Day 017: The Trial Of Mags Trentin
Summary: Mags Trentin is judged by the camp for the murder of Evie Williams. There are arguments, of course.
Date: 28 May 2016
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The Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

17 Days After Landing

Even if a good third of the camp was off drinking, partying, or… spending some alone time together… by the time Mags Trentin was collared and shoved up into the top of the dropship, word has quickly spread around camp. It's mid-morning of the next day, the sun well up into the tops of the trees surrounding the dropship. There's been a lot to discuss after the events of the night before, and now the camp is abuzz. It's not like there's been a trial of any sort in the Delinquent camp, or even summary justice of any official kind. Mags is a tall, thin woman, almost two meters, and sullen and silent for now as she's hauled out of the dropship by her two guardians.

Grey stands at the base of the dropship ramp, wearing his Grounder-made shirt and carrying both his usual metal rod of a baton and the Grounder sword at his hip. He looks up to see Mags being hauled out, and then looks around the gathered Delinquents. It's not all of them, but there certainly are a lot present. The ex-C eyes those nearest him, frowning thoughtfully, and then looks up at the prisoner, raising his voice, "So. We think Mags murdered Evie. What do we do about it?"

Morgan is, unsurprisingly, quiet and serious as he waits for Mags to be brought out. It's going to be a bad business no matter what happens and the last thing the camp needs is yet more chaos. It's what they're going to get though. Standing next to Cam, he reaches out to take his hand as Mags appears. "Make sure she did it." he answers Grey.

Silas is talking to one of the smaller residents of the camp, dark bags under his eyes and a drag to his voice as he takes a smaller length of hide and looks it over. "Yeah.. Gimme a few days and-" Silas sucks in a slow breath before continuing in a sigh, "I /guess/ I can try to make this into a pouch for you." he says, folding it and tucking it away. He looks over his shoulder, lazy eyes spotting Mags and widening somewhat as if the sight of her has woken him up. He turns and steps over as he lets his sword bob at his hip as he comes over at about the same time Grey is raising his voice. When Morgan makes his voice heard, Silas nods in agreement and looks back. "That." he says, pointing off a finger over to him. "We confirm she did it- and if she did? We kill her." he says, lowering his hand down to his side. What, did you expect for him to go into more detail? Nah.

Elias is already standing nearby, having expected this to be occurring soon enough. Picking at his teeth nervously with his thumbnail, he waits for Grey's appearance and words before approaching him. There is a nod to Morgan, however, and then a look back to Grey. "What Morgan said. If we're talking about putting somebody to death, even potentially, we'd better be damn sure she's guilty of the crime."

Devin is resting against a pole holding up a makeshift roof for one of the makeshift spaces of the camp. He looks up towards the dropship with his arms crossed across his chest as he waist for the spectacle to begin. His eyes glance around the area, looking over the other delinquents that pass by or are just milling about waiting for the trial to begin.

Somehow Kai got roped into escorting Mags from the dropship along with Cameron. She might be shorter than the thin girl, but the short-haired female ex-C sort of ran out of shits to give sometime around when Mags was taken into custody and has no qualms whatsoever about frogmarching the other girl out, and in way, waaaay too typical cadet fashion is entirely content to give her a kick in the calf to help make her kneel when they've reached a point judged good for her to kneel at.

The already small Jael has made herself smaller for the time being; the little blonde has crouched not terribly far from the ramp that leads into the dropship, resting fairly comfortably in the posture. Her attention is up on Mags and the people around her, her attention flitting rapidly from person to person as she tries to take everything in at once.

Mags is silent and stoic. Her jaw works through words her lips refuse to say, though each little comment from the group causes her shoulders to tense and flex and her eyes to narrow. She snorts a bit at Elias, though she maintains her silence.

Cameron's shorter then Mags too, as he comes down on escort duty, but his small frame is pretty packed with muscle, and he seems to be in the mood to not be kind or gentle about this entire affair. He doesn't even complain about Kai putting the prisoner onto her knees. In fact, he nods in approval. His expression is rather cold, though, cold and sharp. He's still inked up some, with black smudges under each eye and a triangle on his left hand. It helps make him look rough, which at the moment, he's going for. Which might look funny to someone.

Grey nods like an approving schoolmaster at the various responses that his question gets from the crowd. It is an odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd look on the ex-C. Looking back up to the top of the ramp, he prompts, "So. Adams. You saw the evidence. Hit us with it."

At Grey's indication of Kai, Elias turns his attention to her in order to pay attention to the evidence. The putting of the prisoner on the ground does have him clenching his jaw a touch, but he nods his head to that as well. "All ears, Kai," he tells her. Falling silent then, he looks at Mags thoughtfully.

Oh wow doesn't Kai just love being called to provide witness, if the look cast first at Grey, then at Elias suggests. Still, she shakes her head,"When the screaming happened and people ran to the gate I entered the dropship to procure a weapon and went to the wall." the lean girl rumbles in a flat tone, settling into a stance that cadet's at least will recognize of 'at ease and report',"I secured a weapon and went to the wall while others moved to check on the decendent. From this vantage I noticed drag marked that travelled along the wall and indicated intent to follow, a task I was joined in by Quinn and Allen. We tracked the drag marks around to the south side trees of the camp, where the decedent was originally killed, as evinced in the blood and signs of struggle present. The murder weapon, a bloody rock, was discovered at this location, as was the jacket of Mags covered in blood and shoved under a rock. We returned to the camp with the intention of Allen and Quinn to locate and investigate whether Mags showed the defensive wounds that Quinn indicated should be present to corroborate the evidence found on Evie, while I remained at the gate in case she ran. The accused bears markings consistent with the defensive wounds of the decendent."

Silas quietly looks between everyone as they either gather or just now begin to speak up regarding the trial. And when Kai is called to present the witness testimony and does so, she has his full attention accompanied by a concentrated stare. When all is said and done, Silas quietly looks over to Mags to scan her up and down for any of these signs should they be obvious before he looks to those gathered around and looks back as he quietly maintains his silence- letting other folks get some words out first it seems.

Cameron's content to stand guard next to Mags and be quiet, though his eyes grow steadily colder the more Kai reveals the evidence against the girl.

"The jacket means nothing." Morgan says. "It's warm. Many of us don't carry our jackets around now." He often doesn't. "It could have been stolen to set her up. We should see her arms." Since he was right there last night, he did catch sight of them but most probably didn't.

"Fuck you and your goddamn strip search," Mags says in a rough growl. Her hands tighten into fists and she tries to pull her arms fully into her side so that it is harder for anyone to tug up her sleeves and show off her arms. The dark-haired girl just glowers at Morgan, even if he did just try to help her defense a bit.

"I want to hear her tell us what happened," Jael calls out from her crouch, her attention landing and staying on Mags, now. "If she's saying she did it and why, or that she didn't. It matters, what she has to say." She straightens there, up to her feet, a few steps off to the side taken so she's not standing too close to the others.

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Kai in response to the death glare, gesturing to the Quinn-less front ranks and the lack of Allen present. The full story is news to him, though, and he listens intently, then looks back to Morgan, "I say the jacket means somethin', but it don't mean everything." Looking up the ramp, he pulls the knife from his back and offers it out to Cameron, "Cut her damned sleeves off if she won't show her arms herself." Then to the accused, "And whadda'you say, Mags? Did you do it? And how do you explain all that shit," he gestures in her direction, or in her arms' direction, or in Kai's direction… you know, the general 'direction of evidence,' "if you didn't?"

Nodding his head slowly to Kai, Elias considers the evidence she presents carefully. "What do you think, Kai? Did it look intentional at all? Anything?" There is a nod back to Morgan then before he casts a look back to Kai. "Because that's a damn good point Morgan just brought up." There is another look to Mags then, studying her carefully for the moment to try to get any sort of read on her. There's a nod and a glance to Grey then and he turns his attention once again to Mags. These are obviously questions he wants to hear the answers to as well.

Cole has been here, and he just stands silent, watching. He's stayed out of this one for some time now. Not much for him to say.

Cameron reaches out to take the knife from Grey, and turns a completely unsympathetic expression to Mags, "You going to show your arms, Mags? Or are we going to cut you out of your shirt? Believe me, I don't want to see your tits so I'll try just to cut your sleeve, but you're being real uncooperative here, …" He glances back, and does nod off in Jael's direction, "I'm all for hearing any defense Mags has to what she did, myself. Why the fuck would you kill /Evie/, Mags?" Still, he's ready with the knife. To cut. Her… shirt. Just that.

Mags glowers at Grey and Cameron in turn. "I got nothing to fuckin' say," she snaps at the crowd. "You fuckers already made your decision." But then she releases her tight hold on one of her arms and shows it to Cameron. "Go ahead… like I got anything to hide anymore."

Kai lets Cameron field that one, for all she sneers at the 'strip search' comment,"That's why I asked Quinn to go with Allen." the short-haired girl notes, primarily for Morgan as she keeps half an eye on Cameron and Mags without bothering to interfere,"I didn't see what happened. What I've told you, is what I know. The rest is all her." though from the disdain in Kai's voice, she's not exactly on the 'she's innocent' team.

"I haven't made up my mind," Jael points out, turning to look out over the faces before she swings her eyes back to Mags. "But you refusing to speak says a lot, too. Come on. Not everybody here has their mind made up."

Looking quite unimpressed, Silas' arms come from across his chest to let his left hand rest on the pommel of his sword and his right hand to hang down at his side. "Well, aren't you tough?" he growls at Mags through bared teeth and furrowed brows. Raising his voice as he suggests, Silas looks around to the others. "I say if she doesn't talk, we make her." he adds before he looks back to her with a snort and a deep frown. Silas' eyes quietly look over to Cameron for a moment, and then Kai before he looks back to Mags as he gives a nod of agreement with Jael- despite his entire ready to grabby sword body language.

Cameron nods when Mags lifts her arm to him, reaching forward to grab at her shirt— neither gentle nor mean, just purposeful— and pull it up to reveal the skin beneath.

"Admitting nothing is just as good as admitting guilt." Cole remarks from his spot. "She's trying to 'defy authority' if you guys haven't noticed. Stick it to the man, that's what they fuckin call it. You can't make a 'true believer'," he uses air quotes on that one, "to admit they did anything wrong. Because to her, if she did kill Evie, doing so was the right thing to do in her head. Which again, if she did it. But she's given nothing to suggest she didn't, no evidence to support that notion." Then a shrug. "I say banish her and be done with it."

On Mags' swarthy skin are several long, deep claw nail marks. They are red and angry around the edges of the scabbed wounds, looking quite fresh despite the clotting. She growls something inaudible at Cameron, and starts to pull her arm away from him.

Grey shrugs at Mags, "Have it your own damn way." He nods to Jael at her words, even if the hard, suspicious set of his face suggests he's got his mind pretty well made up. "Oh yeah, everyone heard that Evie'd been cryin' before she was killed, right?" His voice isn't quite a snarl, but there's a hell of a lot of anger behind it none the less. He gestures more angrily at the scratches on Mags' arm, "Any other questions about whether the bitch is guilty or not? Anyone out there doubt it?" So much for an open mind.

Cameron's grip tightens on Mags arm, not at all friendly like this time, his jaw clenched, and he intends on holding her arm there in full view of everyone. He'll fight her to do it, if he has to.

Morgan steps a bit closer to get a better look at her arms and nods. "Those do look fresh. And Evie was still warm when I checked for a pulse. The times would seem to match." At least as best as can be determined with no equipment at all. "You refuse to say whether you did it or not?" he asks Mags.

Silas is quiet as he brings his arms over to cross along his chest once again, taking in a breath before letting it out with a huff as he glares at Mags and stares at her marks. "Figures…" he murmurs to himself before he looks back to the face of the tall delinquent. "I'm inclined to kill her if she doesn't talk. I think it'd be more dangerous to let her go. She can attack us while some of ours are out hunting and gathering- or she can give away our location to those who may want to attack us. After all, there are definitely more Grounders than the ones at Coesbur. I don't wanna see anyone else die due to her." Says Silas, offering a lopsided frown afterwards as he stares at Mags. "Then again, I probably sound like Kane. 'Float the bitch!'." he says the mocked Kane line a bit higher pitched. Not that Kane sounds anything like that.

Elias listens intently for Mags to answer the questions, but apparently answers aren't forthcoming. He's no medtech himself, but he does notice the scratches on her arms. There's a glance around to the others participating in the conversation before he looks to Mags. "Mags, if you didn't do it, please speak up," he says, giving her an almost pleading look. "I'm not going to be able to stop what's coming if you don't." There's a glance to Grey then, his jaw clenching. "Just…give it a second, Grey? Let me talk to her for a second." The look is then given to Cameron, looking for his weigh in on this as well.

Although the majority of the crowd shout out things like "Guilty!" and "Banish her!" and "Float her!" and "Kill her like she did Evie!" there are a few shouts out there about, "Not Guilty!" and "Fuckin' Jaha-Jackers!" and "Grounders did it!" and even one very anonymous, "Fuck the Guard!"

Cameron's voice is sharp and cold, but its taking on an odd intensity as it raises some, "You killed a girl has been spending her every waking day finding /food/ and /medicine/ for us, and why? Because she doesn't want to see twenty five hundred people still in the Ark dead? You're so fucking vindictive, you fucking little child, that you had to hurt Evie for that? Because she's not a monster like you are? Well, /Mags/, you fucking stupid algae for brains pissant." He breaths a moment. Cussing is hard. "/Why/? WHY?" He does let her arm go, if only so he doesn't accidentally break it.

Listening to the crowd, Cole's eyes narrow on Mags. "Are you happy? Is this what you were looking for? To divide us even more? To make us claw and kill at each other like animals? Is that what you wanted? To be famous for being the catalyst that started a true conflict between this camp? Because /this/ is where it starts. I'm not sure what you thinking, what kind of justification you think you had in your head, but you have suddenly life for all off us suddenly a lot harder. So…what? You trying to be some kind of martyr for a lost cause that only means anything in your head? Has it been worth? Was this all worth it?"

Grey eyes Cole a moment at his suggestion to banish the teen, then looks back out to the crowd. He nods sharply at Silas' suggestion, "I say she's a danger to the camp too." He's about to say more when Cameron goes cold and starts cursing, and Grey turns and strides up the ramp, looking to put a hand on Cameron's chest and exert just a little pressure away from the prisoner. Not enough to shove him over or anything, just… pressure. "Chill. Now." Not that Cameron isn't cold already. Raising his voice again, he shouts, "This ain't a lynching. It's justice. And for justice, we need laws. So what's the law when one of us kills another of us? Do we banish 'em? Do we let 'em walk? Or do we show 'em justice?" Not that he's biased or anything.

Despite his proclamation, Grey gestures to Elias like, 'go ahead and try, man.'

Fiona is watching, and listening, arms crossed. "We can't banish her." she says, though doesn't seem to be fighting for anyone's attention. "If we banish her, we're turning her loose, and if we turn her loose, god only knows what she'll get up to." The cease fire is fragile, and Fiona is determined to protect it.

"Deciding what we do by who can yell the loudest looks just like a lynch mob," Jael fires off, lifting her own voice for the words and edging a little further forward, stepping around a taller person to make sure she's at the 'front' of the crowd. It helps her with seeing.

"Everything we've heard says she's guilty. Nothing, not even her own words, say she isn't. And no, we can't banish her." Morgan agrees with a sigh. "For all the reasons others have said already."

Cameron glares at Grey a moment, but clenches his jaw. And nods an acceptance, remarkably. But, a muscle in his neck trembles. He wants answers. "She murdered someone, she offers no defense, no justification, nothing. That has to mean something. If we banish her, what if she does something to piss off the Grounders? We'd be held responsible. And we can't afford to lock her up forever, feeding her. I vote she's guilty and I vote she should be killed. I say that's justice for Evie."

"Do you want to be the one responsible for pulling the trigger?" Cole remarks to Morgan. "She should suffer for her crime. Death," the looks at Mags, "is a kinder end. With banishment, she will suffer, like she made Evie suffer. Three days, five days without food, little water, the image of Evie's last moments in her head, that is what she gets to live with. There is no 'easy way out' in this situation. And death is the easy way out."

Kai's eyes flit to Grey. She's watching, and she's prepared for Mags to move, but she does elect to speak up,"Death. And if necessary I'll pull the trigger myself." of course the Captain's daughter will volunteer for that, for all the dispassionate tone in her voice suggests it's not out of some kind of hatred for the girl but sheer bloody minded practicality,"Is that to be the law of this camp then? Those who murder another unlawfully will die? I agree with those who point out it is not safe to banish those who choose to commit murder /here/. Even if we do not acknowledge them as part of the camp.. they will still be considered by the Grounders to be part of this camp. They will still judge us, based on her actions."

"No." It's not particularly loud, but it's firmly spoken as Cookie finally comes to the fore, her expression intensely impassive as she exudes an eerie calm. "I'll do it." Kill Mags, presumably. With the big ol' rock she's holding in her right hand.

"No, Cole." Fiona's arms remain crossed over her skinny torso. "Banishment gives her an opportunity. Anything she does out there, regardless of whether we've washed out hands of her, will come back on us. All the has to do is create one problem with Trikru for them to consider our peace broken." She hates this, it goes against the world she wants to build, but expediency is a bitch.

Cameron blinks at Cookie a moment, and looks around to those who are volunteering to do it, "We have no leader, we shouldn't have an executioner. Those willing to volunteer for the responsibility should draw straws. Its not a reward. Its not a prize. But it shouldn't be personal revenge, either. Let fate decide and let it be done."

Morgan looks over at Cole. "We're not the Grounders to torture people with their death by a thousand cuts. Or any other way. "His gaze drops a moment before shifting over to Cam. "And yeah, I can do it." he agrees evenly. "Quickly and as painlessly as possible. It'll be over in seconds and won't waste a bullet." He reaches up to run a hand through his hair and adds "No Cookie. I've done it before."

Grey holds Cameron's gaze for a moment, then returns the nod, stepping down the ramp to the base of it. It still leaves him standing higher than most of the crowd. He looks over to Cookie in surprise, but before he can speak up, Cameron responds, and Grey nods, "Cameron's idea's a good one. If we decide she's guilty, and if we decide on death, we should totally draw straws."

"We're not Grounders. Death doesn't need to be answered with more death. We kill her and we're playing right into the anti-Arker's hands. We're giving them more justification to divide this camp further." Cole replies to Fiona. "And that's what /will/ happen, and everyone here knows. The rest of us will be branded just like the Council has. As arbitrators of final affairs and her death will completely break whatever unity we were trying to build. Is one death worth that? Are we really willing to risk a civil war between each other because we think killing one person is justice done? We all start chanting 'blood must have blood' as well? Is that what we've been reduced to?"

"Oh boy, we're fighting over who gets to kill her, now," Jael comments darkly, bringing both of her hands up to rub at her face. She spends a few moments with her hands up before she drops them, looking around. Cole's words have her frowning, but other than her grumbling she's back to quiet for the moment.

"No, I'm just sure as fuck not about to be murdered in my sleep because she decides someone else got to die." Kai drawls for Cole,"There's more than a few of you who got Boxed for murder.. how many of you have gone on to repeat that here? Against one of ours? And for what?" her attention shifts to Mags,"What the hell did you hope to achieve with this stupidity? Everyone here.. /everyone/ is getting their chance, their freedom.. to prove that they're not just some fucking criminal. That they're better than that.. but that doesn't mean that it's anything less than stupid to let someone who unrepentently fucks that up loose to.. what exactly? Decide to sneak back and take a few more people out?"

Cameron looks to Grey, and winces slightly at his words. He sighs, looking a little tired, "There's no other choice but to be the arbiters. We don't have a leader, we can hardly agree on anything, but if we can't all stand up, here and now, and agree: we do not murder each other? Then we should just fuck off in every random direction and not look back. If we can't come together on at least that one thing, then the entire idea of us being anything more then 91— Nine. Tee. One.— voices shouting in the dark is nonsense." He shakes his head slowly, "And once we agree on the fact that we don't murder each other, there's simply no other choice but that murder is a capital crime. If you seriously think, Grey, there's any other valid punishment besides death, please speak up now. I can't think of one and that's all I've been thinking about since last night."

<FS3> Elias rolls Persuasion: Good Success.
<FS3> Andromeda rolls 6 (Resolve): Good Success.

Once more, Elias attention returns to Mags as he's given the go ahead to speak to her by Grey. Hazel eyes try to meet hers and his jaw is clenched. There's a glance to Cookie as well, his expression falling just a touch. "Mags, c'mon," he says more quietly to her. "I don't want this. If there is anything you can tell me…anything. Please." The expression on his face is sincere and he hunches down a touch so he can try to capture her gaze. "Mags, I'm so tired. Talk to me, please."

"We could try to hold her until the Ark gets down and turn her over to their judgement based on the determinations of the new Exodus Charter." Fiona says, "But is there any guarantee that we'd be able to keep her contained for however long we need to?" She doesn't want to kill anyone, but it feels like a rock and a hard place. "If she's decided guilty," Oh come on, is there any doubt? "We should vote on whether or not to execute her, or decide on an alternative."

Mags is silent as she stares at the others around her, but when her coal black eyes settle on Elias, her jaw gives a small twitch. There is something in her shoulders that tightens up, almost flinching away from Elias's pleading. She mutters something that can barely be heard, and it sounds like 'they paid me to.'

"Bullshit, Cole. If we're all voting, everyone's got a stake." Grey's not above using his slightly elevated position on the foot of the ramp to gain volume. He looks over his shoulder at Cameron, "You wanted democracy, you gotta have democracy." And he raises his voice, calling out, "So lets vote already. Hands up if murder's a killing offense around here?" His own right hand goes up immediately.

"I can build our own Box." Cole seems almost say those words, but he says them anyways. "If you want to hold her til the Ark comes down and let the Exodus Charter handle it from there, then do that.

Cameron raises his hand.

<FS3> Silas rolls Persuasian: Success.

"This isn't just about our own inner Factions, Cole." Says Silas who is making his way over to him, stopping a few feet in front of him with furrowed brows. "This is about avoiding being wiped out." he says with a nudge of his head off to the forests surrounding them. "It would take less than a few days to get to Coesbur, and even faster to start a problem that could easily get us all marched on. I don't want me and everyone else here to die because you're too much of a pussy to admit we're in no situation to be soft and give people a slap on the wrist." he says with a lopsided frown and a dip of his brows. And once he's done with Cole, he's started with the crowd, yelling out loud to the masses. "And how about you guys, huh?! You wanna let her walk out and sit on our fucking thumbs while she stabs a Grounder in the belly and they all walk over here to start fuckin' mounting our heads on their walls?! Or maybe we should admit that what happens up there doesn't matter when we're down here! Down here, everything is against us! One mishap means we will die painfully and slow, not sucked out of an airlock with our fluids being almost instantaneously sucked out by a vacuum! Are you all too fucking scared to take action, or are you with me to make sure we don't let her fuck up everything we've been working on?! Do you want her to eat our food while we wait for her to fucking break out and stab us all in our sleep?! I'm not, and neither should you!" he says, before he turns and stamps a foot into the ground as he turns to stare up at Mags with hate in his eyes as he throws up a hand, his left clenched onto the pommel of his sword.

"This is our problem Fi." Morgan tells her. "How are we supposed to fend for ourselves if we're going to pass the buck to the Ark whenever something bad happens?" He raises his hand.

The soft reply is caught by Elias and he gives a slow nod of his head to Mags. "Who, Mags?" he asks her in return, his tone also quiet and cool. Though his jaw clenches, he does what he can to maintain his composure and keep his cool about him. "Tell me who and what they asked you to do. If you come clean, I will do…my best." Still, the look he gives her is sincere. "I don't want to see any more of us dead, Mags. Not you. Not anyone. Tell me what's going on." Silas gets a glance from him, but then his eyes are on Grey and giving him a motion with his head to Silas.

"So that it, then? You want to just be some goddamn animals dispensing justice whenever you see fit?" Cole snaps back at both Grey and Silas. "And where will that end? The next time it happens, do we just start killing for any ol reason? Because we'll have already set a precedent. Death for murder? Maybe death for assualt next time? Or perhaps death for theft? Rape? Where will it end once you open that door? Because once you open that door, you can't close it, because you'll be able to point at Mags' death as the justification for doing anything. And if everyone is voting on it? What does that say about us? Our own morality? At what point do we stop being so goddamn bloodthirsty?" He could say more, but he suddenly holds up his hand in a waiting motion, suddenly looking very intently on Elias. He's onto to something maybe.

Considering that, just a moment ago, Cookie declared her intention to end Mags, it may seem a little odd that she doesn't raise her hand to cast a Pro-Murder vote. Nor does it seem because she didn't hear or that she's had a change of heart. There's no rebuttal to anyone who's told her there will be a killing lottery. The chef simply continues to intently stare at Mags while clutching the rock so tightly that her light brown skin starts to discolor.

"They're coming down here, and they promised me…" Mags's jaw tightens as she hisses to Elias. "Something if I did it." Then her voice growls. "And it wasn't that hard, really. Evie was a fucking weakling. They needed you all to see… the Ark ain't comin' down, and anyone who follows the Chancellor and his fucking Council is dead. You got me? Dead."

Morgan is about to rebut when Mags decides to finally say something. It's just that the something makes no real sense. "What? Who's coming down here?"

Grey shakes his head at Cole, "If you're too chickenshit to do anything, then keep your damned hand down." His own is still raised as he starts to look around the gathered camp to gauge the general trend of hand-voting, "That's how laws work, right? You pick the punishment for the crime. So next time we got a crime, we pick the punishment that fits it. Or we vote on some representatives, and they pick the punishments for all the crimes and we all vote on 'em. But that's not here and now. Here and now we got murder to deal with." With the shouting and loud words of the other Delinquents around him, he can't hear the quiet conversation that Mags is having with Elias. "And I'll tell you exactly what death for murder means… it means we don't put up with fucking murder on the Ground." Does that make the ex-C murderer a hypocrite… perhaps.

Kai's close enough to hear Mags, which is maybe why the lean girl is quiet, staring at the one near her feet with a curl of her lip somewhere between horror and disgust,"Shut up, Grey." she doesn't even look in his direction right now,"I can't fucking hear her properly." and then louder for the sake of the extra bickering,"Shut up!" not that she endeavors to interrupt Elias' conversation with the accused, nope. But damnit if it's not potentially important enough to listen to.

<FS3> Elias rolls Resolve: Good Success.

The color drains from Elias' face as he faces Mags, leaning down and looming as such. Suddenly, he reaches out and grabs her by the shirt and his teeth grit audibly. Still listening intently, he stares Mags down the best he can. Still, his own voice is dropped low and he squints his eyes at Mags. "Tell. Me. Who. Who up there paid you off, Mags?" Whoever might be looking on at him probably notices that he's /pissed/. A rare sight from the pretty chill earth sciences nerd. "We've done enough. Help me save some lives. I'll do my best to save yours. You have my word."

Cameron turns, and frowns at Mags, narrowing his eyes, "Who is /they/?" he inquires, his expression hard, but curious. That said, he does glance over and give an emphatic nod to Grey's last statement.

Wonder of wonders, Grey does manage to shut up. He even lowers his hand and looks back over his shoulder.

"Grey, I think…" Fiona starts to say, and trails off as things seem to suddenly go into a pause.

"I say banish her. Let nature decide her end." Cole shrugs. But that's all he's got to say on it in the end. He's rather shut up too.

Silas grows quiet as he hears people telling others to shut up and the word "They" around three or so times- and he's staring and waiting for Mags to continue with lips pursed into a thin line as he lets Elias do his work.

Mags is a bit mollified when everyone starts to shut up around her. Her jaw sets, and she glares at those holding her and then at Grey. She mutters something again, this time sounding more like a grunt of words instead of actual words. Then she repeats herself, this time a little louder. "I'll tell ya," she says in a grunt, "but if you're gonna banish me, I want a gun… and food and water… and a blanket and a knife. You promise me those things… fine, I'll fucking tell you."

There's an adamant headshake from Kai as she folds her arms somewhere off behind Mags shoulder, nope, as far as she's concerned she'll float herself before that happens, but she does elect to keep her mouth shut for the moment, expression flat and unfriendly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Elias=deception Vs Mags=6
< Elias: Success Mags: Good Success
< Net Result: Mags wins - Solid Victory
Elias spends 1 luck points on Reroll for being a dirty liar..
<FS3> Elias rolls Deception: Success.

Elias looks Mags in the face, his jaw clenched as he levels his gaze on her. Maybe it's his eyes casting off to the side for a moment or the sudden rush of his pulse that gives him away. "Done," he says, giving a curt nod of his head to her. "A gun, food, water, a blanket, and a knife." He speeks almost entirely through clenched teeth. "Just tell me what's going on."

The eyes of Cole are starting to wheel behind his head, starting to put the pieces together. The communications loss on the Ark's side, Evei'e death, the anti pro-Ark sentiment message. He's suddenly taking a step back, looking perhaps mildly horrified and hie eyes are suddenly cast skyward, as if to try and pinpoint where the Ark might be in the the air.

Grey listens to Mags' demands, and then he laughs. It's not a happy laugh. No, it's a scornfully amused laugh, "Yeah. Right. You get a rifle right before I stick the barrel of one in my mouth and cut loose full auto." Unfortunately, that probably doesn't help Elias' attempts to lie to the captive. He probably should have stayed shut up.

Cameron is just being silent now, watching. Listening.

Kai can't quite help but nod in agreement with Grey. Amen.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Mags=4 Vs Elias=Dodge
< Mags: Good Success Elias: Success
< Net Result: Mags wins - Marginal Victory

That's when Mags proves her superior height means something: she has long legs. When Elias tries to lie to her, and Grey proves the lie in itself, the tall girl does what only comes naturally… she tries to sparta kick Elias right down the ramp. Because she is held, she doesn't quite land the kick in the precision she had hoped, but Elias definitely gets a boot to the shoulder.

"No gun." Morgan echoes the others. "But if what you have to say is important enough, we might let you stay in camp so the Chancellor can hear it himself. Whoever they are, you saw them right? So you can pick them out. If you help, you might end up staying alive. But you need to tell us what's going on."

When Mags lifts her foot and kicks Elias Jael flinches, and then the young woman is moving, darting off to the side of the grouping up towards the outer wall of the dropship, back to the wall (though not against it, or anything). So she's not between anyone and anything (except the dropship). Out Of The Way.

Despite being a fairly tough, sturdy guy, Elias is not what one would call exceptionally quick or graceful. Squatting as he is in front of Mags, he winds up flat on his back with a loud 'oomf!' as the breath is knocked out of him. His head hits the ground pretty solidly and he just sprawls there for a moment. "Fuck…" he utters wearily.

Cookie spends 1 luck points on Cookie will cut a bitch..
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cookie=Persuasion+3 Vs Mags=6
< Cookie: Good Success Mags: Success
< Net Result: Cookie wins - Marginal Victory

"How about you tell us what you know, and you'll have a kinder fate than Evie?" Because Cookie ain't playing, if the way she starts walking toward the ramp is any indication. "You tell us what we need to know, and I won't bash your skull in." She does not, however, make any promises on behalf of anyone else. And you know when sweet Miss Baker is looking to go Sweeney Todd, it's probably a good time to feel afraid.

Silas seems like he was just about ready to start throwing stuff. Instead, he's slowly stomping forward with a twitchy brow and bared teeth. "This fucking bitch..!" he growls as he begins to advance- but then Elias is kicked and he decides he should let the Cadetlettes deal with her. "Eden…" he lets out in a sigh as he moves over to try and jog and retrieve him from having and unfortunate parts stomped- or at the least help him to his feet, "You better fuckin' be alright.".

"I need to know what she knows." Cole suddenly says. "Because if it's what I /think/ it is, a whole lot of shit we don't know about it went down last night. And she knows exactly her part in this shit."

<FS3> Grey rolls Persuasion: Failure.
Grey spends 1 luck points on I'm scary, dang it!.
<FS3> Grey rolls Persuasion: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls 1: Embarassing Failure.
<OOC> Grey says, "Nope, no additional success for Cookie."

Grey starts to offer Elias a hand up, but Silas is jogging up, so he extends his hand to Cameron for his knife back, "Or… you and me can go upstairs, Mags, and I can just make you talk before you face whatever justice people decide on."

<FS3> Cameron rolls Persuasion: Failure.

Cameron looks sharply at Cole, "Shit." he breathes, and looks at Mags, and looks physically pained, "No gun, you don't get released. But. If you tell us what you know, we'll lock you up top in the dropship. You'll face justice when the Chancellor comes down. Unless you're right, and your friends who paid you will win, and they'll free you. Consider that, Mags. That's your only chance of living through this. Tell us what we want to know and we don't kill you, and maybe your people win."

"The transmission cutting off?" Morgan asks, turning to look at Cole. He doesn't really need to ask though all things considered. "I knew it; the power play is already starting since he announced he'd be dissolving the Council and stepping down."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=melee Vs Mags=3
< Kai: Good Success Mags: Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory

Mags kicks Elias, and well, hey look, Kai is actually capable of showing something other than contempt. She doesn't really think about it. The kneeling girl kicks the geologist and the lean ex-C without any kind of head's up full on punches her in the head with a snarl. Mouthing off is one thing, apparently, kicking plant-boy.. yeh, apparently she doesn't take kindly to that. Conversations be damned.

"The transmission doesn't just /cut off/ like that." Cole remarks. "The connection stable, I was making sure of it. The only way it could've gotten cut off was by one of three ways: a power surge that would've taken more than just comms offline, something took the antenna array from the outside, which I highly fuckin doubt, or three, what you just said. A goddamn coup or revolt is taking place up there. That's my best guess. And whoever is organizing it, or at least someone apart of it, got ahold of Mags, played on her fear of being killed when the Ark came down, and tried so sow dissent with one of the biggest pro-Arkers in camp." he explains. "That sound about right so far?"

As Silas rushes to his aid, Elias accepts his help quickly with a wince and as gracious a 'thanks' as he can muster. Taking his hand or hands, he lets the other guy help him to his feet. Although a little wobbly, it doesn't seem immediately like he's hurt. His eyes immediately fix on Cookie and her knife. While clearly grateful for Silas' help, he is already trying to push past him. "Cookie! Don't…" His words trail off, though and he looks on quietly. Kai's punch to Mags' head has him blinking, but he speaks out in protest. "Kai," he speaks up, keeping his tone as calm as he can. "Stop. We need to know what she knows…we got people up there!"

<FS3> Andromeda rolls 6 (Deception): Failure.

Mags is all but snarling at Cookie, and her words are spitting with venom and malice, "Like you aren't gonna bash my head in anyway." The girl snorts heavily. "This is why I was all for them… you are all a bunch of Council cun — " And then she punched right across the face, and her entire jaw screams as stars flash before her vision. She staggers a bit, almost falling on Cameron who stands opposite of her. She is gasping, shaking her head several times as to clear her vision. "I don't know… it was a fucking guard, okay? Came on, told me to kill someone." A lie snarls from her lips next, and it is very obviously a lie, "It was fucking Kane, okay? He's moving the Guard against Jaha."

"Kane." Morgan sounds absolutely certain of that. With the Council dissolving, Kane loses his power. And Kane is, after all, the devil incarnate. It says so in the stars.

<FS3> Morgan rolls Resolve: Success.

Except… that was a really bad try at lying which just confuses Morgan.

"Boy, do I hate being right." Cole says sarcastically. "Hey Grey, do I get to say I told you so yet? I haven't cashed that one in yet."

Kai points her finger at the approaching Cookie,"Down." the single word growled, even if she stares at Silas, and Elias, at least she didn't keep punching, but instead grabs at Mags to try and haul her back to something resembling upright.

Cameron totally is not thieving Grey's knife, and when Grey extends his hand, he's totally handing it back. Right away.

"Oh, bullshit." That's Grey's response to Mags' lie, "Kane's loyal as shit." Is shit loyal? He even throws in an eyeroll at Morgan. The ex-Cadet takes his knife back from Cameron, shrugs, and looks out, "So this is all great, and it can be settled after. We still need to know what murder gets you here in camp. And if she's guilty, although I don't think that's a question anymore, is it? There's still how you die, and that'll get her talkin' if it has to." He… doesn't look quite so sure of himself, however, paling a little under his dark skin. After all, he's talking about torture. Swallowing, Grey gets a little more control over himself, looking down to Cole, "You get one. And that was for the wall, not that it woulda helped." And somewhere in there, Cookie walked right past Grey. Good thing Kai's on that.

Cookie spends 1 luck points on Is Blood pudding what's for dessert?.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cookie=Persuasion+3 Vs Mags=6
< Cookie: Great Success Mags: Success
< Net Result: Cookie wins - Solid Victory

Cookie keeps walking, but is not yet in striking distance. So far, no one is seeking to restrain her. "We cool, sis," she tells Kai, although things probably won't stay that way is things continue progressing as they are. Turning her attention to Mags, the chef's smiles the kind of smile no one really ever wants to see. "Unlike you, I don't lie. So, again, you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or I /do/ one-up you for what you did to Evie."

Elias definitely got his bell rung pretty hard, so his steps stagger just a little bit. He keeps a hand at the back of his head to try to find some way to rub the pain out of it. While he looks like he's going to engage again, he doesn't just yet. He got her talking and that's enough for him, apparently. For now he just listens, watches, and casually tries to lean on Silas a bit.

"No, Grey." Cameron looks at Grey firmly, "If we vote her guilty, and we vote her death, she dies quick, and clean. We are not monsters. I'll step in and stop anyone who tries to do different, and they'll have to go through me to get to her. If she's sentenced to death, that is not leverage to get her to talk."

Silas stares at Mags for a moment or two with furrowed brows and a scowl, not bothering to stop Elias as he lets him by though is pushed through somewhat before he's leaned on, where Silas tries to pull him back and set him down. Not trying to be rude, bro, but you're kinda heavy. Looking back to Mags Silas reaches around and grabs the hilt of his sword as he stares at her. However, instead of advancing on her- he's turning and walking over to Cookie as he draws his blade, bringing it over and around and offering it her by the hilt. "If she doesn't talk, you know what to do." he murmurs to her, waiting for her to take the weapon as he locks eyes and nods to her.

"If she talks, we lock her up for Jaha to deal with. She can identify the guard that talked to her. Knowing who he is could lead to others." Morgan says to Grey. "That could save lives. We can't afford to kill her if she's willing to tell us everything." And probably even if she's not.

"That," Cole says, nodding at Morgan, "is the best damn thing I've heard tonight. And when the fuck do I ever agree with Morgan on anything?" Because honestly, he really doesn't, but figuring out the person who caused this all to begin with, that's more on his mind than whether or not Mags is guilty.

"We're being a lynch mob," Jael lifts her voice, pitching it to carry. "This might not be something to make a final decision on while we're all angry and yelling at one another. But. If you guys want to be a lynch mob, we can get a torch together and share it. Supplies are kind of tight, though, and I don't think we have a pitchfork. Has anybody found a pitchfork?"

Mags feels herself starting to get vastly outnumbered — yes, it has taken her this long, no one said she was smart. She flicks her eyes around even while her jaw begins to swell and purple under Kai's punch. Her shoulders bunch under her shirt, and then she sinks a bit against Cameron — assuming he's still holding her. "It was a guard," she repeats. "Came on while I was waitin' to talk to my dad." Mags' jaw tightens, and she snarls a bit at Morgan. "You don't fucking listen, do you? Jaha's not coming down. The Ark's people ain't coming down." Then she looks at Cookie, her mood dark. "He told me to pick one of the loudest fucking mouths down here who liked Jaha and make them stop talking. So I fucking did." She narrows her eyes. "You think I'm the only one they talked to." She snorts. "There's a fuck-ton of us who hate the Ark, Jaha, and the Council. I'm not the only hired gun in your midst. So, don't fucking think that locking me up is gonna save you shits from justice."

With Silas' encouragement, Elias does sit himself back down on the ground for the time being. This means his view of Mags is probably obscured. With his head rattled a bit still, it's all just as well. He does his best to pay attention to the situation while also trying to stay out of the way of any possible impending stampede. "Just don't let me get trampled," he almost groans out to Silas.

"That's if your buddies coup worked. And you have no idea it did, do you?" Cole states coolly to Mags. And for that matter, /nobody/ know how that went. "We'll just have to wait an see, won't we?"

Grey stares first at Cameron, and then down to Morgan, waiting until Mags speaks and then protesting, "What the hell? No way. We let her get away for killing Evie just 'cause she's gives us information? What the hell kind of world is that? What's next?" He casts around for a thought, and goes with, "Cassandra can kill Cameron as long as she knows who's screwing Jaha?" Looking down to Jael, he snaps again, "We don't have a Guard down here. We don't have a Chancellor down here. What the hell do you want? A Camp vote's as close as you can get to a fair trial."

"Maybe wait a full fucking twenty four hours before we kill somebody in retaliation," Jael snaps right back at Grey, puffing up like a bird. She squares her shoulders and everything. There's no hope of her looking intimidating though; it's more comical than anything else, particularly when a bunch of her hair falls into her face after she tosses her head. It's blown aside, all cool. She meant to do that. Serious.

"Uhh." Cameron blinks, "I didn't say we let her get away with killing Evie, Grey. I said we don't torture her. If we vote to kill her, we kill her clean. We don't use the method of her dying to get her to talk. That's all." He looks over to Jael and shakes his head, "What's different in twenty four hours? This isn't a lynch mob. No one's shouting or beating on drums. We're talking. Granted, all at once, because we can't — like usual — get together and agree on anything. But she admitted she's guilty. Nothing's different tomorrow." He shakes his head, and says louder, raising his voice for the first time — except that bit of cussing — "I vote she is guilty. Before we talk about punishment, let's get that out of the way. Say 'Guilty' if you vote guilty?" He's trying to move it forward, apparently. Judge Cameron.

"You really are a dumb little bitch aren't you?" Morgan spits at Mags. "They're going to /try/ to take over up there. There's no guarantee they'll succeed. But meanwhile, they've got you to cause trouble down here." Stupid bint. Both hands come up to rub at his eyes then one slides over his hair. "Grey. You killed someone. Instead of killing you, they waited because you'd be more useful alive." And isn't that ironic. Every day that passes, they get one step closer to being Jaha. Fucking shoot him now.

When Silas murmurs to her and offers his sword, Cookie turns to smile at him with utterly sincere sweetness. "Thanks, sug," as in sugar, "but I'm good." She lifts the big ol' rock in her hand. After all, a big ol' rock was good enough for Evie, so it bloody well is good enough for Mags, who, by the by, gets no honey. Just venom. Although the chef's voice is still all sweetness as she tells Silas, "Actually, if you cold-cock her a hard one, I'd appreciate it." While, she even gently squeezes his forearm and looks at him with doe eyes the way girls do. true to her word, though, she doesn't tear into the murderer.

Grey raises his hand as Cameron calls for a vote, even if it's not the vote he was pushing for earlier. In addition to raising his hand, he calls out, "Guilty." He can respond to Morgan after the vote.

"We're not having spur of the moment emotional reactions while waving weapons around," Jael answers Cameron when he asks what's different in twenty-four hours. "We have time to discuss the matter, determine what we're going to do, and figure it out -without her standing right there-. We have other opportunities to talk to her, reason with her. A lot is different in twenty four hours." She frowns when the vote is called and crosses her arms over her chest, not participating.

Kai keeps a hand on Mags, one eye on Cookie, and the other on Elias as she listens to the others. It seems who she chooses to listen to right now is Jael given the way she hauls on the taller girl with the intention of frog marching her back inside again,"Fucking write it down. Head-count's are bullshit." the ex-C declares with the intention of dragging the other girl back inside if no-one tries to stop her.

"She admitted it. It's not even in question any more. Of course she's guilty." That's Morgan's vote.

After recovering just a bit more, Elias rises to his feet again and moves carefully over towards Grey, Cameron, etc. Close as he can after getting launched off the ramp, that is. Still, he'd rubbing the back of his head and gives a lingering, meaningful look towards Kai. It's brief however and his eyes quickly dart to Jael. "S'alright. What happens is open for discussion. We're just taking a vote on whether or not she's guilty right now. She can go back into lockdown while we talk it over and decide what happens next." There's a nod then to Grey. "Guilty."

"I just hope that all of you are now aware that just as there's a civil war up there," and Cole casts a wide a look over out at the number of people watching to proceedings. "that we are on the verge of one ourselves. So all of you keep that in mind. And remember what you said today, because this shit may come back to haunt you later on." That said, notably, the mechanic did not say guilty or not guilty. He could simply be abstaining from it. That said, he pick up a burning branch from one of the campfires, snubbing it out, and walking over to the hull of the dropship, writing in large bold letters 'GUILTY' and 'NOT GUILTY' and starts taking down tally marks in each section from the ones he's heard so far.

<FS3> Silas rolls Persuasion: Success.

Quietly, Silas doesn't seem to be too enticed at the doe eyes as he is by the idea of hitting Mags. He gives her a nod and brings his sword down to his side as he moves to wander up to the base of the ramp and idly watches Elias get out of stampeding way before he turns over towards the crowd, raising his sword somewhat as he bellows out, "Guilty!" in an attempt to rowdy up the crowd, before he steps up to get in a good knocking out position should everything go murdery.

Looking Mags dead (pun not intended) in the eyes, Cookie does a sassy little headsnap when she declares, "Guilty."

Cameron nods to Elias, and looks to Jael, "I'm not acting in emotion, but fact. She is guilty by her own admission, by the evidence. She murdered in cold blood. Its not retaliation, its not vengeance, its justice. Why shouldn't she be here? She's a member of the 100, too. She should hear our deliberations. She is part of us, still, even if we stand in judgement of her. She has every right to look us in the eye when we look her right back and say: Guilty. Or not. If we aren't brave enough to look her in the eye when we condemn her, that's cowardly, I think."

Alison had been watching the proceedings from the entrance to the 'Tech Tent.' She watches Cole, frowning a hint, then speaking up, "Guilty."

At this point, the voice-count isn't that hard. The vast majority of the crowd calls out "Guilty" or some form there-of, forming a roaring throughout the camp. Many of them, perhaps even most of them, raise their hands too. There's a small minority that calls out "No!" or confusingly "Not Guilty!" But even with just those raising their hands and the individuals up front, it's a pretty clear majority. An overwhelming one, even.

Grey spends 1 luck points on Riling Up the Crowd.
<FS3> Grey rolls Persuasion+3: Good Success.

Grey looks around the group, "That good enough?" He doesn't wait long for a response, then calls out again, "Next up. Punishment." He scowls down at those around him at the foot of the ramp, "After we talk to her to find out what she knows." The knife is finally tucked back into the back of his belt with a little wince. "So, hands up if we give Evie justice and execute her." He waits a moment, so that people can take a rough count, then adds, "Hands up if we lock her up." Again, the pause for counted hands, "And hands up if we let her free."

Grey obviously holds up his hand with the 'execute her' vote as well.

Cameron holds his hand up to execute.

And now Cole makes a new sections of three columns. Because he's apparently the tally marker. Which is honestly not the best job in the world.

Kai elects not to vote. Or rather, because she's in the dropship keeping the current source of aggravation at least out of immediate lynching opportunity she doesn't vote. Staying within hearing range of the deliberations with the taller girl on her knee's while the others decide her fate.

"If you think…" Jael quiets for the roar, then gestures widely as if it proved her point. "If you think that's not emotionally fueled, you're not thinking as clearly as you could be. This isn't justice, it's a lynch mob. And having her out here in front of us lets her continue to bait and stir the problem, keeping people from calming down." Grey's words have her falling silent again before she eventually just sighs. No hands raised for any of the options, just one up to rub at her eyes with a couple of fingers.

Elias holds up his hand in vote to lock her up. "Fuck no. If this bitch and her conspiracy hurt any of our people up there…and Eden I hope they make it down…she's going to answer to everyone she's wronged. That's justice."

Silas raises his sword-hand for execution, while also calling out: "Rock to the head!" with a glance to Cookie and then pinning his eyes to Mags. Who could have guessed?

"She murdered someone, Jael." Cameron's voice is still cool, but there's a sharp intensity that rises, "She took a stone and she bashed Evie's skull in because Evie was pathetic, weak— by her own words. How is this not justice? We saw evidence. We took testimony. And a jury of the whole is voting. No one's stringing her up or burning her at the stake. Everyone's allowed to speak, everyone's allowed to make their case. Its justice and its democratic."

"Why would she talk if she knows we're going to kill her?" Morgan asks. "Are you going to torture her, Grey? Is that something that's okay now? Lock her up if she's talking."

The crowd starts to put in their votes, hands going up to be counted. Of those present, many seem to be in favor of execution — which should not come as a surprise considering the capital punishment mindset on the Ark. The numbers seem to closely butt into the tally for locking her up, but there's only a sprinkling of votes for letting the girl free. Judgment and justice mean something.

As Cole tallies it up, he can easily see the trend on the wall, and by the end, he has to do a quick count to make sure, but… execution seems to be the song of the day.

Finally, Cookie speaks up, "I am /not/ for cuttin' her loose, but I promised that /I/ wouldn't do the did. What y'all choose, apart from letting her go, I'll abide."

*do the deed

"No one's torturing anyone unless they kill me first." Cameron says this firmly, "No matter the possible benefit, that's a line we will not cross."

Elias turns to Grey and then Cameron, eyeing each of them for a moment. "We have someone on the comms? Like…around the clock? Because if not we need that." There's a wince then as he continues shuffling towards them and he keeps his hand pressed to the back of his head. He's not staggering as much, but it looks like that knock to the head smarts quite a bit. Probably leave a nice lump. Moving up alongside Jael, he looks down at her and gives a gentle shake of his head. Looking to Grey then, he gives him a more firm look. "Grey. We need to find out what happened, man. We need her alive in case we can get someone on the horn up there." There's a look to Cameron too, just shy of pleading. "We can't afford to kill her until we figure out what the fuck is going on."

There's no looking up. Jael very likely heard Cameron's words, but she's staying quiet. When Elias steps up beside her, she does drop her hand away from her face, but doesn't return his smile. "Doesn't matter," she says quietly. "They want her head. It's 'justice'." Her hands come up to do air-quotes for that.

Grey shrugs at Morgan and Cameron, "She's already talkin'. Or talked. No reason to torture her now." For all his attempted nonchalance, there's a good bit of clear relief in his voice. He steps down off the foot of the ramp then, back among the rest of the Camp instead of the spot he picked slightly above. "Hey, Elias… it's not my call now." Nor was it ever, really, "I made my vote, so did the rest of the camp." And he gestures to the ashen hash marks on the side of the ship. "But… the vote was," since he phrased it this way, "after we talk to her."

"'Blood must have blood', eh? This is how we're playing it?" Cole looks visibly sickened by the number of tally votes. Perhaps he had hoped fro something better than what he believed as a 'civilized society'. "You people fuckin terrify me." And there's general fear in that. "If you want to hide behind democracy, go ahead, but guess what the blood will be on all of your hands. Just remember that you helped kill someone. And I hope to hell you can live with it. /Justice/. Peh, your brand of justice is fuckin disgusting. Got a lot of wannabe Chancellors down here suddenly. So fuck all of you." He drops the stick, getting the hell out of there.

"Cole, if we banish her, we risk all our lives. If she does anything the Grounders don't like out there, it's a war, a war I am positive we can not win by ourselves. After the Ark comes down? Maybe I don't know. But there is simply no other option but murder to be a capital crime." Cameron is cool and vehement, but very, very serious in his tone.

Kai's listening for verdicts, really. It's kind of nice and peaceful in the dropship, even if she is keeping watch over what may well be a dead girl kneeling. Anyone looking in the direction might see that behind her back the Captain's daughter has her own scrap knife in her hand, turned over slowly as she stares at the back of Mags head. Possibly having a debate with herself as to whether or not she could actually do it while she let's others actually make the vote.

"Let's just whip everyone up into a frenzy, then get them to vote, and say 'oh, it wasn't our call, we voted'," Jael comments cheerfully, straightening up away from the dropship's wall. "This really is wrong." She shrugs though, then glances up to Elias. "But it is what it is, I guess. Mob rule is a way to do things." She looks after Cole and even takes a step like she might follow him, but stops after a moment and breathes out a sigh, looking Cameron's way. "I know you're doing what you think you have to do," she tells him. "Me too." There's something a little hopeful there, really.

Grey rounds on Cole then anger filling his voice, "Shut up. Just shut up. She killed Evie. And yeah, I killed my stupid bitch of a mom. But she deserved it. Evie didn't. And yeah, I heard you before, I didn't get floated, but it wasn't 'cause I could be useful, it was 'cause I was under 18. Because that's the law on the Ark. Now we got our law down here: kill one of our own in cold blood, you die." But then Cole's already leaving, and he shakes his head, working his right hand in and out of a fist.

Cole swirls on his feet as he was leaving. "Then you live with it, you sanctimonious shit!" he spits out. "You want to open the goddamn Pandora's Fucking Box with this shit, you go right the fuck ahead. But I know you got some fuckin sense in that goddamn head of yours, and you know what this will do. If she's right, if she's got plenty of buddies down here, Evie's death, Mags' death will not be the last. You are risking creating a divide so goddamn strong, there will be more bodies. And every one you miserable fucks who voted for her to die will be the ones holding the bag for that. When this camp runs red from the amount of bodies that will litter this camp, you'll be the ones to hold yourselves accountable. None of you are thinking about the long-term repercussions of this act, none of you." Eyes swerve to Grey. "Don't you think I fuckin /get/ that? Don't you think I /get/ it? DOn't you think I'd kill her too if I could? But I'm not because I'm not goddamn barbarian. So what? You gonna kill me too Grey? Go right the fuck ahead and prove me the fuck right that we're not the fuckin animals that apparently we might be. I'm asking, I'm fuckin /begging/ you to."

"No, Grey. They stopped floating everyone because we'd be useful to them." Morgan points out. "I was past my eighteenth birthday as were a bunch of others. The only reason you're alive, any of us are alive, is because they had a use for us."

"Hey, just — since we have everyone's attention," Jael lifts her voice to call out, about two heartbeats after Cole's finished speaking, "It doesn't matter what they offer you. If you get an offer like she did — tell somebody. It doesn't matter how good it sounds, it's better for you — and everyone else — if you don't try to do it. You're not better or smarter or faster than Mags. Just be smart about it, do the right thing, don't make us go through this farce all over again."

Cookie seems to have had her fill. So, without any fanfare, she turns around, walks back down the ramp, and heads for the Cook Tent.

Decisions have been made, but there's still arguing going on. Whether Kai reckons she can knife the girl or not, what she ultimately does is take the opportunity to frogmarch her back up to confinement for the moment and parks herself as a guard for the moment, frowning to herself.

Sucking in a sharp breath, Silas breaths a sigh as his eyes travel over the crowd as the votes come in and he sheaths his blade. Looks like, just by a smidget, he's getting his way. At least this time he yelled he didn't get punched by Quinn. Silas steps around and begins down the ramp. "If you need help guarding her, call me in for a shift." he says to the Cadetlettes and Cam as he begins to head down the ramp. As he's doing so, shortly after Jael's finished speaking, he simply says. "Shut up, dwarf." and continues along to head over to the Cook Tent to try and pillage any remaining U-Juice.

While there is a look back to Cole, Elias is still a bit phased to be taking part in that particular discussion. Not just yet. He does give Cole an apologetic look. While he's apparently assuming some of the responsibility in this mess, he doesn't seem whipped into a rage. Nor a concussion, thankfully. "After we talk to her," he replies to Grey with a nod of his head. Taking a deep breath then, he shifts his attention to Jael once more. "It's the best we're going to get right now," he says with a firm clench to his jaw and a shake of his head. "Sorry for that." A look is given back to Silas then and he holds up his non-head-holding hand. "Silas, c'mon. Be cool, man. Everyone's upset right now."

Grey thrusts a finger at the votes on the side of the dropship, "You see how many people think she's guilty? No split there. Imprisonment versus death? Well sure, that's closer, but so far as I'm seein', you're the only one makin' a big split here, asshole. And if you wanna live in a place where you can kill people whenever you want and get away with it," again, Grey the murderer is being a good bit of a hypocrite here from at least a certain point of view, "then you're not the one thinkin' long-term. And no, I'm not gonna kill you." And now his finger points at Morgan even though his words are for Cole, "Because you're useful." Beat pause, "And because you didn't kill one of us in cold blood. That's the only law we got right now. No killing in cold blood." He lets out a long breath, breathing hard, then looks over to Jael and nods, "Yeah. Real good point. Tell someone. Because you'll get caught."

"I think I'm like five inches taller than dwarf sized," Jael tells Silas's back as he walks away, blinking after him. "Five or six inches?" She looks up at Elias, shrugs her shoulders. "It's fine. Everybody's just doing what they think is right. It gets heated. Nobody called me names." Apparently dwarf doesn't count.

Elias' words are earned a over the shoulder glance and earn Jael one too- and he looks as though he may apologize, but ultimately continues forward with a huff. "This was the worst thing for my hangover." he grumbles. In all the confusion, he almost forgot that he woke up next to a puddle of vomit this morning. Time to do it again.

"Yeah, way to take account the silent minority, dickcheese." Cole remarks. "So could I can be fuckin useful, I better get back to fuckin work before I start not being that. Hate to be accused of 'wasting resources' and get my fuckin head bashed in because apparently it's easier to ascribe to Grounder logic. We'll see how long your idea of law lasts before the pitchforks are turned on you. And it's so fuckin weird, because I actually like you. I just don't agree with you at all. Better not say that too loud before I'm accused of treason then." And he's out, going back to who-knows-where.

Cameron nods his head to Grey, even though part of him is becoming seriously freaked out about about that happening. "Society is about rules, and those are like building blocks, and they begin with a foundation. The very bottom of that foundation is: you do not murder. Everyone has to agree with that. Now, if we had a perfect society, I'd be against capital punishment. But we don't. We are living day to day: tomorrow we might have a bad day and no one eat, and the next day, everyone's weak. We're doing okay, but only okay. We can't afford to imprison someone. We simply can't. We are one day away from death, every single day, our whole people. So we have to do something else. Do I relish the idea of killing someone? No, I don't. I've killed one person in my life, a Grounder who held our people captive, and I don't want to kill anyone else, ever again. But, she murdered one of us. That has to cost, and there is simply no other option."

Who'd have thought he and Cole would actually be on the same side of something important? "Being able to identify that guard could save someone's life." Morgan's telling Grey but talking to everyone. "Maybe your dad, Cam. Maybe Fi's parents. Or anyone else here who actually gives a damn about their mom and dad. And not just one life, maybe more than one. That's worth locking her up for and then turning her over to Jaha. So yeah, she could be useful." He shrugs and turns to leave. "And I'm done."

Taking a deep breath, Elias looks to Cameron and shakes his head. "We have to hold her for a while. Just in case we hear from somebody up there." For the moment he's keeping it together, but Cole's words have him clenching his jaw again. He is one of those with family up on the Ark. There's a look back to the mechanic, he nods his head. "Cole's right about that. We need someone on the comm all the time trying to reach the Ark. I'll stay up all day and night if I have to." He looks to Cameron then, his words earnest but not harsh in any way. "Your head's on right? Just make sure nothing happens to her. I've got my folks up there still. If there's a chance…"

Grey lets Cole's rant wash over him, drawing in a long, slow breath and letting it out with the sort of eyeroll that only an angry teenager can manage. Cameron gets a shrug of agreement, and then he looks over to Morgan, gesturing up to the dropship where Mags was taken, "And that's why she's not dead already. You smart folks get a chance to try to get her to talk, since you won't let me use 'enhanced interrogation techniques,'" Which they taught the very basics of when he was a Cadet, but he clearly has zero interest in using, despite his words and the strong face he's trying to keep up. Muttering to himself, he adds, "I need to get laid."

"That's assuming we can get contact with the Ark again, Mor." Cameron's voice takes on an edge of worry, "What's happened up there… has happened. I don't think she knows anything that could help them up there, whatever coup or attack that's happened is already done. Its too late for us to get them information up there to help avert it." He nods to Elias then, "I'll sleep on the hatch and no one goes in or out of the upper chamber without me being awake and watchful. No one's taking this into their own hands. No one." And he eyes Grey a bit, at mention of 'enhanced interrogation'. There, finally! Disagreement. The world is not out of sync. "We aren't monsters, Grey. Not to mention I'm pretty sure when under duress you're likely to hear what you want to hear."
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"I have a lot I could still say," Jael observes, finally stepping away from the wall and plodding heavily over in Cameron's direction, playing it up. "But at some point we have to realize when we're not getting anywhere. I respect that you think it's the right thing to do." She glances after Morgan, lifts her chin towards him as he turns to go. "Pretty sure that's as good as it's going to get." There's no hostility there, nothing grouchy. Elias's words have her looking his way, frowning deeply. "They'll get it figured out up there. There's a lot of smart people. She probably doesn't know enough to be really valuable in terms of information anyway, not to them. They've probably already figured something is going on, you know?" It's a little dry. "Hey," she calls, over towards Grey. "We do the best we can, right?"

"Thing is Cam, once she's dead, it really won't matter if we do get communication back." Morgan says without turning or stopping. "We'll just have to hope it turns out okay. Cause she's sure not going to do shit when she knows she's dead no matter what."

Cameron looks to Jael, and flashes one of his few smiles for this night, a hint of dimples showing, "Jael, say it, if you want to say it. I know you disagree, and I'm not thinking you're crazy for disagreeing. But if you have something to say, don't hold back. There's no democracy without freedom of expression, and I'm willing to sit and listen to your arguments for as long as you want to make them, and weigh them, and I might change my vote. I might not. I don't know. But you are free to speak your mind, surely." He looks sidelong over towards Morgan, looks momentarily vexed, and grunts, "Okay, fair point. I made the original offer that she get held until the Ark dropships come down, so maybe her people will win and free her. I meant it as an unlikely carrot, but okay, fine. I don't like the idea of feeding one extra mouth when we should be conserving every bite we can— I can not tell you how serious it is that we start preserving food /yesterday/— fucking parties need to stop— anyways, what was I saying? Okay right. I vote imprisonment, okay? For now." He seems…annoyed by coming to this decision.

Another wince and Elias is squinting at both Cameron and Grey. "We're not resorting to torture," Elias says with a shake of his head to them before settling his eyes on Grey. "For better or for worse, we have to draw the line somewhere. That somewhere is before torture." Taking a breath inwards, he looks to Cameron. "Not yet." A quick and meaningful look is given to him before he once more turns his attention to Jael. "I hope so too," he says to her in a quieter tone. There's a nod to Morgan then at that. "That's a solid, reasonable point. Just because it's even on the table, she isn't gonna' say shit. She gave some terms…that I don't think I can agree with."

Grey shrugs at Cam again, "Don't lock the door though, Cameron. The rifles are still up there, and if something goes wrong, we need to be able to get to 'em. And we already know she's a shit liar." He glances to Morgan, snorts once, "Kane." There's a scoffing amusement to the name. "But your point," that's to Elias as well, and with more than a little relief, "is made. No torture." He glances over to Jael a little warily, then nods, grudging respect, "Yeah. We do the best we can. Be the best we can." And then back to Morgan, "There's still ways to die." He holds up a hand, "Even if all of them are… I don't know… humane? There's still choices. Hanging or some sort of plant poison that doesn't hurt…" He glances to Cameron a little at the last, not being a botany guy himself.

Morgan exits stage left, nothing else to say.

"It's done, and I don't think it's really productive. We might not be doing this the way that I like, but it's more important that we…do this, I guess. It's /something/, which is better than nothing," Jael rattles off like it makes perfect sense to her, whether or not anyone else can follow her 'logic'. "Everything I'd say would be just a different way of saying the same things I've already said in hopes that you would understand something that…you already understand, you just don't -agree-." She rolls her eyes dramatically, and then she's looking to Grey. "It's all you can do. And you're doing it. Cross my heart." He even gets a reassuring smile to go with the words, seemingly oblivious to his wariness. Elias and his wincing and his quiet words gets a pat on the back of one of his shoulders. Pat. Pat. Pat. "I bet if I pushed you, you'd fall over," she suggests.

"I won't lock it." agrees Cameron to Grey, "Just sleep with a leg on it. It won't stop anyone, but make sure I'm awake if anyone is going up or down. No offense to anyone in particular, I just don't want anyone taking anything into their own hands." A quick grin, "And I trust myself to make sure that doesn't happen. So I, a party of one, nominate myself to be a guard. The party votes to affirm. So it is ratified." He looks over to Jael, and he listens and nods, and he gives a helpless shrug, "To me? I mean, its terrible, but its a first line in the sand. We decide as a people murder is not okay. We're barely not kids, our instincts are ark-bred and totally unsuited to life on a planet, and we're abandoned, alone, with no resources, and no one but ourselves to trust and rely on. We have to look to each other. And first of the covenants between us is, if someone murders another, we must give that someone justice. That is the consequence of murder. It creates a bond, a covenant, between us. Its the foundation of society."

Elias does finally smirk at Grey after a long moment of silence. "Go southpaw tonight?" he suggests in late response to his previous comment about needing to get laid and then snorts out a short laugh. Another exhausted attempt at levity. He gives a nod of his head to Grey then. "You're a decent guy. I don't wanna' see you cross that line. Too much to ask anyways." As he feels the pat on his back from Jael, he raises both brows and turns his head to look at her from behind long locks of hair. "Oh, let's not push to find out," he says with a smile before shifting his attention to Cameron. "Thanks. I'll bring you some food or something later on or whatever. Need anything, just holler."

<FS3> Grey rolls Deception: Success.

Grey nods to Jael, "The fact that we did this together is as important as we did it, even if there are a few people still grumpy as shit about it." Looking back to Cameron, he nods, "You should keep Adams," Kai, in Guard-speak, "up there with you. Or someone else to look after the rifles. I don't think it's smart to have our only guard up there with a prisoner and rifles asleep." The joke from Elias causes Grey to blink, a hint of a blush spreading beneath his dark skin. Clearing his throat, he shrugs awkwardly, "Naw. I go righty when I gotta." Which is undoubtedly too much information for anyone.

"I understand," Jael tells Cameron agreeably, shifting to try and bump into him with her shoulder. "I do. I see your point." Elias is eyed with a played up thoughtful expression, finger coming up to press against her lips and everything. After a few moments, she pouts. "Fine, fine," she says. "I won't get to pretend I'm big and strong enough to push somebody over. It would've actually made me feel better. Jerk." He gets a mock-glare, and then she's turning her eyes to Grey. Oh, he's blushing. She cough-laughs, choking on said laugh a bit, and clears her throat. "People are going to be grumpy," she says, after just too long of a moment. "That's what people do. Especially if it's a democracy. Nobody likes losing a vote." No comments are made upon hands. Nope.

Cameron blinks at Grey, shaking his head quickly, "Oh I'm not saying I'm the only guard, Grey. Adams, whoever. I'm just saying I'm going to be there and man the hatch. That's all." But he's bumped by Jael, and turns a quick grin to her, dimples showing as he does so, "I'm not all that big but I pack it in tightly. That's why Morgan likes me, see." There's a sudden, wicked grin. before he looks around and says more seriously, with a nod for Elias, "That'd be appreciated, man."

Grey's reaction gets a snort of laughter from Elias and a shake of his head. "Someone's gonna' be lacking for handshakes in the morning," he says, becoming a regular teenage boy for the moment. A look to Jael then and he's laughing as well. "I was afraid of you having too much fun. Also concussions." Another short laugh is given before he switches his attention to Cameron, then. Well…snaps his attention over as he speaks. Knitting his brows up, he starts snickering again…while wincing and holding the back of his head. "Ah shit. We shouldn't be laughing. At all." And for just a split second he sobers before he starts breaking out into muffled, snickering laughter.

Grey snorts his own amusement at Cameron's dimpled riposte, "You know there used to be a team in the NFL you'd probably like… the Packers." Because they're all teenagers at heart, and this teenager likes jokes that make him snicker. Like that one does. He glances down to his right hand, shrugs, and ostentatiously wipes it off on his Grounder-shirt, then offers it out to Elias. Shaking the offer off, he sobers up a bit, "I should… man, I don't know. Go hunting, I guess."

"Cameron, man, I can't unhear that," Jael whines playfully, giving him a dirty look. Yes, queen of not-having-a-filter is talking to Cameron about his. "Why would you do that to me!" It's an accusation, not a question. But his wicked grin earns him a grin in return and a roll of her eyes, the little blonde shaking her head. "Why do you hate fun?" That's for Elias when he tells her why he wouldn't let her push him over, and she's just opening her mouth to protest his protest of the laughter when he snickers and she looks relieved. Grey wiping his hand off and offering it out towards Elias has her snickering too, and then dissolving entirely into a gigglefit. There is a snort or two involved. She eventually wraps an arm around her stomach and bends a little, waving one of her hands around as she tries to breathe. And yeah, it'll take her a moment to calm down. There's a lot of tension to get rid of.

It doesn't take a lot for Cameron to think of what packing might mean, and he grins more at that, and with his under-eye smudges, he looks like a..packer. Maybe. He shrugs at Grey and says, nonchalant, "That's a team I don't ever mind playing on, Grey. But I like to keep my options open, you know. Maybe play on the other team, sometimes." And he looks to Jael, his grin easy and dimpled. Cameron has _no_ shame. He has never in his life had a moment where he comprehended the idea of embarrassment. It simply doesn't compute. So, at Jael's complaint? Cam just grins. Extra Wickedly. "I believe in the value of imagination, Jael. The power of it. Run with it and believe me when I tell you its a lot more sweaty and exhausting then you're thinking of. Eden be praised."

Elias immediately slaps his palm to his forehead and accidentally barks out a slightly louder laugh. He struggles to quiet himself, though so that it doesn't look absolutely awful that they're condemning someone and standing around laughing. Still, the bit of levity is needed. More snickering causes his shoulders to quake when he offers his hand forth too. Why does he hate fun? Elias looks back to Jael and shakes his head before motioning to Grey. "Ask Grey how fun concussions are." Again, his eyes flick sharply to Cameron, though more out of shock than anything. Blinking a few times, he slaps a hand over his mouth and laughs out loud, but muffled into it. There are just absolutely no words for Cameron and his cheeks are lit up red not just with the exertion of laughter.

Grey chuckles at Jael's response, but Cameron's draws a loud bark of laughter, and he shakes his head, "Dirty." Elias' commentary causes him to groan, reaching for the back of his head. His humor fades, and he glances out into the camp, toward where Rawlins has his tent, and he snorts sharply, "Assholes." And then he's shrugging, "Yeah. Not so much fun. Anyhow. I'm gonna see if I can't catch some squirrel." And he gives them each a nod and turns to leave.

Gasping for breath, Jael manages to eventually swallow the laughter, glaring at Cameron. Well, it's still playful, as is the swat that's swung in his direction. "Do you seriously want me imagining your sex life Cameron Scott." Again, it is not a question by her inflection, for all that the words should be one. "I do not want to be imagining your sex life." Yeah, she's starting to blush too, for all that she's doing her best to bluster on through it. Elias's words have her offering him her most innocent of smiles. "I wouldn't get a concussion from pushing you over, I promise," she assures him. With another glance to Cameron she's snickering (and blushing) again. When Grey's humor fades again and he turns to go disappointment flutters across her face. "Be safe," she tells him, watching him go for a moment before she looks back to the other two, offers a little apologetic smile. "Laughter's healthy," she points out. "It helps cope with awful things."

Cameron gives a somewhat smug grin to Jael, and his brows rise up on his forehead, and his dimples are bright fro all to see, "Why, Jael Ryan, why in Eden's name would anyone not want to imagine my sex life? I mean, really. Morgan's imaginative and I'm enthusiastic and who doesn't want to picture that." Nope. Cameron has never met a thing to be shy about. Ever. But, things grow more serious. So. With a nod, and a glance beyond, he notes, "We won't run out of awful things." In a voice that's somewhat quiet. But, serious work. So he's helping lead/guard the prisoner back to the dropship, and up, up and away.

A nod is given to Grey as well as a light smile to him. "Maybe we need to instate the 'buddy system'," he suggests offhand. "Because if we're taking responsibility for this shit, we're going to wind up walking targets." There's a sobering look then before he casts another look to Grey. "Hold off on that. Maybe. I don't know. It's broad daylight, but…" He gestures back towards the wall then and gives Grey a more firm look. "Not gonna' stop you, but play it smart." Looking to Jael once again then, he smirks again and snorts out another quick laugh. "Yeah, I'm sure you wouldn't. Me on the other hand…" Cameron's words bring more color to his cheeks and he claps his hand over his mouth once again. The words that come after those are sobering enough, though. "Yeah," is all he offers finally.

Grey grunts at Elias, "I can handle myself. I'm pretty sure those assholes aren't gonna come after me again. But thanks for the concern." And then he's off.

"Yes, yes, go on, rub my nose in it some more," Jael complains, though her tone is still amused. "Fine, fine, I'll make sure I spend some quality time imagining it, and you can just keep in mind that it's all your fault and you don't get to be creeped out by it." She crosses her eyes at him, flashing a grin before she turns back towards Elias. He gets a wide-eyed look. "Yeah," she agrees, reaching up to clap him on the shoulder before she's turning to head off to find somewhere quiet to sit and stare, for a while.

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