Day 018: The Morning After Crash
Summary: In the wake of the second dropship's crash, the Delinquent camp wakes up and plans.
Date: 31 May 2016
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The morning sun has begun it's blazing trip on the eastern horizon and casts light over the camp. There's no sign of the noose and the work on Mags' grave seems to be completed and the girl buried under a mound of freshly-turned earth. Elias has already gotten himself completely cleaned up and is standing over by the cook tent with a length of fruit leather in his hand that he hasn't touched. It's likely he hasn't slept at all and currently seems to be busying himself with staring off into space. His posture is fairly slouched over and his eyes seem fixed to the ground in front of him.

Grey hates mornings. It's just a fact of life. And it's even worse when there isn't a hot cup of caffeine waiting for you. He's been awake for a little while already, although he's not exactly a wake-at-dawn type most of the time, but he still yawns and rubs at his eyes with the heels of his hands as he makes his way back from the latrines. Stopping to wash his hands with some of Frankie's sharp-scented soap outside the cook tent, he shakes his hands out, pulling at his still-slightly-damp pants as he reaches for a fruit leather himself, "I got damp in places that aren't fit to be described. I've decided that I don't like rain so much." Because the weather is a better topic than most anything else to be talked about.

Hanne is curled up in a chair on the ground, tucked under her jacket. She might be sleeping in fact, based on the slow and rhythmic way her jacket rises and falls with her breath. All that can be seen is her mousy mane of hair, which has been loosely braided this morning. When she hears Grey, she speaks up in a quiet, muffled voice, "Rain does suck." She then tugs her jacket down, producing a rather tired looking Hanne face. She glances at Grey, and then to Elias. She smiles a bit. "Eli," she murmurs, trying to get his attention. "You're off on another planet this morning."

Looking up from the ground, Elias blinks tiredly at Grey ands actually allows a brief smile to come to his lips. "Yeah," he says, looking a bit dazed and sleepy. "Pretty crazy." The other subjects to talk about are likewise absolutely no good, so he doesn't push for further conversation just yet. His eyes drop from Grey to stare at his fruit leather. He definitely hadn't noticed Hanne there before curled up her jacket, so he really doesn't try to defend himself. "I'm distracted," he replies to Hanne, looking back to the revealed Hanne face. "I'll be fine, though." A look is given to Grey and then Hanne. "How are you two holding up?"

"The little… uh… drizzle… I like. Lightning and thunder were awesome. Rain? Sucks hairy goat balls." Not that Grey's ever seen a goat or its balls. He gets some smoked jerky and a handful of greens from the offerings, wrapping the former in the latter to make a sort of involuntarily-gluten-free sandwich. "It's allowed, Elias. Bein' distracted, that is." He shrugs at the question, "Cold, wet. Not lookin' forward to… whatever the hell we do today about…" his free hand gestures out in the vaguely general direction of 'east,' and he takes a bite of his breakfast, chewing and swallowing.

"Eat, or give it to me," Hanne tells Elias, though her smile remains gentle and fond for her friend and fellow Earth nerd. She then shakes her head at the question, breathing out a sigh, and sinking back into her jacket once more. "Shitty," she summarizes. Then she looks over at Grey, nodding a bit. "When are we headed out to visit the crash site?" She looks at Grey. "They fell far east… we don't know much about out there…"

"I wish it'd kept going a little longer," Elias confesses with a sniff. The hand not holding the fruit leather wipes at his face wearily then. He ticks his gaze back over eastward where Grey gestures and then just blinks at him. "About what?" he asks, tilting his head slightly. Hanne's demand for fruit leather is met, though he tears his in half and hands the half to Hanne. "Gonna' have to make myself eat some of it," he says, giving a shake of his head. "I just haven't felt up to it, ya know?" Elias looks to Grey again, inclining his head in a nod. "Distracted, yeah. I'm taking my moment now. Not gonna' have time for it soon."

"What, the rain?" Grey shakes his head vehemently before letting his shoulders slump again, taking another bite of the jerky-and-greens, "If I don't see that much rain for another year, I think I'll be happy. Was kinda cool at first, then… ugh." He responds first to Elias, "About the dropship." And then he glances to Hanne as well, "And about whether it landed on any Trikru people. There's more villages that way." Exactly how he knows that is… not expanded upon. "I'm still tryin' to decide if I should go east, or if I should come with you, Elias. I feel like a bit of a jackhole, lettin' someone go looking for our people after I promised I would…"

"I know," Hanne says kindly to Elias before she munches on her half of the fruit leather. She looks up at Grey now, head tilted a bit. Then she blinks at his words. "You… you think it might have landed on people?" Her face pales considerably, and her throat bobs a bit. She suddenly doesn't feel like eating either, toying with the bit of fruit leather unconsciously. Then she blinks. "Wait, what do you mean looking for our people?" Yes, Hanne has not been paying attention much lately.

"Fucking damnit!" comes a shout from one of the tents as Silas throws aside the parachute fabric flaps and comes stomping out into the middle of the grounds. With a few slaps to both of his own cheeks, Silas lets out a loud groan, "Of course it'd fuckin' tear, you idiot!" he growls to himself before his hands come to link his fingers behind his neck, shutting his eyes momentarily before he blows a sharp breath through clenched teeth. Loosening his grip on himself, he lets his hands slide around and down to his sides before they come rocketing up to ruffle his hair as he's heading off towards the cook tent. His gaze settles onto Grey, Elias, and Hanne as he moves by them and disappears into the tent for a moment or two before he's out with a modest length of fruit leather in his hand- with some that he's already slowly chewing. He looks over to the three, offering a nod before he swallows and grumpily offers them a, "Morning." before he looks to Elias. "I don't suppose I was too busy fucking up the hides to not notice you heading out to find out what happened to the hunting party?" he asks before he raises some more fruit leather up to his mouth, biting into and tearing off a chunk that he begins to noisily chew.

"One thing's for sure," Elias says to Grey, lifting a brow at him while also squinting at the sun. "You'd make a shitty farmer." This clearly in regards to his view on rain, of course. "The dropship," he says, giving a nod of his head. "probably isn't safe to approach right now. Probably take the better part of a week to get out there with the terrain, I'm guessing?" There is in fact another nod towards the east from Elias as he considers Grey's words. "Maybe less. At least a couple of days. Gonna' have to pack for it. Someone's going to have to hold things down here while you're gone." Finally, he takes a bite of the fruit pulp stuff and chews while shifting his attention once more to Hanne with a slightly warmer smile for her, though it doesn't reflect in his eyes. "Thanks. And I hope not. It doesn't take much to set these guys off." There's a gesture with his fruit leather vaguely towards to Trikru village. Silas's loud cursing draws his attention with a raised brow and he glances back towards Hanne and Grey to note their reactions to this as well. When he emerges and walks over to the cook tent, he gets a nod from Elias. "Nope. Haven't left yet. Here soon, but we're trying to coordinate a little too."

"I hope not, Hanne. But there's Lots of villages out that way, bigger than C-Bur." Grey nudges the jerky and greens around with his fingers, getting them neatly lined up again. The cursing from the tent draws his attention, and he shrugs slightly, deferring to Elias for the answer to Silas' question. The joke about his abilities as a farm draw a snort, "Yeah. Maybe if I had a hat and somethin' that shed rain, I'd think different. And a floor in my tent. Or, you know, not a tent. But yeah, we got two trips to prep for today. Lookin' for the five hunters who disappeared down, what was it, southeast? And then checkin' on the dropship crash. But yeah, what Elias said, it's at least a couple days away. Although Asher and Cassandra went ridin' off in that direction like mad last night."

Hanne looks very pale and small as Grey explains this, and she flicks her gaze over to Elias as well. She starts to rub at her belly, feeling the nerves bunch and tighten. She sighs a bit. "I want to go back home," she admits in a small, uncertain voice. Then she sinks back into her chair, jacket gathering up around her cheeks, making her look like a turtle, or rollypolly. She takes another solemn bite of fruit leather. She looks up at the news that Asher and Cassandra have left, and she blinks. "Why?"

Let out a quiet hum, Silas chews a little bit more as he eyes Elias as he answers his question before giving him a nod. "Coordination's a good thing. Something we could use more of." he says through the occasional chew and breath. "Speaking of farms…" begins Silas looking to Elias and then Hanne for a brief moment, before over to Grey ultimately. "We're supposed to move over towards where the Ark lands, right? That's what was agreed on with the tree crew? If we think that over where the dropship fell," begins Silas with a point of his thumb eastward over his shoulder, "-is generally where it's going to fall, what are the chances of good farmland?" he asks the three, offering them all a two second stare each. When the news of Asher and Cassandra riding off into the distance comes up, Silas quietly looks over to Grey with a quirk of his right brow, opening his mouth to speak- but Hanne asks for him, earning her a glance and nod as he looks back to Grey.

Another piece of the fruit leather is torn off and chewed by Elias. The young man seems content to mostly sit quietly, though he does bob his head along with Grey's words regarding the rain. "We definitely need to figure out more permanent arrangements," he says. When Silas brings up the Ark landers though, he falls quiet again and then gives a quick nod of his head. "Sure," he says before giving a shrug of his shoulders. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves right now. A thing at a time. Hopefully we get word from the Ark." Looking again to Hanne then, he considers her statement quietly while actually making eye contact for the first time in a while. "I know. It'll be okay." He manages a bit of a mile even as half-hearted as it might be while reaching out to give Hanne's foot a light pat with his non-eating hand. "We'll do our best, anyways." There's a glance to Grey and then his eyes are once more settling on Silas. "There aren't any guarantees for anything, but it doesn't /look/ like we're hurting for usable soil. What we're more likely to do for the time being is transplant some of that soil to a container. Actually…farmlands. That will take a lot of time. Not for the soil as much as we still don't have a good solution for irrigation."

Grey frowns slightly at Hanne, then steps over to the side of the seated teen, reaching out to squeeze her shoulder gently with one hand, "We are home, Hanne. I mean…" he glances around, "We should fire the damned interior decorator, but…" He shrugs a little helplessly. "I didn't talk to anyone about where they planned to land, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that it didn't go according to plan. And Asher and Cassandra? Whaddya expect, tryin' to get there first. Probably to see what they can claim for themselves before anyone else gets there." Is he bitter? No, certainly… okay yes, very. He gestures toward Elias and Hanne, "I'm trustin' to the Agro kids to find us good soil wherever we end up." He glances up at the sky for a moment, then back to Elias, "Won't the rain handle that pretty well if we get as much as we just did?" Yeah, he knows nothing about farming.

"Interior, exterior," Hanne clarifies, but she does offer Grey a flat smile all the same. Then she glances over to Silas, and she frowns. "I didn't think we had arranged where the dropships were supposed to come down yet," she says, half-uncertain. "I imagine that they are going to land in a temporary place and then we move to wherever works best for what we need." She then nods up at Elias's description, but doesn't add more. She frowns at Grey's description of Cass and Asher's intentions, and she shakes her head.

Looking between Grey and Elias, Silas purses his lips quietly. "So basically, we have no idea where the Ark'll touch down." says Silas with a quiet sigh from his nostrils. "That's… Less than optimal." he adds, before chewing on a bit more fruit leather. Silas quietly looks over to Hanne when she mentions arrangements and he tilts his head to the side and his eyes flick up as he seems to think for a moment. Swallowing, he speaks again, "I didn't really mean about arranging /where/ they drop. I think.-" He thinks? "-But I more-so meant that we're just supposed to go where they land, right? That's the treaty terms, isn't it?" When Elias brings up transporting soil, Silas lets his right brow rise. "Wait- is that my cue to rant about how we should've gotten clay to make a ton of pots a long time ago?" he asks rather sarcastically with a lopsided grin. Silas tilts his head over to the side concerning Asher and Cassandra getting goodies before them. Silas purses his lips for a moment or two before he shrugs, "If that becomes something normal," begins Silas, looking over to Grey with a quirk of his right brow- but an otherwise steely gaze, "-and if it's a problem that might put the rest of us at risk, I wouldn't mind using the horse for leather." he admits with a tilt of his head to the side. "Its name is like… Leather boots or something, after all." he says before looking back to Grey.

"Theoretically?" Elias shifts his attention up to Grey and smiles a touch. "Once we find a suitable expanse of land for an actual farm, the rain might be too erratic. Once we get things growing, we're not just going to be able to leave it alone. We'll have to regularly check the moisture of the soil because a heavy rain could over-saturate the soil and kill the roots." He continues on, gesturing with his fruit leather as he essentially lectures for all of the boring science stuff that neither Grey nor Silas want to hear, but his eyes frequently tick over to Hanne. "I need to talk to Cole…or somebody about that. An irrigation system means we get to have control over how moist our soil is. It'll need to help keep from flooding just as much as providing a steady water supply to the crops." Cass and Asher do get a moment of consideration, but he rolls his shoulders back in a shrug in response. "They made their decision. We might find them along the way." Apparently, he doesn't think much of their chances for actually making it to the crash site. Another nods is given for Hanne as well, though. "That…will probably be the case. Yeah. We'll find somewhere to settle." Turning his gaze to Silas then, he gives a shake of his head to the guy. "Nah. There isn't a whole lot we can even grow now. I was thinking about asking Cole to make us some containers, but…he's probably not my biggest fan. I'm probably hurting for fans. Right now, if we can get a few containers deep and wide enough to plant in, we can start harvesting for seeds."

Grey shrugs helplessly at Hanne, "Yeah, we could use some more… uh… landscraping?" The word isn't quite familiar, and he gives the mud under his boots a little squish. Looking to Silas, he adds, "Oh, I don't think they're plannin' to take the Ark down. Don't think it's made for it. Just a whole buncha dropships and shuttles. And I mean, what, we were twenty klicks off-course. The escape pod was closer. I dunno where this ship was aimin'. They hadn't told us yet, that I know of." He shrugs slightly at Silas'… offer, "Steak and New Boots, I think. And I don't think we're at the point of confiscating private property. Don't know that that's somewhere we wanna go." And then he's getting an agriculture lesson, his brows bunching up before he utters, "Neeeeeeerd." It doesn't have the same venom it might have on the Ark. After all, the nerds are keeping them alive. "And don't sweat Cole. I don't think he's anyone's biggest fan. He'll still do what he thinks needs to be done, so if you can convince him it's good for the camp…" and he shrugs helplessly again.

"Cole isn't usually his own biggest fan either," Hanne says, frowning a bit when Cole comes up. She shifts uncomfortably, glancing up to Grey once and then resuming her inward slump in the chair. "I can go talk to him." Maybe. Though she probably isn't going to get through to him. She sighs, listening to the conversation as it flows over her, not offering much yet. She looks up after a moment. "No news from the Ark?"

"A horse is quite the bit of private property, though." says Silas with a shrug, "Oh well.. But if they try using that thing to get to the dropship and grab supplies I could use for leather working… Well, don't be surprised if it goes missing. Otherwise, I don't mind as long as I'm not fucked over." Tilting his head off to the side, Silas quietly listens to Elias as he talks about containers from Cole. "He's too busy worrying about civil wars amongst us to do much else. Way I see it, he's making too much of a fuss about factions when we should be concerned about survival first and foremost." Shrugging his shoulders, Silas adds, "But pots would be nice. They don't even have to look good, and we could cook them using a primitive furnace made from mud. Of course, it wouldn't last long, but it'd get us a few pots. And the pots that don't work can be broken down to help make others…" Silas quietly stops after a moment or two, furrowing his brows as he looks down to the bit of fruit leather in his hand that he puts in his mouth and chews up. "But I'm ranting." he adds, and brings himself to quiet down as he looks to Hanne when she offers her question about the Ark- earning her a shrug. Informative Silas.

Elias smirks and then reaches over to lightly bap the backs of his knuckles against Grey's shoulder. "Don't hate. Geologists, man. We're the coolest and sexiest men alive. You didn't know?" There's a quick wag of his brows then before he takes another bite of fruit leather and considers. "I'll talk to him. We need to get this shit back on track and I can't stick my head in the dirt because…whatever." He spits on the ground then and starts rising to his feet once more, looking over towards Hanne. "If you want to talk to him sooner than later, that'd be cool too." Pausing then, he gives a shake of his head to Hanne. "Not yet," he says. "We have someone posted at the radio, though. So…we'll hear something." He tries to give a reassuring nod to her, but her's not so certain himself clearly. "Strongest deposits of clay'll be down by the river," he tells Silas with a nod. "We can see about gathering some before we leave."

Grey nods at Hanne, although his eyes tighten a little at the mention of her going to talk to him, before he just shrugs it off, "Nothin' I've heard of." Looking back to Silas, he shrugs helplessly, "I'd prefer if we didn't need a trial for theft tomorrow. Or like, ever." His tone, however, suggests that he knows that sooner is more likely than never. "I agree though. We should be worryin' about stayin' alive, puttin' down roots. Not arguin' over politics." Elias' protestation draws a snort of disdain from Grey, "Oh hell no. That's linebackers and runnin' backs. You ever see a beautiful jump cut, right in the hole? Ain't nothin' sexier." He pauses, his eyes straying away from the group a moment, "Almost nothin'." And then he's back to the here and now, "Should be safe to check the river for clay now. Without the river-snake."

"Cole, well… I don't know. Maybe he spent too much time in the library in Go-Sci or something." Hanne frowns. "He isn't being very realistic though." She exhales, cheeks puffing out a touch. Then she looks over toward Elias at the boy's offer to talk to Cole, and she mutters. "Good luck…" Then she sighs, looking entirely too blue and pessimistic. She then glances back over to Grey, and she rolls her eyes dramatically at the football reference.

Grey earns a lopsided nod and a sigh from Silas before he speaks. "Yeah, sure, whatever. What I'm trying to get at is that the horse would have a lot of better uses than just being ridden by Asher and whatever girl catches his eye." And when that bit of conversation's done with, Silas looks between Grey and Elias as they discuss what type of man is sexy. Silas tilts his head, smirking as he listens to them both before he quietly shuts his eyes and shrugs. "I don't know whether something who touches balls and someone who hugs trees is sexier than the other…" begins Silas before he snickers quietly and brings his right hand over to wriggle his fingers. "But I think I've gotten a lot better with my hands." he says with a shrug, before he looks over to Hanne- staring at her for a moment before a mischievous grin comes along his features. "And Keats still owes me for randomly assaulting me with her lips on Unity Day, maybe I could show you guys?" he teases, though to drive the joke home he manages to only seem like he's partially joking as he brings his hands over to slip into his pockets and offers Hanne a wink before he looks away. "If we're not heading out anytime soon, I might head down to get some myself." says Silas with a shrug. "Otherwise, I'll just sit around and slowly leech off the camp resources while I wait to be useful."

"Theft is easy. You just give back or pay back what you stole," Elias suggests, dipping his head in a nod. "I don't think we have to do anything shitty for that." There's a look to Grey and he shrugs his shoulders. The statement about linebackers earns a squint from him, though and he watches Grey seriously and a bit perplexed. "I'm just going to assume you need your mouth washed out," he says, rather flatly in response to the sports talk. Not a past-time of his on the Ark, apparently. Still, he does allow a small smile when all is said and done. Hanne's gloom is noted and she's studied for a moment before Elias just nods. "Maybe when we get back from looking for the hunters, I can show you the soil I found." Silas' teases to the girl draw his attention, but he doesn't say anything in response. "Nah, we should be heading out…soonish," he finally says, inclining his head in a nod to the guy. "Need to make sure we got enough people first. Can't imagine the rain's been great for keeping any sort of tracks or trail visible."

Grey snorts at Hanne's response, "'Silent minority.' After a damned all-camp vote." But he breezes past that, flipping Silas a big middle finger, "Watch what you say about football, or I'll touch your balls with an uppercut." His smirk and tone make it quite clear that he's joking. "But yeah… Steak and New Boots'd be great for haulin' water to and from the river or the caves. Or maybe putting up bigger tents, if we had the material. Or whatever. I agree." The mention of Hanne assaulting Silas with her lips draws a sidelong look toward the Ee-Ess nerd, and a raised eyebrow, but he shrugs it off, waving a finger at Elias, "You just wait. When I get the first post-Apocalyptic Super Bowl goin', you'll be jealous." He nods over to the other teen though, "I was actually thinkin' I might go up to C-Bur first. Let them know what little we know so there aren't any surprises. Maybe catch up to the team goin' east on the way." Since the team going south-east is pretty much a perpendicular direction from Coesbur.

"I didn't assault you with my lips," Hanne says grumpily, though she does offer Silas the smallest hint of a smile. Obviously, Happy Hanne from Unity Day has been mostly taken over by Grouchy Hanne of post-Unity Day. She crosses her arms, remaining slumped in her chair relentlessly. Then she takes another bite of her fruit leather, chewing somberly and thoughtfully. She doesn't look up again until Elias speaks of getting ready to leave, and she frowns a bit. "I'll come with you," she says helpfully. Again, Hanne just sticks her tongue out at Grey when he mentions football. "Whatever, Grey." Then she slips into quiet when he mentions going up to C-Bur, eyes narrowed thoughtfully at the teen.

Silas chuckles quietly at Grey, bringing his right hand back out to quietly hold up his palm. "Alright, alright." he says with a smirk and a lopsided shrug of his right shoulder. Looking around and over to Hanne when she denies the allegations, Silas lets out a quiet scoff. "And you deny it, too. To think you'd abuse me and then throw me aside…" says Silas with an over-dramatic tilt of his head and a sigh, putting the back of his right hand to his forehead. After a second of that, he snickers and lets his hand hang down at his side. "To think you'd be the Femme Fatale of the camp." he says with a shrug before he looks over to Elias, nodding. "Right then. Sorry that I don't got any leather for us to keep us from getting too fatally injured though. I'm getting better with my hands…" he says, before looks down towards his right hand in his pocket and shrugs as he looks back up. "But they're still pretty shitty when it comes to leatherworking. When Hanne mentions that she'll come with, Silas looks over to her- and then to Elias, and back and forth once again before he says, "Wait- you'll come along south east?" he asks, looking rather surprised.

There's a look to Grey as he talks about the first ever Post-Apocalyptic Super Bowl and Elias lets out a quiet laugh. "Yeah. You'll be the first one in a hundred years to make a spectacle out of overly-aggressive young men braining each other," he says, obviously going for sarcasm with his tone. "Sounds like healthy entertainment." Shaking his head then and laughing, Elias then looks to Hanne again before moving over to sit down next to his fellow Ee-ess nerd to make an awkward attempt at hugging the cocooned girl. "Thank you. You're better at a lot of this stuff than I am." So gives the puffy roly poly the best squeeze he can manage as comfortingly as he can before finally pulling back and looking to Silas. "It's alright. Keep practicing and you'll get it. You're a hell of a tracker, nonetheless."

"Keats can handle herself in the woods." Grey glances over to Hanne a moment, then even manages a faint smile, "It's always the quiet ones, eh Hanne?" There might even be a little more apology to his tone. Which is probably actually the exact wrong tack to take. Turning back to the other young men, he shrugs, "Hey, if you're not into it, think of it as a constructive way for us 'overly-aggressive young men' to get our over-aggressiveness out that doesn't involve spears and knives." Looking back to Hanne, he adds, "Plus, tight pants." If they ever come up with the technology again. And then he gets back to that frown, "You don't think it's a good idea for someone to let them know what's goin' on? Or you don't think it's a good idea for me to let them know what's goin' on?"

"Ugh, what, no," Hanne protests — but not really — when Elias hugs her cocooned self. She casts a quick smile up to the fellow nerd, and she even snugs up against him briefly to share her companionable fondness for the guy. Then she looks up at Silas, and offer a wry smirk. "I wouldn't dare," she teases Silas gently, though she snorts at the whole femme fatale thing. "Yeah, alright, sure… femme fatale, that's me." Then she shrugs. "Why not… and hey! Why not? I'm capable." Ish. "I can help with this kinda stuff." She nods at Grey as he agrees with her, though she refrains from offering the ex-C a scowl, though she does sigh, and shrug. "Well, I guess… but I mean, what are you going to say? 'Sorry, our dropship came early and probably crashed somewhere that will irritate you?'"

Silas smirks over talk of overly-aggressive young men in tight pants, his right hand coming over to rub the back of his neck quietly before he nods to Elias. "Practice is good, yeah. Luckily I've got more hides coming in with each meal that Cookie makes than I waste trying to make something out of the leather." Silas doesn't say much about his tracking abilities, but the praise does earn him a small smirk. When Grey backs up Hanne as she claims that she's tough enough for the woods, Silas squints at Hanne with a judging lopsided frown before he sighs and shrugs. "Alright. Not like I'll stop you." he says, bringing his arms over to cross along his chest. Silas quietly eyes Grey as Hanne speaks about what he'll say to the Trikru, quietly letting his right brow rise as he shows mutual interest.

Kai emerges from somewhere amongst the ragtag group of shelters looking only slightly less like ass than she did when she returned late the night before. At least the mud on her clothes has dried, even if it probably looks like she's been surfing on her belly through grime, and her short hair sits in unruly stiff spikes and maybe if she's lucky she scored an hour or so's worth of sleep to judge from the way the lean girl lurches in the direction of the cook tent, only the flick of her eyes showing that she's aware of the other kids present at all.

There's a smirk at Hanne's protests, but she gets wrapped up and squeezed in her jack cocoon briefly nonetheless. "What?" Elias asks, now that he's withdrawn from the hug. "I needed a hug. I'm not hugging Grey." Pointedly, he thrusts a thumb back towards Lucian with a smirk. With that, he lifts his attention once more to Grey and actually lets himself laugh a little. "Hey. If we can make peace enough, you can be the damn…football commissioner for all I care. Football means peace got made." Looking to Silas then, he gives a shrug of one shoulder. "You're relearning a skill none of our people have done for a hundred years, man. I'd say the fact you're doing it is pretty bad ass." Kai's approach is noticed, but he doesn't seem intent on bothering her at the moment. A silent nod is given, but he's then turning his attention back to the others.

Grey appears to have forgotten his jerky and greens 'sandwich' in the discussion, and now takes another bite, chewing as the others talk. He swallows most of his mouthful in time to answer Hanne, "Well, I figured I'd tell them that something obviously went wrong. That it was a day-an-a-half early, that we probably just lost a couple hundred of our people," And that draws his words tight, leaving him to chew on his left thumbnail a moment afterwards before he continues, "Reassure them that it wasn't some crazy-ass missile from the sky that just missed C-Bur by like… fifty klicks, 'cause they get real freaked out about that." He nods to Elias at his compliments to Silas, then glances over to Kai and nods a greeting to her as well, "Adams. Lookin' for a cuppa caffeine?" Which, of course, they don't have.

"Why, you got some?" Kai grunts for Grey's inquiry, nodding vaguely at Silas, Hanne and Elias by default, slowing her steps down and shoving her hands in her pockets as she stops to listen for the moment with a hunch of her shoulders.

Hanne beams up at Elias, and she nods. "Yeah, okay… you needed a hug." Then she starts to unwind out of her chair, dropping heavily onto her feet. "I should go pester Cookie for some supplies then." And see how her friend is doing. She pauses, looking over at Silas at his would-be approval for her status. She grins at him. Then she starts to step away, waving slightly to the others. "Yeah, go tell them we weren't trying to drop anything anywhere." Though something in her voice doubts they will believe Grey.

Following Kai with his eyes, Silas watches her as she comes out from the tents. Blinking, he scans her over and takes in her appearance- remarking to her as she walks by. "You aren't looking too hot, K." says Silas with a rise of his right brow and a hand on his hip. Looking back and around, Silas shrugs to Elias. "I guess. But the lack of progress and the stress is well.. Frustrating as all hell." he says with a quiet nod. Grey gets his attention when he answers Hanne, however, staring at him as he speaks. Afterwards, Silas nods to Grey, "Seems like a good enough idea to me." before he quietly shuts his eyes and reaches his arms overhead to stretch with a grunt.

Another nod is given to Grey at his words and Elias considers for a moment. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," he says. "We need to find our people and bring them home first. The Grounders will wait for an explanation…I hope." Exhaling then, he considers for a moment longer, apparently mulling it all over. "Or shit. Maybe we should meet with someone there first. Might be a bad idea to just walk out without trying to explain to the Grounders what's happening." As Hanne stands up finally, his own mood seems to brighten just a bit too. "Think that should be our main priority right now?" His eyes settle briefly on Kai again before ticking to Silas. A nod is given to him as well. "I hear that. Finding soil was the easy part."

A little of the tension in Grey's shoulders looses even at Hanne and Silas' reserved approval, and he nods slowly, "I mean, Oxfor likes me, right? Didn't you see how he nearly cut my foot off with his big honkin' sword but didn't?" He shrugs slightly at Elias' questions, "I don't think we've got an either-or, man. We can do all of it. You head south, I head north, swing 'round to join the people headin' east." He steps forward, pouring a cup of water from one of the containers and holding it out to Kai, "Here you go, Adams. Good ol' Earth caffeine."

"Slept worth shit, shitty couple of days.. oh yeh.. and the dropship exploded.. y'right. I should go put my face on first." Kai drawls with all the sarcasm she can muster for Silas with a thumb back the way she came from. But at least subsides to ask,"What are we doing?" as she accepts the water from Grey. Yeh, she looks, because hey, hope springs eternal, but she can't quite help the snort of disappointment as she nods her gratitude and takes a sip. Hydration is good, after all.

"I'll probably swing around to join in the east once we're done in the south as well. Unless we need folks to stay back here, in which I'll just sit around and tend to my hides.." begins Silas, pausing for a moment as he brings his left hand over to count off his fingers, "Maybe argue with someone. And that's kinda the routine here I guess." he says before Kai addresses him. listening to her, Silas offers her a lopsided smirk and shrugs, "You look better without." he says. When she asks what they're doing, Silas points to himself and Elias, "Me and El are going to be heading south-east to investigate the disappearance of a hunting party." he says before he brings his index finger to point at Grey. "Grey's going to head to Cee-Bee to speak with Oxfor and make sure the grounders don't have a fit over something dropping from the sky again." he says, tilting his head to the side. "That's generally what's goin' on."

Elias waves to Hanne as she gets up to get ready to head southeast. People will need to get ready, get supplies, and all the rest. "Alright then," he says. "I'll take Silas, Hanne, and Kai southeast to look for the hunters and then come back here. We're gonna' have to maintain order in the camp while others are checking out the dropsite." There is a nod to Grey's observation, of course. "I'll see to that. Otherwise we'll come back to everyone killing each other." Again, he shakes his head and shifts his attention back to Kai once more. "Are you good with that?"

"I think that's going aroun'…" Lack of sleep, if Grey's arm-stretching yawn has anything to say about it. "And a group headed east, to check on the crash. I'll join them again when I'm done up north." You know, if the Grounders don't clap him in irons or whatever. "I don't think anyone's gonna be killin' each other around here for a while, personally." There's a dark edge to that statement, a frown gathering around the corners of his thoughts.

Kai gives Silas the hairy eye as she drains the cup and then passes it back to Grey with an acknowledging 'thanks'. There's the flit of her eyes towards Elias as she's named, giving a grunt of acknowledgment before the lean girl turns her steps towards the cook tent,"I don't count that as a bad thing." the lean girl utters,"Breakfast, first." is all she has to say about it for the moment as she goes in search of food.

Silas nods to Elias as he states who he's taking. Silas brings his right hand over to rub his chin with his fingers before he puts his right hand into his pocket and letting his left hand rest on the pommel of his sword. Looking over to Grey, Silas offers a shrug. "It could happen. But the targets will probably be chosen carefully, now." he says as he quietly looks around after the statement- as if making sure no one jumps out and ninjas him in the throat with a knife. Looking back, Silas doesn't seem to notices Kai's eyeing him up and down as he looks to Grey and Elias. "If I had time and sleep, I could maybe work on using bark fiber to weave something remotely similar to some cushions. For like, beds. But then again, I've got leather to work with already- and I only remember so much from the dossiers and some of the saved videos we had up there." he says, concerning the lack of sleep.

Elias gives Grey a nod in the affirmative to his comment about sleep. "You're probably right. Hopefully right." Clearly, there's a dark edge around his own thoughts that mirrors Grey's. His expression does steel, though. "It's harsh, but…it works." Another nod is given before he looks sidelong to Silas then. The ladies have both wandered off to get ready for the trip ahead, so he continues chattering with just the two of them. Namely Silas at the moment. "That'd be useful. What do you think you can do with hemp? Because here in the next few months or so, we're gonna' have a lot of it."

Grey takes the cup back with a nod to Kai, refilling it and taking a slurp himself. He nods agreement with Kai's point about fewer deaths, then shrugs at Silas, "More plannin' means more delays and more chances of somethin' goin' wrong. At least that's how I'm thinkin' about it for now." He gives Elias a clap on the shoulder, a sort of 'you did the right thing' silent affirmation. "Cushions?" There's an almost lustful sound to Grey's voice at that, "Beds? Eden, take me now." He chuckles dryly, shrugging, "But I suppose we'd still have to stuff 'em." And then he blinks at Elias, "That might make things calm down a bit too, yeah?"

Silas hums quietly for a second or two as he brings his right hand over to a open palm, wordlessly counting off three fingers as he seems to think before he looks to Elias. "I could probably make rope and more heavy duty cordage, but I'd need someone to make tar so I could tar it to make sure it doesn't rot. I could also try to make sacks and stuff, or clothes.. But I can only do so much by myself. But we could also make hempcrete for building, but I haven't had a chance to try my hand at architecture- been too busy. I think hemp can be made into stuff like boards too.. But all I can really do is cordage, rope, twine and stuff like that." finishes Silas after he had droned on for a while, prompting him to tilt his head off to the side. "Hemp can also be used to make hempoline- which can be used in diesel engines when filtered. Then again, we don't have diesel engines with us, but it gives you an idea of how useful it is as a resource." When Grey sounds like he's getting hot and steamy over cushions and bedding, Silas snickers. "Calm down there, it wouldn't be that great. Not like the Grounders have… But hemp was used for animal bedding too, I think. I'm not sure what that type of bedding looks like- though. But, all in all- with hemp we have quite a bit to look forward to."

The sound of feet scrabbling over loose forest floor detritus comes from just beyond the group and Natalie appears, pitching forward after catching her foot on something. She recovers with a mild stumble as she emerges from the great outdoors looking sleep deprived, still a little damp, and slightly bloodstained. She's managed to find some other kind of t-shirt that's definitely almost comically too large for her but her pants are still stained in the blood of yesterday's events. The smear-y look to it suggests that she made at least kind of an earnest effort to clean it up but, well….

"Hi?," she says quietly with just a touch of grimness, the greeting almost testing the receptive mood of the gentlemen standing around talking. "I heard voices and I thought… I'd.. uh… just… come over?" She asks, looking and sound unsure about her motivations. She looks prepared to shoo, even as she takes off her glasses and cleans them with the front of her shirt.

The clap to his shoulder earns Grey a smile from Elias and a nod of his head. There's another nod of acknowledgement for his intent as well. Elias then looks over towards Silas, offering a nod of his head to him as well. "Good," he replies, nodding his head. "Once we get around to doing that, I'll lend a hand too, no problem. It's an asset that we'll have, at least. Being able to make more clothing, rope, and that stuff. How do we make tar from stuff around? Can we?" Once again he looks to Grey then. "How cool would that be, though? All of the different crews having their own football team." A thing brought up from a previous conversation, really. It just came back to mind. At least Elias seems to be thinking long-term. Natalie's tentative approach draws his attention then and Elias gives a gentle and somber nod to the girl. "Of course," he replies. "Have a seat." Elias is mostly cleaned up and it's clear he spent some time rinsing and wringing his clothing out.

"And, you know… smoking, right?" Grey glances over to Elias for confirmation, then snorts at Silas, "Don't ruin my fun. I'm tired of sleeping on seat cushion." At least he's doing that, which is better than some. The arrival of Natalie causes Grey to raise his eyebrows, then shrugs, adding to Elias' invitation, "Get somethin' to eat. They say that breakfast's the most important meal of the day, but… you know… I tend to think it's whatever the biggest meal is. How you holdin' up, Natalie?" He nods to Elias then, "Yeah. That's kinda what I was thinkin'. A way to interact, blow off steam, but with rules."

Hearing the sound of the familiar voice, Silas looks around to spot Natalie as he brings his right hand over to wave to he quietly. "Yo." he says, offering her a lopsided smirk before he lowers his hand down to his side and looks over to Elias. "We can get tar from… Coal and wood, and… Peat? I think? I think that's right." he says as he brings his right index finger over to tap his chin. Silas brings his right hand back down to rest at his side, quietly eyeing Grey with a smirk and a shrug. "Just saying, don't get your hopes up." he says before he looks over to Natalie following the talk of meals. His right hand comes over to poke himself in the side of the head with his index finger, "Brain food, apparently." he says with a shrug and a quirk of his right brow.

"Oh uh… okay?," She states in a fashion in response to Grey that seems to be uncertain of her current emotional Facebook status. She advances on the group, pushing up her glasses on her nose. Offering Elias a friendly, but muted smile, she takes up an offered seat on a moss covered log. "Oh, uh, I… usually just wait until the rush ends…," she reasons with a nervous grin. Three boys! In one space! Talking to her! So weird! "…so I'm good with whatever Cookie has left over." Her grin doesn't seem to hold out though, a bigger and more complex question bubbling just under the surface. "So, uh, should we… be worried?," Natalie asks, gesturing to Elias and then herself while looking at Grey and Silas. "I know or I mean, I knew that when I drew the straw that it might get weird but… um. Should I sleep in a tree for a couple days or something?"

"Of course smoking," Elias says to Grey with a soft 'pfftt' and a nod of his head. "Once I get a decent-sized crop of it going, it grows fast. Lookin' at about seven weeks or so. Once I get a few plants, I can start hybridizing for a number of different uses. Obviously we're gonna' want plenty of female plants." Pausing, he finishes off his fruit leather. "But yeah - it'd give us a way to compete without killing each other, at least." With a light smirk then, he turns his attention to Silas and gives a nod of understanding. "We'll see what we can do. Right now, we just need to be focusing on getting our people back. Hunting party and the dropship…if there's anything left. We're looking at a few months for materials."

Natalie's question has him thinking for a moment, considering that for himself. "I don't know," he admits finally. He studies her for a moment, giving her a mildly apologetic look. "Which is a good point to bring up. We might all be in danger, for that matter. You think?" This question is directed at Grey.

Grey accepts Silas' caution with a dismissive wave of his hand, then taking another bite of his jerky-and-greens breakfast. "Worried? Oh… about that? No." He glances to Elias, shrugging his head, then looks back to Natalie, "If you're scared, talk to Q and Hanne. You might be able to bunk with them for a night or two. No one's gonna mess with Q. It'll be tight quarters in their tent," the one that used to be his, "But it might feel safer. But no, I don't think anyone's gonna do any more killin' for a while." The timeline that Elias put forward is accepted with a nod.

"What do you mean you're alright with the left overs?" Asks Silas to Natalie with a small grin. "If you're worried about being targeted, first thing's first. You've gotta stop being a natural choice for a target." says Silas with a shrug of his shoulders. "Then again, you're apparently an attempted assassin- so maybe you'll just take them out when they try and get you alone.". Looking over to Elias, he offers him some different words. "And in your case… I don't know, stab them." he says, his hands coming over to fold behind his back idly. "I wouldn't mind trying to smoke hemp, though. I haven't done it before." he adds off from the topic of targets and potential death. "But I really don't get what's so good about football. Then again I kinda just… Y'know, played Starcraft and Fallout." he says with a glance off to the side and a scratch of the back of his head. "But like I said before. Targets will be picked more carefully now that people realize it won't just be ignored when people kill each other."

Natalie nods solemnly, apparently more than willing to accept what she constitute as esteemed words from Grey. "Okay. That's… that's good," she nods a few times, looking up at Elias with an expression that offers some reassurance. "I'm… good at … not being in the way. So.. so. I think the crashed ship will get a lot of focus," she observes, a hopeful note for the likelihood of this scenario, looking up at Silas for some reason at this. She offers Silas an encouraging smile, as if the pile of wreckage might offer him something specifically interesting.

It's the talking about her background from Silas that seems to throw her for a moment. Her expression takes on a kind of blank surprise, as if Silas was in on some kind of secret and not, y'know, a generally held public braintrust. "Oh. Right. I did that. Yes," she states in agreement with a swift nod as she pushes up her glasses once more. Convincing. The subject of natural target choices goes on remarked, opting for polite, thoughtful listening instead. "But I think that's true. And I think… I think that most of us aren't… like y'know, bad people in the sense that we just want to like kill for no reason? Most of us… if we did something had reasons and… they were um, specific…and stuff."

Elias shifts his gaze to Grey, regarding him as he speaks about potential fallout. "Good," he says, nodding his head before shifting his attention to Natalie to not her reaction to this. Silas' recommendation is regarded a bit more cooly, but he manages a smile and a nod of his head anyways. The mention of stabbing does have him going quiet for a good moment or so, though. It's only when it's brought to his attention that Nat was an attempted assassin that he perks up and looks to the girl. His brows knit and eyes squint at her as if trying to imagine her being an assassin. The stumbling over her words doesn't really help him to imagine that either. "Yeah. I think when we landed, we all got a clean slate." There's a reassuring nod then to the girl. "So yeah. I think you're right, mostly." He lets his head hang for a moment having said that.

Grey blinks in surprise as Silas names Natalie assassin, considers a moment, and then shrugs it off, agreeing with Elias, "Hell, we're all pardoned down here. I killed myself." He shrugs at the commentary on football, "Hey. Keeps you active, lets you blow off steam, teaches teamwork, tactics." He nods to the little glasses-wearing assassin though, "Yeah. I don't think we've got a crapton of people lookin' for an excuse to kill down here. But if we do, football might help. He finishes off that piece of jerky and its wild-greens wrap, grimacing a little at the taste.

Morgan wanders out of his tent, having bothered to pull his pants and boots on but that's it. He did take the time to clean up with some of the rain water they caught in a container. Look, people. "Hey." he says as he wanders over. "I thought everyone was going to rush to the wreckage?"

Silas is quiet as he notices Natalie staring up at him after she finishes mentioning the crashed ship. He stares back for a moment or two, his brows furrowing somewhat as it seems like he's somewhat uncomfortable- his cheeks pinkening somewhat as he looks away. When she does admit that she is an assassin, Silas smirks and brings his left hand off the pommel of his sword to pat her head. Snickering, he says, "Natural born killer, arent'cha?". Ceasing his teasing, he brings his hand back down to his side before he looks to Elias- and considering the smile and nod, doesn't really seem to have realized in insensitivity of his recommended course of action. Never the less, Silas shrugs when they talk about clean slates. "All I did was punch a dude who was being a dick." he says before he looks over to Grey as he offers his thoughts on football. "Hmmh. I guess that's true- and considering that it's probably American football, it's a contact sport, so it may be useful down here. The tactics, I mean." he says with a lopsided nod. "I just hope you know a spot for a football field." he says- before the sound of Morgans voice has him looking over his shoulder, raising his right hand to wave. "Hey. I'm staying behind- I'm Elias' minion for now, after all." he says with a amused smirk.

"Oh, uh, yes," Natalie confirms with an earnest nod as she pulls her arms into the too big t-shirt to conserve some body heat. One hand pokes out of the too loose collar to push up her glasses. "I am dangerous," she adds with an emphatic nod for the opposite of predatory malevolence she seems to give off before her mouth forms something of a self-conscious smile at Silas that is offered on to Elias and Grey next. She clears her throat, shifting her weight a bit on the log upon which sitting. "Attempted," she admits. "He… I… didn't kill him," she clarifies, her momentary ownership of massive street cred likely back to zero.

Her head lifts to look at Morgan from whence he came. "I think people are talking about going, if you're… um… not afraid of going," she advises Morgan with a helpful smile at the end, that seems to opine that Natalie is definitely neither going nor cool with what's out there beyond the semi-familiar landscape of the camp.

Elias nods his head in acknowledgement to Grey's agreement. "Yup. So we're good. And if you want to get a game going sometime, Grey, I'd be down for learning." There's a light shrug of his shoulders then before he turns his attention then to Silas. "I stole equipment to grow my own plants and created my own trade network for recreational marijuana," he says with a light smirk. "Not exactly a hardened criminal." Or he wasn't, at any rate. Morgan's question gets a look from Elias, but he just nods to what Natalie tells him. Silas' remark gets a raise of a brow and an exhale of a laugh. "Nobody's my minion," he says, shaking his head. "I appreciate your help, though." Considering Natalie a moment then, he settles his gaze on her and tilts his head slightly to the side. The idea of her being dangerous? He doesn't appear to be buying it, but he doesn't call her out either. "Better that you didn't," he says to her, dipping his head in a nod. He gives her a more somber, inquisitive look then as if trying to get a better read on the girl.

Grey glances over to Morgan, nodding, "Gathering supplies. I'm going to take a trip to C-Bur on the way," it's only marginally on the way, "to make sure the Trikru know what happened, as best as we know." Shrugging to Silas, he adds, "I figured the Trikru would know a good open space. 'Cause in here, definitely too tight for a good game." Elias' words spark a grin, "Couple of the Trikru were interested too. Wren and Que." He may be exaggerating Que's interest, maybe even more than a little bit.

"As fast as it came down, I'm sure whoever was in it is dead." Morgan says simply. "And considering how loud that explosion was, the ship itself is probably in very small pieces. I don't need to go gawk at the disaster when it's more important to stay here and make sure no one destroys the radio or kills someone else." Looking over at Elias, he says "I wish you'd told me what you had planned. I'd have taught you how to make it quick." And then he looks at Grey. And frowns. "When you say 'what happened as best we know', you're not planning on including the whole rebellion on the Ark part right?"

At the very least, Silas finds it all amusing. He's smirking quietly as he looks down at Natalie before he looks back and up to Elias. "I'm not? That's kinda a surprise." he says with a blink. Looking back to Natalie, Silas brings his right index finger up to point- somewhat, "The fact you tried, however, does show that you're dangerous at the very least." he says with a shrug, "Though you really don't look the part." he says before he looks over to Grey. "Contaminating the local wild life with our strange sky culture, are we? Good job. Maybe we'll be able to take them over through cultural conversion." jokes Silas with a quiet snicker. Looking over to Morgan as he wonders about mentioning the rebellion, Silas' eyes widen as if he seems to have forgotten that might be brought up. "Yeah.. You shouldn't mention that, I think. It's best to hold back information like that." he says as he looks back to Grey.

"…I did," Natalie states after a moment of hesitation, in which she was previously turning read under the mutual amused or somewhat thoughtful examination of Silas and Elias. "I mean, I did teach him," she states, more clearly to Morgan as she slowly stands up from the log. Her arms slide out of the too big shirt she's wearing, and nervously rub against the thighs of her blood stained pants. "But. We weren't sure how much time we'd have or when… we'd … there wasn't a lot we could plan for… so," she shrugs lightly, nervously shifting her weight. "We tried to make it not as awful," she explains quietly, her gaze gliding out between all pairs of eyes before it lands on Morgan again.

Elias pushes a hand back through his hair, doing what he can to get it out of his eyes and behind his ears as much as possible. "Seriously? Those guys are enormous." He looks a bit dubious at the prospect of having a pick-up game with the Trikru himself. "But yeah. We'll just to have Nat here or Layla handy." There's a glance to Natalie for that. Morgan's words get a nod from Elias, though he just glances over. Natalie's explanation seems good enough for him and he mostly lets his gaze settle on her as she does so. There's a look to Morgan again then when she's finished and he gives a slow nod of his head. "There'll be a line of people who would've done it better," he speaks, his tone a touch more severe. "The whole fucked situation was awful and now it's done." There's another reassuring look to Natalie then accompanied by a nod.

Grey shakes his head quickly at Morgans question, "Oh hell no." Evidently, there are things that Morgan, Silas, and Grey agree on, "Just the early launch, something clearly wrong, waiting to get their approval for landing sites, definitely bad landing guidance, probably hundreds of our people dead." It's all very nonchalant until the last, which tightens his throat around the words and causes him to swallow. "I just want Oxfor to be able to look one of us in the eye when he hears it. I think that matters to him." Not that he's spend that much time in the big Grounder's company. Looking over to Natalie, he reaches out to pat her shoulder, "What's done is done. Not the time to moan about what folks should or shouldn't have done, the way I see it." Waving a hand to Elias, he dismisses it, "Hell, Asher and Samson are just as big, and we know the game." Or at least, a few of them do.

Morgan considers Natalie and nods. He doesn't need to ask how she knows. "Well, putting theory into practice can be difficult." It was for him. "Oh good." He's definitely happy to hear Grey say that. "Some people don't know when to shut the hell up. I swear half the camp must have told them we're all criminals from the Ark. We don't need them knowing it's not just us who are lawbreakers, rebels and can't do anything but fight with each other." He glances around at the others and asks "You do realize the ship might have been sabotaged right?"

Bringing a hand up and over, Silas offers Nat a thumbs up. "S'all good, assassin. All that's worth doing is making sure you don't die from now on." he says with the smirk he's had for a while. Lowering his hands down to his side, he stands there absently as he looks over to Elias and then to Grey, humming as they speak about the size of the grounders. "Really? I went to their village though, and they weren't all that tall. Just some of them aren't too welcoming." Then again, he talked to primarily women and didn't even tell anyone he was going there at the time. Silas smirks when he hears that they aren't spilling any information about the rebels, though- with a quiet and brief sigh of relief as he nods in agreement with Morgan. When he brings up the sabotage, Silas nods, "I've figured as much by now. From Mags words, and generally what's happening. Let's just hope that y'know, they at least make it down. Some of them, I mean."

There's a sort of brace for impact tightness around Natalie's body that isn't sure if Morgan is going to explode or accept. Explosion protocol usually call for furious scrambling to run or playing dead if running is less optimal. But no explosion protocol comes, just his acceptance of information. Visibly relaxing, she nods deeply and pushes her glasses up her nose. She grins at Elias for her usefulness, quotation marks or otherwise, therein before she looks at Silas. "I… thought I was doing something … just… y'know… I thought… I was standing up… something," she explains, reluctantly with a fidget. "But I won't— I'm not like…," she attempts, as if pleading down the obvious cracks in her criminal personality. Frowning at the thin foundation of her reassurance. "Everyone's different now. That's a different life," she concludes, with an air that seems to mostly believe that even as she glances at Grey, as if he needs to hear that the most somehow.

The question of sabotage, however draws her back to Morgan. "But why would anyone…?," she begins, large eyes going larger behind her glasses at the abject horror of the proposition. There's politically motivated assassination murder and then just murder murder on a mass scale.

Elias nods in response to Grey, still smirking a touch as they further discuss football. To the extent of Elias' knowledge anyways. "Well, I need my brains where they are," he says and then gives a slow shake of his head to the taller, more athletic guy. "I might pick it up, though. Who knows?" Raising a brow over at Silas, he gives the guy a moment of consideration as he speaks. "Well. Tall compared to me," he clarifies. Once more, Natalie's awkwardness does draw his attention. "It's fine. We're all kind of in it together." Elias relaxes back then, leaning against the back of the dropship.

"Oh, I admitted that I was a criminal." Grey has no problem admitting that now. "It's part of who I am." He shrugs at Silas, "There's a bunch of the men about two meters or more," and then he's back to Morgan, "Yeah. And anyone who was on it is almost certainly dead," Again, that causes him to swallow hard, before he forges on, "But there was supposed to be heavy equipment in the ship. And there's a chance some of that survived." And his shoulders roll and tighten and he follows any thread besides thinking about equipment over lives, "Because the first people down'd be the most loyal to the Chancellor." He nods his agreement with Elias, then nibbles at one of his fingernails before he grunts, "I should head out. I'll meet up with the folks goin' east on the way."

Morgan just nods as Natalie begins to figure out why. "I don't know Grey. Jaha said what? Sixty hours? That wasn't sixty. It might have been a different dropship than the one they were stocking for the next landing. Either rebels fleeing the Ark or maybe Jaha trying to get some people to safety quick." He shrugs. Who knows without any contact. "Anyway, if any equipment on it was big and heavy enough to make it through that, it's probably too big and heavy to get back here. But good luck with that."

Kai's had an at least half-assed attempt at washing out her tee, not that it makes the once-white with blue anything less than filthy with mud, grease and general grime, but in addition to food she's actually put some effort at 'putting her face on' as she snarked at Silas about earlier. What few possessions she has to bother with 'packing' tied together as she emerges again to make her unhurried way back out in search of.. well, Elias and Silas, at least.

Alison walks outside, stretching out a little, in time to catch the conversation. "With that shockwave. If you want glass, and maybe some fresh rads, that crater would be the place to go." She mutters and looks the group over.

Grey-faced and disturbed, Natalie goes silent. She pulls off her glasses, defogging them with a bothered air that dislikes the whole business. This mostly translates with vehement wiping the lenses as if they did the killing. She forces a smile up at Elias, noting his amiable attempt at trying to meet her halfway while doing so. WIPE. WIPE. WIPE.

"Yo, chill. You thought you were doing the right thing. We aren't judging." Says Silas to Natalie with somewhat furrowed brows and a faint smirk- though her fidgeting and nervousness seems to make him somewhat concerned. Looking over to Elias and Grey as they talk about the size of the men- Silas' brows rise somewhat. "Well I'm glad I didn't run into them, then." he says with a quiet scoff, his smirk returning before he looks to the approaching Kai. "Well, aren't you looking pretty now?" he teases with a grin and a chuckle. But, when Morgan begins speaking about the Ark, Silas becomes a bit more serious as he listens to him. "If it's equipment instead of people, then lets hope our people can get to it quickly before others do. If it's people? Lets hope there still some alive that can be helped if they're injured. Otherwise… Well, I guess we all know what we'd find." he says with lips pushed into a thin line and a sigh. Looking around, Silas looks to Alison and earns a arched right brow. "Rads? It wasn't a nuke, though." Silas pauses for a moment before he glances to everyone around, "Was it?"

"It was not a nuke, as in a missile. It might have had a reactor loaded to create power. That would make it what they used to call a dirty bomb. I would have sent one down." Alison comments as she walks over towards the group. She has discarded the camo jacket she had been wearing as an over garment, or more likely has it drying some where. Her gaze shifts off to the horizon. "I am not saying I am one hundred percent. I am not that confident. There could be something, but we felt the shockwave fifty kilometers away. At the center, I assume there is a nasty crater." Her shoulders lift and fall.

Grey nods slowly at Morgan, "Yeah. You're probably right. But I've gotta try." Blinking sharply at Alison, he frowns, "Wait… rads? You think there was a nuke on that ship?" That draws him up, stops him from his departure. "'Cause if there was a nuke, that'd be really, really bad." He glances north, "Really-really." He shakes his head at Silas, "I can't think of any reason they'd put a nuke on a dropship, even a reactor." Grey's frown deepens as he pauses, "I mean, unless they wanted to screw us up with the Grounders. But that'd have to be the assholes tryin' to take down Jaha, I think…" Letting out a breath, he decides, "There are villages out that way though. Bigger ones. We've gotta find out either way, I think."

Kai just casts Silas the death glare as she drops her blanket near Elias to drawl,"Must have been that caffeine Grey gave me earlier." in the driest tone she can manage. She could probably still do with a sleep, but at least she only half looks like sodden death warmed over. Falling silent as she listens to the others chatter, hands shoved in her pockets as she asides in Elias' direction,"Quinn wants to talk to me before I go." noted for him in a low tone.

There's a nod from Elias to Grey's words. "Yep. Guilty," he says, indicating himself as well. There's a flat look given to Grey and then to Silas. The mention of the dropship has him going momentarily quiet again and he looks back over towards the tech tent where the radio has been presumably been moved back to. Kai's approach has him looking in her direction now that she's emerged. An upward nod of his head is given to her in greeting, but his attention is drawn by Natalie's own nervous wiping of her glasses. He studies Silas for a moment then, eyeing the other guy quietly as he speaks. "We did what we did. We were wrong as soon as we decided executing people was okay." There's a pointed nod then before he moves over to Natalie. "Hey. You alright?"

"Honestly, I expect it to be a wasted trip or I'd be more tempted to go." Morgan admits. "But since it is, and we do need to keep an eye on things here…" He shrugs then nods to the new arrivals, frowning at what Alison says. "Yeah, you should probably go and make sure. But before you do, Grey, I want you to show me how to use a gun. I'm serious about making sure no one tries to destroy that radio and where there was one, there could be ten. Those assholes up there are crazy."

Elias looks over to Kai as she asides to him quietly and raises a brow at her inquisitively. "That so?" he asks, canting his head to the side. "Suppose you ought to then, hm?" He nods to Kai quietly.

"Oh, no, I mean… the ship…," Natalie offers at Silas, but taking his advice at face value and relaxing a bit as she reapplies her glasses. "Those people," she contextualizes with a frown for Silas before she offers the incoming Kai and Alison both a brief but friendly smile hello. But then the conversation shifts to the talk of radiation and things bottom out just a little more in Natalie's expression, watching the exchange between Grey and the newly arrived. The pool of all things earnest downer not yet reached the bottom since they all got here. "Oh yeah," she says lightly, response to Elias with a mild nod. "Just… like… y'know… I didn't think… earth would be… like… such a fucked up cock block to happiness." She shrugs lightly, pushing her glasses up once more.

Looking over to Elias, Silas opens his mouth as though he's about to say something- but his gaze shifts off to the side and he simply shuts his mouth, nodding in wordless acknowledgement and agreement. When Alison gives her explanation on the Radiation, Silas seems to calm down quite a bit, letting out a slow sigh. "Well, that's good.. But if that's the case about the radiation and shockwave, then we might want to be more careful with approaching it. Earth is already like one big Chernobyl now, I doubt any more radiation would help." Silas seems to shudder a bit at the thought, his brows furrowing before he quietly sighs. Silas looks over to Grey at the mention of larger villages, frowning a touch. "…That's a good way of putting it. Earth really is one big cock block of happiness." he says, looking to Natalie and offering her a quirked brow and a smirk as he nods approvingly to her words.

"I hope you are right. Still, be careful, we don't have anyway of monitoring radiation until communication is restored. Then, only on those very few of us still wearing the bands."Alison says and nods to Natalie. She pauses though, and her serious thoughtful manner is broken, she actually laughs for the first time in days, "What did you say?" A giggle, "Cock block to happiness?"

Grey eyes Morgan, "It ain't an overnight thing, learning to use a rifle. But like I told Cameron, I'll bring it up with the other ex-Cs," he glances over to Kai at that, "When we get back. Faolan and Pita and the others'll keep the rifles under control so you don't have to worry about that." He nods to Alison, then offers a smile to Natalie, and to the group in general, "But if I'm gonna make it up to C-Bur and out in time to meet up with the group headed east, I should get goin'. But yeah, we'll be careful."

"Later." Kai grunts for the look on Elias' face,"And yeh.. when she's not busy." she's not stressed about it, really, not like she's hard to find where she is after all. She's also one of the few still wearing her band, not that it's that visible under the sleeve of her top. There's a nod from her for Grey at the mention of teaching others to use the rifles.. even if the lean girl is without one at present, for once given the last couple of days.

Natalie withdraws her arms back into the t-shirt that's wearing, that is way too big for her. It probably didn't start out as hers. The chill in the air produces a little shiver and she frowns, her head turning towards the remains of Chateau Crashlanding. "I'm gonna see if I can find my sweater," she says with an air that expects that in the co-mingled stew of people sleeping atop each other, that sweater is as good as forever lost probably. Her feet take her forward a step or two before she turns to look at the group. "Good luck to those are who going to go look at the crash. Don't die," she offers, encouragingly(?) before she disappears into the ship.

Morgan gazes at Grey at his answers. "All right, I'll wait to learn." he decides. "And we can all hope nothing happens that I should have been shown before that. It's not like we could have an unknown number of people in the camp waiting to murder us while some of the best fighters are gone. Is Quinn going?"

Elias nods to Natalie while watching her quietly. "Yeah. I know. Maybe it'll let up." Sighing quietly, he nods to her and lifts a hand to wave a farewell. "See you later." He looks back over to Grey then. "Yeah. Probably good that they're all under lockdown right now." There's nothing else he has to say about the guns at the moment. Instead, his attention moves to Kai and he gives the girl a nod in response. "Later," he agrees with a nod before then looking over to Alison and her exchange with Silas. While he pays attention, he doesn't have much to add. "Wow. Crash site's that bad, you think?" He winces a touch, ticking his attention between the two of them.

Slipping his hands into his pockets, Silas is quiet for a bit as he looks around at those present and wordlessly thinks to himself. Blinking, his right hand reaches back to smack the back of his neck with a wince, bringing his palm over to stare at a mosquito with furrowed brows that he wipes off on his pant leg. "I'll go gather some stuff from my tent. Just get ready to holler when we're leaving." says Silas as he looks over to Elias and gives the young man a nod.

"Whoever else was working with Mags is someone who would have been contacting the Ark. Probably someone convicted of a violent crime. Likely someone from Mecha, specifically." this from Kai with the air of having said it more than a few times already,"The guard that interrupted her conversation was Titus Lin, he and his partner, Sergeant Rachel Sparks, work Mecha. I can't think of any others that I know that they were associated with regularly." the girl leaves her hands shoved in her pockets, not evidently feeling the need to go jackbooted hunting for people.

Grey shakes his head slowly at Morgan's words, "Man, if any of them are stupid enough to try something after last night…" by his tone, he doesn't think it likely. He does, however, nod sharp agreement with Elias' commentary on the placement of the guns, then looks back to Morgan, "I don't know if Q's heading east, southeast, or stayin' here. But there'll definitely be someone with the proper trainin' up there with the rifles. Personally though, I worry more about the Mountain Men, and about gettin' the rest of our people down here without turning into more meteors," that would be meteorites, actually, "than I do about more secret ninja rebel assassins planted in the camp." Kai's comment draws a nod, "Someone else said Lin. He and my dad were close. Wouldn't have expected something like this from Sergeant Lin." Mostly because Grey has some serious blinders when it comes to his father.

"So they did get her to talk." Morgan says, glancing at Elias. "I was meaning to ask but…" Surprise knife to the throat followed by crashing drop ship. "There's nothing we can do at all about getting people down so I'm not going to think about it. We can do something about those down here. As for the mountain men, we don't know enough and is also outside our control. Except for making sure they don't know we have guns down here."

Elias gives a nod of his head in acknowledgement of Kai's words and looks sidelong to Morgan. "Yeah. A Sergeant Titus Lin," he repeats, gesturing indeed to Kai. "If we had contact with the Ark…" There's a shake of his head then, seeming content to follow Morgan's advice. "Anyways, yeah. We got some more information, but we might have gotten it too late. We'll see." Quietly, Elias leans forward in the chair and settles his elbows on his knees. "The people involved with this will be more careful…maybe. Might get more bold. Just watch your step."

"Lin's a fucking dick, and so's.." yes Kai, shut up, the Captain's daughter wisely clicks her mouth shut,"Anyways. Yes, she talked." she opts for instead with a vague bob of her head, pursing her lips together and looking over the camp instead with a slow expellation of breath through her nose.

Grey nods to Morgan again at his last point, "That's why we're keepin' 'em under wraps, not takin' 'em out of camp, mostly keeping them up in the dropship. It'll make lessons hard, but that's just what it is." He starts to glower in Kai's direction, as if daring her to continue that statement. And then he draws in a long, slow breath and lets it out. "Anyhow. Yeah. May we meet again." It's like he's trying the benediction out again after a good long while.

Morgan will press for more information later. Now there's other things to do. "Just get your fucking ass back here." he tells Grey. "We can't afford to lose more people. You be careful." he tells Elias. "And let him go first." he adds, jerking his head at Grey. "I need to get something to eat."

Elias exhales a long breath and nods his head to Kai. "I doubt he's acting alone," he notes, giving a shake of his head. "I mean - sure. A guard's gonna' have access to the comms, but cutting the feed? That takes skill, doesn't it?" Looking to Kai then, he nods. "Joined by other dicks, I have no doubt." He nods to Morgan then, giving the guy a light smile. "Yeah. We're just scouting out to see if we can find where they disappeared to. If there's anything dangerous out there, we'll damn well make our way back."

Kai doesn't even bother pretending innocence about it when she looks at Grey with those flat grey eyes. Not game to finish the sentence but at the same time not flinching away from the unvoiced sentiment,"Yeh." is the word offered to Elias,"Just that oddly enough most of the people I know, or know of, are guards. But that's also why I'm not going to investigate it. Someone already insinuated I was working with Mags." which still has her nose out of joint, clearly.

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