Day 009: The Morning After
Summary: Cameron and Morgan talk once they wake up, the day after Lydia Scott's death.
Date: 13 May 2016
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Cameron & Morgan's Tent
It's a tent. With stuff.
Day 9

What a night. Morgan still hasn't processed it all and he sure as hell has no idea what's going to happen next. But after Cam spoke to his dad and took care of the temporary arrangements for his mom, they went back to their tent and collapsed. Unsurprisingly, since he was nowhere near as emotionally traumatized, Morgan woke up first. He stays lying where he is so he doesn't wake Cameron who's using his arm as a pillow.

Cameron usually sleeps rather light, but after that night, he's sleeping so deep that a nuclear bomb might not wake up. Still, his body is so used to waking up early that it isn't too long before Cam starts waking up. Its a slight twitch, and then a sigh, and his eyes flicker open. They're still a bit bloodshot, but no longer look puffy and he doesn't have that expression of devastation on his face. At least not right away. "Mm. Morgan." he says softly, reaching a hand over to rest on the other young man's stomach and pat by way of greeting. Its kinda like a hug.

Morgan just watches Cam wake up till he actually says something and then puts his own hand on Cam's. Since he woke up, he's been trying to think of what to say that's not really stupid. 'You okay?' and 'How are you?' were both thrown out immediately. "Morning."

There's a slight nod of his head, and Cameron closes his eyes briefly, his expression growing a little bit tenser, tighter, but then it evens out. For a moment he forgot. "Yesterday really happened." he acknowledges with a sigh as he opens his eyes again, "I …" he shakes his head, trying to center his thoughts on something, and what he finds is: "I am going to have some enemies now."

Morgan pulls Cam toward him to just hold him. "Yeah, it did. And yeah, you probably will. We both will. They can go fuck themselves. It was the right thing to do." He's still not sure what to make of Jaha but there was never any question whether Cam should have done what his mom wanted. She was his mom.

Cameron nestles into Morgan's arms, sighing and nodding his head slightly, "I've never had -enemies- before. But only a sociopath would let three hundred let alone over two thousand people just die. And I'm afraid we have a few sociopaths in our group so… the thing is, in doing it, I turned myself into a liar. I have been advocating the senate." He pauses, then adds, "Then again, there is no senate now, and there was no time. Fucking Jaha." His voice is cool, but it heats up at the end there. During Jaha being more reasonable, Cam was semi-insensible.

"There was no time." Morgan agreed. "I think everyone in the camp knows that Jaha would have killed those people." Though he doesn't say it with his usual hatred of all things Council. "Everyone. They'd be dead before the Senate was formed. So the only questions is whether they care if those people die or not. It could have been someone's parents."

Cameron inclines his head against Morgan's arm, "So maybe I have some friends, too. I'm just not used to the idea of enemies. I'll deal." He purses his lips, "Thanks for your support. I know we don't entirely see eye to eye on politics and stuff, but thanks for being there for me." He shifts a bit to rise up and turn and deliver a kiss to Morgan, "You were good, too. With what I remember of what you had to say to them. I don't remember it all, its a bit fuzzy, but I mostly thought it sensible."

Morgan smiles up at Cam and reaches up to caress his cheek. "Once they were coming down, we needed to set the tone. Put ourselves in charge as the experts on how to survive down here. I just…" Pausing, he frowns and shakes his head. "I just don't understand why it was working. I mean, I know Jaha and the Council are going to lie through their teeth if it suits them. But there was no reason to lie. We can't stop them from doing anything they want to do. So why pretend? He can't have been serious about staying on the Ark and drying on it, could he?"

Cameron hesitates, his expression looking thoughtful, "There has to be an angle. Either that or he thinks the Ark needs us — no matter what, no matter how much I disagree with what he does, I do believe he does what /he/ thinks is best for the ark usually… And needs us more then he thought they needed us before. They talked of other supplies. Maybe the Grounders changed things in his mind." He nods his head slightly, though he does lean into the caress, "That would make sense. He was shocked by the people, and suddenly talking friendlier. I think."

"That could be it." It's not really agreement but Morgan is short on ideas. His talk with Jaha wasn't at all like he expected it to be. "The supplies will be welcome if it's true. And if we can get them. I should go talk to the Grounders and see if trying to get to any other places will get us attacked."

"Are they talking?" asks Cam, as he's shown no particular interest in going to see them himself. "The Grounders, I mean. Last I heard they were refusing food and water. I'm not sure what all happened yesterday when I was hiking out to find the leaves." He pauses, "Of which I found some. Three kinds, by the way. I brought back several of each, I can't tell which one is the water plant we need yet, I'm going to get a second opinion."

"They're eating now. And talking a bit." Morgan answers and then hesitates a moment. "Last night… When I went up there. They couldn't have saved her either. Even if she had held on, there was nothing anyone could do down here for a punctured lung."

Cameron nods his head slightly, but he doesn't look surprised, "I know. I've enough first aid training, I recognized how much internal bleeding there had to be." His voice is very soft, "She was dead the moment she hit the ground. She just held on long enough to see me, talk to me." He pauses, "But thank you for trying. And seeing if they had some hope."

"I'd have saved her if I could." Morgan says, just as softly as his eyes fill with tears. He knows what it's like to watch your mother die. "I know what to do but we don't have anything we need to do it with." Assuming he didn't botch it since they don't let criminal perform surgery on the Ark. "If you need anything…"

"I know." Cameron sounds quietly confidant of that, "I don't blame you, at all. I blame Jaha. He sent us here without even the most basic supplies. Without so much as a scalpel or thread for sutures. He's responsible for her death." But, Cam nods his head slightly, "I'll be okay. I need help digging a grave today, and, and, I don't know what else. I'm not sure what to do right now. I can't *think*." Which is strange for him of course.

"You rest." Morgan tells him. "And you cry. I'll get you whatever you need. There's nothing you need to do today. And if anyone even thinks about giving you a hard time, I'll beat their asses till they need a different doctor to treat them."

Cameron shakes his head slightly, "I've cried." Loudly, publicly. He's not ashamed of it, but he seems to think he's done with it. Who knows if he's right. His voice is very soft, though. "I'm not sure its fair of me to take a day off from foraging and contributing to the camp, just because I had a bad day yesterday, we still need to eat today."

"Doctor's orders." Morgan says. "Unless you feel that you need something to take your mind off of things. Do whatever you need to do for yourself. Nothing more. Just tell me who you want to look at those plants and I'll take care of it."

Thoughtful, Cameron nods his head slightly, "Evie. They're in my sack, just outside the tent, along with what remains of the one you gave me— and ask her if she can figure out how the leaf was processed.. I got as much as I could carry of each, which isn't a lot— but once we find out which one is real, I'll know what to look for next time." He nods his head against Morgan's shoulder, reaching around to his side and giving the young man a quick hug of a squeeze.

"That'll help a lot of people once we figure it out. Thanks Cam, you did good." Morgan tells him and hugs him back. "So, you hungry? Want me to get you anything?"

There's a pause, and a sigh, "Actually, I am. I kind of wasted last night's dinner on the medbay floor. I'm lightheaded and probably dehydrated as hell after that." Cameron wrinkles his nose slightly, "I'll let you take care of me, but /wow/, it feels weird to do, I have to tell you. I started.." He sniffs, "I started refusing Mom and Dad's tending me when I could start walking, they always said. Always had to do for myself."

Morgan rolls them over so he's on top of Cam and smiles down at him. "I'll always take care of you when you need it." Standing up, he yawns and stretches then starts getting dressed.

Cameron stays there all lazily, which is a novel thing for him, and watches Morgan get dressed. Finding that entertaining, he smiles slightly, "This whole boyfriend thing is working out so far, then, I have to say. Even if I still find the word ridiculous."

"It does sound stupid." Morgan agrees. "But…" He shrugs. "It's nice. I'm enjoying it. I like living with someone I actually picked to live with." As opposed to being assigned a cell mate he merely tolerated.

Reaching out to touch the parachute fabric lightly, Cameron inclines his head, "It's freedom. We would have never really had it on the Ark, which is why I found living down here so .. pleasant. No one to command us to be up ad do what needs to be done, because we already know what we need to do and do it. We're free people finally. Responsible for our own lives, and deciding who to live with is a perk I rather like, too." A hint of dimples shows in his smile.

Morgan grabs his sword belt and buckles it around his waist. "Okay, back with some food and water. Then I'll find Evie and give her the plants. After that, I think I'll go talk to the Grounders."

"Alright." agrees Cameron, as he tries this whole lounging thing on for size. "That's a good idea. As soon as we can make friends with them, the better."

Morgan nods to Cameron. "If we can arrange a truce or alliance or something, we've got something the ones from the Ark won't have. We need all the leverage we can get to stay free of them and make sure they need us. Back soon."

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