Day 052: Taken By The Mountain
Summary: The new President Wallace resorts to more direct methods to get "volunteers."
Date: 20 July 2016
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Visitors' Residences, Mount Weather

This is a large, cavernous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow.

Bunkbeds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.

52 Days After Landing

In the Mount Weather Security Center
"Tracking the last two now, coming back from some… private time." There's a smirk behind the words, crackling on the Mount Weather comms. "Go in three minutes."

In the stairways surrounding Level 5
Security personnel in riot helmets and shoulderpads crowd the stairs, submachine guns and pistols drawn and at the ready. Their orders are to ensure that the Delinquents do not cause undue trouble, and to assist Doctor Montgomery with his efforts, including selecting new donors.

In the Visitors' Quarters
The lights are dimmed, most of the Delinquents in their bunks, the last pair just coming back from the 'private' room set aside for the use of the visitors. It's late, although the TV on its stand plays Sharknado — again — quietly.

Ruth is having a good time trying to lay flat on her back, lift her legs, and hook her toes in the bars supporting the bunk above her head without shifting her upper body. It takes so much of her concentration, actually, that she fails to address any of the other delinquents in the room, no matter their current state of mind. She's staring at nothing in particular, though her eyes are on the television… There's no way she's actually watching the movie. Again. Better that she be lost in her thoughts.

"Oh," Max says as he stares at the television. "Weather fish. Got it." He glances at the screen skeptically and then over toward Reno's direction and says, "Look at it as an opportunity to invent entirely new fishing methods. I be those are good eating." He's not convinced that cartilaginous-fish-related weather patterns are a thing, but one never knows.

First, there was joy, even behind his stoic features…. then there was conflict as the recall orders were sent. Non-scrubbed air for the first time in his life had made this all worthwhile for Raphael… now… now he was with the whole of Unit 2 and a sizable group of Security personnel ready and waiting for the go. Raphael sits tight.

Madelyn wrinkles her nose, turning away from the screen and leaning against Max's shoulder. "I don't like it. Movies are always about killing. I don't know why the people from Before liked them so much." She messes with the yarn in her lap. Somehow she's gotten ahold of some yarn and needles and seems to be knitting a hat.

Cameron hasn't been sleeping again, since he decided to go off his meds— so there's some bags under his eyes, and he's figiting. And since the office in Art Storage is locked, he doesn't have his painting to keep him sane. So he's a bit twitchy, and instead has a book, and was trying to read. "I don't like this. All this security. They're not even pretending we're not prisoners now. After what we saw…" He looks around, and frowns.

For a man who just turned forty three days ago, Dr. S. C. Montgomery has a remarkably youthful spring in his step. He walks alongside his long-time friend and assistant, Grant Merryweather, accompanied by security personnel. "A shame, the state of affairs…" he muses out loud, though he does not truly look overly dismayed. Salvador Montgomery never truly looks overly dismayed. "Do you have the subject data with you, Merryweather? I would ideally like to start with one of the healthier specimens. Say, that large fellow, R-something." Rubbing his chin, he glances over towards the clipboard as they stroll along down the Level Five corridor, where the 23… correction, 20 are being carefully contained.

Recently Quinn has reverted to the same type of behavior she exhibited when they were locked up in the Skybox. Most of her free time has gone to exercise. Although most seem to be getting ready for bed, or watching the movie, again, Quinn is on the floor next to her bunk, doing pushups as a way to burn off extra nervous energy.

Carlos is in one of the stairways surrounding the 5th level, his arms crossed along his chest as he leans up against a wall. Eyes upwards from his middle section in the stairwell, he quietly chews on the last bit of a protein bar before he's looking over to Raphael. Carlos stares at the man for a moment or two, before ultimately sighing and looking back up the stairs as he retrieves his handgun- "Think they'll do anything?" he asks, quietly waiting.

"It's totally not real," Tink tells Reno and Max as she sits there on their bunk, snuggling against Reno, "I mean…come on. There's no way a water spout would do that." She looks content till Cameron starts bringing up last night and sighs, "It's been quiet all day. I think they're just trying to intimidate us for snooping." Yep, she's not repentant at all for looking into things.

Grant walks along side his mentor with several charts in hand. He's quiet as he listens to Dr. Montegomery chat about the current state of affairs, "We're not sure exactly what they got into on the computer. But security should be doing another upgrade soon." He hands over a file marked with an R for Rawlins, "Dennis Rawlins…had some of the best nutritional stats coming from the ground and appears to have been athletic prior to his coming here." He hands over the chart for the doctor to review, "He carries some strong genetic markers." Grant speak of the donors like he would a lab rat rather than living breaking humans.

Cole has been busying himself on his bunk, drawing in his sketchpad. There hasn't been much else for him to do. He looks at the new ring that he made in Scarlett's office on his middle finger idly, contemplating the metallic sheen on it before going back to whatever drawing that he happened to be working on.

Reno was kicked back in their bunk, both lank arms around Tink. He's been withdrawn since they uncovered what was happening in teh basement. Since last night he hasn't slept. Right now though was maybe a little still, and he was listless, but he took comfort in the moment keeping Tabitha close and discussing flying fish with his brother. "Okay the water spout I don't believe, but the fish look awfully suspect."

In the Security Center
"That's it. They're in. Go, go, go."

In the stairways
The Lieutenant makes a 'wind 'em up' gesture, and the groups start forward by squads, thirty heavily armed men and women sweeping through the corridors to the single entrance to the bunkhouse. They move past Salvador and Grant, setting up to breach.

In the Visitors' Quarters
The idyllic — if confined — night is burst apart as the lights suddenly flare up to full brilliance and the door bangs open. Two large men in armor pointing large weapons are the first ones through, and they quickly spread out, a seemingly unceasing flow even if it only ends up being around twenty. And shouts come up from those barging in, "On your feet, on your feet, hands on your heads!"

<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Good Success. (4 2 7 5 8 5)
<FS3> Madelyn rolls Resolve: Success. (5 3 3 6 3 6 8)
<FS3> Ruth rolls Resolve: Success. (7 5 6 2 6 2 1 4)

A startled Ruth almost tumbles from her bed in shock, which doesn't bode well for the legs-up position she'd been attempting to hold as long as she could manage. The hands on her head part she manages fine, but getting on her feet takes her a minute. "Eden," she spits out, her eyes blinking thrice rapidly as she rubs her scuffed knee soothingly into her other leg. "What's going on? We didn't do anything."

<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Good Success. (7 7 3 5 5 6)
<FS3> Tink rolls Resolve: Success. (7 5 3 6 6 2 2)
<FS3> Cole rolls Resolve: Good Success. (1 2 7 7 5 8 5)

Madelyn lets out a yelp of surprise, hand flying to her face to cover her eyes, squinting in the sudden brightness. She considers dropping down to hide under the bed, but steels herself, sticking close to Max, Tink and Reno and slowly raising her hands to her head.

Cameron blinks and turns to look at the arrival of the guards, startled for a moment, but with a cool expression on his face his eyes narrow. And, sitting on the bed, he pointedly crosses his arms, and does not get onto his feet, not one bit. "What in Eden's name are you assholes going on about? Where's President Dante, I demand to see him. We're citizens of the Ark and I do not recognize your authority." Because the guns totally care about Cam's opinion on them. Still. He's decided to be stubborn. Morganisnotdead. Theyarelyingmcliarpantsvampires.

Carlos lets his eyes fall upon the motion of the Lieutenants hand, looking off to his side as his hand comes over to retrieve his riot shield and heft it up before he's moving in with his squad and setting up in position with preparations to breach. Out from the side, the barrel of his handgun is slightly pointed out- his thumb hovering over the safety as he squints and watches the entrance with lips pushed into a thin line. When the rest of his squad is ready and in position, he offers the Lieutenant a gesture signalling that they are as he swaps out his handgun for his shock-prod at his side.

The only reply to Carlos, "It doesn't matter, Corporal." Raphael doesn't bother to look in the mans direction as the order is given, and he, along with the rest of Security, make a quick and organized breach into the room. Raphael spreads out into his pre-designated position in the formation as his sub-machine gun is in ready position… ready, but not aimed. Yet.

As the door bangs open Quinn shoves herself up to her feet, eyes flicking around the room, her hands slowly raising up to her head, lightly resting there. She tracks the men in armor as they move into the room, taking a quick count of the ones nearest her.

Cole's reaction is maybe a bit startled, but there's something that crosses his face. Like he was expecting something like this. Waiting for it, even. He closes his sketchpad, palming the pencil into the sleeve of his shirt. Then he's getting up to his feet, silent, putting his hands on top of his head. Nothing said by him. Yeah, he expected it after last night. Too many risks. Eventually it was going to bite them.

Tink almost falls out her bed when the door bursts open and the soldiers come massing in. She looks wide eyed at the military personnel, giving a little gulp as she stands and puts her hands over her head. The earlier incident causes her to have guilty look on her face. She tenses as they come around, almost expecting to be singled out.

Max gives Maddie's knee a pat as she fusses with her yarn. "Dunno," he says and gets up to wander over toward Quinn just as the door comes flying open and he stops where he is. His hands don't go to his head immediately, mostly because he's too busy taking stock of where everyone is. And so he ends up somewhere a few steps in the middle of the room, just sort of watching the flow of people coming in. It's only after a few moments that he realizes people are putting their hands over their heads and his raise up gradually, not making any particular sudden movements.

Even as the security charge on past him and his assistant, Salvador remains perfectly calm. He has been preparing for this moment for quite some time. He scans the chart that Grant hands him for a moment, then hands it back. "Surname R, one of the rowdier ones," he murmurs in counter, before his clear blue eyes lift to scan the twenty teenagers before him in the dorm. Until now, he has made it a point not to visit them in their living space, leaving that to younger assistants such as Ashley. May she rest in peace.

"There is nothing to be concerned about," Dr. Montgomery assures the Twenty more openly, as he looks up. Never mind the trained security personnel pointing guns at them. He offers Cameron and particularly Ruth a pleasant smile when they speak up, one of familiarity and assurance. "For the safety of everyone in this Mountain, we have been authorised to contain you to this room while we run some further tests…"

With another scan, finally Salvador finds the large, burly individual he's had on his mind. He sends a nod in Rawlins' direction, directing security to accost the fellow. "If you will come with us," he requests politely, though the delinquent has little choice in the matter.

<FS3> Raphael rolls Alertness: Good Success. (4 4 1 6 1 7 6 8)

Reno was waiting for it. Something to happen. Tink scrambled, and the agile floor-dweller unfolded out of the bunk quickly and stood in front of her. He took his time putting his hands to his head and said with a squint, "Where you taking Dennis, Dr. Montgomery?" Reno looked between them and said, "Dennis, you have a right o know."

"You're not running more tests on us." Quinn speaks up, taking a step forward from where she was standing, her hands starting to slide down from where she's had them on her head, eyes shifting towards the doctor that seems to be calling the shots.

Grant glances in Reno's direction and hands over a file to his boss. In all the confusion it's hard to see what name is on the file but 'Dennis' is definitely on there, "I'm sorry sir. Perhaps this one will suit you better." He doesn't seem at all put off all the security and instead is focused on making sure that the doctor has the information he needs.

Despite the guns - despite everything - Ruth focuses solely on Salvador. He's the one who's there for their welfare, not that of unintelligent brutes who must hold a gun since they can't pen a thought - that's her thought, anyway. When he reassures them, she's reassured. "Guys, it should be fine," she calls out, her voice just a touch reedy. Well, guns in this case do speak the guards' case pretty clearly. "Just… don't resist."

Four, six, ten, fourteen, twenty… suddenly, the cavern-like bunkroom is filled with people as its occupancy more than doubles. Twenty men and women in armor with guns, and two in lab coats.

Some of the Delinquents step back, even as others step forward, and except for a few stand-outs, there is now a solid gap between the Security personnel with submachine guns and the Delinquents. Rawlins, called out by the head labcoat, looks around at the other Delinquents, "Who, me?"

"I don't want to be here anymore," Madelyn says, softly, but loud enough for the Mountain Men to hear. "Can you just… just let those of us who want to go leave so… so we don't have to have any more… you know… tests?" She edges over to Dennis, hands still on her head, dropped yarn winding around her left ankle.

It doesn't take more than a few seconds for the sub-machine gun in Raphaels hand to be pointed directly at Cameron, and for his gravelly voice to be heard, "You have five seconds to comply before I force the issue." Yep, Raphaels not dealing with teenage rebellion today at *all*.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Good Success. (3 3 3 7 5 8)

Reno dropped his hands from and held them out not moving from in front of Tabitha. He wasn't a brave kid, but he had principals, "Woah, Guy, you don't need to point a gun at Cameron." This was not the time, and enough was enough. "We're not lab rats, we're people. You can ask ya know."

Carlos' eyes quietly look among the group of delinquents, his prod in hand and his mass behind his riot shield. Cameron gains his stare as Carlos' brows furrow slightly, opening his mouth as though he may say something before Raphael goes ahead and does that for him- with a bit extra. Instead, Carlos is looking over towards Quinn as she speaks up. The mans thumb pushes a button on his shock prod, letting a small arc of electricity show with a zap. "Step back, or you will be forced to comply.". And then Carlos' eyes are looking over to Reno, watching the young man with furrowed brows.

"Hey…there's not need," Tink tells Raphael, getting worried that he's going to shoot Cameron, "Just back off on the commando attitude." She glances over at Carlos too, seeing the arch and her eyes keeping both Raphael and Carlos in her sights, "Just explain what's going on…the real story." Cause that's what prompted their hack earlier, wanting to know what's going on. And it appears that Mountain Men no long want to play nice.

"You're not going to shoot me." Cameron says coldly, "You need me alive. You need us all alive. If you shoot me you don't get my blood. Or the radiation resistance that has was genetically engineered by our forebearers. Not until I talk to President Dante. You have no right to point guns at us, you have no right to hold us." His arms stay crossed, but he does decide to stand up. That's sorta half compliance, that counts, right? "If you wanted to just do some tests you wouldn't have come in here with a bunch of goons with guns, Doc."

Grant gives a look at Madelyn that's firm but gentle, "Please step aside." He then turns to Dennis and motions for him to come to him, "Please just come along peacefully." He speaks to the kid like he's at the doctor's office, that calm practiced look as he asks the young man to step this way so they can get on with the selection process.

"You don't scare me." Quinn retorts to Carlos, her eyes flicking towards the shock prod before she takes another step forward, her hands hovering about shoulder height, "We're done with your bullshit tests." Although there are men and women with guns, her attention seems to be focused on Carlos for the moment, him and his shock prod.

"Yeah, we're done with the bullshit test story. Because all this? Has nothing to do with tests. And coming in here guns blazing.. forcing compliance? Fuck that. Why should we make it easy for you?" Max says as he takes a step forward rather than back. "You shoot us all, you get one go at what you want from us and there isn't anymore. You want compliance, then just ask us. Stop lying to us."

Ruth starts to move away from her bunk, her shirt and skirt straightened with the flats of her hands. After her curious leg exercises, she looks just a touch disheveled. "Look, do you need someone else to give blood? I'm sure plenty will volunteer," she suggests easily, beseeching Salvador even as her gaze wanders between the tense standoff. She keeps her voice chipper as anything, likely in her own attempt to diffuse the tension. "Right, guys?"

<FS3> Carlos rolls Resolve: Success. (6 4 6 6 3 7)
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raphael=Melee Vs Cameron=Dodge
< Raphael: Success (5 4 4 3 1 8 6 5) Cameron: Good Success (6 3 4 1 8 7 3 8)
< Net Result: Cameron wins - Solid Victory

Hands in the pockets of his lab-coat, Salvador Montgomery glances over his shoulder towards the aforementioned goons with guns, with the sort of clueless expression that vaguely implies he wasn't even aware they were there. "Not my doing," he answers Cameron in a deeply understanding, sympathetic tone. "I'm afraid President Dante has stepped down for health reasons. I assure you he will receive the best possible care." When it looks like an altercation is about to break out, he steps way back, not wanting to get his pristine white coat dirty. Two fingers indicate with a sweep for Rawlins to be escorted out, by force if necessary, and he moves towards the door.

Even though she knows she is no match for even one of the armored soldiers, Madelyn winds her arm around Dennis's, gripping tightly. The small young woman sets her jaw, glaring, daring them to come and try it.

<FS3> Reno rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (2 7 2 2 8 6)

Reno reached back behind him slowly making sure Tabitha was there and said to Ruth, "If that's true, then ask Dr. Montgomery where Hanne is, Ruth." He was possibly their biggest advocate but something was broken in the Tech. He set his teeth and said, "Rawlins, You don't have to go." There was a tone that was imperative, and he couldn't move from the spot, only try to emphasize a point of reason.

Each Delinquent has a submachine gun or a pistol pointed at them, although Ruth actually is not. Instead, one Security woman covers Dennis Rawlins while another steps close. The bully shakes out of the first attempt to grasp his arm, "Hey! Hey! Where are you taking me?" He glances to Reno and then adds, "What if I don't wanna go?" When Madelyn winds her arm around his, he tries to shake it off at first, then glances at her in surprise and tries to grab hold of her too.

The man pointing a submachine gun at Max shakes his head, "Step back now. Now. We don't want to get violent. But you will comply with Doctor Montgomery's requirements."

Carlos' eyes flit from Quinn to the others around her with furrowed brows before he looks back to the woman. Drawing his baton back, he stares at her for a moment after her decree of not being frightened- not taking the chance of letting the prod being grabbed. Another few ready zaps of the shock prod and he's repeating himself. "Step back. Or you will be forced to comply. Don't make me hurt you." he says with a squint of his eyes, a firm frown on his face. At least he isn't as quick to start swinging.

Sure, Cameron might be talkative… but Raphael doesn't care at all. Instead, his sub-machine gun butt is brought up and he attempts to connect it with the Delinquents head, coming in from the side, "You were warned."

At the door, Salvador pauses, glancing over his shoulder. Once again his eyes settle on Ruth's, then flicker to Reno. "You are correct," he says to the younger Loden. "We can just ask. It is a shame things had to come to this." He turns back around fully, his expression heavy with fatherly disappointment. "I was very sorry to hear that four of you…" And as he glances from one guilty face to another, it becomes apparent that he knows exactly who those four are. "…Saw fit to break into my office while I was tending to my patients. If one of you wishes to volunteer, this will go a lot smoother." Whether or not he's bullshitting, he is clearly having none of the accusations, and is disinterested in dialogue on the matter.

One person is not being given the opportunity to volunteer, however. Dr. Montgomery gives another nod, this time towards Ruth. His wrist-watch gleams as he flicks his hand in her direction, indicating security to grab her as well. "Her," he states, and then aside to Grant, "Despite the results with Ashley, she had excellent bloodwork during our earlier sessions."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinn=melee Vs Carlos=dodge
< Quinn: Great Success (7 7 5 1 7 1 7 2 4) Carlos: Good Success (5 4 8 8 7 6 2)
< Net Result: Quinn wins - Marginal Victory

Tink is mute at first under the barely unleashed violence going around her. She looks at all the men and women in the room, silently memorizing their faces as they try to remove Dennis and now are selecting Ruth as another subject, "How many are you taking?" She looks at the others with a pointed look, "At how many intervals?" She gives the other teens a look, "Because this is only the first round, isn't it?" She wants them to admit that they're all have a little file just waiting for the good doctor to select them.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Max=Melee Vs Security=8
< Max: Failure (2 1 6 1 4 4 1) Security: Good Success (7 4 7 3 8 1 6 2)
< Net Result: Security wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Security=8 Vs Max=Dodge
< Security: Good Success (6 7 8 6 5 1 5 4) Max: Failure (4 3 6 3 6 5)
< Net Result: Security wins - Solid Victory

"Me?" Ruth's reaction is almost comical, her smile an uncertain twist that's likely not shared by many of the tense delinquents on her side of the room. For all that she was talking about volunteering… "Yeah, okay." What's a bit of a sordid neck needle experience compared to this standoff? At least she'll be away from most of the gun-toting guards. She crosses the room and passes by said guards with a bit of a smug smile. Her bloodwork was excellent.

Reno was not moving fast at all but leaving a hand out there in front of him trying to keep a distance. Sloooooowly he said, "Cam, think… of… Morgan." He stared hard back at Dr. MOntgomery. It was killing him. This was sloppy science. "Dr. Montgomery, Why won't you review the alternative solution I gave you? Renewable resources! There's a healthier and more effective meants a-and I can prove it. Why are you doing this the hard way?"

Grant looks at the guard and tells him, "Please remove him and secure the package." And then he walks back over to Dr. Montgomery to see who else has been selected. When he sees Ruth's name, he nods and smiles, "Yes…her bloodwork was excellent." He turns back to Ruth and offers his hand to her, "Come Ruth…things are quickly going to escalate out of control if you don't come now."

Cameron is sneaky as hell, but he's also fast with incredible reflexes, so when a submachine gun tries to use his head as a baseball, he's quickly dodging out of the way and backing deeper into the room, staring coldly at Raphael, his hands lifting up in something vaguely like a fighting stance, "Go float yourself, goon." Then Salvador reveals they got into the computer? So Cam glares, "You expect volunteers after you know we got into your computer?" Though he doesn't reveal what they found out. He glances at Reno, "I am, Reno. Believe me, I am."

Forced? Well. Maybe someone should have been a little faster on that. Quinn doesn't wait to find out if Carlos is going to force the issue, others in the room forcing the issue, verbally or otherwise, is enough to spur Quinn into some form of action. Since Carlos moved the prod back out of her range she resorts to just taking a swing at the security officer instead. Not the face, though! The hands that had been at her shoulders move now, one balling into a fist as she lashes out towards Carlos, somewhat center mass.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raphael=Melee Vs Cameron=Dodge
< Raphael: Success (4 3 6 3 2 8 2 1) Cameron: Failure (1 6 2 5 4 3 5 1)
< Net Result: Raphael wins - Marginal Victory

There's a point where Max snaps. It might be Quinn's moving into action that triggers it. It might be Raphael's swing at Cameron. Whatever it is, he simply lunges forward toward the guard with the gun aimed at him rather than away. Done with words. He seems to be attempting to go for the gun itself.

Cole stands back, watching carefully what's all unfolding. Maybe he should join the fray of fighting, but his count, there's more than plenty of guns trained on them, and he's not going to believe like Cam is that they need them that much. So he's not going to get involved. Yet.

<FS3> Salvador rolls Resolve: Failure. (1 5)
<FS3> Madelyn rolls Resolve: Good Success. (4 5 5 7 7 2 3)

Clenching his teeth, Carlos' eyes widen somewhat as he finds himself bringing his shield up a bit too late when Quinns hands ball into fists and come around his shield. Quinns fist connects with his left shoulder, causing him to thumble back and into another security officer with a squeaking and stomping of his boots as he tries to find his footing, grunting as he's thrown a bit off balance- enough that he may fall over with a bit more encouragement. However, this isn't without his own retaliation, a thumb pressing down onto the button of his prod as he pulls his shield to the side slightly to thrust it forward in an attempt to send some volts into the delinquent. That is, if all goes well for the security officer.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Carlos=Melee Vs Quinn=Dodge
< Carlos: Good Success (3 7 6 7 6 2 3) Quinn: Good Success (1 3 5 6 8 8 6)
< Net Result: DRAW

Ruth accepts Grant's hand with particular care, her shoulders squaring slightly. She's better for not resisting. The Mountain is their new home, and since they were saved from certain death at the hands of a numerous force of Outsiders, Mount Weather is owed a certain amount of trust. These thoughts are what convince Ruth that this is not morally reprehensible. "Did you have a go—"

Her attempt at something approaching small talk is abruptly cut short when the gap between the guards and the delinquents is bridged. "Eden! Stop!" While these first two words are pleas that might be heard by the disadvantaged, under her breath she adds, "Why do you all have to ruin everything?"

Madelyn clings tight to Rawlins' arm, but her eyes go wide when she sees Max swing at the guard. "Max!" she cries out, torn between who to try and protect. She tries to wriggle away from Rawlins, telling the guards, "Leave them alone. Take me. Just… leave them alone?" A single terrified tear rolls down her cheek.

The guards part to let Ruth past, two of those outside stepping into the doorway, preparing to escort her out of the area.

Elsewhere, violence is a-brewing. When Max lunges for the man pointing a gun at him, the Security man steps aside neatly, bringing up the weapon and then driving it down again in an attempt to slam the butt down onto the back of Max's neck or shoulders, looking to drive the young man to the floor with the blow.

Another Security man shifts his aim from one of the other Delinquents to Cameron as the Delinquent backs up, helping cover Raphael.

Rawlins seems about to fight himself, and then Madelyn abandons him to look to Max and the Guards, and then he throws his hands up onto his head, "Don't shoot me, man! I'll go! I'll go! Don't shoot me!" And he begins to allow himself to be led from the room.

Salvador, heavens help him, is starting to look a little antsy. This is unseemly. Downright uncivilised, dare he say it! He watches Quinn and Cameron jump into the fray like the delinquents they are, wearing the appalled expression of a clean-cut doctor who has never seen shenanigans of this magnitude before. This situation is entirely new for any resident of the tranquil and pleasant Mount Weather.

"Subdue the subjects!" the good doctor exclaims, letting slip at last how he truly feels about the foreign human beings in front of him. He waves his hand as if to force them to back off, drawing Ruth, Rawlins and Grant closer with him to the door, letting the goons take care of business. To his assistant, he mutters, "Sloppy science," in eerie echo of Reno's thoughts. Lest it be forgotten, the Twenty were given special treatment; the Outsiders are instead kept in cages. "I'll be having a word with the new President, after this." When Madelyn volunteers, he indicates for her to be seized as well.

<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Failure. (2 6 4 5 6 4)
<FS3> Carlos rolls Resolve: Good Success. (5 8 2 8 4 6)

"Thank you Ms. Petrie, we appreciate your cooperation," Grant tells Madelyn with a soft look, "Come now…things are getting tense and it's better if we go now." He then turns to Ruth was specifically selected because of her excellent results, "Now, now, it's okay. I'm sure the guards with get everything settled soon. No need to upset yourself." He looks to both ladies, "Please follow me." And then he motions for one of the guards to help Rawlins move towards the door. He's happy enough to put the armed guards between him and the hostile teens.

Max takes a solid crack from the butt of the gun and there's a sound that is definitely unhealthy as he crumples like a rag doll to the ground. The wind knocked out of him, seeing stars, and vaguely clutching in the direction of his shoulder he makes a sound that is a strangled cry of pain and pent up anger released all at once.

And there is Adam Itawa, the quiet little junior scientist who always had a crush on Madelyn. When she volunteers, he leaps forward, holding out his arms to be taken, "No! Take me instead! Take me!"

Fast, but not fast enough. Quinn knew the risk of that prod when she decided to go for Carlos, and she might just have hoped to not get hit with it, and she tries, hard, to move out of the way of that returning swing. But Carlos is just a fraction of a second faster than she is, and although he doesn't land a full blow she gets zapped enough with that prod that she goes down. Electricity jolts through her, causing her muscles to sieze and any forward momentum to get stopped as effectively as running into a wall.

Raphael doesn't bother to charge at Cameron from his position. The military mans dealt with people far worse than this kid in his career, so the Sub-machine gun is brought around and slung on his back before the shock prod finally comes out. "Seems the children want to resist. I'll handle this one." Raphaels gravelly voice is dark, low. The same dead eyes that have killed plenty of Outsiders now zero in on Cameron as he swings in on one side… a feint to get him to dodge one side before he swiftly brings the prod around to the other side, jabbing the teenager in the side of his torso.

Reno dropped his hands and picked up his notebook and threw it towards the door. "Yeah read it, Montgomery. Your answers are there. It's sloppy science to waste your resources on half-baked method. We have a fix and a cure and you're going about it ass-backwards like a junior grade intern! I just want to work with you DAMMIT. Why is this so fucking inefficient?!" When Max crumpled Reno's eyes flew open and he grew very very still. Tabitha beingthe only thing keeping him rooted in place rather than storm off down teh hall to correct their math.

"I'll go." Cole finally says amid the din. There's no reason for him to speak up, but in this case he does. Hard to say why he'd volunteer for such a thing, but maybe it's either do that or get the shit beaten out of himself by the soldiers here. Besides, maybe he gleam more about what's going on if he makes himself apart of it. Could go horribly of course but, hey, probably going to die down here anyways.

Grant looks to the doctor and mentions, "Ms. Petrie's tests were subpar to Mr. Itawa. Poor nutritional choices. Perhaps we should reconsider." He doesn't even acknowledge the other volunteer, Cole as he speaks up. He opens another file and shows Dr. Montgomery so he can look at Mr. Itawa's blood profile."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinn=Melee Vs Carlos=Dodge
< Quinn: Success (3 4 3 3 6 2 2 5 8) Carlos: Good Success (7 8 4 3 3 3 5)
< Net Result: Carlos wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Carlos=Melle Vs Quinn=Dodge
< Carlos: Success (5 8 5) Quinn: Success (4 7 2 5 2 3 4)
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Carlos=Melee Vs Quinn=Dodge
< Carlos: Good Success (7 4 8 2 8 4 4) Quinn: Good Success (2 5 4 2 6 8 7)
< Net Result: Carlos wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Security=8 Vs Quinn=Dodge
< Security: Success (1 3 4 8 4 1 1 5) Quinn: Good Success (4 8 6 7 1 7 5)
< Net Result: Quinn wins - Solid Victory

"Madelyn," Ruth gushes happily, hooking her arm through the other girl's as if they've been best friends since the crib. She beams brightly, glancing only momentarily back into the room before she moves swiftly on after the doctor and his lab tech. "No, no, Madelyn will be great." That isn't scientifically backed at all. Ruth just wants company, likely. "You've donated before, right, Madelyn? I'm sure you have."

Madelyn looks over to Adam, horrified. "No… It's… You're smart and important and… People need you…" More tears start streaming down her face. She is not a pretty crier.

Holding up his palm in a universal 'stop' sign, evidently changing his mind, Salvador Montgomery nods his head. "She needs time to recover," he concurs with Grant, "and her sugar intake is atrocious." Adam Itawa is beckoned forward amid the chaos, though he does fix his eye momentarily on Cole. "Check C. Menge's profile for subsequent testing," he mentions to his assistant.

It seems that the first three 'volunteers' have been selected: Dennis Rawlins, Ruth Mercer and Adam Itawa. Dr. Montgomery, his labcoat still pristine, turns again to exit the mess, his hands clean.

Despite the jolt of electricity, it doesn't take long for Quinn to recover, and she's launching herself in Carlos' direction again, taking another swing at him. This time, though, that residual electric pop is not a boon to her efforts. Not a boon at all. Might just be pure stubbornness that's fueling her at this point, but she's not stopping even as others start throwing themselves onto the volunteer grenade, and others just start getting rowdy on their own.

Cameron dodges again, but alas, the wily dead-eyed fellow manages to get him in the side, if only barely. Still it's enough to make Cameron cry out and fall over against the nearest bunk, gripping at his side and shivering, "Go float yourself you psychopathic vampire." he grunts

Grant shuffles through his folders, finding Cole's file and murmuring, "Hmmm, no doctor, I think it's better if we stick with Mr. Itawa. Mr. Menge's lack of physical activity may have…" His voice is lost as he walks out the door with the three subjects in tow as the guards close ranks behind them. By Grant's tone of voice, he's speaking of the donors objectively, not personalization added.

Carlos is pulling back his prod wielding hand as he brings his shield around and infront of himself again about the same time Quinn's recovering herself. With furrowed brows, Carlos sucks in a sharp breath of hair between clenched teeth before she's throwing herself at him again. And not in a way he'd welcome, either. Sucks. Carlos slides his right foot back a bit before he moves to shove Quinn aside and towards another guard, before he pulls his shield aside and goes in for a stab of his shock-prod to her abdomen with a frustrated and angry growl.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Raphael=Melee Vs Cameron=Dodge
< Raphael: Success (2 6 2 6 4 5 2 8) Cameron: Failure (1 3 4 4 2 5 5 1)
< Net Result: Raphael wins - Marginal Victory

Even though Madelyn isn't coming, Ruth grins rather proudly at the other girl as if she definitely means to have a significant talk with her later about their prospects together in Mount Weather. Good attitudes and volunteering for necessary procedures will certainly get them far in life here. When she's herded away, she looks only forward, following dutifully after the two doctors.

The Security forces sweep up Adam Itawa when he comes storming forward to volunteer, and shuffle him out to those waiting outside as well. As he goes around the corner, he manages to get up the nerves to call, "I love you, Madelyn!" Did she even know he existed before that point?

Rawlins is shuffled out of the room, looking more confused than anything else, although he starts grumbling and shifting nervously as he sees the other Security forces lined up outside the room.

Reno's notebook glances off the helmet of one Security woman, and she brings up her submachine gun to point at him, but does not fire. Another Security detail soldier joins in with Carlos, aiming to put a boot in on Quinn… or rather, to smack her with the butt of his submachine gun. He misses the dodgy ex-Cadet. The Lieutenant calls out, "Back, back, back," and the majority of the Security detail begins to pull back toward the door.

<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Good Success. (3 7 3 7 6 4)
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cameron=melee Vs Raphael=dodge
< Cameron: Success (6 2 5 7 4 2 1) Raphael: Good Success (4 4 7 1 7 7 4 1)
< Net Result: Raphael wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Madelyn rolls Resolve: Failure. (2 6 5 6 1 2 4)

Max remains crumpled on the floor where the blow dropped him until he can finally start to get his feet back under him, trying to get back up. He winces and his head swims as he tries to move his shoulder. He ends up back on his knees, hunched over.

Madelyn collapses to the floor, sobbing. She buries her face in her hands, curling up in a pathetic ball on the ground.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinn=Melee-2 Vs Carlos=Dodge+3
< Quinn: Failure (4 6 1 6 2 2 1) Carlos: Good Success (3 7 6 5 2 5 8 7 1 1)
< Net Result: Carlos wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Carlos rolls Resolve: Failure. (6 2 4 4 6 4)

Either they're going to take them or they aren't going to. It doesn't matter to Cole. He has his reasons. If he doesn't go, he'll just figure out something else. But he will know the secrets, one way or another. Now or later, makes no difference. No more blood on his hands. But then something occurs to him. "You know what, nevermind. Looks like you got enough."

If he's got energy to be throwing insults around and shivering, he's got energy to potentially resist still. Raphael brings the shock prod dead center on Cameron's chest as the teenager hits the bunk so he doesn't have a chance to collect himself. Once the order to fall back is given though… Raphael falls back, leaving Cameron on the bunk as he backs up with prod out, watching for anyone else coming at them. He doesn't bother to give orders to the rest of unit 2, they heard the recall order same as him.

The solid hit to the stomach causes Quinn to take a step back, moving out of the way of the other guard's boot before she tries once more. It's a hail mary move at this point, all or nothing. Mostly nothing. That last hit with the prod scrambled her brains, made her eyes cross, and messed with her depth perception in such a way that her next swing is wide, nothing but air and pretty sparkly lights that only she can see.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tink=stealth Vs Security=8
< Tink: Failure (3 3 4 5 3 6) Security: Good Success (5 3 4 8 4 4 4 7)
< Net Result: Security wins - Solid Victory

Cameron rolls to the side to try escape the shock prod, but he's grazed again and he grunts in pain. His foot lashes out to try to kick at the bastard, but it doesn't connect, and nothing shuts him up, "Eden burn you, you rat-faced pig-fucking …" He'd say some more, but damn, those shocks hurt, and he's rolling over the bunk to put it between him and his nemesis.

Tink moves towards Carlos, growling, "You big fucking bully with awful taste in movies!" Yeah, given enough time she could have come up with a better insult but she's jumping into the fray to get at Carlos and give him some pixie rage.

Carlos grunts, catching his breath a bit as he pulls back- leaning away and out from her swing as it goes wide, fumbling back before he's pulling his shield back to cover his mass as he makes his retreat with the rest of the guards. A heavy gulp of air and some panting as he's staring with somewhat wide eyes at the entire situation- people crying, throwing fists, and crumpled onto the ground. Even if it's not much, Carlos says maybe a little bit louder than he'd like. "I don't want to do this shit anymore…" he furrowed brows and a deep frown as he's backing out, eyes staring at Tink as he's desperately making distance away from the delinquents. That's enough space kids for one day!

The security man facing Quinn alongside Carlos is tempted, sorely tempted, lifting up the butt of his weapon again, then falling back as ordered. He doesn't look happy about it, however.

As Tink moves on Carlos, the Security Woman on the other side of him steps forward, bringing up her gun, "Back off! Back off now!"

At the door, the Lieutenant calls out, "Corporal Marlowe, we're moving." Because the Security perimeter has decidedly shrunk now, with only half a dozen armored figures still in the room, the rest having filed out into the hallway.

<FS3> Tink rolls Resolve: Good Success. (7 5 1 7 5 7 3)

Tink looks like she wants to do it, to rush Carlos even with the gun trained on her but then the security lady trains her gun on Tink and common sense prevails. She points to fingers at Carlos and then back at her and it's clear at some point that little rage pixie is going to give that security guard his due.

Raphael doesn't take long to move the rest of the way. The resistance was a bit more than expected… but with this sort of thing, you need to set nose to grindstone very quick before they get any ideas. Raphael makes sure to keep alert as he backs up into the doorway, "Got a bit further in than expected, Sir." He's free and clear and back in formation.

Reno was moving slowly. Very slowly. He looked to Raphael and pointed to teh book and said quietly, "PLEASE take that to him. I don't want anyone in the mountain to die. We can all live, man. Just… Please tell him to pull his head out of his beaker for like two minutes and just look at it. Please. For your sake man." He crossed slowly to Tink, and to Max. Standing. Not yelling, being very reasonable going for the book to hand to him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinn=Melee-2 Vs Defensive Security=11
< Quinn: Success (2 1 8 5 1 4 3) Defensive Security: Great Success (4 7 6 7 8 7 7 2 4 1 6)
< Net Result: Defensive Security wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Defensive Security=5 Vs Quinn=Dodge
< Defensive Security: Good Success (4 8 3 8 8) Quinn: Success (6 4 1 8 3 3 5)
< Net Result: Defensive Security wins - Solid Victory

Madelyn tries to pull herself together, wiping her face on the back of her arm and dragging herself to her feet. She heads over to Tink and Max, kneeling down on the floor to check on them, her face red and puffy.

<FS3> Reno rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (1 4 2 8 6 8)
<FS3> Raphael rolls Resolve: Good Success. (7 6 5 8 2 3 2 5)

With Carlos out of the way, Quinn turns her attention to the guard that was nearest him, and her. Not the woman with the gun, but that one, the other one. She turns to head for the guard, committing everything she's got to this one last ditch effort as the room is quickly emptying out.

Maybe it was stroke of common sense or sudden feeling of foreboding that made Cole simply decide it wasn't a good idea, but now he has to deal with watching the other deal with a group of guards, who are quickly vanishing. And he's noticing that the area is suddenly a little bit smaller. Which somehow, in his head, is nothing good. No longer just being three gone, but more than a couple more are as well. The fight seems to be what it is, and he just sits back on his bunk again. Not much else he can really do.

As Reno starts to talk to Raphael, the prod is set to ready position… but then the teenager doesn't actually try to attack him, and instead pleads for a notebook to be taken, "Him? You're referring to the doctor?" His other hand reaches for the book as he continues to retreat, snatching it in a way that doesn't stop his backing up and back into formation.

At this point, the Security personnel are just trying to get out the door, the Lieutenant stepping through third-to-last. The man who was helping Carlos with Quinn is the last one out, fending off the ex-C's assault with a sweep of the submachine gun, and then bringing the butt back across his body in an attempt to crack Quinn across the forehead with it. And then he's out of the room, the door slams shut, there's a pause, and then it locks with an ominous clang.

And now the 23 are the 17.

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