Day 049: Sondauna
Summary: As the captive Reapers go into cardiac arrest, a medical team struggles to save them.
Date: 17 July 2016
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The Brig, Camp Jaha
A nearly-empty room, shut off from the rest of the station by clear doors.
49 Days After Landing

A 'seizing Reaper' sounds scary enough. But when you actually see it, it's something else entirely. The two Reapers were strapped down tightly to gurneys, and still are, but now they are arching their backs, twitching and grasping. Their cuffs keep their hands together, but they are still biting and snapping, yelling aloud. There are four Guards in the cell, shock batons out, and Anna Li crouches over one of them, trying to stay out of range of hands and teeth. When the two Med-Techs arrive, she gestures over to the other, "I can only tend to one at a time. They're seizing, advanced withdrawal symptoms. I think we're losing them."

Silver usually changes between Trikru clothing and her Ark things depending on where she's working, but a call that the Reapers are seizing doesn't really allow for time to change. She comes running, rolling up the sleeves of the shirt Starling made for her and tying her hair back with a spare piece of cloth. "So what are our options?" she asks the doctor, moving toward the other patient.

The Reapers going into convulsions was hardly unexpected so Morgan doesn't look at all shocked or surprised when he steps into the cell. "Well, that would suck." All that work capturing them for nothing. "Do we have anything we can give them that would act as a substitute?"

"Doing anything we can to keep them alive, Miss Kennedy." It would be patently unfair to say that Doctor Li is anxious, but she has certainly lost some of the teacher-voice in favor of a brusque efficiency. She has a bag open beside her, obviously diagnostics and tools from medbay, "Even if we knew exactly what it was, we don't have time to synthesize it. Just keep him alive."

Silver gives the Reaper on the gurney a flat look, then looks back to Li, going through a list in her head. "Well we can't free up their limbs, they're not going to hit anything, we're probably out of anti-convulsants…" She looks to Morgan, then back to the Reaper. "Could turn the gurney over so they don't vomit and aspirate?"

That's going to be easier said than done. Giving Silver a nod, Morgan steps over to the one Li's not working on and just kind of looks at it. "That would probably help. IV to keep them hydrated? If they don't pull it out. Adrenaline? It might mimic the effects of the amphetamines. And help keep their hearts going."

Li is focused on her own Reaper, leaving the second to the two Med-Techs. 'Their' Reaper is arching and grabbing, snarling at the two leaning over him. He actually starts to foam at the mouth, twisting and turning back and forth on the gurney.

Morgan spends 1 luck points on Live little Reaper, live..
<FS3> Morgan rolls Medicine+3: Success. (6 6 4 5 3 2 7 3 1 3 1 6 2)
<FS3> Silver rolls Medicine: Good Success. (6 1 5 1 7 7 7 4 4)

"I don't think it'll act quick enough to help," Silver grimaces to Morgan, moving to one side of the gurney and giving it a look. "Help me turn this thing onto its side, at least he won't choke on the foam. Plus we can use the back of the gurney to help shield us while we get an IV in. Or try to. At least maybe we won't get bitten that way."

Morgan nods and helps Silver turn the gurney onto its side. "I was afraid of this once we saw the cocktail they were given. Any chance of bringing them back is only going to work on the most recently changed ones." Like their people which was pretty much the point but any fresh Grounders too. "Putting the IV into the neck will probably work best. Less thrashing around."

The gurney clatters as the Reaper thrashes about, but the two medtechs manage to get it down on its side. Li gives them a glance, but then is back to her own work as her Reaper arches once more, grasping futilely at her leg, and then shudders and collapses. "He's going into full arrest!" Even as she calls that out, the second Reaper shudders against his restraints, and then slumps against them, his right hand still twitching and trying to grasp even as the rest of the Reaper's body goes still.

One of the Guards runs out of the room, "I'm on the IV!" She goes running straight out of the brig and up the corridor toward the infirmary.

Silver shrugs out of her jacket, wrapping it around her arm as she looks to Morgan. "I'll hold if you want to put in the IV," she says to the other tech, just as the reaper starts to slump. "Come on, no," she mutters, kneeling behind the gurney and switching into Trigedasleng. "<In Trigedasleng> Your journey isn't over yet, stay with us here just a little bit longer. You're so close."

"Shit." Morgan looks to Li even as he starts over toward her bag. "Defibrillator?" He's not packing one and assumes Silver isn't either so it's her or nothing. "We should concentrate our efforts on the most viable one, probably." Whichever one that is is going to get zapped first.

Li has actually climbed on top of the first Reaper on the gurney, her hands laced together as she provides CPR to the Reaper she's tending. There's just the one defibrillator in the bag, a small little handheld unit. The second Reaper is still now, his hand not even grasping, just sagged against his restraints, foam drooling out of one side of his mouth.

"I don't know how viable either of them in, Morgan, but CPR's going over there," Silver calls over her shoulder, leaning over the gurney to get a look at theirs. "And this one's gone quiet." She leans in to check for a pulse, though at least the foam's draining instead of going into his airway. Small mercies.

"Get its shirt open." Morgan says as he pulls the unit out of Li's bag. "Do you have any adrenaline in there, Li?" he asks, not taking the time to start rummaging through it and instead going over to the Reaper. "Let's get the gurney upright again. On three." Once that's done, and Silver is clear, the Reaper's getting zapped.

This is perhaps the worst moment for Lexa kom Trikru to enter the Guard Station, her faithful Gustus behind her and flanked by two Skaikru guard. She stops almost dead in her tracks when she stares through the transparent doors into the brig. Her eyes widen just a moment, and then she is advancing to the doors in a series of quick steps. "What are you doing!"

The query for adrenaline causes Li to shake her head, sensible pony-tail whipping behind her, "None made it down." She grunts as she continues pumping on the Reaper's chest, stopping a moment to feel for a pulse, "Non-responsive!" The gurney is heavy to turn back up onto its wheels, but eventually relents.

While those inside the brig are far too busy working — or staring in the case of the three Guards, one of the ones outside with Lexa explains, "It's called CPR. For restarting the heart."

"They're people, Morgan, not 'it'," Silver mutters as she helps to push the gurney back up, quickly risking a jacket-wrapped hand to try to clear the last of the foam from the reaper's mouth before he can wake back up. Once that's done, she pulls his shirt open, stepping back just in time to see Lexa. "Crap." Stepping back from the gurney, she holds up her hands and nods to Morgan. She's all clear.

Not any more. But Morgan's not going to argue the point. Once the gurney is back up, he picks up the defibrillator again. "Charging. Clear." And then he zaps the Reaper and steps back. "Charging. Check for a pulse." He casts a quick glance over to the door but looks then back to the Reaper. Without adrenaline, he's not placing any bets.

<FS3> Morgan rolls Medicine: Good Success. (4 1 3 1 8 8 4 4 2 7)
<FS3> Silver rolls Medicine: Good Success. (1 5 4 7 2 6 6 8 5)
<FS3> Orion rolls 14: Good Success. (7 3 4 1 1 8 1 5 1 6 3 7 5 6)

Gustus looks as if he's on the brink of breaking through the doors, hulking behind Lexa. The Commander is watching with searching eyes, and her lips peel back over her teeth slightly. "It does not appear to be working!" That is not at all a friendly statement as she watches what is happening. "What did you do that caused their hearts to stop?" The question is posed sharply, and in a voice of absolute authority.

"I'll tell you… when I'm done… saving this one." Li has a similar tone to her voice as the Commander, for all that their voices have different timbers and pitches. She continues working on the Reaper's chest, "Come on… beat."

The second Reaper arches and twitches under the influence of the paddles, but thus far just falls back to the gurney. There is, thus far, no pulse.

"Their body ran out of whatever the Mountain put in them," Silver summarizes, stepping back to the gurney to check for a pulse before she shakes her head to Morgan and moves away again. "It's so used to having it that it doesn't want to work without it, so they started to shut down. We're trying to make them work without it again. If it works, then maybe they can be themselves again." At least all the practice with Trigedasleng has gotten her used to working around unfamiliar words.

Morgan steps in to shock it again. "Apply manual compression." he says, increasing the charge on the unit that it'll deliver. "Ever see someone who always drank too much alcohol try to stop?" he asks without looking at Lexa. "This is much worse."

"<In Trigedasleng> Do you not see what they are doing, heda?" Gustus's fingers flex, hand gripping his weapon. The guards take notice, stiffening. One even carefully reaches for his shock baton, but does not draw it. "<In Trigedasleng> This is what Indra feared… that they would cause more harm than good. We have seen this before… they die every time, but now they are just trying to prolong their pain. Are you really going to allow them to continue this?"

Gustus's insolence is met with a sharp, angry look from Lexa. "<In Trigedasleng> I am giving the Skaikru's kruheda a chance to prove to me that it can be done… I will wait." Her eyes narrow slightly, even as Gustus's jaw works in frustration. She listens to Silver's words, and the Commander nods her head slightly. "And if they cannot be without it?" Her gaze cuts to Morgan, and her expression darkens a touch.

<FS3> Silver rolls Medicine: Good Success. (2 6 4 8 7 3 7 5 5)
<FS3> Morgan rolls Medicine: Success. (3 6 2 6 5 6 6 3 8 3)
<OOC> Orion says, "Li spends a luck point…"
<FS3> Orion rolls 17: Great Success. (6 7 3 7 2 5 4 8 5 1 5 7 4 8 5 6 2)

Li lets the members of the One Hundred explain the situation, keeping up her compressions. She glances over as Morgan shocks the second Reaper again, then leans forward, checking the neck of the first, "I've got something. Thready and weak." She climbs off the Reaper, "Hit him, quick." Holding her hands back to show that she's clear. Only then does she look over to the watchers, "Then they die. But they're going through withdrawals now. So if they survive, they should be clean."

The Second Reaper, however, is still non-responsive, no pulse to be found.

Silver listens to what she can catch of the conversation, though she doesn't respond to the parts in Trigedasleng. At Morgan's call, she steps back in to apply compressions as he's called over to the other patient. She counts as she goes, under her breath, glancing over to the other reaper.

Morgan looks over at Li and nods. "And even if they don't, it'll teach us something so we can better help the ones who haven't been changed as long." Taking the device over to the other Reaper, he makes sure Li is clear then shocks it. "This has always been about learning so we have a chance to help the most recently affected Reapers."

<FS3> Morgan rolls Medicine: Great Success. (7 3 4 4 1 7 5 8 3 7)

Gustus stands behind Lexa, his jaw working. The warrior remains silent, though his rage is impossible to mask.

Lexa's brows arch ever so slightly when Li announces she has something. Her eyes narrow slightly, her suspicion obvious. But there is also something there — curiosity. Her hand finds the hilt of her sword, but it is merely where she braces her hand — no real threat there. She waits now to see how this unfolds.

Li nods to Morgan, "Go." The Reaper strains against his bonds when he's hit with the defibrillator, and then slumps down. Li immediately steps close, checking his pulse, "Yes, I have a pulse. Well done, Mister Blackwood. Miss Kennedy, let's see what we have over there." And she starts to move around to the second Reaper, noting to Morgan, "Keep his airways clear…" because there's the first Reaper, gasping for a breath. The second, unfortunately… is dead.

Silver shakes her head slightly as Li comes over, though she doesn't stop compressions yet. "I don't think he's going to make it," she says quietly, frustration clear in her voice. She moves over long enough to let Li confirm her take on things before looking back to the one who's at least got a pulse with a glimmer of hope.

"Got it." Morgan agrees, getting the necessary equipment out of Li's bag. Placing the mask over the Reaper's nose and mouth, he adjusts the valve then starts bagging it. "Now's a good time for that IV."

Li shakes her head at Silver's words, touching her shoulder to stop the compressions with one hand and reaching past the younger woman to feel for a pulse with the other. "No. He's not going to make it. You did well though." And then she's focusing back on the first Reaper. Moments after the mask goes over the man's face, his eyes open, and he groans, struggling just a touch at his bonds. It's not the frantic motions of before, however, and he actually speaks, quietly, weakly, "<In Trigedasleng> Where am I?"

The Commander continues to watch as this goes on, expression oblique. Her eyes narrow ever so slightly, only to widen when those words are spoken. She glances to Gustus, who is staring in shock. Then she steps forward. "I should speak with him! He will not know who you are." The young woman looks sharply to the guards. "Open the doors," she says, voice sharp with authority.

"Right. IV." There was a guard outside who was going to get one. Opening the door means letting the Commander in, though. Silver is totally not making that call. At Li's touch, she moves away from the dead Reaper, heading over toward the living. "<In Trigedasleng> You're just outside Lake Audo," she answers the question. "<In Trigedasleng> Stay still. The Commander wants to see you." She looks to Li to make that call, though.

Morgan steps back at the first indication of it starting to struggle but then his brows rise as high as they possibly can go as it speaks. Success was not on the game plan yet. Staring down at the Reaper a moment, he looks from it over to Li and Silver then over to Lexa.

The words from the ex-Reaper shock Li, but she hides it well, glancing to the Commander a moment before she nods, gesturing the two Med-techs and three Guards out with her. "We will want to see to him shortly, Commander, to ensure that he recovers well." But she'll step aside to let Lexa into the room, "And then we'll release both to you." The live one and the dead. The Guard comes running back with an IV bag and appropriate tubing and needle, only to be halted with a gesture.

Lexa steps forward quickly, immediately reaching to take the awoken man's hand. Her grip is sure and hard, conveying strength and comfort wordlessly. "<In Trigedasleng> Warrior, you have been returned to us," she says in that firm voice. Her gaze shifts up to Li, then to Morgan, then to Silver. She nods slightly, and then looks back to the resurrected Trikru. "<In Trigedasleng> Your life has been returned to you." She looks back at the three. "Make haste… I will want him to be around his people… quickly." As if it will be that moment that will show her whether or not he has indeed been saved. She looks at the body of the dead Reaper. "Burn it." Then her steady green-gray gaze returns to the renewed Trikru. She continues to speak with him, providing words — not of comfort, or sympathy — but of reminders of who he is, each word strong and steady.

Gustus stares at the three, but his suspicions do not seem to be soothed. His jaw is still set, even if he seems to be conflicted in his dark gaze.

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