Day 001: Talking in the Rain
Summary: Grey enjoys his first rain ever. Cole and Hanne are less impressed by it.
Date: 22 April, 2016
Related: None Directly; this scene is the first scene of Day 1.
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 1 After Landing

Rain. Wow. If you live on the Ground, it's probably annoying and a downer. When you've spent your whole life cooped up in a space station, however, it's something new. The underbrush around the dropship has been trampled down, and several of the parachutes have begun to find new life as tents. Some of the Delinquents huddle in these makeshift tents, or inside the dropship cargo bay, staying out of this new, drizzling assault. Not so with Lucian Grey. His face is split with a broad grin and he spins around in a slow circle, his arms outstretched beneath the light fall of water from the sky. After a moment, he laughs, turning his features up toward the sky.

The rain can be ooohd and aaaahd at later, as Cole Menge has little time for it. If anything else, the rain is more of a drastic annoyance than something to be enjoyed, because has a panel open on the outside of the dropship, arm deep to the knuckle, while the other busies itself to keep his hair out of is face. Some wiring, a circuit board, and some other metallic objects are pulled out from the panel, dropped into the satchel that's slung open at his side. Grunting, he looses grip on whatever he's trying to loosen, pulling his hand out, taking note of the bloodied knuckle. Muttering, he reaches back for the wrench he's managed to find in a toolbox that wasn't completely destroyed on the way down. A toolbox that he fervently defends.

Hanne Keats peeks her head out blearily from her tent, looking up into the rainy skies with a tired squint. "What," she mutters. She blinks through the rain as it catches at her lashes and leaves a strange tickling sensation on her cheeks. She starts to look around, noting the growing puddles and pools of rainwater. Gawking only a few more moments, the teen pulls herself out of the tent and into the rain. She notices first Grey, and she finds herself smirking. "Really? Spinning? You gonna start kicking it up like Fred Astaire?" She is of course referencing that old Earth classic — or at least, she thinks she is. Pulling her hair back into a messy collection of dark hair, she starts to tug up her hood on her old jacket. The grunting and muttering catches her attention as she crosses close to the dropship, and she looks up to notice Cole with his head in the ship.

"Hey, screw-off. This shit's new to me." Grey looks down, then shrugs a little helplessly and kicks a bit of muddy water in Hanne's direction. "But if you want…" Running his hand back over his cropped hair, he looks up to the man clinging to the side of the dropship, "That's something that we don't need, right? Or are you trying to fix the communications?"

"Yes." is the one word reply from Cole, digging something else from panel he's opened. "Unless you can think of a reason we might need circuitry from the dropship's exterior nav system…" grunt, pulling out another length of cable wiring, "…which I /doubt/, because this shit is dead as hell." He snorts at the mention of the comm system. "Whatever's fucking left of it. Which isn't much. Most of it was trashed on the way down. Not an issue of power, but the goddamn receiving and transmitting boards are…" he stamps his foot on the ground. "..under there. And I doubt they survived.""

"So well-mannered," Hanne replies to Grey dryly. She is starting to look around, squinting at the gear strewn around the camp. This is what happens when you send a bunch of teenagers to live without adult rules: everyone treats the entire camp like their bedroom and nothing is being put away or organized. She does manage to find a couple of containers, and she starts carefully arranging them to collect the rainwater. "You know, they called this grey water… water that hadn't been cleaned or processed, but could be used for other purposes." There goes Hanne, full of information. "But I guess we can drink it with a bit of iodine." Then she glances over toward Cole at his grunting and stamping. "Aren't the super-duper adults monitoring us anyway?" And she shakes her medical monitoring bracelet at Cole.

Grey shakes his head, "Yeah well, you asked for it." Looking back up to Cole, he shrugs, "That's okay by me. Don't think there's anything that I want to hear from or say to anyone they'd actually put on up there." Hanne's commentary on the bracelets causes him to frown down at his, tugging at it and pulling a little braided bracelet from beneath it, "I wonder if they can tell when I'm annoyed with them. Hope so, jackasses." Looking at the containers, he shrugs, "It's raining straight down from the sky. How much cleaner is it gonna get?"

"Yeah, but it's not like we can flippin talk to'em." Cole shoves more techy type stuff in his satchel. "Unless you don't care and want them taken off. Could probably do that. Just give me some time." he notes, all the while his attention is focused on the open panel. "That is, if you care about that kinda thing. I know have mommy or daddy issues and want the fuckin things off." he waves his hand away in the general direction of the larger nearby. "Well, the rain isn't melting our skin, so whatever. It's just annoying as fuck."

"There's looking on the bright side," Hanne says at Cole with a little tongue click and gentle fist chucking at an invisible chin. She drops heavily onto a rock someone rolled into camp at some point, pressing her knees together while her feet splay out on either side of the makeshift seat. She looks back down at the bracelet again, giving it a little shake. Then she shrugs. "I don't… I think we should leave them be. They aren't harming anything…" She looks between Cole and Grey almost shyly, and she pulls the sleeve of her jacket down over the bracelet.

Grey snorts at Cole's first suggestion, although the second one has him studying the bracelet, considering. "Might be kinda funny to fuck with them." Hanne's protestation causes him to shrug a little helplessly, "Not hurting anything, but it certainly isn't helping anything either." Looking back to Cole, he chuckles, "Annoying? I kinda like it. If it stays this damn cold, I might change my mind, but for now, it's somethin' new and exciting. Like all the green, and the trees, and… hell, the sky."

Hanne twists her mouth a bit, working her hands into the pockets of her jacket. She watches the rain continue to fill the chosen containers, just starting to fill the bottom with clear water. When Cole goes back to focusing on the dropship repairs, the teen looks back over at Grey with a smirk and wrinkle of her nose. "We did have a sky on the Ark, you know… it wasn't so bad, all the stars." It sounds like someone is trying to convince herself that the life she left behind — Skybox or not — was still a good one.

Grey shakes his head, "That's not a sky. That's space." He gives Cole a sort of wave, running a hand down his face to clear it of the collected drizzle, "Just like corridors aren't room to run." A little laugh rises in his throat, "Hell, I bet you could even play a game of football down here." Looking around at the chaos of the burgeoning camp, a broad grin splits his features, teeth flashing bright at the heart of the smile, "Plus, no one telling us what to do. I think I might go out and see if there's something to hunt and eat out there, and there's no one I have to ask permission from."

Hanne looks skeptical. Her hazel-brown eyes glance out toward the forests that loom around and above them, and the peek of cloudy, rainy sky through the canopy. She then looks back at the fellow delinquent, considering him with a small flex of her jaw. "You're serious, aren't you?" She crosses her arms, flexing her fingers into the fabric of her jacket. "Going out there…" She hesitates, stepping forward a bit. "You have no idea what's out there. There could be… there could be… lions, or tigers, or bears." Oh my.

"Of course I'm serious." The ex-Guard cadet gestures back toward the dropship, "Even I know there ain't enough food for us to live on for long in there. After all, those assholes weren't going to send anything they actually wanted down with us." His hands spread in a helpless sort of shrug, "We're going to need to get food from somewhere, and whatever's out there, we're gonna have to deal with it sometime. Might as well be on our own terms, in a group, while we're looking for trouble." He pulls a ground-down shard of metal from the back of his belt, "Although I figure we should get more than just these first. Some spears, probably. Should be easy enough to make." Says the guy underestimating the difficulty of finding a straight enough stick. "Who's Fred Astaire, by the way?"

"Bright side?" Cole considers, having been quiet while the other two talk. "Still breathin is a fuckin start. Not being floated is a bonus." he utters, picking up the panel, laying it against the hole, and using a screw driver to shut it again. Again, he pushes wet hair out of his face, throwing the water that was soaking at the bulkhead of the dropship. There's a glance at his own, taking time now to really study it. "Give me one, two days. Could probably have them off by then. By my main focus is trying to make a goddamn radio, and there's no promises with that. Have to try and get more power for dropship itself. Gate doesn't always want to close. Some of the lights aren't turning out. Probably some brownouts I'll have to work out."

"Isn't that why we are supposed to go to Mount Weather, you know… for supplies?" There is a hint of audacity to that half-question, as if the ex-Guard cadet should have some sense of duty in following the Chancellor's orders. Then she intakes a deep breath, watching the rainfall continue to slowly fill the containers she has set aside for water collection. Then she glances up dubiously toward the boy and his make-shift shank. The question draws her eyes up from the weapon. "Hm? Oh… uh… he was an actor… big in the 1920s and 30s." Then she blinks. "But, no… it was Gene Kelly! He was in Singin' in the Rain." Then Cole snags her attention once more, and she looks up through her rain-sodden hood at him. "Sounds a lot more safe than Grey heading off to hunt waterfowl." Or whatever.

Grey waves off the concern about the radio, "Power's a big deal, but I ain't so concerned about the radio." Bringing his left hand up to his lips, he nibbles at his thumbnail, not even seeming to notice the gesture as he listens to the others speak, "And yeah, we should definitely get to Mount Weather, since there'll be supplies there. I know someone else had a map, but it got snatched away before I got a chance to look at it. But I don't figure we owe the folks up there," He jerks his newly-shorn thumbnail up at the cloudy sky above, "a thing. At least not the ones who decided to send us down as canaries in a radioactive coal mine." He blinks, frowning as something Hanne said caught up to him, "1920s and 30s? They had movies back then?"

"Twenty kilometers from Mount Weather, give or take? Fat fucking chance. Not like this anyways." Cole grunts, looking over the things he's managed to take from the alcove. "I think, really, that we have no damn idea what's up there. Or if there's even anything left. Almost a hundred years? Anything could've happened. We don't even know what's out there, for fuck's sake. I'm not beyond finding out, but I think we need to get ourselves situated here. Set up…some kind of camp. Walls, at the very least. Knowing we can survive here without whatever may or may be on Mount Weather is better than lugging our asses up there, only to find a whole fuckton of nothing." Then, he shrugs. "Just my opinion that, anyways."

Hanne looks reproachfully between the two boys, and then she releases a heavy sigh. "Suit yourself, I guess… but there's nothing here, so if there's nothing there, I don't really see the difference." She then stuffs her hands back into the confines of her pockets, gazing ruefully at her muddy shoes. It is only after a moment of thought does she look over at Grey. "You know, there might be more to eat out there besides radioactive rabbit… I studied Earth edibles… I could look for mushrooms or nuts or something… you know, for variety."

Grey slips his makeshift knife into the back of his belt again, "Twenty kilometers isn't so far. I mean, it's a hell of a hike for someone who sat around all day, but it's not the end of the world. If there's a place ready-made for us there, then it'd be great. If not…" he gestures over to Cole, "Well, when the weather gets cold, even the laziest of us is gonna want something solid around us, but look around, man." He gestures around the… well, 'wreckage' is probably a little too harsh for the camp, but not by much. "We're a bunch of teenagers away from adults for the first time ever, and we're all criminals. Gettin' us into some sort of work schedule, well, I'll believe it when I see it." Hanne's suggestion draws a nod, "Hey, any of you Earth Studies nuts who can find us something to stretch our rations, or replace 'em, would be real useful. But I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather not just eat mushrooms and nuts the rest of my life."

"Yeah, so we're all probably gonna wanna fuck. Your point?" Cole remarks lightly, in jest. But almost everything seems to either be sarcasm or annoyance with him. "We're teenagers and we should be dead. And I don't know about you, a chance at livin, in a hellhole like this, is better than getting floated. So fuck the parents, and float Jaha. They expect us to /die/ down here, and I'm sure as fuck not giving them the goddamn satisfaction of that. So if you wanna go to Mount Weather and see what's what, be my guest. I still think we should fortify ourselves here and make sure we can keep on surviving even if there ends up being nothing up there but some fuckin rubble." And then he looks around. "And I don't see any other fuckers steppin up to the plate." He eyeballs Grey, then Hanne, then. "Somebodies got to take charge folks. Or we're gonna be runnin around, thinking we can do anythin, when really, we gotta work together, get our shit sorted, get a good inventory of what we got, what we don't got, and how to get it. Build some defenses. Besides, we need to give these people something to do, or they might start panicking."

Somebody needs to take charge. Or at least a small group needs to. And he's suggesting it be the three of them.

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