Day 061: Tinker, Maker, Warrior, Pub?
Summary: Kai meets Fayet, Fayet meets Tink, Lionel and Cole. Discussions of the mountain, sex, and family ensue.
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Marketplace — Tondc, Trikru

Once upon a time, before the bombs obliterated much of the metropolis, this had been a large, rectangular pool sprawling out almost a third of a mile in length and almost two-hundred feet in width. It has since dried up, and its sloping bottom filled with dirt and gravel to create a busy marketplace. Rectangular white pavers wrap the outside of the small lip of stone, creating a perimeter around the area. Beyond that perimeter is mossy lawns of grass, and hewn pathways toward the large clutch of Tondc housing known simply as The Hood.

There are two walkways through the three rows of tents and semi-permanent structures where merchants and traders barter their wares. An occasional break in the center row allows people to easily transverse this way and that through the market. At the far side of the market, opposite of the meeting green, is what of a enormous obelisk: the last ten feet of its pyramid peak laying on its side on the grass. It is capped in weathered and corroded aluminum; engraved into the cap, each letter standing about five inches high, are the words: Laus Deo.

Day 61

Kai's in the marketplace this fine, warm mid-morning. And though she mostly fits in appearance-wise with the rest of the clan, there's still the fact that she is slow and thoughtful and still mangles some of her Trigedasleng, and that there's plenty of people in Tondc who remember that once she was Skaikru. She's currently trading a radio taken from the Mountain for a weight of arrow heads, haggling as much in Gonasleng as Trigedasleng until they finally agree on a quantity. The sort of transaction that might possibly draw attention simply because of her 'accent' if nothing else.

The dread-locked carpenter, Fayet, is only in the marketplace for one reason — chasing down a delinquent client. She corners him, and as she is about to open her mouth to give him what-for, he pushes a basket full of dried, salted fish fillets into her hands. She closes her mouth and nods, businesslike, before turning to walk away. She overhears the haggling and as the Skaigirl and the trader agree on an amount, she frowns. "<In Trigedasleng> Shame on you," she scolds the fletcher. "<In Trigedasleng> You're robbing that poor girl. I don't care if she's from the moon, you give her a fair trade."

Kai's eyes flit towards Fayet. She understands.. well, most of the words at least, and it forestalls her handing over the radio. The merchant on the other hand scowls,"<In Trigedasleng> She's lucky that I am willing to trade with her at all. Go away." the Second's eyes flicking back to the man with a brief furrowing of her brow as the bundles extended a little further reluctantly as she eyes the unknown dread-locked woman uncertainly,"He's right." she grunts, scowling as he snatches the radio before handing over the arrowheads and dismissing her,"Most of them wont even trade with me, still." and some arrowheads are better than no arrowheads, to her.

Fayet narrows her eyes at the man. "<In Trigedasleng> I'll remember that the next time your roof leaks," she says simply, crossing her arms. Switching to Gonasleng, she adds with a smirk to the girl, "And his roof always leaks."

Kai stuffs the arrowheads carefully into the pocket of her former cadet pants, giving a wry sort of smirk as she steps away from the man's booth,"<In Trigedasleng> I am Kai kom Skaikru." she offers,"I don't think we have met?" added on afterwards,"And, thank you.. for trying." there's a tip of her head towards the merchant.

"Not formally," Fayet agrees, though she's obviously noticed the girl around. She speaks in Gonasleng, clearly for Kai's benefit. "Fayet kom Trikru. You're choosing to be one of us now. I don't know what you did or why you're here, but you're trying, and that should count for something. You aren't like the rest of them, who come to stare."

"You can speak the language, I understand better than I speak, still, but I understand a fair amount." Kai smiles faintly,"<In Trigedasleng> Wren asked me to become his Second. I accepted. His beloved, Silver, has also worked long to be Trikru. These others are not Trikru." simple words, but still. There's a small shrug of her shoulders,"<In Trigedasleng> They come to join the warband, to kill the Mountain." she adds, then switches,"But yes, they also stare. Trikru are not what they are used to, and usually they only see the warriors. Most have never seen Tondc before."

Fayet nods in understanding. "<In Trigedasleng> Why?" she asks, walking alongside Kai as they stroll down the center of the market. "<In Trigedasleng> Why leave your people?" She is simplifying her language and vocabulary, but not in a condescending fashion.

Kai's content to walk along with the other woman, her grey eyes roaming over the marketplace as she listens with a faint smile,"<In Trigedasleng> I belong here." is the first explanation she offers, in Trigedasleng,"<In Trigedasleng> Skaikru warriors are different. I am not a Skaikru warrior." the slightly longer explanation also offered in Trigedasleng where she and the dread-locked woman walk among the marketplace stalls,"<In Trigedasleng> Are you a Maker?"

Coming from the east trudges along Nathaniel, who sports a black sleeveless shirt and short jeans with sneakers. The relatively light clothing perfect for summer, and for showcasing the athletic, built body of the off-duty Guard. He seems content with exploring right now, his blue eyes observing and looking over wares with a glance as he goes. The giant only casting the occasional glance about to the people.

"<In Trigedasleng> Oh? Why do you think you belong here?" Fayet asks with a sly smirk. She scowls as Nathaniel walks by. "<In Trigedasleng> I don't like him," she declares, waggling her finger at the man as he walks away. "<In Trigedasleng> I am a Maker, yes. Need something?"

Kai's attention flits after Nathaniel, though she doesn't make any move to draw attention to herself either. Instead Fayet's question merits a slow breath out through her nostrils, her hands moving to fold behind her back and shoulder's settling wearily,"<In Trigedasleng> How does a bird fly? Or a fletcher know what will make a good arrow? I am at peace here, where I was not amongst them." with a nod towards Nathaniel's departing back, shaking her head at the inquiry,"<In Trigedasleng> Not as yet. Simply curious. What kind of Maker?"

"<In Trigedasleng> He makes you uncomfortable. Is it his ridiculous short pants?" Fayet asks, nudging Kai with her elbow. "<In Trigedasleng> I am a carpenter. That means a person who makes things out of wood," she explains, in case the term was unfamiliar. She squints up at the sky. "We should find some place to sit. It is too hot to just stand in the open."

"<In Trigedasleng> No. I know him. We have yelled before." Kai grunts with a grimace, and probably not the word she meant, but the closest she can think of. She then nods for the other woman's words,"I don't know how to do that, but I am familiar with the concept." she smiles faintly,"There's the pub? In truth I was going to head to the baths, soon. But without my armor on the air actually feels.. nice, to me."

Fayet eyes the girl carefully. Her expression is pleasant, but somewhat conflicted. "<In Trigedasleng> I could use a drink. Or a bath. Should you care for company, that is." It seems her curiosity has outweighed her wariness.

Tink comes wandering down the street, looking about with a bit of wide eyes because she's a total tourist. She has no idea what anyone is saying but it doesn't matter. She's just interested in all the activity happening around her.

"Company is always welc.." Kai doesn't finish the words simply because she does recognize the blond tourist, though what catches her attention first is more the muttering of one of the nearby merchants. Nathaniel she might have ignored, but the short girl gets a raised hand and a call of,"Tink!" before she explains to Fayet,"This one is my sister, after a fashion. Perhaps the pub? I'm not sure if she's ready for the baths. If you want to come."

"Your sister?" Fayet raises an eyebrow, hooking one thumb in her tool belt. "The pub. /Then/ the baths. She's come to stare, so let's give her something to stare at, yeah?" The woman grins mischievously.

Tink hears her name over the dim of the language and brightens up with a 100-watt smile, "Kai! Oh my goodness, Kai!" She comes bouncing over with her usual pixie energy, "It's fantastic…absolutely fantastic. I have NO idea what they are saying." She grins at her friend, giving her a way, "It's a cacophony of sounds that are living and breathing the language. Isn't that amazing? I could sit here all day and just watch them talk."

"My sister." Kai confirms for Fayet, waiting for Tink to get close so she can slide an arm over her shoulders,"Of course, Trigedasleng is the language of the people, Tink. Not all of them speak Gonasleng. Tink, this is Fayet kom Trikru, she is a Maker.. a carpenter, specifically.. Fayet, my sister Tink kom Skaikru, she is a Maker too, but she makes things with metal and machines. And leather." a careful hug is given the short blond before she says,"We were going to the public house for some drinks and then to the baths, would you like to join us?"

Fayet looks Tink up and down. "Yes. We have a language and we speak it. And we breathe while we do it," she confirms wryly. How the hell was this tiny loud creature not eaten by a bear? The world may never know. "I definitely need a drink."

"Oh hey…Fayet, it's nice to meet you," Tink tells her with a smile and then looks at Kai, "Oh and it's fine. I don't want them to speak Gonasleng. Really, it's much better if they stick to their native tongue." She points to her ears, "I look, listen and then start to make the connections and once I have enough data then I can use natural language processing to form connections and learn the language." She then realizes they asked her if she wanted to do something and goes, "Oh drinks would be nice…lemonade. I like lemonade." She then sniffs herself and goes, "A bath too would probably help."

"I wouldn't ask for lemonade." Kai recommends, for all that she gestures in the direction of the public house by way of invitation to both ladies,"We'll get you a beer." there is at least a vaguely apologetic look cast towards Fayet for all that the Second keeps that protective arm about the blond girl,"How much of the city have you seen so far? Did you come up with the militia or are you hear to trade? Eli.. went back earlier." there's something in her words, but it's dismissed in favor of forging off towards the bar.

The Pub — Tondc, Trikru

This public house is a mixed construction of old Earth brick walls and new Trikru metal. The entrance is from a preexisting structure — perhaps an old church based on the double-wide doors and steepled roof. It leads into a sprawling area that is far longer than it is wide. A long metal counter top runs the length of the room against a brick wall, and old stained glass windows are neatly spaced behind it, letting in color streams of light when the sun is high. Behind the counter top are shelves kept low of old bottled distilled alcohol and wooden casts of wheat beer and honey wine. The stools and seating at the bar are random and mismatched, and not all of them comfortable.

Opposite of the bar and at the back are the two newer walls made of metal and stone framing. The windows on this wall are cut roughly and inlaid with salvaged glass. The rest of the room is filled with random tables and chairs, creating various sized arrangements. Their is a door in the back wall that leads to the boarding rooms, and the shared common area for those using the public house for long term stay.

Day 61

Fayet strides in, gets a seat at the bar, and orders a round of wheat beer for the three women. "No lemminit here," she explains, waving Tink over.

"What is she ordering?" Tink asks Kai to the side while Fayet gets them their drinks. She nods when the woman mentions that there's no 'lemminit' there but clearly has never had a drop of alcohol in her life. This is going to be a treat, "I've never had beer before." She looks around like the tourist she is with interest, "And I hadn't gotten too far into the city…just arrived with some of the militia cause I'm going to be with the tech guys that help you get through the pass codes." Yep, she's going on the mission even if her gunfoo isn't that good.

Kai trails after Fayet with that one arm around Tink, well, mostly to make sure that she doesn't get lost in the crowd,"Beer." she confirms for Tink,"Mochof Fayet." with a dip of her head,"Drink slow, it's not as strong as some of the other stuff but if you're not used to it.." well, it should be interesting. There's a soft ahh,"I don't know where I will be assigned for the battle yet. Many of my people were injured taking care of the missiles." which is worthy of a grimace itself,"So Fayet, are you from Tondc? Or somewhere else?"

"Pro," Fayet replies to Kai with a nod. She furrows her brow. "Both of you are going into the Mountain?" she asks, concerned. The drinks arrive and she wraps her hands around hers. "Yes, I was born here in Tondc."

"Going back to the mountain," Tink advises Fayet, "I was one of the folks rescued so it only seems right I help out." She takes the beer and looks at it, sniffing it and then taking a small sip. She makes a face, "Uggghh, that's beer?" She looks at Kai to see if she needs to give it another chance, "Oh…I hope we end up together. I would like that." She gives a laugh, "I'm in the militia…so yeah, I have to wait for Grey or one of the other guards to give me orders too."

"I have already been to the Mountain three times and helped the scouts open the way for the first attack." Kai grunts quietly,"This time, hopefully the last. Tink here was being held by them for a month. We have crippled their ability to send fire to another village, but considering my village was the last one they destroyed.. I need to make sure that it cannot happen again." she collects her own beer for a gulp that old Kai would never have taken of anything alcoholic before she explains,"I receive my orders from Wren, and he from the gonaheda. Last strike was unusual in that regard, but is not how things normally work."

"You survived that place?" Fayet asks Tink, incredulously. "And you're going /back/?" She raises her glass to the tiny blonde creature. "Your village?" she asks Kai, a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

"Yes…it got a little scary at the end but I managed to survive it," Tink informs her, not insulted that Fayet would be surprised that the little pixie survived the mountain where other Trikru had not, "And I have to go back…to save Truman and Scarlett and anyone else that is still in there that needs saving." Yep, Tink has an agenda too and it's not creating mass death. She's going to make sure that the folks that didn't deserve to die didn't, "Oh and to kill Cage of course. He has to die. He's evil." Simple, straightforward and completely confident of her own abilities in wiping out the man that's tried to bring mass genocide to save his own people.

"<In Trigedasleng> My village." Kai repeats for Fayet in Trigedasleng,"<In Trigedasleng> For which I have fought and bled for and will help to build again." in a tone of ill temper given the look she casts the Maker's way, a challenging glint to her grey eyes. She doesn't touch on Tink's words for the moment, suddenly testy and stiff as she stares at Fayet in wait of her words.

Fayet raises her hand in surrender. "Your village," she repeats, without the sarcasm. To Tink, she nods. "Go in, then, and kill all them who need killing," she says, somewhat darkly, before turning back to her drink.

"Oh I will," Tink tells her with a sweet smile that doesn't really reflect the nature of their conversation, "With the guards' blessings of course. I promised to be a good little militia minion while we're out and about." She gives Kai a wink because Kai knows that Tink is Tink and will do what Tink does no matter who's barking orders at her. She then picks up her beer and gives it another sip, giving a shudder, "Wow…I guess this is an acquired taste."

Kai gives a satisfied kind of grunt for Fayet's gesture. The three girls are set at the bar, with beers in front of them, the shorn-haired Second subsiding to turn her attention towards Tink,"My sister and the others blockaded the entrance to their quarters and were prepared to fight, not knowing that we were coming, and knowing they were outnumbered and facing a superior force. She was injured by gunfire in the process of escaping, but still fought bravely for her freedom." she notes, mostly for Fayet, venturing a smile for Tink at her wink,"You'll get used to it. If someone ever orders you branwoda, do not drink it."

Fayet nods appreciatively at the story. "Your sister is quite a woman, then," she remarks. She chuckles at Tink's reaction to the beer. "…orders you branwoda? Or /calls/ you branwoda?" she asks, amused.

"Avoid branwoda…check," Tink gives a smile to Fayet and Kai, taking the mental note and taking another sip, "Hmmm…it's not as bad on the third sip." She wrinkles her nose and looks at Kai, "Oh shit…I forgot." She then pulls the locket out of her shirt, "I've been saving it…for you." Yep, it's Kai's locket that has a picture of her father and mother inside, "I didn't let them touch this."

"Orders. Some of my gonakru was messing with another skaigirl." Kai grunts,"Who deserved it.. from what I understand the bartender basically poured the dregs of everything into a glass and served it." she grimaces,"But the girl's a branwoda so at least it was appropriate." the locket is pulled out and several emotions flit over the Second's face as she extends a hand palm up to accept it,"Thank you." she offers the blond girl in a quieter tone,"My mother is still at Alpha. My father died on Unity Day. But it is okay, I have a new family, too. Here. Did you find your parents?"

The dread-locked carpenter chuckles at the branwoda story, but stays silent as the two girls discuss their families, or what's left of them.

"Umm…yeah," Tink tells her and then takes another sip, "I sort of chicken out though before I went to go see them." She bites her bottom lip and takes takes another sip, "I'll do it when I get back…after the Mountain stuff is tied up." Clearly she's less scared of confronting the monsters in the mountain than her own parents.

"They call her 'Akorn', so if you see 'Akorn'.. yeh." Kai grins for Fayet before nodding at Tink, collecting her own beer,"I haven't really spoken to my mother, either. To Leo, sure. Though that was it's own kind of awkward at first." she elects to loop Fayet in with,"In the Sky City, the Ark.. things were very different. By comparison most of the Skaikru have lived.. like the Flokru. Sort of. Is the closest comparison I can think of. But Tink and I, and the first group of the Skaikru who came down, who they call the hundred.. had to learn the hard way. It makes it.. difficult.. to talk to them about things."

Fayet looks sternly at the two girls. "You only have one mother. She is one of the most important things you will ever have in your life. Put aside your petty garbage and find your mothers." She is not having any of this teen angst bullshit. She finishes her drink and orders another.

"I'm not the same person I was up there," Tink points to the sky, knowing that Kai will understand her dilemma, "It's like…even if things smooth out, I can't go back to being that girl. Too much has happened." The bubble burst open and Tink can't close it back up. She takes another sip and it's getting easier to drink this beer, "And I don't know if I'm ready…" Ready to see if her parents still hate her or not. If they would understand that she's changed. If they even care anymore.

There's a dismissive gesture from Kai for Fayet's words, taking another drink of the beer,"Being at Alpha you're going to have to deal with it sooner rather than later, it's just not big enough to avoid that conversation. Just remember that in the end you have to be yourself, even if it's not someone they approve of." she grunts for Tink.

"That goes for you, too," Fayet says to Kai. "Your mothers are probably worried to death. And you might die in that Mountain. Talk to them," she says sternly.

"My mother wasn't talking to me before I got launched…it's not like she sought me out," Tink grumbles, taking another sip, "And I got to talk to Bella too. Find out why she framed me." Yep, Tink is a few sips in and has forgotten that she never mentioned to Kai this part of her tale, "It's bad enough she sabotaged the generator but then to testify at the trial and get me boxed…" She takes another sip as the beer grows on her, "I gotta find out what was in that girl's head."

"Mochof for your concern, Maker." though from the way Kai utters it she has no intention whatsoever of actually doing so, letting Tink's explanation explain somewhat more of the nature of things before she arches a brow,"Wait.. you didn't tell me that she sabotaged her." she notes for the blond with a furrow of her brows before she shakes her head,"Personally I'd just settle for beating the shit out of her, but nowaday's they'd call it a 'diplomatic incident' so I wont."

Fayet rolls her eyes at the stubborn teenagers. "That's right, you are all… Lawbreakers? Something like that?" She sips her fresh drink, looking over curiously.

Tink drinks deeper, oh look, the glass is almost empty and her cheeks are flushed, "Oh…I might beat the shit out of her but first I'm going to get her to tell me why she tried to kill me. I mean…I was her best friend from diapers. We freaking spent every moment together growing up. I can't believe the girl who was my friend was a total lie." But the information just doesn't compute and that totally eats at Tink, "But she was the one that had my hoodie…the one in the video. And she was the last person who checked the generator before I fired it up." She looks over at Fayet, "And for the record, "I never broke the law…Bella did. Then she made everyone think I did it."

There's an approving grunt from Kai for Tink for the idea of beating the other girl up, for all that she shakes her head,"Yes. Tink was innocent." she agrees with the blond, for Fayet, not adding any protestations of innocent on her own behalf,"The rest were pardoned when the Skai-kruheda came down. Though it is irrelevant one way or the other for me at this point." she's slower about drinking her beer, after all, she has experience.

"Tink was innocent," Fayet repeats, nodding. She looks over at Kai. "But what did you do?" Her brown eyes are skeptical and curious.

"She beat the shit out of a no talent hack that liked to bully other people," Tink announces because the alcohol is loosening the girl's tongue, "And I'm glad she did because that asshole totally fubarred the investigation and he's part of the reason I got sent down here. Cause he's lazy and didn't look underneath the surface to see I was innocent." She raises her glass to Kai, "For beating Jenks." And then downs the rest. She looks at the man behind the bar, "Barkeep! I will have another." Of course he doesn't speak drunk Tink so he may not understand what the girl wants.

There's a gesture with Kai's glass in Tink's direction, especially at the toast, though she doesn't elect to drain the rest of hers, and makes a waving off gesture at the barkeep, no, no more for Tink right now,"I was a Skaikru Second, in the Sky City. One of the other Seconds had been a problem for a long time, and I finally had enough. By Skaikru law that meant that on my next birthday I would have been executed." her grey eyes shift back to Fayet,"As I said earlier.. I am not a good Skaikru warrior."

"Executed for fighting? I'm not even a warrior and I'd be dead twenty times over," Fayet murmurs, shaking her head and ordering Tink another drink. "Happy to be somewhere civilized?" she asks with a sad smile.

"Kai! You're an awesome warrior. They're just stupid with the rules," Tink in her own way agrees with Fayet on her assessment of Skaikru law, "And it's not civilized to float a woman for having a second child. What about the guy? His sperm contributed! But no, we float the mom and keep the dad." She makes a snort, "There's a lot of stupid rules…hence why I sometimes elect not to follow them now because I followed the rules, trusted in the law and look where that got me." She gives Fayet a look of thanks as she orders her another beer and takes a sip, "Oh and they box the kid for being born…like that's a crime too. Reno got boxed for that…and that's just stupid."

"Well, I did smash his face in." Kai can't quite help the slow and cold grin it elicits in her, it's not something she feels guilt over in the slightest. Enough that she misses Fayet ordering a fresh drink for Tink. Oh dear,"I have family and friends among the Skaikru, who will always be so." she says with a nod in the direction of Tink, reaching over to squeeze the blond's shoulder,"But yes. The Trikru, to me, are more civilized, and I am more comfortable with them than I was in the Sky City."

Fayet nods slowly. "So tell me about something good. You must be tired of being angry and sad." The woman steers the conversation away from more potential teen angst. Hopefully. She drinks.

"I have a new boyfriend," Tink announces, happy to switch to better subjects. She shoots Kai a smile, "And I am very happy…" Yep, she almost glows as she thinks about him, that special someone. She takes another drink as she stands with Kai and Fayet by the bar, "What's the word for boyfriend in your language?"

"Niron." Kai offers for Tink,"Though it is not quite specifically 'boyfriend' in the same sense. Lover, is closer. Person-I'm-fucking, if you want to be really crude about it." she's content to continue with her own beer, asiding to Fayet,"He's very tall. He was in the Mountain with her and the others." there's a tiredness to the smirk she musters, asking of Tink,"So you traded in your V-Card finally, eh?"

Lionel Weeks has been really polite since his arrival in Tondc. He has kept his assault rifle with the rest of the Skaikru camp, meaning he is just walking around in just his guards armor. He had sniffed around various places until finally someone told him where he could get a drink — a drink with alcohol, to be specific. So, he is nosing around the door, trying to look all casual before he slowly steps in. He looks very Skaikru, but there is no real way to hide it. He edges to the bar — and realizes this is the first time he is actually drinking in an establishment meant for drinking. Weird.

"I like tall men," Fayet admits, with a sly grin. "Tall and big." She mimes puffing out her chest to demonstrate. "Did you meet him here or up there? And what are these cards you trade?" The alcohol and the change in topic seem to have loosened her up. She turns when the very Skaikru man walks in, eyeing him carefully. "Is he good or is he like too-short-pants?" she asks Kai.

It's all that Skaikru guard armor that can't help but draw Kai's attention. Shiny and black in the corner of her eye, which means he gets called out,"Leo." she pitches at him,"He would be one of my Skaikru brothers, he has killed Reapers and fought the mountain.. but give it long enough, Maker, and maybe my entire family will be inflicted on you." with at least dry amusement, raising her beer hand to draw Lionel's attention their way. She then fishes in her pocket for some of the arrowheads to offer out towards Fayet,"You'll get a better trade for these." she notes.

"I am not a virgin," Tink confirms as she takes another sip of her beer, "And yes, he qualifies as 'niron'." She does give Kai big smile and it's clear that Tink is very happy about that, "He's taller than me but not that tall. You make him sound like a giant." She giggles at that thought and takes another sip, "And yeah, we were in the Mountain together. I first met him on the ground but we both got kidnapped together." She glances over at Lionel as he walks in and gives him a happy drunk girl smile, "Oh hey…looks like we have more incoming…" She gives Lionel a friendly wave, recognizing the fellow tourist. She turns back to Fayet, "Oh it's just a saying…it's not an actual card." She knows it doesn't make sense but it's hard to explain.

One of Kai's Skaikru brothers? Please, Lionel is the Skaikru brother. He notes the raise of a beer, and he grins broadly at Kai. He starts to edge near the group, careful to not bump into anyone as he does. He comes into earshot, and up-nods. "Oh, look… Kai gets to buy me a drink." His grin redoubles. He nods to Tink, and then to Fayet — the latter being a total stranger of course, and he settles into a seat — assuming that there is a seat to settle into.

"Leo," Fayet nods in greeting, raising her own drink. "Maybe you can explain better. What is a veecard and why do you trade them? For better food or something?" She cants her head, dreadlocks falling to the side as she does so.

"<In Trigedasleng> So many tall men here." Kai can't help but utter with a shake of her head for Fayet before grinning for Tink,"Congratulations, then. He better be worthy of you. Or I'll send Leo." she thumbs in his direction before introducing,"Fayet kom Trikru, carpenter of Tondc, meet Leo kom Skaikru, warrior of Skaikru." there's a laugh for Fayet's words, blocked by her beer,"It's a reference. Until one has sex, among the Skaikru, they are called a virgin. A V-card is.. your virginity. So when you have sex, you are trading in your V-card." any embarrassment about saying that in front of Leo? Nah.. she's had enough beer at this point. And in absence of Fayet taking the arrowheads wags it in the direction of the bartender for some quick haggling until they can settle on an appropriate price for three more beers. For her, Fayet, and Leo, she's not about to load Tink with a /third/ one right now, instead draining the dregs of her first to make way for a second.

"This guy is your brother?" Tink looks to Leo with a big smile, "That's awesome! I'm Tink, Kai's roomie from the Box." And because he's associated with Kai, he instantly gets in Tink's 'okay' list, "And yeah…like I said, the V-card is an expression, not an actual card you can trade with." She takes a sip of her beer, and is content not to be included in the next round, "And you are not to send Leo on Cole…I would be totally annoyed if you did."

Lionel does not even miss a damn beat. "A V-Card is a one-time trade… you can be given V-Cards, or you can give… but you only have one card, so you have to be thoughtful about who you give it to." He gestures slightly. "Now, there are some people who kind of… create themselves a new V-Card, but it isn't really the same as their original V-Card." He shrugs his shoulder slightly. "What is really interesting is that everyone has their own perceived value of these cards… mine, for instance, was a pretty cheap purchase… but some people demand quite a bit in exchange for their card." He then looks at Kai, hardly phased. "Did you just buy me a beer, Keke?"

"…your people sell and trade first-time sex? Why? They don't even know what they're doing." Fayet shakes her head, utterly perplexed. "Give me someone with skills and experience," she grins, nursing her drink. "So how many brothers and sisters do you have, Kai?"

"Oppenheimer Tink? Really? Wow." Kai can't help but remark for Tink even as she bobs her head in confirmation that Leo is indeed her brother by her standards, shaking her head slightly as she collects one of the beers delivered to hand it off to Lionel,"Luckily for you I found a trader who was willing to rip me off for some arrowheads earlier in exchange for a radio I took off one of the Maunon." she grunts for him,"And I totally don't want to hear about who you traded your V-card with because I'm pretty sure it would just gross me out." there's a laugh from her for Fayet's inquiry, though rather than address it she goes,"Well, Leo. My father adopted him. But he's okay. Tink, I adopted her in the box.. uh.. there's Cam, my ninja brother." she pauses,"And then Wren has offered to adopt me into his family, though I suppose if that makes him my new father it means I wind up with a bunch of aunts and uncles and a niece."

Tink gives Kai a big grin and nods, confirming that indeed it's Oppenheimer. She takes another sip as Kai talks about her family. It's pretty clear that she's proud to call Kai, "She's basically my sister…and we've been besties ever since." She gives her friend a smile, "Now Reno…he's also in besties category but Kai is by far the person that saved my bacon more than once on this crazy roller-coaster I've been on since I got boxed."

Lionel listens to Kai and Tink with a kind of amused interest, cheek resting on his knuckles and gaze flitting between the two. "Huh," he says thoughtfully. "So much adoption happening… you would think that Kai is a family person or something." And he casts his Keke a wry little smile. Then he takes his delivered beer, edging it toward him curiously. He sniffs it, and then sips. "Hmm," he muses, managing not to get bitter-beer-face.

"Family is important, as I was trying to tell them earlier," Fayet remarks. She looks over to Lionel. "You like it, Leo?" she asks with a grin. "Teenk didn't seem to like it at first, but she seems happy now."

"I'm good at hurting people. Fortunately that's now considered to be a good thing." Kai utters drily for Tink before rolling her eyes back at Lionel in a 'don't you start',"Yeh, well, at this point I'm going to be forever alone so I figure being someone's aunt is in order. Maybe I'll adopt myself one of those scaly-cat things and call it good." she grunts.

Tink nudges Kai, "You're not alone Kai…you got me, Lionel and Elias." She gives her a look, "So don't go there." Yep, the fierce pixie is telling Kai not to feel sorry for herself.
You paged Pontus with 'At this point honestly I'm over it.'

"Forever alone? You and Elias didn't…" Lionel makes a vague hand symbol that is easily described as break up. But then Tink mentions Elias, so maybe not. He takes another swallow of the beer and nods, though he doesn't look totally committed. "I prefer Hector's paint thinner, personally." He flashes a grin, and then shrugs. "But it isn't bad."

"Better than paint," Fayet grins, shaking her head. "So, are we ready for the baths yet?" she asks, one leg bouncing with nervous energy.

Cole has not been in Tondc until just…now, actually. It was strange, but if some of the militia was here, he felt it prudent to join in. Doing something was better than nothing, afterall. But a bar? That's just something he can't ignore, ducking inside. Hoping he doesn't get too many stink-eyes angled in his direction. Don't want to sour anyone's beer or anything. Or…whatever it is they drink here.

Kai leans over to hug Tink and just completely neglects to answer Lionel in favor of downing her beer,"Yes! The bathhouse. I could use a bath. Tub. Hot water.. beats the lake any day of the week. Easily described as the most egregious waste of water if we were still on the Ark, and not to be missed."

"Nooooooo-pe," Lionel says the moment the baths are mentioned. He's heard about this. Nope, nope, nope. "You crazy cats have fun, but I'm going to get super drunk and then probably end up killed for hitting on a Grounder." Yup, plan set.

Tink looks at Kai and gives her a happy drunk look, "Bath? Ummm, sure. I could do a bath." She doesn't have any clue what she's agreeing to but she's drunk so it's okay. She doesn't notice Cole yet because she's chugging down the rest of her beer so she can make her way over to the bath house, whatever that is.

Fayet tsks at Lionel. "Don't hit anyone. Or any cats." She pays her tab and stands up from her stool. "And apparently I'm the tour guide today. Is that one a friend of yours?" She asks, pointing to Cole.

"Funny, I didn't take the Guard as a bunch of fuckin prudes." Cole remarks, having spotted the only couple of people not dressed like Trikru. "Heard about those baths they got around here. I'm game, so long as I'm not going to get jumped for saying…I dunno, something offensive." He's looked better. Actually no, he's kinda looks like shit, like he hasn't slept in a couple of days. "Kai. You're still alive. Good." Then he blinks. "Oh, we're all leaving already? Did I miss happy hour?" He offers Fayet a little wave. "Boy, I sure as fuck hope so. Or man, won't I look like the right idiot."

Kai snorts at Lionel,"Yeh, I remember being like that my first time. Chicken." she gets to her feet, only to spot Cole and go,"Oh hey.. there's Op." there's a wave for him,"C'mon Op, we're going to the bathhouse." she invites,"Yeh, and this is Fayet kom Trikru, Fayet, this is Cole kom Skaikru, also known as Oppenheimer."

Tink looks over and sees Cole, getting a big happy drunk look, "Cole! There you are!" She pushes herself off her stool with cheeks flushed comes over to give Cole a big old sloppy pixie hug, "I missed you!" She leans on him because woah, the room is not as steady as she thought it was. Or perhaps she wasn't as drunk two beers ago, "We're going to a bath house." As if Cole didn't already know cause Kai told him.

Fayet glances at all of the Skaikids and suddenly… Sits back down. "You know the way, Kai. You can show them." She orders another drink. Too much Skaikru today.

"I'm the biggest fucking Rooster in this joint," Lionel announces in the face of being called a chicken. He does shakes his head, and wave them off. "Go… go… get naked… bathe… I'll wait to take a shower back at camp."

"Hey. Nice to meet you..Fayet." Cole offers a politely as he can. Which just seems to come off simply casual. And then he's being tackled by a drunk Tink. "Er…hey." A hug is given, before holding her at arm's length, eyeballing her curiously. "You're…are you drunk?" he asks her with a mildly bewildered look. Kai gets a nod. "What? No hug for me? I almost fuckin died, y'know."

Kai dips her head,"Sure thing. Take care, don't break my brother." she gestures at Lionel and then grudgingly steps over to give Cole a brief hug,"So did I. A few times. Come on. Let's go." she offers to the other two skaikid's, especially drunk Tink.

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