Day 012: Third Punch Is The Charm
Summary: Faolan, Grey, Elias, Mimi, and Layla talk while the ex-Cs demonstrate how to throw a punch.
Date: 20 May 2016
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

12 Days After Landing

Faolan's head - though its really a full body movement - weaves left and around the fist that's streaking towards him. His counter comes smooth and easy. Its all slow motion, with color commentary from the tall ex-C. "Keep your fists up. Yeah, like that. Protect yourself. Don't wing your shots, keep them crisp. Paw-Paw. If you've got the numbers, look for an opportunity to tangle and take them down. If they're outnumbering you, always stay on your feet and don't get cornered." He has an instructor voice going, and a small group of would be fighters in front of him. They're muddy from the wrestling he had them go through earlier, dirt smeared across young cheeks, arms, backs, thighs. "Be aware of your surroundings. Alright! Like that. Yeah. Let's pair up a bit. You and you, and you and you and.." and so on. Looking at him, the steady voice, the sharp eye for detail, the calm and helpful demeanor, why, you'd never think Faolan had a few screws loose at all.

Grey has been out and about with various Ee-Ess nerds and fellow hunters most of the day, but except for a deer earlier on in the day, he's come back empty-handed. No other game, and certainly none of the missing Delinquents. The training sessions draws his eyes as he comes back to fetch another throwing spear, and he diverts in that direction, "Not like Sergeant Simmons' lessons, is it, Faolan?"

"I'n not as ugly," Faolan responds to Grey as he takes a step back from the paired up kids. He glances sideways at his fellow exC, arms folding over his chest. "That only works if you're ugly and bitter and angry. Me, I'm a damn ray of sunshine."

Meanwhile he keeps the commentary up: "Keep the rhythm. Slow. This ain't about speed, its about technique. Speed'll come. No, not like that! Shit. Okay, its just a bruise. Get up, wimp! Alright, again."

He rolls his shoulders languidly. "Any fresh meat on the menu tonight?"

Grey looks over to another pair, "Hands up, Michaels. Hands up. You drop your hands, you get punched in the nose." He glances over to Faolan, "Who says you're not as ugly, 'cause they been lying to you, man." Nodding in the direction of the cook tent, he adds, "Flushed a deer earlier, brought it in. But we haven't found Devin, Zoe, or Mika yet."

"C'mon. All I need is a shiny surface to tell me that I'm twice as good looking as you, Grey," Faolan replies wryly. "Shit, just be glad I don't got any Grounder Pounder tendencies in me, or you'd end up crying in your sleep every night as I stole your woman from you. All I'd need to do is this." And he flexes his biceps, and gives it a kiss. "Works every time."

An exasperated sigh meets a pair doing it utterly wrong. He steps in, pushes them a part, gives a quick few pointers and then steps back again. A shrug at Grey to ask: Were we ever this bad?!

"I guess we should've restrained Zoe. But shit, didn't have time to deal with it at the time." He frowns, brows knitted together above eyes cutting woodwards. "Proof you can't make it on your own. Devin.. I don't know. Gotta admit the kid was always doing stupid shit."

<FS3> Grey rolls Deception: Success.

"Ohhh, so you're lyin' to yourself. Have fun with that then." Grey smiles widely… until he mentions 'his woman,' at which point he blinks and shakes his head. Thankfully, Grey's dark skin hides his flush, "Yeah, even if I was a Grounder Pounder, the Grounder ladies aren't stupid enough to fall for that act." One hand comes up and he starts to bite at a fingernail, distracted enough that he barely notices when Faolan glances over at him. The bigger man's words cause him to look up again, eyes focusing, and he shrugs, "I promised I wouldn't leave anyone alone. I gotta know that they're out there by choice. If they are… I'm good. If not… I'm gonna bring 'em back, even if it's like Perry and Rees."

"You can't make promises like that. You realize that, right?" A serious look is given Grey, Faolan's features forming into a frown. "You're not a fucking God. You're not in control. Nobody is in control down here. This world is savage, and it's gonna be eating up our numbers until we tame it again. Sometimes its going to be because one of us made a terrible decision, and its not a game, and there's no take backs. Other times its just gonna be wrong place at the wrong time, and nothing nobody can do. All we can do is prepare, be smart, stick together."

Grey shrugs his shoulders, "I made the promise. I'm gonna do my best to follow through." He lets out a breath, "You're right though, that I can't stop people from doin' stupid shit, or even from dying. But I can always do my best to bring them home if they do. What else can we do, Faolan? I mean, we were gonna be Guards. Don't we have a duty to protect the people who can't protect themselves?"

"Our duty was to protect the Greater Good of the Ark, of humanity. Individuals have always been expendable, Grey." While they talk Faolan lets the kids keep on fighting. They're in a rhythm that's no longer terrible, though its in hideous slow motion that would never pass for a fight. "I'm not saying don't feel shitty about losses, or that shouldn't try to protect people. Just don't beat yourself up over shit you can't help. Just try to improve. Zoe, I wish she'd have listened to us, but she didn't. I already took Devin for dead when he charged those Grounders. I figured it was gonna happen one way or another. Mika? She got sent into the SkyBox on purpose. I always figured it'd just be a matter of time before she made a decision that'd get her killed once we landed."

Grey shakes his head, "The hell you say. We're on the Ground now." He points out at the wall around them and the tree beyond, "We don't have to keep to one kid, we don't have to have everything end up with floating." He thinks a moment, then snorts a little chuckle of very-dry laughter, "Hell, we can't even float people anymore." Drawing in a breath and letting it out with a little hiss, he shrugs, "I'm not gonna force people who want to leave to stay. That'd be stupid, and I couldn't do it if I wanted to. But if they're in trouble, I'm gonna help them. If they're dead, I'm gonna bring 'em home."

"That's not what I'm saying. You think I wanna float anyone? I don't think we should, or even can really, execute or shock lash or box everybody who makes a mistake. This isn't the Ark; if you're discontent you can just walk the fuck away. And we can't afford our numbers to deplete through schisms upon schisms." Faolan rubs his hand against his jawline.

"Footwork, man. Jab, jab. Weave. That's right." He's stepped forward to poke and prod and instruct a pair. Satisfied, he joins Grey again.

"Point I'm making is this; you spend your resources the most effectively you can, to help and protect and if need be, rescue. Wasting it on self recriminations and stupid promises to bring back everybody, even the idiots who can't bothered to self-help, then you're short changing everybody who do try to make this place better and stronger."

"But that's what made everyone expendable, right Faolan?" He gestures around the camp, "Until the rest of the Arkers come down, there's ninety-two of us. That's it. And that's if Devin, Zoe, and Mika are still alive. None of us is expendable." Then he relents a little, "But I'm not gonna spend all my time lookin' for people who just damned well walk off. You're right that there's a whole lot more to be doin'. That's why we're huntin' while we're looking."

"I hope you find them," Faolan says sincerely. "Just don't obsess about it and beat yourself up the whole time. That's all I'm saying. If I come across a sign when I hunt I'm not gonna turn away from it." He just won't go waste resources for their sake, the damn delinquents. "How do you think it went with the healers? I still can't believe so many voted for Morgan. Me, I was Fiona and Cookie all the way." A smirk as he adds. "And I only voted for you because I didn't wanna deprive you of a chance to ogle Grounders. I'm a buddy like that."

"The Healers are doin' good." How Grey knows is… up for debate. Or assumption. "And Morgan's got some real crazy supporters." Grey and Faolan are standing near a group of Delinquents practicing how to throw a punch — and how to dodge one. "A lot of people are real angry at the Ark." And then he blinks, "You voted for me? And you think I want to go up to ogle Grounders? Man, there are plenty of hot girls down here." Several of whom have made it clear that they want nothing to do with Grey, if rumors are to believed. "I went Q," that's one of them, "Fiona, and Cookie, myself."

"Yeah, and Quinn's in his camp, isn't she?" Asked with a frown. "Thought better of her." Then he shrugs and adds under his breath: "Even if I always knew she was a damn bitch." Faolan, the big and tall ex-Cadet, is the one directing the pairs of would be fighters. He keeps coming with helpful (and occasional less helpful) comments. "Anyway, it was mostly because of consistency. You and Fee did most of the talking last time, and wanted that to continue. Cookie, everybody likes Cookie. And fuck if I wanted to sit on another of those things." By things he means horses. "I worry they'll badmouth the Ark to the point it'll create all the fucking trouble they're so worried about."

Movement from one of the tents nearby might draw the eye of the more perceptive right before Elias emerges from it. He immediately walks across the grounds to where some of the other delinquents are practicing hand-to-hand combat. The crash course in the last two weeks before Landing Day likely wasn't enough to instill confidence in the dark-haired young man. Upon approach it looks like he's a bit confused as to how to get involved in the training taking place. With a bit more of a wandering step, he makes his way a bit closer to Faolan and Grey. "Hey," he offers with a quick upwards nod to the two. "I'm here for the training."

Grey shrugs a little awkwardly, "I don't know that Q's… in his camp… exactly. She doesn't like some of the shit that goes on up there, but I'm pretty sure she thinks he's crazy as a nutbar too." Or he's projecting and hoping. Glancing over to Elias as the other young man approaches, Grey nods upwards, "Hey." He looks over the others practicing their punches and dodges and shrugs, "Unarmed, a baton, or a spear?" As he waits for an answer, Grey half-turns toward his fellow ex-C, "I wanna have a talk with him before they really go. 'Cause he's gotta recognize that he's representing all of us, not just the nutty mothers."

"You're late." It is said in Faolan's best Sergeant voice as he frowns at Elias. "And you missed wrestling. But fine. Whatever." The last word is added in that teenage way that destroys any Sergeant aura he might've had a moment before. He shrugs. "I guess Grey here is volunteering to partner up with you. You're lucky, because I wouldn't have bothered."

He nods to Grey. "Yeah, we better. And its not just about what's said. Nutty will show, man. Nutty will show, just in general demeanor. Its not that I mind voting, its just.. democracy can still produce some idiotic results. I feel like options aughta be trimmed a bit before you let the people go ahead and have a say."

Not exactly short, but certainly not as tall as the other two by a good margin, Elias looks up to Faolan and then to Grey before letting a smirk curl up the left corner of his lips. "Oh just…whatever would help me to not get my ass kicked would be pretty okay," he replies finally with a squint towards the sun. He turns his gaze to Faolan then and inclines his head to him, eyes wide for a moment there. "Yeah, sorry about that. My alarm didn't go off." The last bit, of course, is just left at that with no hint of a joke or anything. "I get your point, though. I was taking a look at the soil. Wanted to wash up before I came out." Another upwards nod is given to Grey accompanied by an expectant look and a quick upwards tick of his brows. "So we're up?"

Grey holds up his hands, "Woah, woah, woah. I really mean talk. Just to be clear." He chuckles and shrugs at Elias, "So what'd you figure out about the dirt? Could we plant here?" With the trees around the dropship itself, probably not, but Grey certainly doesn't know that. "I mean, if we had seeds or whatever." He steps back a bit, rolling his neck and looking to Elias, raising his hands up before him and making a beckoning gesture. "Keep your weight balanced. Under you. Punch straight again, not in a curve. Get your hips behind it." As he waits for the incoming punch, he responds to Grey, "You want anything but democracy, it's gonna take boots and weapons. And that'll drive people off. And we can't afford that."

"Heh. Ha." A snorting chuckle bursts out of Faolan after just a quick take at Elias' face. The fact there's no joking tone only makes him grin wider. "No alarm. Washing up first. I like that." Most everybody is muddied from the wrestling earlier, except Grey who hadn't participated (though I suppose he can be dirty too!) He remembers himself, and stops chuckling. "Still. The world don't revolve around you. Appointments are meant to be kept, or you're fucking over everybody else who has to go out of their way to appease you." Does Faolan know he sounds like a would be authority figure of the sort the delinquents generally hate? "Everybody wants to be a snowflake like Grey here." At some point his grumbling turns into a half smirk, though.

"Sure.. I meant, uh, talk too. Anyway, I don't see it that way. Most people'll follow like sheep if you just limit their options and just don't make it too harsh or stupid a rule."

Still squinting a touch, Elias takes a deep breath in and then exhales it while running a hand up through his longish hair. "I mean. It's been a hundred years since anyone's ever seen it. I'm still piecing together what I've read and pictures I've seen with the actual thing." Elias is, in fact, not exactly clean though it looks like some effort has been made to brush as much dirt off of his hands as possible. "We could try to find tubers. Roots." A shrug of his shoulder is given to Grey. "We'll see if I can figure it out." Light hazel eyes once more turn to Faolan then before he even thinks about the combat. His jaw drops and he looks absolutely mortified by Faolan's words. "You mean I'm not the prettiest princess in the camp? Who decided this?" It's only then that he gets back into position with his weight distributed underneath him like Grey prescribed.

Finally, he does try to launch a punch at him, but he's obviously holding back. Violence is clearly not Elias' go-to for resolving things.

Grey snorts at the larger ex-Cadet, "Hey, screw you, Faolan." And then he has to snap his full attention back to Elias as the other man makes his move. The reserve shown by the other Delinquent allows Grey to sweep his left forearm across in front of the blow, aiming to knock it off to his right side with a twisting motion of his hips. Immediately, his hips snap back, driving the start of a jab at Elias' face with his right hand — a jab that only shoots forward a half-foot or so before being stopped. "Gotta commit, man. Ask Cassandra, ask Cameron, ask anyone who was at the Rescue, if you aren't behind what you're doin', you shouldn't even bother. You gotta know that it's you or them." He steps back, inquiring, "You think you can do that? Or do you think that you'd rather hide in the dropship until the Guard comes down to protect you?" Obviously, there are points in-between, but Grey's trying to make his own point there. Looking back to Faolan, he shrugs, "You try leadin' Morgan and Niner and Asher and Cameron like sheep. Lemme know how it goes."

Again Elias provokes a snort of amusement from Faolan, and this time he doesn't bother to try to hide it. "Princess, sure. Prettiest? C'mon. It's like I told Grey when he was mooning over his Grounder lover earlier." He leans in a bit, tells Elias with faux conspiracy. "You should've seen him with her, blushing everytime she looked at him."

A frown for how Elias is throwing his punch. "Technique and follow through. Like this, yeah? And put your weight behind it." All the while nodding at what Grey's saying regarding Elias' performance.

"Anyway, like I was saying, none of you are even close to my level of pretty. I mean, look at these. They're like dreadnoughts." And he means his biceps, which he curls and kisses for show. A pause. "If dreadnoughts were beautiful, that is. And those are just four people, and even if you double or triple, eh. Inertia is the most powerful force in the world. Can't use those malcontent fucking delinquents as examples for anything. They're down here with us for a reason."

The punch he throws is easily knocked off to the side and Grey gets the better of him well enough. The hand raised in an almost-punch does cause him to flinch just a little. This one hans't been out on the adventures, though, and is still an untried 'smart kid'. Once the move is made, he goes back to a defensive position with his hands up and fists loose. "Got it. Let me focus up and try again." It's not helped for the banter back and forth with Faolan, though. His gaze moves from Grey to Faolan and then back again. "Blushing even? That is kind of endearing. It beats the murder-on Kai has for me, anyways."

There are a group of delinquents training in hand-to-hand combat near to where Elias and Grey square off against each other. Faolan is nearby exchanging banter and conversation with both of them. That is specifically where Elias' attention is at the moment. "Humble and the prettiest princess in camp," Elias says to Faolan with a quick incline of his head. "How are you standing here without a swarm of admirers mobbing you, Faolan?" He flashes a quick smile to the taller one before flicking his attention back to Grey. "Oh. Right. Are you ready?"

Grey casts Faolan a death-look, reaching out with the flat of one palm to try to give the bigger teen a shove, "Just shut the hell up, man." He looks aside a moment, then goes on with, "I know you're jokin', and you know you're jokin'. But not everyone who can hear you knows you're jokin'." Elias' mention of their fellow ex-C causes Grey to nod slowly, "Yeah… that's totally how she flirts." His eyes dart over toward Faolan a moment, his brows lifting slightly. Elias' verbal take-down of Faolan causes Grey to laugh aloud, shaking his head in amusement, "Damn, man… I was tryin' to work on somethin' with dreadnoughts, but that'll work great." He resets his stance before Elias, his hands held up before his face, "Bring it. And mean it."

You know who doesn't mind a little blood sport? Doctor Killer. Which is to say, Layla. Approaching the young men while they're sparring, it must actually be noted that Layla hadn't sought the group out specifically. Indeed, they're basically just in her way, and how very dare they take up ground and space within her vicinity? Didn't they know what a chore it was going to be to walk AROUND them?

Worse still, they were talking boy things, kissing biceps and knuckles and grunting in a generally unintelligible manner. No woman really can understand it, and that's because it's Man Speak. But the secret wasn't in understanding, because any smart woman would know that it all came down to one Thing to Rule Them All.

…And Layla wasn't really old enough to have learned that, yet. So, without further ado, there she was, having paused in her walk to squint at the trio before her mouth turned downward into something of a pouty frown.

Faolan is also technically instructing the other delinquents who are doing hand-to-hand. But he's gotten distracted with the banter, so they're currently off on their own trying to go through the drilling patterns he showed them earlier. Its slow-motion sparring, without actual contact. Mostly. They're all muddy from the wrestling practice they had earlier.

"Hey, hey," he tells Elias. "Admirers? Do you have eyes? I mean. There's you all." Letting that sink in. "I didn't come to you, you all came to me. Anyway, do like this." The tall kid shows a fluid shadow-box move. Grey's death glare earns a shrug. "Fine, whatever."

Then there's a Layla. Suddenly Faolan's cheer melts away into awkwardness. He looks anywhere but at her. She hasn't said hi, so he doesn't have to say hi.

Mimi moves into the area from the tech tent with a little spring in her step..tripping every couple of steps. "Whoa…whoa…whooaoaooaaah…whoa…" Camo-dress. Headband-bandage, and a cloth bag over her arm. She comes to a slow pause pretty close to Layla looking at all the mud. "What are they doing? They're filthy! They're a bunch of dirty boys!" she exclaims exuberantly. She smiles as she looks to Layla "Oh, hey doctor lady! Good job on the keeping us from dying thing!" Giving her a thumbs up "Way to go!" She looks between the two "Did I catch something about admiring? Were you admiring the male form?"

"Hypothetically," Elias says, getting back into a fighting stance. This time he makes sure that his weight is evenly distributed and does what he can to get comfortable with having his legs at about shoulder-width apart. "It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Are we making any advances with the Grounders at all, for that matter? Sorry. I've been a bit busy with the other stuff." There is a quick shake of his head before he starts to focus up. Glancing to Faolan however, he raises a brow briefly at him. The smile on his face shows that it's all in good fun. "If this is how you get dirty with your admirers, I think it's high time you had 'the talk', young man."

The smile on his lips grows to a toothier one before he prepares to throw a punch at Grey. When Layla and Mimi stop nearby, he stops once again and glances in their direction. "Oh good," he says flatly before this time throwing a 'more proper' punch directly at Grey's face. It's likely nothing the more experienced boy can't counter.

"You stopped me, man. As far as I can tell, you're my admirer." Grey shakes it off, frowning just a touch at Faolan's reaction — although Layla gets a nod of greeting, as does Mimi, "Naw, Faolan was admiring your new dress." He's too busy watching Elias however, to study his fellow ex-C that closely. This time when the other man punches, Grey ducks down and to his right, using his forearms to knock the punch up and to his left. He doesn't counter, stepping back instead, "Better. And if the healers keep doin' good, then we'll get a summit with their steheda, their chief. Morgan, Quinn, and Fiona get to go talk to him."

Done with banter, Faolan just mutters something under his breath and then wades into the rest of the delinquents sparring. "No, more like this. Turn your hip. Straight up jab, yeah. The leaner the motion the quicker it'll be and the less energy you'll use." That sort of thing, using his hands, gestures, nudges and comments to get all the little flaws out of the way. He completely ignores the girls. At least the girls who're watching rather than getting dirty in the fighting. He's just much too busy being an instructor suddenly. That's all. Nothing to see here. Move on.

"Admiring…" Layla repeats, giving Mimi a vaguely admonishing look before shaking her head. Even if she was, which she most certainly wasn't, Layla wasn't about to admit to it. "Guys may as well be synonymous with mud, Mimi, don't be surprised when you see them rolling around in it." She pauses long enough to consider the other girl before saying, "You're looking…okay." Did Mimi look better? It was hard to tell. Her behavior still appeared…off. For Mimi, anyway.

"Hey, Grey." Even Elias gets a nod, for, you know, when he's not busy ducking or throwing punches or whatever. But Faolan is just too busy being an instructor for hellos. Right.

Mimi tilts her head "I see. Guys are equivalent to messy. I'll lock that away in the brainbank. Are they attractive? I'm not sure. If one is attractive you'll let me know right?" She twirls sending her dress flying upwards about a foot or so to sway before resettling. "I greatly enjoy my new dress. I would fathom to guess to say that I love it. I've not experienced love but I beleive this is likely a similar, if not the actual feeling." Tilting her head to the left side "I'm fairly certain that I have some kind of brain damage. With an indeterminably percentage of accuracy I can tell that my state of being has been altered. I'm feeling..things. I'm not supposed to feel things. It's fairly distracting." She lowers her gaze a moment "Oh yeah!" She says, suddenly exuberant again. "What cup size are you? Are you a A? B? I think your smaller than me..but I did get some Bras, I was telling you before. Here.." She pulls out a black lacy bra from inside her bag. "Do you think this would fit?" Holding it out in front of her, squinting an eye as she tries to hold it out to cover Layla's chest in her sightline (But not actually come near or touch the other girl) "I think this may fit you..what do you think? It smells a little funny, but that will wear off once your get your little funny smell into it..right?"

Oh, how Layla was about to point out some attractive youths for Mimi to pursue…She had names! Yet the words were unable to ever leap from throat to tongue, instead she made this strangled croaking sound as Mimi started to ask about her cup size again. And if that wasn't bad enough, she then started talking about 'funny smells,' and Layla knew then and there that she just wanted to DIE.

The life of a teenager.

"I need to go somewhere. For. Something."

Done with banter and more focused now, Elias's punch is once again countered, but he's catching on slowly. With help from Faolan's advice as well, of course. A nod is given to Grey and then to Faolan. Once more, he takes up a fighting position and clears his throat. "I don't want to actually hit you or anything," he says, giving a pause to his next attack for the time being. He's not weak by any means, but his reaction time just isn't what Grey's is. "Man, I have a lot of work to do," he says, giving a quick shake of his head to his sparring partner. Both Layla and Mimi get a proper nods of greeting from the muddy Elias. "Hey-…" There's meant to be a greeting there certainly, but Mimi is rather suddenly producing lacey underthings. This…is distracting. The shorter of the young men just stops there for the moment. Slowly he pans his gaze back over to Grey then. "So. Punching shit," he says after the long pause. "Focus." There is another glance cast towards Mimi and Leyla, though. Because that's not distracting.

Finally regaining some composure there as well as a bit of color to his cheeks, Elias once throws a quicker jab towards Grey, but aims it more to the side and away from his face a bit.

Mimi watches Layla as she goes elsewhere. She looks to the group of boys and holds up her hand "Excuse me? Does anyone know Ms. Lee's cup size? Does anyone think that this bra will fit her? I have yet to get confirmation. She has to go do other stuff apparently." She holds the bra out with both hands for viewing, but makes sure it doesn't get dirty. "Let's see..perhaps I can math it out." She holds the bra out a few more moments before putting hte bra neatly back into the bag. "I'll catch her at some point. She can be so busy."

Grey watches Faolan settle back into teaching the others, adding "I should get back to the hunt." He shakes his head at Elias, "Better. And with more practice, you'll keep getting better." The third punch takes him a little more by surprise, and he has to twist away quite inelegantly, taking a grazing shot across his cheek. Holding up his hands before him, he chuckles, "Better. And yes, focus." He gestures back toward the others practicing, "Keep workin' on it. I'll be back later tonight." Mimi's question has Grey looking baffled, and he shrugs, "Uh… I… try not to notice." And then he's off, heading to pick up another spear and go out hunting again.

Faolan.. furiously ignores the question of Layla's cup size and the whole range of implications that evolve around it. HE says nothing, keeps his head down, and just continues to show people how to fight. Grey's departure earns just a guttural grunt in the back of his throat, before he motions for Elias to find his way into the rest of the group. Apparently Faolan is finally willing to rotate him in some other partners.

"Preferably before something kills me," Elias replies before a broad and chipper smile crosses his features. Standing up straight once more and not resuming a combat stance, he does look to Mimi and blink at her owlishly. The bandaging around her head doesn't go unnoticed and in fact elicits a low whistle from the dark-haired boy. "You really got smacked hard, huh?" His eyebrows knit inwards and a look of genuine concern comes to his expression. His eyes shift from the girl to the bra she holds up. "I'll, ah…I…nope!" Turning then, Elias starts to walk off in a direction.

Mimi nods her head to Elias "Yes, I fell into an abandoned pre-ware structure that was..oh, I see. You were making a statement, not seeking further clarification." She gives a smile and little giggle. "Oh, I see!". She considers. "If some of the boys and larger girls wouldn't let me measure their circumference of their waist, I also found some other sets of jeans. I think they are called pairs, but I don't like to call them pairs because that seems mathematically inaccurate to me. It isn't two of them but simply one pant. Not two. It should be a singular of jeans, or just jean in my opinion. But that is not how they are commonly reference as. So! getting measured, gets fancy new pants - just slightly smelly. I don't think you all will have a problem changing the scent though. Because of..mud. And..mud related things.

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