Day 007: So About the Other Night
Summary: Cole has some concerns he brings to Hanne regarding the night spent together
Date: 12 May 2016
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Cole Hanne 

Where the majority of the tents are located.
Day 7

So later on the evening of the seventh day, and after Cole had a heart to heart with Cookie, he let the advice that she offered him perculate in his head. It did make sense. Needed to stop worrying about stuff he doesn't know and just go and ask. So once the evening has set in, he goes looking for Hanne, without knowing if she even wants to see him or talk to him or what. As far as he knows, things were left on a somewhat good point? They had their night together, they talked, everything /seemed/ amicable. So why did he feel guilty? Maybe he just wants to be sure, because right now, he's not sure about a lot of things, and he did consider Hanne a friend, even before last night. So he goes in searching, even asking a couple of random teens if anyone's seen her. The thought occurs that maybe she's at his tent? Maybe she wanted to talk to him? He'll check back there as a last effort.

Hanne is actually not at Cole's tent, but at Grey's tent — or his former tent. Quinn and she have taken it over, and given Grey the boot, even if that wasn't their intentions. She is seated outside on what looks like a harvested cedar stump, working on repairing her shirt-turned-knapsack. Thread and needles are luxuries, but she's found ways to rip and retie the fabric. She looks up when Cole comes making his journey along the tents, and she offers him a small, Hanne-type smile. "Hey," she says, almost in the same monosyllabic greeting she gave him last time they saw each other.

Which is down the way from Cole's tent, but as he walks, he's able to pick her out from the rest of the crowd. For someone so quiet, she sure has good eyes. Eyes meeting, he walks down the way til he comes to a stop, not too far away from her. "Hey." he nods, then taking a look at the tent she's sitting in front of, raises a brow in speculation at the tent, then at her. "So…gonna go out on a fuckin limb an assume you two made up?" he asks, not accusatory. "I mean, if so, cool."

Hanne is a smart girl, she knows what assumption Cole is making. She looks over her shoulder at the tent behind her and then back at Cole. "Well, if by you two, you mean Quinn and me… yeah, we made up." She smiles a bit more fully at Cole, and then shakes her head. "Grey gave up his tent because we needed one… I guess we're friends again," she says in broad observation on her and Grey. "Or something along those lines."

Both brows raise at that. "Now that, wasn't something I expected on hearing. Didn't think you an Quinn would be on the best fuckin terms consider…y'know, the shit that's happened. But now I'm assumin an that ain't really my thing." he admit after a moment of thought. "Well, it's something I guess. But good, no need leaving shit messed if there isn't a way to fix it." Because he's all about fixing things. "So…Hanne.." a hand rubs at the back of his head. Not good at this stuff. "You…or..well, I just wanted to make sure you weren't mad at me or avoiding me or anything. I know people can think differently about shit the day after and I'm just coming to…make sure you're alright."

Hanne looks genuinely confused. "It isn't Quinn's fault that Grey liked her, or that Grey picked her first… so, why would I be mad at her?" Logic bomb dropped. Then she stops fussing with her shirt-bag as Cole starts to show all signs of nervous teenage boy. She tilts her head, brow arched. "I'm… fine, Cole." Her mouth tugs with a small frown. "Only been like a day… day and a half, right? I'm not avoiding you, or anything." Then she shakes her head. "Just processing everything."

"I guess maybe I'm reading too much into my own goddamn thoughts, then." Cole shrugs. "I was just a little worried, that's all. Or the shit about the wall is making me worry about everything going the-fuck-on." He doesn't look that comfortable. "Look, I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I took advantage of you anything. The more I thought about the idea that I migh've done something shitty, the more it bothered me. Didn't…want," a sight. "didn't want you to think less of me some shit." Idly he looks at his feet, toe of his shoe nudging a rock. "But, I came by to talk to you and ask you a couple things a Ee-Ess person might know. And if you'd want to hang out tomorrow during the feast. I mean…you don't have to if you don't /want/ to, I'm just saying /if/ you wanted to…" A hand goes in a pocket. "I don't know if you're into this stuff either but…here. Cheer you up since you've had a rough time of shit." He pulls out a simple necklace made out of thin vine, small fragments of metal fashioned by small bits of vine into something akin to a starburst.

"Cole, taking advantage of me suggests that I wasn't agreeable or understood what was happening… I was pretty much onboard for some casual sex." Hanne chews a bit at her inner cheek in a worrying gesture, watching Cole with thoughtful, if not slightly nervous eyes. Then he makes the offer, and produces the gift, and the little Nerd seems a bit disarmed. She takes it out of instinct, looking at it for a long moment. Then she looks back up at Cole. "Thank you," she says softly, and she offers him a small smile. Then she considers the feast, brushing her thumb across the pendant. "I was gonna do some work in the dropship, but I can probably come out for a little bit… to hang out."

"If you're wondering why I'm so fucking worried about it, it's most because I don't want to lose what I got left." Cole says, and there's real emotion out of that statement. Like he's trying hard to put up that 'tough mechanic' front. "And I just haven't felt like…anything is…going right. I just needed to know that I'm still on good terms with /someone/. And I like fuckin like you, Hanne. You've been a friend when I needed one. I just didn't want to fuck it up. Like with Mika." he explains. "An shit still hurts, just less so when it's with someone who doesn't mind talking to me." A look at the spot of dirt next to her. "Can I sit?"

Hanne shakes her head slightly. "I'm not really going anywhere, Cole." Beat pause, and she is looking at the necklace again. "But, I also hope you know that I'm not really looking for a… a boyfriend right now either." She looks up at him, her expression cautious. "You just got out of that thing with Mika, and I'm still kind of figuring out what the hell Grey is on about." She then nods for him to sit, drawing her knees up a bit to make space. "So, maybe… you're good with us just being friends?"

"No…I'm, Hanne." Cole shakes his head. "You're not some fuckin rebound kind of thing. That's why I'm here. You're a friend. An I respect you. That's what I'm saying." he says, pulling up a spot of ground to sit on next to her. "I didn't make that for you because I thought it'd get you in my tent an in your pants. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I wouldn't mind doing that again. As friends." he makes sure to point out. "I gave it to you because seeing upset or is like fuckin…well, just doesn't seem right. Just trying to help, that's all. I made it because I wanted to fuckin cheer you up. I know I just got out of shit with Mika. Anyone I'd get with so fuckin quickly would pretty much just be some of….ugh, I'm not that kind of fuckin person. So yeah…I'm good with friends, with the occasional sharing of tents." A shrug follows. "So long as you're good with that."

Hanne listens, her expression a bit apprehensive. Then she nods slowly with his words, though it is hard to say whether it is in agreement or not based on how slow it is. "Well, let's start with friends and see how the tent-sharing goes." She offers him a small smile. "I don't wanna rush into anything… and I think we both need to, you know, take things a day at a time." She then reaches to give his shoulder a gentle caress. "Not that I didn't have fun or enjoy it… just… don't know…"

"That's fine." Cole agrees. "And I was going to bring that up too. The sex was great…" he shrugs at that. "Not gonna lie, you're fuckin good in bed, but I don't want either of us getting into something that would cause one of us to get hurt. Especially so soon after all the shit we both went through. An shit, I don't want to hurt what we got, Hanne." There's a light chuckle at the last, and he lays his hand over her's, patting it. "I get it. It was fun. Let's just fuckin look at it from that perspective, eh?"

Hanne starts to smile then, and she offers a small nod. "Okay, we'll look at it that way then." Then she breathes out a slow exhale, rubbing at bit at her jaw. Then she gestures offhandedly. "I'm gonna go gather up some stuff in the woods for tomorrow, want to come with me? I found a pretty good berry patch a couple days ago…"

"I fuckin /love/ raspberries." Cole says, getting up to his feet. The issue about 'them' seems to be closed for the time being, putting the ball in Hanne's court when she wants to broach it again. He'll say nothing more on it. "I hope you like the necklace." he adds off-handedly. "But, let's go. And make sure I don't fuckin eat them all for myself."

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