, and left his jacket back at camp. He carries a spear he collected from around camp, his knife is tucked at the back of his belt, and a long, slender metal rod is shoved through the left side of his belt. It's not the arsenal that some carry, but he seems content enough with it. He already had the moment of terror when the would-be rescuers reached the foot of the bridge and searched out the first marks made by Silas and Cameron, but once they found those, it's been back to a slow trot, a pace they can keep up for… far too long by anyone's accounting. Now they gather in the little knot back in the forest, Grey taking several slugs of water from a makeshift waterskin and leaning over his knees to catch his breath. "Okay… so. Remember." The words come out in a quiet hush, "We get ahead of them and ambush if we can. If we get spotted, we hit them hard and fast. Go for the people on horses first." And he nods to Cameron, "That's the deal. No killing unless it's necessary. Try to take at least one prisoner." After a moment, he studies the spear Cameron has, then offers out the one he brought with him silently for an exchange.

To Cassandra's mind, Asher owes her a small debt. And though at the time, she told him 'don't mention it', it seems she's calling in that favour now, because she's lingering fairly close to the big, heavily-armed murderer. They're all kinds of chummy now, if her disposition is any indication, for despite being too scared to distract him with too much conversation — she may have a reputation, but so does he — she does offer him her most charming, flirtatious smile as she sidles up to him.

Plans only last until you get to the battlefield. And only if everyone is on the same page at least that far. Zoe? She's not on the same page as the rest of the group, at least not until horses are brought into the mix. She positions herself handily, closer to the far side of the engagement and one of those unsuspecting mounted natives than the rest of the Delinquent ambushers.

Wordlessly, Cameron exchanges Grey's spear for his other, obviously less cool spear, and does it with a slight grin. He nods along with Grey's instructions though, and moves forward immediately. His normal mode of walking is low to the ground and ideally, utterly quiet.

Silas' eyes are completely locked upon the sight of the lupine masked rider, his face patted with mud and makeshift camouflage strewn across his form, shirtless and a fire hardened spear locked in his tight grip. His knuckles are white and his brows arch low, his eyes briefly leaving the lupine-masked individual to glance over Quinn, and then over Morgan, and eventually Ruth. He looks over to Cameron, watching him speak to Grey as he listens over, letting him recap the simple plan before giving a nod, looking back and over towards the beasts the riders sit upon as he quietly positions himself to a vantage point where he can easily run out for a rider. Or a horse. Either one.

Faolan has worn a mask of firm determination the whole trek. He's said little to anything at all, mostly just focusing on driving the pace. Not so quickly as to burn everybody out, but quick enough to cover ground. There's a grounder knife in his belt, a spear in his hand. He has a grounder water-skin over his shoulder and some packs of grounder food. On each cheek are two streaks of dried blood. It gives him a savage and tribal look. "Got an idea of a good spot to hit them?" he asks Cameron, him being the scout.

"No, they're not." Morgan tells Ruth and looks her up and down to assess her condition. "Look, let me know if you're unable to keep going. I'll talk to them and try to get them to put you on a horse." He motions toward the one in the wolf skull.

Max seems to be traveling light on this expedition, carrying that bag over his shoulder with the makeshift cross on it. He has some first aid items inside just in case, and he has his knife on his hip, but little else. He wears a drab colored shirt, easy to get lost in the trees, the same dark pants and boots as always. He's been silent the entire trip, falling in line with the others and spreading out a little bit only to rejoin, careful to keep quiet throughout their movements, managing to keep up at the pace that is set.

If she's being realistic, Fiona probably shouldn't be here. She has barely possible combat skills, only a minor knowledge of first aid. But she felt like she had to be here, and contribute in any way she can. She can make a run for the prisoners while the fighting goes on, or serve as a lookout to make sure no aid is coming. She'll do what she has to, and take her cues from Grey.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Max rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Zoe rolls Stealth: Success.

Quinn glances in Morgan's direction, unsure if he's speaking to her or not. However, she doesn't try to answer verbally with her proximity to the rider. Instead she just shrugs her shoulders a bare twitch.

Niner's wearing a hooded long-sleeved shirt, his colourful patchwork jacket left stashed back at the dropship. Someone must have told him it wasn't particularly stealthy. He carries a spear with him; a thick, heavy, five-foot length of wood that's been de-branched and sharpened at one end. He moves forward as the others do, eyes flicking from person to person, but always returning to the horses. They're bigger than he thought they'd be, perhaps.

Asher, who had been out with the scouting party, had gone back to camp to make sure Hanne got back there. The trip back through the woods, though long, was not dull. There were plans to make, cool action sequences to enact in his head, all kinds of fun to be hand. As for Cassandra, he does owe her one, and he hasn't forgotten. His arsenal is comprised of two makeshift knives, two shivs, a wooden club with metal shards sticking out of it and a sword. Yes, a real sword. Like the Grounders carry. The sword has been slung across his back using a bit of parachute cloth and some rope. He eyes his spear once and then looks over to Cassandra. Once he's positioned relatively near Grey, which likely has him somewhere near the front, he looks over his shoulder to Cassandra and gives her a nod that's mostly a chin thrust, "Just stick near me." And then he holds his spear out to her, "Take this, better than having nothing…"

<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth+3: Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Stealth+3: Good Success.
<FS3> Fiona rolls Stealth+3: Good Success.
<FS3> Niner rolls Stealth+3: Good Success.
<FS3> Faolan rolls Stealth+3: Good Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Stealth+3: Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls 7: Failure.
<FS3> Grey rolls 7: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls 7: Success.
<FS3> Layla rolls Stealth+3: Good Success.

"If you start saying 'I told you so'…" Ruth seems too enervated to actually follow through with her threat, gesturing vaguely to her waistline before she indicates Morgan's general self. "You already know." Her grin is sharp, despite the current lull of her default frown, and she nudges Morgan with an errant elbow. "I'm not hungry enough to eat a horse yet." Her pale eyes lid half-shut against the scrap of sun that manages to peek through the canopy of leaves above their heads. "How about you? Are you okay?"

"Remember. We're all we got, we're all we need." Grey looks around the little huddle of teens, and just for a moment, an amused smile flickers over his features. He claps his hands together silently, like a quarterback in a huddle, and then gets on his game face again, "Silas, Cameron, put us where you want us. Break." Football nerd. One of the three other Delinquents with the group silently claps his hands too, murmuring "We're all we got, we're all we need." One of the others looks confused. The third rolls his eyes.

Cassandra takes a deep breath, though she takes Asher's offered spear with it. "Here's hoping I don't skewer myself with it," she says, curling her fingers around the haft. She eyes his sword with some jealousy, though she doesn't vocalise it. "We should try to get a machete, if we can. For chopping vegetation. And for defence. That's Earth Skills lesson number one: always take a machete with you into a forest. You'd think they'd have sent us down with at least one, having taught us that, but no…" Her chatter is of the nervous variety, words to fill the silence for the sheer sake of not letting fear fill it.

The handle of the knife Faolan gave her felt slick within her palm, and so Layla sheathed it and hurriedly wiped her hand upon the front of her pants. Her stomach was all in a knot, and her heart rate was up. Oh, this just wasn't the place for her. That is, it was, but not ''this'' part of it. The fighting part. The whole, you know, potentially dying ''herself'' part. She shook her head, and told herself she was acting irrationally.

As the second worst injured of the batch, Morgan should be doing worse than Ruth. But he's been resting when he could and eating the meat provided. "I'll live." he says quietly, glancing at the Grounders. No telling which ones understand them. "'Sides, I can't afford to show weakness after the show I put on for the Bear guy. Least he's not here."

Silas is quiet in his stalking. Slow and careful movements- Silas' eyes flick down to where he steps and guides himself with his left hand occasionally. Someones been paying attention to Cameron, at the very least. He quietly takes up position behind a tree and some bushes, hiding the majority of his mass as he leans down behind a large root, shifting his positioning somewhat as he hunkers down and quietly waits to go to work with the others. When Grey mentions him to put us where he wants- he quietly looks to Grey and nudges his head over, pointing down beside himself before he points his thumb at himself and to another position shortly across, putting himself at the 2'O Clock of the Lupine rider- and carefully behind some more foliage. He doesn't seem to mind the others all too much, simply looking over and letting them do their own thing.

Silas also, y'know, goes over to the place he pointed at.

The Archer at the front of the Grounder entourage casts a sharp look behind her as the skaikru continue to talk. Even behind the wolfish mask, her glare of warning is hard to miss. She slows her white, ash-smeared horse a bit so she can ride more parallel with two of the other riders. She mutters something to them in their weird language, and the three chuckle together. The fourth rider looks sternly at the three, and grunts his own disdain.

Cameron glances back at Fao's question and gives a nod, gesturing to Silas and then beyond, and heads over that way with him. There's a quick nod to Grey, and otherwise looks back and makes a hushing gesture with a fierce stare.

Ruth seems about to say something to Morgan when the grounders look their way with clear scorn. She meets the archer woman's gaze in particular, shrinking back only a bit with a tiny scowl of her own. "I don't care what you say," she hisses Morgan's way, her fingers hooking around the belt loops of her cargo pants to hitch them up. "I hate them."

"You'll be fine," Faolan tells Layla in a hushed tone, a hand briefly resting on her shoulder. "Don't charge in like an idiot." No, leave that to the likes of him. He moves forward to take up a spot next to Grey. He nods to his fellow Cadet, communicating a silent 'on your word' sort of message.

Quinn doesn't spend a lot of time looking at the others, instead her attention swings forward once more, her teeth gritting before she lets out a slow breath. The back of the Grounder's back is pretty uninteresting, so she starts to let her eyes wander in hopes of seeing anything else interesting.

Reaching back to his sword, Asher grabs the rope at the bottom end of the makeshift sheath and holds it in position. He grabs the handle with his right and draws it free with a quick flick and pull. His gaze falls on Cassandra once more and he nods to her, "Just remember, pointy end goes in the bad guy." Of course, in this crowd, bad guy is pretty vague, but whatever. He then holds a finger up to his lips at Cassandra. Nervous talking, he gets it. It's time for silence. He turns back towards the point of the exercise now, an ambush. He's next to Grey now or close enough to next to him. He'll charge in when the word is given.

Cassandra doesn't need to be told twice, even non-verbally. She zips it and hardens her gaze. What is she doing? This is all too real, all of a sudden. Just these last two days she's been trying to rally the camp towards a peace-making solution, critiquing those blood-thirsty murderers that are Grey and Faolan, partnering up with Zoe and Fiona, her fellow 'lovey-dovey' dames. But now she takes a combative stance, or at least what she thinks one ought to look like: pointy end goes forward along with her right foot, left foot and haft go back. There are horses afoot, likely with riders who are furious at the death of their companion. She's seen what they do to their enemies, though she's opted not to tell anyone about that. She sticks by her meat-shield, and silently prays to her Godless universe that that's all she'll need to do. Maybe this will end with polite conversation after all.

<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder2 with Thrown Spear - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Grey's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder3 with Spear - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Delinquent1 attacks Grounder5 with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder4 with Spear - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 attacks Grounder8 with Knife but Grounder8 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent2 attacks Grounder6 with Knife - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear but Grounder9 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder9 with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Grounder3 has been KO'd!

And it's time: Cameron suddenly breaks into a run to close the distance, his expression sharp and breathing steady, and he isn't the sort to drop stealth mode just because he's going in to attack. The best way to stab something is to surprise it and stab it in the neck. He goes for the nearest guy on a horse, which happens to be the guy dragging Ruth, and snaps his spear out toward his (her? its? do mutants have genders?) chest. He's all cold-eyed about it, too.

Faolan charges, and in the motion of surging forward with his spear he transforms. All that tension he'd been holding himself with suddenly drains away and he's free. A sound bubbles up from the back of his throat, a kind of growl at first. But once his spear takes blood, driven with a fury, downing the horse, downing the Grounder who was riding it, viscera flowing, it's not so much a growl as its a chuckle. A laugh. A manic and unhinged sound, the same he'd made while they were hurling down towards Earth in the dropship. He's forgotten he hates this.

Max moves into position, making his way toward the horse that Quinn is tied upon and drawing his knife. He goes straight for the rider on the horse, not being particularly precise about where he aims, just aiming to do enough damage for an unhorsing or incapacitating so that he can get Quinn free. There's a certain single-minded focus in his actions, and while he's aware of what is going on around him, he's a man on a mission.

When the other kids swoop in, Fiona makes her way into the fray, but while she keeps her guard up, she's not looking for someone to hurt. Instead, her gaze is searching for the captives and for how distracted their guards are. All she needs is a chance for one of them to be distracted by the others so she can make her way to them and slice their bonds free with her makeshift knife.

Silas finds himself inhaling sharply as his eyes widen. His left hand briefly leaves his spear to press to the ground, pushing himself up and onto his feet as he kicks off and into a sprint as his hands come over to grab his spear, baring his teeth as he lets out a loud growl as he scrambles to move in and attempts to go in for a stab at the ursine archers horses neck- though he watches as the animal pulls away and he misses, causing Silas to let out a frustrated and growled "Fuck!" as he draws back somewhat.

The Grounders do not see the ambush coming. The abrupt assault of flying weapons and leaping skaikru cause a sudden scattering as the entire column halts. One Grounder (3) is already off his horse as the black creature rears, taking a spear to the chest and sending his rider to the dirt; the grounder begins to get to his feet, dazed and wounded by the fall. Several more take wounds, though the other three remain mounted. The Archer is spinning her white and ash-smeared horse around, immediately reaching for the sword at her back and pulling it free in preparation to fight.

Grey nods to Cameron at the silent gestures, settling into the ambush spot as directed. He looks left and right, waiting until everyone is in place, and then, as the Grounder party marches into the kill-zone, he rises up, "Now!" Not the most inspired words, but it's clear and nearly impossible to misunderstand. Pulling back his arm, he twists forward, launching the spear at one of the mounted Grounders, aiming for a gap in the being's armor… it just happens to be the throat. Unfortunately for him, the Grounder saws at the reins in response to the shout, and the spear whips past its throat, probably close enough to feel it. Perhaps the spear distracted the rider, however, as it leaves the Grounder open for Cameron. Pulling out the club from his belt, and snapping it out to his right side as if it were a shock baton being extended, he shouts, "The One Hundred!" as he charges in toward his previous target.

The trio of unnamed Delinquents leap upon some of the foot-Grounders, one slashing a makeshift knife across his foe's arm and sending it skittering off armor, another getting a pretty solid slash across her enemy's ribs despite his armor, and the third misses his target entirely.

Cameron's spear took Ruth's Grounder in the chest, and it's a serious hit at that.

Niner's not stealthy. He tries, honest he tries, but he just /isn't/. The sudden, bellowing roar he issues as he barrels out of the underbrush has the undeniable sound of relief. He lunges straight at the nearest Grounder, caught flat-footed and startled, and attacks him with a double-handed spear-thrust that — literally and disgustingly — goes through the Grounder, jutting his coat out in a reddening tent behind him.

The Grounder looks down at the spear run through him, looks up at Niner, and spits a mouthful of blood in his face. Incredibly, he reaches for his weapon.

Niner stares at the strangely-not-dead Grounder for an eternity of a second before he's moving again.

Swords may be bad ass, and seem really awesome, but Asher's only had this one for a few hours. He hasn't exactly had any practice with it. So while he has the general idea of what to do with it, he's only ever used a spear while on the planet, and he's only stabbed someone once. When the time comes, Asher charges towards the Grounder who has Devin tied behind his horse. He leaps over a rock and without yelling or growling or anything else he hacks at the rider with his sword. This clearly has to go well, right? The blood on the edge of his sword would indicate that he managed to do something to the grounder, but he only see's that the Grounder draws his hand back instinctively. And the hand is still attached. He was pretty sure in movies, swords just chop hands off left and right. This is pretty bogus. Asher narrows his eyes, draws a step back and tries to use his hips into a thrusting sort of stab this time.

When other delinquents rush from the surrounding forest, Ruth draws in a swift breath and automatically starts to bolt. She forgets that she's tethered to a hellnimal and stumbles half-over her bound wrists in her haste to move from the line of fire. As she doesn't get the opportunity to retreat, she half-crouches with her hands held up over her head for cover instead.

Oh, fuck. Quinn looks a little green when the Archer spins her horse around, but she doesn't throw up or panic, or pass out. Instead she takes the distraction and runs with it, at least, mentally runs with this.

Fighty McFighterPerson, as Cassie's known to at least one of the Delinquents for her aggressive behaviour both in the Skybox and on the ground, looks absolutely terrified, brown eyes wide and eyebrows raised. She's the brains of this operation, at least in her own brain, not suited to real combat. She didn't even think this would be an issue down here on Earth, and none of her Earth Skills lessons covered it, given there weren't supposed to be other people. But survival instinct kicks in, as does herd mentality, even for one who thinks she's above it all. She waits back for her chance, and when Asher leaps forward to strike that Grounder that has Devin trussed up, she joins the fray with a daring strike to try and topple the enemy from her mount. It goes wide, and she clings to her new spear protectively, pulling it back towards her chest like a cross. The sight of Morgan distracts her, and sends her gaze flying up towards him.

Morgan is just as surprised as the Grounders. Fortunately for him, he's not a target of the attacks or he'd surely have been caught off guard. The horse he's tied to falls to the ground dead about the same time as he realizes he's being rescued. Running forward, he kneels next to the horse on the opposite side from the Grounder that was riding it. A quick search of one of the bags attached to the saddle finds a knife and he cuts the rope tethering him to the horse.

A quick turn of her head and Fiona spots Morgan, but he's freeing himself. There's a frantic scan of the melee, and she spots the Grounder engaging Grey. Gripping her knife tightly, she does her best to skirt the fight between the two so she can put the edge to Ruth's tether and hopefully free her.

<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder30 with Bow - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder4 with Spear - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Max attacks Grounder30 with Knife - Serious wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Layla attacks Grounder3 with Knife but Grounder3 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Silas with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Grounder3 attacks Layla with Sword but Layla DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Grey with Thrown Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Quinn attacks Grounder30 with Brawling but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Delinquent3 with Axe - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Delinquent2 with Spear - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder5 attacks Delinquent1 with Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder4 attacks Niner with Thrown Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder4's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder2 with Club but Grounder2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent2 attacks Grounder6 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent1 attacks Grounder5 with Knife but Grounder5 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear but Grounder9 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder9 with Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder9 attacks Asher with Sword but Asher DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder7 attacks Max with Bow - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder3 with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 attacks Grounder8 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder4 has been KO'd!

Well that is anticlimactic. The Grounder Zoe aimed at? She's now got an arrow sticking out of her armor but is otherwise unharmed. Zoe scowls angrily and takes a few steps back as she lines up another shot, doing her best to try to, well. Not be the one who gets attacked, mainly. That's one of the perks of standing far away with a bow in your hand.

Focused entirely on his task, all silent, Cameron pulls his spear back as blood runs down its length, and he stabs again towards the grounder — but he shies the horse to the side, and the spear bites empty air. "Fucking hold still!" he commands firmly of his would-be victim.

Quinn tries to bite at the rider in front of her, but her teeth end up clicking closed on empty air. She might, at this point, look even more like she's going to be sick with the movements than before.

Ruth doesn't seem to have it in her to make any noise apart from a startled croak when Fiona approaches, her fist whipping out to make contact with the other girl's face before she realizes who it is. It abruptly pauses in mid-air. "Eden," she wheezes, pushing up against Fiona's sharp tool of choice in hopes of making the process go by faster after the fact. "Kattegat." Her 'thank you' is present in her face, which is pretty great because she doesn't bother actually voicing it in the heat of the ambush.

Standing back up, Morgan's about to head over to cut Ruth free when he sees Fiona running toward her. Changing horses in mid stream, he rushes the Archer's horse and reaches up to grab Quinn. In the middle of battle isn't the time to be gentle unfortunately. "Sorry." he tells her as he yanks her down off the horse and starts dragging her off to the side. "Stop fighting!" he shouts to the Archer. "If you stop, so will we."

Suddenly the rider that Max was aiming for wheels her horse and he manages to catch her right leg with his knife, gashing it where he manages to find a bit of space within her armor. Perhaps the motion of the horse was fortunate for him, because an arrow comes whizzing by and slashes through his shirt, leaving him with a nice cut across the abdomen that could have been far worse if it had struck true. Undeterred, he continues in his effort to get Quinn free, letting out a rough snarl and wincing at the pain, but forging on.

Silas lets his brows shoot up as his eyes drift over to the oncoming sword, sucking in a sharp breath through clenched teeth as he angles his spear somewhat to try and block the swing of an oncoming blade- earning the skin of his right hand being flayed back somewhat as he pushes his weight forward. Silas moves in for a firm stab besides the lupine grounders stomach that he draws back somewhat as to not go through her, letting out a loud shout in pain as his eyes widen and the flap of skin blows back and begins to bleed.

Faolan stabs with his spear, but working around the fallen horse and in tandem with Layla whom he has never fought with before, they get in each other's way and fail to actually put in a finishing blow. Faolan growls, gets more aggressive, fury and a need to not just hurt but kill is bubbling in is chest. Nothing else and nobody else matters just now. His promise to Fiona is forgotten.

The white, ash-smeared horse rears up slightly as the delinquents crowd around her. Her black-streaked tail whips around, mirroring the aggression and frustration shared by her rider, the Archer. The Archer is trying to stop the damn girl trying to bite her, and thus cries out in sudden surprise when Max's knife punctures her leg, and Silas's spear cuts across her belly. She turns sharply, and unceremoniously dumps Quinn on the ground. This allows her to strike out, slamming her sword onto Silas's hand.

The other Grounders are quick to react, though the delinquents have the upper hand thanks to the ambush. One (4) is already on the ground, bleeding out from her wounds, while another (9) is staggering from the sword blow to his chest. The three riders are still mounted, though their horses have taken damage as well.

The thrust worked, Asher's blade shoves into the Mounted Grounder's armor and then through it, into his chest. He retracts the blade with a twist and pull, an arc of blood coming off the blade as it comes out of the Grounder. To Asher's dismay, the Grounder didn't fall off his horse, nor is he out of commission, but he looks very seriously wounded. Asher darts to his left with a pair of side steps. With a snarl and moving into a crouched position, Asher launches himself back at the mounted Grounder. No fear, that's the way you need to approach this sort of fight. You hesitate, you die.

The Grounder impaled on the end of Niner's spear is spitting bloody imprecations at him as the two struggle and stagger back and forth. There's a gritted scream of rage and pain from the Grounder as Niner yanks the spear free and staggers back from the effort, only to stab forward again as the Grounder tries to hit him with his own, lighter, spear. Niner's blow glances off the spear and hits the Grounder's shoulder, sending the man spinning down to the ground, where he stays, unmoving. Niner wipes at the blood and phlegm on his face with his forearm as he looks around. Fights have broken out everywhere. Horses are making terrible screaming noises he never imagined they'd make. It's enough to make a guy wistful for the straightforwardness of a Skybox beat-down.

Grey comes up on Cameron's right side, ducking beneath a hurled disc of pointy blades, and swinging his bar of steel at the Grounder. It is deflected away by a sweep of a newly-drawn sword, and Grey catches sight of one of their hangers-on taking a wicked slash across the chest, "You've got this, Cam. I've got to help out Joe." It's not like he can easily hit the mounted Grounder with his hand weapon anyhow. And then he's twisting away from the fight with the horseperson, ducking and dodging through the swirling melee to try and save the wounded Delinquent.

The other two random Delinquents aren't doing much better. The young woman is bleeding from a spear-thrust to the side of the neck, and growing paler with every heartbeat, while the young man nearly lost a hand to an axe-blow. No, this is why untrained people have issues fighting trained and armored ones without support.

Fiona lets out a startled gasp as the fist starts swinging toward her, but then it stops, and Fiona gets to work. The thanks is understood, and the only conversation the political offers is, "Run!" And then she's off, heading toward Devin with the same intention of setting him free.

Another thrust of that Grounder sword from the murderer Cassandra's shadowing. This time there's blood. There's a lot of blood, and a lot of melee, and a lot of hooves from giant freaking horses, beasts she's never seen before in her life, charging, clattering and swarming around. She hears Morgan's shout for peace and she echoes it in her mind, but she drives her spear furiously towards the back of Devin's captor, leaping at Asher's lead in an effort to bring him down. There's no denying now that she's no longer a bystander: her nostrils flare, that grip on her spear firm enough to blister, not to mention their target's been impaled. "Please don't kill him!" she shouts to her companion.

"I got 'im, Gray." hisses Cameron to Grey in acknowledgement.

<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder7 with Spear but Grounder7 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder30 with Brawling but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 attacks Asher with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear but Grounder9 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder9 with Sword - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Delinquent3 with Axe - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Delinquent2 with Spear - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder3 with Spear but Grounder3 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder2 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Max attacks Grounder30 with Knife but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder7 attacks Max with Bow - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder5 attacks Delinquent1 with Sword - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Silas with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Cameron with Sword but Cameron DODGES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 attacks Grounder8 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent2 attacks Grounder6 with Knife but Grounder6 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Layla attacks Grounder3 with Knife - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder3 attacks Layla with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder5 with Club - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Delinquent1 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Delinquent3 has been KO'd!

Faolan keeps missing as he rips forward with his spear in violent aggressive thrusts. That only increases his frustration, of course. At least focusing on Faolan has allowed Layla to slip around the grounder with the sword and carve at him with her knife. That makes him bare his teeth, pearly white in a face that's dirty and bloodied.

As he feels the blade of the lupine grounders sword strike across his chest diagonally, Silas grunts as he finds himself stagger back somewhat, his right hand shaking as it continues to bleed and blood begins to flow down his bare mud covered chest as he gives a quick, prodding stab at the grounders left arm as he makes a bit of distance, furrowing his brows as he lets out a shaky breath, donning a more cautious stance with furrowed brows, "Fucking stupid monkey cunt!" he barks at her, anger seeping from his rather uncouth choice of words.

Cameron really isn't all that great with a weapon, but he is unusually fast: that helps when his Grounder friend swings his sword at the vandal's head. Cam steps aside from it swiftly and stabs forward, stabbing his spear into the Grounder's side, though its far from the sort of wound that's going to put him down. With his previous wound to his chest, though, he's bleeding quite a lot. Cameron is coldly intent on bringing this guy down, even if it takes a death of a thousand stabbings. Or four, maybe. Four's probably good.

Once Quinn is out of the way, Morgan rushes the Archer's horse with his stolen knife. Combat is chaos though with shouting and yelling, the horse prancing around and Delinquents trying to attack her. He's trying to cut the stirrup but can't get a good grip on it with her leg in the way. All he manages to do is dislodge her foot so maybe she's not as solid in her saddle.

Unable to get another hit in, Max falls back when the rider dumps Quinn unceremoniously on the ground, abandoning combat for the moment to attempt to get her untied, fingers working quickly at the bindings so that he can help her out of the way of the horses.

After having properly flailed around for a few minutes due to the remnants of her binds keeping her to the horse's flank, Ruth is quite taken with vertigo, swaying momentarily on her feet.

Two of the Hundred hit the ground. Cassandra is determined not to join them. The fear in her eyes is gone, replaced by reckless anger as she swings that spear wide at Devin's captor and doesn't even wait for Asher's lead in doing so, though she does dodge out of the way for him to strike the fellow's leg. Her teeth are bared when she catches sight of her fallen fellows — damn, she didn't even like them. She doesn't like Ruth, either, whom she's here to rescue, if only as an unwanted part of a package. She isn't managing a single hit so far, and all that's doing is working her up into a frenzy, an intense drive to do something, to be a part of this, to do what needs to be done here on Earth.

Zoe is still here. And she misses again. Thankfully combat is hectic and nobody notices probably. So Zoe just keeps on firing her arrows like she's actually getting something done! It's probably for the best that she's not managed to kill anything yet.

Quinn hits the ground with a thud and a groan, curling up into a protective ball around her stomach. She doesn't seem to notice who else is standing around her, perhaps because bells are ringing in her head now.

There's another bellowing roar from Niner as he charges the Grounder archer lining up a shot on Max. The archer manages to get his shot off, and twists away from the spear-thrust Niner aims his way. The spear digs uselessly into the dirt — and breaks with a splintering crack. Niner backs away a step, dropping the now-useless weapon, teeth showing in a mirthless grin as he curls thick fingers into thicker fists. Right, then. We'll get personal about this.

The lunge and subsequent jump from Asher to the mounted grounder results in another slash that hits the grounder on the left arm. It is a minor wound compared to the gushing chest wound, yet still the Grounder is on his mount. Asher dodges a slash from the Grounder's sword and growls, "Fucking go down already!" He steps around to his left again, forcing the mounted rider to turn his horse to compensate. A glance for Cassandra and he checks her over once. The captive is freed already, so he doesn't have to worry about that, he mostly just needs to make sure Cassandra doesn't hack him with that spear he gave her. Asher dives into a roll under the spear and pops up to thrust again at the Mounted Grounder.

Grey is not quick enough to save Joe the Delinquent entirely, as the Grounder stabs the youth through the leg as he's struggling to crawl away, pinning the poor young man down. That does, however, mean that his sword is not available when Grey comes sweeping in from behind. CLONK. Metal bar, meet skull. HELLO SKULL. Concussions are survivable, right? It doesn't put the man down, however, and Grey snarls, "Get away from him, you bitch," and makes a beckoning gesture with his left hand.

The unnamed Delinquents continue to have… unpleasant first combat experiences. One takes an axe to the gut and crumples, and the other one is on the losing end of an uneven duel between knife and spear. She takes another spear wound, this one to the right arm, and staggers back.

The Archer's foot is loose. She feels herself unsettled in her saddle, but there is almost no time to register how to handle that as another thrust by a knife sends her twisting in her seat, turning her horse around. This gives a prime opening for Silas to again stab at her hand, drawing blood. Her fingers on her reigns go numb, and she is about to loose grip entirely, but she maintains her sword so she can slash at the skaikru boy.

Around her, her fellows are facing unsettling odds as more take heavy wounds and begin to feel their bodies weakening. The horses are moving frantically, but still do not seem entirely spooked by the chaos.

Within a few quick moments, Fiona has Devin untethered, and has given him the same order to run. Only one captive left to account for now, and it takes a breath or two for Fiona to hone in one Quinn, who's been dumped onto the ground. She makes a beeline for the other girl, dancing out of the way of the various altercations until she skids to a halt in front of Quinn. "Can you run?" she asks as she applies her knife to Quinn's bindings.

Cassandra is, to her credit, doing her very best not to skewer either herself (top priority) or Asher (secondary) in her efforts to skewer that damn Grounder, or knock him off his horse — and this likely accounts for much of her failure to skewer anyone. She catches Asher's eye, breathing heavy, and looking equal parts perturbed by his viciousness and determined in her own.

<COMBAT> Grounder7 attacks Niner with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Silas with Sword but Silas DODGES!
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder9 with Sword but Grounder9 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder7 with Brawling - Serious Stun wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Layla attacks Grounder3 with Knife but Grounder3 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 attacks Asher with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Max with Axe - Moderate wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Delinquent2 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder5 with Club - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder2 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ruth attacks Grounder2 with Sling - Light wound to Right Foot.
<COMBAT> Ruth's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder30 with Brawling - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder3 attacks Layla with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Cameron with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder3 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Max attacks Grounder8 with Knife - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder5 attacks Grey with Sword - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Delinquent2 attacks Grounder6 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Delinquent2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder3 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder7 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Max has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Max spends a luck point to keep fighting!

<FS3> Silas rolls Resolve: Failure.

No. Nononono. Enough of this. Zoe has had enough of missing, and stupid delinquents hitting horses, and Grounders DODGING arrows. And the disturbing, ludicrous lack of ponies in her possession. It's time to man up. It's time to grow a pair and swing them viciously at whatever gets in her way. Zoe nocks her arrow and draws, and draws, and holy crap she's drawing so hard the bowstring might snap. With a *TWANG* she releases, instantly feeling like a horrible person when she sees it bury itself in the Grounder's chest so deep that the arrowhead is nearly poking out the other side. That doesn't stop her from nocking another and preparing to continue being a horrible person, however. Pony-vision has given her blinders.

When her bindings are cut Quinn glances up to see first Fiona, then Max and Morgan, as well as the Archer. She bares her teeth in a snarl, but starts to try and struggle to her feet anyways. At the question of if she is going to be able to run she shakes her head, "No…not very fast."

Man. Cameron takes a very, very brief moment to admire the sonofabitch who isn't dying. Because he swings his sword at Cameron again, and Cameron doesn't really even have to bother trying to dodge, it's wide and totally badly swung. But still he's alive. Cameron's spear stabs into his chest again, and again he's bleeding more, but STILL HE IS NOT DYING. "I shoulda kept the first spear," he muses, and then proceeds to continue trying to turn the grounder into a pincushion. He blinks a moment when a arrow ends up in HIS GROUNDER, and still he does not fall over and be dead. Cam's taking this as a personal affront now.

Max, having bent down to try and free Quinn only to see Fiona stepping in, and was not prepared for the incoming attack, so when he is suddenly faced with a Grounder wielding an Axe, he manages to only haphazardly slash at the man's chest before the axe connects with his leg, his leg that had already been hit with an arrow not that long ago. He lets out a strangled sound and collapses to the ground. It's only with a force of effort that he begins to claw his way back up to one knee and tries to scramble as best he can… away.

Silas quietly begins to pace left and around the lupine sword-woman, steadying his breath cautiously watches the grounder he is targeting. The pain is beginning to wriggle his way into his head- and adrenaline is pumping through his veins wildly as he aligns his somewhat, moving in for a quick stab before he watches the swing of her blade, pulling back and off to the side as he misses with his stab, kicking himself off to the side a bit with a grunt. Growing more aggressive as he steadily begins to forget the entire "no killing" order, Silas adopts a appropriate stance for a more violent disposition taking control.

The last of the unnamed Delinquents is skewered by the spear one last time, and folds over it, collapsing to the ground in a sobbing, bleeding heap to join her two likewise crying, screaming, and writhing fellows. It's not a pretty picture.

Grey actually fences with the Grounder for a moment, ground-down sword and steel rod clattering and clanking together once, twice, and then Grey hops back from a horizontal sweep, sucking his stomach in… not quite far enough. He catches a slice just above his left hip, opening a long cut across his side that immediately sends a wash of blood down over the top of his pants. The wound draws out a cry of pain from the ex-C, even as he steps forward in the wake of the attack, slamming his club into the Grounder's left upper arm, a blow that results in a most-unpleasant *crack* sound. "Any time you want to give up, jackhole, just drop that sword and you'll live."

This time Faolan's spear cuts through the Grounder's defense, stabbing deep into the chest. He wrenches the spear free again, twisting and tearing for the most damage, and lets the grounder topple to the ground with a laugh of exhilaration, of being ALIVE. He spins around, and spots that the grounder with the axe just chopped down Max, and isn't being targeted by anyone else. He charges. Again he is laughing like this bloody world's his precious playground.

The sword-wielding Grounder snarls something in their indecipherable language as he advances on the weaponless Niner. There's a quick shuffle of footwork as they size eachother up, before the Grounder attacks with a broad, slashing blow meant not to incapacitate or stun, but to kill. Niner's dodge is wild, the sound of ripping cloth accompanying it. He doesn't stop to check just how dead he's about to be; instead, he lashes forward with his fist, catching the Grounder square in the neck. The Grounder staggers back, pop-eyed and stunned, and collapses neatly to the ground, grabbing at his throat. Niner gropes the tear in his shirt with one hand as he kicks the sword away from the Grounder, then stoops to pick it up himself. NOW we're talking.

For the first time in this fight, Asher misses. Maybe it was the roll he'd tried before lunging. Too showy. He just have kept it simple. The Grounder managed to dodge it and followed up with a hacking slash of his sword at Asher. Once more Asher gets out of the way of the slash. He turns to see if Cassandra connects. As she doesn't, and the Grounder is still on his horse, Asher dodges around to the other side of the horse, hoping that by forcing the Grounder to turn his back to Cassandra will help her skewer this fucker already.

Ruth eventually does gain her bearings, at least enough to fumble in her bag, load a smooth stone in the sling, and swing the makeshift thing over her head in a wide arc. The projectile manages to chip away at the grounder who had held her captive, landing in the dirt with a 'whump' after careening from his hand. Unfortunately, though, she's extremely exhausted. It really has been a long day. She all but stumbles over a root in dodging the arm of a nearby delinquent as they too engage the mounted warrior, her breath coming in sharp and unsteady. Despite this, she has one more weapon up her sleeve… or, rather, in the waistband of her pants. A lovingly-sharpened wooden stick is slipped from their hiding place by clammy fingers. She approaches The Grounder That Will Not Die at a determined (even if slightly listing) tread.

"Alri - Max!" But there isn't enough time, and without asking, Fiona grabs Quinn's arm and slings it over her shoulders. "C'mon," she says, "I'll help you. We need to get you into the brush so I can signal the others that you're all accounted for."

Cassandra is not one for fancy combat tactics, so when Asher suddenly leaves her sight, she has a moment of panic. Is he ditching her? Is she about to get skewered (by someone other than herself?) She raises her spear when she's forced to face the mounted Grounder alone, staring up at the horse's massive, rearing head as she grips her weapon with both hands and swings it threateningly through the air, but still failing to actually connect. Later, recalling this incident, she will make a point of how useless spears are, and that none of this was her fault, but a matter of physics: her tool's surface area is simply too small to hit too narrow a target. The dance sees her throwing her flimsy weight sideways, whereupon she actually spies that her comrade has not abandoned her, but rather repositioned himself strategically. Right. They're flanking this guy. Is that the term for it? This is no time for a lesson in the Art of War, but she catches on by a thread, or hopes she does, and stays rooted in place to challenge her masked opponent head on and block his exit — assuming he doesn't take that challenge and trample her incompetent Skygirl arse, that is.

<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Faolan with Spear but Faolan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder30 with Bow - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Ruth attacks Grounder9 with Knife - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder6 with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder30 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder5 attacks Grey with Sword - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Cameron with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder5 with Club - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder9 with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Layla tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 attacks Asher with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Niner with Axe - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Morgan with Brawling but Morgan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 has been KO'd!

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Great Success.

Zoe is on a roll! She sticks an arrow right through the wolf-grounder's no doubt disgusting, boil-ridden, flabby, mutated neckflesh. She feels even worse than before but now isn't the time for a change of heart. A man's got to do… what a man's got to do. She steels her stance and just keeps nocking those arrows, doing her best to keep her distance as she fires into the melee. Sure, someone else might get hit. But as long as it's not a horse she's sure they'll be fine.

On his way to attack the Grounder with the axe, Faolan is distracted when the one with the spear decides to go for him. He smiles at the invitation to dance, easily slipping around the spear that comes his way even as lunges with his own. Armor deflects some of the damage, but he can still tell that his opponent felt it. He doesn't ease into any kind defensive posture, doesn't care about anything else going around. No, it's all about claiming a second victim, to draw more blood. To inflict upon these Grounders all the fear and pain and horror that they delivered unto the 100 at the river.

Max watches to see Fiona and Quinn making their way away and continues to drag himself out of combat and off into the trees, away from those still fighting, looking a bit pale and possibly green around the edges.

Upon watching the lupine rider fall and dismount after earning an arrow to the neck by Zoe and his spear in her arm, Silas pushes against her and to get her off the horse as he pulls it out and smacks the rear of the beast with the handle of his spear, letting it get spooked and trot/run off as he bares his teeth and rapidly advances upon the grounder, whether she manages to get to her feet and tries to defend herself on the ground- attempting to get a stab in at her. "Fucking die already!" he screams, a wide sneer on his expression.

Ruth is having a bad time. She's been aiming high, but hitting low. These horses don't really deserve her barrage, but they've been getting it anyway. C'est la vie. She backs away in a stumble from the grounder and the others flanking him as he's dismounted, now-bloodied stick held close to her person with a defensive squaring of her shoulders. Despite her skinny frame, she's tall and thus makes a rather great target. She didn't ask for any of this, honestly. The tree she ends up leaning against certainly didn't, and it probably didn't want to be bothered either. She breathes deeply. It's been a long day.

Morgan's lack of luck in pushing the archer off her horse warrants a change in tactics. Pulling the knife from his belt, he tries to stab her in the leg but has to dodge a kick to the head. Other attacks cause her to dismount though so he backs up, wielding the knife but waiting to see if she's going to keep attacking. "Stop now. Let's talk." he tells her. "There's no need for this."

The guy formerly known as Holder of Ruth's Leash, he swings at Cameron again, but its once again a wild thing. Being a guy with a sword is a tough job when you're facing someone with the reach of a spear. For his part, Cameron seems to react to adrenaline by getting intense and cold instead of angry, but he's poked enough holes in this guy that he's forgetting he meant to take him alive. There's a savage thrust and his bloody spear smashes into the dude's stomach, and it's all kinds of bloody, and so he falls off his horse. Somewhat satisfied, Cameron leans briefly on his spear… as the grounder stumbles up, sword in hand. "The fuck…" declares Cameron in astonishment, "… stay down."

Is the Grounder… laughing… at Grey's offer? Oh hell no. Grey's lips curl up in a snarl, and he surges forward again. Once more sword and club ring metal-on-metal through the forest, and this time, it's Grey who strikes first, thumping the steel rod into the Grounder's right shoulder. "This would be a lot easier with a shock bat —" he stops as the sword comes whipping back at him with a wild blow, and has to throw his entire body into avoiding the blow. It still connects, but it's just a grazing slash across his left temple rather than chopping deeply into his skull. Spinning away from the impact, Grey reaches up with his left hand, dabbing at the blood already pouring from the wound, then looks to his fingers, shaking his head, "Oh it's on now."

Once she's got Quinn upright, Fiona does her best to get the other girl back into the brush. Pressing her free fingers to her mouth, she lets out a shrill whistle, intent on signaling the others that the captives have been freed.

Whatever advantage the sword promises Niner, it also threatens a few seconds of combat UN-awareness as he scoops it up. Those few seconds prove dangerous, as Niner straightens with the sword — right into an axe-blow. The axe-wielding Grounder shouts in triumph as Niner grunts and staggers back, off-hand slapped to his chest as he struggles to breathe. A quick glance down tells him: BLOOD. YOURS. Adrenaline tells him: WALK IT OFF, PUSSY. Eyes narrow at the axe-wielding Grounder in front of him, and he lunges.

The Archer suddenly crumples off her horse, landing in a roll onto the ground. She manages to keep hold her sword, staggering to feet as her horse dances nervously after being freed of her rider. She is not the only one, as the two other mounted Grounders are also now on their feet. Things are looking grim. The Archer snarls something in her native language, and it draws the others into wide, defensive stances as they hold their swords at the ready.

Layla wondered why she was doing this. Seriously, and deeply, ''why''. This wasn't where she should be. She should be back, back and away while waiting for the wounded to come flooding in her direction! Instead she's there beside Faolan, lunging forward to ''stab'' someone while he laughs and laughs and the bastard has the nerve to accuse her of being a cold murderer. Yet she'd not trade him from her side, that was for damned sure.

More insane than all that, however, was that she had actually struck someone, rather than just being stabbed and killed herself! Talk about a boost to bravery. Rather than dart back in order to do the right thing and act as a proper medic, Layla follows along with Faolan in order to, yes, ''attack someone else''!

Asher's attempt to keep it simple appears to have paid off. He attacked from one side, Cassandra from the other (in theory). He plants his foot on a stone and uses the extra height from a quick jump to hack at the Grounders chest once more. Asher lands and rolls as best he can to his feet. He hears the rider fall off the horse and immediately moves off to the axe wielding Grounder, sword raised. If the downed Grounder is still alive, he'll deal with that in a moment. "Keep with me, Cassandra. Don't fall behind." He'll try and lend Niner a hand here.

Bam. For the fourth time Cassie swings her spear through the air, and by now she's no longer even expecting it to hit, just hopefully distract the guy enough for the experienced killer to make his move. She's grown accustomed to the painful wooden grip of that haft, expecting it to make an audible swishing sound, but this time is different. She feels the wood vibrate down into her hands and strum the sinew of her meagre arm muscles like taut guitar strings as it finds its mark, knocking into the man's head. Seconds later, she can barely see what's happening when Asher lunges past her again and sends the Grounder tumbling to the ground he came from. Her eyes go wide as the horse rears up, its hooves inches from her head, and now she faces a dismounted opponent who is still large and formidable. This is no time to freeze, so she doesn't, but nor does she heed Asher's words. When the Grounder gets up to advance towards her, she lunges again for a second strike to defend herself.

<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder8 with Sword - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder2 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Layla attacks Grounder6 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Faolan with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Silas with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Cameron with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Niner with Axe - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder5 with Club - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder6 with Spear - Serious wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder8 with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear but Grounder30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 attacks Cassandra with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder5 attacks Grey with Sword but Grey DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder9 with Spear - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder8 with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder5 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder9 has been KO'd!

Zoe's shot? It whizzes right by the axe-grounder's head and… flies off into the distance. Where it will wind up nobody knows. Maybe it will have crazy adventures. Maybe it will grow old and start a family. What's important is that the arrow is gone and Zoe's secretly thankful that she didn't accidentally kill someone.

"There's no reason we have to keep fighting." Morgan says to the Archer. But she's obviously doing the whole macho barbarian thing and won't back down. Shifting his grip on his knife, he catches sight of Cameron and one of the remaining Grounders ready to attack him. Forgetting about the Archer, he rushes the one attacking Cam but his swing goes wide, the hole in his chest still far from healed and starting to bleed again.

<FS3> Ruth rolls Stealth: Failure.

Having finally pulled himself away, Max reaches into his bag to drag out some of his makeshift bandages to try and stop the bleeding of the wounded leg, propping himself up against a tree and working shakily to try to get himself patched up enough to be able to help others.

The Archer snarls something in her language, but the sheer anger in her tone makes it almost impossible to decipher. She seems to be weakening, but driven on by anger and adrenaline. She lunges forward at Silas, but she oversteps him, turning with a sharp snap of her longcoat as she turns her ire on Morgan.

And now it's off. Or at least, the Grounder Grey was attacking is. He steps in close, punching the guy in the throat to send him staggering back, and then following up with a quick rap to the crown of the head with his club. And the guy crumples. Must have been a weak spot in the helmet. Glancing around, he sees Cameron still fencing with their original attacker, and heads back in that direction after telling the downed Delinquent, "I'll be back, Joe. Hang in there." Joe just whines in pain and writhes some more. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Silas hastily moves into a light jog as he moves to close in on the grounder who is now on her feat. He continues after the archer, inhaling sharply as he watches her move in for a swing that lags behind somewhat, missing before he moves to go in for a quick stab- however there is a clear gap in the fighting abilities between the two and his action is seen coming, and she manages to dodge- prompting Silas to stagger by and spin around, re-positioning after making a bit of distance before he attempts to run forward and attack her once again.

Narrowing his eyes, Cameron's attention is entirely focused on the holy grounder, stepping this way and that, ready; the sword thrust comes and he sees it, dodging easily to the side, and again he shoves his spear into the grounder's chest, tearing flesh but only scraping upon bone. "Fucking -die-." he hisses, and then Morgan's there. Cameron blinks and suddenly grins, "There you are! Hi. Busy putting holes in this guy or…" He's covered in grime, dirt and probably blood splatter at this point, and though he doesn't look like he's /enjoying/ himself, he's focused and not worried about anything either. He might be feeling a bit immortal himself.

In classic form, Ruth keeps out of the fray. She's spotted with blood, but none of it appears to be hers. Somehow, she's managed to weave through the thick of the fighting without earning herself more than a few scratches from careening branches and scraped palms from a stumble against the root of a large gnarled tree. Now, in her place leaned up against said tree, her knees bend beneath her almost of their own volition until she's mostly seated against it. She starts to circle around the tree in an attempt to hide herself, even though there's likely no point, but it's hard to be quiet when you end up upending the scant contents of your stomach into the weeds instead.

Having hit armor the last time he drove his spear in, this time Faolan aims differently when the opportunity to stab at the grounder with the spear in front of him. He drives his self made weapon up and high, grinning it goes into the neck, as he watches a spurt of blood explode outwards. But the bastard still doesn't go down. That's okay. Faolan is enjoying this too much to want it to end, anyway, and the others are handling the rest. He is almost annoyed at Layla for getting into the thick of it, but the girl misses so it doesn't matter. He circles, looking for another opening, and wearing the biggest brightest maddest of grins.

Maybe the axe-wielding Grounder is a buddy of the one Niner so gruesomely ran through, or the one whose sword he's stolen. Whatever it is, he seems determined to bring the nine-fingered Delinquent down to size. Niner's sword-slash caroms off the Grounder's armour, sending him off-balanced into another axe-blow. Again he staggers back, Asher's approach registering with a quick glance. Time to divide and conquer — he backsteps, trying to keep Asher in the Grounder's blindspot. All the better to keep you from hitting me with that axe again, my dear.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Great Success.

Fiona gets Quinn to some nearby brush, telling her to stay down before she rises and takes in the full scope of the carnage. People are bleeding and some have fallen and their three strongest combatants are in the thick of it, and one of them seems to have gone utterly mad.

There are no new tactics for Cassie to keep up with. She is indeed alone with this Grounder, and that's exactly where he wants her to be. He swings his sword at this skinny (yet circumstantially plucky) little Skygirl, but she curls in on herself and dodges to the side, causing him to stagger blindly forth. No doubt the injuries he's sustained on horseback, including a sword of his own people that's impaled his chest and the trickle of blood running down the side of his temple help. She seizes her chance, circling around to his back, and wham, another hit connects, with a sound and sensation down her arm that this time she's prepared for. Did Asher say something about sticking 'em with the pointy end? She didn't listen. Her weapon is spun round with the spearhead slung over her shoulder, and it's the butt that she slams into the back of his head, just below the cerebellum. He goes plunging back down into the ground, and this time, he does not get up. Her eyes whirl around the battlefield in search of Asher before she goes chasing after, skipping over a fallen Delinquent as she goes.

The Grounder attacking Niner didn't see Asher coming and so he was able to slash his sword across the Grounder's chest with relative ease. Another arc of blood trails his blade as he takes two quick steps to the right and he gains the Grounder's attention. His gaze flickers to Cassandra. She'd been caught behind with the Grounder so his gaze lingers there for a few moments to ensure she gets free of that. He knew that Grounder was injured to the point of being a small challenge. She downs it and comes to rejoin him. "Go high with the spear, I'll keep his attention."

<COMBAT> Grounder6 attacks Faolan with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder8 with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Zoe attacks Grounder8 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder2 with Knife - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Max treats Max:
< Left_Leg (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder2 with Club - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder2 with Spear - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Niner attacks Grounder8 with Sword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Layla treats Delinquent2:
< Chest (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Morgan with Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder2 attacks Cameron with Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder6 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder8 with Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Asher with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder6 has been KO'd!

Zoe is moving in closer after missing… well. Two shots in a row. It must be jittery nerves, that's all. It's put her closer to one of the horses though, and one of the downed grounders. For no reason at all, of course. Just happenstance. Not Zoe edging in for some reason, nope.

"Yeah, hi." Morgan grunts as he attacks the Grounder again. "What are you doing fighting? You're a botanist. If you get hurt I'm going to beat your ass." Course, he's a medic and in the middle of things but that's totally different. He's experienced at killing people. He thrusts at the Grounder's head but didn't notice the Archer decided to attack him since he was concentrating on Cameron. Crying out in pain when her sword hits his arm, he misses the head but stabs the man's abdomen instead.

Silas is quick to bring his spear around as he breaks off into a quick few steps after the boss- he watches her go in for Morgan, and runs over to come from the side and goes in for a lunge at her arm- his breathing beginning to draw heavier as his blood drips down and onto the ground, his movements slowing somewhat as he shouts at her- sweat dripping from his form, "Don't fucking ignore me!".

Blood. Why is there so much blood? This is nothing like the battles Cassie's seen in old PG-13 movies. She reminds herself time and time again that she's willingly partnered herself up with a murderer, but then again, she's made this choice because it's the safest place to be. She's starting to look a little shaken, but she silently takes in Asher's command as she reengages, and saves her panic and vomit for later, for a time when adrenaline isn't pumping through her veins. Go high… She joins her fellow delinquents surrounding the axe-wielding Grounder and swings at his head, but he easily dodges. Perhaps this isn't so terrible a thing after all, because while she distracts him, both Niner and Asher make their strikes with their swords.

Fiona shakes herself out of her shock at the horror show, distracted by cries of pain coming from the kids who've fallen. She makes a run for one of them, on her knees next to him and already pulling out a scrap of cloth to bind the wound. "It's okay," she says breathlessly, "You're going to be okay."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Good Success.

Layla abandons Faolan to his battle lust after her second attack targeted at a different Grounder reminded her of how truly ineffectual she is at fighting. No, with sense slamming back into her skull, Layla is reminded that she can do more for the group by putting her actual skills to use.

So the slim young woman slips away, searching for those whom she could help, and perhaps even send back into the fray. She finds another young woman whose name she cannot recall just then, but recognizes her face all the same, despite it being pinched with pain. Kneeling beside her, Layla offers a few soft words and begins treatment.

Max manages to get his leg patched up enough so that he can drag himself to his feat, the makeshift bandages wrapped tight. Looking out on the battlefield now, to see who is out there and injured, he makes his way toward one of the Delinquents laying on the ground, seeing what he can do to help get him bandaged up.

No, really. Why IS there so much blood? It's not like Niner hasn't seen blood before — getting one's hand pulped in a door is undeniably, well, JUICY — but what's happening to the axe-wielding Grounder is… butchery.

And yet they still stand. And attack. Horrorshow in Aisle Four.

The Grounder fails to dodge Asher's attack, and steps right into Niner's hacking blow. It sounds wet and terrible, and Niner actually recoils, eyes a little wide beneath the smeared blood on his face. Shocked, but not so shocked he drops his weapon. That's something, right? Right.

There it is… that moment where her vision snaps white and then dark as the world around her swims. She staggers, her fingers loosening around her weapon. She is looking around, trying to get her bearings. She says something through dry lips, licks them, and then tries again, "LOPOFF!" It is enough to send the horses reeling, but it is the white and ash-smeared horse that turns and takes off at a dead gallop back the way the column came. The other two horses scatter around, trying to find their path. They give into panic, rearing and kicking, making it a deadly hazard to stand near.

Now it is just the Archer and her axe-man. She breathes in, finding her center as her eyes refocus. She turns around in a circle, feeling the world around her. She sees her wounded, and their blood. Her lips curl back over her teeth, and she snarls, "Jus drein jus daun!" She flings herself at Silas in a frenzy.

Faolan pivots around the grounder's spear, then plants his foot and drives his own weapon forward with all the force of his strong and athletic frame. Even though it goes up against armor, its still a powerful enough blow to finish his opponent. The ex-cadet steps forward, a dark snarl twisting his lips into ugliness, lifting up his spear like he means to finish the opponent off while helpless on the ground. Only.. no. No. There's still the one with the axe standing, and that distracts Faolan from what he had been about to do. It might look like he remembers his promise to Fiona, but of course he doesn't. Its just the blood rage recognizing that there's still someone up and standing. Someone who needs to stop doing that, because he as no right. Growling he strides blood-masked forward with killing in his eyes.

<FS3> Silas rolls Resolve: Good Success.

As the Grounder dodges Cassandra's spear, he finds himself walking into the point end of Asher's sword. This lines up quite well with Niner's attack which seems to cause more damage than Asher's. Asher dodges a swing of the axe with ease, but the fact that the Grounder is still standing gives him a moments pause as he takes a step to the left. The fight has gone long. Asher is tired. Physical combat is the most draining activity Asher's ever experienced. He has splatters of blood on him, though no actual wounds yet. He sighs as the axe wielding Grounder isn't giving up and with the resolve of a man who will kill if he has to, Asher gets back into the fray with the Axe wielding Grounder.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Zoe=dodge Vs Horse=8
< Zoe: Good Success Horse: Good Success
< Net Result: Horse wins - Marginal Victory

Once again, the grounder swings at Cameron: the pair seem quite intent on killing each other at this point. Once again Cameron's spear stabs at him, but he does so while he misses— and as his spear stabs through the grounder's left hand, so does the grounder's sword stab into his hand. Fortunately, someone else is around to take care of the guy, because promptly Cameron drops his spear, grabs his hand, and exclaims, "FUCK." Pause, "FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK. FUCK." And so his hand is held tightly to his chest and he's staring a bit blindly forward. He's never been seriously injured before. Beat up here or there, but never stabbed in the hand. That's a new kind of hurt for him. He sways just a little bit and gives serious consideration to passing out for awhile. "Oops. Got hurt. Had to come get you though." is his response to Morgan, through clenched teeth. Sways a bit. Nope, he decides not to pass out, but he might be a bit on the loopy side.

Now that he can actually reach the head of his original target, Grey sweeps in at Cameron's left. It's almost as if he's going to pass the Grounder by, and then he doubles back, swinging backhand and smashing the thin steel rod into the back of the man's head. Oh hey, that's another benefit of the club, it doesn't seem to be spattering quite as much blood around. Although the blow to the side of the Grounder's head definitely starts him leaking. "Easier when they're on foot." Looking back to Cameron, he inquires, "You alright? We've still got…" and he gestures toward the axeman and swordswoman still fighting on, reaching out to clap Cameron on the shoulder as he goes by. By now, the left half of Grey's face is a mask of blood, although he's still walking steadily.

<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder8 with Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder8 attacks Asher with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder30 attacks Silas with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder30 with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder30 with Club - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder8 with Spear - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Cassandra attacks Grounder8 with Spear - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cameron attacks Grounder30 with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder30 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder8 has been KO'd!

"FAOLAN!" With her hands pressed down on her injured fellow Hundred's wound to keep it from bleeding, Fiona kneels on the ground, her expression still etched with horror. "FAOLAN, STOP!"

When he hears Cameron cry out, Morgan steps over to take a quick look at his hand. "Stay behind me." he says and stoops to grab the spear Cameron dropped. Taking hold, he thrusts it at the Archer, no longer concerned about ending things peacefully. They made their choice. The point takes her in the chest though the blade was turned slightly by her armor.

Cameron stares blankly at Grey for half a moment, but the clap on his shoulder brings him out of his pain-and-adrenaline dizzy. Turning around, he has no idea what else is going on with everyone else around, so he just follows Grey and Morgan both towards a new target, especially after Morgan tells him to. Obeying is easier when your brain is buzzed. He slips his makeshift knife out of his back as he does so; at least his good hand is still fine. He gets there in time to swipe a slashing attack against G30's chest, but it doesn't do much work. That's okay. "Right." He says, to himself, "I wanted to remember to do something." Also to himself, in reasonable, calm tones. He sways a bit. "Oh. Captives. I wanted hostages. Right?" Glance left.

It's actually difficult to get to the wolfish woman with all the people gathered around her with spears and knives, but Grey perseveres. He ducks under one wide sweep of the sword, then thrusts out with the end of his makeshift baton, aiming to punch it into her side. With her spinning and twisting and wearing that (now-holey) longcoat, it's hard to pick one's target perfectly, and he misses her kidney with the probing blunt point of metal.

Cassandra casts her gaze sideways, and the sight of Asher tiring isn't missed by her. Come on, she silently pleads. What good is a meat-shield who stops shielding or meating? And fortunately, he does go back in, sending his sword through the man yet again. This is when she makes her now signature finishing move, stepping up to the Grounder's back to drive the butt end of her spear into his head and send him crashing down to the ground at her comrade's feet. "Pointy end, huh?" she rebukes, cocking her brow and tilting her chin. But then she's done. With that witty one-liner, she scrunches up her eyes and turns her head to the side, covering her mouth and nose with the crook of her spear-wielding arm. She looks fit to collapse, despite having sustained no injuries. This is something mental.

Layla, kneeling beside the girl she had been tending to, glances up when she hears someone calling Faolan's name in a frantic manner. Squinting, Layla watches the youth as he fights, though without any sort of expression upon her face. Still, she gets to her feet, cups her hands to her mouth and calls out as well, "Fae! Hostages!" Simple, direct. If that didn't get through, well, then, he'd just have to burn through the battle lust, now, wouldn't he?

And ''she'' certainly wouldn't be anywhere near for that.

Silas moves in and furrows his brows at the lupine grounder. When she snarls at him, he offers a growl of his own and barks some hateful words are her, "Fuck yourself!" he screams loudly- but the screaming concerning Faolan catches his attention, the fatigue getting into his head as he looks over whilst going in for a lazy stab- feeling it clash and beat into her armor and barely penetrate before he finds himself vertically slashed downwards by her machete sword. Toppling back as Silas lets out a scream and barely manages to his feet whilst the others move in for the archer. When she goes down, his hands come along and grab his wounds- letting his hands grasp at his injuries as his eyes survey the battlefield lazily. Sweat and blood drips from him, letting out shaky breaths before he falls back and onto his bum, sitting there as he takes in the sight. Silas' eyes widen as he lets out a shaky, "F-fuck." and looks over the rather horrendous situation, especially Faolans work.

Max manages to get himself down onto the ground near one of the injured delinquents, helping the others trying to stop bleeding wounds by patching them up, not without wincing and hissing under his breath at his own pain in the process. Taking bits of torn cloth from his bag, he works on getting the wounds that haven't already been addressed by Layla and Fiona taken care of.

With a determined and resigned look in his eyes, Asher lunges forward as that axe is hefted against him. One forearms is raised, blocking the downswing of the axe and Asher shoves his swords once more into a man's chest. He is going to have nightmares about this fight. It will haunt him, or it will create a new man out of him. No more petty fights in dark corridors of the Ark. This is real death, real killing. He pulls his sword out with a wet sound in time for Cassandra's spear butt to head signature move. As the grounder hits the … well, ground, Asher moves over to him, kicks him over and and reaches down, taking up his axe. Never leave an enemy armed, even if he's dead. Axe in one hand, sword in the other, Asher looks around to survey the carnage. This isn't going to engender any sort of positive relationships with the locals, that's for sure.

Niner wipes again at his face and looks around as the last of the Grounders fall. The horses again draw his attention as they rear and, to his ears, scream. "Who's hurt?" he asks as he drags his eyes away from the strange beasts. Belatedly, he realizes he forgot to raise his voice and tries again in a barking shout: "WHO'S HURT?"

So Zoe? She's trying to get close to the horse! Unfortunately she gets too close. The kicking, rearing, crazed, terrified beautiful pony-monster bumps into Zoe with a hip and she bounces back onto her derriere. She recovers herself pretty well, but it's clear she's gonna have to be cautious in horse-subduing.

Faolan comes from behind, and if he hears Layla and Fiona calling out to him, he doesn't hear it. While Asher carves with his sword, and Cassandra uses the butt end against the axe man's head, the ex-cadet almost calm-like drives his spear into the abdomen from behind, impaling what can only be considered the worst sort of wounds among anyone without access to modern medicine. A right proper gut-wound. He sneers, pulling his spear free again, bloody. "Heh." He smiles, looking at Asher for a moment like he might consider whether he is a proper target. No. Not a Grounder. He shakes his head, frowning, slapping the palm of his hand against the side of his head.

There is a moment where the world around her spins and turns. She takes what she is certain is a thousand cuts from these sky people, and it almost sends her to her knees. She is turning, about to take one last swing. She hits the sky boy, and her arm almost trembles with satisfaction. But it hardly lasts as that final, resounding pain from the strike to her lower back sends her into blackness. She crumples, sword thunking to the ground.

All around the standing delinquents is sheer massacre. The horse who had been severely wounded has stopped screaming and kicking, and now lays still. The Grounders are either dead or dying from wounds, and the two horses remaining are kicking and rearing in panic, trying to dance away from those who threaten them and their riders. The good news is that only three delinquents are unconscious, leaving this an earnest victory.

"Don't kill them!" Morgan shouts as soon as he realizes all the enemy is down. "They took good care of us." he continues in a more normal volume. "Fed us, treated our injuries. I'm not sure Quinn would have lived without them. She understands English too." he says, nodding to the Archer. "So we can talk to her."

Grey steps forward even as the wolf-helmed woman falls, moving to stand over her, right in the path of those spears and knives if they continue thrusting. One foot kicks at her sword-hand, looking to disarm her, and he snaps, "No more killing. Did we get them all?" Looking around the scene of carnage, he pales, swallowing hard, then reaches up to brush at his bleeding scalp again with his left hand, "Get the horses that can move to bring back the wounded. Ours and theirs." He draws in a shaky breath, and rephrases an earlier question, "Did we get all of ours? Are they okay?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Zoe=athletics Vs Horse=8
< Zoe: Failure Horse: Good Success
< Net Result: Horse wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Athletics Vs Horse=8
< Asher: Good Success Horse: Great Success
< Net Result: Horse wins - Marginal Victory

"'m fine. Just 'm hand got knicked." Cameron's still holding his bleeding hand clenched tight as possible against his chest. After a brief pause he says, "We should get their stuff. After. You know. You fix people. I mean armor. And weapons." He points with his good hand at the guy he spent so long putting holes into, "I get what's left of his armor. I broke it. Its pretty holy though." Cameron sways slightly again. "Right. No killing."

With a quiet grunt, Silas moves over and onto his knees before he brings himself to his feet, raising his right hand as his left hand goes over and retrieves the grounder woman's sword, staring at it with furrowed brows while he calls out. "H-here, I'm hurt!" he says, before wrapping his right arm around one of the large slashes sustained by the ground woman. He pants, looking around with furrowed brows before back to Cameron, staring at him before back down towards the downed- and hopefully not dead grounder boss gal.

Cloppy Clopperson, the name Zoe had already chose for the horse, has decided that enough is enough. Out comes a hoof in a fearful kick worthy of an MMA fighter and Zoe is just barely able to wriggle to the side and only take a glancing blow that sends her down into the muck right on top of the nearby wounded or dead Grounder.

Cassandra has had enough. While Asher loots that Grounder's axe, she stalks away, towards the one she felled earlier. She takes a leaf out of his book and bends down to retrieve the man's sword, giving his arm a good kick first so that she needn't actually prise it from his hand. This just isn't something she has the guts for right now, which is funny, considering she had the guts to send him down in the first place. With a spear in one hand and a machete in the other, she presses that ever-so-useful non-pointy end down on the man's chest and squints at his blood-spattered face, checking to see if he's still breathing in spite of his wounds.

"We got all of them!" Diverted from the carnage, Fiona snaps too, offering the injured delinquent a reassuring pat before rising to her feet. There's a quick check and then she trots over to Silas. "Hey," she says breathlessly, kneeling next to him and sizing up his wounds. She tugs more makeshift bandage from her jacket. "You're going to be alright." Her tone is calm and steady, but only because if she doesn't force it to stay that way, it's likely to go in the opposite direction.

Faolan's expression blanks as he turns around on his spot and looks at the bloody carnage. He holds his hand up in front of his face, blinking at the sight of it. Covered in dark heart's blood. He starts to walk towards the first one he killed, the one with the sword who'd been mounted. He kneels down, takes the sword for his own. It seems a fair trade. He's still not gotten as much as nicked. Not this time. Not at the bridge, not at the river. Not so much as a bruise or a scratch, even if he's utterly covered in blood.

Morgan takes a deep breath now that things are over and no one is slicing throats. First thing first, he walks over to Cameron and gives him a kiss. "Thanks for coming. Now let me see your hand."

Hurt. Someone's hurt. Niner's eyes narrow in Silas's direction, and he starts that way with dogged determination, apparently quite oblivious to the seriousness of his own injuries. Adrenaline, man. It's one hell of a drug. He stops in front of the approaching Max, frowning at him in mild confusion. "I'm f-" he starts to blurt, then glances down at the tattered, wet remains of the front of his shirt. "It's not bad," he changes his assertion to. "We gotta help the others." Stubborn? Who, him?

Asher hears the order about the horses. He looks over towards one of them, and wipes the blood from his face. He slips his sword back into his makeshift sheath, and then his axe into his dominant hand. Asher then slows before the horse hands up and out, "Woah there…calm down…" a pause and then, "Woah…" He takes a step forward, "Shhhhh…" The horse starts to calm down, but Asher isn't able to grab it yet, just keep it from bolting.

Zoe reaches up and feels something sticky on her forehead. Also there's this ringing in her ears and she's got the craziest feeling of vertigo when she moves too fast. The girl rises to her feet with a wobble before bending over the nearest Grounder and getting to work. What is work? She's -good- at looting. Her fingers work fast and it will be a matter of seconds before she's taken everything of value.

With Fiona trotting over, Silas looks over as he drops to his knees, letting out a heavy sigh- his eyes shutting as he rests for a few moments, panting heavily with fatigue and slowly dwindling adrenaline. "Th-thanks." he says, grunting in pain as he feels her wrapping up his wounds, biting down upon his lower lip with a snort from his nostrils. "How 'bout you?" he asks her, more or less grunting the words out, "You alright?" he asks, glancing her over but too lazy to really look in any detail, his left hand gripping his new sword tightly.

Cameron blinks a couple times, leans in slightly to the kiss, and smiles a it stupidly. Dimples come out more in shock. But he lets Morgan see his hand that got stabbed, "'Course. Had to come. Silas 'n Hanne and I tracked you and then Grey and Faolan ran back to get everyone. Been following for a couple hours." He sways slightly still, blinking, his head clouded. He's not quite wincing anymore, the pain isn't registering. A mild case of shock and a lot of adrenaline.

Grey nods to Fiona, "Good. Thanks." He looks around again, calling out, "Those who dropped Grounders have first claim to their stuff. Everything else is community property." As he says this, he steps aside from the wolfish woman to allow Layla to do the treating. The club gets tucked back into his belt, and he starts looking to the horses, "Damn, man… those things aren't easy to handle…"

<FS3> Faolan rolls Resolve: Success.

With the sword in his hand, Faolan moves off the spot of the ambush. He starts to hack at some young trees, using saplings for the main pieces. He peals off his leather jacket, that heirloom of his, then his dirty and blood covered t-shirt afterwards. Together with some branches he starts lashing, it'll make for a stretcher. He doesn't ask anyone to help him, just busies himself with the work. They're going to need a few of them, he figures. At one point he'll bend over and throw up, but only once. Then he's back to making stretchers like a baws.

Fiona's hands are shaking, she realizes, as she tries to work on Silas. "I'm fine." She's not fine, but she's also not injured the way he is. She lets out a low chuff of breath. "My hands are shaking." she tells him apologetically, which is why his bandage dressing winds up so haphazard.

Everyone's got priorities. Zoe's is making sure the dead don't leave anything worthwhile behind. One Grounder in particular Zoe leans over, removing their mask. The girl's eyes tear up suddenly and she turns to the side vomiting, clutching her arms around herself after getting a good look at their face. The reality of it hits her then. She's looting -bodies-. She doesn't stop, per se. She promised herself she wouldn't. But Zoe is a shaking, blubbering, bleeding wreck as she works.

Cassandra's threats are for nothing. The man isn't breathing. He could be faking it, she's sure. Any moment now this unkillable juggernaut she flanked with Asher is going to get up and make her put him down again, or possibly regain the upper-hand. But as seconds go by and he remains stationary, as his chest fails to rise and fall, the harsh reality starts to dawn on her. She turns her brown eyes sadly downwards, examining his bleeding wounds and wonders: Did I kill him? Did he bleed out? She has never struck a man with a spear betwixt their cerebellum and their spinal cord before; what's she to know of potential results? But she doesn't want this to be true, so gulping down the unfortunate fact of her safety, she drops to her knees and leans down to check his pulse with two fingers under his chin, extended from the grip of her new sword — his sword. She waits a beat, two, but none comes from him. And after a deep breath, she gets back up, turns to the side to walk away with a weapon in either hand, and then keels over and vomits on the ground. On her boots. She can see the spatter of her own insides on her covered toes.

Once Cameron's hand is bandaged with some cloth ripped off from the dead Grounder's clothing, Morgan wraps his own arm to stop the bleeding before looking around to see who else needs his attention.

"You're not fine," is the first thing that Max has said since they left on this entire excursion, flatly and firmly to Niner. "You first, then you help others," he adds, after a bit of a sigh, moving to tend to the wound, carefully moving the fabric and assessing it before he begins to see to patching the tall guy up. "Give me a sec, then you can go." He looks at the tattered shirt, and proceeds to tear it some more, using part of the fabric along with what he has left of his other makeshift bandages to get the wound bandaged.

With the others taking care of their own, Layla makes an executive decision that she might earn a great deal of criticism for later. She chooses to help those few Grounders with injuries she knew she could treat. It was a split second choice, one operating on sheer instinct and just a little bit of personal gain. She went first to the one who had put up such a brutal fight, the Archer, and tends to her in silence. At one point, she looks into the others eyes, and they share something.

Or so Layla imagines.

You see, right now, it's not Faolan or Asher that are the biggest threat. It's her. Because her life is being held within Layla's slim hands. And she ''chooses'' to grant it, rather than discreetly slip that knife across her throat.

Once she has done all that she can do for the Grounder, Layla moves on to another of their wounded.

"I think all—" begins Silas, but he grunts as he feels another bandage being tightened around his chest, "All of us are sh-shaking." stutters Silas somewhat, nodding as his gaze drifts around and looks over. Once Fiona is done with wrapping him up, Silas looks to her and nudges his head. "Go help someone else." he says, pursing his lips before he looks to her. "And calm down. We'll be f-fine." he says, trying to sound like his words are fact, but some stuttering ruins the effect. If allowed, Silas would begin to push himself up and to his feet, looking around at everyone before he looks over to Cameron, calling out to him. "What do we do now?" he asks.

With a quick smile of thanks to Morgan, the slightly shaky Cameron steps forward and crouches, grabbing the holy grounder's sword and setting it by his feet, then starting to pull off the holey grounder's armor, and checking it for other supplies. If he's bothered by looting bodies, it will probably hit him later. He earned this booty. He seems to be of the opinion this grounder is his, even if he didn't quite do the killing blow. He blinks over at Silas, "We salvage what we can, and then take the survivors back. I think. Objections?"

Niner's not a good patient. He doesn't want to stand there and take Max's well-meant medicine. His weight shifts from foot to foot. He looks around constantly. He would huff out an exasperated sigh or seven, but discovers just how much it hurts to take a deep breath, the first time he tries. Finally, his shoulders slump a little and he stops fussing. As Max finishes, he claps a large hand to his shoulder and squeezes. (Sorry about the bloodstains, Max.) "Thanks," he says to Max, hazel eyes intent on the other man's face as he says it. With that, he's wading through the chaos and mess to find the crumpled Grounder he dropped with a punch to the throat. If it's hostages they need, he's the one most likely to have lived. The one he ran through with a spear? No-o-ot so much.

Zoe finishes up what she's doing, wobbling unsteadily to her feet with an armful of stuff. The dazed girl wanders off in the direction of the trees should nobody stop her. Odds are nobody will! So she heads into the wild with naught but her bow, arrows, loot, and concussion.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Athletics Vs Horse=7
< Asher: Good Success Horse: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Fiona nods to Silas curtly, rising up and backing away to take stock of the goings on. "We don't have a lot of time." she calls out to no one in particular.

Asher is still dealing with this horse. They have been trained by these Grounders, and they probably don't like the smell of blood. He'd already grabbed his axe and a sheath and a bag from the grounder he killed. He keeps his hands held up, "Just relax…Shhhhh…" and then he glances around at the comment about time. It's true. He sighs and looks back to the horse. It isn't rearing at him, or kicking, but it isn't letting him grab the reigns yet either, "Alright Steak and New Boots…" that's his name for this horse. "Just come along nice and quiet and you'll get to…eat whatever it is you eat."

Silas eyes Cameron, listening to his proposed plan of action, taking a double take on his surroundings, the survivors and the dead are stared at for a few seconds each before he eventually looks back to Cameron. "It's as good as any- but I don't see myself hauling much… I don't know about the, nggh—" begins Silas, grunting somewhat as he wrestles out a rough breath, letting out a slow sigh as he looks to his wounds, before back to the others, "Others.." he ends, after catching his breath. He looks back to Cameron, and raises the sword he grabbed off the boss. "I'll take this… And a small bag of light stuff." he offers to Cameron, looking down to his spear on the ground, "Anyone, feel free to have that." he says, seeming content on holding onto the sword.

Layla, after having finished what she set out to do, picked up those few things she'd seen laying abandoned and gathered them up against her chest before finding Faolan and passing them over for him to carry. She was but a delicate flower, after all.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Athletics Vs Horse=6
< Asher: Success Horse: Good Success
< Net Result: Horse wins - Solid Victory

Max returns the clasp to Niner's shoulder with a nod, and then he moves over toward the trees where Quinn had been pulled out of the combat. Crouching by her, he leans down to take in how badly she is injured, and then just wraps his arms around her to give her a sudden, but gentle hug. Adrenaline having run out, he just shakes a bit and tells her, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't keep them from taking you."

Grey looks around the madhouse again, shaking his head, "Oh, I'll come help with the — " And then he stops, and the thunderstorm returns to his face, "Oh, hell no, Zoe. Drop whatever the hell you grabbed and get the hell back here. You show up late to loot, you get nothing and you help the wounded back to camp." He might count as one of that category, with his face half-covered in blood.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Athletics Vs Horse=6
< Asher: Success Horse: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Morgan tightens the bandage around his arm then leans on the spear to catch his breath. Since everyone who's injured has been seen to as best he can under the circumstances, he joins the others in looting the bodies, not seeming to have any qualms about it. He needs weapons. The dead don't need them. "Everyone take their food." he suggests. They don't need any herbs or meat either. He looks to see what the guy who he was tied behind has on him and takes what he needs.

Zoe ignores Grey completely. She's got a head wound. She just nearly killed people. She helped. And she's in no mood for his bullshit. So the girl just picks up the pace and keeps on walking. Grey's going to have to chase her down if he wants to bother her.

Faolan uses his bloodied spear for one of the stretchers. He has a sword now, after all, and that's an upgrade. Not having thought about the possibility of looting grounder clothes to help make his stretchers, he's now got a naked torso. If he's cold he doesn't show it. "Let's get people on the stretchers. We don't know if those things," the horses, "are safe. Our people priority. Anyone who isn't badly injured gets to carry something." He frowns at the downed archer in the lupine mask. "I guess she has priority, too." But he doesn't sound happy about it.

How bad? Pretty bad. She'll live…probably, but she will no longer be sporting the bikini ready body when this is all over. Quinn returns the hug, patting Max on the back to try and calm him down, "You did what you could…now get me up. I want to get the fuck out of this place before more show up."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Athletics Vs Horse=5
< Asher: Good Success Horse: Success
< Net Result: Asher wins - Marginal Victory

Cameron nods to Silas, salvaging as best he can with mostly one hand, "Don't burden yourself, we have quite a walk back… but take what you can."

"Faolan!" Grey starts off after Zoe, beckoning to the other ex-C. He hurries his steps after Zoe, calling out again, "Stop right there, Zoe. Right now. Get the hell back here."

"We oughtta tie this one." This from Niner, his voice raised, as he looks up from the Grounder he's crouched beside. "He's out for now but he ain't hurt much." He picks himself up to his feet, slapping muck off his hands and knees, then stoops to start hauling the unconscious form toward the stretchers.

Silas looks over and listens to Morgans suggestion, and then looks over to Faolan as he speaks as well. His gaze is cast down and over to the woman, staring at her with furrowed brows before he looks back to Faolan, speaking up, "Just do whatever she did to our folks." he offers, before he hobbles off to collect a bag, and gather up as much food as he can carry in his state and that is present before getting ready to haul off with the others. He stops for a moment, looking up as Grey calls to Fao- and Zoe is shouted and chased after, staring for a moment or two before he furrows his brows. He pauses before looking over to Cameron. "She's going to be a problem." he says, speaking the obvious but clearly feeling the need to as he continues grabbing food for the folks back at camp.

It takes another minute or so for Asher to get the reigns of the horse. He got it to calm down pretty significantly, but he blinked and jerked his head at Grey shouting, gaze narrowing just a bit at Zoe. Noted. Then back to the horse. He finally manages to grab the reins and slowly walks the horse towards the others. He has no idea how to ride it, "Let's get the wounded who can't walk over here. Either build some basic litters or see if we can pile em on. We need to move out."

Zoe doesn't even bother running. She's concussed, so… she'd probably fall over and die. She just keeps walking at a relatively brisk pace into the trees as though she can't hear a thing Grey is saying.

Morgan glances over at Grey when he shouts and see who he's shouting at. Hmm, staggering and a bit bloody. Well, Zoe didn't pay for medical treatment so oh well. Once he's gathered what he thinks he can carry of what he needs, he goes to check on the archer.

Max nods and pulls it together, helping Quinn up to her feet and begins to start helping her move away. What the others do with the loot and the bodies, he doesn't worry too much about at the moment. Injured, himself, he can just about help Quinn move and do little more at this point. And so he focuses on that, "Yeah.. let's start moving away."

Faolan follows the call of his name. He frowns at Grey and then he frowns at Zoe as well. He's still preoccupied with the stretches he's been making. The ones the seriously wounded ones are meant to go on. "We don't got time for this. Fuck. We need to get going back. WE don't know how well traveled this trek is. WE're not in shape to do another battle." But he does start to jog after Zoe and Grey. He indicates Layla should take control over the stretchers!

<FS3> Silas rolls Survival: Good Success.

Cameron glances off towards where Zoe and Grey are, and sighs, shaking his head, "Apparently. I have no idea what to do about it." he remarks to Silas, shrugging the bloody holy armor on and gathering what he can manage to gather, even though carrying it with the sword and pained, wounded hand is difficult. He looks to Morgan, and moves over towards him, "He's right." He nods to Faolan, "We should probably try to get away as soon as we can. You okay?"

Quinn uses Max's help to drag herself up to her feet, moving slowly enough she doesn't pull her wound too bad, then she moves her arm across Max's shoulder to start hobbling away. At this point doesn't even know if she's going to right direction.

<FS3> Asher rolls Riding: Failure.

Silas quietly hobbles over after grabbing what food he can from the grounders and heads over towards the dead, fallen horse. If no one intervenes, he slips the sword under his belt and retrieves a small dropship scrap knife and begins to start cleaning at the body before he begins skinning it- managing to get decent lengths of hide from the one side that is up, not bothering to try and turn it over before he begins retrieving pieces of meat, lazily dropping them into the grounder bag until he begins to feel the weight pull down on him and his injuries, and brings himself to stand before he tosses down the knife next to the horse carcass, turning and stepping away. "I've uh, got what I can carry. You guys can skin the rest of the horse if you'd like." he offers, before he quietly waits around and lets everyone either bicker or finish up.

While the others mill about being helpful, either calming the horses, treating the wounded or chasing after Zoe, Cassandra is busy wiping her mouth with her arm. The stench of vomit on her clothes, apparently, is better than having it directly under her nostrils. She breathes: a conscious decision, because this is a hard thing to do, and then she slowly turns around and waddles back towards the dead Grounder she may or may not have directly (but certainly contributed to having) killed. She leans over him, knowing now that he will not get up and that her caution is unimportant. Fortunately for her, his eyes are already closed, but she sets Asher's spear down and reaches out to right the dead man's head so that his blood-filled mouth is no longer hanging agape. This done, she starts to… unbutton his shirt. Surely, the notorious Boner can't be so desperate as to bone a corpse, but it almost seems like that's exactly what she's planning to do, and won't that be one for the rumour mill? She proceeds to strip him entirely of his clothes, face wrinkled, and though she avoids contact with his still-warm skin, she folds all his belongings in a neat pile beside him. Notably, she refuses to relinquish her grip on the machete in doing so, keeping two fingers curled around it and utilising only three for the task at hand.

"Yeah, we need to go. There might be more of them out there." Morgan agrees. "I'm okay." he answers and rests his forehead against Cam's. "Just tired. They really did take good care of us. I'm sorry they refused to give up."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grey=melee+3 Vs Zoe=dodge+3
< Grey: Amazing Success Zoe: Good Success
< Net Result: Grey wins - Crushing Victory

Miss Layla, who is apparently quite nonplussed by the sight and smell of blood, gore, and spilled viscera, takes control of the stretchers in the manner of dainty delegates the world over - she finds another brawny young man to pull it for her whilst she supervises!

Asher seems to have come to terms with the gore. He made peace with it. He did lead the horse away from the horse being field stripped though, since the smell of dead horse is not likely to engender a sense of calm in the beast. He isn't sure on that point, but it seems like common sense. "Alright folks, you got a few minutes to get the wounded tied up to this here horse before I start leading it back." He glances over to Cassandra, eyeing her for a few moments while she seems to be field stripping a Grounder. Ew. "Let's get moving, Cass." And then he has a thought. What if he RIDES the horse. That's what they are for. Duh. He tries to mount it and the horse dances a bit, Asher falls with a thud, but is still holding the reins. The horse just huffs at him, but doesn't run. "Dammit…" he grumbles and gets back up.

There's a soft sigh, and Cam turns his forehead a bit to rub it against Morgan's. Its kinda like an eskimo kiss, but for foreheads, so its like an eskimo hug. "Its unfortunate we had to kill them. We wanted to try to negotiate, but we had no way of knowing where to start— and when we saw them moving you, we had to act." That said, he pulls away with a blink, and glances around, "Fuck being stabbed hurts. Remind me to practice this more. … next week." He nods over to Asher, "Good job. With the… horse… thing."

Cass looks up when her name is called, but aside from that, she doesn't seem to be paying much attention to what's going on in the aftermath of the bloody battle. Her first bloody battle. Brow furrowed, she turns to look at Asher just as he falls on his backside, but doesn't let up. "Get their clothes," she calls out. "They might end up useful if we ever need to scout their camp." This was Zoe's plan. She'll give the girl her due credit later.

Silas quietly looks around and takes in the sight of everyone either finishing up, eskimo-hugging, trying to ride a horse, and all sorts of fun stuff. Silas decides not to do any of it and instead turns and begins to pace off and back towards camp. "I'm heading off with what I have." he says, grunting someone as he moves with a bit of a wobble but manages to stay on his feet miraculously. He quietly eyes Asher trying to get on the horse, smirking as he falls, but shrugging. "Practice back at camp." he says, before he gets his walk on. Tonight's gonna be ass.

"I think of them as a gang." Morgan tells Cam. "Just expect them to act like a gang, just like on the Ark. Territorial, primitive macho bullshit, the usual. I hope once she recovers we can talk. They know how to live on this planet and we don't. We can learn so much from them and maybe even survive. Winter is coming. Sooner or later."

"Nice one." This from Niner, with a snorting laugh, when Asher climbs into mid-air instead of the horse's back. "What you gonna name it? Fluffy?" He's busy jury-rigging the stretchers to the horse's harness, very notably /not/ as comfortable around the beast as Asher is.

Grey catches up to Zoe, falling back to his Guard habits to quickly apply a joint-lock. When she drops her (admittedly) hard-earned loot, he releases her to pick it up. When he straightens up again, she's walking again. He opens his mouth, then shakes his head, grimacing as he does, and tosses the loot to Faolan, "Let her go. She'll be more trouble to herd into helping." He looks around again, grimacing as he sees that the wounded are already underway, and punches one fist into the opposite hand, "Alright. Lightly wounded and unhurt, once the wounded are gathered up, I wanna drag these jackholes off into the woods in different directions so they're hard to find. If they're all in different places, the Grounders won't know if they've found all the bodies. Should keep some heat off us with the prisoners."

<FS3> Asher rolls Riding: Good Success.

Faolan frowns at Zoe. Even though Grey tells him to leave it be, he still calls out after her: "You should go with the group! You don't look too-" but she's already gone and there's way too many people who need help right now for him to focus on one delinquent who won't listen to reason. He stomps back, but it still looks like it bothers him. Absently he wipes some vomit from the side of his mouth. Where'd that come from? Its rubbed off on his pants. His very bloody pants. HE's comfortable with blood, though. What to do with the bodies he leaves to someone else, instead he focuses on starting to get people on stretchers.

Back on his feet, Asher watches as the others start to get the stretchers put together. As soon as the stretchers are loaded up, Asher mounts the horse, and almost seems like he knows what he's doing in getting it to start to canter off towards the camp. He'll leave the others to deal with the dead bodies, the wounded need to get moved before they get found by more Grounders.

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