Day 073: The Importance Of Discipline (Part 3)
Summary: Kane speaks to Gideon about her place in Camp Jaha and about Cassandra's actions in the Mountain.
Date: 14 August 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
73 Days After Landing

A Guard comes to find Gideon at the house that she's building, giving a little whistle to get her attention and then pointing back toward the entry to Alpha Station, "Chancellor wants to see you. In the Command Station." And then instead of escorting the Grounder-born woman through Alpha Station, he just gestures over his shoulder and heads off toward his duty post at the front gate.

Gideon looks up when the guard comes near, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand. The notice draws a faint frown on her lips, and it redoubles when the guard does not offer to escort her. Perhaps it was his error? She slowly stands, brushing her hands together, and then starts toward Alpha Station. She stops at the entrance, informing the guard there that she was told to see the Chancellor, and she is directed in, but again, not escorted. Give directions, she follows then down the south corridor toward the Command Station. She is cautious, uncertain, and almost ready to get in trouble for entering a place she has not been given permission to enter. Or has she?

The Guard at the doors to Alpha Station simply waves her through, and when she hesitates outside the Command Station, the Guard at the slightly-ajar door shakes her head in vague amusement, reaching past to push the door the rest of the way open. Inside, Chancellor Kane looks up from the pair of dataslates that he's working between, reading on one and taking notes on the other. "Gideon kom Skaikru. Come in, have a seat." That would be in one of the stools around the high table he's working at.

Gideon still looks a touch uncertain as she crosses the threshold into the command station. Her eyes move slowly over her surroundings, taking careful note, but soon she is merely looking at the Chancellor. She steps forward, moving to step up into the stool and settle down. She abruptly wishes she had taken the time to clear the dust and grime from her hands, but she does not call attention to such. "Thank you, Chancellor… you… you wished to speak with me?" It is hard to hide the small hint of nerves creeping into her voice.

The dataslates are set aside, and Kane offers a faint smile, "Welcome to Alpha Station, Gideon kom Skaikru." His pronunciation, at least of those two words, has gotten quite good, all things considered. "Several points, actually. The first is that you've proven yourself as far as you need to, at least in my eyes. You are welcome within Alpha Station whenever you like." A little chuckle touches his lips and he scratches at the beard that's settled in along his jaw, "You might enjoy the showers or indoor plumbing, even if you have yet to get a taste for our food or halls."

The welcome to Alpha Station draws a short, but surprised blink from the Grounder. She had not expected that, but she accepts it with a gentle nod of her head. "Thank you, Chancellor." Then she chortles slightly at his words. "Well, I don't know if I will ever get used to your soy concoctions. They are not bad in flavor, but it is hard to enjoy something that is flavored like chicken when there's the real thing strutting around." She sobers then, offering a short nod. "But, again, thank you."

Kane nods in response, but his smile fades away as he continues, "The next point is Miss Bonheur. I understand that you've taken her under your wing, and I appreciate what you're trying to do — her antagonism toward the old Ark would have made it extremely difficult for someone born on the Ark to provide that guidance. However, she continues to have difficulty with authority that is not you. In the wake of her troubles with Kai kom Trikru and Sergeant Breen, there have been complaints about her actions inside Mount Weather. Can you speak to those from your perspective?"

"Yes, I am aware," Gideon says, straightening up a bit as the talks turn to Cassandra. Her mouth thins slightly as she considers her answer, trying to carefully construct it. "Like many of those you sent down as The 100," the Archer begins, tone still careful, "Cassandra does not fully trust the authority of those from your Sky City… nor have they given her much reason, too. Sergeant Breen is one of those who have not given her any reason to trust, and thus follow his orders, Chancellor." She crosses her arms slightly, remaining balanced on the stool as she does. "I am not suggesting that she be excused from her disobedience… but it is hard for a warrior to follow their leader if they do not trust their leader, even if Sergeant Breen was carrying out the heda and your orders." Then she chuffs a breath a bit, ducking her chin slightly. "In addition… the young Maunon she attempted to execute had decided to become a warrior for the Maunon… and Cassandra is more than aware of how the Trikru feel about the Maunon. She felt her actions — even in violation of Breen's orders — were to give my houkru the Blood they were owed."

She holds up a hand then, offering before Kane can object, "I am not excusing her actions, Chancellor… but knowing the why is just as important as the what."

Kane shakes his head at Gideon's response, "I specifically assigned you and she to Sergeant's Breen's team because I wanted to see how she would react to him." And how Gideon would, perhaps. "Especially given that, as you say, those were not Sergeant Breen's orders that she disobeyed, but my own and the Commander's." 'Maunon' is easy enough to puzzle out, but the other Trigedasleng word causes Kane to frown thought, "'Houkru,' I don't know. And yes, the young man almost certainly would have been executed even if he survived." The last point is met with, "You really are learning to be Skaikru, aren't you, Gideon? From what little I've seen thus far, that does not seem to be a common belief among the Trikru." The dataslates are neatly stacked to his right side, and the Chancellor laces his fingers together, "So. What should I do about Miss Bonheur's actions? What would you do if you were in my position?"

"Home clan," Gideon offers without missing a beat. "A hou is a home… houmon is a home one… the one you call home." The language lesson is delivered simply before she focuses back on the subject at hand. Her mouth thins a bit when he asks what her punishment, shifting uncomfortably. She goes back to a later comment first, snorting slightly. "You do not punish someone on action alone… knowing why something was done can tell you a lot about the person." She gestures offhandedly. "Cassandra, for instance… she cares deeply about those she values… she disobeyed Breen because she thought the death of the Maunon was something I wanted, because she felt it was justice for the Trikru."

Then she finally returns to the question Kane has asked. "This is what you call insubordination… and I know the punishment according to the laws… but I think she should be shown some mercy… at least for the case of the orders." She pauses for a heartbeat, adding, "A day in your prison, but I wish to join her." Her jaw sets slightly. "She is my responsibility… her failures are my failures." Then her mouth thins. "I do not think you should punish her for the gun… I have already spoken to her about that."

Kane takes the language lesson seriously, nodding at the connections, "The clan you were born to, then. We would be Kai kom Trikru's houkru." The other matter is more serious, however, "On the Ark, we did indeed punish someone for their actions alone. This is, however, not the Ark." A thoughtful frown settles onto his bearded face, "But giving an individual what they want is not a good enough reason to disobey orders. Especially in this case, given the Commander's orders as well." He nods at the first part of Gideon's suggestion, evidently having expected it, but the second part… he hesitates, "Miss Bonheur is eighteen. That makes her an adult in our society. As much as we respect the traditions of the Trikru," which is quite a lot in some cases, and not at all in others, to be honest, "We do not have the tradition of 'Seconds' as you do. If anyone was responsible for her actions, it was Sergeant Breen and Corporal Fairchild, but holding her responsible for insubordination of their orders seems rather far-fetched. Unless you gave her orders to disobey those of myself and the Commander, her actions are not your responsibility." The mention of the gun draws a deeper frown to Kane's lips, "That's actually an even trickier subject. Several members of the One Hundred have expressed a deep and abiding desire to have access to firearms because they believe that it provides them with power. And it is something that must be nipped in the bud. Firearms are a significant responsibility. While it could be argued that she was simply acting in her role as a member of the Militia and policing the battlefield, I don't think either of us actually believes that, do we?"

"Firearms are more than than, Chancellor," Gideon replies, speaking to this topic first. "The Coalition views firearms as violation of the hedon… the laws. But more than that, a firearm does represent power… a power that has, until now, solely been in the hands of the Mountain. With the Mountain falling, and your people…" She hesitates, correctly quietly, "our people vying for guns is dangerous. There may come a time, Chancellor, when you are asked to further restrict, or do away with entirely, those guns… and those who refuse would be seen as enemies to the Coalition." She frowns. "I do not think your young people understand that."

Then she sighs heavily at his question, and she looks away. "No. We do not." Then she looks back toward him, expression grim. "You asked me what I think should happen… I think that you need to have words with Cassandra… I think she needs to see the dangerous course of her actions… but I also think that she needs to be shown she is valued here, and that she can change her course… too harsh, and you break her, too gentle, and she does not understand the severity of her actions. She is not the person you should use to make an example of to The 100… she will only set her teeth and sink deeper into distrust."

"Firearms are a means of defense, and they can be a means of oppression. But they are not an effective means of defending one's self from oppression, as Mister Scott and Miss Bonheur appear to believe. But more importantly, they are a killer's weapon. They are not made to wound or to capture. And you're right, I do not think that certain members of The One Hundred understand that." The description of Cassandra's situation causes Kane to nod, however, "Yes, she is last on my list. I have already spoken to Sergeant Breen and to Asher kom Skaikru." Apparently, the latter worthy has done away with his last name, much as Grey has done away with his first. "I think that I I agree that too harsh a punishment will cause her to break from Camp Jaha, but truth be told, I do not know how large a difference that would be. The Guard tell me that she spends many of her nights outside of the Camp, that she only comes in when she needs something, to meet with you, or to deliver herbs. I don't intend to decide on a sentence until I speak with her, but her actions do require punishment, or else we are telling the entire camp that there are no consequences to insubordination on the battlefield and attempting to hold a pistol for private use."

Gideon actually relaxes when Kane shares her perspective on guns, even if he will not agree that perhaps in time the Skaikru will have to do away with them. She clears her throat, shifting on the stool again. "I don't think that she should go without punishment." She frowns slightly. "Do you know why the Trikru make all their punishments and judgments public?" She allows a small pause before she continues. "Because to violate the laws of a community is harm to the whole community. That is why cuts are given by peers, and not just the 'hedas…" She hesitates then. "Until now, I think that your judgments have all be done under a shroud of secrecy? Executions being private affairs?" She folds her fingers. "I'm not suggesting you adopt that premise, but… I think it is important for Cassandra, and others of The 100 to hear and understand why and how your laws make for a safer, more just community… I do not think they see that. When you speak to Cassandra, I believe you should try to make her see why her choices have affects on others." She gestures slightly. "For example… if the Trikru knew that there were Skaikru trying to hoard weapons unlawfully, that would not just make diplomatic measures more difficult, but would make Trikru feel unsafe."

"Yes and no," is Kane's equivocating answer, "The sentences were public, the floating was private." The suggestion causes him to nod slowly, "So you think that whatever punishment is given should be accompanied with an explanation of why it is given. That makes sense, especially given that so many of the One Hundred do not seem to understand the 'why' of them. I think that is a good suggestion, Gideon kom Skaikru."

Gideon nods slowly, surprised when her suggestion is taken so well. She often forgets that there really was something about her that Indra saw as potential, she just never allowed that potential to be groomed. She nods shortly, beginning to stand. Something stalls her briefly as she gets to her feet. "Chancellor," she begins, turning fully toward him, "I have heard rumbles that the Guard will be seeing changes… as will the militia." She hesitates. "Should I be concerned about my place here with the Skaikru, with those changes?"

So many people see Marcus Kane as the tyrant from the sky. When he actually takes a suggestion, or makes the 'right' choice, it often comes as a surprise. The question that comes as the woman is standing, however, causes him to shake his head immediately, "No. You've proven your worth in both hunting and combat. Your position is safe within Camp Jaha."

Then she offers a simple nod, and Gideon begins to step away. "Thank you, Chancellor." She turns so she can depart, unless stopped otherwise.

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