Day 059: Son Of Khesu
Summary: Convalescing warriors and visitors are introduced to Khesu's infant son.
Date: 27th June 2016
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Healing House — Tondc, Trikru

The healing house of Tondc exists in a low structure with a rooftop balcony that had once been a walk-out basement of some old Earth building. It is accessed through a series of stairs down, and through a very wide door that might have, at one time, been made of sliding glass. Instead, is a pair of rolling doors that tuck alongside the inner wall, and are often left open to keep the room ventilated. Lights burn in this room throughout the day and night, providing a warm and comfortable glow. The high, narrow windows offer some light during the day, but are more there to be open to keep the air moving.

The room is well-organized, and divided with movable metal and wood walls into smaller spaces where needed. There is a large section of the room dedicated to sickbeds, where healers can easily circulate and tend to the ill and wounded. Other smaller rooms are meant for the crude Trikru surgery, or quieter places for the grievously injured or ill. At the back of the room, kept behind another series of dividers, is the healer stores of herbs and poultices, as well as bandaging and other tools.

Day 59

Pontus was up to sitting up. Why? Because the scout, while patient, bored easily of being inactive. As it was Galle let him sit up and… well… stay sitting up. That said he was playing cards with Kai, face still wrapped waiting for his broken jaw to stop plaguing him so he can… well get on with not talking to people. Rain was laying sideways in the bed he sat on, upside down, with her head almost on the floor. For a ten year old upside down is a great place to be. For a Warrior? Not so much.

Kai told Elias where to find her when he woke up. She knows he knows where the Healing House is, and that he had some trading to do in the market before he'd be by. So rather than cramp his style she decided to come play cards with Pontus. Because being bored and injured sucks. And it's an opportunity to at least show Rain what a non-technological based Skai-game looks like. Granted. She's gone with 'Go Fish' because damn if she knows how to play much, and at least that way Pontus could mostly hand-gesture.

Eventually Elias does catch back up, making his way into the healing hut. After a good bit of trading has been done out in the marketplace with those that would trade with him, he has managed to get well on his way to securing a couple of pony kegs worth of wheat beer and other odds and ends. Sometimes it just takes several trades and a little know-how to find something of value one person wants for the goal of the trade. This can take hours and sometimes days, of course, as one must converse and keep an ear and an eye out for who wants what and what might be valuable to whom. A well-deserved break is what he's taking now. The young man lifts a hand to wave first to Rain, but then he's regarding both Pontus and Kai. "Hey hey. Who's winning?"

Rain watched the game with nothing really better to do and honestly? It was her way to abate being worried and dealing with her family being gone and coming back mostly dead. She asked "<In Trigedasleng> How come you have so many cards with letters on them?" One eyebrow arched just a bit and to that? Pontus very very carefully took a sip of water and then tipped the glass slightly to pour some of the water on Ms. Upside-down, who in turned squealed. The act, while satisfying got the scout the dirtiest of looks from one of the healers. Apparently this was a 'place of rest'. Pontus looked at the woman like <I dunno what you're on about. I know nothing. She did it.» conveyed with a blink and a shrug of shoulders. Three fingers greet Elias in a half-wave and then point to Rain.

Kai smiles up at Elias as he arrives, nodding towards an empty chair,"Rain is." she agree's before chuckling at Rain's question,"<In Trigedasleng> Makes each different. Four kru's. Spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. A king, who is kind of the Heda.. queen his houmon, jack their son, and ten guards, numbered one through ten by the number of the colored spots on them."

Elias huffs out a short laugh, but still tries to keep it down for now because, as mentioned, this is a place of peace. He puts on his peace face. Making his way a bit further in, the young man finally does seat himself next to Kai in the empty chair. When the woman looks to him, he holds up his hands and gives her the 'not me' look. See? He just got here. Turning his own attention to the game then, he listens to Kai's explanation and nods. "<In Trigedasleng> I hope you lost nothing in this game save for pride," he intones with a light smirk on his lips.

Pontus arched an eyebrow ridge at Elias and pointed with four fingers at the current wound and snerked. Pride? Not a lot of that back yet. There was a faint smile on the better side of his face. There was a nod though to Kai grasping the concept quick enough and looked at his cards holding a single finger up and then a thumbs up and thumbs down. Was 1 considered high or low?

Kai says, "<In Trigedasleng> High." Kai informs Pontus,"And no, nothing riding on it, Eli." she folds up her own cards to offer for him to take over her hand with a small smile,"Pontus got shot in the face, he's under orders not to talk or Galle's going to make sure his suffering's worse." she leans over to plant a kiss on his cheek with a smile,"He and Starling are also going to be living together once we rebuild Coesbur. How'd the trading go? You get what you need for the party?""

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes, he was so talkative before. This must be torture." Does sarcasm translate in Trigedasleng? Elias tries to add a little bit of levity there, though a sympathetic look is given to Pontus. "<In Trigedasleng> Is there anything I can get you?" There's still some stuttering and careful thought with the words as right now he's speaking a sentence at a time. Still, he's making great headway into being completely fluent. Leaning then, he returns Kai's kiss with a smile to her. He nods to her regarding Pontus and Starling, humming to himself. "<In Trigedasleng> Good. The trading goes well. Many hours spent listening, talking. Barter is…" Elias thinks for a moment before finally switching back to English. "Subjective."

Rain was still upside down (slightly damp) and grinned to Elias pulling herself up "<In Trigedasleng> Aww Pontus he knows you." Her grin went from ear to ear looking to Kai (her student, let her tell you) and said "He asked Starling to be his houmon. I can't wait for the barbecue." She looked to Pontus and reached over to take his glass and go get water before he could flick a pinecone at her. There was a nod though. Elias's story, however, got most of his attention.

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes." Kai agrees with Eli with a smirk at Pontus before nodding for the Skaiboy's words,"A barbecue?" she's trying to picture it, but settles for asking instead,"<In Trigedasleng> It is good. You and Starling. I am happy for you both." the Second offers with a broad smile.

Elias tries not too laugh too loudly at Rain, using one hand to cover up his mouth briefly. Still, the prospect of a barbecue does catch his attention and his eyebrows lift. "<In Trigedasleng> Congratulations," he intones to Pontus with a nod before shifting his eyes to Kai once again. "<In Trigedasleng> We should hunt hog," he suggests with a gesture towards the outside in general. "<In Trigedasleng> Roast it in onions. Hopefully everyone heals well and that the next assault goes well." Looking thoughtful, he turns to Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> I must speak with Oxfor to find where Coesbur will be. Much wood will be needed and…" Again, he's forced to switch back to English. "I need to do an environmental survey just to plan for harvesting trees. We'll want to have as little impact on wildlife and game trails as possible with the rebuilding."

Pontus looked at the two of them and gave them a solemn nod. It was a gesture of respect or gratitude or I'll be claiming your heart now. As they weren't enemies, or there was no order the latter might be glossed over. At Elias' definition he set his cards down and held both hands out indicating huge boar. and with a agreeable nod let Elias voice his mission about homesteading new area.

"<In Trigedasleng> Very mean. They are. Large. Violent. Need a very good archer, or to get very lucky. But for Pontus and Starling, we can try." Kai says with a glance towards Pontus, then an arch of her brow for Eli,"<In Trigedasleng> In the same place, wont we?" she asks mostly of Pontus, only to furrow her brows at Eli,"I.. helping is good, but I don't.. think? You need to ask the steheda's permission to fulfill your promise to Benning? And I.." she scratches her head and then elects to go ahead with,"The way you say that makes it sound as if you're planning on trying to plan the new village for them Eli, and I love you, but somehow I don't think the steheda would be too keen on that."

Benning arrives at the healing hut, a little stiff from her ride back with the delegation but otherwise in good health. She does happen to have a basket of herbs that she collected from the deep forest in her time at the site and is donating them to the healing house. When she enters, she looks over and is surprised to see her friends. Pontus gets an extra worried look because he appears to be injured. She missed the initial assault on the mountain so she's rather out of the loop on what happened.

"<In Trigedasleng> Giant boar," Elias says in response to Pontus' pantomiming. The young man chuckles quietly before puffing his cheeks out and drawing his hands as far apart as they'll go. Returning to normal quickly enough then, he nods his head. "<In Trigedasleng> It will happen. I need to learn to hunt." He grimaces briefly before once again shifting his attention to Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Oh, I do not, but I do not know where the site will be. If there is anyone else with the knowledge, I will get to work." Laughing then, he shakes his head. "Not planning the village, no. Just an environmental survey to get an idea of where and what to harvest without screwing up game trails and local wildlife. The Trikru pay close attention to these things and I have the means to help."

"Hei Benning!" this called by Kai accompanied by the raise of her stitched together left hand,"Hunting is difficult. I mostly stick to snares. And fishing. Fish are dumber than deer." she chuckles, then dips her head for Eli's words,"Okay." she agrees,"And as far as I know we're going to rebuild in the same place. But well, that's up to the steheda.. and likely not going to be known until after the Mountain is destroyed and we can return to the village safely."

Pontus wasn't injured so much as he was about taken alive at close range with a large caliber weapon to the head. It did not improve his situation much and like last time, he came home from kru-wars and was glued back together with string and hope. Aaaagain. They were playing cards and Rain was sprawled on the foot of the bed Pontus was sitting on trying his damnedest to remember not to try to do anything important (like stand up or operate heavy machinery). There was a glance with the good eye to Benning and an inclination of his head. Rain smiled brightly, "<In Trigedasleng> Benning, you're back! Where's Gideon?" It was at the question Pontus made a fist with his hand in that scout signal of <stop moving and stop talking>. Out of reflex she didn't say anything but looked confused.

Kai's calling out to Benning draws Elias' attention over to the girl as well. He smiles at her and lifts a hand to wave to her. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello, Benning. How are you?" While his pronunciation isn't perfect, he seems to be picking up the language rather quickly. Once again, he looks to Kai and nods his head to her. "<In Trigedasleng> Well, it will just have to wait, then." As soon as Pontus speaks up, Elias is tempted to stop him himself, but stops himself from saying anything. The healers have this under control. He does look to Benning for her answer, though.

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes, I came back with the delegation," Benning tells both of them with a smile, "I'm a little stiff from traveling." She gives a smile at Rain and tells her, "<In Trigedasleng> I don't know Rain, we haven't seen each other in the last few weeks but I will let her know you're looking when I see her." She nods to the basket she handed over, "<In Trigedasleng> I managed to find quite a few things for the healing house on the trip. It will be good for our warriors. Also, I have been making arrows in preparation for the assault on the mountain."

Kai can't help the small wince when Rain innocently asks her question, but Pontus has it in hand and Benning's giving an answer too. There's a nod from her for Elias,"Pontus took a bullet to the face.. and a few other places, so he's not allowed to talk at the moment. But it will be needed.. there was over a hundred." though those left in the healing house at this point are possibly shrinking,"<In Trigedasleng> Shooting with my hand still hurt was bad." she grimaces,"Pull up a chair." there's a nod from her as she reaches over to squeeze Eli's leg,"I'll need your help to build a house for us, too. Aside from not knowing what the hell I'm doing, if you're going to spend part of the time there, you get to pitch in."

Pontus looked to Kai and made a throwing motion, and then with his hands in sort of a gesture of explosion let one hand fall to the ground. Apparently the action was quite a thing. To look over his shoulder hi moved at the torso instead of the neck. His jaw was having none of that. In the clear he took a very patient time mumbling between broken jaw and clenched teeth, "<In Trigedasleng> Saw… sister." He pointed to Benning and said "<In Trigedasleng> Soon. Mess…" He tried again. He didn't like to complain but it was even evident that it hurt like hell. "…age." He sighed. Talking shouldn't wipe one out. An open hand gestured to a chair for her giving her a quizzical look and pointing to her. that was an inferred inquiry as to how she was faring.

"Yeah, you'd said as much," Elias says to Kai, nodding to the woman. As far as Gideon goes, he stays out of that for now. He does look to Benning and lifts his brows, though. "<In Trigedasleng> If you like, I can get a message to her." Oh, they days will be glorious when he can get himself a horse. These trips are so long. With that said, though, he looks once again to Kai and smiles a bit. He lays a hand on Kai's and nods his head. "Of course. I'm going to spend a lot of time working around Que, I think. I may be able to pick up a few things from him." When Pontus speaks up, he winces and gives him one of those 'you really shouldn't be doing that' looks.

Khesu has been asleep on a bedding pallet quietly along one wall. The voices don't bother him. With plenty of mead and willow bark tea to help with pain, he sleeps a lot since coming back from the Mountain. When he finally rouses, he rolls over onto his back and dimly begins to become aware of the voices in here. The left side of his face remains a horribly swollen mess, his left eye covered along with the gun shot wound to his left brow with a clean bandage. Galle's been checking on him regularly. Khesu's other gun shot wounds are coming along quite well by comparison after Sev had dig out the bullets and cauterized arm and chest. The dark haired and bearded warrior turns his head and pushes himself up on one elbow to better see with his one good right eye who is up and about in here.

Benning gives Kai an understanding nod, "<In Trigedasleng> I too have to rebuild once the mountain has seen to. I had a chance to look at the new site and get an idea on where I might want to put my shop but nothing more than just a walk through." She pauses as Pontus tries to communicate and takes the seat offered, "<In Trigedasleng> Oh no…Pontus…don't talk. My sister's message can wait." She doesn't want the injured man to hurt himself, "<In Trigedasleng> And I am well." She gives a little smile, "<In Trigedasleng> Better than well. And Elias, thank you for the offer but I am fine. I'm not sure what message or need my sister would have of me." She looks over and sees her injured uncle and then gives greeting, "<In Trigedasleng> Uncle…how do you fare?" Yes, it's his niece greeting him.

"<In Trigedasleng> New site?" Kai asks of Benning, her eyes sliding briefly towards Pontus, where he gets winces, she just gives him a baleful look to go with,"Remember what Galle said.." by way of warning him. Khesu stirring merits Elias getting nudged with a nod in the warrior's direction,"Hei Khesu, you're awake again." before returning her attention to Benning,"<In Trigedasleng> You will have help. There will be much to build.. but a new site? We are not going to return to the old one?"

Pontus took a deep breath and stubbornly acquiesced. At Kai's chiding he put a finger to his lips clearly conveying <well then don't tell her>. He looked between she and Benning each as Niece went to greet her uncle. He answered the question on the table making a gesture suggesting things deteriorating. Maybe there was nothing left.

Khesu's stirring does draw Elias' attention after a fashion, though around the time that Kai points out that the warrior is awakening. Rising from his chair, he reaches out to give Kai's shoulder a squeeze before leaving the seat to pour some water for Khesu from one of the pitchers. "<In Trigedasleng> You know where the new site is, Benning? Would you help me look at the area to plan where to harvest trees?" This is directed at the fletcher, his eyes on her briefly. With the water poured into the cup, he takes it over to Khesu and leans down to help him with it. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello, my friend. Water." Depending on what condition Khesu is in, he'll either hand him the water or help him tip it back to his lips. No, he isn't going to ask how he's doing. That much is fairly evident.

Benning gets a touch of a smile out of Khesu for his niece. He pushes himself up the rest of the way to sit up and put his bare feet down to the floor. No getting up right away. Sit there and let the pressure change in his aching head ease before he does anything else. It makes him dizzy to rise too quickly. "<In Trigedasleng> I am alive. That is enough, for now." He turns his one good eye on Kai and Elias and gives them a slow up nod. Then Khesu carefully gets up from his cot to make his way over closer to where the others are gathered. He can find a new place to take a seat - where he can give his friend Pontus a good serious eye balling with his one good eye. You behaving yourself?

Elias's offered cup is accepted. Khesu can feed and water himself, tyvm. "Mochef."

Benning nods to Elias, "<In Trigedasleng> Yes…I was with those that looked over the new site while we were visiting." She pauses and then adds, "<In Trigedasleng> There are many that do not wish to return to the shadow of the moutain, so I hear they consider some areas between Tondc and Camp Jaha." She gives a shrug of her shoulder before there is not much for her to decide. She only gave her opinion as a maker, "<In Trigedasleng> I actually can not stay my friends. I only came here to deliver the herbs but later, I will make a dinner, will you all come?"

As the noon sun flickers in and out of clouds, the door to the Healing House opens once more and a figure slips inside. Sage is dressed as if training is about to start or has just ended, in leathers with a staff in one hand. Around her upper body is a carrying sling, with a small child resting it's head just over her heart. The child seems awake, sucking on a tiny fist while the other hand tries to reach up for one of Sage's braids. The woman pauses as she tries to see who and what is going on.

"<In Trigedasleng> Closer? That is good news." Kai can't help but give a smile for Benning's words, her attention shifting up to the unknown to her girl just coming in even as she remarks aside to Pontus,"The more you rest, the sooner you will be back on your feet. Yeh? Or am I going to have to march without you for once?" oh yeh, the Second's smirk is broad as she looks towards the puzzle man, comfortable enough in the presence of Khesu and Pontus to rest her hand on Elias' knee.

Elias relinquishes the cup readily to Khesu, offering the man a nod of his head in return. He does wince a bit at his injuries, looking him over briefly. Still, he doesn't deign to make a big deal out of it. No reason to draw more attention to the wounded than they want. "<In Trigedasleng> The important thing is that there is rebuilding, but it is good that it is closer. It will make my work easier." Looking to Kai once more, he smiles over at the girl. "You know you should rest up too," he tells her, nodding. "But you won't. Think there's anything I can get to help people recovering? I might be able to scrounge up another deck of cards."

"Is there anything to eat?" Khesu rumbles. He takes a sip of the water Elias had given him and his gaze, such as it was, had followed Benning. As if he wanted to speak with her but she's slipped away too quickly. So he abides patience. Sage's arrival draws his focus and he smiles a little at seeing her come in before he speaks low once more, "Elias … once the Mountain is taken, will your people relocate there?" It is surely a premature question but Khesu thins his mouth ere he adds, "For all I dislike it, it will provide food and supplies for the winter that your people lack." As do his own, but damned if the Trikru of Coesbur would ever consider it.

Silver eyes are watching Elias and in some ways Kai, but the later seems more like a Trikru in dress at least. The former is clearly keeping Sage's attention as if he's a puzzle that she needs to figure out very quickly. With the child in her arms, she does not come near the group just yet but holds the baby closer as her eyes move to find the one person she seems to know; Khesu. The smile causes a blink, but is slowly answered with one of her own as she moves carefully to stop by his chair. Without questioning she is clearly trying to figure out the conversation and arches an eyebrow at Khesu.

"More herbs for pain management are always good." Kai suggests to Eli with a dip of her head,"But I'm fine, especially compared to these two." then there's Khesu's inquiry and her mobile expression flits through a lip curled snarl before settling into the most neutral grimace that she can manage as she presses her lips together as thinly as she can manage. She has an opinion on that idea, clearly, for all that she finds fit to not add anything verbally on the topic.

Pontus faded in and out which was fun. That's what the beaten at were here for. On the question of taking the mountain Pontus arched one tattooed eyebrow ridge in his bunk coming back to a bit. That was a curious sentiment there but he said nothing on the issue. Mainly because he really couldn't but also because he couldn't. Well. nice to know he's not terribly inconvenienced right now, and ain't that a thing!

With a look to Khesu, Elias furrows his brows at the man a moment. "Oh, I can't speak for everyone. I will be relocating so I can be nearer to Kai, personally, but I have been doing what I can to keep up with the food demand. I may need to get a little more…inventive. You saw I can grow through the winter, though. There will be supplies. Though you may not like it, I could also grow more soy and…you know rice? There are things I can grow if I can get a good hydroponic farm started as well." He pauses a moment before clearing his throat. "Growing using only water, a fertilizer solution, and false sun. I will be working hard on it for everyone." Taking a breath then, he splays his fingers. "Uh…less words. I will do everything that I can. I'm pretty good at it. It's what I learned to do instead of beat the shit out of people." A grin forms on his face then before his gaze ticks over to Silver finally. "Hey, Silver. How goes it?" He moves back over towards Kai to lean over and press a kiss to her forehead. "It's not a contest. All of you need to be resting. You need work done, let me know. Fetching things…whatever. I'll be here at least another day trading."

Elias ticks his attention over to Sage as the woman eyes him and, politely, Elias dips his head in a nod to her. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello. I am Elias kom Skaikru. It's good to meet you." It's one of the first things he learned in the language, so he executes it pretty flawlessly.

Kai makes the most interesting facial expressions and though he has only one good eye to see her, Khesu watches her. He might possibly look vaguely both curious as to what she would say if she would say it, and amused. Elias gains a nod from him, "People who hunger in winter for lack of crops will not mind to eat grains or legumes." Khesu does not know this word, 'hydroponics' but he can wait and see what Elias does. To Sage he simply sets his cup aside and raises his hands - silently daring to ask her for something she has that needs no words.

Sage looks between Elias and then Khesu, but the later holds her attention for a few moments as she slowly slides the baby from the sling around her chest. A little tugging as the baby does not want to let go of her braid and finally the child moves his attention to Khesu's bread and goes to grab it instead. Sage watches to make sure Khesu holds him right and then she turns back to Elias, silence and then she speaks in a deep husky toned voice, a hint of a natural growl might be heard. "Skaikru? You will forgive me, I learned of your people yesterday. I am Sage kom Trikru.."

"You're not going to do something dumb like move out into the woods by yourself, are you Eli?" at least that's Kai's opinion on it, delivered after he leans over to press a kiss to her forehead,"It's not a contest. I'm not injured like they are. So I do my job." her gaze shifts to Khesu with a slight nod of her head for his words before her attention goes to Sage, dipping her head in acknowledgment before introducing herself with,"Kai kom Trikru, this is my niron, Eli kom Skaikru."

The infant Sage hands over to him is maybe 3 or so months old and has dark hair with a hint of bronze skin like Khesu's. He carefully accepts the baby but as he's never held one before, Sage is going to have to take a moment to make sure his hands and arm are placed to give the child the support it needs. The injured Trikru warrior knows little or nothing of infants but Khesu tries to be very careful as he holds the child and doesn't seem to mind at all, though he is faintly surprised, when the infant grabs his beard and pulls! Such a grip!

Pontus watched this and gave Kai a hard look. He looked to Sage and the baby and then Khesu arching an eyebrow gauging their reaction on her declarations. Say what one will about the Scout but he tended to like his village Skai Free and wasn't quite certain about the changes on the wind. Hell people were visiting and that too was weird to him. That he could not do much about so instead he laid down on his good side with arm tucked under head watching the infant give Khesu's beard hell.

He's one of those crazy scientist creatures, Elias is. He nods his head again to Khesu and offers the man a thin smile. To Sage, he lifts his brows and then breaks into a wide, friendly smile as she hands the baby to Khesu. "<In Trigedasleng> You don't need to speak Gonasleng if you do not wish," he tells her, holding up a hand. "<In Trigedasleng> Oh, this must be strange for you, then. No apology needed, but do not be…" He snaps his fingers, trying to find the word. Finally, he switches back to Gonasleng briefly. "Don't hesitate to ask questions." To Kai then, he exhales a soft laugh. "Mm. I have not plans to live in the woods alone. I would be something's meal within a week, I imagine. No, I have set the Ark up so that the farm can run without me mostly. I will probably stay in Coesbur so long as people want me there once the work's done." Looking over to Pontus then, realizing he's been briefly forgotten, he cranes his neck to the man, looking at him with concern and clearly to ask silently whether or not he needs anything.

Sage gently holds the child's head and reaches for one of Khesu's before she shows him how to cradle the tiny body in his arms. A small chuckle comes from the woman when his bread is pulled, and her serious features turn into something much more interesting. A soft stroke of the baby's cheek and her eyes find Khesu's, "Just rock him a little and he will let go of the bread, he just has something for fingers and dark hair.." Her voice is soft and calm, while clearly hold unnamed emotions. But then she has to be polite and tears her eyes from the pair, but moves to stand close, just in case. "kom Trikru?" This question is asked of Kai and it's very clear Sage is confused. "I have clearly lost much time. It will take awhile to figure out what has come from the sky…" There is a blink as Coesbur is mentioned. "Did something happen at Coesbur?" Because she knows it is not very close to what they traveled by.

Kai settles her eyes on Pontus, and something closes in her expression at the way he looks at her, going flat and cold. There's a grunt of acknowledgment for Eli's words to her before her gaze shifts over to Sage, the grey-eyed girl rising to her feet stiffly,"<In Trigedasleng> Yes." is the first answer she gives,"<In Trigedasleng> I am Wren's Second. And the Mountain destroyed Coesbur. I believe I am needed elsewhere." offered with as much politeness as she can manage, her bad hand gripping Elias' shoulder briefly as she moves to step away.

"Kai…" Khesu rumbles to see if he might pause her just one moment before she might depart.

Khesu then looks to Pontus, "<In Trigedasleng> I should like you both to meet my son. My late Houmon's, Lila's and my son." Still being very careful, he tries to shift the baby so they can better see the infant's face, "I need to name him. Sage found Lila … but she passed in child birth. The Reapers and the Mountain did not get her." Despite his grief to have her death confirmed, Khesu is also relieved that her end did not include cannibalism or torture. The bright eyed infant looks healthy.

Anger, quick and passionate blooms in Sage's eyes. That natural growl that rides along her voice, starts deep in her throat. But Khesu is speaking and mentioning the baby, so for now she just balls her fingers in her palms and very carefully takes a seat next to Khesu and the baby. It seem the later is what is keeping her rage in tact at that moment.

<FS3> Khesu rolls Alertness-2: Good Success. (7 7 1 6 8 4)

Whatever is passing between Pontus, Kai, and Sage to cause Sage's anger, Khesu has missed. He pauses and frowns, trying to look at each in them in turn and decipher whatever passed among them that might cause anger.

Pontus looked to Kai and with two fingers pointed to her and then the ground. Apparently that was his take on it whatever that meant. At Khesu's news though the tenacious scout forced himself to a sit with a sharp wince. Okay that was dumb to do but it worked. The good and bloodshot eye focused on the child. Whatever his feelings were on anything else seem to be getting cached for a while and he blinked. Discomfort aside he murmured carefully, "…ideas?"

Elias nods in acknowledgement to Kai's words towards Sage, gesturing to her. "<In Trigedasleng> No one was caught in Coesbur when it happened from what I am told." This is added to Kai's words, who he gives a curious look as she squeezes his shoulder and moves to leave. "Everything okay?" he asks her, brows furrowing. He moves his arm to touch touch his hand lightly to her hip. His eyes are on Sage again as well, though, as that look of anger flashes over her. He nods his head in acknowledgement, but doesn't say anything. Instead, he looks back to Kai curiously once more.

While much of his attention is on his Niron, Elias looks over to Khesu as he introduces his son. He doesn't interrupt, but he does give him a sad sort of look. One that moves to Kai where his eyes tighten at the corners in a brief squint as if trying to discern what's going on with her without asking.

"<In Trigedasleng> A fine strong child for you, Khesu kom Trikru.. bittersweet blessings." Kai offers with a dip of her head to the warrior, her fingers reaching briefly to the child before her gaze shifts to Sage,"<In Trigedasleng> These two helped make it so the Mountain can never send fire again. But the warband gathers to finish it so that we may rebuild in peace." the emphasis there is deliberate, for all that she doesn't elect to look at Pontus again and her shoulders are stiff,"My first family combined my parents names to name me. My second family prefers the names of birds. Yes, Eli. Simply that I have work to do. I will see you later." and it seems that the grey-eyed girl is going to prowl off for the moment.

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