Day 024: The Best Laid Plans
Summary: Operation: Hail Mary begins plans to go to Coesbur.
Date: 16 June 2017
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Wall Walk
On top of the wall.
Day 24

The die (or the votes) are cast, and Fiona is the new bandrona of Skaikru. Or the delinquents, anyway. She'd encouraged Tuan to come into the camp so everyone can coordinate, and though Gideon is busy with training, the rest of the small team is assembling at the wall. Fiona is tense, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally smiling at Tuan while they wait for Kai and Elias. "You'll like them." Fiona promises the tall Grounder. "And it was all Kai's idea. She's the put up or shut up kind. I'm just hoping I'm worthy of the faith she's put in me."

Tuan looks at Fiona and quirks an eyebrow at her, the continued insistence that he will 'like' them by this point has the Grounder male slightly worried. "<In Trigedasleng> I agreed to take you behind the lines, not a party of others who will make noises like wolves at the moon. I cannot sneak the whole of you through without greater risk. One should be all that I take." He rattles off the Trig language at Fiona, expecting her with his expression to follow along even as he slips her a small smile.

Kai's outfit at least might look passingly familiar to Tuan. It once belonged to Gideon. Before she got captured by the camp back in the 'beginning'. And the lean female ex-C just happens to be of a height to fit into it. She rousted Elias, and is heading towards the wall at a comfortable lope.

Elias makes his way towards wall walk along with Kai, making his way towards Fiona and Tuan. He's in his normal clothing as he doesn't have a change quite yet. Still, he's washed up and has gotten sleep which is a far cry better than he had been in days past. As he approaches, he lifts a hand to wave to both Fiona and Tuan in greeting.

Fiona shoots Tuan a fairly exasperated look. She only understood a third of that, but then, the more he speaks to her, the more's grasping. "Tuan kom Trikru," she says, indicating the tall blonde, "Em laik Kai kom Skaikru an Elias kom Skaikru." She indicates each with her hand, like an old world gameshow hostess.

Tuan looks first at Elias, then at Kai. It is fun to be a tall Grounder and gaze at people in such a way. As he studies them for long moments in silence he finally speaks, "Al laik Tuan kom Trikru." He pauses after that then gazes at Fiona, "<In Trigedasleng> Your friends, can they make the journey at the speed we must travel?" Speaking Trig is intentional, if these are too survive, they will learn.

Kai upnods Tuan,"You were with the ones that stopped the attack." the lean girl grunts,"Sorry about Cass' stupidity, I could see from the nest that the archers had taken off and you guys weren't there to fuck us. Thank you, by the way." her eyes then shift to Fi as she says,"That's one thing, yeh. That. I want to learn how to say at least some basic things just in case I have to." even if she doesn't attempt to repeat the introduction for now, electing to find a place to squat and dig out the hide maps from inside the armor,"I 'spect you probably know what's out there better than I do.. to be honest I hadn't expected things to go the way they have when I first came up with this idea.. but I'm glad you are."

Elias doesn't speak Trigedasleng, so he just gives a polite nod of his head to Tuan. "Thanks, Fi," he says in response to her introduction. Instead of speaking up for the time being, he folds his arms over his chest and flicks his gaze from Fiona to Tuan. Finally he settles it on Kai and gives a nod of his head. "Would be nice to learn the language, yeah," he comments. "What's he saying, anyways?"

"Um." Fiona stares at Tuan a moment as if it can somehow enable her to unlock fluency. "Something about running. Or going fast. We can go fast." she tells him, chiding gently, "Chich op Gunnasleng." This is followed by an earnest, "Beja?" And adds, "We all need to be on the same page. I know you need them to learn, but right now we all need to understand each other. I was told that if we can get to Coesbur, they can provide further safe escort. So we don't have to try to get all the way to Indra on the sly, just to the village."

There is a flat look given to Fiona and when Tuan speaks the Sky language he does it levelly with his eyes going to all three of them, "I cannot over state the danger in this plan." That said he moves to sit himself down, crossing his legs underneath him as he does. "Getting to Coesbur is the first challenge, yes. Aid from there, I do not know. Trikru is at war with you, any aid offered may be considered treason. To place a village at risk of Treason is… heavy."

"I can run." Kai offers with a nod of her head for Fi and Tuan both before turning her attention back to Tuan where the quartet are currently gathered near the wall. The lean ex-C is actually clad in Gideon's old armor with a couple of hide maps still rolled up in her hands,"Look, your people have been great.. Tuan." she tries, hard, not to mangle the name, with only marginal success,"I don't want to put them at risk, but we're going to lose. And everyone here, is going to die. So whatever help you are willing to provide I will accept gratefully, and no matter how thin the margin.. we have to try."

Elias nods to Tuan and clears his throat. "We do appreciate your help so far." Looking over to Kai and Fiona then, he nods once to each of them. "We probably should plan on being on our own once we reach Coesbur too. I wouldn't feel good about potentially putting anyone in Coesbur at risk like that." With a glance especially towards Kai then, he nods once more. "I can run and keep it up for a good while. I just hope we can find a path through."

From atop the Wall Walk, the quartet of conspiring teenagers may spot something odd. A Grounder is approaching camp and approaching fast, but she's alone. Too scrawny to be a warrior despite the bow at her back and machete at her hip, she could well be a scout, but she's not a Trikru that anyone would recognise from Coesbur. Long, sleek black hair spills down from her hood, and her identity is revealed when she raises a dusky-skinned hand to pull it back. There's still a telltale black-and-purple bruise on her forehead, but her face looks much better and cleaner than it did before. "It's me. It's Cassandra," she calls out, and the gate is cracked ajar before being swiftly shut to let her scurry in. She spends a few minutes down below talking to the on-duty 'Guard', likely explaining herself and catching up on the news, before turning at something he's said to squint up towards the parapets, espying the Bandrona and her group. Narrowing her eyes, she strides off and disappears from view, soon reemerging on the ramp behind them, preceded by the sound of her Grounder boots. Everything she now wears is Grounder-made; the fit is incredibly loose, tightened by an oversized belt, but it's a decent disguise.

"Fi," Cass upnods the Political, sending neutral glances in greeting to the rest. "Congrats, I guess. Don't die."

Fiona studies Cass warily. "Thanks. I guess. I'll try not to." Looking back to the others, she points out, "Even if Oxfor can't or won't provide an escort, it's a good place to pause, catch our breath, and gear up to look like Grounders if we actually have to run the blockade. She looks to Tuan. "I don't believe he'd turn us away for even that increment of assistance."

"Oxfor would not most likely." Tuan says towards Fiona, "Because he is an honorable man. But by doing that, you still place him; and Coesbur, at risk." He remains sitting with his folded legs. "I am … glad you are recognizing of our efforts, of our sacrifices." When he says that, Tuan turns his eyes to settle them on Cassandra after her approach. "The more you ask of us however… I am here for my own reasons. But I do not represent Coesbur."

Kai's got sharp eyes, and she half-rises to squint as she see's someone approaching. Looks like a Grounder, but knows where not to step through the defenses? She slants a look towards the nearest wall guard and then back as Cass calls out for entry, and when the other girl comes up the ramp she can't quite help but squint at her dubiously,"Where you been, Bonheur?" she can't help but ask, grunting without looking at Tuan,"'s why I'm not going to ask you for anything other than tips. What you want to offer I'll accept, but I'm not going to ask more than you're comfortable offering." that's just respect as far as she's concerned.

Cocking an eyebrow Kai's way, Cass airily replies, in lieu of a real answer, "Nice to see you too, Adams." Moving to lean her elbow against the wall, she shifts her gaze from person to person in consideration, fixing on Elias the longest before finally settling on Fiona. "Sounds like a party. Since you're planning on sending a delegation rather than just the Bandrona, count me in."

"I won't try to take more than Oxfor is willing to give." Fiona looks to the others before looking back to Tuan. "But I'm the bandrona of Skaikru now, and I have a legitimate reason to go to the village. Sonia's too controlled by her grief and pain to be dealt with reasonably. If Oxfor can't or won't help, we'll press on." She won't be argued out of it, and turns to the others. "We can collect Gideon and leave whenever you guys want. I imagine after dark would be best, but Tuan and Gideon are probably the smartest to make that decision." She then looks back at Cass. "No."

"At night would be the best opportunity to go if we are to avoid their scouts; if you can move well enough at night." Tuan concedes quietly before looking at Fiona's quick rebuttal of Cassandra. The blond doesn't say anything for a few moments until he speaks towards her slowly. "<In Trigedasleng> Hear her reasons for wanting to go Bes'Behod before deciding." He doesn't know if Fiona can follow his words, but at least his intent. His eyes then shift to Kai and he looks the woman over, "No Skai Weapons."

As Cass shows up, Elias looks over in the girl's direction and lifts an eyebrow. Joining the delegation? He squints his eyes and considers Cassandra for a long moment. "You're going to have to be able to book it all the way to Coesbur," he says, but shrugs his shoulders. This isn't his expedition after all. "How's your head?"

"Right." Kai utters flatly for Cass regarding it being 'nice' to see her,"And you aint coming." the lean girl stretches to her feet slowly to eye the other girl, echoing Fiona and completely ignoring Elias,"You can't be trusted, Bonheur, that didn't magically change.. I didn't suddenly take an arrow to the head.. so get lost." she heard Tuan's words, but she doesn't address them for now, too busy giving Cass an expression full of stony refusal.

Waving her hand towards the top of the wall and indicating the area beyond, from whence she just came, Cassie speaks in a languid voice an with a tired smile. "I survived an overnight stay in the forest during the blockade and managed not to get killed by Grounders. Even had time to wash my hair and do myself up pretty. I know it's a popular theory that I slept my way to the top of my Earth Skills class, but Elias can tell you I know my shit." Looking specifically his way, she adds, "My head's still in danger of killing me, but that's as true here at camp as it is out there. Especially with all the shooting us the Grounders are planning to do." She looks then to Kyler's gun, her gaze flickering between Tuan's and his line of sight. "Which is why everyone who can hold a Skai weapon needs to stay here. You weren't at Coesbur, Adams, so you don't know how well I can be trusted when it comes to diplomacy. That's ignoring the obvious motivation that I don't want to die. Have you even met Sonia? Built any kind of relationship with her?" The same question is, a little obnoxiously, then offered directly to Elias and Fiona in turn. "Have you? Have you? Because I have. I've spoken to her. Know what she's like. Earned her respect. I'm exactly the person you want on this delegation, because Grounders respect strength. Showing up in front of them, still standing after she failed to kill me twice, proves exactly that."

"Ai nou wich in em." Fiona addresses Tuan, but is looking at Cassandra. I don't trust her. "I know how well you can be trusted. We're not going to Sonia. We're bypassing her entirely. How do you think you earned her respect? By offering her tribute that wasn't yours to give? If you wanted to speak for us, you should have put yourself up to do so." Fiona remains firm, stubborn even, her chin lifting.

Tuan looks steadily at Fiona when she responds to him, a small smile touching his lips before he looks back towards Cassandra himself, "Taking one through the forest is dangerous, to ask me to take three is even more so. I would not take one who has twice aimed weapon at me." The blond man says his piece on it before looking back to Kai and Elias, "You will need to do as I say, act how I tell you to act."

"I don't give a fuck Cassandra." Kai utters,"You could be fucking Sonia for all I care. You've been given opportunity's to help and manifestly proven yourself an untrustable, self-centered danger to everyone. So crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of, because there's not a goddamn thing that you can say that is going to make me take you with us." the lean girl utters in a low and flat voice. Shoo, even, with the gesture of her hands,"Deal." is the word given for Tuan, even if she's waiting for Cass to move off before she's likely to return her full attention to the trio.

Tilting his head at Cassandra, Elias gives her a discerning look. "Trying to figure out your endgame, Cassandra. Because just the other day, you were happy to point a weapon at Tuan here. I'm having some difficulty accepting this sudden change of heart for offering and olive branch." Rolling his shoulders back in a shrug, he then glances to Kai. "Easy, easy. Her coming with us does save me a lot of trouble doing something silly to keep her occupied and out of trouble while we're gone." Yes, he's well aware Cassandra can hear him. A nod is given to Tuan finally. "Agreed. I will follow your lead to the letter."

"Funny…" says Cass, crooking her finger at Kai and Elias as she turns to consider the pair thoughtfully. "Don't recall these two putting themselves up for vote either." The Agro Station dealer gets flashed a brilliant smile soon after. "Though I totally would have voted for you, Lapointe. You could sell ice to the Hydra Station, as I recall."

Fiona just looks flatly at Cassandra. "You've got your answer." is all she says, before looking at Elias and Kai. "Anything else we need to do before we leave?" She takes a step closer to Tuan, but her arms are crossed over her chest and her attention is on the pair.

"I would advise rest." Tuan says towards the three of them. "Once we are underway, I do not intend to stop until we reach TonDC. That could be on foot, and it could be through heavy terrain if we are harried by Sonia's people. If they suspect what is afoot, they may well chase us beyond even these lands to prevent any sort of meeting." He looks at the trio to make sure they understand. "I full expect that Sonia's War Band will eventually pick up our trail. You will have to be able to have the energy to continue on." He nods towards Kai's maps, "And the knowledge to continue on."

"No, Eli." Kai utters flatly without taking her eyes from Cass, in fact the lean girl takes a step towards her to utter,"You can't be trusted to fight. You can't be trusted not to betray people. My job in this is simple.. it's to get Fiona where she needs to go, I'm not going to divert time and energy having to keep an eye on /you/ or risk it failing to protect your worthless ass. So you're right, I didn't volunteer to sacrifice myself, because I was already planning on doing something more permanent than buying us a reprieve from one warband. And the day that you show that you're not a worthless coward who's only in it for herself maybe that will change, but I ain't holding my breath, and you aint coming." there's no give in the ex-C, at all,"Cameron's got some mix to help us blend better. I saw him over near the dropship earlier. I'm also going to need to trade in my.. sword for something that meets Tuan's requirements, but neither of those will take long." she does finally turn her back to Cassandra entirely,"We'll do what it takes." she asserts to Tuan,"And my maps include TonDC?" there's uncertainty in the way she pronounces it, a faint snort,"No wonder it didn't sound right when I was saying Tondic."

In a lowered tone, Elias laughs at Fiona's words. "Oh Cass, you know I'm not the guy. I'm the guy behind the person." He winks at her readily before once more folding his arms over his chest. "Too much attention has never been good for me." Shifting his eyes over to Kai then, he lifts a brow at the girl. "Mmm? Hey, this is all Fiona's call. She's the one that got voted in to be in charge of this. We follow her lead. And if she says we follow Tuan's lead? We follow his lead." There's a nod then for Fiona. "Your call, boss."

Cass starts to turn away, seeing that the odds are stacked against her, but halfway to the ramp, she turns back to level her gaze steadily at Tuan. "By the way, Tuan, if I were you, I'd run along back to your Grounder pals. And I'm not saying that to hurt your feelings — think of this as an apology for pointing a weapon at you twice; I'm doing you a favour. You think I'm bad? Wait 'til you meet the rest of the Ark. Difference between me and the rest of these goons —" She indicates her chin at Kai and Fiona, purposefully excluding Elias, who gets a half-grin instead. "Is I don't pretend to be something I'm not. Not even at Coesbur. I really did want to be your friend." And then she's starting to step back down the ramp again, although at a leisurely pace, and still within earshot. "Take it from me, mule-man. Puppy love never ends well and is never worth it."

Fiona's eyes dart toward Tuan questioningly before scanning to Cassandra's retreating back. "Bitch." she hisses under her breath. She looks askance at Elias and Kai. "Why do I have a feeling she will still find a way to fuck this up for all of us, just out of spite?"

"Yu laik krom no onnor." Tuan states towards Cassandra, catching something that Fiona speaks and turning to look at the retreating Cassandra's back. "I will deal with this issue." He states to the others in English, beginning to move towards the retreating figure, unless stopped of course.

Kai at least dismisses Cass mentally the moment she starts to move off, the girl unsliding her sword-like weapon from about herself with a look to Tuan, drawing it to show the crude thing,"No rifles are going. I have a knife, if this doesn't work I'll do the best I can for a sword. I don't have a bow, and I'm not going to pretend that I could fire one if I had one. But you set the pace, and I will keep up." she says for him, as if there isn't a question in her mind at all and it doesn't matter just how far or hard it will be. Her eyes shift to Fiona to grunt,"All the more reason to get a move on as quickly as possible." with Tuan moving, she subsides out of his way, opting for,"I'll get my stuff taken care of and be back here as soon as possible. I'll give Grey a nudge just so he knows we're on the move."

Elias settles his gaze on Cassandra and looks rather amused at her. "Only thing keeping us from being friends right now is that you're taking business personal," he tells her with a quick upnod. "Ye of little faith. Tsk." Once more, he looks to Fiona and raises a brow at her. "She's a bitch, but she knows it and she's usually got useful things to say." A subtle shrug of his shoulders is given then. "I think we're all set. I have a knife and some bandages."

Fiona is clearly unhappy that Tuan is moving off to follow Cassandra, but she doesn't protest him doing so. He knows what he's doing and she has to trust him. Turning to the other two. "Tuan wants to wait until dark. I think that's wise, and we need Cameron to ink us up anyway."

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Kai, Fi and Elias are on the wall walk, and oddly enough, Cameron is indeed the person she's looking for, so the sight of him below is something that merits a sharp whistle from the ex-C and a series of gestures. You. Yeh you. Shirtless guy with the paints. Yes. Come here please. Nao. Even as she utters for Fiona,"I agree with him. Cameron can help us get past the lines, he, Eli and I built the killing field outside of the walls, and once we're clear of the blockade he'll circle back and we'll continue on." she pauses,"To Coesbur? You reckon? Because I believe Tuan and the others.. they're putting themselves in danger to help us, and I don't want to be responsible for them getting wiped out too if this goes south. But you are the leader, and I will follow your direction in that regard." pause,"'cept tactical shit. I'll leave that in Tuan's hands."

Cameron looks up from below, waves, and with a bowl in hand, climbs up the wall. He's shirtless as he's been since its warm— and since he was practically stand-snuggling with Morgan down there, he probably is more dressed then he likes, but whatever. "Hi guys." he greets. "I have the ink ready, if you're ready. Try not to touch it for at least the first hour after its on, and after, don't scratch. It might itch but don't scratch. Resist."

Elias doesn't try to stop Tuan either, but he does look mildly concerned. Still, he eventually finds himself talking to Fiona again. "I'm good with that. Seems reasonable. We'll be harder to see with no light, but it also doesn't help us move through the forest. We got a plan for that?" When Kai waves Cameron over, his attention goes that-a-way. "Hey, Cam. Great." The last syllably is a bit flat. Itchy for an indeterminable amount of time doesn't sound awesome, but he's resigned to doing what needs to be done. A nod is given to Kai then. "All sounds as good as it's going to get. We sure as shit have our work cut out for us."

Tuan arrives from the Front of the Gate.
Tuan has arrived.

"Hey, Cameron. I hear that you're gonna do us up. Don't suppose you have the black stuff to smear across our eyes too?" Fiona smiles, albeit with some edge, noting for him, "Tuan's here." If there's something excitable in her tone, at least she's keeping fairly calm.

Kai gives Cameron a grin,"I'm ready." the lean girl nods,"We're a go tonight. If you're still willing to help us get past the blockade it would be a great help. But if it needs setting time and it's going to itch.. best to get this misery underway, yeh?" but not up on the walk. Bad enough that they might be seen up there as it is, she paces towards the way down to find a spot to go park herself, evidently volunteering to go first,"We move how Tuan tells us to move. If we're lucky the moon will be bright enough to help, though the downside is the brighter it is, the more visible we are. But also the less likely we are to trip over something and kill ourselves. If we get separated this side of the lines, Eli head back to camp, Fi I doubt Tuan will let you out of his sight, and I'll meet you in Coesbur."

"I trust Tuan will have a plan for that." Fiona adds for Elias.

"Absolutely, the ink will serve well enough for war paint as for tattoos." Cameron nods, pulling something out of his pocket— an actual paint brush. Granted, a really, really cheap looking one, but still. "It won't hold up under close scrutiny, but it'll hold up from a distance. Just don't scratch." Then when Fi says Tuan's here, Cam has to grin at her. "Take advantage while you still have time." he advises, glancing back down to where Morgan and his tent is. The probably most-advanage-taken place around. But he gives a more serious nod to Kai, "Yeah, I'm up for it tonight. I'll help get you out and then come back. Here, Kai, you first." Cam goes over to the side of the wall, crouches and gestures for her to come forward. If she does, he'll dip the brush into the ink, and reach to start drawing some careful geometric designs. Nothing specific or detailed, but the sorta things he saw at the village.

"Sounds like the disguise will hold up with moonlight," Elias says, nodding towards Cameron. "So long as no one gets too close." He nods to Fiona then as she expresses that Tuan ought to have a plan for it. Kai's up first, so Elias hangs back and settles his eyes on them to watch.

After whatever words that Tuan had for Cassandra, the Grounder returns to the others. The upswing is there doesn't appear to be any blood on his hands. He walks towards them, silent however, observing what odd behaviors they are up to now.

Fiona flashes a smile Cameron's way, and when Tuan return, her face is a visage of relief. "Cameron's going to ink us. Make us look more like Trikru in case we're spotted. Maybe you can give him suggestions?" The proposal is presented as Kai prepares to become Cam's canvas. "You should tell me what you think he should put on me."

Kai drops herself in the spot Cam indicates and leans forward to give him access to as much of her nearly bald head as possible,"Good." she mumbles as she rests her elbows on her knee's before adding,"Eden that feels weird." she adds with a slide of her eyes towards Eli,"Yeh. How's your weapon, anyways? Tuan? Eli favors a spear, is that going to work? And what about my sword?" the lack of blood is noted by the grey-eyed girl, though it merits aught more than a quiet grunt from her.

Cameron's expression is one of serious focus. He's an artist. This is art. If not his usual canvas, or ink for that matter, or subject matter. You don't do art without being serious. Joyful, yes, mirthful, yes, sad, yes, passionate, yes, but serious too. The designs he puts on Kai are precise and leaning a bit abstract, clearly inspired by some he saw at Coesbur, though different. He's not mimicing anything. "Suggestions are welcome, Tuan, but beware, you're dealing with an artist here. We are tempermental about our art. I might have to poke you severely in the side. It is a dangerous thing, my paintbrush, beware being poked severely in the side." He glances sidelong at Tuan a moment, and eyes him quite frankly, then looks to Fiona, "You did pick the prettiest one." This is clearly a compliment.

Elias gives a shake of his head to Kai. "Spear's just going to be a pain in the ass for what we're trying to do. I'm trying to travel light. I have a knife. I'd go for a sword, but I don't think there are enough to go around." Another shrug of his shoulders is given before he splays his fingers outward. "We get into an actual fight and we're gonna' be done anyways."

"Spear is fine, as is the blade." Tuan affirms to the pair as he is asked about them, only to realize that the face painting session is underway. He grunts softly at the attempts being started. "Focus less upon making them look like Trikru, instead try to make them look like the forest. If any get close enough to see these, they will know they are not Trikru. So it is better to try not to be seen at all."

Fiona points out to Elias, "Possibly another good reason to go to Coesbur. Oxfor may be willing to provide us weapons. I would suggest you check with Grey before we leave, though. It's entirely probable that he'll give you one." She flushes at Cameron's comment, mouth curving as if she's trying not to smile and looks down at the ground. "Will it take long, Cam? Should we wait here, or try to get some sleep until you're ready for the next person."

"Okay." this offered from Kai to Elias, though from the shift of her eyes to Tuan he's included in it. Where Cam tells her to move her head, she does so, closing her eyes for any facial streaks before ceding her spot to Elias,"Grey knows what we're up to. I'll stop by the armory and let him know." she grunts quietly,"Air myself out a bit and grab us some of the fruit leather. Meet back here just after full dark?"

"Shouldn't take more then ten minutes each." Cam makes the markings less geometric, more random at Tuan's suggestion, and soon enough he's patting Kai's shoulder and gesturing Fiona forward, "I generally approach the sneak duty at not being seen at all, but it was requested to try to mimic a bit of grounder markings, so that was what I was going for first. But I can adjust." He wrinkles his nose, "Careful with checking with Grey. If Grey doesn't agree with you he might make things difficult. The thing is, besides those of us who took swords off of the grounders we killed when rescuing Morgan— Sorry, man— our weapons are just shards of scrap metal. Grey doesn't exactly have extra weapons lying around." Of course the rescue was more then Morgan, but well, Cam's focus on that event is pretty obvious.

Thoughtfully, Elias nods his head slowly to Tuan and then Fiona. "Sword would be best, I think," he comments in agreement. "Just in case. I really hope we don't have to use weapons." His attention settles on Kai then and he gives her a nod as well. "Cool. Yeah, if they can spare one, that would be ideal. If you don't mind grabbing me something when you're done getting inked up there." There's a wrinkle of his nose and a smile to her before he looks then to Cameron. "Or whatever. I really don't give a shit. If we actually wind up fighting going through the blockade, we're beat anyways."

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