Day 017: Tears And Confessions
Summary: Elias and Kai discuss their past and the death of Mags.
Date: 28 May 2016
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Elias Kai 

Elias' Tent — The Camp
The hovel that Elias calls his.
Very late Day 17/Early Day 18

It's ridiculously late at this point. Elias is quietly sitting down on the floor of his tent with a few blankets and a single pillow. He's already gotten himself washed up and seems to be just lost in thought for the time. His shoulders slump forward and his eyes just stare at a point in space somewhere. At least it would appear that he's sitting comfortably enough.

Kai had departed on her own path afterwards, but she can't sleep. The attempt aborted the second her mind's eye started running with blood. She really wasn't planning on going by Elias' tent, and yet she finds herself standing outside of it, staring at it blankly for a few long moments before she finally calls out quietly,"Eli, are you awake?"

"Yeah," Elias speaks up. It's quiet enough at this point where he doesn't have to worry as much about speaking too loudly. The soft sound of his voice carries as far as intended. He doesn't move for the moment, though. There isn't an invitation to come in either, though the fact that he spoke up at all probably indicates he doesn't mind Kai stopping by. If she does make her way in, he's still just sitting there on his makeshift bed in the lotus position while quietly staring somewhere on the ground.

Kai elects to take it as invitation, from the fact that the flap opens and the lean girl steps in, and from the fact that she squats just inside the door, she's apparently intending on staying at least for a while,"I was going to kill her while everyone was still out there arguing about it." she elects to confess to him in a very quiet tone,"But I knew if they did they'd think I was trying to cover it up." so I didn't. Is the bit she leaves unspoken at the end there, though from the grimace that crosses her face as she looks down, maybe she regrets that choice now.

Elias doesn't look at her right away, but does eventually turn his gaze to hers and motion for her to come further inside. It's not a huge space, but big enough for him and the makeshift tools he's gotten together. "S'alright," he says, patting the space beside him invitingly for the girl. "You're not responsible for decisions I've made," he says quietly to her while shaking his head. "Just couldn't do the hanging thing. It seemed wrong. All of it seemed wrong."

Is she going to move closer? Plenty of times the answer would have been a sneer and some kind of shitty comment, but right now, Kai elects to shift over and sits next to him with her legs folded,"No, but you wouldn't be here if not for me. And if I had, you wouldn't have had to do that." she sighs,"You did the right thing though, Eli. Hanging would have been.. worse. I just.. couldn't handle it. It would have been better to do it in private, but.. well, she couldn't be left to murder anyone else."

Elias slowly nods his head to her words, quietly absorbing them for a moment. With an exhale of a sigh, he finally does let his eyes raise to Kai's face. "Don't, Kai," he says quietly, shaking his head. "You can't take responsibility for me or my decisions. I decided to do what I did to get 'Boxed. I decided to volunteer with Natalie to try to give Mags a more dignified death." He rubs his hand against the back of his neck slowly, trying to massage out some of the tension. "Don't make it about you. I did what I did so it wouldn't have to be on you or Grey."

"Here." it's not really a request, though she doesn't immediately reach to start massaging his neck,"It's not about me, Eli. No, you chose to do what you did then, and now. But doesn't mean I don't realize that I could have been less.. stuck up.. then, and less selfish now, okay? Cassandra already thinks that because of dad that clearly I'm in on whatever conspiracy shit Mags was part of.. and I imagine real fast I'm not going to have many allies around here. 's all." she purses her lips,"Then when the.. ship, or whatever it was.. crashed.. I thought the Ark itself had fallen out the sky, and for a horrible moment I had that thought of.. well, if you were up there you'd be dead."

There's a little bit of trepidation there for all that his neck is tense. He slowly moves his hand out of the way and allows her to massage it. A quiet nod is given to her words and he slowly closes his eyes. "Cassandra's a damn sociopath," he says with a light grunt. "Don't worry about her. Grey and Cameron both seem to trust you pretty well. You've got me." There's a gentle shrug of his shoulders then for that as he considers for a longer moment. Light hazel eyes take a moment to study her face before he finally speaks up again. "Let's hope that's not what happened." There's another pause then before he makes an observation. "I like your hair like that."

Kai's no medtech, by any measure, but at least she can help with massaging his neck, if not for the roughness of her hands these days and the general attitude of bitch.. oh, and the dirt, of course, it might almost be like it once was for the five seconds it takes for her to open her mouth,"A sociopath with friends." she notes,"And Grey and I get along, sort of, which given how it was up there is sort of a miracle in and of itself. But.. so you know.. I stole one of the rifles tonight. I didn't.. mean to, when I ran. But I hid it out there. And the rest of them.. they're going to be pissed about that. But if things go to shit.. being armed is going to make a difference." she believes that, clearly, though at the compliment she's quiet for a few long moments she says,"Thanks." and though from the curl of her lip it crosses her mind to make an asshole comment of deflection what she says instead was,"I did it after they Boxed you."

Elias closes his eyes again as he feels her hand rubbing at the back of his neck. It isn't under the most pleasant conditions, but it's human contact and it's nice. Taking even breaths still, he lets his head then just rock forward for her. Listening quietly for the time being, he just sits there as still as can be to let her massage. "We'll figure it out," he says in a softer tone. Evidently it's all been eventful enough. The mention of the gun perks his interest, but he's not going to push for now. "Your hair used to get into your eyes," he reminds her quietly after a moment. "I can see your eyes better with it like that." The weight of the world can clearly wait for now so that they can enjoy a quiet moment.

"It'll work out. If it turns violent.. let it." Kai requests quietly, only to laugh quietly,"Yeh." she acknowledges,"Most people hated it. Not that I really had to worry about anyone wanting to date me after you got locked up, but that.." she pauses and presses her lips together,"It helped."

"Sorry you had a hard time," Elias says quietly, still hunched over there while she rubs at his neck. "Never would have wanted that for you, you know." There's another gentle shrug of his shoulders then. After a moment or two longer, he lifts his head up and looks to her quietly. "Helped you not date? Huh."

Kai snorts,"I was free, Eli. I had it easy." she points out, pushing his head forward a bit to try and do what she can to stroke along the sides of the back of his neck to try and loosen up those muscles,"I hated you. It was easy to blame you at first. Every time someone said something it just made me hate you a little more. They liked you, you know. When you went away all of our so-called friends started avoiding me. So I cut my hair, and decided that I'd be the best fucking asshole I could be." there's some amusement to her tone,"They think that I beat that guy because he beat me at the marksman trials.. but it wasn't. He was mouthing off about how you were going to get floated."

"Sorry," he says quietly. "Can't imagine Hanne would have stopped talking to you…altogether. Or maybe." He shrugs lightly and then gives a light wave of one hand. "Anyways. That sucks." There's a small frown on his lips a moment before he resigns to letting his head drop forward again at her bidding. Another sigh is exhaled through his lips as he considers her words, though. "You don't have to be," he says quietly. "Doesn't seem like you."

Kai seems to be satisfied she's done what she can, letting him go at last before she subsides down to her seat,"I'm good at being an asshole.. lots of practice." she asserts with a lopsided smirk,"But I'm a useful asshole, and as long as that's true I'm not going to wind up a target at least, and that's good enough. So how'd things go with Mimi, anyways?"

"Oh," Elias says with a light smirk and a shake of his head. "She tried to kiss me. It was a little weird. Really, I was just trying to give the girl a chance. Seemed like she needed someone to talk to." His eyes stay settled on Kai in the meantime, though he keeps his head down mostly. "You are good at being an asshole, though. I will give you that. Just kind of miss the you that isn't." The admission is said quietly, but he doesn't follow it up with anything.

"She's weird." Kai notes,"Really I was just trying to get her to shut the fuck up." she crosses her legs at the ankle, picking absently at the dirt,"And 's no good to be the Captain's daughters friend in crimville, Eli.. you know that shit. The ex-C's people expect. We're all just jackbooted thugs so of course it's cadets before civvies. But being friends with me isn't going to get you anywhere. My first day in the Box my cellmate tried to jump me because she figured killing the Captain's daughter would at least get her points with the others. And it might have of if she'd succeeded."

Elias is still fairly quiet for the moment, only speaking up when he needs to. Clearly the events of the day have him pretty shaken up. As she talks, he nods his head and lets his eyes turn back to the floor. "Yeah. I used to deal with some of the guys in my lockup. Wasn't as bad I suppose." There's a shrug of his shoulders then to that. "Sounds like a shit time. Things used to be a lot easier. Just in general. With you and me. All of it."

Kai reaches over to set her hand on his knee for a reassuring squeeze,"Karma's a bitch." she remarks drily before she sobers, offering in agreement,"They did. But if there's a fucking coup going on up there.. and dropships exploding and the air scrubbers slowly dying.. maybe we're not so bad off here. Maybe. Maybe we ought to just go native and bail now while we can." says the one still wearing her band. Like despite her words she can't quite just turn her back entirely on the concept of the Ark.

The hand at his knee draws his own there as well. Elias lightly curls his fingers around her own and then gives them a firm squeeze. "We'll see what happens," he says quietly, not seeming at all intent on letting her hand go now that he has it. She can still feel his hand trembling uncontrollably with the evening's actions and her words aren't bringing a whole lot of comfort either. Taking a breath inwards, he sinks even lower when he exhales it. "Might be an option, though. Much as I hate to say it. Grounders are brutal, but…" Again, he shrugs and leaves the sentence incomplete.

It's the trembling, she might be a bitch, but Kai can't help it, she feels that shake and though she pulls her hand free, it's because the short-haired girl, still wet and filthy from the nights activity's, basically half throws herself and half pulls him into a hug at the same time without saying anything at all.

He's been keeping it together out in public, but it's now that Elias just breaks down. There doesn't seem to be a care for how wet and filthy she is at the moment as he wraps his arms around her lean form and pulls her to him. That tremble takes over his entire body and he starts sobbing against her shoulder. Every sob brings a jar of his shoulders upwards, causing his body to shake anew.

Kai's just quiet for now, she doesn't endeavor to say anything else, still, but just clutches him hard against her, one hand rubbing gently against his back with the occasional soft 'shh' by way of commentary. She's not worried about the state of either of them right now, or the proximity, merely that right now he needs comfort and that really if she tries to say something she's probably going to start crying herself.

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