Day 047: Tactics And Honor
Summary: Kai and Britt talk Mountain tactics, and Wren has a crisis of confidence.
Date: July 16 2016
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Trikru Camp
It's a camp.
Day 47

It's about lunch time, and various fires have already been lit around the Trikru camp in preparation. Britt makes her way through the camp, seemingly looking for someone. Kai, as it turns out. Her gait is still marred by a slight limp, though it's getting better. Resting on her shoulder is a stick, from which hangs a dead rabbit.

The life of a Second doesn't get a break just because they're camped in a different spot. Though right now Kai's working on supplying wood for the camp fire's, the ex-Skaigirl emerging from the woods with a bundle of wood contained by a blanket across her back. She totes it over to the pile to set it down with the rest of the gathered wood.. grimacing slightly for the shift and grind of ribs that still aren't terribly happy with her after their introduction to a Reaper axe. A pause, a stretch and an upnod in the direction of Britt is offered with a quiet,"Heyo Britt." by way of acknowledgment.

"Hello Kai," Britt offers back with a faint but warm smile, adjusting her trajectory to come over to the fire that Kai is perparing. "How are the wounds healing?" she asks when she notices the grimace.

"Skin is good, the ribs themselves are still a little tender." Kai shrugs vaguely,"Not enough to stop me." there's a nod in the direction of the rabbit,"Haven't had any luck trying to catch those things, myself, granted, I think they look at my archery attempts and laugh in their little rodent ways."

"Good," is Britt's matter-of-fact reply to Kai's healing report. She smirks, though, at the rabbit. "Getting a rabbit with a bow is a pain in the ass. I prefer snares." She shifts the stick forward, and it might become more apparent that the Rabbit is not bloodied at all. "Thought I'd share this and talk a bit, if your duties allow?" The archer is ever-respectful of encroaching on someone else's Second.

"Ah, so it's not just that I have a greater chance of smacking myself in the face with it than making it go any distance." Kai smiles vaguely and then gives a nod towards the wood,"That was the last load I was asked for right now, so as far as I know I'm okay until after lunch." there's a glance in the direction of Wren's tent before she loops the carrier off herself and sets it down in its spot as she steps away,"I would be happy to share food with you, I have some vegetables over at Eli's tent to contribute, too."

"Well I'm sure that doesn't help," Britt agrees about the bow skills, smirking wryly. She nods to the latter. "Vegetables would be great. If you have a pot, we could make some stew. I have one back at our tent if need be." She waits to see where Kai leads.

"Yeh, unfortunately Skaikru's still working on their camping equipment." Kai chuckles quietly,"Let me go and get the vegetables and I'll meet you over at your tent?" there's a nod off towards the Jaha garden and hothouse closer towards camp Jaha and it's yellow and white striped tent. She waits for Britt's assent before trotting off to fetch with the intention of reconvening at Britt's fire in the time it takes her to jog over and back.

Britt nods agreeably and heads off to her own camp. The boys are both out somewhere else at the moment, it seems. Britt has already started skinning the rabbit with a practiced ease, untroubled by the messiness of the task. There's a pot sitting near the campfire, which has some wood on it but isn't lit.

Kai does come back, of course, settling herself down on one of the logs nearby Britt so she can take the first of the mostly wild vegetables from the pack she'd fetched; the garden's still a work in progress after all. The Second taking her knife from it's sheathe to work on cutting them up to add to the pot,"Have you heard any word about how the negotiations are going, so far? I feel like I'm entirely out of the loop. Which is hardly surprising, but.. I confess some impatience."

Britt looks up from her work briefly when Kai returns, acknowledging the younger woman with a nod. She frowns at the question, though. "No, I haven't heard anything. Not surprising though. Those are matters for the leaders." Slice slice. Poor bunny. "Nothing for us to do but wait."

Galle arrives from the Lake Arkadia.

Kai grunts her acknowledgment. She's not squicked by the poor bunny being sliced, the first time they brought meat back to skaigeda she learnt that meat is delicious murder. Still she settles for slicing and contributing vegetables at least,"Patience. Wren likes to get me to count to ten and try to empty my mind, I'm not very good at it." there's a lopsided shrug of her shoulders to accompany a smile. It's lunchtime, she and Britt are by one of the fires, Britt gutting a rabbit, and the Second slicing up and adding vegetables to the pot.

Britt smirks. "Impatience of youth." She gets the rabbit mostly sliced and diced in short order. After wiping her hands off on something, she goes to start the fire. Crouching down next to it brings a mild wince, she strikes the flint (or whatever it is Grounders use) to light it. "We can plan, at least. Put some ideas together. I wondered if you'd tell me more about what you saw in those tunnels when you went to the Mountain."

Kai gives a dip of her head by way of acknowledgment,"The approach to the tunnel is rocky, it's a climb, which makes it.. less than ideal for an entrance point." the Second murmurs,"It is marked as a supply tunnel, functionally, for the Mountain.. clearly a left-over from before the fall, and obviously not something they considered.. tactically.. because leaving that sign up is sort of the tactical equivalent of announcing a soft spot. It's.. wide.. several of us could walk abreast in it, but set into the ground are metal rails. We saw the carts deeper into the tunnels that are designed to fit it, but they were all clustered deeper in. Side tunnels were smaller.. we didn't, and from the footage I couldn't tell whether the other tunnels might have had similar rails built into them.. or whether they might have reached the surface in other portions of the mountain. They were dark. No lighting. We got most of the way in before we encountered the Reapers." she offers in a tone that suggests she's probably run that information over in her head more than a couple of times already.

Wren arrives from the Lake Arkadia.

Britt listens attentively, nodding here and there. "Carts and rails," she echoes thoughtfully. She gets a spark and starts feeding little bits of brush to it. "When you say a climb… it is… in the side of the mountain? Up?" She gestures with a hand over her head. "Where would the supplies be coming from?"

Wren has barely left his tent since punishments came down. Spoken less. Even told Silver to go elsewhere. Wanted to be left alone. Finally, after so many days, he emerges, dressed with none of his cuts visable to the eye. But he's also dressed for travel, carrying a decent amount of his gear. A far cry from a man, who since before looked confident, now weak, brittle. He starts to make for the horses.

"Just at it's base. The foliage.. the tree cover, isn't great. Likely there was a road to it once, but it's gone now." Kai murmurs,"Obviously it's not, or at least.. wasn't impossible to get to, but the cover is not what I'd consider ideal and flat terrain's better for a quicker advance than the incline it's on.." she can't help but trail off, it's the movement at Wren's tent, she's been keeping an eye on it, and his emerging with gear and making his way towards the horses can't help but bring her up like a meerkat,"Excuse me." being offered to Britt absently as the Second finds the need to go and attend her First, especially with that brittle look to him.

Britt ahs, when Kai clarifies. She hadn't noticed Wren's emergence until Kai's popping up suddenly drew her attention over that way. A concerned frown is cast in the younger warrior's direction, seeing his state. "Tell him I invite him to join us," she calls after Kai, and continues prepping the stew.

It's a hard contrast to how Wren used to carry himself to how he does now. And yeah, he's getting looks from other other warriors, especially those not from Coesbur. One even spits at his feet. The big man just takes it, even if doesn't flinch at the action, there's no desire for retaliation. Just looks a bit tired. No real pride here. Thankfully, Roach has no urge to judge his human, but Roach doesn't care for much, munching away on delicious sweet grass. Once he's past that particular group of warrior's he turns his eyes to the side, looking at Kai. "Yes, Kai?" Tone is heavy, like there's a massive weight carried in it. Leaden, maybe.

Galle kom Trikru steps out of the makeshift healers tent with a flourish of light fabric and soft booted feet. Her long dark hair has been woven back, leaving her expression severe and dedicated. She is carrying a woven bag, sliding it over her shoulder. It appears as though she is preparing to go out to harvest herbs, but she is stalled a bit by the gathering around camp at noon. Then it dawns on her… oh yes, food.

"Britt invites you to her fire for lunch." are the first words Kai elects to offer to Wren rather than the multitude of other things she could say,"If we are returning to Tondc, perhaps best you should eat something first?" added on afterwards with a gesture in the direction of the fire. Someone might mistake her as having not noticed the warriors spitting at Wren, if they overlook the very tense way in which the Second holds her shoulders or the way that she makes sure to fold her hands together behind her to keep them occupied.

Britt continues to quietly prepare the stew, though she does keep glancing over at Wren and his Second, to see if they're returning or nipping off to parts unknown.

"I have no desire to dishonor Britt with my presence, Kai." Wren says throwing his saddlebags over Roach. The axe is put on it's holster that's addixed to the horse as well. "Nor you. You deserve better than me. A First that still retains their honor." But he does look back to the fire that Britt sits at, a multitude of thoughts and feelings passing on his face. "It is your right to seek another First. It is one of the few choices a Second if they believe their First cannot do the job required of them." Translation: he's giving her an out. So she doesn't have to be attached to him. Might even sound like he wants her to take it. Because that would be a way to protect someone they care about.

Galle first notices Britt, and her expression takes on that of a doctor about to chide a patient. The healer forgets her current objective to gather herbs and see to today's various knicks, splinters, and other minor tendering that a Healer is apt to do, and strides toward the warrior with purpose. "Warrior, how is your knee?" She asks, the question perhaps a loaded one. She had seen Britt hobbling around here. She catches the words of Wren to his Second, though she offers a soft little scoff. She says very little though, concerning herself with Britt for the moment.

"I would venture that it is the archer's choice whom she wishes to have at her fire, and her offer was very clear." Kai elects to supply with the coolest look she can manage in the direction of the one's that had been heckling him, silent for a long moment,"My faith in you has not changed, Wren. Even if it had, to them I am still Skaikru. Please, come and eat, and I will gather my things." she offers at last quietly, reaching for Roach's reins like it might forestall him at least temporarily.

Britt's eyes are drawn away from the other pair when Galle calls to her. "On the mend," she says amiably. And for those who were paying attention to such things, it's true. Under Arlin's expert care, it's been getting steadily better. "You're welcome to share stew with us," she says, motioning to the other side of the fire. Meanwhile, she stirs the stew and glances Kai's way to see if there is actually going to be an 'us' to share with.

There just isn't enough fight in Wren to argue the point with Kai. Maybe not right now. And it means having to walk past the warrior tents again. Finally, there's a nod. "Very well." is the eventual agreement, on all fronts. And yeah, he has to walk back through that. More dirty looks, one even going so far to shove him when other warriors Wren too close. Causes him to stumble forward a step, but again, just like the last, there's no retaliation. Though he does make sure to give Kai a look to make sure she doesn't do anything about it. "It's fine." he says after, moving away and coming over towards Britt's fire.

Galle pauses, then nods, and she joins Britt's fire. She sets aside her empty bag, but it stays close as to be a reminder that there are still herb stores to fill. She settles down on the ground, legs folded neatly under her and the skirt of her dress tucked. She nods slightly. "Arlin is a fine warrior, and healer both… I would not dare take a patient from him, but… if you need anything, I can see to it." She glances back to the healers tent as the black, white, and blue magpie pops his head out, squawks, and then bounces across the grass, only to hop right up to Galle's shoulder. The bird fluffs up, croons, and makes a series of noises that causes Galle's eyes to roll. "Pest," she hisses, but almost fondly. Almost.

He gets shoved and Kai does round, she can't help it, that's a bridge too far for her. It's only Wren's look that checks her, for all that she can't help but stare and mark the shover, moving to settle herself on the side of him between the warriors because as far as she's concerned if they want to shove her that's one thing but they can just leave him alone. Leaving the former Skaigirl to play flanker in Wren's wake to see to it he makes it to Britt's fire safely,"I'll endeavor to share what I can while we eat, Britt, though I shall have to make time to gather my things before we leave." she offers the redheaded woman as she approaches in a soft, terse voice.

"Thank you," Britt replies to Galle, but has no call for her services at the moment, it would seem. The magpie gets a bemused look. "You seem to have made a friend," she observes lightly. Seeing Wren and Kai start making their way over, she reaches over to her pack to get out a small bundle of dried meat. She adds some of that, and some other greens to the stew. Not ideal, perhaps, but she was only expecting to make enough for herself, Kai, Arlin and Erson. The extra mouths call for a bit more. Wren and Kai are given a slight nod when they arrive, but then Britt's eyebrow arches. "Leave? Where are you going?" Though in response to Kai, her eyes shift to Wren for the answer.

"Tondc." Wren finally says, only sitting when Britt noda at him. "Family is there." Might be the only respite for him at this point. Or maybe he doesn't feel useful right now, more of a distraction than anything else. Though the fact that Kai says that she'll go too is, well, that does bother him, but he leave that unsaid for the time being.

"Leaving?" Galle asks, looking first to Britt and then to Kai. Then she regards the magpie who repeats in an almost perfect impression of Britt's voice, friend. He puffs up again, looking approvingly. Galle shakes her head. "He is not a friend, he is a pest… but he has taken upon himself to follow me, and… well… he is not completely useless." Then she looks back to Kai and Wren, expression serious. "We have not been told that our business here is done. Have you sought leave from the kruheda?" Or the steheda, but Galle has judged Oxfor quite harshly, as a woman of Tondc.

Kai let's Wren answer the questions posed as she goes to squat back where she'd been to start out with, dipping her head with the best smile she can manage for Galle by way of acknowledgment and distant curiousity for the magpie. A piece of branch is collected from the ground to give her something to focus her attention on, methodically shredding it with her lips pressed together.

"Mmmm." Yes, that's a bit of a disapproving frown then from Britt at Wren's answer. But since Galle asked the obvious question first, she says nothing on that particular point and instead keeps stirring the stew. "I have been thinking, Kai," she says, continuing their conversation before as if nothing had happened. "How did you know that the tunnel was a way into the Mountain? Was there a door?"

Wren just shrugs, having nothing to say. Likely he already knows the answer and he plans on asking to simply be left to leave the camp and go back to Tondc.

"Yes, we saw a doorway." Kai offers Britt quietly,"Beckinson has the video on a dataslate, a man in a hazmat suit was injecting the Reapers, a doorway behind him lit with electricity. When Lip and the warrior came down the chute from above into the cart he retreated into that room and the door closed behind him. So as far as I see it there's at least two ways in.. where the man came from, and the chute that the other two were shoved down. But beside from that.. the tunnel itself was labelled at the entrance identifying it with 'authorized construction personnel only - Mount Weather'." her grey eyes slide back in the direction of the other warrior tents, unable to resist keeping an eye on them for all that her head is largely lowered and she's methodically destroying the twig in her hands.

Galle tuts seriously at Wren. "Cease that, warrior. Trikru do not mope. So you were given ten cuts… you should have known that your actions would be judged. The heda had judged… to crawl back to Tondc with your tail between your legs like a whipped dog only furthers your shame. Warriors do not sulk." She has the tone of a woman twice her age, perhaps indicating the state of her soul. "Now, eat, tend to yourself, and prepare for what comes next." She then looks at Britt and Kai. "So, it is true then… the Reapers and the Mountain Men are allies?"

Britt nods to Galle, frowning a little when the healer chides Wren. "So it would seem. Some of the Skaikru have said that the Mountain is creating the Reapers." She listens attentively to Kai's description. "We know that when people are taken by Reapers, they are sometimes taken to the tunnels near Coesbur. If the Mountain is behind them being taken -" And there's a brief clench to her jaw at being reminded of the possibility. "- it would stand to reason that those tunnels may connect to the ones you saw. It also stands to reason that the Mountain would not wish to destroy all of the Reapers with the acid fog." She lets that percolate for a moment, then seemingly comes to a decision. "Would you please tend the stew for a minute, Kai?" She rises, smothering a wince when the leg takes her weight. "Wren, I would like a word." She gestures off a bit into the forest. And while she really has no authority to be ordering Wren about, her tone does not invite argument.

Normally, being talked to like that by anyone not a warrior would incite a certain level of retaliation from Wren. There's just nothing. No response. Especially being talked at like a child. Ideally, it's insulting and berrating, even if she's right. Still, no reaction. Can't do much when you feel like you're nothing. No, that's a lie. There's restaint. As if the big man has chosen the less violent of two options. And, Britt certainly has the benefit of age to have some kind of sway, which is what makes him get up to his feet, nodding once to follow her.

"They knelt for the man like pets waiting for a treat." Kai offers to the two women, her gaze flitting up in the direction of Galle,"He injected them with something red." she touches her neck to indicate where,"But with the noise of Lip and the warrior coming down the chute some of them became distracted and turned our way.. and that is when he retreated. The one's that did not receive the injection seemed.. even more irate than the one's that had. The warrior, and Lip, fell into the cart together, but the skaiboy refuses to speak with me so I do not know if they entered the chute together." there's a request of her and she dips her head in acknowledgment, abandoning her project in order to slink closer to the fire and give the stew a stir.

"I am Kai kom Trikru, Wren's Second." she elects to introduce herself to Galle with, gaze flitting to Wren and then the older warrior before settling back on the pot distractedly.

Galle frowns at Britt's words. "Hmph," she says simply. Then she sweeps her hand across her shoulder, and the magpie hops onto her strong, calloused knuckles. The bird looks seriously at Kai, gold-rimmed eyes searching from the girl's head to her feet. Galle is giving her the same kind of serious consideration. When she speaks, her trigedasleng is precise and still terse, "Yes, I know." But then she does not let the girl's introduce go unreturned. "Galle kom Trikru… I serve Tondc as a healer, and have for almost two decades." Then she sets the magpie down on a repurposed stump, and the bird bounces forward a bit to continue his stare at Kai. "This is Greedy." Her tone is dry. "Both in name and description."

Britt starts walking away from the camp. Not too far - near enough that they can still be seen from the campfire but far enough that their words would not be heard unless one of them starts shouting. Britt, for her part, does not shout. Instead she turns toward Wren, folding her arms. Despite the frown on her face, her words are perhaps surprisingly gentle. "Where is the warrior that stood in the bathhouse and talked so boldly about knowing what struggle lay ahead for one who would take a niron and a Second from among our once-sworn enemies? 'Nothing worthwhile is easy', I think he said."

"You started very young, then." Kai offers for Galle, her gaze shifting over to the magpie staring at her with a slow blink of her eyes,"Greedy." she acknowledges with a flicker of a smile,"The healers at Tondc did great work to save those harmed when Coesbur was blown up. I respect their work immensely." she offers with a dip of her head,"What does he eat?" she asks with a nod in the direction of the magpie.

"How old do you think I am?" Galle says, tone a bit incredulous. Then she shakes her head. "My grandmother has been a Healer of the Healing House for sixty-some years… I was at her side as soon as I could toddle… but I did not become her second until I was twelve." Then she snorts slightly. "You should respect every healers' work, child… but, thank you. The Healers of Coesbur have been great help in the Healing House as these conflicts continue." Then she looks at Greedy, eyes narrowing slightly. "Anything, everything, but know that if you give him something he will expect more. Voracious creature."

"An arrogant man who thought he could help bring about peace." Wren says when Britt stops to look at him. "One who did not realize how much respect he would lose amoung his peers. People he respects. And others he's grown to regard highly." There's perhaps a mildly pointed look at her herself. "Perhaps it I thought I could rise above it. Perhaps I thought what I was doing was right. Perhaps I didn't want to see another lose a sibling over something I believed to be pointless. Perhaps they both deserve better than me." Not so much a kicked dog look and more…something else. "It is either I take this licking or I tear apart every single person who…" he shakes his head. "Nothing more I can do than simply staying out of way. I have sown enough discord."

"Twenty-five?" Kai guesses, looking at least a little apologetic,"My apology's, I know Seconds usually start far younger than I am.. and I do respect the work of all healers, I likely wouldn't be standing without the intervention of Arlin kom Trikru and Silver kom Skaikru, but I particularly had occasion to watch Tondc's one's thanks to what happened at Coesbur." there's a quiet noise, a ghost of a laugh from the teen as her eyes shift off after the warriors and then back to her duty,"Then I shall not tempt his stomach."

Galle smirks. "Thirty-two and some," she offers. Then she shakes her head slightly. "Seconds are taken when they are ready, and Seconds are raised up when they are ready." When Silver is mentioned, the healer actually chuckles. "Yes, I have met your Silver kom Skaikru… caught her digging around in the Healing House's trash, trying desperately to glean knowledge from what we throw away. Like a little mouse." Then she clucks her tongue at Greedy who has bounced forward a bit, squawking at Kai imploringly. He even goes so bold to say "stomach" in his garbled attempts at human speech.

"The kruheda's judgement is over. Clearly the heda felt that Coesbur was not entirely in the wrong, or you'd all be dead." Such is Britt's personal opinion of the whole mess. Since if 'aiding and abetting declared enemies of your clan' is not the textbook definition of treason, what is? "From this point on, what matters is how you judge yourself, Wren kom Trikru," Britt advises. "If you feel you were just in your actions, if you truly care for Silver and Kai, then stand for that. You will get shit for it, to be sure, but face it with honor. And if you feel you were wrong, then do what you must to make amends. Either way, skulking off to Tondc is not going to solve anything." She pauses, then gestures toward the camp. "We stand on the precipice of a war with either the Skaikru or the Mountain. You are a good warrior, Wren. You have a responsibility to the clan, and one to your Second. Is this the example you wish her to learn?" She arches her eyebrows at him in mild challenge.

"I see." Kai offers in response to Galle's age before she smiles faintly,"In my case it was not precisely an opportunity earlier.. and I do not know when my First might consider me ready." her gaze slides back towards the warriors again,"She wishes to learn the Trikru way, none have chosen to take her as their Second so she.. does what she can." she grunts quietly,"Arlin's work insured that I could stand at the battlefield, but she helped sew me back together so that I would be able to continue for the next battle." she raises her right arm to show the still red and angry scar along her forearm, only to have to pause and stare at the bird,"It.. talks?" she asks with a blink at Greedy in puzzlement, not quite sure what to make of the bird now. That's creepy, in her book. Talking bird.

"It repeats," Galle corrects. "He does not have a sizable brain to actually converse." Though Greedy does bounce a bit, repeating converse several times as if trying to make a point. Galle ignores him. Pest. She does look at Kai with that serious expression again. "To become a Trikru? You have much more to learn that just what it means to be a warrior… you have barely cracked the surface… your First will know, but even he will be looking to see whether or not the Trikru are ready to accept you." Then she shakes her head again. "Trikru way… and what about the Skaikru way?" She holds out her hand then. "Give me your hand, palm up."

Kai ahhs, one eye on the bird,"I know." she murmurs for Galle quietly, switching the ladle to her other hand to offer one out towards Galle palm up,"She is quite skilled in the Skaikru way.. but she is my First's Niron. If we are to be accepted by the clan, the ways of our old kru are not sufficient, as you say.. so while she might bring that knowledge with her, that is not what is needed in her life now." she points out as placidly as she can.

"I'm already hated. Whether I shunned them both now wouldn't change that. It's already done." Wren replies, clearly zero energy to fight Britt on the issue. Not even saying she's wrong. "No." is answer he gives at the remarks about Kai. "It is not. And no one else would take her if I dismissed her from service, we both know that. And it would be far too cruel to go back on a word given. I simply accept the fact that I am hated, there is little else to be done."

Galle takes the girl's palm in both her hands, spreading it wide with her thumbs. She looks over the lines of her palm as if she is prepared to read them like an Old Earth mystic. Instead she starts feeling down Kai's arm, feeling the divot between her radius and ulna, all the way down to her elbow. "You are… hmm… late in your childhood years… eighteen?" She then feels back down, lifting the girl's arm a bit, and turning it gently in its socket. "You broke a bone once, but it was adequately set." Then she holds up her hand now, studying the fingers and knuckles. "Soft hands, but new callouses. New hardships, not old." Then she returns to the palm, spreading it out again and studying it carefully. "Komfi speaks of a time when the palm could say things about people… and what would your palm say about you, child?" Galle's too-blue eyes stare at Kai now, unfaltering.

"Some hate you, that is true. Some did so before the heda's judgement, also. But not all. Or do you forget just how many of Coesbur's warriors stood up there at the post the same as you?" Again those eyebrows lift in challenge. "I don't hate you." Britt glances back toward the others. "The healer was wrong to chide you in front of your Second, but what she said was not wrong. This is not how a warrior behaves. And if you can't see fit to show your Second the proper way, then you owe it to her to release her, whether she find another or not. Teaching her poorly will not help her find her place among the Trikru. There is much to be done, if you will pull yourself together and do it." The entire lecture is gently given, never raising her voice or speaking too sternly. And having said what she meant to say, Britt turns to go.

Kai's being examined by the fire in front of Britt's tent, while Britt and Wren talk some way off in the distance, and there's a magpie nearby. The girl stops stirring the lunchtime stew at least temporarily to regard Galle,"Close." she can't help but smile vaguely for Galle,"I'll be eighteen in December.. and yes.. I landed wrong at practice once." she agree's with the healer then tilts her head to one side,"What would it say of me?" the grey eyed girl asks, her own grey eyes meeting the healer's with a veiled half-liddedness.

Khesu returns to the camp from morning hunting. He has a couple of fat geese and an upland grouse strung on his belt, carrying his bow. The dark haired, bearded warrior continues to go around bare of torso, his scars and tats clear for anyone to see while he waits for Starling to finish his armor. In the summer's heat and humidity it's practical enough. He stops near to what has been Benning's fire by Starling's wagon these past days and there Khesu bends his bow to slip the string. His long fingered hands remove his quiver to hook it on the wagon and slide his bow into it's case. Khesu's dark eyes roam over the others gathered and he gives them a silent nod for greeting.

"Mmhmm," Galle replies seriously. She regards the palm, but says nothing as she continues to consider the palm. "Ask Komfi one day… she knows these secrets better than I do… but even she laughs at the premise of someone's palm being the window to their soul." Practical answer. "I would much rather rely on action." Then she sighs, stands, brushing her hands down her skirts as she does. "I will be back for stew, but… this is a good hour for gathering, and I know of some water weed in the lake." She pauses, looking seriously at Kai. "Tell Silver when you see her next I look forward to our next discussion." Then the Healer starts to make her leave, nodding to Khesu as she does.

Kai gives a broader smirk for the answer,"It was a pleasure to meet you, Galle kom Trikru, and I will let her know." she murmurs with another look to the magpie, shifting to stir the stew again. Khesu's return is noted with an upnod in his direction,"Heyo Khesu." she offers his way, solemn gaze tracking back to Britt and Wren again with inevitable curiousity.

Wren just nods. He hears her, but he doesn't stop her from leaving. "I know." Just not a lot he can do about it right now. Forgets that he's not supposed to have self-doubt. Can't have a lot of things.

Khesu's dark gaze follows Galle briefly as she departs. His hands continue to work quietly to remove the birds from his belt. These he also hangs up, ready to be plucked and prepared for cooking or smoking later. Ere he leaves them, the Trikru warrior draws his knife and patiently cuts the long wing feathers off of each bird until he has a nice pile of primary and secondary feathers - the best ones to use for fletching of arrows. The knife sheathed, he bundles up the feathers in a scrape of cloth that will do for a temporary bag that he slips into his quiver. Likely he will give them to his niece Benning.

Once this is done, Khesu walks over to where Kai and Wren are, "Heya."

Kai eyes the bird, and finally elects to raise the ladle enough to fish out a bit of carrot from the stew to toss at the beastie, at least the heat will keep it occupied temporarily as it attempts to scarf down the treat. Wren (and Britt) are far enough away from the Second at present that she can't hear their words. Though Khesu's greeting distracts her from both people watching and the bird to offer up,"A successful hunt for you, too. Obviously I need to spend more time practicing with my bow. Vegetables are at least easy to find.. don't run very fast.. don't even need an arrow to catch them most of the time." there's a wryness to the smile she offers as her gaze shifts back towards Britt and Wren for the umpteenth time again, she can't help but keep an eye on it for all that she endeavors to keep a smile on her face as if this will somehow hide the anxiety haunting her eyes.

Britt nods to Wren. "If you know, then do something about it." With that challenge delivered, she heads back to the campfire where Kai and Khesu are gathered. The latter gets a polite nod of greeting, while the former gets a more direct gaze. Her irritation is possibly obvious, though it's not directed at the Second. "I'll return shortly," she promises, before turning to head off once more in the direction of the lake. She needs to clear her head for a moment before she's fit company.

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