Day 042: SWM Seeks... Escape?
Summary: Lip follows Nurse McBusty into… a horrorshow.
Date: 10 July 2016
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MountainMen Lip 

Level 3, Mount Weather
In poses
42 Days After Landing

Late afternoon in the Mountain. Late enough in the day to have gotten bored of sitting around, not late enough in the day to have dinner yet. The perfect time for following around the generously-endowed nurse and trying to test her assets… for science. And there she goes, dressed in scrubs, moving through the halls of the third floor (where else are you going to find a nurse?), in the general direction of the Infirmary.

Is it considered stalking if you've been trying to work up the nerve, for weeks, to actually say something? Maybe not. Not that Lip hasn't said anything. He's actually said everything and not one of his lines has worked. Which is why he's up on the third floor and trying to ponder which line to go with this time. Or maybe, maybe he could just fake a hurt body part or something. Lip grins as he peeks as he spots the scrubs' flavored hotness headed in that general Infirmary direction. "Maybe somethin' medical this time. Somethin' about my heart. Yeah…" Lip's mumbles might be hearable as he heads down those halls after her.

The object of Lip's affections (whose name is actually Frida Carrey), scans her card over the infirmary door, pulling it open and then stepping through. Her steps sound quick on the concrete floors inside, her not-quite-sensible heels clacking sharply, and the door begins to swing shut, seeming to take forever as gravity hauls the heavy portal back to its locked position.

There is no way in the holy of hells that Lip even knows this woman's name. He hasn't managed to not offend her long enough to actually find out. And when the door falls into slow motion Lip moves faster. He kicks up his step with some extra pep in it and moves to slide right into that Infirmary since he doesn't have the luxury of key card access. Which he really should have considering his in ability to sit still in his damn Mountain!

The door clangs shut… behind Lip. Inside, the infirmary is still and quiet, only a few quiet beeps from the machines monitoring the sleeping Madelyn. Oh yes, and the click, click, click of heels across the room. There is another swipe-beep as she opens a door on the far side of the infirmary and steps through. With only a sleeping patient (and an unknown stalke — admirer) behind her, Nurse Carrey sees no reason to pull that door shut either, and it sweeps open behind her and begins its own trip toward closing once more.

"… how does she move so fast in those heels?" Lip mutters this to himself during his next movement through the gross room of beeping. "And with all that ass?" It's very hard for Lip to try and not say anything so the fact that he's even being quiet enough to keep creeping after her is a miracle in and of itself. Lip moves with the quickness to try and make his record of Doors Entered: 2.

This time, Lip will have to snag the door to keep it from closing long enough for him to slip through, and even that requires a little burst of speed. When he steps inside, however, he finds a room drenched in blue light, carved out of the living rock of the mountain. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust to the new light, and by then, two doors shut, the one behind him, and the one across the room, where Nurse Carrey apparently went. Between here and there, however, are a series of cages, probably originally for dogs. Now, however, they hold people, weary, battered people wearing brief white underclothes. And that's not all. There is a young man hanging from his heels before the cages, apparently unconscious, and with tubes running from his wrists and neck to a machine in the center of the room. The youth's long hair hangs down to brush on the concrete floor, interrupting the gridded shadows cast there by the overhead lighting.

"… the fuuuuuuuuuck?"

Lip Wylde has seen some crazy stuff and the moment his eyes finally adjust to the fact that this is some blue ass light is about the same moment that things become even clearer than before. This is the moment that he realizes there's some seriously jacked up stuff going down. Y'know, why else would there be a random person hanging upside-down in the MIDDLE OF A ROOM. That can't be good. "Uh. Okay. Um." Lip takes steps that are quieter and more cautious now that things appear to be weirder than he originally expected. Thoughts of asking out the hotness have faded into thoughts of: "… why the shell are these lights so blue?" Lip's defense mechanism commentary is punctuated by the nervous steps he's taking towards the door on the other side of the room. This just went from a possible makeout to an accidental stakeout.

There is a faint whir of a fan circulating air somewhere nearby, but nothing stirs in this room. At least, not until Lip speaks up, even quietly. The sound of furtive movement comes from the cages, and an arm stretches out from between the bars, reaching out toward him from about two meters away. As Lip gets closer to the hanging body — the only way to get to the door that Nurse Hotness McScaryBodies exited through — it becomes clear why the lights are blue, it makes it very, very easy to see the dark blood running through the tubes into the machine, and to see just how pale the young man has gotten. There are geometric tattoos on his chest and arms, Grounder work if Lip has seen them anywhere before. As his eyes adjust further to the light, he can see large cargo doors at the far side of the room, beyond the racks of cages, the door he came in, the door the nurse went out, and one other door, currently opened, but opening only into a small side room without any obvious contents.

"… Aw hell naw." Lip is freaking the freak out at this exact moment. Likely has something to do with the fact that there are arms being reached out of cages at him. "Ah, yeah, uh, meesa nobody. Jussa' passin' through, yeah?" Lip keeps his arms up and close to his body as he tries to bypass the cages and gets himself closer to the body that's hanging. Which is not the greatest thing in the world. "If I didn't love the cake here so much I'd totes vom right now. Just sayin'." Lip has to talk, even to himself, because this is not normal. What's happening in this room is definitely not normal. Eyes are zipping around to spot various doors, catch wind of dark blood through tubes and they even narrow on markings that seem vaguely familiar. "You gotta' be shittin' me." Lip makes a quick mental note of the doors before he reaches out with a finger to poke at the hanging body. "Psst. Hey Fucker." It's almost a whisper. Almost. "You dead?" Poke. Poke Poke.

As Lip moves past the cages, more arms reach out, coming just close enough to brush against his clothes, but not close enough to actually grab him. Murmurs rise up from the cages as well, "Sis au… Beja, sis osir au…." That's disturbing enough, but when Lip pokes the hanging body, the man's eyes snap open, and he strains to lift his head to look at the one attacking him, giving a wordless groan and reaching toward him with tube-pierced arms.

"Whoa! Chill, Roadkill." Lip looks around at the cages and then back at the hanging dude that's trying to grab him. He backs up a bit more to wave his hands a bit to show that he ain't got no weapons. "My name is Lip Skaitalker. I uh, I guess I'm here to rescue you?" Lip even shrugs through his own statement before he starts trying to see how to get this dude down. "You're probably gonna' try an' kill me when I get you down but I'd appreciate it if you didn't? Cuz there's some crazy shit going on around here and I'd like to live long enough to figure it out. Deal?"

<FS3> Lip rolls Mechanics: Success. (7 3 1 5 3)

Sadly, Roadkill has not seen Star Wars. No Grounder has — yet. He fumbles at Lip's shins, and then is out of range to do even that, his movements slow and weak. His lips move, trying to say something, but no words come out. From behind him, in halting words, comes a voice from one of the cages, "He… Maker. No… Gonasleng." It's a female voice, young, but weary. Following the chains cuffing Roadkill's ankles up, Lip spots a wheel that should theoretically lower him down to the ground.

"Uhhhhh. Right." Lip has no idea what any of this shit is. Maker or Gonasleng. Any of this stuff is completely out of his element. He just follows the voice and then his eyes catch sight of a wheel. "I got this. Just uh… hang on." Lip smirks a bit at his own accidental joke and slides right over to the wheel. And then he gets to spinning that wheel. "Let's get you down. Remember the part where you don't kill me, yeah?"

<FS3> Lip rolls Alertness: Good Success. (6 8 3 6 6 2 7)

Roadkill has no option but to hang on, staring up at Lip with glazed eyes. It's entirely possible he's on some goooooood stuff. The wheel creaks softly and the chain rattles a little as Lip starts to lower it… only to hear a soft 'beep' from the door most recently used by Nurse Hottie McVampire. And the light above the card-reader on this side goes from red to green.

Lip has been watching way too many movies while cooped up in this Mountain. The amount of pop culture that he has absorbed is beyond comprehension. Could be why he's doing all this random chitter-chatter. "Shit. Seriously?" Lip lets go of the wheel for the moment, takes a quick moment to do the universal sign for SHHHHHH!, and then proceeds to try and get his slide or dive on into that open room with the minimal contents.

<FS3> Lip rolls Stealth: Failure. (1 5 4 5 1 6)

It requires a dive to get into the door in time, and one that takes Lip almost -onto- a near-corpse, one he couldn't see from his earlier angle. Behind him, the door swings open just as the echoes of the motion are fading. Frida Carrey steps through, looking around with a confused frown at the noise… and the Grounders in cages begin to rattle their bars, thumping hands and arms against the metal. Perhaps even… to cover up the sound of the Skaikid? Frida steps back a moment, then shakes her head, glancing to the open door that Lip dove into, grimacing, and stepping forward to press a button beside it without even looking in. The door hisses shut, cutting Lip off from the Harvest Room. For a moment, there is only the sound of the giant fan overhead slowly turning, and then Lip notices that there is a neatly-painted yellow rectangle on the floor… one that he's sprawled right in the middle of. Oh look, that looks like a trapdoor, one that drops open just as realization hits. Beneath is a smooth chute, with the other body sliding down it rapidly into the darkness.

Lip flails. It's the usual flailing that he does whenever he's not prepared for anything that's about to happen. Somehow he manages to catch sight of various things that make him freak out and flail around even more. This is really not a good position to be in and there's nothing to really grab onto around here. Well, there's the gross body thing that he landed next to. Which is just plain nasty. But he doesn't grab onto that. "This is bullshit!" It may be a little too loud but he doesn't give a crap. His vocal expression is alive and well as he drops down to the Chute of Smoothness and his flailing continues. "Mama noooooooooo!"

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