Day 022: Time Out For A Make Out
Summary: After hearing the nad news, Fiona and Tuan take some time to push the world away for a moment.
Date: 13 June 2016
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Fiona Tuan 

Close to the Delinquent's Camp.
Day 22.

Fiona lets him guide her into the forest; she's assuming that he'll know a relatively safe spot, away from the violent inclinations of any enemy scouts. Once they make it into a copse of trees. Once there, she stops, opening her mouth to speak, and then finding herself with a lack of words. She just stares at him, like somehow he can make this horrid situation better than what it is.

Tuan turns once he finds that open space and makes his way towards a fallen log, almost staggering his way there as he sets his weary body down first upon the log before sinking all the way to the grass to lean against the log behind him. His blue eyes look up at Fiona who is staring at him, not speaking. With everything, despite everything, he cannot help it and a small soft smile touches the corner of his lips when he looks at Fiona.

One step, and then another, and then another after that, until she's standing beside his reclining body and drops down next to him. "I'm sorry." she breathes. She's not even sure what she's apologizing for.

Tuan sits quietly after her apology. He doesn't speak, doesn't really look at her since he's stuck staring straight ahead. He was upset, well had been at least; but that had melted some time ago. "You don't have to be sorry. You have done nothing wrong." The quiet admission, and acceptance is given followed by a glance to his side at the woman sitting next to him. "It is I that am sorry."

"It seems we're both sorry, then" Fiona smiles a little bit, looking down at her hands. "I've met you all of twice…and the second time you said something about your soul. You touched me when I was sick, and it looks like you've been sick yourself. I don't understand."

Tuan is silent himself for a bit before he shakes his head, "I do not understand either." The admission comes with a soft chuckle and smile. "The day I came upon you in the apple trees. I was feeling lost. Confused. Your people have disrupted our lives more than you will ever know." Tuan looks at Fiona then. "When I walked in, for some reason, I did not feel lost anymore. That is all I can explain, and I am sorry that it is odd."

"That's maybe the one thing you don't have to apologize for." she says with a sudden laugh. She gives him what might be a curious look, and then rather experimentally lifts her hand and rests it against his cheek. She doesn't say anything, she just watches his face.

Tuan turns his head towards the hand on his cheek some, a motion that shows welcoming of the touch. "It aches me that you were hurt. That your people are in this situation. I cannot see any solution Fiona kom Skaikru." And he certainly has tried. This close, the exhaustion seems to emenate from him. But his own hand lifts up, rests over hers which is on his cheek, squeezing it. "If there were only more time, to help you understand us, and us you."

"You'll help how you can." she says, "I know that. Could you…would you stay close by? There might be questions you can answer. But if the fighting starts, I want you to get far away. As far away as you can."

Tuan nods his head ever so slightly, "I must return to Coesbur for a short time, to check on my sister and nephew, to make sure they are well and know I am ok. But I will be as near as I can. With the same way to reach me." He trails off then, turning to look Fiona solidly in the eyes with a shake of his head. "I stood away last time the fighting start and look what happened." He glances to her shoulder.

Fiona smiles faintly. "We may want to change our signal a bit. Since I had to tell Jabira…and I'm being teased quite a bit about you." Sure, she may be about to die tomorrow, but there's always time to flirt. Or something.

That causes Tuan to tilt his head towards Fiona. "You are teased about me?" He seems fairly confused by this and lowers his hand from hers to place in his lap. "I do not understand. Why would your people tease you about me?"

Fiona grins a touch. "You're kidding, right?" Apparently she doesn't think he can be that naive. "They've seen how we look at each other. A couple of them have even gone so far as to suggest I have my way with you."

Tuan doesn't blush, he just nods his head a bit. "The way we look at each other. And here I thought I was the only one looking amiss." He chuckles after a moment. "Wren has said much the same thing. That I should just carry you off." Her grin is mirrored by his own however, "Your people see that as well then. What do you think?"

"About what, exactly? Whether you should carry me off?" Fiona laughs. "Under normal circumstances, I'd probably consider it. I mean, for all that we barely know each other. But it feels kind of, um, electric."

There is a laughter from him that fades after a moment. "I asked before, well almost asked. If I asked you this, I would be giving up everything I am. Which I don't think you would like. And if you agreed, it would not be who you are. So running from this place is not an option." He trails off before reaching his hand up now to brush fingers against her cheek if she'll allow it. "So we will find a solution."

"No." she agrees. "It wouldn't be either of us. And it seems like a really awkward time to figure out what's going on with this." Her thumb brushes across his cheekbone."

"Terribly awkward." Tuan affirms, his gaze not breaking. "Wrong really." He doesn't move away, if anything he is moving closer towards Fiona. "My people are waiting for me… And yours are waiting for you."

"Somehow I think they can manage to keep up." Fiona says, mouth curving in a smile. "Or, you know. Twiddle their thumbs and wait."

"Wait for what?" Tuan asks, eyebrow quirking playfully. It isn't his fault he was born a tease, he just is who he is. Still he leans forward, thumb brushing over Fiona's cheek. "What if it is the worst kiss in the history of history?"

"Well you know, we've lost a lot of histoy, since the bombs fell." Fiona starts to lean forward herself. "So I'm pretty sure there'd be a worse one. We should try, just to get the measure." Their noses are touching, and for a minute the little copse of trees is its own little world.

Tuan chuckles ever so softly at Fiona's response and then his head tilts, lips press forward and he kisses her. At least for him, it's certainly not his first kiss in life; he does have that bit of a reputation amongst other Grounder teens in the neighboring villages afterall.

Fiona isn't a stranger to kissing herself, but her reputation is a lot less about where her lips have been and more an unfortunate tendency to chain herself to airlock doors. There's a coy playfulness in how she kisses though, lifting her other hand so that she has his face framed in them.

His hand comes up to the back of Fiona's neck, not intending to stop the kiss for a few moments before finally he does pull away. Tuan, of all things chuckles softly and glances with his eyes around. "Definitely not the worst."

Fiona chases his mouth a little bit with hers, but tilts her head back when he speaks. "No, not the worst." She looks around a moment. "Do we have to leave?" she asks wistfully. She stretches along next to him, letting her weight keep her in place.

"Duty is like a rock on the shoulders." Tuan says softly to Fiona, stroking her cheek softly with his finger tips. "I do not want to leave. But we will be together again soon. We'll find a way." There is a tone of certainty to it before again he leans forward to kiss her once again, even more deeply than the first.

Fiona kisses him back with an energy that comes when facing the possibility that tomorrow she might die. Nipping his bottom lip when she finally pulls away, she sits up once more. "I'll try to have a message for you before the deadline. I'm not sure what the others will decide, but everyone deserves a say."

Tuan nods his head at her response, straightening some when she pulls away so that he can begin to push himself up using the log for leverage. "I do not trust her. The offer is a good one, by our standards, but I do not know if I believe she would honor it or even work to see the Queheda honor it." He pauses and adds, "It is a death sentence for those seven."

"I know." Fiona says quietly. "I think most, if not all, will choose to fight. We weren't expecting anyone from Coesbur except maybe Gideon. I didn't think it was right to expect anything from you…but I'm glad you'll help how you can. Don't get killed, okay? You're a really good kisser."

Tuan laughs at the last part of Fiona's words and he nods, "I will do what I can to not die. And you will not die either." He pauses then actually blushes before finishing his rise, reaching both hands out to her to help her up. "There is far to much kissing to be done for either of us to die."

Fiona lets him pull her to her feet. "One more?" she requests, tilting her head back. "For the road, you know? Because it may be a while."

Looking down at her, Tuan smiles with a small shake of his head. "Do you believe I could say no to you, even if I wanted to?" He asks it so innocently.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough." she says a bit grimly, her arm coming around his neck as she goes up on her toes to kiss him. He's a good head taller than her, and in comparison, build like a wall.

His arms move around Fiona to pull her towards him, leaning down to close the distance so she does not have to stay on her toes for long. Despite the height, and size, advantage he is compliant to her. By time he finally pulls away from kissing her, Tuan is nearly gasping for breath. Even then it is a struggle and he rests his forehead upon hers. "Fiona kom Skaikru. Yo melt ai Keryron."

"You're gonna live." she says breathlessly. "Who else is going to give me lessons in how to speak properly?" Biting her lip, she steps away from him, still smiling and possibly likely to trip herself because she doesn't quite want to take her eyes off him.

Tuan lets his hands linger on her until the last finger tip falls away and he bites his lip, grinning. "And you will live. When you need me, I'll be there." He starts to step backwards himself, his own eyes not wanting to part until finally he turns when he can no longer stand it and walks into the forest. A last lingering glance over his shoulder with a sheepish grin towards the departing girl. A look up to the sky is given as he walks, still tired but with a lighter step. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm in trouble…"

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