Day 013: The Price Of Peace
Summary: Fiona reaches out to Jaha regarding the summit.
Date: 22 May 2016
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Fiona Jaha 

Tech Tent
In front of the comm.
Day 013

Fiona sits in the comm tent, taking a moment if there's folks who keep an eye on it to affirm she can have some privacy. And if there are no means for such a promise, she'll just manage as best the can. Facing the monitor, she alert the operator and waits to see if Jaha will come to the console.

Privacy can be given, and often is. No one wants to be seen crying like a baby when they get to talk to their parents, as is apt to happen. So, when Jaha emerges into view, taking a seat before the console and adjusting the mic, Fiona is blessed with privacy for the call. He arches his brows a bit at the sight of Fiona, but smiles all the same. "Hello, Miss Kattegat."

"Hello, Chancellor." Fiona is slightly startled that he knows her name, but then of course the operator would tell him who's placing the call. "I don't know how updated you are on the situation down here, but there are things we need to know and you're pretty much the only person who give us what we need."

Jaha rests his chin and cheek in his hand, forefinger resting along his temple. He looks exhausted, but manages a smile all the same. It is a shortlived expression, however, as he sinks into a serious silence. "We are piecing things together, Miss Kattegat. Bits from what some children are telling their parents, bits from reports to Kane, and bits from my on-going conversations with Mister Blackwood and Mister Scott." He gestures a bit. "I am here to offer my ears, and perhaps guidance. How can I assist?"

"We've managed to earn ourselves a meeting with the local Grounder leadership." Fiona says. "We're copying the map you broadcasted so we can arrange landing sites for the dropships that won't harm any of the local villages or crops or sacred sites. But during this meeting, there are going to be questions. We don't know how much authority we have, or who we're speaking for. Just ourselves, or for the Ark as well."

Jaha listens in his usual, patient demeanor. He nods after a moment. "I suppose answering that question means answering a question I have for you, Miss Kattegat…" He gestures a bit. "Do you want to talk for the Ark?"

"You know what a complicated question that is." Fiona replies. "You know how splintered everyone is here. Everyone has their own opinion about what kind of lives we should build and what kind of laws we should have. We don't want to make promises we can't honor, but if we imply we can only speak for ourselves, our position may seem weak."

"I know it is a complicated question, but as I have tried to press upon to both Mister Blackwood and Mister Scott: leadership means having to answer complicated, and sometimes deeply unfair questions." Jaha relaxes, hand dropping from his face after he gently rubs at his mouth. He then looks back up at the console, frowning a bit. "Miss Kattegat… you lashed yourself to the Tesla station to protest inequities." He raises his hand gently. "You now hold a position where you must decide whether or not to represent the Ark equitably… speaking for the camp means that you speak for ninety-two people who do not know what they want, who they want it from, and the price they are willing to pay to get it. There are people in that camp who long to return to their families, but others who want nothing to do with the people of the Ark. It puts you in a tough situation, because you seek peace and comfort for everyone…"

Fiona leans back in her seat, brow furrowed. "So let's look at this from a different angle. If I were to speak with authority on behalf of the Ark, what would you ask me to do?" She's still not willing to answer his question, not without knowing all of the angles.

"We want a home, Miss Kattegat… we will be coming down with hundreds of people who never really thought they would step foot on the ground again… we want a place where we can settle, and be. The Ark, until this point, has been a home of tight, sometimes unfair justice. We have lived rationed lives up here… and I don't just mean resources. Our joys have been simple, but small, and repetitive… we wake when the lights begin to brighten, we eat whatever foods have been chosen for us, we work in the same jobs without any hope of change, and then we sleep when the lights dim. There is very little hope to that kind of life, because we were just supposed to be a transitional generation." He sighs then, realizing his tiredness is making him ramble. So he shakes his head. "I would ask you to sit with the Grounders… these Trikru… find a peace, and then find us a home."

"You want us to find a peace. Then you need to tell me what you, what the Ark - is willing to pay for it." Fiona says. "I don't think I've read of any peace in history that didn't come without a price. And I need to know that if we make a peace and make promises to gain it, they're promises you're going to honor."

Jaha shakes his head a bit. "And now we reach the moment where you have asked me a complicated question." He smiles, though it is wane. "What happens if you promise the Trikru something that I cannot give?" He looks around him, though Fiona can't see it. "Or, what happens if I can give, but the giving hurts the people of the Ark too badly? Miss Kattegat… any price that is asked should be something I can discuss with the station representatives, the Council, and even the people of The Ark before an agreement is made. You're right that peace comes at a cost, but I don't think I can blindly agree to any cost." He exhales then. "Find out what they need, what would make thier lives better… what is worth trusting people that they honestly have no reasons to trust… and then we can see if it is a cost we can pay."

Fiona shifts uncomfortably in the seat. "What happens if the price they ask for is too high? Or something out of our reach? You can smile and tell me to make sure it doesn't happen, but we both know it could…and we both know what it would mean for us. We need to have some kind of alternative plan if that happens."

Jaha sighs, rubbing at his mouth. "I won't smile, nor tell you to make sure that doesn't happen… this world is not ours, Fiona… we are coming to a place that may wish we stayed to die in the sky." Then he grimaces, and he leans back in his chair. "Miss Kattegat… if it comes to that, then… we have to be honest, and then hope we can find a different price."
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"We'll try." Fiona says. "I'll let the others know what we can…choose to do, if necessary." There's a pause and she can't help it, can't keep just a little bit of resentment from leaking into her tone. "You should have told us. You should have told us so we could have been better prepared. Paid more attention. Something." Her lips press together tightly. "But we'll do what we can and hope it' enough."

Jaha folds his hands together before his mouth. Fiona is not the first, nor the last, to tell him that. He nods soberly. "There is much that I should have done, Miss Kattegat… but here we are… we can focus on mistakes, or we can try to make sure that there are few more ahead to haunt us later."

Fiona lets out a soft chuff. "Funny. That's what I said to Oxfor to convince him to give us a chance to make peace."

Jaha smiles tiredly, and he arches a brow at Fiona. "I'm not terribly surprised by this…"

Fiona grimaces, like this is both a compliment and an insult, two sides of the same coin. "If we make it back, I'll let you know what we've managed to accomplish." She can't help but add, because her mother raised her right, "Thank you."

Maybe one day someone nice will actually want to talk to Jaha…….!

"Thank you, Miss Kattegat… I will await your call." Jaha bows his head a gentle farewell.

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