Day 017: Team Deception Go
Summary: Elias and Layla visit Mags, with Cameron and Kai on guard duty.
Date: 30 May 2016
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Secondary Passenger Hold
The top level of the dropship was once the secondary passenger cabin, hosting rows of seats, may against the dark gray walls. Emptied now of its seats, and stripped to bare metal, this level is much smaller and closer than the ones below. It has been refitted into The Box — the delinquent camp's makeshift lockup. The lighting here is dim, casting deep shadows in the far corners of the room. Some of the harness straps have been roughly knotted together to create shackles so that prisoners can be bound and fettered to the walls.
Day 017

Layla had assembled her team, such as it was, and they now approached the secondary passenger hold. There was a minor, unforeseen mishap at the door, however, as Cole was denied entry. It took a few minutes, but eventually the group decided that the mechanic could await their return while Layla and Elias entered to speak with Mags. It surely helped that Cameron had been spoken to by Morgan before hand, but he was still firm on several points, especially the one regarding the inclusion of an ex-C in the room. Layla acquiesced to this as well.

Thunder, and lightning, and guard duty. At least one of these things is semi-familiar to Kai. The lean ex-C is sitting against the opposite wall from where Mags is restrained.. and gagged, because Kai got tired of listening to her complain about the pain in her jaw. She's been staring at the girl for a while now, with her rifle laid across her knee's, as if somehow if she just stares at the girl long enough. These visitors, she left Cameron to deal with processing. Oblivious to their arrangements as the boredom of watching the tall girl settled in hours ago.

Cameron is content to look them over and make sure they don't have any weapons, his expression briefly apologetic in a dimpled way, before he retreats across the dropship to set against the wall by Kai. Plenty of room for whispering if one wants to keep the guards from knowing what's up, probably.

Elias stops outside the secondary passenger hold with Layla, looming over the shorter girl by quite a bit. He doesn't seem inclined to be the first to go in at first. After giving Layla a a curt nod of his head then, he ascends the ladder to the room the prisoner is being kept in. After opening the hatch, his eyes look about the room. First he looks to Cameron and Kai, but his eyes soon enough settle on Mags. The thunder booming outside still has him jumpy, but he chances the very top of the ship anyways.

Mags has been very quiet, almost sullen during her time in the secondary hold. She was gagged and tied up, but not to the extent the Grounders have been. Her hands are tied in front of her, and her ankles have been lashed together so it isn't easy for her to use her height and strength to overpower anyone guarding her. When the people start filing into her box, her brows arch slightly in silent curiosity. She is leaning against the far wall, mostly in shadow.

One would think the thunder had been a part of Layla's life since birth, so little did it appear to affect her. She subjects herself to the weapons search without comment or complaint, and would, naturally, be found without anything that could be construed as deadly. Cameron is given a minute nod after the fact, then her gaze swings to Elias, before, finally, resting upon Kai with her rifle. A thought occurs to her, and she says, "We're here to check on the prisoner." Layla, after all, was one amongst their medtechs.

"So you'll excuse me for removing her gag," she began to stride forward, casting over her shoulder. "Just because she's sentenced to die, doesn't mean we have to behave like animals." Closer to Mags now, Layla kneels down beside her and whispers. When she leans back, she gestures to Elias. "He'll remove your gag, now."

Cameron scowls at Layla, crossing his arms, and like, totally trying to look like he disapproves of this here being nice to the prisoner thing.

Kai's eyes flit up, to Cameron with a nod of acknowledgment, then to Layla and finally.. Elias? That last one causes a brow raise at least as she settles her head back against the side of the hold, fingers of her right hand twitching absently in the air. Layla's words merit a broader flick of her finger's, a permissive acknowledgment. She doesn't appear inclined to bother with verbal greetings under the current circumstances, just offering the pair a nod of her head and readjusting her stare to somewhere around the vicinity of Mags feet without endeavoring to interfere for all that flat grey eyes are watching.

While Layla speaks to Cameron, Elias stands by quietly looking as if he's ready to assist the medic in whatever she's needing to do. Nodding along with her words, he does finally move once again and this time to approach Mags. Kai's look to him is caught and he does give her a curt nod as well, but he ultimately does give the gag a good looking-over to make sure he doesn't need to loosen it a bit. Whatever the case, he does finally tug the gag down so that she can speak. "Hey, Mags," he whispers to her quietly, giving her a look before glancing back to Layla again to follow her lead.

Mags narrows her eyes at Layla as she comes near, and she flinches back a bit a bit. Then as the gag comes off, she frowns deeply at the pair after she has worked her mouth and relaxed her jaw a bit. Then she looks up at the two, eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Hey," she says flatly with a small hint of confusion.

Layla looks Mags over once the gag is removed. There was no reason to give up on that charade when it was something obvious and tangible that she could do. Plus, it gave her the chance to whisper more without as easily being overheard. "We're here to help," she says. "Elias and I, and one other. We're a cell." She casts a glance back over her shoulder, as if she is oh-so-suspicious of their two guards. "The trouble is, the boss above only ever gives out the other two names to one person in the cell. We can get you out of here, but only if you have the names. We need the manpower." Her tone, while pitched quite low, is both urgent and sincere. Layla hasn't any qualms spinning lies, most especially not to a murderer. She then glances to Elias, to get his 'confirmation.'

Mags' eyes narrow a bit, staring at Layla uncertainly. Her mouth tightens a bit, and her jaw works with unsaid words. She casts a dubious glance over Layla's shoulder to Cameron and Kai, and then back to the pair. "I don't know what you're talking about," the girl hisses in a small whisper. "I ain't part of no cell. Guard interrupted my call up to the Ark, and gave me the job. I had a price, he promised to pay it."

Kai's got plenty of flat-eyed expression to give, granted, she's a practitioner of resting bitch face on the best of days, and while she's got no clue about what's being said over there, the whole thing gets her best baleful eye simply for lack of other things to do, the whole thing suspicious enough to make her shift a look at Cameron briefly with a loft of a brow like 'you sure you checked them, right'? Fingers absently tapping on the side of her rifle.

The expression Cameron wears is openly hostile for Mags, but that doesn't really take any faking. He's not quite sure if he could kill someone outside of combat, but man, he's been tempted while up here. So he turns an arch look at Kai, and gives a reassuring nod.

There is a glance left and right from Elias as he goes about the business of checking her pulse first. That seems like a good assistant thing to do. As he does, he nods in confirmation to Layla's words. "Yeah. Gave me the same deal. Guaranteed my folks'd get down here safe." A subtle nod of his head is given to Mags at that. "They don't have you working with anybody? Did you deal with Dooley or somebody else?" Again, he glances about before returning his attention to her. "Look. We don't have a lot of time. It's just the three of us and there are guards and an anrgy mob everywhere. Word on high was shit was going down soon, so if we're gonna' make somethin' happen we gotta' do it now. You know anybody or no?"

"Huh," Layla says, looking a little troubled, but then she perks up. "I see." When Elias speaks, Layla begins to nod as well. "This is the only chance we have, if we can't make it, then I'm real sorry, Mags. But…" She leaned forward again, to pat the side of the other girls cheek in what could only be seen as the most condescending manner. "Don't look at it as an acceptable loss. Consider yourself a martyr for the cause." If Mags doesn't start to offer them anything of use, Layla will motion for Elias to shove the gag back in her mouth.

Kai grunts for Cameron's nod as her attention shifts back to the trio, furrowing her brow at them. She can't help it, because from her angle it totally looks like,"Is she going to fucking kiss her?" in a teeth grinding mutter with a roll of her eyes,"God. At least Evie was helpful."

"No," Mags says flatly, frowning at Elias. "I ain't working with anyone. I just know there's others he talked to besides me." She shifts her bounded hands uncomfortably. "I know nothin' about that… I was just told what the signal was, and what I had to do." She looks a bit uncertain, trying to gauge Elias and Layla's sincerity. "I don't know anybody. The guard… he was a sergeant I think… he patrolled Mecha station sometimes. I don't know his name… Lin, or Wynn, or somethin' like that." Then her jaw sets a bit, particularly at the word martyr.

Elias gives another subtle nod of his head to Mags and lifts a finger up in front of her eyes. He moves it slowly left and slowly right as if trying to get her eyes to follow it. There is only so much sincerity one can give away while under the guise of a check-up, but he does his best to make his whispers sound both urgent and sincere. "We're gonna' try to spring you," he whispers. "We need more people, though, so if you know anything at all that might help us get that, well…it's your ass." Elias does move his hands back to the gag in preparation of pulling it back up, but does not complete the task right away, waiting for anything else Mags might have to say.

Layla gives Elias this last minute more to see if Mags might name drop anyone else, though she wasn't going to hold her breath. Her mind was already racing ahead - to what she would have to tell Cole, for example. Or that she was talking to a body that didn't know it was dead, yet. Seemed pretty macabre, but only if you weren't already acquainted with having been such a body yourself. So really, the only thing that bothered Layla was putting herself in such a position, in returning to what was imminent and inescapable death after being granted that beautiful and glorious second chance. Mags was a fool, throwing that second chance away for some kind of petty reward.

At least when Layla killed somebody, it was for a noble cause.

Mags snorts, looking more than a little annoyed at Elias. "Spring me? Where the fuck am I gonna go? Off to the Grounders? Fuck no. Do I look like I'm part of those fucking grounder pounders?" She hisses a short breath. "Look, I told you… I don't know anyone… I was told that, when the feed went out, I needed to go smash an Ark lover's head in. I did it. Alright? That's it. I confessed. So if you are working for him, you tell my parents I did what I thought was right."

Layla makes the motion for Elias to return the gag. She was done here. And there isn't much sympathy in her eyes for Mags as she gets to her feet.

Kai isn't sure what's going on over there, but she's squinting and full of suspicion. Right when it looks like she's about to say 'hey, quit it', Layla turns away from the other girl and that just leaves the ex-C furrowing her brows at her like she's not entirely sure what to make of any of it.

Elias once again returns the gag to Mags' mouth before rising to his feet again. Another subtle nod is given to Mags for show before he gives a look over to Layla. With her being the medical expert, he leaves it up to her to wrap this up in her way. He also glances over towards Kai, watching for any moves she might make. Perhaps they wrapped up just in time.

"Get anything useful?" inquires Cameron once they re-gag her, figuring there's no more need for charades.

"Just that any and all calls to the Ark should be monitored. She said hers was interrupted by someone in the Guard. A sergeant, possibly, Lin or Wynn - either name sound familiar?" Layla says, shrugging her shoulders. Yeah, no, there was no further point in keeping up with the deception.

Enlightenment dawns, to judge from the shift of Kai's expression as she glances to Cameron, then back to the other two, and finally with a dry smirk in Mags' direction,"Titus Lin, of the Mecha unit, yeah? He's usually with Sergeant Rachel Sparks." she actually elects to contribute,"And well, given that comms are down now.. what I would be looking at is who has been talking to the Ark.. starting with those convicted of violent crimes." hell, from her, that might just actually count as friendly.

Elias nods along with Layla's words in response to Cameron's query, keeping his eyes on the guy for the moment. With no more need for charades, he does give a glance back at Mags before turning his attention fully to both Cameron and Kai for any questions they might have. "She said that this Lin or Wyn, someone who patrols Mecha-" He pauses, nodding to Kai's words then. "Contacted a number of others individually and made deals with them. No telling how many, but we might want to think really hard about who else we saw around, who we didn't, and so on."

"Then we need to gather up those who tend to linger around the tech tent, they're the most likely to see who comes and goes. Work from there. Rather, the ex-C's can." That sort of thing was what they were trained for, after all! Layla's role in it, she felt, was done.

"Tell Grey, or Quinn.. or Faolan." is Kai's suggestion, not seemingly intent upon leaping up to go play inspector gadget right now, helpfulness dying as quickly as it appeared in that one,"Tell them about Lin and Sparks, too. They might not have known them. And maybe it'll help point the way at who to watch."

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