Day 010: To Be Needed
Summary: Jaha and Morgan have another conversation, and maybe some progress have been made. Maybe?
Date: 18 May 2016
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Morgan Jaha 

Tech Tent, the Camp
The Tech Tent.
10 Days After Landing

Once both Cam and Grey have left med bay, Morgan glances at the filthy rag in his hand that was once a shirt and tosses it back into the corner. Maybe once he can wash it he'll wear it again though there's not much to be done for the holes. Heading out of the ship, he checks to make sure someone is boiling the willow bark and asks them to make sure it gets taken up to Cole as soon as it's cool enough to handle. And then he goes to make a call.

He needs to wait till the communicator is free which gives him plenty of time to second guess himself. But too many things are on his mind to not try to get some answers. Once the tent is clear, he takes a seat, not worrying about his lack of a shirt or that his steal healing arrow wound is visible. In fact, it might be deliberate. "Morgan Blackwood." he tells whoever's on the other end. "I want to talk to Jaha."

The operator at the monitor looks a bit suspiciously at Morgan, but then nods. He disappears from sight, and it takes a good five minutes of waiting before Thelonius Jaha comes into view, sliding into the chair before the monitor and microphone. His arms fold in front of him, and he nods. "Mr. Blackwood… good to see you." He probably means that literally, as their last conversation was completely audio.

"I talked to Cam." Morgan says without preamble. "He told me about your talk and your plans to disband the Council. He might even be getting his hopes up." Something Morgan's obviously not doing. "When are you planning on doing it?

"Right to the point," Jaha says, almost amused. He shakes his head. "I plan to share my intentions with the Council before Unity Day, and make the announcement in my speech. I will no longer be Chancellor, and we will need a new outlook when we get to the Ground. A new election would be the wisest course. My job will be done… I would have served to see the Ark's people returned to the ground."

Morgan studies Jaha silently a few moments as he considers what the Chancellor said. Then he shakes his head. "Disband the Council, step down as Chancellor, stay on the Ark. Taking the easy way out, don't you think? Washing your hands of everything so you can say it's no longer a problem you need to deal with? Meanwhile leaving things in chaos as the people of the Ark have to deal with a new world, possibly hostile natives, and not a single person to look to for guidance."

Jaha actually laughs a bit. "Mr. Blackwood, if my intentions were to please you, I would say you are impossible to please. I have promised to stay on the Ark so that everyone else may come down without threats from those already on the ground. I believe in unity, Mr. Blackwood… and that we need each other in order to survive. As I told Miss Stradford… I would love nothing more than to step out onto the ground with my people, but not at the costs you have placed at my feet." He gestures a bit. "Some question why I bend to you, but really… I'm not what is needed. Arrangements will be made, the Ark will elect a new Chancellor, and life will begin anew. While I'm flattered you put so much stock in my presence, Mr. Blackwood… I was not going to be Chancellor forever… my tenure would have been up at some point, and someone else would still be stepping into the role. I have just chosen to put that all in motion sooner."

"I don't have much faith in you." Morgan says bluntly. "But I know what your reputation is and that others do have faith in you. Maybe not down here but up there. My parents did." And look how that turned out. "With you out of the picture, do you think Kane will calmly give up his power? How about the Guard? It'll be a free for all." He sits back in his chair and looks at the Chancellor. "Let's say I believe in your good intentions. Disband the Council. Come down with everyone. Appoint a new Council with people able to adapt to the new world. Who aren't stuck in the past. Put one of us on it." he states then adds quickly "Not me so don't think I'm looking for power. Fact is, we've got the most experience and will have even more by the time you get down here. We'll also have contacts with the Grounders. We can best advise the Arkers on how to survive. And they trust you. With you as Chancellor, the Guard may stay loyal to you even without Kane."

Jaha arches a brow at Morgan. "Morgan… I understand your thirst here, your hunger… you wish to be useful, and invaluable to us… and that we will not be able to be without you. But you are not approaching this conversation in a way that will earn you that… by your example, those who come down to the ground will catch up to where you are in eleven days… fourteen if we wish to be generous." Jaha's voice is strangely kind, almost offering guidance instead of reprimand. "Steps are already being taken to prepare the Ark for life on the ground… that has become our sole mission now that we are no longer a transitional generation. We are the generation." He rests his fingers at his lips, looking thoughtful. "What we need from you, Morgan, is not how to survive… but how to reunite."

"You didn't answer my question which is an answer in itself." Morgan points out. "You won't be catching up well if there's a power struggle. Do you really think there won't be? Everyone's going to agree to anything now but once they're down and not in danger of running out of air, the guns will come out. Maybe, if you're still Chancellor, you can keep things peaceful. Maybe not but it's a chance. Cam already lost one parent. I don't want his dad getting caught in the crossfire."

Jaha draws his fingers together, looking at Morgan over his knuckles. His expression is unreadable save for the slightly worrying furrow along his brow. "My duties have always been to our people," he says, his voice suddenly tired. Then he nods. "I will see you on the ground, Mr. Blackwood."

Morgan nods once in return. "Good." For certain definitions of good. He suddenly looks at a loss as if he didn't expect to win that argument and doesn't need the other ten things he was going to say.

Jaha allows the moment of silence to flow for a few moments, and then he says, "Good luck… with the Grounders, Mr. Blackwood. I have asked that Miss Stradford speak to the delegation, and make it known that others from the sky are coming… I do not wish to cause further surprises."

"We were already planning on letting them know that." Morgan answers. At least he was. Probably the others. "Starting out lying about important shit seems like a really bad way to get them to trust us. It's going to be hard enough with people dead on both sides. They don't kill for the hell of it though."

Jaha nods. He looks as if he is about to say more, but then someone is talking to him out of sight. He nods and then looks back at Morgon, "At least that is good news. Thank you for the call." Beat pause. "Be safe."

"I will." Morgan says. "You too. Don't trust Kane." He nods to Jaha then stands and leaves.

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