Day 023: Stitch And Twitch
Summary: Stone comes into the 'hospital' bleeding from the War Games and Hanne's there to stitch him back up and listen to his twitchiness about his romantic tangle
Date: 16 June 2016
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Hanne Stone 

Dropship Cargo Hold
Evening of Day 23

It's evening of Day 23 and the war games are still in full swing by the pounding music Gideon had playing sounding over the camp. The distinctive large form of Stone made his way from said games a wry sort of smirk set on his lips, happier-looking than he's been since the infamous Devil's Dice game and the List (tm) of his getting out. Of course, he's also got blood trickling down his hard bare chest and a hand pressed tight against the bandage on his throat that's soaked thoroughly through, so clearly the injured soldier was doing something he ought not to have been doing, so no _wonder_ he's happy. Still, he's moving with purpose, shirt and weapons packed in one hand as he makes his way toward the Lander and the 'hospital' set up there. Morgan's totally gonna chew his ass out for this. And not in the good way.

Luckily, Morgan isn't around, but Hanne Keats is. The little medtech-slash-botanical nerd is working on wrapping up some bandages from recently cleaned cloth, twisting them up into handfuls so that they can be easily grabbed, unwound, and wrapped around whoever is in-need of medical treatment. She is putting aside a newly-wrapped bundle as Stone makes his way up the ladder. She looks up, brows arched, and then she rocks back on her heels with an amused smile. "So, did something stupid?" The question is asked good-naturedly from the little Earth Skills nerd.

Stone came in looking a bit more like his old self than how he's been acting of late. The less-confident, shy sort of giant, eyes downcast, thick lower lip bit gently in nervous thought, broad shoulders slumped a little. It took him a moment glancing around furtively to realize Morgan's not there to rip into him and the reliief is positively palpable. Hanne's words catch him a moment later and caramel-gold-flecked dark chocolate eyes are flitting over to her, his lopsided smirk spreading over the lips, pulling the bitten one out into full smile, showing the little divot of teeth mark on it. He still looks embarrassed, a bit more shy than his more confident poise of late, but he's peeking a bit more out of the shell to murmur out to her, once musically rich and resonant baritone like harsh jagged gravel rasping off his tongue good-naturedly. "Heya, Hanne. Yeah, you could say that." A twinkle to the dark eyes and flash of white teeth. "Went to watch the wargames an' got tagged to join in before I realized what was goin' on. Couldn't resist." A sly sort of look as he's ducking eyes back towards the ground, murmur-rasping. "Got a bit carried away beating down Grey's defenses at the end. Uh…any chance ya wanna take a look and let me know if I should be makin' the most out of the next fifteen minutes before I bleed to death?"

Hazel eyes skim over Stone, and she shakes her head a bit. "You're bleeding," she says, and she gestures him over to a chair. She grabs one of her pre-made kits — bandages, herbal salve, and some bits and pieces needed for everyday healing. She laughs at his words, seeming quite confident that he won't be bleeding out. "Morgan says that to get people to take their wounds seriously… I doubt you'll be bleeding out in fifteen minutes flat. But, sit down and let me look." The small nerd rubs the back of her hand across her nose, and then goes about sanitizing those same small mits so she can reduce the risk of infection. She looks up at him, starting to take a more critical assessment of what he's done to himself despite doctor's orders.

"Eh, way it spurted when the arrow went through, wouldn't surprise me that much at all for sure. Before Tink pulled the needle out of her magic belt, he was lookin' pretty grim about my chances of making it all the way to healthy I think." Stone gives a mild shrug though as he's striding over, rifle and sword set aside atop his shirt, hand still clamped up to the bloody wrapped bandage. He doesn't seem that self-conscious of the half-nude state, but then he's been going shirtless a lot with all his woundings, so not that much a shock. As he turns back from dropping off stuff, he's murmur-rasping with touch of laugh a phrase that from any other guy may have sounded like innuendo. "Tell me where an' how you want me, doc." Given their particular height disparity, she'd have to climb him like a monkey to get at the throat otherwise, so it's a totally valid question, and he'll settle in where she directs with a pliant ease of a good patient. As she's going about that, unless bid to shut up his horror-movie voiced whisper, he's asking her amicably. "How ya been fairing by the by? Haven't got a chance to catch up for awhile since I got a bit more mobile again."

Hanne shakes her head, and almost giggles with the faintest pink at the height of her cheeks. "I'm sure you say that to all the girls." Then she shakes her head, just gesturing him to sit. Once he's seated, she will be able to stand next to him quite easily to make the fix. She waits until he is comfortable, and then starts to unwrap the bandage at his neck. "What were you guys doing out there anyway? Sounded like the Unity Day party all over again." You know, without a dropship falling from the sky or someone getting murdered. She frowns at the state of the wound, looking more serious than concerned. She wishes for sterile gloves, and the piercing lights of Medical, and Doctor Li offering comforting advice and instruction. Then she peeks up at him at his question, and she shakes her head. "Oh, well… you know…" She shrugs one shoulder. "Trying to make the most of this whole… thing." She sighs a bit, looking a bit deflated. "You know… I always thought Earth was supposed to be Eden… didn't think that would turn out to be a lie too."

"Huh, what?" Utterly oblivious is the questioning look Stone gives her first comment, only a moment after realizing her meaning and his own phrase, eyes going wide and head ducking down a little before catching himself messing with her work. While his skin is a bit too dark to show a blush like hers, she can feel the heat of it rise a bit. "Uh…yeah, that's me. Mr. Suave." Stone quips in awkward enough joke to put the phrase to utter lie right out. To answer her question, he's giving another little grin though, enthusiasm returning as he whisper-rasps. "Gideon kom Trikru had us skirmishing four on four with fake melee weapons. Was a blast, even if I got myself bumped out in one round getting overeager to see Grey taken out."

After, the gigantic man, who is leaning forward in his seat to bring his height closer to her comfortable range, leaving him a hulking boulder of muscle, is watching her expression as if to see how bad his wound is, relaxing a bit when she doesn't freak at it. Her deflating last words bring a minimal nod (so as not to screw up her hand), and soft, understanding reply. "I get it. Personally, I think Eden's more…what you make of it. Didn't expect it to be paradise down here, but there's _potential_ here we didn't have up there. Breathing real air, walking on real ground, hunting real food. It's maybe not the Eden we thought it'd be, especially with the Grounders and the five-legged deer an' such, but we could make it into _our_ Eden, ya know?"

Hanne arches a brow. "Did Grey do something to piss you off?" She smirks then. "Because I'm sure I can give you a few reasons to thwack him if you like." She shakes her head then, trying to look more joking than serious — even if there's still some open wounds there, and not just in Stone's throat. She then reaches for her newly washed and dried bandages, and starts to daub up the blood at his neck. She doesn't look too concerned, but that might have been the first thing Li taught her — never look to concerned.

She looks up as he discusses Eden, and her shoulders lift and fall — the fall far deeper than the lift. It is a downright slump. She turns her cheek into her shoulder, rubbing her jaw without using her hands, and continues to wipe up the blood until she can stautch it with a bit of pressure at the wound itself. "Maybe… but I didn't think it would want to kill us… the planet that is. Feels like we haven't caught a break… in so very long." Pretty much since each of them were boxed, if she was going to voice her opinion more precisely.

At the mention of Grey, Stone swings solidly back into awkward mode, biting lip and looking away from the petite girl treating him. He doesn't answer her immediately about that, shaking head minimally negative to the topic, and going on to listen as she pushes onward to Eden. That gets a low thoughtful grunt from deep in the giant's chest and he's furrowing brows, giving it thought. "I…dunno. I'm odd. I love it here. It's where I'm meant to be. The freedom to move, the challenge of it. To me…it's kind of how I think it should be. Honing us. Making us stronger. Even if it's hard, even if we lose people. I guess in my mind, it wouldn't be Eden if it didn't take the work and the strength to make it that. But…yeah. I admit, I didn't expect it to be _quite_ so…this."

Stone's philosophy of conflict rasped out and sympathy given to her sentiment, the awkwardness of before starts to creep back in again, and he's going on, embarrassingly hesitant. "So…uh…guess you haven't heard about the Devil's Dice game and my whole stupid List answer, huh?" Kind of a leap from her asking about his feelings on Grey and that, but most people have kind of avoided mentioning people on the List to him that have found out. Mostly cause he gets so embarrassed most of the time, he disappears on them quickly after.

Hanne is an observant little bee, but she is also a very empathetic one. She does not poke or prod at Stone when he goes quiet, and a touch embarrassed about Grey. She does listen with moderately interested attention when he mentions his perspective of Eden. Her head tilts to one side, fingers reaching up to catch the fall of brown curl behind her ear. “Huh,” she says, dropping her gaze to where she continues to slow the blood-flow. Only when it is stopped does she peel the rag away carefully, and begin to look over the stitches. “I don’t know… I mean, I guess I understand what you are saying, but I… well.” One shoulder shrugs, and then she rubs her cheek against it again. “I had a rather childish hope that it would be… different.”

When he mentions Devil’s Dice, she looks up to his dark eyes again, her light hazel ones dancing with a bit of amusement. Then she nods a bit. “Yeah, I heard…” Then she frowns a bit. “Not to be a downer, but… Grey never likes people who like him back.” Then she looks sideways a bit. “Except for that Grounder.” She shakes her head, and her eyes drop down to her work once more. She is gentle with Stone despite the soft hurt in the edges of her voice, “But, there were a lot of people on your List that, well… you probably have a good shot with, if you wanted it.”

"I didn't expect him to like me back. I don't even think he likes guys like that at all." Stone offers sadly, a thick-shouldered shrug straining stitches a little in her view, blood leaching out where one or two have torn through a bit. A sigh escapes him, discomposure over this topic setting in again as he goes on to murmur. "And…I don't know that I'd agree there. I'm…not the guy that goes for that. I've always been the…the freaky tall guy and the over-achiever. Never been the popular sort who gets the girl or guy." A grimace, a glance to her eyes briefly, as if waiting to see pity there or something else, and he's adding. "That's…ya know, why there's a list and not just…like one or two. I know I ain't gonna go down that road with 'em for real, but…I like can live in my head a bit still and enjoy the 'what if' even if it drives me crazy, ya know what I mean?"

“You loosened up some of these stitches,” Hanne says, looking up at him. “I’m gonna have to redo them, so you’re gonna need to be super still for me, and I’m gonna be super fast.” Her brows quirk slightly, and then starts getting together some supplies. When she speaks next, it is only after she has a needle and some rough thread which she has soaked in the deep brown antiseptic solution. “Yeah, well… are we two peas in a pod, because admitting my feelings to Grey was the first time I had ever done that, to anyone, and it blew-up righteously.”

Hanne shakes her head, trying to maintain some mirth — but failing. She breathes out a sigh then, starting to use the edge of a knife to cut the bad stitches, so she can replace them. She is very careful, and her hand very steady. “But yeah… the what-ifs drive me crazy, too.” She lifts her eyes to his again, and she offers a thin smile. “I guess I’m okay living with the what-ifs. Hard to get disappointed that way.”

Stone nodded with a grimace to her assessment about the stitches, unsurprised certainly, and not exactly looking forward to the needle, but neither is he fearful of it by this point. The 'peas in a pod' comment gets her a kind of amused curiosity, bemusement at the image popping into his head of the odd mutant peapod the pair of them would make with the size difference. Then though she's going on to talk about why, and his expressive face slides solidly into grimace of sympathy for her, a little groan even escapin, followed with a quickly rasped. "Guh, I'm sorry, Hanne, that sucks." He's clearly thinking back on some time when similar happened to him, albeit not yet with Grey, despite his dropping reference to it mid-battle trying to throw the guy off with distraction. As she's coming back with needle, he's settling forward and going still for her, letting her hands do their work while he listens, the dark chocolate eyes sympathetic, the caramel-gold flecks and threads in the iris shining in the light as he looks back to her that close.

It's only with that last the eyes change slightly. Brows furrowing to overshadow, shapely lips pursing to a frown, eyes themselves touched with a bit of sadness and full understanding. He's holding still as ordered, but the expression is clear that he both knows that sentiment of avoiding disappointment, and is starting to question if it's a good sentiment for them to have. It's not reproachful at all, but there's definite dislike of falling into that trap. It's a trap he's lived most of his life. Hell, it's not surprising the man had like eight people he considers crushes, all those romances in his head, all those what-ifs, that he never let himself get possibly disappointed by.

Hanne shakes her head at the words and the look of sympathy. “Eden, Stone… don’t feel bad for me. I got that covered.” She then offers him a small smile, accepting the comfort all the same. Then she breathes out a slow exhale, ducking her head to focus on restitching. It is only two stitches, and she is focused on this first. She dislikes the tension the needle puts on the skin, and how the thread probably is going to cause more scarring than the wound itself, but it will keep it closed against infection — that is what counts.

She looks up only after she has the two stitches repaired, using Morgan’s technique to tie them off and secure the wound. She starts to clean up the new pool of blood collecting at the side join of his shoulder and neck, being very gentle. When she speaks next, her voice is soft — almost a bare whisper. “I’ve never been good at this stuff,” Hanne admits. “I had a massive crush on Elias once upon a time, and never told him. Then I crushed on Grey, and told him about it, and it went horribly wrong.” She looks up at him now that she has him cleaned up. “So, I feel like I’m zero for two at this point.” Then she reaches for a wrap of bandages. “Maybe I should find myself a nice Grounder boy.” And her nose wrinkles.

"Heh, some of them are kinda hot in that barbarian warrior sorta way." Stone's rasping out with laughter twining the whisper, eyes aglitter again, apparently assuming it's safe to now that she's looking like she's finished. He arches his neck a little, testing the flex of the stitch, wincing, but giving her a small nod and going on with familiar lopsided grin. "Probably would be less stupid about things than us idiot Skaikru boys at least, though probably weird about other things we couldn't predict. End up married because you accepted a rock or some such. Who knows." He adds that last about marriage with a little wink, relaxing on the edge of the chair and watching the smaller girl thoughtfully, still with sympathy there and a sort of kinship. "As to the rest, if it makes ya feel better, I'm pretty much callin' it zero for eight at this point."

The smile turns a little bitter, but he tries to mask it with laughter, going on with eyes dropping to the ground in mild humiliation to be saying these things. "Got one I've known since we were kids and never did anything about. One that's pretty much out of my league and makes me a bit nuts with her politics and I'd never even try with. One doctor that's saved my life twice an' is totally taken. One that's totally the one who took him. One who is straight as an arrow. One that's been terminally head over heels for another guy as long as I've crushed on her. One I've barely been able to bring myself to talk to half a dozen times since noticing her a couple weeks ago. And one…" He pauses on that one, a flicker of real pain. "…that's practically been my best friend for years and I've always been too scared to lose that with to risk something, who this morning…" He winces, thoroughly shamefaced as he reaches up to scrub a big hand across his features, hiding his eyes from her. "…I knocked on her butt running away like a scaredy-cat after she kissed me!" Shaking his head, he quickly risks a glance to see if she's looking at him with pity, laughter, or anger for treating one of her gender that way, even while he's adding pitifully. "Some jerkhole ex-C shouted out 'Go Boy Scout!' when he saw us and…it made me realize what was happening and what I was risking, and so I bolted like my tail was on fire."

A weak attempt at a smile's given then, wincingly glancing up at her once more, to add. "So…ya know, least you aren't alone in the Relationship Failsauce Club, eh?"

There is no pity in Hanne's gaze, but there is a touch of amusement. She starts to wrap the bandage around his neck, keeping it loose, but not too loose. When she speaks next, she maintains a bit of an even tone, "Did you like the kiss?" She looks up at him, hazel eyes curious. "Why did you run anyway? If you like her, wouldn't her kissing you be like? the perfect in?" She looks a bit reproachful then, worrying about the bandages and making sure they are secure without causing the boy pain or discomfort.

The Earth Skills nerd starts putting away her kit once Stone is all fixed up, but she doesn't move from standing beside him — or well, she does, but only so she can sit on the lip of the viewport near the chair. She crosses her arms, head tilted — and again, she's having to tuck away a brown curl back behind her ear. Then she goes on, "I mean, if you like her, and she kissed you…" She sounds a bit downcast now, but it is anyone's guess as to why.

Stone's grimacing at her questions, lowering his body so that both hands are cupping his face, scrubbing it a bit, muffling his reply when it finally comes. "Guh…I…she…it's…" Well, that was super informative clearly. He pauses, takes a deep breath, like he's calming himself before a fight. "I…would lie if I said I didn't like it yeah, and I don't lie. But…it's so fudgin' complicated, Hanne!" A plaintive sort of tone muffled into the hands, before they're finally sliding free, his thick bare torso leaning back, keeping neck straight so as not to hurt her work, the dark, sad eyes fixed on her, pathetically oblivious to her downcast state, or taking it purely for her disapproval of his running.

"She's…my _friend_. I don't have many of those. Not really. I mean…I have people that like me well enough, trust me and what not. I'm the Boy Scout for heck sake, so they put up with me. But I don't…have many friends. We…Shi and I, we…I…if that…" He's letting a little sighing growl again at himself, looking back down to the ground. "If we took that step, there'd be no goin' back to friends. I'd lose her as that. She'd be…more. But also…sorta less. I don't…know why I feel like that. Like I couldn't be friends and…something more at the same time, but all I know is…when I thought about losing her as my friend…it scared me crapless, you know?" He's looking to Hanne like he's desperate for someone to understand the understandable, to tell him he's not just an idiot for fearing that. Or maybe that he is. He doesn't know what the hell he even wants or thinks anymore. This whole mess has blown his composure out the window.

Hanne nods, showing that she understands. She clasps her hands on either side of her, flexing and loosening her fingers in a slow rhythm. Then she sighs heavily, shoulders falling heavily. "I know, I get it…" She looks up at Stone. "Cole and I… we totally crossed that line, and it has been weird ever since. Like, I think he liked me, but I was being… skittish, and now he's off with Jael… or Tink… or someone. I don't know. I think Tink." Then she shrugs up a shoulder a bit. She starts to chew at the corner of her lip.

"I'm not the best person for this, Billy," Hanne says, using his first name over the Stone that everyone else calls him. "I'm still hangin' around, hoping to find out that I'm not eternally locked in to the 'friend zone,'" she holds up the air-quotes as she says it, "but, I don't think I'll ever escape that." She offers him a small, almost unfortunate little smile. "I'm probably just gonna be the one everyone comes to to talk about how much they like someone else."

Stone's eyes go a little wide at the mention of Cole, glancing at the girl more thoughtfully, head a bit canted, as if imagining. Oh, that never is a good idea for the Boy Scout, he lives too much in his head as it is, and imagining leads to fantasizing, which leads to what-ifs, and we all know where those lead. He's not disbelieving of it though, just so much as unexpected, since Cole to him is so confident and flamboyant, it's not the path he'd expect. And of course, then there's the talk of Tink, another from the List, and Stone's trying to fight off just a touch of his own flicker of downcast. It helps when she's showing she knows his name. That brings an unexpected flash of smile her way, though it's quickly turning to sympathy as she goes on. It's about then, that he's realizing what he's done maybe, and it's causing him to wince again, sigh escaping. "Heck, I'm sorry, Hanne. I…didn't mean to do that to you. It's just…I don't really have anyone to talk to about it, and it…sorta all just blurted out."

A hand reaches out, tenative as hell in approach, but ultimately seeking to lay its huge span with infinite gentleness on her back, trying to convey comfort at the same time as bringing her eyes to him. "I don't agree though, for what it's worth. You're great. Good lookin', smarter than heck, talented, an' kind. I'm sure you'd be an awesome friend, but I'm equally sure you'd be an awesome somethin' more too." A smaller version of his lopsided smile shift over the full lips and he's adding in way clearly meant to try and drag a smile and a bit of cheer out of her. "I mean, let's be honest, if you've taken Cole for a spin, you're probably a tiger in the sack. It's always the quiet ones you least expect." Oh yeah, even without the shade to be able to see it on his skin, it's totally obvious he's blushing madly making that ribald joke, but he's tryin' to give her the boost she needs if he can.

Hanne doesn't catch the expression from Stone when she mentions Tink — which is probably for the best. She would feel terrible. She does catch the wince and the sigh, and she immediately puts up her hand as if to stop him. She smiles slightly when his hand touches her back, and her green and brown eyes easily meet his. "It's… okay, Billy. Really. I guess it is something I am good at… being here to listen."

She reaches up, rubbing slightly at the back of her neck, catching the lock that never made it up into her ponytail. She winds it up around her finger idly. When he offers compliments, her cheeks slowly redden until they are at full flame when he predicts her abilities in the sack. She looks down, fingers winding up together, though she is smiling a bit. "Thanks," she murmurs more or less under her breath. Then she looks up at him, trying to maintain the bits of self-confidence he is offering her, even if there is still something bothering her.

Stone's…frankly just utterly shit at relationships. It's a fact. He's oblivous half the time and focusing on the wrong things the other half. But he's got a decent sense of people, despite how much he's avoided them in his shyness before. And so, hand still on her back, his eyes to her, the big Boy Scout is suddenly looking more pensive again, brows furrowing once more, and lips pursing to plump bow. "What's up? I'm sitting here babbling about my crap and somethin's weighing on you too. Least I can do is listen in turn, right? So…lay it on me."

Hanne shakes her head then, blush still high on her cheeks. She drops her hands into her lap, fingers still toying with one another. She starts to pick at a little dirt under one fingernail. Then she looks up into his dark eyes, her own gaze a bit reproachful. "Nothing, I mean… nothing really important." She turns her gaze away, looking at the dirty floors of the dropship. When she looks back up again, she has chosen a topic that has nothing to do with what is really on her mind. "You know, I think your crap isn't so crappy, and I'm okay with the babbling. Means you aren't off to go join the silly game still down in the grounds." She fixes him with her best doctor-knows-best look, though it is hard for Hanne to really look stern unless she means it. "I think… well… I think I'm jealous of Shi… being able to just kiss you like that, not caring about what could go wrong."

"Oh, here comes the doc lecture stage." Stone can't help but raspily quip at her mention of the games, though he's grinning at her brightly for it, all but ready to promise to be good and not go tear the stitch yet again. Ah, but then those last words are coming and he's going a touch wide-eyed again in surprise. There's no reproach there, or denial, just…some confusion, and a bit of shyness trying to creep back in. "I…definitely don't think she expected to get knocked on her butt by the big stupid twit she kissed though, so not sure that worked out for her that well. I…don't know how it works either though. Sorta wish I did. I doubt pretty everything I do that doesn't involve a fight or protectin' someone. What I say, how I move, what the consequences of everything will be. So yeah…yeah, I get that." A soft sigh and he's shaking his head as much as he's able with the fresh stitch. "Some days, I just wish life was as straightforward as it is in middle of a fight, ya know? There's choices and problems, but they…don't seem hard to make or overcome. You give it the split second you can, and you act, and you pay for it sometimes with an arrow through the throat or an axe to the gut, but…at least you acted and it's over, ya know?"

"Hey, I'm not Morgan," Hanne says, almost defensively. "He can come up and yell at you." She offers a wry smile, and there's a faint twinkle in her eyes. She then reaches out, her small hand resting on his leg gently. It is a comforting gesture more than anything else. "Well… okay… she probably didn't think that Billy the Big Friendly Giant was going to knock her on her ass." She starts to laugh — but it is a soft, gentle laugh than anything else. She withdraws her hand, turning her head to look around the passenger hold that has become the makeshift infirmary. It is a quick glance, almost to distract her, but then she is back to looking at Stone with a small tilt of her head.

"So, alright… she kissed you, you knocked her on her ass, and now you got all this stuff going on in your head. So… keep it simple… what do you do now?" She frowns then, taking a breath before she asks the next question, almost giving in to some ill-placed thought as she does, "Do you want her to kiss you again?"

"That's a new one." he murmurs wryly at her nickname a touch sardonically, but it got a smile definitely. As she goes on, he's looking down at her hand as if it held some wisdom for him (or maybe just cause he's too embarrassed looking at her eyes) while talking about that. The question first asked though earns a soft little quip of "Run away like a scared puppy?" while she's wrestling with her internal thought. But with her last question, he's grimacing again somberly, looking down and sighing. "I shouldn't be buggin' you with this crap, Hanne. I'm doin' it again! What you just said about makin' you the one to listen to other's problems. It's not right." His big hand lays over hers, dark to pale, calloused and huge to smaller delicacy of bone structure, as he adds with some emphasis and will. "You deserve better than that noise, Hanne!" Yeah, a part of it is totally avoiding answering the question, but a part also seems genuine in thinking she deserves more. Ever the caring, gentle Boy Scout, apparently except when kissed and fleeing.

"Okay," Hanne laughs, looking around slightly. "So, you've run away like a scared puppy… but there's gotta be more to it than that." She is all smiles — a light dimpling as she beams at him. Then she shakes her head when he looks away, and she gives his shorn scalp a little pass of her hand as if to admonish him for such a downcast of his eyes. "Don't do that… nothin' to see in your lap or on the ground. You might miss something important." By her tone, this is something Hanne has heard often, probably from her parents.

Then she shakes her head, about to protest — until he puts his hand on hers, and she pinks gloriously at the height of her cheeks. She doesn't say anything for a few moments, basking in the slight embarrassment. Then she looks up at him, catching the side of her lip between her teeth in a shy smile. "Well… alright." She turns her hand over beneath his, squeezing his large paw with her dirty fingers — she is a farm tech girl, after all. There's lots of dirt to play in down here. "You know what I've been thinkin' about a lot lately?"

The comment and brush at his head earns her a sideways sorta grin of recognition for the origin of the phrase, since he probably got similar from his parents at times. He's forcing himself to follow her words though, looking to her with those pretty caramel-flecked eyes, chewing his own lip a little as he listens. The hand in his bigger is curled around gently. Not sensually, but comforting. He doesn't touch people much, but for some reason, hers isn't bothering him at all, and it's even kind of calming. When her question comes, he's deadpan quipping back. "Plants." Without any hint of teasing. But the lopsided smile comes back shortly, and he gives her hand a little squeeze in amusement as he adds more seriously. "What've you been thinkin'?"

"Hey…" Hanne says reproachfully, but then follows up with a, "Okay, besides that…" She offers him a wry little smile before her shoulders lift and fall. She doesn't let go of his hand, allowing the connection to be a grounding for both of them — two bundles of nerves and awkwardness. She looks out beyond the dropship briefly, and then back up to Billy. "That maybe this is all our fault." The words are said in a hush as if she's afraid someone might overhear her. "I know that it really is all an accident, but… you know… we haven't exactly been…" And she shrugs slightly. "The best representatives down here… not that any of us expected to be." She chuckles slightly. "You know, when Devin came sauntering off the dropship, and shouted how this was ours… that's how we've kinda been treating this whole thing, isn't it? This is ours, and not theirs, and we're innocent, and they are crazy whack savages, but… dunno…" She ends this whole thing rather lamely.

Stone's grinning a big shit-eating grin when she concedes the plant quip, though he grows more serious when it becomes evident she has something serious in turn she wants to convey. The hand-holding makes him perhaps wonder certain things, imagine certain things even, which might be coming from her lips soon enough. None of those imaginings are anythin like what she says. It's a sentiment that seems to surprise him more just for topic shift than content. He doesn't get angry about the implication, or try to defend the ways of the 100, like a lot of people would if she told them that. Instead, after his initial eyebrow arched shock, he's just listening attentively, and at the end of it, giving a simple minimal nod. "Not sayin' it's all that, but yeah, I'd agree in part it's definitely on us. Gideon kom Trikru,… the Grounder archer that was runnin' the war game?…Anyways, she said to me that our people haven't even acknowledged so much that it's a tragedy seven hundred of their people were killed. At least not publically to them. She's sorta right. All we've done really is instantly jump to denying any blame and pointing out we lost people too. It's…kinda a crappy situation I admit, but it wouldn't have cost us anythin' to say 'your loss was a tragedy and we wish it hadn't happened to you' or somethin'. But…I don't know that you can lay it all on us. I'm not one to think they're nothin' but savages, but you gotta admit, some of their ways _are_ a little fudged up and violent. Maybe that's what sorta strength it takes to survive in this Eden, and we'll learn it too in time, but I kinda see blame on both sides of things."

Hanne tries to not look a touch annoyed at Gideon's name being brought up — she has made it an effort to avoid the Grounder as much as she can. She does nod her head slightly, and she sighs slightly. Her fingers tighten up around his hand briefly as she speaks, "I know." Then she nods her chin out at the forests. "They didn't exactly get to live a life of comfort, I'm thinking… not after the nukes." Then she shrugs up one shoulder, turning her cheek into it slightly. "But… you gotta think… if we hadn't been shipped down here… we wouldn't have caused them so much pain. It isn't like they're seeking this out with some masochistic deathwish." Then her mouth quirks a bit, smiling over at Stone after a heartbeat. "Just been wonderin' how we can really convince them that we're not meaning to fuck up their lives, when, well… we definitely fucked up their lives."

The look of annoyance takes Stone a second to register, then process, then give a silent "Oh!" sort of expression to with big eyes. He shuts right up about that though, and anything else tangential to Grey. Her talk of the Grounder's life before and the fucking up of it currently brings a furrow-browed sort of contemplation then, hand around hers idly tapping a finger like metronome to the slowish beat of his thinking process. Finally he's just shrugging the thick shoulders and offering back. "Maybe yeah. But think what we could offer them if we _could_ find peace? Medcine, tech, a new perspective. Maybe Eden's not made from weak Skaikru or strong Grounders, but of somethin' in between, findin' a way to help one another to something better? Maybe offering to help them become better rather than just trying to offer them reasons we aren't guilty is a better way to peace than the rest. I dunno. Deeper thoughts than I should be tryin' to think frankly. I'm a soldier. I was born to be a soldier and trained to it since I could walk, even in an Ark where there was no need for soldiers, just Guard. I'm not a leader or a thinker really, so it's all a bit beyond me."

Hanne starts to tap back, going for an in-between beat that adds a tick-tock kind of sound. It is almost fun, playing this small game while they talk about serious matters. She looks up at Stone when he mentions that he's just a soldier, and she snorts. "I don't think we're dealing with politically-insightful people, Billy. They're soldiers too… so, as a soldier, what would you do if you were in their shoes?" The question is asked a bit pointedly, but then she sighs, and shakes her head. "I dunno… maybe I'm overthinking this… but there's got to be a way…" She looks up at him. "I keeping hoping, every time I look up, that we're going to see the other dropships coming down, and that we will have people who… well…" Her throat bobs a bit. "People who know what they are doing."

"Heh. I get that. I kind of wish too. At the same time…honestly, think about the people you know from the Ark. The adults and everyone left behind. Can you _really_ imagine any of them doing that much better than we have done? I mean…in some things sure, but in others, I think they'd be just as out of their element as we are and struggled just as much." Stone lifts another small shrug, smiling down at his hand and hers where that tapping is playing out, as if he just noticed it, but he doesn't stop. "I mean, don' get me wrong. I want them to come down. I'm still loyal to the Council and the Ark, even if it's not a popular opinion to have around here. But I guess I don't…like give them more credit than they're due. We've done amazing things here to survive, even if we've made mistakes. It's something we should be proud of and it's worth keeping going once they come down, and helping _them_ to adjust and become better too." A small sigh and he shakes his head. "Anyways, I don't know the answer with the people. I hope Kai and Fi's hail mary pass does some good. And barring that, that our surviving Sonia earns some respect for strength enough to talk and try to find common ground. But…whether that'll actually happen is anyone's guess."

"I dunno… but at least we wouldn't be voting to see which of us is going to fake being a leader so the Grounders take us seriously," Hanne rebukes gently, and she smiles slightly. "Not that Fiona isn't a bad choice… but I hear rumblings of people wanting her as steheda, but only to fake them out. As if they aren't going to figure that one out, and if they do, do we really want to be in that position?" Then she shakes her head. "I think sending her as an ambassador is okay… apparently the Grounders have those, and it isn't necessarily putting Fi in a position where she might not know what they expect a steheda to do."

"I voted for her as the steheda because I want to see her safe more than I care about people freaking out about titles, or what might happen if it doesn't live up to the expectation of what leader means to them." Stone's low, injured voice rasps back with a somber air. "And if the vote goes that way, by effect she _is_ the leader, voted to the title, even if not the meaning as they take it, so it's not really lying to them. They seemed to have no problem accepting our talk of Jaha as our leader as Chancellor, but I don't think they'd expect him to act like their heda strictly, but it's still accurate of how we rule ourselves. So…eh. Whatever it falls out as, I guess we'll see. Title or no, you're right, people wouldn't follow her like a leader strictly without something surprising switching a lot of opinions. But I think having a leader in title is better than nothing at all, since I get the impression they look on us like a bunch if idiot children running around in chaos without that leader, and at least with it, they might think we're growing up enough to vaguely work toether and be worth listening to." Another thick shrug. "Maybe ambassador will be enough. It still shows we've sent someone to represent us, even if not a leader, so…guess we'll see."

The little Earth Studies nerd listens dutifully, and then she nods slightly. "Yeah… I think that Fiona will do okay… she did okay at the summit, but Oxfor seemed to like us… in the same way someone finds a puppy endearing." She finally looks down, noticing their joined hands. A wave of shyness sneaks up on her, and she clears her throat. "I…" Hanne blinks suddenly, and she draws her hand back ever so carefully. She is red in the cheeks and looking quite awkward. "I should go back to preparing the medkits… Morgan will be looking for someone to blame…" She starts to slide back a step, giving him space. Her hands disappear into her pockets, and she offers him a small smile. "Good luck with Shi…"

Stone's reaction to that last was another furrow-browed frown, followed by a parting of lips as if to deny things, and then a small sigh of relenting from that. He'd be blushing again as well if he could, and is just murmuring back to her. "K. Thanks Hanne. For the stitches, the convo, and…everything." What that weighted last word meant isn't clear, but it seemed deeply genuine, and with it said, the big awkward ex-C is giving her a little wave and starting out towards the exit from the dropship, deep thoughts writ across his face and slumping his shoulder with the weight of it.

"Yeah… it's what I'm here for," Hanne says, voice soft. She gives him her best smile, even if it lacks a bit of heart. She actually looks a little shrunken back in on herself as she walks away, hands balling up around the inner seam of her pockets as she retreats.

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