Day 066: Sneaky Teen Lake Party
Summary: The surviving members of The 100 and their guests dance and drink by the lake.
Date: 2 August 2016
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Lake Arkadia, The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
66 Days After landing

It's one of those context things. People who grew up in space never had to consider rain dates. The day had been scorching hot and the rain is refreshing… and the party must go on. Tarps are set up on poles to create a canopy, protecting both the attendees and the precious sound equipment. Various snack-like soy bits have been smuggled out of the dining hall and are in bowls on some crates set up along the side, along with some bowls of fresh blackberries from the woods. The music is playing, there is still plenty of evening daylight, even with the rain, and shenanigans are just ready to be shenanned.

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Of course, Grey has a football. Actually its closer to a rugby ball,given that its made of cloth and stuffed with more cloth, but its the best he can do until Silas finishes with the real thing. He doesn't hurry through the warm summer rain, letting it soak down his sleeveless shirt until it clings to his torso. His left arm is slung around Gideon's shoulders, and as he idly tosses the makeshift football in his right hand, he explains teenage parties, "So basically its a chance to drink, chat, hit on each other, and pretty much just be ourselves without worryin' about someone lookin' over our shoulders." He says that, but the astute among the partiers might notice a little knot of Guard practicing unarmed combat and squad maneuvers a ways off, far enough to butt way the hell out, but close enough to intervene if there's real trouble. "Kinda great, really."

Let it never be said that Cassie Bonheur doesn't know how to party. She may be a monstrous bitch half the time (more than half), and almost always up to no good, but when it comes to having… and showing a good time, according to rumour-mongers, she never fails to deliver. With a swagger in her step, hips swaying to the music, she shows up right on time to the party, in the rain, smiling smugly as she presents an unexpected gift for those gathered. In either hand she holds a bottle of vintage — wine, that is — from a vintage era before the bombs dropped. Where she got these relics is a mystery, but they look to be reasonably well-preserved. Red liquid swirls within, wrapped corks intact, and though the green-tinted glass is misted and grimy, at least it hasn't been perforated. This means nothing, for those who know the first thing about wine. It really shouldn't be kept this long, and will have lost its flavour, turning to vinegar. Luckily, these fools grew up on the Ark, and so they probably don't know the first thing about wine. She sure doesn't.

It's unlikely that Kai came down from Tondc alone, let alone on foot or without her usual Trikru trappings… especially given the fact that comparatively dry, and yet by time she makes her way around to the tarps at an unhurried pace she's sans armor, or weapons, or the ash that she usually wears. She's wearing a short sleeves shirt that was clearly intended for someone larger than she is given the way it hangs off of her, emblazoned across the front with what's left of a slogan stating 'Baltimore MMA Club' and her leather reinforced pants with her cadet boots. Her hands shoved in her pockets as she casually as she can manage scuffs her way towards the gathering unhurriedly.

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"And how is this different than any other interaction between Skaikru teenagers?" Gideon's question is posed with a slight smirk. The twenty-two-year-old is not exactly sure she is ready to attend what Grey is describing, but she is willing to give it a try. Maybe she won't be seen as quite so serious and stoic if she tries to, well, let her hair down. Which she has taken quite literally, based on the loose coils of golden brown that brush along her shoulders and nape of her neck. She glances precariously around her as she is drawn into the group as it gathers.

As co-conspirator for this particular night of partying, drinking, and regret filled mornings, Silas has tactically positioned himself near the snack table where he's tossing a blackberry in his mouth, plucking some one at a time from a handful in his left hand. Another young party goer comes along and pats him twice on his shoulder, two black jugs in one hand that he gives a bit of a shake. With a grin and a nudge of his head to the table, the jugs are set as Silas is shoving the rest of his berries in his mouth to chew as he dips under the table to find and retrieve a bunch of makeshift metal cup that he sets on the table. As he rises back up and pats off his pantlegs, his eyes travel along the assembled goods with a nod as he hands come over to clasp over his mouth and he lets out a holler quiet enough that the nearby Goof Troop practicing doesn't hear, "My boy brought his booooooze!" And he's already pouring himself a cup of this booze. What kind of booze? Silas probably doesn't even know. Eyes travel around for a moment or two before he spots Kai, and is en route with a wave of his left hand. "Kai! You're here!" the words are said with a bit of surprise, but mostly excitement due to the fact that she's even here.

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It takes a certain amount of creativity to gussy up when you're from a society that has to make the most out of endless recycling. But somehow, Fiona manages it. Easy enough to crop a shirt and cobble together a skirt that fits her sleekly, pin her hair in such a way that it's over one eye, the other shaded smokey. It's summer and the grass is soft, so the thinnest shoes she can find cover her feet - and likely aren't going to stay there long. Even if the rain causes her hair lose its relax and curl, she doesn't seem to care. The sky is a miracle, and she follows her nose - it always knows - to where the booze is even as she sashays to the rhythm.

Max doesn't seem to mind the rain, strolling on down to where the festivities are assembling wearing a slowly dampening navy blue t-shirt and jeans. His head bobs a little bit to the music playing as he heads toward the snacks and recently proclaimed booze, sliding in to grab a couple of the berries before they disappear. He gathers them in his hand and pops them in his mouth before eyeing the jugs of booze curiously.

Dressed in a little red sun dress pilfered from the Mountain, Madelyn is dashing around making sure everything is in place, the electronics are safe, the guard are /staying over there/, you know, all the important stuff. She ditched her shoes a while ago and her hair is loose, save for a few small braids with little flowers woven in. When the booze arrives, she makes a beeline, grabbing her cup from where she stashed it. "This won't make us go blind, will it?" she asks cautiously, cup in hand.

Kai probably wasn't expecting Silas of all people to greet her, given the expression that creeps across her face briefly, but there's an upnod,"Yeh, I heard some of the others talking about it. A few of them will probably be down later if they can work out how to sell their Firsts on it." she offers with a glance back the way she came,"How's it going? And what's that we're poisoning people with?" she's scanning the group, sure enough, looking for someone.. or maybe making sure someone isn't here.

"'Cause instead of just pretending the adults aren't around, they really aren't." Grey's response is given with a laugh, and he spins the football-ish around on the palm of his right hand, gathering it up, and then hurling it semi-accurately toward the Max, "Hey Max, catch!" He… really hasn't worked on gussying himself up, except for the new-to-him shirt that is even more newly sleeveless. He steers Gideon over toward the food, "Here's the first secret. When everyone's goin' for the hard stuff, get the best food. Then sweep in after, and there's still plenty of booze left over."

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All Asher had to hear was 'Party'. He made sure to be present, and because it is a lakeside party, he decided to make an entrance. Steak and New Boots trots towards the lakeside party location from Camp Jaha. The horses coat shines with its movement from the water. Asher is atop the horse and is shirtless. Well, technically he has a shirt, but it is tied around his belt. And so Asher is on a horse. And your man could smell like this. Old Spice.

Steak and New Boots is directed to a set of trees near the party and Asher dismounts, moving to tie the horse off, and then turning to survey Le Partay.

Gideon arches a brow quite dubiously at Grey. "You do realize that Trikru do in fact know how to celebrate, yes?" The question is posed with mirth however, and she continues into the proximity of the others. When her eyes pass over Kai, she feels a slight tension build at the base of her spine. She offers the Trikru woman a slight nod of her head, trying to make a show of casualness around a Second who has probably not heard the best of things about Gideon.

Chuckling, Silas offers an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders as his hand raises his cup to sip his drink, which seems to go down smoothly enough for him. Swallowing, he says with a toothy grin, "Cultural exchange, Kai. It's all just cultural exchange." he says with a thumbs up. When she asks how it's all going and dares to ask what he's drinking, Silas looks back and towards the party with a hand on his waist. "It looks like it's going pretty damn good, considering people are actually showing up." he says with an amused sideglance to the woman. Opening his mouth, he's about to go into the details about what he's drinking before he hears Madelyn expressing her worries. Looking over to her, he smiles, "It's all good- Logan said there's nothing to worry! Just his usual brew of liquid courage!" he calls out to her before he looks back to Kai. "So yeah, that's what we're dumping down our throats here." he says with a small smile. "Stick around, down a cup or two- Eli is probably around here…" Silas looks around with a bit of a spin, "Somewhere. I mean, he hooked us up with some weed." he says with a look back to Elias and a nod as he begins pacing back and walking away. It seems to be without a goodbye before he's calling back to her, "HAVE FUN!" and he's heading over to join folks at the foot snack table, with a wave sent to Max, Fiona, and Maddie. "Ayyyy."

Ohshit. Max's eyes go a little wide when Grey throws the makeshift football in his direction. Berries or ball? Berries or ball? He opts to try to catch the ball with one hand. Unfortunately it catches on the tips of his fingers, and as he spins around to try and drag it toward his body, he stumbles a bit, thudding one shoulder into a tree. "Oof…" He barely manages to hold onto it, but grins when he glances down and the berries are safe. Triumph! Those, he pops into his mouth. "Heya," he says to Silas and then lobs the football back in Grey's direction. At least this time he has both hands if it returns.

Kai grunts,"Hey, not my problem, I'm already here." she notes for Silas with a slow smile. There's no tension in Kai when her eyes travel over Gideon, an upnod of her chin, yeh, she's heard things but well, not like she hasn't heard similar things about herself. It's the name 'Eli' that makes her stiffen. She doesn't follow his look, nope, she elects to step off in the opposite direction. It totally doesn't count as slinking away, even if it's definitely 'avoidavoid' manuvers.

Cassandra is smiling like a Cheshire Cat as she surveys the festivities, setting down her gift of red wine by the rest of the booze. No one is going to cramp her style today, whether or not they like her — and indeed, most don't — the disreputable delinquent soaks it all up and makes a point to enjoy herself, exuding an air of independent cupidity. She even sends Kai kom Trikru a wink as she passes, but it's Fiona she winds up directing her steps towards, sidling around the back of the Bandrona's shoulders.

"Glad you could make it, Fi," Cass muses coyly, offering out a hand which she extends around the side of the Bandrona's waist, but without touching her. "Care to dance?" Though she tries to make eye-contact with the Tesla Ring-leader at first, her eyes soon lift towards the sight of a shirtless Asher on a horse. Well, it's hard to compete with that.

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Tink arrives at the party late, wanting to catch a shower before she headed out to the party because she's been spending all her time in the infirmary with Cole. She arrives a little damp from the summer rain but otherwise in good spirits as she gives a wave to her fellow 100 buddies and calls out, "Kai!" Cause yeah, she's excited to see her ex-roomie of awesomeness at the party. She immediately heads over to where Kai is.

Grey laughs easily at Gideon's question, "I dunno, Dee. I think you're gonna have to prove it." Max's bobble causes him to catch his breath, and then he thrusts his right fist into the air when the other teen makes the catch, "Nice!" Whoop, and then the football's headed back in his direction, and he looses his left arm from around Gideon's shoulders to make a neat, snatching catch. As he passes a teen who wasn't with the One Hundred on the Ground, he pitches the football over to the other youth with a grin. This frees his hands to gather up soycrisps (Oxfor-tested, Oxfor-approved) and a collection of berries, "Hey! Madelyn! Nice set-up. Glad the technerds," not an insult, by his tone, "got all the A/V gear set up in time despite the rain." Speaking of rain, he brushes a hand down his face, drying off his grinning features.

<OOC> Gideon says, ""

Kai's totally not inclined to avoid Tink, however, at the sound of her voice the Trigirl turns to spot and smile at her, pouring herself a cup of liquid courage, and a second one for the blond, even if the offering is delayed by the need to offer her friend a very ginger hug,"I was hoping you would be here, T. How are you doing? And here.. apparently it's Logan's Liquid Courage.. so only about half likely to make you pass out or go blind."

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Madelyn pours a cup of the mystery hooch, taking a drink of it like it was water. Her eyes go wide and she coughs a bit. "Wow, that's…" she chokes out, coughing again and shaking her head. "That's a wild ride," she finishes with a grin, helping herself to a handful of snackies. "Thanks, Grey!" she beams. She starts to sway her hips to the music. Sure, Madelyn might have the social skills of a seagull caught in an oil slick, but the girl can dance, apparently.

"Q not showin' up?" Asks Silas with a quiet bob and rocking of his body to the sound of the music, eyes travel from the newly arriving Asher and Tink with a nod hello and a smile before he's looking over to Cassandra as she sets down the wine. "Fuckin' awesome, Cass, 'ppreciate it." he says with a raise of his cup to her and then two hearty gulps. Eyes shift to Asher and he's lowering his cup. "Ash, man, good to see you out and about and not clobbering someone!" he says with a chuckle, eyes travelling over to Madelyn. He's immediately drinking from his cup and forcing his eyes elsewhere to see Kai is stopped from her retreat by Tink, a small smile on his lips before he looks over to Grey and Gideon, nodding to them and raising his cup in greeting.

Tink takes the cup from Kai's hand and winches a bit from the hug cause she's still recovering from her bullet wound to her chest, "I'm okay…" She takes the glass and then moves the shirt to show the bandage, "Still recovering from the mountain…and keeping an eye on Cole. It was touch and go." She gives her a look to telegraph what a nightmare that was, "But he's on the mend and basically told me to get my ass here." She gives a bright smile, "So I am and glad you're here too." She takes a sip and then wrinkles her nose.

<OOC> Max

"Sure, Cass. I - " Fiona's gaze follows the other girl's gaze, and she lets out a little whistle. Because objectification is fun, right? "- I think, if you wanted to change dance partners, I would entirely understand." Because Asher. Old Spice.

When it seems that he is no longer in danger of needing to catch any projectiles, Max helps himself to a cup of the hooch. "Quinn'll be here in a bit. She had a patrol to finish." That seems to be directed toward Silas, assuming that's who he was asking about. He winces a little bit after he takes a swig from the hooch. "Wow.. that's.. wow.. give me another one."

"Oh? I didn't hear about Cole." Kai murmurs, taking a sip from her own cup, it's not coincidence that she's shifting away from the booze table to put some distance between where Eli potentially might be versus where she is, no matter how casual it might look,"Wren got shot in the head, but he's recovering slowly in Tondc. I took seven including this one.." the right hand currently wrapped around her cup,"But a steady diet of alcohol and willowbark can do wonders."

Because Asher. Old Spice. Sure, he's not on the horse now, but he's still ripped and topless in the rain. Asher likes being objectified. He has never made a secret of that. A nod is offered to Silas as Asher moves off towards Cassandra, "Nights still young, Silas…Nights still young." There's an amiable sort of grin given with that statement, but then…it is Asher. He could be serious. Clearly, he needs to start drinking. "Who has the booze?"

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-1: Good Success. (4 4 4 7 7 1 7)

Tink takes a sip of her drink and shudders, still not used ot the alcohol, "Cole at a shot to the chest, abdomen, left hand, left leg and left arm…they basically shot him up when he went down to level 5 to try to help Scarlett and Sarah by getting some air tanks. Darn fool almost got himself killed." She bites her bottom lip, "I had to drag his unconscious hero butt out of the mountain and to a medic." Yeah, it wasn't the best of trips by the look on Tink's face. She is off to the side talking with Kai, updating her on the latest with her and Cole.

Grey tosses soycrisps into his mouth and crunches them up, clearing out his right hand and transferring the berries into that hand so that he can rest his left between Gideon's shoulders. He raises up his right hand to give Silas a wave in response, "Nice party, man! Now, got food, where's the booze?" That seems to be for everyone, rather than anyone in particular, because he's already leading Gideon in that direction. And there's Asher, and Grey smirks, looking down at his plastered-wet sleeveless shirt, "Just had to go a little further, didn't you, Ash?"

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"Why does everyone think I'm obsessed with Asher?" Cassandra wonders, joining Fiona in admiring the big hunk of muscle on a horse before he dismounts and starts towards them, but otherwise feigning indifference. Apparently she still thinks her obsession isn't abundantly obvious to everyone around her. She sends a lazy yet amicable two-fingered salute to Silas, then sweeps those fingers over towards the wine.

"We have the booze, sunshine," Cass tells Asher, offering him a smirk. Hello. How you doin'? You look good. That would be the essence of what her smirk conveys. Then again, it's Boner, notorious flirt, so to those who don't know better, perhaps she's just being Boner. Finally, she turns her attention back to Fiona with a raise of her brow, and the fingers she's been using to point turn to an outstretched hand. "Ambassador."

Kai's clearly comfortable hanging out with Tink for the moment rather than endeavoring to socialize any further for the moment. There's a dip of her head,"Five got the worst of it, yeh. I took the hand.. here.." she peels up her shirt to show the wound near her hip,"One in the back.. one here near the axe scar.." she touches near her collarbone,"Um.. oh yeh, and three here." she touches the other side of her chest,"Starling's work didn't stop them fully, but between my armor and Arlin's work overall I came out of it better than a lot of others. I'm.. so ready to take time off though, now that you guys are safe again."

After having finished her shift, Quinn remembers that whole….party thing. She turns up eventually, her hands tucked into the pockets of her light jacket, shoulders hunched against the rain, and a somewhat miserable look on her face. Likely a reaction to being soaked making her way out to the party thank anything else.

Gideon is observing with a kind of cautious expression. She doesn't look terribly comfortable, as if she cannot quite find that needed moment of release. But then she accepts a plate of food, carefully looking over her choices. She then starts to eat something that looks like a rough approximation of a biscuit. She looks up at Grey when he demands the booze, and she offers a wry look. "Yes, booze." Then she glances toward Asher, and she smirks. "Skaikru mating ritual?"

Fiona's own smirk includes lifted brows, the message something along the lines off I don't trust you but you're lookin' hot tonight, so. "Azplana." she replies, fitting her smaller hand in the taller girls, and allowing herself to be pulled away. And assuming it is indeed the dance area that they're headed to, up goes her free hand over her head as hips and feet move to the beat.

"Yeah…glad to be safe again," Tink tells her and salutes, raising the glass as if to toast and then taking a sip again, "So are you going to be around here or do you have to go back to Tondc?" Tink is just curious, "I've signed up for an engineering slot and haven't decided if I want to stay on the militia. Getting shot wasn't fun." And Tink really isn't much of a combatant, "I'd like to get back to the basics and just build stuff again."

<OOC> Fiona says, ""

Tonight will probably turn into a scar-off for many of them. Asher glances over towards Kai, brow raised as she's showing off her scars. Most of his are on display at the moment. A jagged X on the left side of his neck, though they are from two different wounds for sure. And then a dozen scars and half healed wounds across his chest, abdomen, back and arms. Asher nods to Grey, "Was it my fault that my shirt was too wet to wear?" He smirks. Because that is stupid. And he knows it.

Asher watches as Cass and Fiona go to dance, nodding appreciatively. "Nice." And then he turns and moves off towards Grey to allow the dancing to commence.

"…do the Trikru have mating rituals?" Madelyn asks, dancing up to Gideon. She grins mischievously, leaning her hip against one of the food-bearing crates and drinking from her cup. She finishes and pours herself a little more. Maybe she's gonna go blind tonight. "Hey, Asher, the horse was a cute touch, but now you smell like wet horse," she teases. Apparently she's loosening up already.

An open hand coming over to grab one of the empty cups laid out upon the table and a overheard toss of it to Asher with a "Catch!" from Silas happens, before Silas points to two large jugs on the snack table for both the shirtless man and Grey. "We got Logan's Liquid Courage," he says before his finger drifts to point at the recently donated bottle of wine, "Or a bottle of Red from Classy Cass." he says with an amused grin. Eyes wander over to find Quinn as he smirks as he sees her, "There she is." he says with a look over to Max, a elbow coming over to nudge him in the side with a chuckle, "You should probably get her a cup, fast." he says as he's grabbing Max another cup of LLC per request. A look is also sent over to Madelyn with a small grin at her antics and glass refilling.

Kai raises her own cup in a salute to Tink's toast, even if her gulp is a little more generous,"Tondc's my home for now, T. I'm here for the moment, but eventually I'll have to head home. If nothing else Nix isn't gonna want to babysit the horses all night. And that's good, better that you'll be safe than out running around getting shot or whatever. I've heard that we're probably not rebuilding where Coesbur used to be? Though I don't know if they've decided on a site yet, sorry."

"Isn't it everyone's mating ritual to wander around shirtless in the rain, Dee?" Grey laughs easily, shaking his head. He watches Cassandra lead Fiona off, then narrates for Gideon, "I think we're at the 'makin' someone else jealous' stage. Or maybe the 'screw everyone, I'm just gonna have fun' stage." Asher's response causes him to chuckle, "Yeeeah… there ain't any such thing." He nods to Madelyn, then collects a cup and some of Logan's Liquid Courage as soon as Silas mentions that Cass donated the wine.

"Speaking of," Max says and then is elbowed by Silas, and chuckles just a bit, taking the second cup that is poured for him and the one for Quinn, "Thanks, man." He then heads over in her direction, offering one of the cups to Quinn when he gets within arm's reach. "You look like you could use one. It's .. something. Come dance with me.." Dance? Max dances?

While sweeping her partner off to the dance-ground, Cass turns to send Asher a wink. "Don't kill anyone," she bids, and then she's pulling Fiona off and away into a twirl.

"Just like Unity Day, huh?" Cassie asks Fiona with a grin. She sends a brief wave to Quinn, but settles her eyes on the Bandrona. "Had our festivities cut short that time. Feel like we never did get to have a good time again after that."

Previously, on The 100…

"What? Shut up. Shut. Up. There's a fuckin' party?!" Lip drops whatever he had in his hand and it smashes against the ground. It was glass, whatever it was. And Lip's gawking is being hushed by the teenager that has informed him of this… this… "This is bullshit!" Lip narrows his eyes. "Look here. I've been trying to throw parties since we landed on this punk ass rock our parents' parents' parents' parents' parents called home and nobody wanted to do shit! We was all too busy killing each other or gettin' trapped in MOUNTAINS OF BLOOD DRAINING DEATH! Nobody wanted to party with Lip! But now?! NOW there's a fucking party?! FUCK OUTTA' MY FACE! AND FUCK YOUR PARTY!"

Lip's distracted from his rant when one of the more busty ex-delinquents wanders past. His eyes are drawn back to the sneaky teenage delivery teen. "… Is she gonna' be there?"

Now, on The 100…

Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. is at this party. He may have been here since the beginning but chances are he's just getting here. He had to shake a couple of adults or something, probably. Either way, as he makes his not-so-grandiose entrance, Lip strides right over towards where the booze is because that's the most important thing right now. Getting Fucking Wasted. "Alright, pay close attention. I need you to get this right. I need a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato with just a splash, a splash I say, of Soy. Got that?" Lip just stares at whomever is nearest the booze table that nobody is manning. It actually takes a long moment for him to realize that nobody's going to serve him or even get his joke. So he just grabs a drink and starts drinking it. And hopefully not get noticed. SIIIIIIIIIP.

"Hey." Quinn greets when she spots Max, heading in that direction, pausing at the offer of the cup. She leans over to give it a sniff, then shakes her head, "I don't drink." That doesn't stop her from moving to lean her head briefly against his shoulder before she straightens up, brows lifting, "Dancing?"

"Don't jinx it!" Fiona chides with a laugh. Maybe she's waiting for Cass to do something awful, like stick a tack on her seat, or snap her bra strap or something, but there's music and freedom and even momentary safety - and soon, soon there will be booze, and so she can find it in her not to care. "Are you gonna pick up where you left off with Quinn?" Is she jealous? Wouldn't it be awesome if she was?

Gideon taps her finger slightly against the cup she has been given, looking thoughtfully at Madelyn. Then she shakes her head slightly. "No more than you do, I believe…" She chuckles slightly, nodding with Grey. "I believe that we are similar in that way… though I had to have Grey explain to me what dating meant… that is not exactly something Trikru do."

Tink gives a nod, knowing that Kai has got to go where her First takes her, "Hey…at least you're here now. It's really good to see you when shit isn't hitting the fan." She gives her a big smile, "And hey…I can always visit you in Tondc, right?" She looks at her friend to see if that's okay. And then Lip arrives and she just starts waving at the kid, "Lip!" Yeah, she's glad to see him too. Really, just happy to see everyone. Max gets a wave too.

"You guys don't date?" Madelyn asks, sipping her drink. "Is it, like, arranged marriages or something?" When she notices Silas looking at her, she grins, corners of her eyes crinkling happily, waving him over. Lip's arrival is met with momentary apprehension, but that quickly passes.

Max has both hands filled with drinks at the moment, and Quinn doesn't want one, so he finds someone heading on their way to the drink table and hands one of the drinks off. He slides one arm around her waist when she rests her head against his shoulder and rests his head against hers. "Dancing," he says and then raises an eyebrow, "No dancing?" He lifts his cup in Tink's direction in greeting.

"Yeah. She didn't really get 'girlfriend.'" Grey flashes a grin, glancing over to Gideon, then shrugs, "'Course, I didn't get niron at first either." Lip's arrival causes him to chuckle, pointing to the booze table, "We got Go-blind or Cass-wine." He looks from Madelyn to Gideon at the question, lofting his brows slightly, even though he's pretty sure that there's no arranged marriages.

<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve: Success. (5 4 1 8 6)

The cup is caught by Asher and he casts a grin at Madelyn, "No, I smell awesome. Come take a whiff." Actually, he smells like a dude whose been riding a horse in the rain, but that might be awesome to some, right? It's all about perspective. Asher moves to fill said cup with whatever vile concoction qualifies as alcohol. Lip's outburst gains him a quick glance from Asher and a vague sort of nod and then Asher takes a sip from the cup. He winces as he swallows it, but at least he doesn't cough or wretch immediately. Time to power through. "So, we got dancing and music…And we got booze." A glance to Grey and his football? "We gonna play…that game you like." because it doesn't have a name.

"Yeh, makes for a nice change." Kai agree's with Tink as her attention wanders over the gathering,"Are you coming up for the celebration on Saturday? Not that Tondc's not various levels of partying right now, but that Saturday's going to be the main event as I understand it." she nods in the direction of a likely looking flat rock, though there's a vague nod of acknowledgment Lip's way she seems content to slink off to somewhere out of the way where she can settle down,"When there's a formal treaty in place it'll make things easier, but well.. it's not my place to tell you one way or another, yeh? You want to come I'm staying with grandma Peake and the rest of the family in the guest village, and I'm always happy to have visitors."

"Jealous?" Cass inquires, eyeing Fiona with amusement. That would be awesome. "You seem awful interested in who I'm picking things up with. First Ash, now Quinn." It's her turn to twirl, and her hands go high in the air as she scrunches up her wet hair. Some might call her style of dancing trashy. It's definitely not classy. Cass calls it free, and Cass calls it doing what she wants. She isn't all that curvy, but she knows how to make use of what she has, swaying to the beat. After a brief spell of silence from her to let the music take over, she adds to the Bandrona with a wry smile, "I feel like jinxing it is exactly what we need. With enough booze in the mix maybe we'll finally get to see the real you."

Gideon actually laughs slightly, ducking her head a bit. "No," she says softly to Madelyn. "Marriages are not arranged… but the word is not one we use… if you spend time with someone you are sleeping with, it isn't called a date… it is merely spending time with someone." Then she looks at the various options of booze and she wrinkles her nose ever so slightly. "Cass wine?"

It's not that she means to miss any of the waves, but there's a lot happening. It's called fun, and she sucks at it. Eventually she does notice people, giving them a wave, then she shrugs at Max, "We can dance. I'm not exactly great at it, but we can go dance if you want." Quinn reaches for the remaining cup in Max's hand, "You might want to put this down though, or it'll end up all over us."

"Yeah…I want to make it," Tink tells Kai with a nod, "I want to see Cage Wallace get what's coming to him." Especially what he did to the others. She takes a sip and then tells her, "And it's cool that we were able to work together like that to take down the mountain." She brightens when Kai mentions she can visit her at her place, "And I'd like to see that…and hang at your place." She notices Madelyn and gives her a wave.

"Oh yeah? Are you just convinced that nobody on the Ark can actually be a decent person, or try to be?" There's very little space between Fiona and Cassandra right now, and it's hard to tell if it's sexy or aggressive or aggressively sexy. "I don't know what you think the booze is gonna magically unlock, or turn me into." Suffice to say, Fiona's got more going on than just Lilith Fair sway, her hips actually work.

Grey takes a sip of the Go-Blind, coughing a little at the strength, and gasping, "Smooooth." He chuckles to Asher, speaking exceptionally slowly as if to an idiot, "Fooooobaaall." And then he grins and shakes his head, "Yeah, mudball's the best kind of football except snowball." His grin flashes wider, "And five bucks," not that they have any money, or have for generations, "says there's skinnydippin' by the end." Shrugging over to Gideon, he answers, "Cass brought it, apparently." And then he glances toward that worthy, and inquires of those around him, "So… are Cass and Fi gonna kiss and get it over with, or keep scowlin' at each other?"

"Asher over there and I stuck the bastard in the neck. Not going to pretend I'm not equal parts happy and disappointed his ass didn't bleed out in his office." Kai gestures off in Asher's direction as she settles down on the rock with careful stiffness,"It's only temporary. Once we know where the village is going to be rebuilt, I expect I'll be going out there with Wren, Pontus and some of the others.. and the Makers, to start working on building the place. Which should be.. interesting." she eyes the cup's remaining contents like holy hell this stuff is just nasty, not that it stops her from taking another sip.

There's all the delicious drinking that Lip is doing on the side of the party. He's sticking to the side because he doesn't want to interrupt anyone's shenanigans. And he's got a drink so it's always better to just drink and watch. He can't really be a wallflower when they're by a lake and there's no walls. So it's more that he's a booze table flower? Something like that? He takes another sip because this is too weird. "Hey." is tossed in the direction of anyone and everyone that has actually given him a nod or something. Eyes pass over Tink, Fiona, Grey… everyone. And for a moment, just a moment, Lip looks like he's grateful. Even when he passes a look at Kai, the gratefulness doesn't go away. "Zod bless us. Every one." It's probably the quietest Lip has ever been but he's actually happy that people are alive. He couldn't save everyone but these are his people. His friends. Even if they don't like him, he loves them. All of them. It's weird. Oh yeah. SIIIIIIP!

Silas nods to Max, "No problem, my man." he says with some jazz-fingers sent his way as he heads off towards Quinn. Madelyn earns a wink when he her gazes meets his and he's looking around and over when he spots Lip making his approach. There's a smirk that only grows and grows into a wide, amused smile as he's making his request for particular drink. Silas' eyes travel around to look around to the party-goers at the table as they seem to either just stare at him with confused glances or try and find it in themselves to ignore him. When Silas sees that he's just going ahead and drinking what's there though, he moves in to drop a hand on Lips shoulder. "Good to see you, man." he says with a quirk of his right brow, "How's th' Escapee from th' High Castle doin'?" he asks him as his eyes wander over to watch at the very nice view of Cass and Fiona- which Silas is nudging Lip slightly to try and make sure he's seeing it too. Just bro things, and Silas is really drinking now. Something something, damn he thirsty, something.

Tink perches on the rock with her, more than happy to sit off to the side and talk with Kai, "Hey…if you and the makers of Coesbur need help rebuilding…I'd like to help. I'm a pretty decent engineer and even Cole said he'd be willing to help." She takes another sip and shudders, "I'd have to do it in between the Ark stuff but an extra set of hands always helps." She points over at Lip for a moment, "And can you believe out of all of us, it was Lip who actually escaped and got the word out?" She gives him a raised glass and calls out to Lip, "Respect!" Cause yeah, she's glad he got the word out on what was going on there.

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Max extends his drink away from Quinn's reaching fingers. His drink. "If you're not going to drink it, you don't get to take it," he points out as he leans enough to keep a hold of it and takes another sip.

"I think we're all indecent people, some of us just putting too much effort to hide it," Cass philosophises. And at the same time, she's sidling up behind Fiona, wrapping an arm around her waist as they dance. She may not be kissing anyone, but she's definitely not scowling either. Today is a scowl-free day; there's a perpetual smirk playing on her lips. "You're ambitious. Political. Manipulative. You use people to your own ends and you know you're good at it." Somehow, she manages to make all this sound like a compliment. "Getting Kane and Oxfor on your side was impressive. But stabbing me in the back — I didn't realise you had that part in you." Anyone looking at the pair without listening would probably assume she's whispering sweet nothings, by the flirtatious look on Cassie's face.

Madelyn waves back to Tink, giving her a little smile and nod. She sneaks up behind Silas, threading her arms around his waist, cup still in hand. She follows his gaze to Cass and Fiona. "So you think they're gonna make out or rip each other's faces off? Should we take bets?"

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"I'll mention it to Wren, it's another one of those 'not my circus, not my monkey's' thing, y'know? I mean, if it was up to me, of course, but it's not." there's a faint smile as Kai looks towards Lip with hooded eyes,"I'm glad he escaped. I'm not glad about the extra five we lost. And not gonna lie there's a part of me that wants to punch his head in for being a dick, but you know.. the list of people I'd have to punch for that 'd be so damned long I'd never get done with it.. and when did Cass and Fi become a thing? Man, I thought Fi had better taste than that."

Fiona thinks Cass won't ever believe her surprise, but she doesn't hide it. "How did I stab you in the back?" Cassandra moving around her like a predator does not seem to concern her in the slightest. "Because I said no to you going with us to go see Indra?" She keeps her voice pitched low, still smiling up at the taller Delinquent like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Quinn's brows twitch upwards at Max, then she shrugs, her hand returning to the pocket of her jacket. "Alright." She replies, letting her attention shift towards the rest of the party, waiting for Max to finish his drink. She tugs a hand free of her pocket, reaching up to push some of her damp hair out of her face before turning back to Max, "So what're we doing?"

Lip blinks and almost spits out his drink. He catches the raised glass and Tink's expression of respect. He doesn't want to blush so he goes right into comedic defense mechanism mode. "Hey! Somebody had to get you losers away from all that chocolate cake! If you all got fat, I'd have to close my eyes during sex! Haha!" Lip grins and raises a glass back before finally turning to look back at Silas. "Oh, come on, you know. I'm always fine. Nothin' hurts Lip." He doesn't even know why he's dropping some third person verbiage. "I figured I'd come down from Camp Hero to let you guys bask in my Glory. You're welcome, by the way." Oh Lip.

Right, right…"Football. Yeah. Mudball." He nods. "Let's play that. Get some people. Let's do something." He glances around and, upon seeing Quinn nods towards, "Quinn! Mudball, let's play!" And then he looks back to Grey, "Now you pick." That's how it works, right? He has no idea. As for Cass and Fi? Asher spares a glance towards them, and then back to Grey.

Natalie stumbles towards Lip, from behind. "Heyyyyyyy," she offers him in a languid, relaxed unspooling of the word that might suggest that she is maybe just a little hammered. Her small hand claps down on Lip's shoulder as she practically uses him as a post, grinning up at him with a airy sort of lift. "How's it going buddy?," she asks, her question jovial and free wheeling, listing slightly into his orbit. Is Natalie drunk? Magic 8ball says: Check Again. Go home Magic 8ball, you're drunk.

"Hey the offer is out there. If the Trikru doesn't need it…it's cool," Tink tells Kai with a smile and gives her a light shoulder nudge, "Friends forever, right?" Cause to Tink, Kai will always be her friend. She gives her a smile and nods in Lip's direction, "And Lip is good people. I know he talks a game but when it comes down to it…he cares and by the way gives really good advice." She shakes her head and takes a sip, "Just gotta give him a chance. I got to know him better in the mountain and I'm glad I did."

Slipping away to face her dance-partner again, Cassandra takes Fiona's hand, leans back, and spins into an improvised sort of swing-dance. There's really no rhyme or reason to any of this: she experiments with one style of dance, gets bored, tries another; in time to the music, but likewise in tune to her own whims and Fiona's pace. "Youuuu know what you did," she denies, certainly disbelieving Fiona's surprise. "I supported you and you ditched me in the dust. Can't blame you. Would've done the same. Didn't have any more use for me, once you'd made your way up." As she leans back in, she winks. Her demeanour is still perfectly celebratory.

Fiona keeps up, more or less. She has a sense of rhythm, though the swing style's partnering is momentarily awkward before she gets the hang of it. She's also regarding Cassie a bit sidelong, as if even amidst their passive aggressive flirting, she's waiting for the the other shoe to drop. "No point in arguing about it." Because whatever it is, it's genuinely not coming to mind, and equally likely that Cass wouldn't believe that. "So what are you going to do now?"

Grey grins at Lip for a moment, then points out where Cass and Fi are dancing with each other all sexy-like… well… relatively. Asher's challenge causes Grey to shake his head in amusement, "Screw you, man," for taking first pick, of course. Because he's then glancing to Gideon with a 'you want in on this' arch to his brows. At the shake of her head, he looks back out, "Where the hell's Fi's boy when you need him? Screw it. Max! You up for some football?"

"You're my sister, T. 's far as I'm concerned." Kai assures Tink, draining her cup with a grunt,"He's a dick that decided it was more important to be a dick than tell me you guys were okay. So." she shrugs indifferently, she doesn't hold it against Lip, well, not enough to look pissed off about it anymore at least,"So.. explain to me about Cole and Reno, yeh? Are you sleeping with them both? Or what's the deal there?"

Silas' brows rise as he looks back and over to fall on Madelyn as he feels he arms wrapping around him. Smirking, Silas looks back to watch the two dancing girls as his hand comes over to rest on hers. "I'm hoping for a bit of both." he says with a quiet snicker as he looks over to Lip. With a wide smile, "And bask we will, my man." he says with a raise of his glass and a tilt of his head back as he takes a large swig. Lowering his head, and with a rather casual burp- Silas' eyes travel over to watch the drunken Natalie come over to Lip. There's a small smile as he looks between Lip and Natalie before pats Lip on the shoulder again with a, 'Boy you got this.' glance before he's looking over as he hears the word football. "We playin' football?" he calls out to Grey and Asher, his right brow rising a bit as his other hand reaches back to playing with Maddie's hair.

It was not truly out of desire so much as it was out of a sense of obligation that Tuan kom Trikru made his way from the edge of the forests surrounding the lake towards the gathering of Skaikids that are conducting themselves. Blending with the surroundings the tall man slowly slides in a bit towards the collection; eyes looking out over them all from the peripheral while observing, the look on his eyes can best be described as wary.

Max finishes off the remainder of his drink, and then relinquishes the cup. He offers a hand to Quinn then to head toward the dance area or.. and then there's a pause. Football? He glances over to Quinn then and says, "Dancing? Or Football? I'm down for either.." and maybe getting a little bit of a buzz going considering he has no food in his belly save for a handful of berries.

Tink shakes her head at her friend, "No…no…I'm just with Cole now." She takes a sip of her drink, "I was seeing Reno in the mountain but then Cole asked me out and…" She looks down cause she's not proud of this, "I felt stuff for Cole…and realized I wasn't really Reno's girlfriend, just friend. And I totally fubared telling him but he was super cool about it." She clearly still cares about Reno, "He's one of my closest friends. I never meant to hurt him like that." She takes a sip of her drink, "But with Cole…it's like the time and space stands still. It's pretty amazing."

Madelyn slips around to lean against Silas' side so he doesn't have to reach behind himself awkwardly to play with her hair. She looks over to Grey. "Oh! You're playing that football game? I'll totally learn, if you're playing now," she says, finishing her drink. She's a lightweight and she thinks this is the GREATEST IDEA EVER. A new song comes on and she really likes the beat, finding herself dancing a little in place.

Lip gives Silas a nod or two before he's captured by Pokelip Trainer: Natalie. He blinks a couple of times and then manages to turn towards her and make sure that she's not going to fall down flat or something. "Natty with the Phatty! There she is!" Lip throws an arm around her with the quickness. "You. I need your eyes. And you to get me another drink." Lip shows that his drinking container is much empty. "But after you fill me up? We need to find me some prime horizontal polka choices." Lip goes back to looking around at the party that is in mad full swing, yo. "This party's after party's gonna' be an after orgy. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN."

Quinn glances towards Asher, then Grey before she then looks back at Max, "Dancing, I guess." She replies after a moment, "Unless you want to do the football thing." She pulls both her hands out of her pockets, reaching for Max's hand, "Which ever…"

Kai ahhs and nods her head for Tink's words,"Okay then. 's cool.. Op doesn't do anything for me but y'know. It's good that you've got a thing like that. And I swear that something is wrong in the universe with Cass and Fi dancing like that." at least that's her opinion on it, shifting like she's going to rise so she can at least go get herself another drink,"Oh.. I.. imagine you guys have plenty of guard armor and such now? But I retired Gideon's old armor after a Reaper put an axe through it.. I was going to keep it as a souvenir.. but if you still wanted to work on leatherworking I could bring it with me next time?"

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Natalie even while drunk still manages to look encouraged and quietly crestfallen by Lip's usual meandering Lip insights about his chances with everyone, anywhere, ever, at any time. That momentarily excited for the chance to help him find the perfect, most romantic make out spot by the lake dashed by the anticipated vision that Lip has. "That sound sweaty," she advises Lip, fiddling with the glasses on her face for a moment even as he holds her up. Her attention drifts to Silas and Tink, offering them both a friendly wave. "Oh, hi!," she offers in very excited to be here greeting, before she drifts back to Lip's current problem of needing more to drink. She ambles forward, not really bothering to free herself from Lip's safety-first hold-up as she attempts to lead him back to the magical table of social liquid courage.

Tink finishes up her drink too, finding that it doesn't taste as bad the more she drinks it, "I don't know about the armor stuff…that's all guard stuff and when we did the milita thing, they didn't give us armor." She nods over to where the drinks are, "I think I could do another." She gives Kai a nudge, "Come one…let's get another drink." Fi and Cass get a glance but she doesn't comment on them. Nope, she's focused on the Kia and their conversation so much so when she moves towards the drinks, she bumps into someone and then freezes cause even though she's got flushed cheeks and is in a good mood, seeing Bella has a way of sobering a girl up, "Bella?"

Bella was laughing, walking with a few of her friends and mingling at the teen party that one of her friends caught wind of. She frowns when another 'drunk' teen bumps into her, "Hey…watch it!" She then stops, pauses and recognizes Tink at the same time that Tink recognizes her, "Tink?"

When the song changes, Cassandra steps away from Fiona, releasing her hand and giving an exaggerated little bow with a flourish of her arm, signalling that their dance is over. "What I've always done," she blithely replies. With that, she sends a glance towards Asher and starts to make her escape from the Bandrona… but not before leaning in to try and give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

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"Sorry, guys.. if you're still playing later, maybe," Max says and then tugs Quinn with him toward where others are dancing, drawing her in among the other dancers. And surprisingly enough, Max actually has rhythm, and can dance. Leaning in toward Quinn he murmurs something to her that's entirely inaudible over the music.

"Doesn't mean you can't have armor you make on your own, yeh? Though I suppose that there's people like Starling in Tondc that people can trade with, too." Kai grunts as she meanders with Tink, a little too bothered by Cass and Fi for whatever reason to provide warning before Tink goes 'crash', though at the word 'Bella' the grey-eyed girls eyes zero in on the named girl with all the predatory attentiveness of a hawk, even if she elects to not try and step between the two immediately.

Fiona's cheek is roundly smacked by Cassandra's lips. It leaves her standing there, blinking. Left to her own devices, she surveys the crowd, where a tall, blonde towheaded young man sticks out like a flagpole. Fiona's smile lights up her face as she darts in Tuan's direction.

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Well shit. "Well shit." Asher says, to put very specific words to his thoughts. "First picks gone for each huh…" he nods to Silas then, "Alright then Silas. Your on my team. We're skins." Obviously. A glance to Grey. "Your turn." Asher then glances out to the dancefloor. Whether he catches Cass kissing Fi on the cheek is up for debate, if so, he doesn't react to it. He just watches her as she walks towards him.

It could be far more smooth to step around some people, but Tuan does seem to find himself awkwardly pacing a few times about some of the Skaikids that are in his presence. He moves to avoid larger groups and keeping wary eyes up as he scans the crowd for any of the familiar people he has at least spoken to previously or may know him.

Quinn lets Max draw her out to join the others that are dancing, a hand lifting up to give Asher and Grey a bit of an apologetic wave. But then she turns her attention to the dancing portion. She's not really a great dancer, she warned. But she can at least wiggle and move to the music in a not too idiotic of a manner. When Max leans in to murmur to her, she turns her head to the side to murmur in response.

There's a glance from Silas as he hears a distant watch it from Bella with a furrowed stare for a second. He looks between Tink and Bella for a moment, and when they seem to recognize each other he relaxes a bit. It's probably fine. Probably. Eyes wonder down to Madelyn as he offers her a lopsided grin, "You look good tonight, when'd you nab that dress?" he asks her with a quirk of his right brow before he's looking up to Lip and offering Natalie a small wave with a chuckle. "Plotting an orgy already? Good man." he says to him before he's looking over as he hears his name from Asher. His smile grows as he hears that he's called over and he gives a nod and shouts out, "Alright!" and downs the rest of his cup down before he looks back to Maddie. "Be back in a bit." he says with another wink before he's breaking off from her and heading over to Asher after setting his cup aside. Looking around, he manages to spot Tuan and throws him a thumbs up and a grin, mouthing him a "Heya." before he heads over to stand by Asher as he loses his shirt along the way, tossing it aside. Luckily it's not the fancy one he was given. Now there's two guys getting wet with their shirts off and scars on display.

"I thought you didn't make it back," Bella tells her with a defensive look, "Ummm, I heard you were missing." Her friends look at Bella and then at Tink. Bella raises her hand to them, "It's okay…I'm sure Tink can be mature about stuff."

Tink is definitely confused at the looks passed between Bella and her friends. She folds her arms in front of her and asks, "Mature? Wow Bella…mature. Yeah I guess I can be mature. It's not like you tried to kill me or anything." Tink gives a hard look at her once-bestie now turned frenemy, "It was all an accident right?" Yes, the sarcasm is dripping from Tink's lips as she talks to Bella.

Cass sidles up to Asher… but then starts past him, backing away towards her next dance-partner. "Do you dance?" she asks the shirtless thug when she's near his heavily scarred neck. There's no denying the girl is having plenty of fun, her expression alive and mirthful. She sends another glance towards Fiona to catch her reaction, gaze flickering to Tuan, and finally to her next target, if Asher turns her down… Her next target is the stallion some way away behind her. That is not a euphemism: her target is the horse, Steak and New Boots.

Lip ends up back at Booze Island with Natalie and he's taking his sweet time in letting her make sure he has another drink. He's got his eyes on every other female that's dancing around. Likely trying to find that Busty Chica from his Previously, On The 100. Right now, though, it seems like he's trying to find anyone fuckable. Which, really, is anyone. This is Lip. "Uh, Natsville? How many have you had anyway?" There /might/ be just a hint of concern there but it's hard to find underneath the drooling over grinding hotties that's happening all over the dance ground.

Kai's trying to behave herself, so she remains where she is, letting Tink address Bella for all that the grey-eyed girl is looming protectively behind her favorite engineer, hands clasping behind her back as she watches the two talk in what.. well, for her at least, probably counts as being behaved, given the whole keep her mouth shut, lips pressed together, let Tink handle her business attitude to her flat expression for the moment.

"Thanks! It's one of the dresses I got from the Mountain," Madelyn explains to Silas. When he heads off for the football game, she grins and heads over to Tink. She's fairly sure she's not gonna get picked for football, whatever that consists of, anyway. When she sees the brewing confrontation, she puts and arm around Tink's shoulders. "Hey, lady," she says to Tink, eyeing Bella coldly. "Did you see the, uh, berries?" She's trying to diffuse this before it turns ugly.

"…two?," Natalie asserts after a giggle, pawing at Lip's cup to help him to also become overserved. Just two? Lightweight Town: Population: Dorks. It takes Natalie a nearly too many number of slow minutes to get his drink together, being overly cautious about spilling in her state. And also perhaps stopping to 'test' his drink. "Three!," she declares, before thrusting his cup back at him.

The soft pat pat pat of Fiona's thin shoes against are a forewarning as she zips up to Tuan, and with a little hop, her legs have wound around his waist, arms going about his neck. "Hi!" They may or may not topple over, but either way he gets a kiss on the nose. Ugh, someone go get the insulin.

Max smiles a little bit at what Quinn murmurs to him and says something quietly back to her. He slides his hands over her hips and pulls her in a little closer to him as one song shifts into another. It doesn't seem to matter to him one bit whether she's a great dancer or not. He actually looks, relaxed, even happy.

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"Oh my god…I can't believe you just threw that in Bella's face," the red head next to Bella calls out to Tink, "Look, she quit engineering over that stunt you pulled with the generator and freaking changed her life cause she felt horrible that she didn't have enough skill to catch you. And you stand there, giving her shit about it? Man…you 100 are all the same." Bella turns and tries to hush her friend, cause there are plenty of those kids at the party and she doesn't want to start anything.

"So that's the story…you quit engineering because of me," Tink repeats a summary of Bella's little friend's words, "You know what…that's great. I'm glad you quit because I was kinda dreading getting stuck on the same team as you." She stiffens at the '100' comment but just tries to disengage, get away from Bella and her little bitchie friends. She's here to have fun, not get in a fight.

Quinn doesn't look relaxed, but that's probably due to the fact she's concentrating too hard on trying to not do the chicken dance, or something equally as embarrassing. When Max draws her in closer she curls both of her arms around his neck, leaning in against him.

Having heard the approach in time, Tuan had turned to catch the jumping Fiona into his arms and prevent the catastrophic fall. His face scrunches a bit when she kisses his nose, brow furrowing before he smiles and sets her down with a quiet whisper. Looking around, he gestures at the gathering, "So this is, how you said, a party? It is very loud."

Fiona's eyes go round as saucers and she looks alarmedly at one of Tuan's arms before looking back at him, but seeing he's fine, relaxes a little. "Are you telling me that Trikru don't party hard?" she asks playfully. "Or dance? Your legs are fine, after all." Fiona's smile has turned impish.

"Yeah, uh, I'm gonna' walk you back to camp. Make sure you're safe and all that." Lip finishes off the drink and doesn't seem to be too affected by these shenanigans. He's a bit of a boozehead so there's not much that's happening to him yet. "Hey! Everybody listen up! I'm doin' a Designated Walker thing back up to Camp Kiss My Ass!" Lip motions to the Too Drunk Natalie clinging to him. "Anybody else? I'm only doing this once! After that? It's hallucinogens and blowjobs! I'm just sayin'!" Dear Zod. What.

Kai can loom behind Madelyn and Tink just as well as just behind the blond girl. Mentally it might be presumed from the way her jaw shifts that she might just be counting to ten. Not in the slightest pretending that she's not glaring at Bella hostilely, from the disdain on her face maybe she's even contemplating just how much she might like to stomp on the other blond. Enough so that it takes her a moment when Tink endeavors to disengage for her to shift to follow her friend in what for her is definitely a rare moment of… comparatively good behavior, even if her First isn't there to witness it.

A brow is raised at Cassandra by Asher. Dance? He smirks, "Do I look like I dance?" Of course not. He's just shirtless in the rain. "You could play this mudball game with us?" That's like dancing. But Cassandra appears to be in a mood, and he doubts she's in a mood for sports. Asher takes a sip from his cup. A long sip. It's not as good as that Grounder stuff was. Lip's shouting draws his attention and Asher arches a brow, "Wait…Are you giving the blowjobs, Lip? If so…Ummm….I'll pass…but thanks anyway?" He grins broadly and takes a long drink from his cup.

Bella hushes her friends and then gets them out of there, leaving the party before something more can be said.

Tink just looks at Kai and tells her, "Let's get that drink." She gives Madelyn a little smile, "Hey…thanks for trying to come in for the rescue…it's cool. I'm not going to do something stupid like start a fight and ruin the party. She isn't worth it. I'm here to have fun." She nudges Kai, "Hey…let's get that drink."

"You wish you had a shot at Lip's lips, Ashole!" Lip winks across the entire party at Asher because why the hell not.

Grey looks torn for a moment, then shakes his head, "We'll pick it up later, Ash. When everyone's drunk." Or, you know, drunker. Tink's 'friend' giving her guff — especially the comment about the One Hundred — gets a glare, and then Grey looks over to Gideon, "Okay. Football later. Booze now. Dancing next, yeah?"

<FS3> Gideon rolls Resolve: Failure. (4 5 2 5 5 1 1)

Tuan looks at the people, listens to them and how they talk, then looks back to Fiona and smirks ever so slightly. "After the Ice Wars, my celebration lasted three nights with only short sleep during the days." He pauses and gives the girl a very knowing smile, "Like the cliff, yes?" The explanation made he gazes back. "I will attempt if you want, but I do not know this music."

"What's mudball?" Cassandra asks Asher, frowning. But it's a frown of thought — her mood remains in high spirits. And she hasn't even had a sip of alcohol yet! "Is it like mud-wrestling? Do I have to be naked for it?" She says this openly, without a care for hears her, though still languidly backing away from Ash, towards his horse. The exchange between him and Lip draws a smirk.

Gideon is doing quite well — eating foods, sipping booze. But then Grey mentions dancing, and she actually looks momentarily terrified. Where's that Grounder stoicism now, huh? She blinks owlishly, looking over at Grey. She clears her throat, shoulders rolling slightly. "Dancing?" she asks, voice uncertain.

"Totally not worth it," Madelyn says, threading her arm through Tink's and Kai's as they head to the drink table. She refills her own cup when they get there. "Besides, the boys seem to be taking their shirts off. It's a good night," she says with a mischievous grin.

Bella's getting some really hardcore glares from Silas right now as she leaves. Like really hardcore. Like the kind of glares he'd usually give Trikru before recent events. Why? Well, Maddie, Tink, and Kai seem to be doing the same thing. That's about as much of a reason as he needs, right? But when he hears Lips call out, his gaze is relaxing as he looks over to the young man beginning to try and escort Natalie out with a small grin. "Don't wear her out, Lip!" he shouts aloud with a chuckle before he's bringing his hands over to rest on his waist, his eyes travelling over to Asher and Cass. "Even if you don't dance, you really should I did and it was fun. Really, really fun." he says with a shrug of his shoulders. When Grey calls off the football game, there's a small nod as he's beginning to back off a bit, "Later? Sucks, but sounds good I guess." he says as he's beginning to head off and over towards the drink table, beckoning Tink, Kai, and Maddie over. "C'mon, we've still got too much Liquid Courage!" there's a thoughtful glance over to Tuan and Fiona, but after a few seconds of staring he simply smirks and begins filling himself up another cup to drown himself with.

"/Schwartz/! It's called Liquid Schwartz!" One more from the Lip flavored peanut gallery! "Watch a movie, man! Damn!"

There is a very short beat pause and Asher glances to Grey, then back to Cassandra. "Naked mudwrestling…sounds like a much, much better game than football in the rain." He finishes his drink and eyes the drink table, moving over towards it. He refills his drink, and then fills another cup, holding the second out towards Cassandra, "If you don't drink it, I will…" He watches as she moves towards the horse, brow arched, "No riding Steaky tonight."

"Yes." Kai agree's with Tink, waiting until Bella moves off before she relaxes again by incremental measures and finally grunts at Madelyn,"Maddy." by way of acknowledgment,"I promised Wren I wasn't going to get into a fight while I was here, I already got a lecture for punching out one of the Azgeda yesterday.. from Wren, and the healers for tearing my stitches.. but.." man she wanted to. Even if she can't help the wince when Madelyn's arm goes about her,"Clearly, you haven't been up to Tondc on a hot day.. because I swear most of the Warriors forget what a shirt is once it gets warm enough." oh so many days when Captain Buzzkill would have been flailing epicly, but instead she carefully stretches out an arm over Madelyn's shoulders to settle on Tink's with a nod for Silas' words,"Y'know the nice thing about a horse? Blind drunk it still knows the way home."

Tink grins as both girls take her to the drink table where Silas announces that they still have some more. She holds out her cup and tells Madelyn, "Awww…I'm good on the guy front but still…eye candy is not a bad thing." She gets her filled glass and takes a sip, glad to be there with her friends, having fun, "Hey you didn't punch anyone. I didn't punch anyone. It's all good." She gives Kai a smile, "And look…some day you are totally going to have to invite me up so I can see that for myself." Tink is with Cole but she can appreciate the shirtless and not feel guilty, "And there is no way you are getting me on a horse…I would totally fall off and hurt myself."

Max rests his temple against Quinn's as they dance, occasionally exchanging quiet words with her and eventually just moving with the music. He glances over in the direction of the slight commotion surrounding Tink, watching as Bella departs with a slight frown, curious about what was going on over there, but then he turns his attention back toward Quinn.

"So that's why you're there now? The views?" Madelyn teases Kai, working on her drink. She chuckles at Tink. "You're taken, not dead." Her face lights up when Silas talks about dancing. "You dance?" she asks, equal parts hopeful, delighted and amused.

At the mention of the cliff, Fiona blinks, her eyes suddenly going anywhere but Tuan - and she's effectively blushing. "Um. Well, how about we get some booze and loosen up your limbs?" she suggests. "And we can say hi to people. I'm not sure if you know a lot of my friends except Grey." And Cassandra, but calling her a friend right now is weird. "But…first thing's first." Her hands go to the hem of his shirt and - carefully! - she gently tugs upward. After all, all the guys are doing it. Right?

Cassandra, normally more of a shameless fate, gives Asher the look of an ingenue. It's like all of a sudden her soul has been shattered to a million pieces, and all because of him. "You heartbreaker," she names him at his refusal to let her ride the horse, her eyes wide with sorrow.

She's probably not that upset. If she is, it passes quickly. Cass glances past Asher and on towards Silas, whom she sends a little wave, giving a pointed wag of her eyebrows as she glances down at the second exposed male chest in her line of sight. There's a grin of amusement at the look of terror on Gideon's face, and then she turns to dart on over to the tied up horse. Asher will have to drink the booze by himself, apparently.

"Today." Kai laughs softly,"Apparently the kruheda heard about me getting into a fight, so.. yeh. That's not a good thing." she clears her throat awkwardly,"But well.. like I said, as a Second? It's not really my place to invite people. I don't have a hearth and home of my own and it's sort of rude to presume it'll be okay by my First." she endeavors to explain with a shrug of her shoulder,"And nah, you wouldn't, you could sit one with me, you'd just have to hold on tight." she elects to join in getting another drink with the rest of them,"The views don't exactly hurt things, I'm not going to lie. Nix decided he didn't want to crash the party but.. yeh."

Grey nods to Gideon at her question, "Yeah, dancin'." He offers up a smile, reaching over to squeeze her arm gently, "You know, like in C-Bur, under the apple blossoms. Listenin' to the music, movin' together. C'mon, you're not gonna tell me that Trikru don't dance… I know that ain't true, Dee. And it ain't like anyone here's gonna judge you for how good or bad at it you are." He starts away from the drink table, walking backwards to hold a hand out to Gideon, "C'mon. If you're good, I'll lose my shirt too."

Quinn's not paying attention to anyone else but Max at the moment, even if dancing isn't her greatest skill. She seems to be fine with it, following Max's lead, murmuring back to him.

Tuan looks down as Fiona starts pulling his shirt up to remove it, and the Trikru simply shrugs and lets her, helping at the top since he is a foot taller and then once it is pulled off, tucks it into the back of his pants to hang out of there some. "I will sample your drinks, but meeting some of your others would be… appropriate I suspect."

Tink gives Kai a look, "I love you…" Yes, the flushed cheeks and generous sips of alcohol are making her a little tipsy, "Hey…I'm going to step out…take this glass to Cole so he can share in stuff." She gives her friends a warm look, "He's still in the infirmary but I kinda want to bring the party to him. So I'm going to bail."

"I know T, I love you too." Kai utters with a broad grin,"You take care of yourself, yeh? And watch out for that Bella."

So…Asher drinks alone. Since this is basically engine degreaser he's drinking, he isn't fool enough to drink down both…And then that doesn't matter because Cass runs off towards his horse. He sighs and jogs off after her towards the horse. It's not a long jog after all, the horse is only tied off a short ways down the lake shore, "Fuck, don't run at him and spook him!" Not that someone running would necessarily spook the horse, but Asher has unfortunate memories of Cassandra and horses. He chugs down his drink as he jogs after her and tosses the cup behind him.

Having filled his cup up to a reasonable amount, Silas leans his head back as he begins to drink. And he continues to drink, gulping and gulping and gulping until he lowers the cup and lets it hit the table with a bit of a thud as he lets out a sigh which turns into a "WHOOO!". Drunk Silas is en route, boys. Chuckling to himself, he's filling himself another glass greedily as he looks up to Madelyn as she asks about his dancing. "Yeaaah, well I mean—" Silas pauses for a moment as he gives a bit of an exaggerated shrug, eyes rolling in a bit of a crescent before stopping at around eleven o'clock, "I mean I dabble I guess." he says with a lopsided smirk. Looking back he adds, "I'm usually better when I'm not drinking, though." Looking around, Silas meets with Cassandra's glance he offers her a smirk and a nudge of his head upwards with some brow wagging of his own in a casual, wordless 'sup' before he's watching her run off towards Asher's horse, with the man in hot pursuit. Chuckling, Silas shakes his head a little bit before he's finished filling up his cup again and he's looking over to Gideon. "C'mon, daaaance," he says with a smirk, "Trust me, you can't do worse than me right now." he says with a shrug and tilt of his head to the side.

Fiona notes cheekily, "Our drinks currently taste like paint thinner, but it does what we want it to do, which is to say, gets us drunk." She curves her hand around the tall blond man's, and carefully tugs him toward the drinks. "Madelyn! Madelyn, c'mere, come meet Tuan - did you get that dress in the Mountain? I really need to get in there."

"Ok, I know I haven't been to a party since Adria, but isn't the point of a party to not care about things like whether or not your parents will care?" Jumar muses as he approaches, white shirt and short cleaned, along with his sandals. "At least that's how it was explained to me, if all you're inviting is the cool young adults." Jumar gives a dubious look to the various 'things' going on. It's fairly obvious he hasn't gone to Mount Weather yet, at least.

Grinning, Cassandra ducks under the rope tying Steaky to the tree, so that she's on the other side when Asher reaches her. Even if she were a fast runner, it doesn't take him long to catch up. "Come on," she pleads, reaching up to stroke the horse's neck, who is none the wiser. "You owe me. You can't just keep showing up everywhere with your horse and abs and expect me to stand there all star-struck!" Past the mane, she coyly muses, "I'll make it worth your while if you take us somewhere we can get drunk just the two of us."

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Madelyn smiles, raising her cup to Fiona and Tuan. "We've met!" she chirps. "Remember? You guys were there at our workshop when Silas came up with the idea for this party!" Drunken Madelyn is apparently very demonstrative and gives both Fiona and Tuan great big hugs. "So awesome that you came. Tonight is awesome. Everything is…" A particularly peppy song comes on, expressing her sentiments before she could. "SEE! It's like the /universe/ knows." She trots over, trying to grab one of Silas' hands and drag him over to dance. "You say you dance. Proooove it," she says, throwing back the rest of her mumbletymumbleth drink and setting her cup down on the table.

Tuan steps back abashed after the assault-hug from Madelyn, looking a bit concerned at the gesture before a glance is given towards Fiona. He is about to speak before the music changes and his mouth closes, eyes going over to the source of it. "The music you provided to me Fiona is… not like this." Attention goes back towards the Madelyn before she departs, nodding politely. "I have come for what I can."

Kai's not disturbed about finding herself suddenly alone with her alcohol, indeed she's got no problems with retreating back to her rock in order to take a drink of her fresh cup, lounging.. well, as comfortably as she can with her still healing wounds.

There are many offers Asher would turn down tonight, but that one right there is not one of them. Asher eyes Cassandra and nods once, no words spoken, "Deal." A beat pause, "You grab the booze, I'll grab the horse." Because that's only fair. And without any real hesitation, Asher unties Steak and New Boots and swings himself up into the horses saddle. While not Grounde level proficient, he can ride better than most Skaikru. Once mounted, he'll help hoist Cass up onto the horse…once she has booze, so they can ride off elsewhere.

"Everyone should dance," Max opines in the direction of those considering it, actually grinning. He hasn't had enough to drink to be drunk, just lightly buzzed. "Me too," he says to whatever it was that Quinn said to him, seemingly content to dance as long as she is, from one song to the next. He groans a little bit at the song that comes on, "I'm never gonna get that out of my head…"

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Riding: Failure. (1 1 6)
<FS3> Cassandra rolls Riding: Success. (5 3 8)

Fiona lets out a little laugh. "Well, there's a world of music that isn't even touched in my collection. This is just some of it." She fetches them both some booze, and tilts her head toward where people are dancing. "We drink, we dance." She suggests, before noting to Madelyn with envy, "I just love your dress." Fortunately (?) there's an opportunity for another music number, and this one's slow.

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"What?" Music? Quinn is blocking out all the music, because she likes her sanity too much. Or she just hasn't registered it until Max points it out. When she does her brows furrow, "Oh…well…that's not annoying."

<FS3> Silas rolls Athletics: Success. (1 1 4 6 8 6)

Not only is Cassandra not Grounder-level proficient, but she is not even Skaikru-level proficient… by Asher's standards. Her first attempt at mounting the horse, even with his help, results in her falling backwards on her arse. "Oof." Eventually, she does steady herself on top precariously, although the booze she's attempted to claim at Asher's behest ends up needlessly spilled in the attempt.

"So long, suckers!" Cassie, making the impression of a cowboy, doffs an imaginary hat at the party-goers, and rides off into the sunset with a drunk, shirtless murderer, wobbling as she attempts her best not to fall off a second time.

Yeah, this feels like it was a mistake. Jumar never did like parties on the Ark, felt like too much of a waste. Down here? Down here he's at least giving them a shot without Adria. Still, mostly everyone has their niche here, and Jumar's been too busy to really get into the social circles among the rest of the 100. "I'll… just be over here." Jumar finds a nice rock near the party to sit on, observing the gathering from a nice distance. All the better to not get yelled at by drunk Kai or dancing. Jumar might be sociable when he wants to be, with all the interviews he's conducting… but he sure looks uncomfortable coming here.

Tuan accepts the cup from Fiona and looks at it, eyeing the contents suspiciously before he takes a drink from the cup. Again his nose crinkles at the taste and sensation, a soft snort coming from him before he finishes the rest. When the music changes, he nods his head towards Fiona, "This is one that I have heard, but you will have to show me your dance. The only dance I know is…" he pauses, and grins oh so innocently, "cliff dancing."

When Grey mentions the apple blossoms, Gideon finds herself blushing slightly. It is a very uncharacteristic coloring of her cheeks. She takes his hand, allowing him to guide her out toward where the others are dancing. "Alright," she murmurs. "As long as you promise." Whether it is about the shirt or that there will be no judgment is hard to say…

Getting halfway through his cup, Silas is caught off as he finds himself begin grabbed and dragged away by Madelyn off to the dance floor. He takes a second or two to quickly set down his cup before he's swallowing. "Okay, okay," he says with a grin, "Fine. I'll dance." he says as he's being pulled out to dance. Silas takes Madelyn's hands with each of his own in a bit of somewhat drunken a drunken jig as he smiles down at the young woman, moving to sway side to side with her casually- beginning to get into the groove of things, and making sure he won't immediately topple on his feet.

<FS3> Madelyn rolls Athletics: Success. (7 3 6 4)
<FS3> Gideon rolls Athletics: Good Success. (3 8 4 6 7 2 6)
<FS3> Grey rolls Athletics: Success. (3 6 4 4 2 7 3 1)

Kai's relatively docile, for her. Not wearing her armor, not carrying her sword, if it wasn't for the fact that the lean scarred girl in her short sleeved 'Baltimore MMA Club' tee and leather reinforced pants still has enough scars and still healing wounds to ruin any illusion of 'normal' she might even currently 'pass' like she was still one of the Skai club. But instead she's content to stay stretched out on her own rock close to the waters edge and drink her engine degreaser.. erm.. alcohol.

Fiona blinks as Tuan downs the booze much faster than she expected, but she gamely tries to knock back hers as well. "It's a slow number." she counsels him, letting her arm glide up to drape along his shoulder and press close. Slow songs mean swaying, which is good, because damn the drink is hitting her.

Grey's laughter rises up into the rainy night as Gideon blushes, but it stills with a smile as he draws her onto the dancing muddy-spot-on-the-ground. "Of course I promise." And then the music slows down, and Grey gathers up Gideon's right hand in his left, drawing her close and resting his right hand at the small of her back so that they can do the prom shuffle, complete with a kiss on her cheek to sooth the blushes away.

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"C'mon, 'snot /dancing/. That's… swooshing back and forth," Madelyn teases Silas. Her gross motor skills have taken a hit due to the booze, it seems, but she makes up for that with shameless enthusiasm, moving in close.

At the music, and Fiona's initiation of dancing, Tuan's eyes look down at her and he smiles softly to her. The close swaying occurs, it isn't his first dance really since he has danced with her previously. After several minutes, small whispering occurring, he steps back from Fiona and offers a small sheepish grin. "You know where…"

Max can't help but laugh a little bit when Quinn seems to finally register the music. Mercifully the ear-worm changes over to a different song, and then another, but he'll be humming the tune of everything-is-awesome tomorrow, most likely. "Hey, don't knock swooshing back and forth," Max says to Madelyn with a chuckle.

With the corner of his mouth rising, Silas stares down at Madelyn with a snicker before his right hand goes to meet with her left, his other hand coming down to her waist. "Hey hey, I'm pretty drunk, y'know." he says through a bit of laughter as he moves to guide Madelyn along with careful steps, attempting to pull her around in a spin with him as his hand leaves her waist shortly afterwards, moving to wind her around on her own and then unwind her to come back into his arms. That is, if she goes along with his flow.

<FS3> Madelyn rolls Athletics: Success. (5 6 7 5)

"Okayyy, maybe swooshing isn't so bad," Madelyn grins, wrinkling her nose at Max. She squeaks with surprise and delight when Silas twirls her, managing to survive the turn and end up back in his arms. "Spinning is for sober people," she declares, though she doesn't seem put out by the spin at all, reaching up to put her free hand around the back of his neck.

Quinn's got nothing to add. She's just trying out this swishy stuff herself, and not stepping on Max's toes in the process. She tucks her chin on Max's shoulder, idly listening to the music, and the conversation as it flows around her.

Kai smirks vaguely to herself as she watches the array of teens endeavoring to dance to the music, entirely content to stay where she is with her cup of engine degreaser, or LLC, or whatever it wants to be called at that given moment. There's a grimace as she itches absently at one of the wounds in her chest but well, for the girl once known as Captain Buzzkill, this apparently counts as relaxing.

Jumar isn't getting drunk, but at least this time he isn't wielding a Dataslate with manifests, diagrams, or other Engineering things! He still doesn't approach the party though. That dancing looks… physical. Seemingly content to simply watch the others, Jumar relaxes on his rock. Niiiice rock.

Spinning really is a thing you do when you're sober. From dancing and bobbing around with Madelyn in his arms, Silas' right hand comes over to cover his mouth for a moment. "Ohgodthatwasabadidea." he says as he abruptly begins to break off. His mouth fills with something that he immediately swallows, sending shivers up his spine with furrowed brows before he lets out a grossed out sigh and looks over to Madelyn. "I'm gonna uh…" There's a quiet, muffled burp from Silas as he covers his mouth again with his balled up fist as he begins to step off towards some of the tents. "I'm gonna go lie down a bit… Have fun, Maddie." he says as he makes his way over and into the one of the tents- which results in a shoe begin thrown at him and a high pitch scream as he stumbles out with a, "Sorry, sorry." and moves into another, unoccupied one.

Madelyn's eyes go wide. "Oh god are you…" She looks around sheepishly, makes her apologies, and hurries off after Silas to go make sure he doesn't, like, die or something.

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