Day 024: Someone's Got To
Summary: An honourable Grounder and a selfish delinquent discuss motives, threats, and Sky-culture.
Date: 17 June 2016
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Cassandra Tuan 

Front of the Gate — the Camp
24 Days After Landing

Tuan is not far beyond Cassandra when she walks off, his steps steady, almost stalking. "You are without honor," the man states to her retreating back. "Should you do anything to bring harm to those going because of your spite, I will personally make certain your suffering does not come to an end."

"I heard you the first time," says Cass, turning mid-stride to face Tuan anew with a swing of her arms. "Your threats mean shit to me. I am not a puppy that can be collared, nor a mule that can be reined. You want to stop me, make me." Yes, the scrawny girl with a banged-up forehead and loose-fitting clothes seriously just said that to the tall Grounder, and she pointedly splays her arms out in open invitation for an attack.

"You are not worth the dishonor of striking," Tuan states flatly towards Cassandra. "You have been given every opportunity to be something. From what I have been told by others of your tribe, this is a chance for your people to have a new beginning. And you have failed." He shakes his head slowly. "Just days ago I spoke to you, told you that you were selfish. Every passing moment you prove it truer and truer."

When her invitation is refused, the Skaigirl steps towards Tuan and raises a finger to his much taller chin. "You don't know me," she says in a low, incensed tone. "You don't know them. Not even Fiona. And I meant everything that I said. You will regret what you are doing. They are scum. I wasn't born a selfish bitch, I was taught to be one on the Ark. You don't know the Sky-people or the place we come from. I would rather die at the hands of your Clan than go back there, and that should tell you something. It should tell you something about the people up there on the parapets."

Tuan snorts, looking down at the girl. "You do not have to know someone, to know what their spirit is and what it is capable of." There's almost a moment of softness in Tuan's eyes for Cassandra then. "Were your spirit not worth something Kass An Dra, I would never speak to you. But you refuse to be who you could be." His eyes look up at the sky then. "I do not know, nor do I care, about what is to come with your people from above. I face what is in front of me." Now it is his turn to turn away, preparing to head back to the others but he does speak before doing so. "I am more ready to die to give your people a slim chance of living than you are to wish your people well on their journey. If you were not born selfish why do you choose to live selfish?"

Rolling her heavy brown eyes, the teenager turns away again, heading in the opposite direction. "Because someone's got to look out for little old me," Cass replies.

"That is all you do," Tuan responds towards Cassandra's back, snorting once again. "Do not interfere with this." With that he returns to the others.

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