Day 068: The Importance Of Discipline (Part 2)
Summary: Kane speaks with Asher about discipline and about an idea the ex-Delinquent has had.
Date: 8 August 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
68 Days After Landing

It is still the day before the execution of Cage Wallace, and Marcus Kane is running through his long and often-growing list of people he needs to talk to. Next up is Mister Asher Kholmin, he of the interesting suggestion submitted to the Guard organization, and, given that Kane is a man with a long memory, he has a pistol holstered at his side. Just part of the uniform, of course, given that he's still technically the officer in charge of the Guard as well as the Chancellor. He sent one of those self-same Guards to fetch Asher, and then sat back at one of the stools around the high table in the midst of his meeting room to work through some reports while he waits. When the Guard knocks on the door and then pushes it open for Asher, Kane looks up, setting aside the dataslate, "Come in, Mister Kholmin, and have a seat."

One can hardly blame Kane for the pistol. Asher didn't kill that guard gently, and he did it without a lot of provocation. Rage is a funny thing. Still, he's here, unarmed…at least the naked eye unless he was searched. If searched, he'd have been found to have a shiv up each sleeve and one in his right boot. It is important to protect yourself!

Once invited in, Asher moves through the door and over to a seat, settling into it. "Chancellor…" Asher offers by way of greeting, with a wary sort of tone to his voice.

Shivs aren't a huge concern, apparently, given that Asher was let in without a pat-down. At Kane's direct order, actually, although Asher will probably never find that out. "Two issues have come up, Mister Kholmin. I want to get to the suggestions you made to Lieutenant Wexler in a moment, but first I need to talk to you about your disciplinary issues." Kane places his hands flat on the table, flexing his fingers a touch as he does, "I understand that the militia aren't professionals, but from what I've been hearing, you think that they should be almost as much as I do. But professionals need to develop situational awareness, to keep their heads about them in combat. For instance, why did you try to kill the young man down on Level 7, the one who tried to surrender?"

A brow is raised as Kane begins. Frankly he wasn't really expecting his suggestions to go anywhere. So Asher sits in silence and considers the Chancellor. He glances around the room for a moment. It's not nervous glancing, it's more exploratory. A moment later he returns his attention to Kane and frowns just a bit, "Well, he was shooting at us a few seconds before when I saw him. The one next to him at just shot me again. I didn't have a lot of time to think. Not sure I even really saw him surrender. He was just there, Cassandra was there, so I had to keep going." A beat pause and she scratches at the few days of growth on his chin, "It's what I do, sir. I fight till the end."

Kane nods, apparently accepting the explanation, "In the future, Mister Kholmin, I need you to be a little more aware of when the end has arrived." The scratching by the ex-Delinquent causes the Chancellor to scratch at his own developing scruff-beard, and he smiles wryly when he realizes it. "Although you very well may have found yourself in more life-and-death struggles than most of the Guard, they do have a great deal of training and practice at insertions and clearing a room. I understand that you did things differently when you were down here before us, but that needs to change. Understood?"

There's a flicker of annoyance and Asher first replies, "Please stop calling me Mr. Kholmin. My father was Mr. Kholmin…and I hated that bastard." No shock or awe there. The annoyance fades after that and he then nods, "Look…I get it Chancellor. I'm a fighter…Not a soldier. I'm good at fighting. I got no idea how to do any of the rest of it." He pauses again and offers a half shrug and then a quick nod. "So yeah, I gotta learn how to soldier. That's fine. I understand that. But you gotta know that not every cop you got is a useful out there in a real fight. Plus the people down here don't need need the ones that are policing them. You had the same people doing that up there…Most of us down here, when we think of a guard now, we just think of someone who pushed us around, or pushed someone we knew out of an airlock." There's no anger here, just him calling it like he sees it. "That needs to change. You need some people to fight, and some people to police."

Kane arches his eyebrows slightly in question at the correction to the term of address, "You would prefer," his voice takes on a dryly amused tone, "Asher kom Skaikru?" He's actually gotten pretty good at that pronunciation, at least so far as that little bit of Trigedasleng is concerned. Brushing the question aside as relatively unimportant, he listens to the rest of what the young man has to say. He even nods his agreement at the point that some of the Guard aren't fit for combat duty. "I may disagree with some of your finer points, such as how the Guard is seen by the majority of the populace, but I agree with your larger one. It's clear that we will need both an internal police force and an external military. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter, if they go beyond that statement."

"Usually just Asher, but I've been going by Asher kom Skaikru for long enough, might as well keep going." Asher replies and then offers a faint shrug at Kane's assessment of his own assessment. "May not be a majority, but I bet the ones who aren't big fans of the Ark as a whole feel that way." he offers, quite helpfully. A pause is offered and Asher nods to Kane, "Sure…The way I see it, you'll have to put one of your top people in charge of the Guard, and then put your military in place under one of your old officers from the Guard. Since I can't imagine there's anyway you'd put one of us in charge." Us being the militia. "I think you'd be smart to give someone from the militia a voice though. Otherwise it's just gonna feel like the Guard part two, you know? I get that we don't have the training, but we're valuable to the survival of our people here. We should have some of our own in positions of leadership. Not saying it shouldn't be earned, but as it stands right now, if everyone in leadership comes out of the guard, it'd be years before anyone who was militia is even close to becoming a Sergeant, let alone an officer. Not much hope to make a career of it that way, you know? Stuck at the bottom forever is no way to live."

Kane frowns slightly at the confirmation, but slowly, he nods, apparently accepting it. As the conversation hones in on the possible shift in the defense force, Kane leans his forearms on the table's edge, lacing his fingers together. "Unfortunately, Asher kom Skaikru, it generally takes longer than two months to make a quality Sergeant, let alone an officer." He holds up a hand to forestall immediate rejoinder, "But, I do see your point, and separating the Guard into a police force and a military force would certainly open up positions within the chain of command. Theoretically. And if I thought any of the militia were ready for an officer's rank, I would give it to them. I may be a long-time Guardsman, but I like to think that I am willing to change how things are done when necessary." His fingers tap lightly on the surface of the table, then still again, "There's are a couple of problems with what you have described, none of them insurmountable, I don't think. The most dangerous one, however, is us versus them. Those who join either formation will need to be full members. There will be no divisions between ex-Guard and ex-Militia."

Asher, surprisingly, doesn't get angry here. He just nods to Kane. "I'm not saying put any militia in charge, sir." He's even been polite… Time to run. "And I think you're smart to want to get rid of that distinction. It's gotta be just Guards and Military. Whatever you move into, that's what you are. And it's gotta be a real career for the Military. Right now, the militia don't get armor, they don't get shock batons, they don't get anything, except a gun when the shit hits the fan." Ahem. "We need training, but we gotta be equal to the rest, and get the same treatment."

Kane shakes his head, "Those restrictions are of necessity only. We don't have enough fitted suits of armor for the militia. Nor were there previously enough firearms for them, nor shock batons. That's why they were assigned on an as-needed basis." Like the Reaper-capture mission. "I had been hoping that the half of the Mountain's armor we are set to receive would allow us to provide armor for the entire militia." Kane looses his hands so that he can scratch at his beard again, "I do wish that the members of The One Hundred like yourself and Mister Scott would look at the logistics behind a situation before assuming a conspiracy. But you bring up the other major problem — a good portion of our militia currently has other duties within Camp Jaha as well. My initial inclination is to create a reserve for each branch, serving as the militia currently do, while others take full-time positions as either police or military. Have you considered how to deal with those volunteers like Richael Wood or Mister Blackwood who have critical duties elsewhere?"

Regrettably, Asher is still just a teenager, and not the brightest one at that. So no, he hadn't really worked that out. He shrugs though about the conspiracy, "Honestly? I don't think it's a conspiracy, I just don't like everyone else getting the good toys." Asher replies honestly. He fixes his gaze on Kane then, frowning and shrugs, "I guess your reserve idea is as good as any. Let em be doctors or scientists or what have you…and then they can fight when there's a need. I wouldn't bring em out all the time though. If you mean to make a real military, then the members of it need to learn to work together and trust each other." He puts a bit of emphasis on the word trust. As in, currently that's not in great supply for him. "After what I did on the Ark, I don't deserve a lot of trust, so I can understand guards not liking me. Can't blame them. But down here, if we gotta work together, that's gonna get someone killed." He pauses a beat, "And yes, I understand that works both ways."

Kane eyes Asher with a hint of disbelief at the initial response, and then actually chuckles, nodding his head, "Maybe that's a good reminder to me that not everything is a conspiracy." See, he does have a (very dry) sense of humor. Kane grimaces at the mention of trust and working together, "Yes, Mister Grey," there's no love lost there, by his tone, "Has been barraging me with a very similar message, that life is different down here. A message that I understand quite well, actually." Letting that drop away, he nods slowly, "Thank you, Asher kom Skaikru. You've given me a great deal to think about, but I think there is a workable idea at the heart of it. I do have one more point to discuss. Miss Bonheur's assault on the surrendered Mountain Man and her attempt to take and keep a pistol for herself. I would like to get your impression of what should be done about that."

There's a slow nod from Asher as Kane seems to be mostly approving of his idea. Sure, that doesn't mean he'll suddenly be in charge, but at least it means he might not have to spend his days lifting heavy stuff. "Understood, sir." And then there's the next point. Asher frowns slowly at him, "So Breen reported her, huh?" He sighs and shakes his head. A hand runs back through his hair and he leans back in his chair. "I dunno exactly. Cass was only down there because of me." Sort of true. "She probably saw me moving on that last guard and came in to do the same." A beat pause, "And I dunno about the pistol, I wasn't in the room. Personally I don't put much stock in what Breen reports, not since he shocklashed her out by the lake." But none of this answers the question. "I know we don't recognize seconds as a cultural thing here, but she's Gideon's second. You should let Gideon deal with it as she's fit this first time. Cass isn't trained to be out in the field. When we were fighting the Grounders before you guys came down, it was kill or be killed. I know it wasn't that much time that passed, but there was a lot of violence in a short span, and we did what we had to do. She'll adapt."

Kane smiles very faintly, "I hate to burst your bubble, Asher kom Skaikru, but I think she may have been there because she has attached herself to Gideon kom Skaikru." And then he relents a little, "and you were there." The Chancellor 's smile fades entirely, a frown gathering under his growing scruff, "Sergeant Breen was certainly… beyond his commission, but he is a solid Guardsman. And insolence…" he shakes his head, "…I understand that respect between the Guard and some members of The One Hundred will take time to grow, but those weren't Sergeant Breen's orders she was disobeying. Those were my orders and the orders of the Trikru Commander. And by the accounts I've received, she spoke to the young Mountain Man, and then killed him. That certainly sounds pre-meditated to me. But you think that I should put her justice in the hands of Gideon kom Skaikru alone? That she should not be punished at all by our laws?"

A shrug is Asher's first response to Kane, "Could be, I'm not in her head." Asher replies and then considers Kane for a few more moments. He scratches at the scruff of unshaved growth on his face and then nods, "Look, I don't like Breen. That's obvious. He's dismissive, doesn't understand how to use hand to hand and melee units in a fight, and I never heard him once offer surrender to any guard in there. How were any of us supposed to know we were actually letting people surrender when the guy in charge wasn't demanding surrender?" Asher arches a brow at Kane, head canted to the right. "So clearly I'm not gonna be unbiased about anything that guy says. But you're asking me what you should do to Cassandra. I'm telling you what I think. If you want her to stick around and become a part of the community, then you don't want to shocklash her or throw her in the brig. That's just gonna push her and the other tentative members of the 100 away." He frowns and watches Kane still, "If she's not cut out to be a soldier, then don't let her be a soldier anymore. You gave her a gun and said, go attack the Mountain. She did that. Now you want to punish her for doing what you asked her to do because you don't like the way she did it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If a guard disobeyed orders, I'd get it. She's not a guard." Asher then shrugs, "But I get that you need to do something, so talk to Gideon, tell Gideon what the options for punishment are, let her decide. Cassandra will respond better to it coming from Gideon."

Kane listens to Asher's response, nodding his acceptance or agreement long the way, "None of us are unbiased, which is why I'm asking for input in this situation, and Gideon kom Skaikru is actually next on my list to talk to about the situation, after Cage Wallace's execution. I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind when I do decide on what action to take in regards to Miss Bonheur." At least he isn't saying 'what punishment to give her,' right? "Again, thank you for the suggestion about the disposition of the Guard. It's something that has definite merit."

All in all, this went as well as he could have figured. Probably better than, really. Asher eyes Kane then he nods, "Thanks for hearing me out. Your a busy guy, I figure sitting here, listening to me rant about this shit isn't something you got a lot of time for." He nods, "So, thanks…It's good to get heard." He stands then and offers another nod and then he moves for the door.

"I don't have a lot of time for a lot of things, Asher kom Skaikru," that dry amusement is back in Kane's voice, and this time he scratches at his scruff, "but that time still needs to be made. Keep your head in line, and you might actually make a good non-commissioned officer some day."

Sure, it'd be cooler if he said he'd make a good Captain or something, but who are we kidding? This is Asher. He's a killer, not a soldier. Good for front line action. "Thanks, sir. I appreciate it." He sounds at least somewhat sincere. And then Asher moves off out of the office.

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