Day 058: Snap Peas
Summary: Luther weeds — and eats — snap peas while talking current events with Galle, Britt, Sev, Khesu, and Sage.
Date: 26 July 2016
Related: None directly, but much of the Mountain saga indirectly.
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Public Garden and Orchard, Tondc
The public gardens of Tondc inhabit a long, narrow strip of land between the marketplace and a narrow babble of the divided Potomac. They are divided up by narrow footpaths that have been here since before the bombs, and help create a variety of garden beds to host primarily edible plants. The garden is tended by the citizens of Tondc, which also means it provides for the citizens of Tondc. Those who work the gardens are given permission to harvest from the vegetables and fruits in exchange. Toward the back of the gardens, near the riverside, are many fruit-bearing trees that are heavy with apples and cherries in the summer and autumn months. Toward the midway point is the large building used for the Warrior Barracks — all crafted from stone, metal and wood.
Day 58

Once you're mobile, no longer bleeding, and no longer in any particular danger besides infection, at least some of the Healers in Tondc apparently believe that good honest sweat does a body good. Luther has had the through-and-through bullet wounds on the left side of his chest and his left upper arm bandaged, along with the grazes on the right side of his chest and his left flank, and has been sent out again to weed around the gardens. He kneels in the dirt alongside one of the beds, pulling weeds from around pea vines… and occasionally plucking one of the snap-peas, peeling it, and chomping down. Healing is hungry work.

In-between battle preparations, Britt has been a fixture in the healing house since arriving in Tondc - not as a patient, for her wounds were not that bad, but fretting over Erson. He was touch and go for awhile, but eventually the healers were able to convince her that he was out of the woods. He's been asleep most of the time, still, and damn near monosyllabic during his sullen bouts of wakefulness. Having come from the healing house, Britt aims her path through the gardens. Her hands are still bandaged, her features drawn and pale. Spying Luther there pulling weeds, she pauses her stroll and gives him a curious look. "Decide to give up the warband and take up gardening?"

Galle has been in the healing house for many hours. It has been nonstop working, seeing to the wounded and ill. The worst part of it is not that there are so many wounded, but that there are so many wounded and daily injuries and illnesses around Tondc's residents. She steps out into the sun, her goldenrod dress barely protected by the apron from blood and other such stains. Her hair is woven back and knotted off her shoulders. She is wiping her hands on said apron, looking otherwise exhausted, but content. She notices Luther tending to the peas, and steps up toward the edge of the garden box. She just watches him for a long moment, more observing his wounds and body posture rather than chiding him outright. Britt's words draw a faint snorting laughter from the woman, and she offers the other warrior a small nod. "Waste of those shoulders," she comments from a strictly anatomical perspective.

Sev, like of the other healers that have been in the area, has been doing what he can for the injured. And no, he hasn't even been charging. You don't charge a price for something like this. And it seems like he needs a break from looking after the number of people he's been doing what he can with. But at least he doesn't have any more blood on him like the first night when people arrived. That was the worst part of it. But he's spent the better part of the full-tilt. Besides, he needs a smoke break. Because he's that kind of healer. His pipe and snuff are picked out from his satchel, stuffing the pipe, lighting it with a nearby torch. Might as well go wander. And hey, Britt's there. At least one recognizable face.

Luther looks up with a surprisingly boyish expression of guilt on his face as he's addressed by the two women. The snap-pea halfway bitten between his teeth may have something to do with it. His eyes dart left, right, and then he sucks the pea in, crunches it up, and offers a smile to Britt, "Just waiting for the next boat to the Flokru." And then he turns his dark eyes to Galle, "So's getting them shot off, but no one complaints about that until you look like Pontus." His eyes glance over to the man stuffing his pipe, offering a nod, and then he settles back on his heels, resting his hands on his thighs and looking to Britt, "How is your niron?"

Britt glances to Galle briefly when she speaks. She would normally have made a wry response to Luther's comment about the Flokru, but right now it just causes her lips to press in a thin line. She answers Luther's question, "As well as can be expected." Which is to say: not great. "But he lives." She's quick to steer the topic away from there and says, "I'm glad you are recovering well. Have you heard anything about when we will be going back to finish them?" She notices Sev out of the corner of her eye and gives him a slight nod in greeting.

Galle finishes wiping her hands dry from washing them, and she reaches up to start the process of unwinding her dark hair so it can air out. She still looks tired, but each passing moment in the sun rejuvenates her. She catches something in Britt's words, but does not venture after them. She also leaves the war talk to the warriors. She steps forward, away from the peas, and to the closest batch of rosemary, beginning to pick some of the fragrant stalks. "Azgeda is slowly trickling in," she reports. "I had one come see me about a foot injury."

"They have also been slow to respond to the Coalition's call." Sev offer in is usual monotone and neutral tone. Luther and Britt both get nods in reception. Then he looks over at Galle, observing her pick rosemary. "Is there anything you are running low on personally, healer?" he asks her after a moment. "I may have something in stock should be looking to refill your own personal stores."

Luther nods at Britt's response, "Good that he lives. I am glad for you." There's a pause, and then he starts to make a suggestion, "He may…" and then he trails off, shaking his head and reaching up to brush a dreadlock behind his hears, "I do not know you well, or him at all. I will keep my advice to myself." The question that follows hardens his face, and he looks down, pulling free another clutch of groundcover, "Not soon enough. Which is to say, no. I have heard nothing. Just that the Coalition is still gathering." Galle's news causes him to grunt softly, "Of course it's Azgeda. It's always Azgeda."

Britt lets out a soft grunt when the Azgeda are mentioned. "I don't like having them here," she says flatly. "I like it less that they dragged their feet doing so." She might have been more diplomatic if she weren't so tired. Luther's aborted advice causes her to tilt her head at him. "Go on. No harm in offering. What were you going to say?"

"They are part of the Twelve Clans," Galle says, but her expression and tone alone suggest how little she cares, and how much she shares in Britt's sentiments. She offers a faint snort, and casts a dubious glance around as if to spot one of those scarified clansmen. She doesn't see one around, so she does not mind joining in with a bitter, "I do not see why they were needed to be called at all." Then she looks to Luther, waiting him to answer Britt's invitation.

Since Galle doesn't answer Sev, he just turns away, not looking bothered. The offer was made. Still there if she changes her mind. "Perhaps the heda was giving them a chance to show they have something to offer. My experiences with them have never been very…pleasant. Even after the war." A puff on his pipe, the scent of herbal smoke flowing away from him. "In any case, it will likely take some times for the entire army to gather. Though they do seem to be making it take longer than is needed."

"They are part of the Twelve Clans," Galle says, but her expression and tone alone suggest how little she cares, and how much she shares in Britt's sentiments. She offers a faint snort, and casts a dubious glance around as if to spot one of those scarified clansmen. She doesn't see one around, so she does not mind joining in with a bitter, "I do not see why they were needed to be called at all." Then she looks to Luther, waiting him to answer Britt's invitation. Then she glances to Sev, and she sighs out a breath. "A little of everything… I could use more anise pods, if you have any. I am low."

Luther ducks his head back to his weeding, but does respond to Britt's invitation, "I was going to say, if he lost the arm, or part of it, he may need to be reminded that he's still a man." Again, he settles back on his heels, picking at the dirt-ball attached to the roots of his latest conquest, "Some warriors," this may be the voice of experience, "tie a lot of themselves up in their ability to fight." Looking back to Galle, he gestures across to Britt's hand, his own torso, and then to the healing house, "If there are more bows and blades there, we will take fewer casualties, and get our justice sooner." He pauses, nods to Sev, and then his eyebrows raise thoughtfully, "The whole Coalition bleeding together for a victory is also a powerful way to tie us together." He grunts, "Smart."

Britt shrugs to Galle. "I don't understand why the heda is gathering an army in the first place. The Tondc and Coesbur bands could've taken them." Grumpy Archer is grumpy. Luther's advice clearly catches her off guard. SO totally not what she was expecting. She lets out an embarrassed half-chuckle. "I'll, umm… keep that in mind." My, aren't those snap-peas interesting? They certainly seem to have captured her attention, not looking at the others.

"I have more than enough to help you in that. Willow bark, garlic, dandelion, anise pods, poppy pods, st. john's wort, lavender, and many other things. I can have you fully restocked within the day." Sev replies to Galle. "In light of the circumstances which the past few days, I would be willing to part with that for…I'm looking for a few small wooden containers. If you have any spare, I would take them in trade. For holding salve." A steal of deal in terms of what she's asking for. Maybe he's in a good mood. "Maybe the heda wants all to share in this victory like Luther says. It's not beyond plausibility. But Britt is right, we already have enough warriors to take care of the mountain ourselves. And it is less of a Coalition issue and more of a clan one. The mountain has never attacked the Sankru or the Podakru or Delphikru. Apart of me feels that we are gathering an entire army that may not be needed."

Galle just rolls her eyes slightly, but she does not say anything more than, "Sex is healthy." Doctor's orders, maybe. Then she shrugs a shoulder slightly. "Bring the full might before the Mountain, perhaps they will cower." Then she regards Sev with a slight tilt of her head. "I will take what you can spare, Trader. I do not wish to deplete your own stores, but I fear that the coming battles will not be kind on what the Healing House has." She then shrugs her shoulders again as they speak of war things. All Galle really knows of war is that it creates wounded warriors.

Luther nods mock-sagely at Britt, "Bed him, once it won't kill him. Bed him good." That reserve that delayed his advice? Gone. Completely replaced with a bright and crooked grin. And he points to Galle, as if to say, 'see, healer's orders.' He crunches another snap-pea, "Besides, it's better to talk about than war. More fun, too." Still he relents, "What was the last thing the Coalition did together? The Second Ice War? Best if we all have new hatreds."

All this talk of sex makes Sev sort of shift uncomfortably. Man, that ground looks nice around about, puffing a little more heavy on his heavy. Then he coughs a little bit. "You won't." Oh thank you, Galle. Someone to talk to. "I have plenty to trade. The benefit of wandering the woods for weeks at a time. I have more than I know what to do with. You'll get restocked. See me later at my wagon at the stables. You'll find me there." Though he does spare Britt a glance, but he goes back to Galle for the most part. "It is healthy." he does agree with the fellow healer on that one.

Sev's uncomfortable? Britt looks like she'd like to crawl under the nearest rock. Is there a big one around? No? Maybe she could dig a tunnel? She does her best to summon whatever dignity she can muster, and mumbles dryly, "Thank you all for your advice." Moooving right along…. "Bad enough we have to fight side by side with the Skaikru, now we have to do it with the Azgeda too. I would just as soon we deal with this ourselves."

If Galle notices Britt's discomfort, she completely ignores it. She does let the topic go however and focuses on the whole business with Azgeda and the Coalition. She rolls a shoulder. "If you want to know what I think… I think this is for the Skaikru, not for the Mountain… I think the Heda is showing off…" She casts a small grin toward the others, that same shoulder shrugging slightly.

Luther gestures to Sev at his agreement, completely ignoring the other man's embarrassment earlier. Leaning forward, he starts weeding again, sucking in a breath as he extends his left arm to pluck some invasive greenery, "You're quite welcome." Letting the subject segue fully, he shrugs a little, "The two who fought with us weren't so bad, were they Britt? Stayed out of the way, offered support… and the blonde one," that could be either of them, really, "she is very good at making things explode." Galle's suggestion causes Luther to grunt softly, nodding, "You would think that the Skaikru would have realized that we're bigger by now." Okay, so maybe he hasn't totally set aside the previous topic.

Khesu comes out of the Healing House looking a bit like death warmed over but not as bad as he did when they brought him in on the wagon. He's no longer unconscious and comatose, but actually on his feet. His color also looks better and someone has bothered to wash as much of his face, arms, and chest as reasonable. This Trikru's dark hair still has dried blood matting it but his wounds are bandaged. The left side of his face is very swollen and that eye is covered as well as the bullet hole at or just above his left brow. How it didn't kill him yet is possibly a miracle. A bandage around his chest and one on his arm cover other wounds but he is able to move. With care. Slowly Khesu comes out into the garden and his one good eye looks to see if there isn't somewhere he can sit.

"That is certainly possible. A show of force." Sev offer to Galle, perhaps maybe a little glad to be off the sex conversation. "To show them that this is what they would face if they turned into another Mountain. Though they do not seem to be the type that would, especially since it was their people that the marrow from their bones scraped out of them." There's a slight frown for that. "Dark science." Luther is regarded. "I think they know. It would be foolish to think otherwise. But in the end, I would rather be on good terms with them. Better for trade. I could make some very good offers." His gaze goes to Galle. "And what of you, Galle? You took on that Skaikru. Has she met your approval? I'm curious to know the quality of skill the Skaikru healers have."

Britt shrugs to Luther. "Leo is one of the good ones. The girl did her job - I cannot complain about that. Though wanting to chat with the Maunon heda was strange. As a rule, I find most of them insufferable." Galle's suggestion gets a considering look. "Perhaps. But it cheapens the Trikru victory. I would sooner not share it with the other clans. It's not their people who have suffered." Khesu gets a brief nod, "Khesu, it is good to see you walking." And only now that the other topic has passed does Britt dare to glance at Sev. An almost apologetic look in her eyes.

"What does speaking to the Maunon heda gain us?" Galle then shakes her head as she rubs some of the rosemary between her fingers, making them smell of the earthy herb. Then she looks toward Khesu, and she gives him a quick and critical look over. Everything about her stare is calculating if he should be up, and if she should scold him. She spares him in the end. Britt's words draw a shrug from the healer again. "I do not know, Britt… but the victory is coming, and the Mountain will fall." She then considers Sev in the wake of his question. "I took a Skaikru as part of… an exchange… Silver kom Skaikru will train with me, but she will return to the Skaikru to teach them what she has learned. I consider it the first intelligent move that the Skaikru have done." She decides to ignore Luther's bit about size. She doesn't want to feed him.

Khesu is not going far nor fast. He is taking a risk of Galle's tongue lashing but didn't know she was out here. He eyes people with his one good eye and gives Britt an up nod. It's aimed at all of them more or less. Uh oh, Galle is giving him the eyeball. Bold as a bastard can be, he bares his teeth at her a little bit in a feral smile. It's not /quite/ an 'I dare you' because he's hopefully a bit smarter than that. All the same Khesu finds a place to settle himself so he can sit and listen to the others to find out what they are talking about.

Luther nods to Britt at her evaluation of the Skaikru, "Insufferable. Teenagers, no matter their age." He pokes at his arm a little though, "I don't know about cheapening. If it means a few Azgeda bleed for the Mountain to fall, I think I'm alright with that. The blood will be had either way. The guilty will die." The question from Galle causes him to shrug, "Taunting him is amusing. I wouldn't mind telling him how he has failed his people and how they will be judged along with him." He upnods to Khesu as the fellow-wounded-warrior approaches, under-hand tossing the man a snap-pea just picked from the garden bed he's supposed to be weeding.

Sev puffs on his pipe. "I have found that some of are decent enough to speak to." It may not be the nomad's stamp of approval, but it doesn't sound like he dislikes them either. In all things, the man is neutral. "They are fair traders at the very least. And they have come through on their side of whatever trades I have made with them. Personally, I cannot ask for more. But then again, I am not trying to be their friend." Does he even have friends? "Yes Luther, but Azgeda being killed in the effort would mean they get to share in the glory of it. I am unsure if that would be worth the trade. Know them well enough that it would be bragged about. That we needed their help." Mildly annoyed by the idea of it? Maybe. Gelle gets a nod. "So she is doing well enough them? You haven't excused her from your service yet, so I suppose she seems to have an idea of what she's doing." Yeah, maybe he meets that look Britt gives him, a little headshake to go with it. An 'it's okay' suggestion.

Britt shrugs to Galle. "Damned if I know. The skaigirl was prattling on to him - or someone claiming to be him - while we finished securing the prisoners." Sev gets a slight nod, as does Luther. She doesn't comment further on the idea of the Azgeda sharing in their victory, but her dour frown suggests that she's certainly not thrilled with the idea. About Silver, she notes, "I'd be surprised if she returns to them full-time when she's shacked up with Wren kom Trikru." She shrugs again, though, not bothered by it one way or the other. "If you'll excuse me…" she prepares to go.

<FS3> Khesu rolls Alertness-3: Good Success. (4 7 7 3 2)

To his own surprise, Khesu not only /sees/ the snap pea that Luther underhand tosses to him, BUT he also manages to catch it. It's mostly due to Luther's luck or skill in tossing it just so it would have probably landed in his lap even if he hadn't seen it, but somehow this Trikru snags it in his hand before it does so. Khesu looks about as surprised at having seen it as he is at actually catching it. He turns it over in his calloused palm and examines it with his one eye before he smiles a little and eats about half of it in one bite.
Sage arrives from the Healing House.
Sage has arrived.

Sev takes an inhale of breathe, exhaling a puff of herbal scented smoke. "Well, I wish you luck with her, at any rate." he utters to Galle. In the end, the nomad has little say or want to deal with clan politics. His opinion seems to be almost too much for him as it is. A look at Britt as she moves to leave. "Britt, a word please?" he says moving after her.

"Well, he does have pretty hair," that is provided to Britt at her mention of Wren's charms, and Luther chuckles, then looks back to Sev, "Let them brag. Fewer of our people will be dead or injured. I'm content with that." Looking over to Khesu, he grins, "Not so useless as you thought, eh?"

"Well, that will be disappointing to the people she made the promise to, then," Galle says, frowning slightly at Britt. Then she shakes her head slightly, because, well… damned if she knows the intricate natures of Skaigirls. She does nod slightly toward Britt as she departs. "Take care, Britt kom Trikru." Then she shrugs slightly at Sev. "Time will see. I do not judge until I have all the facts to judge with."

A figure steps out of the entrance of the Baths, dressed with long black hair in wet plaits and a carrying swing across her chest. Sage makes her slow way towards the Healing House, only to pauses when she notes the gathering of people.

Britt manages a weak smirk to Luther. "I suppose that's true." Then she nods to Galle. "Time will see." She starts walking off toward the pub. When Sev calls to her, she looks briefly surprised and then nods. A jerk of her head invites him to walk with her, and they head off. She didn't notice Sage coming out of the bathhouse behind her.

Luther gets eyed with his one good dark eye. Khesu rumbles in Trigedasleng, "I am not useless. Put an axe in my hand and I'll bet I can still hit you with it." He grins a little and eats the other half of that snap pea, tyvm. His hair certainly isn't pretty right now but he can bathe and deal with it later, or just hack it off. Sage is noticed as she comes out and Khesu tracks on her. He glances to Galle and the others, then motions for Sage to come over. "Gal-lei, I wish for you to look at something for me, if you will?" Khesu speaks slowly but his baritone isn't as weak as it was before.

Luther stretches lightly at Khesu's challenge, but merely leans forward over the garden bed again, "Right now? Maybe." He nods to Galle at her statement, then nods toward Khesu, "If he reaches for his belt, look away. I heard it turns women to stone." The woman with the child in a sling gets a glance, a thoughtful frown, and then a raise of eyebrows in recognition… and then a nod.

Hmph. Galle eyes Luther suspiciously, but then Khesu is asking for her assistance. She nods firmly, stepping aside with a slight tilt of her head. "Khesu?" She frowns slightly. Her gaze looks to Sage, and then back to Khesu. "What is it?" She steps closer toward Sage now, assuming she is the one who needs her attention.

Sage tilts her head to the side, her own eyes tracking Britt and Sev as they leave. She then notes Khesu motion for her to join them and she nods once thoughtfully before turning her steps back to the group. It might take a moment or three as she is not moving fast, but soon she will end up next to Khesu. Her arms wrap around the bundle she wears without it seems, any true thought out motion. Yes for those who know her, Sage is much more pale and thinner than she ever was before.

Sage also flickers a tiny smile to Galle, it's not much but it is an upturn of the lips.

Khesu waits until Sage comes closer. He looks to Galle with his right eye, "Sage has an infant. My son." He shifts where he is sitting so he can try to see the babe more easily himself in the sling she carries the boy in. "I want to be sure he's all right." Khesu lifts his gaze up to Sage briefly, "No reflection on you. Gal-lei can help, should he sicken."

Well that's less amusing. Much more serious. Luther rests his hands on his thighs, sitting back on his heels beside one of the garden beds. "The axe-woman. You're Sage? I'm Luther. You fought well. Hard."

Galle gently takes the child, and she frowns as she looks him over. She is cautious and careful, making sure not to upset the child in her arms. She glances over toward Sage and Khesu. "I see nothing of concern, but he is still young… his mother?" The question is offered gently. "He will need to get fed… I know of someone who may be able to provide for him, if required." She glances over her shoulder slightly to Luther, and then back to the others.

Those silver eyes flicker up to Khesu's own when he speaks, there they stay for a very long moment before a breath is taken. Sage looks back down at the baby in her arms and then shifts so he is within Galle's range of sight and touch. She might have said something then but her attention is taken by Luther, "Thank you Luther, was it your axe that I borrowed? The escape is as much as shadow as a nightmare, but I kept the weapons.." Her eyes come back to Galle as the child is passed to the Healer and it's with reluctance that her arms fall back to her side. That does not last long as her arms slide behind her and her hands are in tiny balls before they clasp each other. Once more her eyes flicker up to Khesu's face and then she speaks softly, "Lila passed soon after giving birth. We have someone who is providing him what is needed for growth.." She is very careful with her words, not wanting the healer to think she is not needed.

It is interesting, watching Sage in turn, watching himself. He may be able to only see with one eye but he can pick up on her tension. Khesu drops his gaze briefly before he looks briefly to Luther, then watches Galle with the infant. The boy has bright eyes and looks alert, probably trying to grab Galle's hair if he can reach it. Ooh, fun! Khesu studies the child, "Sage found my Houmon. She was hurt, and there were Reapers, but they did not get her. Sage told me she sent the boy here with her former Second. That was right before she herself was captured." There is a pause as he thinks about this, "He needs a suitable name."

"Mmhmm," Galle murmurs. Then she begins to offer the baby back, gently keeping the swaddling in place. Her eyes lift toward Khesu and then back to Sage. "You should bring him back to me now and then. I will want to see that he is thriving." Then she touches the baby's head gently before she starts to step away. Her gaze cuts to Luther, and she offers him a slight nod. Her gaze slides to Khesu at the quest for a name, and she laughs slightly. "I cannot help… but perhaps his story will yield a good name."

"Get it back to me when you have another." Luther gestures up to the bandages visible beneath his shirt and around his left upper arm, "I am in no shape to throw a second axe anyhow." For all that he was carrying both the axe and his sword. "Welcome back to your clan." Khesu's story causes him to frown thoughtfully, "Something to celebrate the victory."

Sage takes the child back with a let out breath, this situation is clearly unknown to the warrior, but she is so very gently as the baby snuggles back up in the sling and against her heart. But yes, he did love Galle's hair, and if a babe that young can track movement, he watches the Healer as he gets settled once more. Sage opens her mouth as if to answer Galle and then closes it, a flicker of pained understanding crosses her features as she let's child's father answer the Healer. Luther again draws her attention and that flicker of a smile appears again. "I seem to be saying thank you, alot. But thank you, it is very good to be back. But much has changed that I am confused on.." Again the expression changes once more and now a frown about on her lips. "But, I will see if I can find where Que has gotten to, he made my last sets of weapons.." Which she clearly wants back, damn it.

Khesu seems to be content to let the women handle the boy. He's in no shape to be doing so yet. He watches and will need to learn. A thoughtful nod is given unto Galle, "Aye, will think of something." He gets himself up from where he was seated and lightly puts a hand to Sage's shoulder, "Mochef for looking after him. I am tired." he rumbles. A name he will think upon but for now? Khesu is going to take himself back into the Healing Hall and rest. Perhaps eat.

Those eyes watch Khesu has he lives and then she answers Galle where he had not, "Of course Galle, I could not think of a better healer to watch out for his health.." This is offered as she look back to the Healer, her eyes warm even if the confusion is still there.

Galle continues to move off, nodding to the warriors as she begins to depart for the marketplace, and then the Hood. She requires sleep, and it has been a long day.

Luther goes back to his weeding, although he pauses to snap off a snap-pea and offer it up, "Does he eat solids yet?" Apparently, he's not so cognizant of exactly what babies can or cannot do. "The peas are perfect. Almost worth the weeding."

Sage move to take the snap-pea and the softest of rusty chuckles comes to her lips. "Mmm, no, not just yet, but I will not turn a fresh pea down. It is a nice reminder of home.." There is a pause and then a soft shake of her head with a tiny smirk. "And thank you again Luther.." She glances down to what he's weeding then and then around the grove. "Which Season.."

"When I have too much of something, and someone of my clan has too little, what could I do but provide? It seems to work that way with revenge as well." The half-question causes Luther to blink, however, and he says gently, "Summer. Midsummer." There's a pause, and he glances to the babe, then back up, "How long were you taken?"

Sage glances down at the child again, a finger gently soothing the fussing he started when he saw the snowpea. A soft smile appears and then fades as she glances back to Luther. "The day he was given over into my keeping. I was covering his escape when it happened. I remember little till I woke there. So my sense of time has not yet caught up.." She flickers a half smile then and nibbles on the pea. "But I agree with you, I will need to start a small garden for the winter, it will not provide much, but life needs to restart.." Of course she also looks as if she still has not slept much, so her restart might be slow.

"You know if you wear yourself out, the healers will never let you out of their sight." Luther rolls his left shoulder, testing his ribs and arm, then leans forward to keep wasting his shoulders on weeding, "Although I think I would have stayed in the bathhouse until I was starving and my fingers and toes were pruned."

Sage chuckles at the later, "Seven hours.." She admits as she moves to settle down somewhere, so the child can rest and the conversation continue without make one or the other adult to have to look to far. "And the bullet I took passed through what fat I had left. So really, I just need to eat more, but it is slow to return to normal.." Her brow wrinkles and then she shakes her head. "I have no right to ask, but you have spoken more than most. What has been happening?"

Luther nods along with her starting words, but the question causes him to frown. He thinks for a long moment, pulling more weeds before he answers, "The sky has fallen. People from a city in the sky. First one hundred teenagers, exiled by their people, and then more of them in part of the city." He hefts a weed, shaking dirt from the roots, then tosses it aside as well, "There is too much to tell shortly. First there was war, then a ceasefire, then war, then truce, and after the Mountain took some of them, they convinced the heda that war with the Mountain was wise."

Sage just listens with her eyes going wide, then narrowing and then wide again. Shock is a light word, but the warrior doesn't ask any question as she nibbles more on the pea and shakes her head. "Well, it is.. not what I expected. I will need to listen to the stories soon.."

Luther nods slowly, "It is… a time of large changes. Be wary of the Skaikru though. Most of them act like teenagers." Shaking his head, then pulling back his dreadlocks, he adds, "But you should be recovering, I think, Sage kom Trikru, not worrying about children from the sky."

Sage nods as she finishes the last of the peapod and then gives a firm nod. "They are not my concern till I am called by the Heda, for now, I have enough to deal with.." She flickers her eyes from the child to the Healing house and then back to Luther, "When you are feeling better, I have a need to get back to training. I would be honored if you would consider joining me then.." Her trying to repay is kindness? By beating him up? So it seems.

"I am happy to help anyone perfect their craft… myself included." Luther sneaks one more pea, crunching it up quickly and holding a finger to his lips, and then adding, "Get knocked down, get back up again."

Sage nods as she moves to stand once more. "It is how I have lived life. That will not change.." She winks at the finger to his lips, and then starts to sooth the baby as he gets a little cranky, "I believe that is my warning to find him something to eat. It was nice speaking with you Luther knom Trikru.."

"And you as well, Sage kom Trikru."

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