Day 068: The Importance Of Discipline (Part 1)
Summary: Kane follows up with Nathaniel about his reports from Mount Weather.
Date: 6 August 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
68 Days After Landing

You'd think that storming a well-defended bastion with fanatical defenders would be the worst part about taking down the Mountain Men, but no, the paperwork is. Chancellor Kane has dug through piles of it, and is not on to the stuff that actually requires thought. Now that Nathaniel is done with his short stint in the brig, Kane calls him into his office, with its computer screens around the walls, clear plastic map-board, and high table with stools. The Chancellor shuffles through reports on a dataslate as he awaits the Sergeant's arrival.

It doesn't take long for Sergeant Breen to walk in, walking cane in hand as he half limps and half walks into the office on it. Sure, he isn't a cripple, but the medtechs were insistent that if Nathaniel was to be up and about already that he take it easy on the leg.

That, however, doesn't stop him from getting into as much of a formal salute as he can before going into attention. Again, as much as he can. "You wanted to see me, Sir?" Nathaniels eyes give a quick glance around before his blue eyes move to the Chancellor.

Kane looks up readily, pushing aside the dataslate and returning the greeting. "How's the leg, Sergeant?" He waits for a response, and then gestures Nathaniel to one of the stools across the table and gets to the heart of the matter, "Yes. I wanted to talk to you about the reports you submitted about our militia and the Grounders. We've had a good bit of trouble with Miss Bonheur, haven't we?"

"Better then it was, Sir. I'll be able to get back to active duty in a week, the medtechs tell me." Nathaniel moves to the chair, his grunts from the mild pain easily evident. Nathaniel is no Grey when it comes to dealing with pain, knowing his limits and not trying to push past them.

At the mention of Cassandra, Nathaniel gives a small nod, "It probably didn't help she was assigned to my team either, Sir. I try to give people under my command a fair chance, but there's only so much you can do when they don't have basic respect for you or for the chain of command." Nathaniel takes on a thoughtful look then. "Though it's odd. The grounder woman you accepted has taken her as an apprentice, and she listens to Gideon. I get the feeling they have very alike mindsets."

Kane has his own scrapes and minor wounds, although he didn't pick up anything as severe as Nathaniel did. It helps when you have a couple of Guard assigned by Major Wu to make sure no one gets too close. He nods slowly at Nathaniel's words, "Yes, I'd heard that Gideon has taken Miss Bonheur under her wing. I rather hoped that since Miss Bonheur has such a low opinion of many of us, an outsider who does not have a negative view of all of us might be a useful guide for her. I'm still waiting to see if the experiment bears fruit." The Chancellor laces his fingers together, "As best as you remember, Sergeant, how close together were the surrender and Mister Kholmin and Miss Bonheur's attack?"

"It was calculated and premeditated. Ms. Bonheur had seconds to talk to the surrendered bodyguard and tell him 'This is for your own good. Turn your head down to the ground'. I simply didn't have enough time to get there before they attacked. Mr. Kholmin I think was tunnel visioned and I was dealing with a lack of discipline there, but Ms. Bonheur had no such excuse." Nathaniel lays it all out truthfully, "It's my belief she considered it a mercy killing or something similar. In that context, I can't blame her. Still, even if ordering their captures was one of the harder things I've had to do in my career, there was no interpretation of our orders that said surrenders do not get mercy if they are clearly surrendered."

Kane nods slowly again, considering, "That seems to fit with my reading of the situation as well. Mister Kholmin needs to work on his situational awareness and teamwork. Miss Bonheur needs to realize that the chain of command is in place for a reason." The Chancellor pauses for a moment, then inquires, "The Exodus Charter lays out a broad range of punishments for insubordination. Generally, imprisonment for a term between one day and one week. What do you think would be an effective punishment to levy upon Miss Bonheur to convince her to change her ways?"

Nathaniel frowns at this, leaning back into the chair. "She also told the President to pick up his gun and shoot himself. I'm going to have nightmares for a while about the Grounders torture of the man once it starts. Her problem is that she doesn't respect people who aren't like her… permission to speak freely, Sir?"

Kane frowns at the descriptions, "They live in a hard world, Sergeant. A hard world that we live in now too. I may think that their method of execution is barbaric, but Cage Wallace may be one of the few people in the world that I'm completely willing to leave in their 'care.'" The quotation marks are clear in his voice, and he nods permission for Nathaniel to speak freely.

There's a sigh at that, "that basically makes the Grounders no better then the people in Mount Weather. The irony of what they're doing will be lost on them with the way they view revenge and justice as the same thing." Nathaniel shrugs, then continues, "Ms. Bonheur, in my opinion, needs to be made an example. She's probably one of the most unruly of the 100 that came back to us, and is constantly acting like the laws do not apply to her. Regardless of her personal feelings towards me for the previous incident, she agreed to those rules when she joined the Militia. I can respect Mr. Kholmins reporting of me, even if he laid on the threats a bit hard… but she's blatantly disobeyed direct orders and has no respect. Mr. Kholmin I can see the brig helping him… but she needs a public shock lashing, show the people that this is not their personal playground, and that if they join the Militia, they do not get to pick and choose if they obey the Guard." Nathaniel gives a helpless shrug. "It has to be clear that she gets to have personal opinions, but she doesn't get to flaunt the rules, nor does anyone else."

Kane frowns now, "I hardly think that seeking justice — or even revenge — even if it is bloody, for decades of oppression, kidnapping, and death is the same as overseeing that oppression, kidnapping, and death, Sergeant." Still, he listens to Nathaniel's suggestion, nodding slowly, "That might be a valuable lesson. I mean to speak with each of them, and to Gideon kom Skaikru," that sounds very odd to his ears, "Mister Kholmin will most likely be given a warning, as his actions could be taken as over-enthusiasm in the heat of battle, and I don't want to lose have the militia to people thinking that if they miss an order in combat once they'll be Boxed. But I'll make that decision after speaking with him. I have my own concerns about Miss Bonheur's punishment, but I will take your suggestion under advisement. While I'm concerned about the insubordination, it is her tendency to have sticky fingers that concerns me most, especially where her attempts to get controlled drugs and a firearm are concerned."

Nathaniel gives a nod again, "she sees us as a potential resources and the people as tools to be manipulated. That was fairly clear during the time I found her in the infirmary. She's self centered and doesn't believe in the good of the whole, only the good of herself. I couldn't tell you if Gideons apprenticeship is an extension of that, or of her maturing. I'd highly recommend talking to Gideon and seeing what she thinks of the situation. I'd talk to her myself, but I'd rather not overstep my bounds with the way she personally views me."

The Chancellor nods at Nathaniel's description of Cassandra, "That's my read as well, Sergeant. Considering how Grounder society is so clan-centric," he's only off by one order of magnitude, after only a month, not bad, "I have high hopes that the apprenticeship will bear fruit for us where Miss Bonheur is concerned. But if not…" he shrugs a little helplessly, although the last point causes Kane to raise his eyebrows in question, "You think Guardsman Grey may have prejudiced her against you because you nearly caught his father?"

This causes Nathaniel to frown a bit, "Mr. Grey isn't nearly as bad as his father was, but there's definitely a 'my way or the high way' with him. He didn't like my style out in the field during my command with him, and I've heard firsthand that he thinks I'm an idiot who showed too much restraint. He's been talking about me around the camp too. I'd say he influenced a fair amount of people where I'm concerned, including possibly her." Nathaniel purses his lips, "The problem is that she respects Gideon, and only works with us because we're the only tech in town to steal from. People like her respect the law only so far as they can skirt it. That's a black marketeer attitude, and something of a holdover for her."

Kane is nodding again, "Many of the members of the One Hundred seem to think that they have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in sixty days." There's something in his tone that suggests that he doesn't see the gain as quite that impressive. "There are several in the Camp that I'm keeping my eye on for that. Miss Bonheur certainly, but also Mister Valentine and his friends. We can't afford a black market being set up in this camp when there just isn't enough to go around. Nor can we afford to lose leverage in trading with the Grounders by others trading technology or information to them for personal gain."

"They did learn from the experience, but they also had to adapt to a lack of hierarchy. If you throw together a bunch of cats, then herd them into one place and try to kill them all, they will probably work together so far as it takes to survive. Coming from that back into Ark law was very obviously jarring to them. Making it clear as we have that things are different down here has helped out, at least." Then Nathaniel smirks, "information will be hard to control, seeing how much intermingling socially is going on with the Grounders. Actual technology should be easier to control with the Cameras from Mount Weather. I'd suggest putting the blueprints and diagrams behind passwords and permitted accounts. People can talk about the concepts of technology, but without the data behind it it'll be hard to sell under the table."

"Our own cameras should generally be sufficient, Sergeant, along with the watchful eye of the Guard, but you have a good point about our knowledge base. It won't solve the problem, but it may help it." Kane lets out a little breath, then nods to himself this time, scratching at his scruff that is quickly becoming a beard, "I think that we all need to remember that the militia are not professionals like we are. They're going to be hesitant to jump to, and they're going to give us lip until we've demonstrated, time and again, that we know what we're doing. But we need them, and we're going to have to give them some leeway." And then his features firm, "But only some. They're going to have to realize that they're part of our defense force now, and that means obeying critical orders."

"I've understood that from the start. I haven't had a problem with any of the Militia trainees so far besides those two. Now that Mr. Kholmin has had his 'retribution' against me, he was actually a lot more cooperative then I expected during the mission. Ms. Bonheur, however… my opinion on that matter stands." Then Nathaniel gives a small nod, "I try to give everyone a fair chance, but I'm not naive enough to believe everyone will be fair to me. My…. mentality… has always grated on people who aren't as strict as me. I know a few of the Guards who don't like me because of that." Then Nathaniel shrugs, "I've requested to become more of a training instructor for the Militia recruits, Ms. Wood and Ms. Petrie have already requested lessons on their own time… so I like to think I'm making progress in that regard."

"Yes, there will be some who simply want access to firearms because they think it gives them power. Mister Scott — the younger — is one of those, although I do think that he has something to provide for the community in that role, if he can be convinced of that." Kane scratches at the beginnings of his beard once more, thinking, "It will be a rough adjustment on all of us, Sergeant. I'm having to moderate my own preferences as well to take into account our unique situation. As for the training lessons, I'm more than happy to accommodate any militia members who want additional lessons beyond the standard training times, so long as they keep up with their actual jobs. I might even suggest a focus on tactical movement, rather than physical skills. It seems to me that that's where most of them are lacking experience."

"Having firearms gives you power?" The question is more of a 'wtf' then an actual question, "that line of thinking is what got us the rebels who bombed the Ark on unity day." His tone is dark now, and Nathaniel brings up his hand to rub at his forehead, "and look where that got us. I know they're young and take things at face value because hormones…" He waves dismissively, "nevermind. He'll learn eventually. I remember him from his 'exhibits'. I can't imagine it'll take him long to start handing out flyers once we start to manufacture paper down here." Nathaniel chuckles, "I was going to start working on stealth tactics with Ms. Petrie, but tactical movement sounds good too." Then he looks back to the Chancellor, "what will matter to a lot of these people is that they can talk to us, and have a say in what we do now. With the other stations unaccounted for, we'll have to proceed with the assumption that we're all that's left of the Ark, in my opinion. Is there any word on if we'll be able to go on scouting missions to find the others, by the way? I know my parents are dead from the rebellion -I saw the corpses myself- but there are plenty of people who had family on the other stations."

"Well, he's right, on a personal scale. Person to person, having a pistol or a rifle gives you power over a single person who does not. But when you look at it from a societal scale, I quite agree with you." The mention of dead parents causes Kane to close his eyes, struggling momentarily for control at the reminder of his fallen mother, but he still has a job to do, and he merely nods, opening his eyes again, "I don't want to equate youthful clamoring for attention with assassination attempts and political terrorism, Sergeant, even in private conversations. But," and the change of conversations brightens his voice a little, "it's my hope that we can get some information on the other stations while the Coalition warriors are gathered here. When I go to Tondc, I'll be speaking to the war leaders of the Broadleaf, Tree Crew, and Ice Nation clans to see if they have any more information about the fates of Hydra, Factory, and Farm Stations."

Nathaniel gives a nod to that, his own tone about his parents rather neutral. But then, it's well known among the Guard Nathaniels parents disowned him a decade ago… so no loss to mourn there. "If you manage to find any information, I'll be happy to help with telling others about it. From what I've gathered though, I wouldn't count on the Ice Nation to tell you anything. Ms. Wood didn't have anything nice to say about them from her experience with them in the Mountain." Then he purses his lips, "from what I understand, one of the stations landed way north… so they're probably in Ice Nation territory. We'd probably have to send a scouting mission ourselves to find any reliable information about it. But with the losses from the bunker, I don't think we can spare the manpower at this point."

"The Coalition Commander has promised to look into this for us, and if she can't get accurate information from her clans, she has much bigger problems than we do." Kane glances to the still-being-crafted map of other clan areas, "But yes, based on our estimates, we think that Factory Station landed close by, in Tree Crew territory, and they've just been to busy with the Mountain to go looking for it, Hydra landed south in Broadleaf or more distant Tree Crew lands, and Farm Station landed north in Ice Nation territory. I'll spread the information as soon as I have it, I know that a lot of people are anxious to learn the fates of their family and friends." Raising his brows slightly, Kane adds, "Anything else, Sergeant? I'll take your suggestions for Miss Bonheur under advisement, although I do think that we have to take a slightly soft touch at present, to avoid scaring away too much of the militia, and I think we all have to remember that the militia do not have the training that the Guard does, and that we may have to forgive little insolences so long as they obey orders when it counts."

"Sir, I can understand giving leeway. Mr. Kholmin is an example of that approach probably working, but she blatantly disobeyed direct orders *twice*, the second time with obvious intention to provoke me after I ordered them both onto watch to let them calm down. If that's allowed to stand without a stern check, the rest of the Militia will see it as a sign they can pick and choose when they can obey without consequences. We need the numbers, but that's just asking for breakdown in the CoC." Nathaniel, having said his piece, gets back to his feet then. "My request about the Grounder woman Britt still stands, but orders are orders, and I will work with her if ordered. Nothing else comes to mind, Sir."

Kane nods his head in brief agreement, "I agree that some punishment will be necessary. Absolutely. Although I'm honestly more concerned with the first issue of insubordination and the attempted theft of the pistol than I am of her talking back to you, Sergeant." The mention of Britt causes Kane to frown slightly, "From what I've heard of their Death of a Thousand Cuts, the Grounders may have actually been merciful toward the former President. I don't agree with what they did, but I think that you may want to speak with the Grounders about it before fully forming your opinion. We're going to need to learn their outlook on life, justice, and just about everything else if we're going to form an understanding of and with them."

"Dealing with smack talk is just another part of the job, Sir. I'm not concerned about that. I'm concerned about the intention is all." Then Nathaniel purses his lips in thought. "I haven't seen a single thing about justice from the Grounders, only revenge. Radiation poisoning is just a quicker form of torture compared to the Death of a thousand cuts. Our floating was merciful… they are not." But then Nathaniel sighs, "they even do cutting as punishment to themselves. I saw the results of their Commander punishing the ones that helped the 100. Maybe they have other forms of punishment, I'll look into it." With that, Nathaniel brings up the cane as he goes into a formal salute again, "I've got an appointment with the logistics people for a home in the Row, Sir. Am I dismissed?"

"Sometimes, justice can be very close indeed to revenge, Sergeant. We have to remember that however barbaric their choices may seem, they're a product of their society, as we are a product of our own. But yes, you're dismissed. See to your house."

Nathaniel says no more on the subject, instead giving a nod and turning out to the door, half limping, half walking out.

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